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Cricket Lovely Cricket!

ONE thing West Indians can be certain is that on the eve of an international cricket Test series there will be at least ONE controversy to serve to distract the team from the job of winning. And to expose the failings of our regional institutions. The ICC Men’s Test Rankings support the view that #8 ranked West Indies out of

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Tobago Sandals Roles

Afra Raymond continues the advocacy struggle on behalf of the people – Blogmaster This article will delve into the roles of the various officials and public Institutions who are responsible for this Tobago Sandals MoU. Information Approach This process followed the familiar pattern of information management, in which the ‘Underlying Commercial Arrangements’ are intentionally obscured, while other details are selectively

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Mia Mottley’s Government and Corruption Déjà Vu

@inthenameof# I must ask, what has stopped the formation of a “Corruption Unit” within the relevant investigative body? I note the appointment of several other gurus in the area of communication, finance etc etc, yet Corruption is being ducked, such that persons as yourself can offer up ‘takes time’ (delay). And whenever the time comes, with no person or unit

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Will The Real Ralph Ramkarran Please Stand Up?

Attorney and Former PPP Speaker of the National Assembly, Ralph Ramkarran, dominated PPP politics for decades. He is a PPP political dinosaur. In precise coordination with the December 21, 2018 PPP no confidence vote in Parliament, Mr. Ramkarran, announced a new political party. Fully clad in his ancient PPP induction robe, he made another predictable Charrandass-like public act of deceit.

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – Of PSVs, Dress Codes and Vicarious Liability

I was especially intrigued this week by the action of the PSV employees to strike against commuters because of their dissatisfaction with being compelled to wear uniforms emblazoned with the logo of the Barbados Transport Authority rather than that of the owners of the vehicles, and the ensuing discussion in which I believed I heard, though I might be mistaken,

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