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The Adrian Loveridge Column – Tourism is Our Only Hope

As we edge apparently aimlessly towards an inevitable general election there appears, at least through my eyes, little or no compulsion to place my X on the ballot paper of any wannabe politician in my constituency. We have only seen our current representative twice in over ten years, a onetime visit to our property and the second at a popular

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‘The Beach Belong to We’

Submitted by Tara A. Inniss. PhD (UWI) MSD (UNSW) BA (York). Department of History and Philosophy, Cave Hill Campus, The University of the West Indies, Barbados,, The History Forum Blog When Gabby wrote ‘Jack’ in the early 1980s, he was responding to hoteliers asserting their rights over beach front property. Some almost 40 years later, Barbadians have felt secure

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The Adrian Loveridge Column – Time to Discover re-Discover

One of the biggest challenges to expanding the already successful re-DISCOVER dine-around initiative has been the failure to better explain the concept of revenue control to some of our restaurants. Just ten customers each evening, ordering the re-DISCOVER menu six nights per week and 50 weeks per year generates almost $300,000 in additional revenue, per establishment annually. While this portion

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