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Time to Say Goodbye

Children learning to walk, normally make many attempts until they are successful. When they fall the first, or the tenth time, they never think that they cannot do it. They naturally try again – as they were designed to. Parents are delighted when their infants try, fall, and try again. A parent never imagines telling their child that since they

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Adrian Loveridge Column – Time to re-Discover

Websites and various other social media outlets have for so long become an indisputable and critical marketing tool in all respects, but especially for luring potential first time visitors to us as a destination. It was therefore very surprising, when considering the vast resources committed to our national promotional agency, that even with a cursory viewing of at least

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Delete Negative Energy

Wouldn’t it be interesting if there was a delete button or buzzer to push for negativity? Buzzz. Your bad, sad, rad mood is gone. Buzzz. Complaining is banished. Buzzz. Self-pity is kicked out the door. Delete. Delete. Delete. Negative energy no more. Humans are energy-producing creatures. We have physically measurable electromagnetic fields generated by living cells, tissues, and organs enclosed

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This Island State

Submitted by Mama Leah “look at the King, look at the King, the King, the King, the King is without his clothes.” Barbados has no legislation to specifically address and protect abuse of the Elderly. You would think that a country that boasts so many centenarians would have had the presence of mind to prepare and provide for this group

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Climate Change: A major Global Threat

The climate change, that is, the change of the global climate and in particular the changes in meteorological conditions that extend on a large time scale, is a major global existential threat. The greenhouse effect causes the increase of temperature of the planet primarily due to the tremendous increase in carbon dioxide, which has increased by 35% since the beginning

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Quagmire of Incestuous Behaviour by Public Officials

The following was posted to social media by Attorney at Law Douglas Trotman and tagged to Barbados Underground. David, Blogmaster It is with mixed feelings that I pen this missive… does relationship bias equate to corruption? Gollop, Stuart (former AG and PM), P. Cheltenham, and Worrell (judge) are indeed not in a partnership. They are directors of a company “Harford

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