Senator Caswell Franklyn Speaks – Diplomatic Passports for Mummy and Daddy

amor elliott mottley

Photo credit: Barbados Today

The seemingly small gesture of Prime Minister, Mia Mottley, of recommending her father for a knighthood speaks volumes about the way how she intends to govern, or should I say rule, this country. It is another clear clear indication that Miss Mottley is hell bent on establishing the closest thing to royalty in Barbados, with her friends and family as the upper class.

The people of this country should not be surprised by the indecent haste with which the PM procured the appointment for daddy dearest. It would appear that indecent haste is the hallmark of everything associated with this new Mottley administration. The indecent haste of amending the Constitution to secure the appointment of friends to the Senate. The indecent haste of terminating public workers, ostensibly to save money, rather than go after tax defaulters who owe in excess of one billion dollars to the Treasury. And let’s not forget the indecent haste of rushing legislation through parliament to forgive tax defaulters who failed to pay their taxes between 1968 and 2000. They are many others but these are just a few examples of the haste and bad judgment that has characterised this administration so far.

However, I want to concentrate on the recommendation to Her Majesty the Queen, to award the Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George (KCMG) to the Prime Minister’s father. It looks bad. Someone close to the PM, maybe the knight himself, should have told her how it looks.

Like many, I am not concerned about the criteria for awarding the knighthood, since over the centuries, the monarch of England have granted such distinctions to a variety of scoundrels for service to the Crown. That is not to say that any of the current recipients of high honour are scoundrels. For example, a pirate, Francis Drake, was knighted for service to the Crown.

To my mind, the appointment has less to do with service to this country and is more about setting up an upper class in this country, with the Prime Minister and her family as the queen and court. From now on Sir Elliot and his wife Lady Mottley have the right to parade around the world with a Barbados Diplomatic passport as long as they live. Again, to my mind, this particular knighthood is more about the perks than the honour itself.

Gimme the vote and watch muh take care of my friends and family to the exclusion of all others.


  • Which in turn is called …MISUSE AND ABUSE of the islands’s laws and procedures…misuse and abuse of the power VESTED IN THEM BY THE PEOPLE…

    ABUSE….by government ministers and lawyers to PROTECT and ELEVATE…their friends and the EXPENSE of the people who elected them….

    ….ah bet ya if I look closely enough I can find something in the constitution…that highlights all the Mia et al actions …as VIOLATIONS OF THE SAME CONSTITUTION…cause everyone is still ignoring the fact that the constitution DOES NOT RECOGNIZE ANY OF THE TWO SHITEHOUND POLITICAL PARTIES…

    on THAT..the document is VERY clear..


  • “They are called loopholes, cleverly devised, not for knowledge of the general public”

    yeah…but even crooked lawyers tend to forget to SHUT TIGHT..the loopholes by publishing the tax waiver…IN THE OFFICIAL GAZETTE…lol, lol, ha, ha, ha, murdahhhh!

    not a whole lot they can do about it now…Owen ALREADY got sued…lol

    and those nasty actions are am sure way over a decade old.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Owen Seymour Arthur IS NO ONE’S FOOL

    When the former Prime Minister would have spoken what he did, when he did, THAT WAS NOT AN INVOLUNTARY ACTION OUR MOUTH OFF LIKE PORNVILLE INNISS OR DENIS KELLMAN OR DALE MARSHALL.

    PM Owen Arthur would have thought out what he was going to say, confirmed its veracity, collected his supporting evidence, WEEKS OR MONTHS in advance, and then delivered his precisely crafted speech and press release.

    It is not that Owen wanted Mugabe to loose, he had every iota of evidence to have achieved that objective BUT, THE UNTENABLE ALTERNATIVE WAS FOR FUMBLES TO HAVE WON, and that was a no no.

    Look, at the end of the day, we need to each ask ourselves this question.

    What does being a true bajan mean?

    If it is sucking Mugabe’s pooch then…all this social agitation is meaningless


  • PIECE see the light, as he said all this social agitation is meaningless ,Amen. Now show where the light is coming from to T.Inniss WARU Hal. The Mairpoka will never see.


  • Dumb yardfowls are always trying to cover up…yardfowlsm should be abolished..


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Watchman

    You do de ole man a disservice and have misquoted me?

    Mine was a conditional statement which said IF WE ARE ONLY HERE TO SUCK MUGABE’S POOCH THEN…

    De ole man is saddened that you would seek to misquote de ole man particularly after all de ole man tried to do in your matter.

    Why you treating de ole man so?

    De BLP peeple down by you get de white woman move dem boulders yet?

    I could start a new campaign guaranteed to get attention

    Imagine this



    and in 6 Point font, several lines lower, the single word “…removed…”

    I would print up 20 banners for you and my Man, overnight you gone clear cause Mia ent going want those signs showing around Barbados.

    You want to place an order?


  • lol..not on ya life..

