A Failed Presidency, the Palestinian Issue and the Rise of a Pernicious ‘Inverted Totalitarianism’

Submitted by Pachamama
President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

Three out of four of the last presidents of the United States (POTUS) have launched last ditched ‘efforts’ in the dawning years of their tenures in faux attempts to ‘make peace between the Zionist regime and the Palestinians’. Barak Hussain Obama sensing his apogee moment has passed, that the people of the world have seen his actions as opposed to his soaring rhetoric, that the people now know his real interests as oppose to the pretenses, his militaristic nature as opposed to the lies concealed by the marketing of a million dollar smile, his self serving nature as opposed to a ‘plant’ as a community organizer, his absence of care for the least amongst us, his criminal nature as opposed to a practitioner of law, his determination to elevate himself as President as being of utmost importance. Now he looks forward to receiving the hundreds of millions of dollars his corporate sponsors have promised for services rendered and thus the Palestinian issue can be walked on as the signal for an exit, stage right.

Obama has given Black people everywhere a real look into the wickedness that is at the centre of political life in the USA. We were able, for the first time, to interpret Obama non-verbal communication more adroitly than we were ever able to with previous Presidents. This deeper understanding has revealed the true nature of Obama as the Commander-in-Chief of global wickedness. From day one he was more interested in his corporate buddies than the lofty promises made. In fact, after winning the election he quietly gave the Zionists permission to kill hundreds of Palestinian children on the condition that their blood would not stain his inauguration and the Israeli bombings, with depleted munitions supplied by America, could end with precision. This cold-hearted brute saw no contradiction when in a pre-election visit to Israel, to pay homage to APAC, was heard to have said that he would not tolerate rockets from Gaza falling where his children had to sleep, as to burnish his undying support of Israeli war crimes against the half-starved Palestinian people.

Obama has bragged that he is the best friend the Zionist state has had. He has given the Israelis whatever they wanted in spite of media reports that there were always tensions between himself and Netanyahu. But that was never the relationship that mattered. For it is his personal money runnings with mainly Jewish-American robber barons, APAC and the power of the ‘lobby’ that have their finger on the scale of justice to weigh in on the Israeli side. These patently unfair, self-serving negotiations are not about the interests of the Palestinian people, they never were.  Since Oslo, and before and after, negotiations have been used by the criminal Israelis and Americans to change the facts on the ground – to steal more and more Palestinian lands. They were never about any fleeting two-state-solution, an outcome that is now impossible. That Mahmood Abbas/Abu Mazen could agree to this charade reeks of more humiliation for the Palestinian people. A people, though international law is heavily on their side, inspite of more than 60 UN Resolutions in their favor and many more vetoed by Obama wicked hegemonic regime, the expansionist tendencies of the colonial outpost of Empire, the erection of an Apartheid Wall on Palestinian lands and the daily humiliation, murder and imprisonment of Palestinians by an Apartheid state, never seems to be able to receive justice from the hegemonic powers which control the world.

While Obama is busily burnishing his resume for a life after the White House, his performance therein has been abysmal on nearly all issues. So whether we are talking about abortive health care agenda, the protection of the middle classes, the closing of Guantanamo Bay, the withdrawal from Iraq, rapprochement with Iran, immigration justice, and economic management of the Federal budget, reigning in the excesses of the Wall Street oligarchs or increasing livable jobs, Obama has failed comprehensively. However, there have also some things he has been highly successful at. All of these served the furtherance of the quick march on the road to what Sheldon Wolin best describes as an inverted totalitarian regime.  An inversion of totalitarianism means that you pretend to be a ‘democracy’. You pretend to have social and economic freedoms. You pretend to have a free media. You pretend to have all the trappings of regular elections and so forth while at the same time you consolidate the greatest levels of wealth into the hands of the .001 percent, mainly large corporation. While this is happening you also complete the building of a massive surveillance state to monitor all the activities of Americans and you make sure that the same people who control that intelligence network are the same corporations which control the military, which control politics, which control commerce. The wickedly Great Benito Mussolini and his sidekick Adolph Hitler could only dream about these staggering levels of organizational sophistication.

