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Reparation Talk With Dr.Pedro Welch and David Comissiong

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Please see the attached video taped conversation on REPARATIONS between Dr. PEDRO  WELCH, the chairman of the Barbados National Task Force on Reparations, and DAVID  COMISSIONG in his role as host of the University of the West Indies REGION  TALK television programme. Region Talk: Interview with Prof. Pedro Welch on Reparations […]

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"OPEN LETTER" to the Fair Trading Commission on the Proposed Sale/Merger of BNTCL

Submitted by David Comissiong, President,Clement Payne Chambers CLEMENT   PAYNE   MOVEMENT CLEMENT   PAYNE   CULTURAL   CENTRE CRUMPTON  STREET BRIDGETOWN BARBADOS 25 January 2017 Ms Sandra Sealy Chief Executive Officer Fair Trading Commission Green Hill St. Michael Dear Madam Re: Proposed Sale of the Barbados National Terminal Company Limited and its proposed merger with the SOL Group of […]

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Deltro Barbados = Suntech Arizona

Compiled by Due Diligence The Deltro name first surfaced in an October 25, 2015 story in Barbados Today which quoted Mia Motley saying “Any day now this Government will have another government entity sign yet another power purchase agreement with yet another Canadian outfit, called Deltro Electronic Inc, to provide power to a new utility […]

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Clarify Water Policy Please!

Submitted by Anthony Davis The Barbados Water Authority  (BWA) today announced a temporary ban on the use of water for a wide range of activities including watering of gardens, lawns and grounds. “And unless the rain begins to fall soon, the BWA is likely to begin rationing water, the state agency said – Barbados Today […]

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BURNSIDE: Waste Characterization Report (Cahill)

The purpose of a solid waste characterization study is to identify the quantity and composition of the waste stream being generated or collected by a facility. In this case the waste stream being generated […]

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Minister Denis Kellman’s Reply

The following letter is a reply by Minster of Housing Denis Kellman to a Barbadian who exercised her right under the Constitution of Barbados. We have always found Kellman to be approachable – as all ministers of government should be. That said, one must question […]

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CEO of Cahill Energy, EXPOSED!

More documents leaked to BU expose the financial state of the CEO of a company described as the facilitator of a USD350 million waste-to-energy plant in Barbados. In recent days, Barbadians agitating against […]

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Minister Donville Inniss’ Cahill ‘Transcript’

Minister Donville Inniss must be given credit for joining the Facebook Group – Bajans Against $700M Waste To Energy Plant. It is a decision many of his colleagues will never (ever) make, especially Minister Denis Lowe […]

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cahill energy Barbados WtE Project – Confidential Information Memorandum March 2015

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