Prime Minister Mottley’s Father Awarded Knighthood

“Up to now you can’t say why the man is not deserving. In a small country how do you escape proximity to “power/decision-making”?”

Once I see you heading down this road, I know things bad.
No, No, No.
The onus is upon those conferring the honour to highlight the contributions, which are being recognized. Period.
Is Barbados, the country conferring the knighthood, doing so for work in Bermuda, Belize, Caymans, Turks and a little in Barbados too. Or for the leverage used in the BLP leadership battles.
Seems like another Marston Gibson were a Bajan leaves home and spends much of their career working elsewhere, only to return home and be knighted.
To me, if the PM had an ounce of moral decency, she would avoid selecting her father at all costs, especially in the first few opportunities she gets to bestow such an honour. What’s the rush? Is the man ill? – Northern Observer

To be honest the blogmaster does not pay too much attention to the New Year Honours list. The selection appears to be less than transparent and more importantly we are not enthused by a system that awards titles that is anchored to an irrelevant colonial past.

The New Year Honours List for 2019 released by the Government Information Service is as follows [blogmaster’s emphasis]:-

The Queen has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards in the 2019 New Year Honours:


  • Assad John HALOUTE for services to the hospitality industry and philanthropy


  • Elliott Deighton MOTTLEY for services to the legal profession, diplomatic service and the community



  • Dr. Frances Louise CHANDLER, OBE for services to agriculture and sustainable development


  • Ms. Cynthia Joan WILLIAMS for services to nursing and the community


  • Reverend Hughson Carlos INNISS for services to youth empowerment and the fight against HIV/AIDS
  • John Wayne Anderson WATTS for services to environmental health

The decision to award Elliott Mottley a knighthood has attracted robust and muscular public comment across the length and breath of Barbados, notwithstanding the din generated by the holiday season. There is no need to be prolix with this matter. A repost of the blogmaster’s too brief comment to Northern Observer is enough.

Agree with this comment, the optics are bad and the brazenness of doing it in the first year of term is a foreboding act.

The opinion of the blogmaster is not meant to ignore Elliott’s Mottley’s contribution in his field of work. However, if the Prime Minister is serious about being a change agent she must avoid decisions that will distract and deepen citizen apathy. The herculean task to turn the country around is bigger than the aggrandisement of any family member. Even if that family member is her father. In fact some will suggest with good reason that the controversial waiver of the tax and penalties (NOT TAX DUE) in the amount of $1,051,872.28 to Elliott Mottley which came out of an audit of Mottley’s accounts is reward enough.

A word to the Prime Minister should be sufficient.



  • @Mariposa January 3, 2019 3:22 PM “Mr. Morris, he is the son of former DLP minister, Mr. Bobby Morris. I am informed that the common courtesy was not even extended to Mr. Morris to be taken home by the company’s messenger after the keys to the company vehicle he drove was taken from him…these two black working class Barbadians.”

    I am truly sorry to hear that these gentlemen have lost their jobs. i have lost a job too so i know how it feels. However a former cabinet Minister’s son, with a very well paid job at the airport is NOT working class. Working class is people like me who have never had access to a company or tax payer funded vehicle for our daily commutes. People like me who hauled our @sses on to the ZR’s everyday and went to work and who came home in the evenings on whatever PSV was available. Thazz how we the tax payers does pay for everything does roll.

    And tobesides Mariposa, you unrepentant gallus galllus domesticus, we all know that the political class does cannibalize one annuder.

    Dazz how wunna does roll.

    So don’t gimmee no crocodile tears.

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  • And you have heard of mad money? Surely you taught your children, not to leave home unless they have at $2 in their pockets, or $4 if they have to take 2 ZR’s home.

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  • Mariposa
    Simple Simon said it all but I have to give you some cutass for that foolishness you posted about one Rover Morris and Syphon Greenidge.So these 2 black guys made the day for GAIA.Thats like demanding a day’s pay for an 8am-4pm job and they clocking in at 3.50pm and want full days pay for full day’s work.Why Morris can’t find work on his own merit outside the seaport or the airport.Why these hangers on must rely on a government pick.Bloody Fatted Calf brigade and you come here talking pure BS knowing full well that they got 2 political appointments that one lord giveth and the other lord taketh away.Unadulterated hogwash.Let them go find decent work where their talent(s)are appreciated.Maybe Verla can give them a recommendation to the small business unit.


  • Watchman,

    II am so vile that if I could move the boulders for you I would do that despite your labelling me vile simply for calling SHITE SHITE!

