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State Owned Hotels

This article is based on notes for my presentation today to the Fourth Caribbean International Tourism Conference (CITC 2019) at UWI’s Cave Hill campus. My presentation will be on Trinidad & Tobago’s State-owned hotels to outline the results and provisional conclusions of my research. I designed that research program to examine the existing State-owned hotels as a way of understanding

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Adrian Loveridge Column – Eyeing Incentive Motivational Travel

Incentive or motivational travel is one of those target markets that I believe we can do substantially better at, especially to help fill those arrival and accommodation gaps which help drive down our overall annual occupancy. Income thresholds, particularly in the United Kingdom, for many, prove to be a massive deterrent to boost personal earnings, with a relatively low level

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Adrian Loveridge Column – Tax, Tax and VAT Refunds?

By now I would have hoped in the interest of transparency, our Government would have published a full disclosure of the ‘windfall’ funds raised by the imposition of the bevy of new tourism taxes applied in October last year. These include the Airline Travel and Tourism Development Fee (second airport departure tax), Hotel Room Levy, Direct Services Product Levy and

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Adrian Loveridge Column – Welcome to Barbados Mr and Mrs Tourist

Returning recently to Barbados on a British Airways flight, landing early from a near freezing Gatwick Airport, it was a real treat to clear entry formalities using the automated passport kiosks in seconds. Then being finally processed by a warm welcoming female Immigration officer. With only cabin baggage, passing through the red channel was just as trouble free, with time

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Adrian Loveridge Column – Hotel Investment Galore!

Of course there are many positive attributes to the all-cash sale of Elegant Hotels to Marriott recently and enormous kudos should be given to the locally based Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sunil Chatrani and his team, for taking the company to this stage, ensuring that his fiduciary responsibilities were executed and realizing, what appears to be a very attractive offer

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