The Mottley Saga – A Promise of Change but More of the Same

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When the Mottley led BLP were in opposition, startling revelations by them suggested that the then DLP Stuart led government was corrupt, dishonest, and happily kept silent on important matters that should have engaged the public’s interest.

Mottley, agitated by the sequence of disturbing events unfolding under Stuart and his team, fought to have a moral basis established in Barbados politics. She pursued this basis by first tabling a move to have the then speaker of the house, Michael Carrington resign on grounds that his action in a money matter involving an elderly gentleman was unethical and immoral. So incensed was she, that several walking out of parliament became the protest action norm against this obvious condoning of inappropriate conduct.

She furthered her quest for moral politics by bringing the integrity of Freundel Stuart into the spot light. Stuart who wanted persons to believe that he was honest and upright, lied to the Barbadian people when he said he was unaware of the doings in the Cahill deal, when he had signed of on it many months before.

Fast forwarding to the Mia Amor Mottley who is now Prime Minister of Barbados, we are left to wonder what happened to that ethical and moral compass she brought to bear against Stuart and his DLP colleagues. A compass that many felt would be the change that Barbadians long for. Unfortunately, it was short lived.

For starters, there are serious accusations against two of Mottley ministers in the form of Payne and Marshall that have not once been addressed by her. If Carrington’s action was unethical, then any claims concerning inappropriateness by two ministers should have brought her moral compass to bear down on them.

Then there is the matter of her bloated cabinet versus those struggling civil servants sent home as the sacrificial few to keep the whole intact. Why only the bottom and not the top. Certainly this is ground to bring your ethical compass to forefront of things and show Barbadians that you everyone must make sacrifices including the top.

Then there is the tweaking of the constitution to accommodate two friends, but no investigations launch into the financial issues surrounding those of the Democratic Labour Party accused of corruption. Or. no quick move to have legislation put in place to deal with minister corruption, collusion, and wheel and deal.

The SSS has frequently stated that Mottley is a rogue and if she is to believed, otherwise, it certainly cannot be proven when she wants to bestow upon her father a knighthood that is not deserving at this time.

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  1. Where are the loud noises of the blp regime who frequented BU to applause the latest upgrade
    Upgrade brought abour and off the pain and suffering of barbadians
    Barbadians whose mouths are stiffled and close shut because of the Bert economic polices and the downgrading effect on their households

  2. Mariposa

    When you listen to Marsha Caddle,Prodi -girl and Babb from VOB and the Nation newspaper shouting about these 2 upgrades.

    Its a bare joke.

    What they are not telling you is that these 2 upgrades are for local debt which came about because of the shafting of the pensioners and retirees with their investment in government paper – now retirees suffering with very very very small payments as opposed to what they had contracted to receive – and their principal being pushed back to 15 years instead of 5 years.

    The upgrades are not on the foreign debt – which is the more important thing – so clapping yourself on the back for taking harsh measures against the most vulnerable in society – that is ,the elderly – is disgraceful.

    All the while your big fat cabinet and your consultants and political advisors -enjoying a charmed life.

    But it should also still be remembered that this country has stained its spotless record of always paying its debt – by defaulting.

    These 2 upgrades are nothing big to shout about.

  3. T. Inniss

    It is financial economic illiteracy. How can an economy that has defaulted on its debt, has not yet resolved how it is going to repay people, be upgraded by the credit rating agencies seven months later. Remember, in 2008 all those bogus SPVs were graded As. Look what happened.
    I have long reached the conclusion Bajans do not like logic, they live in a fantasy world.

  4. Hal

    Man you are soooooo right hear.

    These rating agencies hmmm

    I never forget what Abed then Head of the Chamber of Commerce in an unguarded moment revealed what the private sector used to say to the foreign investors wanting to invest under the last administration – and what they used to say to the Rating Agencies.

  5. @ T,Innis

    @ Hal

    The rating agencies express opinions that are usually based on ‘hear say’ and ‘think so’. Recent financial and economic history is replete with companies and countries to whom they gave A grades that collapsed within weeks of their assessments.
    There is nothing infallible about grades from these organisations.