    “I could start a new campaign guaranteed to get attention”

    yardfowls don’t mind boulders killing them in their sleep or water drowning them, as long as they can get to be yardfowls and attack you for speaking out against those who victimize them…

    ya done know, if those boulders are NEVER moved within the next four years 5 months, we will not hear one thing about it…..but time is longer than twine..


  • Barbados Underground Whistleblower

    Does this SENIOR Policeman realise that 50% of the crimes in Barbados are done in collusion with local policemen hence why even though policemen are in most communities they themselves are not reporting crime in their communities.

    Why would them spill the beans on their partners in crime drug dealing and trafficking of guns?

    Bajans need to wake up and stop having the wool pulled over their eyes by the POLITICAL AND THE POLICE Establishment.


  • WARU

    The way you expressed your comments on BU show you as,” unstable”. But, time is longer than twine.



    Thanks piece, Your style of campaign may cause 5 stray bullets to find the Watchman body


  • Caswell style of campaign caused a man to face the court.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Watchman

    You good though.

    I dont feel that dem would send a hitman for you for demanding that illegal boulders that are diverting torrential flood waters to drown you and other bajans, be removed.

    No siree.

    But for fellers like David King of Barbados Underground and other prominent freedom fighters, dem fellers and ladies got to be careful and as far as possible, watch dem back.

    Dont drink no drinks dem give you, doan eat no food dem prepare or go to lunches or dinners at dem house or restaurants dem invite you to AND IF YOU LIVE OVERSEAS, DOAN GO TO BARBADOS.

    So tell the Stewarts doan ever go back to Barbados



    The first official from Drainage Unit,15 years ago a Mr Dawe who visited that watercourse,said the encroachment is illegal. All of the other Officials including Philip Tudor, who is still at MTW, told me the encroachment is illegal, Yet, it remained, ask Philip Tudor why, the corrupted practise that allowed this situation to continue will make any watchman afraid.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright


    A day coming real soon when instead of an ex husband stupidly voing to kill his ex wife over pokey dat is not theirs, PEOPLE GOING GO AND KILL A FEW LAWYERS, POLITRICIANS AND BIG UPS OVER “POKEY” DAT GET DO TO THEM



  • Sir Simple Simon, P.C.

    @pieceuhderockyeahright January 7, 2019 12:12 AM “@ Sir Simple Simon Could you tell me since it appears that you have these costs 1. What is the cost of the water taxi? 2. Where will you embark on a water taxi? 3. What is the size of the water taxi? 4. what are the operating cost of a taxi, e.g. insurance fees, licensing fees? 5. Who will be licensed to drive the water taxi? 6. What training must they have to operate a taxi with people 7. What will be the fee charged for fare on the water taxi?”

    A Simple Response: Unless you are being malicious I don’t know why you say that it appears that have these costs. I did no costing. I have NEVER claimed to have done costing. I have no interest in doing costing. I have no interest in running a water taxi service. I have no interest in getting a contract from the BLP or the DLP. Why should I be interested in such things when the government and my former employer sends me “free money”?

    @pieceuhderockyeahright January 7, 2019 12:12 AM Have you ever riden a water taxi?

    I have ridden in all kinds of vessels except for the Concorde and spacecraft. I have ridden on ZR vans every day for more than 20 years, so what is your problem? You don’t think that I am afraid do you? Just for fun I have ridden on all of the craft which operate along Barbados’ nearshore, on small vessels in the Grenadines, between Antigua and Montserrat, between St. Kitts and Nevis, between Antigua and Barbuda, along a river in Seattle, along the Mississipi, on Lake Ontario, along the St. Lawrence River and other places which I have now forgotten. I enjoy riding on small water vessels. Many other people do too, as every time I go on a small vessel I am never alone, each vessel is full.

    @pieceuhderockyeahright January 7, 2019 12:12 AM “Do you understand planar forces or seasickness on small vessels?”

    People can and do travel on small vessels without needing to understand planar forces or seasickness. I mean do we need to understand aircraft engineering in order to travel as a passenger on an aircraft? Do we need to understand the science of anesthesia before our surgeons get to work?? Stupssseee!!!

    That said I have been seasick once. I have been car sick/motion sick multiple times. Does that mean that I should no longer ride with my favourite ZR men?

    @pieceuhderockyeahright January 7, 2019 12:12 AM “Do you read what you write before posting it after you get home from work on the ZRs?”

    Doan wuk no way. Don’t plan to work ever again. Why should I work when I have worked for more than 40 years, and in addition have reproduced and added multiple young, healthy, well educated, hard working people to the current workforce.

    We old people need to know when to say enough is enough, and let the work opportunities go to the young people.

    @pieceuhderockyeahright January 7, 2019 12:12 AM “What does your grandmother who dies in 1957 taking a schooner, have to do with a water taxi in 2018?”

    The human body has changed little in hundreds of thousands of years. My body is not in any way less resilient, or less sea worthy than my grandmothers’. I am no more nor more less likely to get or not get sea sickness. And the sea? The sea has likely changed only marginally in millions of years, global warming notwithstanding.