So Obama is starting to raise his gaze to an early retirement. He will be looking forward to a time when he can enjoy the fruits of his labour, in the service of the majors. We estimate that actors from the military-industrial-intelligence-complex, that he has surrendered the American people and other peoples of the world to, will keep their promises and deliver a substantial gratuity. In addition, like Bill Clinton, there will be substantial speaking fees and he like Clinton might even be appointed Viceroy of a country like Haiti. Meanwhile all the people on whose shoulders he climbed to get to the White House will be in substantially worse socio-economic positions. What is this nonsense about, having a so-called Black man in a White House again, tell us! This is the legacy of Obama. A legacy that none of the pressing concerns of the poor, the jobless, the sick and the disfigured by war have a chance to disrupt. We expect that you will be seeking a big propaganda push to protect this ‘legacy’. For it must always be about what is good for Obama before any consideration could be given to any of his supporters, but the few

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  1. Seriously Zoe, why do you feel so confident that you understand these complex prophesies ….when (as Bushie has demonstrated time and again) you don’t even understand basic things like the Trinity, the use of parables, or indeed the basic GOSPEL that Jesus himself preached ?

    Just shouting simplistic dogma and then abusing any detractors – does not represent justification of a position…

    God’s people are those who have been imbibed with BBE’s DNA…otherwise known as the Holy Spirit….
    The days of a specific geographic set of people being so identified ENDED when the messiah came….so if you (or those “Israelis” or anyone else) looking there in reference to prophesies about “the people of God” wunna will be in for a shock…

    In any case, ANY set of people who claim to have undergone the recent experience of the holocaust and who can then go on to SYSTEMATICALLY do EVEN WORST things to others who find themselves under their control, (as we see with the Palestinians) are fully deserving of punishment that can only be administered by BBE themselves…..
    The “people of God” are those who LOVE their enemies, and who do GOOD unto those that despise them…..Mandella style….
    You need to restart your research from this new and enlightened perspective…

    Bushie don’t know what “God’s People” Zoe is talking about….he talking bout bushmen…….?….or Wuh??? 🙂

  2. “Sorry to ‘mimic’ you Zoe in your cutting & pasting pastime. But we are at a loss ( AND WILL CONTINUE LOSS IN BLINDED* IGNORANCE and FOLLY!) to establish the truthful consistency between what you wrote above about the all-embracing invitation to Heaven that can be issued only by the Lamb clothed in white and what you wrote so jingoistic about Jews being the only chosen ones of your God’s people to inherit the ‘Promised’ land called Heaven.” (TELL ME NUKIRALIAN, exactly WHERE and WHEN did I EVER say, ( [the] Jews being the only chosen ones of your God’s people to inherit the ‘PROMISED’ land CALLED HEAVEN.”) Emphasis.

    Miller, you are OBVIOUSLY STILL in a state of INDIGESTION (spiritually), from the sound, thrashing I gave you a while ago on BU, to the extent THAT YOU honestly and openly STATED then, to me:

    “I (Millernukiralian) fell like a PITHON that just swallowed a JACKASS!

    A now U braying like a JACKASS!

  3. “Bushie don’t know what “God’s People” Zoe is talking about….he talking bout bushmen…….?….or Wuh??? :)”

    Any IDIOT foolish enough to SAY, as BUSH TEA has said on BU, “I WILL BE GOD” is subject to SPOUT any other kind of IGNORANCE! Endlessly too!

  4. Zoe – “… now U braying like a JACKASS!”

    @ Miller
    Wah happening today HA HA HA HA Even Zoe mastering the shite talk thing too … HA HA HA … Miller you gon’ let Zoe treat you so …?

  5. @ Zoe | August 7, 2013 at 2:45 PM |

    Are you then saying that Jews will be in Heaven with sweet Jesus?
    Now if Jews are to be found in paradise then they have to be those who were born and died before the sacrifice of the lamb of your God sweet and gentle Jesus.

    Not the modern-day Jews who continue deny Jesus as their Lord and saviour (and Messiah at that) while immorally occupying the lands not of their ethnic ancestors but out of sheer capitalist European exploitation and abuse of a people that both rich Muslims (Arabs in Saudi and other rich Gulf States) and Christians have sacrificed to the God of Money in the form of Oil or black gold.

    And here is why:

    “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. 2 My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? 3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. 4 You know the way to the place where I am going.”
    5 Thomas said to him, “Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?
    6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. 7 If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.” John 14: 1-7

    Now Zoe, the jackass miller with his “foot” is about to crush your slithering head that contains a serpentine forked tongue like the talking snake in the Garden of Eden.

    Here is the question for you:
    ‘How can Jews ever inherit any of those rooms in your Father’s house unless they go through the solicitor Jesus to obtain the keys and deeds to salvation?’

    Not even King David in his messianic zeal can be of any assistance here.