    Wake up, wash the yampie from your eyes and catch the real bandits in the act!


  • Backward thinking and they then want to CRY AND COMPLAIN when government ministers and EVERYONE ELSE takes advantage of them.


  • Just to show you these these BLP politicians think they are so slick – and they think they can spit in yuh face and tell you it is raining and the double standards that they operate at – and the media gives them a free pass:

    I came across a speech made by Trevor Prescod in the House of Assembly on the 15th Febtuary this year.

    Hear Prescod:

    “Parliament had become irrelevant” ………. as he ” accused some parliamentarians of insensitivity to the social needs of Barbadians”.

    The opposition MP launched a broadside at Govt’s (DLP) MPs during the debate of the Appropriation bill where he stoutly defended the record of the BLP.

    He focused on the issue of poverty ,contending that measures taken by past BLP Administrations were necessary to alleviate the hardships of poor working class barbadians. – as he questioned the government’s (Dem) side understanding of the circumstances that drove people to converge in Heroes Square to be fed by volunteers.

    You could believe this man serious.

    Now hear we have his leader Mottley along with him and others criticizing the government for not caring – and for being insensitive to the poor – yet in the midst of the hardest financial pain being suffered by the working class – in decades – his government first order of business is to set up a cabinet of 27 ministers. .

    They brought back a retired politico whose sell by date long expired – that is Billie Miller as Ambassador plenipotentiary – and she sits in the cabinet earning a big fat salary – along with her big fat pension she is already getting.

    We have mentioned the consultants,Tsars,Political advisors,the lady who used to hold her bag as her assistant in the Opposition’s office – all at high cost to the taxpayers – and they feel no remorse,no compulsion to say -cuddear dis can’t be right – after all we talked about the suffering of the masses’.

    Shame like it is not a commodity they trade in.


  • Simple Simon the optics are bad just like everything Mia has done so far
    She is gallopng at a very fast paced to becoming a dictator


  • I was blown away last week while driving to hear Peter Wickham on the VOB call in show – admitting to David Ellis’s questions as to whether the media shows favouritism to the Mottley led administration – AND WICKHAM SAID – YES OF COURSE.



    I think it was the most honest answer I heard from one of those moderators – and it was quite refreshing.

    But we have to remember that Wickham is not really a Bee but a disgruntled Freundel hating Dem – and so is Hartley Henry.

    Their problem is they let one man dissing them – cause them to wallow in bitterness and anger and to shed their principles and core beliefs – whatever they were.


  • T Inniss

    You still flogging this dead horse? Dont you have nothing to do? The DLP dead dead dead so you lose your pick?

    Over 600 comments and 500 are yours an ac…………the REDWASH made you all go bat shit crazy!


  • Prodigal crawl back under yuh rock
    This govt had nor have nothing to offer
    A 200 million IMF loan and plenty pain and suffering on the people is nothing to celebrate
    Thus govt like the prodigal son already squander what fortunes they were given and now daily turns to the widows mite looking for financial support
    Hush yuh mout do
    30-0 muh and this govt cant do a dam thing to help the people
    All promises made gone down the sewer system


  • Prodigal

    Look within yourself and speak to the conscience that still flickers.

    Enjoy that new cushy job Mia created for you.

    I wish you well.

    The BLP wining this election is not a problem – it is the type of governance which will follow – that has me greatly concerned.


  • T Inniss
    What got you and your fellow Fatted Calf brigade concern is that wunna days over…..30 love is Stuart and Sinckler led DLP legacy from 2008-2018, ten long years of negative growth and hardship.Never again.Haul your tail outa hey.The absolute dismissal of that Stuart assembly is in the reckoning ….2 boxes out of 314 is all wunna got to say all yuh win.Shame!Shame!


  • We can see where the taxes collected are going unlike under the DLP………..squandermainia and thiefing resulting in the LOST DECADE…….

    New garbage trucks on the road…..good things are happening……..roads are being repaired………….tek dat!….Losers! REDWASH!


  • Barbadians are receiving income tax refunds………businesses are getting their VAT returns… sewage is floating on the South Coast……young people are getting money to start their own businesses…….business people are being paid for their goods and services……the NIS deductions from the public workers are paid into the NIS……..

    Compare this to anything the DLP did……….no comparison…..the Barbados brand is back….

    Are you jealous T Inniss and ac?