  6. Please help me understand.

    ” The Mia Mottley-led Government will be launching its new jobs initiative by the end of this month for retrenched public workers.”

    “He explained that the transition from being jobless to being an entrepreneur, allows Government to use its policy of not running arrears to pay them promptly. He also expects that the new business owners would be able to expand their services beyond the public sector in the coming years.”

  7. Vincent

    I was reading this in an article in an overseas publication and you came to mind.

    Olivier Blanchard – former Chief Economist of the IMF questioned the idea that reducing elevated levels of public debt should automatically be a priority for govt.

    His thesis is that if the market interest rate at which a govt can borrow is lower than the economy’s expected growth rate,then there is little social cost from the debt because the govt can simply roll over its borrowing when it becomes due – without having to raise taxes – or cut spending – and without risking a dangerous debt spiral.

    What is your view on this thesis Vincent ?

  8. I was reading articles about Jamaica economy and the number of upgrades it had received
    Mention was also made to the vicious revolving cycle of incurring debt from the IMF which Jamaica had undergone over the years
    It would be interesting to see after govt has stated that its plans going forward would be not of borrowing how govt pays off the remaining billions of debt

  9. @ T . Inniss at 12 :55 PM

    Blanchard’s view is the same view which I expressed in this Blog and elsewhere,especially on the domestic component of the National Debt. I also pointed out that GoB debentures held by overseas creditors are simply held to maturity since Barbados had the reputation for not reneging on its obligations. Financial reputation is an intangible asset in the Financial World. It is built on trust and past behaviour. One should never squander it.

    The national debt world wide is three times that of world wide GDP. i.e 300%. Most of it generated by the UK and USA. Check the reports.
    I keep repeating this advice. Try to understand the game you are attempting to play. If you do not understand the game and the rules of the game you will never win.

  10. Will be kerping my eyes on the social enviroment of this country
    An enviroment that must remain stable and healthy and one that goes hand in hand with the vitality of the tourism indistry.
    As now the cracks are beginning to show as 14 days into the new year barbados has recorded its third murder for the year

  11. Mariposa

    Third murder today.

    A man hand was chopped off in Station Hill

    Not sure but there is word of a shooting in St Phillip last night

    Gih Mia de vote and watch she.

  12. The recent murders and gangland retribution killings WHILE NOT THE FAULT OF MUGABE DIRECTLY, can be attributed to her inability, and that of her predecessor government, THE DLP, to create and nurture an environment WHICH DOES NOT PROP UP DRUGLORDS!!

    Having said that, the more immediate problem is WEANING.

    Weaning ‘…Weaning is the process of gradually introducing a infant mammal to what will be its adult diet and withdrawing the supply of its mother’s milk…”

    The problem is that Mugabe nor her predecessors DO NOT KNOW how to wean these infants once they have suckled at the nipples of drug sales and supplies.

    These employees ARE NOT REDEEMABLE since they have touched the accursed thing and CANNOT BE REINTRODUCED INTO THE MAINSTREAM OF SOCIAL ACTIVITY since their mindsets are tarnished and their hands have blood on them.

    The “SOLUTION” is quite a radical one, we must decide that we will eradicate these serpents, in their totality YET CONCOMITANTLY, there has to be a regrowth strategy WHICH MUGABE MOTTLEY CANNOT LEAD, because she simply does not have the “genetic markers” to lead the regrowth

    David WHO KILLED GOLIATH was not tasked to build the Temple of the Lord

    And so too Mugabe CANNOT REBUILD BARBADOS because her hands are tarnished with the School Meals Syrup, and the VECO scandal, and the Edutech fiasco and whatever else wunna feel like ascribing to her, including, but not limited to, purported female mutilation

    So by what means do bajans reclaim their streets?

    First WE NEED TO TURN HUMBLY TO OUR CREATOR and beg his forgiveness and then, with one voice, tell Mia Amor Mottley, “NO MORE” and show her that we will not allow this madness to continue.