    If a watercraft could get my granny from Bridgetown to Speightstown in the 1920’s and 1930’s why not now?

    Why pretend that passengers need to know about planar forces?


    Sir Simple Simon, P.C.
    Neither “B” nor “D”


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Sir Simple Simon

    I realize that this is going to be hard.

    Have you ever been on an aircraft carrier? Some of us lived on one for a while. Yet the planar forces of which I speak that you experience with a jet ski or a “water taxi” you dont experience on an air craft carrier .


    NEXT Simple One how did you het on the schooner.

    There has to be an adequate demarcation point else Simple One you have to swim to the water taxi.

    Thirdly simple one, what would the cost for a trip be? do you think it would be a bit like in you grandmuhr day OR $10 for a one way?

    You and Oblong head talking cause you vot a mouf.

    I does doan talk bout tings I ent know bout or have verifiable evidence from a 3rd party to substantiate.

    You and Oblong head talking poop bout a water taxi.

    The idea WILL NOT WORK.

    DO YOU KNOW WHAT A WATER TAXI LICENSE COSTS or the gasoline cost for the taxi?

    Do you think a water taxi can stop en route and drop off people as they like?

    Stop talking foolishness bout water taxis and accept that the idea cannot work


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    An inter island ferry

    with capacity for people and vehicles
    with commensurate customs inspection and immigration procedures


    China has the best of these IN THE WORLD


  • Sir Simple Simon, P.C.

    @pieceuhderockyeahright January 8, 2019 7:19 PM “I realize that this is going to be hard. SIMPLY PUT FOR A SIMPLE SIMON THE BOUNCE ON A SMALL VESSEL CAUSES YOU TO WRETCH.”

    You call your contribution hard? I know hard. Yours ain’t hard. Lolll!!!

    Don’t feel like arguing with you, but as I explained before I’ve been on many, many small vessels, in the Caribbean Sea, in lakes, in rivers. I’ve NEVER EVER retched, although I’ve felt momentarily nauseated once passing near to Kick ’em’ Jenny.. I’ve never actually seen anybody retching.

    Some people get motion sickness. Some people do not. Some people get the ‘flu every year. My old man did not get the ‘flu between 1934 and 2000+

    I LOVE small vessels. Many other people do too.

    And no, I have never been on an aircraft carrier. And no, I don’t need to know the science of planar forces in order to enjoy small vessels, just as I don’t need to know the science of aeronautics in order to enjoy air travel. And no, I don’t want my anesthetist to explain the science of anesthesia before he puts me under.


  • “watchman January 8, 2019 6:47 AM


    The way you expressed your comments on BU show you as,” unstable”. But, time is longer than twine.”

    and I should CARE what you think…WHY..

    again…what yardfowls THINK or SAY…DON’T count..

    Piece…..ya done know neither politician, government minister, lawyer…except those who are truly ANOINTED and BlESSED…….

    ….AND ESPECIALLY YARDFOWLS, PIMPS AND HANGERSON……can come within SHOUTING DISTANCE of me TO THREATEN or any other intent…..without being SERIOUSLY INJURED…..I do not make any jokes with scum and am TRULY DANGEROUS when it comes to my safety and that of those close to me…

    ya can attribute that to my “unstable” state …diagnosed by the new yardfowl Watchman of the tumbling boulders and drowning water.


  • “But for fellers like David King of Barbados Underground and other prominent freedom fighters, dem fellers and ladies got to be careful and as far as possible, watch dem back.”

    We know of the setups being PLANNED….

    first one failed……. SPECTACULARLY..

    BUT WITH THE SECOND ATTEMPT…….there will be blowback.


  • Ya know how many of DEM…and now BLP… called me “crazy” or “unstable”…over the years on BU… is well documented for future use…..I ACCEPT MY CRAZY, UNSTABLE STATE…so let them BRING IT ON……


  • @Piece,

    You may not remember, but the Brits gave the Federation three vessels to facilitate inter-island trade. Whatever happened to those? Also, what aboutthe15 shrimp trawlers we had? As far as I know people are still eating shrimps.


  • @ WARU

    Your posted comment on January 10, 2019 5:09 AM, showed what low blood sugar in the morning can do to an unstable WARU .


  • Glad to see ya can alternate between being a psychiatrist and a doctor…but caught hell trying to get MTW to REMOVE a few boulders….which is obvious was NEVER DONE.

    ……but we leave you to the Canadian woman…..she will deal with you….particularly if she has more money to pay out..

    any other medical ailments you discovered that I should know about??


  • Waru

    Mother nature is removing the boulders, I did saw hell trying to get a remedy for the boulders situation. However, I avoided entering in that hell where the corrupted official of MTW,and Drainage occupied and do business. As to money paid out, you can ask a George Hutson .


  • Not me…don’t have to ask a thing, all we gotta do is WATCH…after all is still Barbados and NOTHING HAS CHANGED..


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