  6. @Millernukiralian, Man, you are a plain, de pseukikos anthropos, a DEAD MAN spiritually, that CANNOT, WILL NOT, DO NOT understand the ‘things’ of the SPIRIT of God, why NOT Miller? Because they ARE FOOLISHNESS to YOU!

    “Now Zoe, the jackass miller with his “foot” is about to crush your slithering head that contains a serpentine forked tongue like the talking snake in the Garden of Eden.”

    Not a chance Miller, you ARE like an ANT lost in the EPIDERMIS of an Elephants FOOT! You are of YOUR FATHER, the Devil!

    Here is the question for you:
    ‘How can Jews ever inherit any of those rooms in your Father’s house unless they go through the solicitor Jesus to obtain the keys and deeds to salvation?’

    I’ve ALREADY answered these kinds of FOOLISH questions put by you before on BU, in much detail, but you NEVER learn, do you!

    Suffice to say, for those who have ears to HEAR, and eyes that can SEE!

    “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for IT IS* the POWER of God to SALVATION for EVERYONE who believes, FOR the Jew first and also the Greek ( Gentile) For in IT the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God IS* revealed from FAITH to FAITH: as it is written, ‘The just shall live by faith.”
    (Rom. 1: 16,17) Emphasis added.

  7. @ Zoe | August 7, 2013 at 6:33 PM |

    So you are tacitly and tactfully admitting that the word of your god is full of contradictions and confusion because he privately spoke to too many men with each having his own spin on things.

    Your book of myths and legends represent the classic example of too many cooks spoiling the broth or too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Just an unfinished piece literature in the same artistic category of the unfinished music of Mozart’s Requiem or Bach’s Art of Fugue or the unending popularity of Handel’s Messiah.

    The miller is looking forward to seeing Shylock sitting next to Hitler having a cigar with Einstein; in Heaven that is. Would you open the pearly gates and let the Anunnaki nuksie in, Zoe?

  8. Miller, If the light that’s in you IS* DARKNESS, Oh, how great IS* that Darkness!

    “Professing themselves to be wise, they became FOOLS.” (Rom.1:22).

    So it be! True to form, of the children of DARKNESS!

  9. LOL @ Zoe
    What a brass bowl.

    How do you allow Miller to so easily expose you as a fraud? A man of God is characterized by LOVE, hope, faith, …the FRUIT of the spirit…..not by the ability to throw invective and insults….

    Plus you clearly did not get the email about the messiah….
    You definitely missed the good news (gospel) that he preached…
    …and you are obviously missing the DNA that makes all this come alive……


  10. Again, I repeat, any man, like Bush Tea, who so ARROGANTLY, BLASPHEMOUSLY, and STUPIDLY, would DECLARE as he did here on BU, that “I WILL BE GOD” could NEVER, EVER, KNOW anything about ‘The FRUIT of the Spirit of Almighty God’

    You ARE a FRAUD Bush Tea, a FALSE PROPHET, you are a counterfeit Bush Tea!

    As The Lord Jesus Christ said, “You are of your FATHER the DEVIL…He who IS* of God hears God’s words; therefore, (Bush Tea) you do NOT hear, because you are NOT of God.” ( John 8: 44a; 47)

    Was Jesus demonstrating the FRUIT of the Spirit here; was He lovingly, and kindly speaking to these VIPERS? NO! Because there is a place and time, as Jesus DID to CALL a Spade a Spade.

    He called Herod a FOX, “Go tell that FOX…” (Luke 13:32a) An extremely insulting term, because that IS* what Herod WAS, a FOX!

    You CANNOT ‘cherry-pick’ what you want from God’s Word, it MUST be ‘rightly-divided’ always in its proper context.

    The most anointed Apostle, Paul, whom God used to pen 2/3 of NT Scripture, wrote Galatians 5:22, the classic passage on the FRUIT of the Spirit. He was also divinely inspired, by the same HOLY Spirit, in an entirely different set of circumstances, to scathingly REBUKE anyone who is IGNORANT.

    “If anyone thinks himself to be a prophet or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things I write to you, ARE the commandments of the Lord.”

    “But if ANYONE is IGNORANT, let him be IGNORANT.” ( I Cor. 14: 37,38) Emphasis added.

    The FRUIT of the Spirit, is not only to be exemplified in behaviour, when appropriate, BUT, and most importantly, so, IN sound, proper, Biblical doctrine, when CORRECTLY and RIGHTLY divided, which you know NOTHING about Bush Tea. A stranger to the TRUTH of God’s Word!

  11. Zoe
    …you are such a jackass….
    Why do you need such long post to say so little? Don’t you see that these quotes that you are using point CLEARLY to you?