    IS THERE NO ONE ELSE? to stand against Mugabe?

  13. What is the significance of an upgrade? To be fair concerning Rogue-Works, you have to give up something in order to get something. We have given up a segment of the public sector to austerity, and in return received two upgrades for doing so. Therefore, an upgrade is enough for us to spew with glee that we are punching above our weight again and that is a positive sign for investment purposes I presume. Does the upgrade speak to the crisis debt we are still steep in? I do not want to come on here and criticise Rogue-Works just for criticising purposes. Where credit is due, credit will be given. Where criticism is warranted, criticism will be presented.

    There is an interesting development taking place with another land issue involving the widow of the late George Broomes. Here charged is that she has gathered enough evidence to prove deceit, corruption, and theft is at the forefront of the land dispute involving Six Mens Bay and that political figures are at the stirring wheel of this nuff years in the John Johnny-land fraud court. This is a chance for Rogue-Works to show how serious she intends to be at serving the people and not a special few. Intervene in this matter, Mia Amor Mottley. Poor black people with prime land are getting it taken away from them in the name of legal frauding.

  14. @ Dearest SSS

    Indeed you must be jesting!

    Mugabe Mottley will never champion any anti-corruption investigation

    That will mean that she will be making decisions that will affect her friends and the people to who she has to bow down to AND THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN

    You must never forget that Chinua Achebe quotation “…An old woman is always uneasy when dry bones are mentioned in a proverb…” Things Fall Apart

    we have to be wise Dearest SSS and not forget the things that Mugabe would like us to forget…

  15. T. Inniss,

    Blanchard has long rejected the Washington Consensus in an about-turn. Quite clearly this has not yet reached the architects of BERT. We have a situation in which the IMF, OECD and leading economists have predicted a slow down of the global economy at best or a deep recession at worst.
    How will this impact on BERT? Why has the public meeting at the UWI to discuss BERT been cancelled? There I a fog of disinformation surrounding this government’s economic policies. We need deep analysis and clarity.

  16. All the smoke and mirror promises that Mia made during campaigning has come back to bite the fools in the a.sss
    All the jumpin up and down about transparency legislation has been folded up and thrown into the garbage bin of history
    I really got to laugh that today of all
    all days the blp yardfowls mouths remained close shut and not a peep about the up grades barbados received off the backs of hardworking barbados
    But i must agree with Hal as he stated that if Mia and her economic advisors are so great and successful in bringing down barbados debt they ought to send the formula to Greece
    However all and sundry knows that barbados debt portfolio is a mixed bag of smoke and mirrors and vodoo economics
    However i must applaud govt for saying a freeze would be put on borrowing for the next year
    But i cautioned myself that Mia promises are comforts to fools

  17. Another shooting tonight.The voices of the blp yardfowls have gone quiet as the series of death and violence occurs under the watch of present govt

  18. My Sweet Piece

    Mia Amor Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados promised to communicate with the Barbadian people and bring a level of transparency in governance that will separate her from all other Prime Ministers, namely Fruendel the silent clown. She also said that she will make government operations accountable. Therefore, she must be held accountable. We need to see the level of transparency she promised. Yeah right. We done know Rogue-Works will not do one shite. Hear ma na, I want the rogue to publish the names and amounts of money each of the persons who owed the government tax monies. I mean if Rogue-Works can forgive them she should not have any problems publishing names in the name of accountability and transparency. Piece, I know Rogue-Works is not going to do one shite. She likes scoundrels, that is why she has no problem whatsoever keeping controversially accused Payne and Marshall in her line up. As far as she is concerned the accusations against them is false as they have proofs that their operations where legit. Anyhow sweety, I got to try so I am asking Mia Amor Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados, to come to the aid of this elderly woman and her land dispute. The woman has not given anyone permission to squat on her land so Madam Prime Minister, help this elderly woman. LAUNCH AN INVESTIGATION.

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