  • Jealous of what. Having my investment stolen from me by this govt
    Having to pay triple taxes on water
    Being lied (to) by govt about putting money in my pocket
    Having to pay double taxes every time i pump gas
    Having to spend sleepless nights wondering how i am going to pay my bills and govt bills
    Are u out of your friggin mind
    Jealous for what. Jealous for pain and suffering are you suffering from some kind of insanity
    Now talking about a measly income tax return that can only buy a bread and fish and two glasses of mauby
    Have seen the price of food recently
    I dont think so!


  • 616 comments.I am disappointed. Thought this blog would reach 1000 comments. lol

    Amazing. Sir Elliot joining the likes of Sir Elton John and Sir Mick Jagger..

    When will we get Dame Ri Ri ?


  • RiRi is an ambassador with diplomatic privilege.


  • @ David,

    Ri Ri is not Dame Ri Ri…….yet. lol


  • The original “knights” of England were Black!

    Have you ever really wondered what it means by the “Dark Ages”???
    It’s where they ripped out the pages of our true history.

    It was Thomas Cromwell who destroyed all evidences of Black Rule in Britain?

    Article from the Telegraph Media Group Limited 2015

    Thomas Cromwell was the Islamic State of his day: this pathologically ambitious “ruffian” sent hundreds to the chopping block and destroyed England’s religious and artistic heritage. By Dominic Selwood: 22 Jan 2015

    Main Quote: No one can be sure of the exact figure, but it is estimated that the destruction started and legalised by Cromwell amounted to 97% of the English art then in existence. Statues were hacked down. Frescoes were smashed to bits. Mosaics were pulverized. Illuminated manuscripts were shredded. Wooden carvings were burned. Precious metalwork was melted down. Shrines were reduced to rubble. This vandalism went way beyond a religious reform. It was a frenzy, obliterating the artistic patrimony of centuries of indigenous craftsmanship with an intensity of hatred for imagery and depicting the divine that has strong and resonant parallels today. . . . . . . . .


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Brother Hants

    You are counting the posts AND SO ARE THEY.

    The thing about BU is its uptake

    How long after being posted did the article being watched by the Mugabe Defence Force achieve this count?

    And whi were the dissenters?

    On December 31st 2018 this article was posted by the Original David if Barbados Underground

    8 days later it has achieved 6 pages on the newly designed 100 comments per page as opposed to the former 75 comments

    Yet the Bane of Common Sense says BU is not popular.

    Who cam and who posted on this “bad optics” blog?

    Were there any new faces and commentators?

    And are you noticing any new patterns?

    For example who posted the blog, and who sustained it?

    Were all of its comments by political pooch lickers or DLP haters?

    Or were there patriot comments?


    People are not keeping quiet any longer, they are speaking out.

    So what is the Mugabe regime doing about it?

    They have to destroy the dissenters and the source of that dissent DONT THEY?

    Brother Hants are you watching carefully? Keep a close look out as to the process.



  • pieceuhderockyeahright



    For unless you are prepared to abandon the Linnaeus Banks tennet FOR ONE MAN WHO IS OUTSIDE YOUR PURVIEW forever, the attempt will serve no purpose OTHER THAN TO SCUTTLE THD LAST BASTION OF FREE SPEECH IN BARBADOS.

    If you can live with that, go for it and watch what your grandchildren are going to inherit under the Mugabe regime with Rawdone to follow.

    “Understsndeth thou what thou doest?” For 30 pieces of silver? The dog that brings a bone WILL CARRY ONE, remember that



  • @ Piece
    I just read your January 7th, early morning post. You have me quite disturbed. I read several things into your cryptic post to David. Say it aint so…….


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Dame Bajans

    You will note that my comment while it was to The Old David of BU was not about the Old David of BU

    There are 3 BU persons who make up the BU BORG

    Only one is David

    When he is NOT on duty anything can play and I understand that.

    He David King is a serious and committed bajan who understands what we are facing.

    The other 2 are bajans but they are not David and do not understand what the problem is NOR WHAT THE PROCESS OF EXTRICATING OURSELVES HAS TO BE


    Would that not destroy what we are seeking to protect?

    And what happens then?

    That sometimes I cant understand, Daddy sees the threat but try as he can, the others refuse to.

    Sometimes i really wonder why I worry.

    I mean I can just go and focus on The Theology and Theosophy of GOD and leave this to its conclusion or try to do what i believe to be right


  • Wuh dat comments number like it stuck at 623. Wuh I thought we had gone past that ever since.


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