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Adrian Loveridge Column – COVID 19 Exposes Some Businesses

It is almost impossible to intelligently speculate on the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, as it appears to radically change by the minute, so I will attempt to avoid it until some middle to long term scenario comes into place. My apologies if circumstances have overtaken the time between writing, and this column appearing in print. As a small business person spanning

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Adrian Loveridge Column – We Need a New ‘Game’ to SUPPORT Tourism

In many ways it feels like a reoccurring dream of perhaps better described as a nightmare – taking me back almost 20 years – to when I can graphically recall sitting in the palatial meeting room of our esteemed Sandy Lane Hotel. Surrounded by Ministers of Government, hotel managers, heads of regional organisations and various other ‘big-ups’ in tourism, who

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Adrian Loveridge Column – Coronavirus Uncertainty

Perhaps the single biggest challenge to our ‘local’ tourism industry is the uncertainty that the Coronavirus brings with it. Many airlines that service Barbados have sensibly implemented a no-change fee, subject to various conditions, some more generous than others, which allows those booking in a restricted time window to change flight dates without financial penalties. Likewise, an increasing number of

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Adrian Loveridge Column – Why Did CHAPS Close?

The instinct this first week was to write about the ‘out-of-the blue’ announcement that three well known restaurants trading under the company name, CHAPS Restaurants Ltd, Cin Cin by the Sea, Primo and Hugo’s had closed with immediate effect. However, fortunately good sense prevailed, without first listening to every available angle of the story. Cheryl Newman, owner and operator of

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Adrian Loveridge Column – Overdue Ferry Service

I noticed that our media recently yet again highlighted the ‘possibility’ of  the introduction of a ferry service between the southern Caribbean islands. For so many reasons the idea makes perfect sense, including the ability of transporting both goods and people more economically from island to island.  A classic example for me is on my various visits to Dominica, it’s

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Adrian Loveridge Column – Norwegian Airlines the Way to Fly

Last week I returned to Barbados after taking a rather tedious, protracted but inexpensive route from Gatwick to Miami with Norwegian Airlines and onwards with the late American Airlines flight into Grantley Adams arriving around 11 pm. It is not recommended for the faint of heart, even if all involved flights leave and arrive on-time, which sadly they did not,

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