    “If ANYONE is IGNORANT, let him be IGNORANT.”
    Asked you about the Trinity and you babble off loads of crap….

    Asked you about why God CREATED the devil …..and you babble about how “he didn’t”, …but that he DID create everything…So Satan was an error?

    Asked you why Jesus spoke in parables to “confuse and confound the people” and you are confused and confounded yourself…

    Ask you what was the gist of the message that Jesus preached…and you have no idea about that “good news”…

    ….and you think Bushie is ignorant…..???
    LOL Ha Ha Muh Belly…. Oh shirt!!

    If you don’t know these BASIC things, what is the chance that you understand the complex Middle East. Situation….?

    @ Zoe

  12. There should be a law against anybody proselytizing. This should be a crime punishable by death without trial. So any church or radio station that preaches within the hearing of others would trigger this law. Any body doing a call to prayer within the hear of others will attract the attentions of this law. And so on….

  13. The concepts in The Bible are great, it is who assembled The New Testament and decided what to include and what to change/ corrupt that is the problem. I believe it was initially determined at Nicea in about AD 400.

  14. @ Zoe | August 8, 2013 at 8:13 AM |
    “The most anointed Apostle, Paul, whom God used to pen 2/3 of NT Scripture, wrote Galatians 5:22, the classic passage on the FRUIT of the Spirit. He was also divinely inspired, by the same HOLY Spirit, in an entirely different set of circumstances, to scathingly REBUKE anyone who is IGNORANT.”

    Now how do you square what you wrote above with the established belief by millions of people dead and alive that your god Yahweh changing his garments and becoming Allah made similar divine revelations to the illiterate Muham(mad) at the ripe old age of 40 while meditating in a cave high on hashish.

    Now whom should we follow to arrive at the pearly gates? Should we settle for Sweet Jesus meek and mild milk and honey while playing boring music on a harp all day long ad nauseam or go on a jihad and kill a few infidels in return for some fresh ‘virgin’ meat every day ad infinitum?

    Before you refer to the Anunnaki the nukerts as the python who swallowed a jackass called “Zoette” just ensure you are not that little jackass by making a volte-face turn into a steel donkey of a fraud by denouncing Muslims and dismissing their entitlement to their share of the inheritance of your Father’s Milky Way Mansion depicted as the Virgin Mary where there are millions of rooms called stars in the sky.

    • Interesting quote made on a BBC blog

      Well the irony is that Obama cancelled the summit b/c of Russia giving asylum to Snowden as Russia doesn’t have extradition treaty with USAbut Obama did not snub China or Hong Kong when we did have extradition treaty w/ them and they refused to give up Snowden. If USA should have a chill with anybody it should be China for refusing to extradite Snowden when Hong Kong has a treaty with USA.

  15. “Now whom should we follow to arrive at the pearly gates?”

    “Jesus said to him. ‘I AM THE WAY (not one of many ways) THE TRUTH (Eternal personification of TRUTH), and THE LIFE. NO ONE comes to the Father except THROUGH ME.” ( John 14:6)

    “NOR is there SALVATION in any other, for there is NO THERE NAME (other than Jesus) under heaven given among men by which we MUST BE SAVED.” (Acts: 4:12)

    The SCOFFERS and MOCKERS, in their willfully chosen, rejection of HIM, can now continue on in their BLINDED ignorance;

    “…in accordance with YOUR HARDNESS and YOUR impenitent HEART you are TREASURING UP for YOURSELF WRATH* in the day of WRATH* and revelation of the RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT of GOD…to those who are SELF-SEEKING and DO NOT obey the TRUTH, but obey unrighteousness – indignation and WRATH, tribulation and anguish, on EVERY SOUL of man who does evil, of the Jew first and also of the Greek ( Gentile)” ( Rom. 2:5,8,9) Emphasis added.


  16. @ Zoe | August 9, 2013 at 7:22 AM |
    “It has ALWAYS being EITHER/OR, NOT BOTH/AND!”

    Please Zoe, can’t you for once be a bit charitable and allow a few Muslims to pass through the gates?
    Today Friday the first Holy after the first new moon after the Ramadan and the real start of Eid al-Fitr in the Christian Gregorian Solar-based Calendar year of 2013.

    In your Christian recognition in the spirit of the Good Samaritan would you be so kind and open the pearly white gates to those Muslims who will die today?
    You can even get them to bribe the physically aggressive St. Peter the enforcer gate keeper with some Saudi Oil money to be paid direct to the Pope’s bank account in the Vatican.

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