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Turning Bajan Rum into What?

Barbados has a rich legacy of distilling rum going back to the mid 1700s, the Mount Gay brand is said to be the oldest commercial rum operation in existence. Although several of the colonies in that period also produced rum, Barbados registered the highest production. Increase in global rum supply and other considerations led to many distilleries on the island

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Difficult Conversations – Mysterious Logic

We are not perfect. Every person on Earth tends to do evil. In recognition of this fact, we have civil and criminal laws to restrain us from doing wrong that can harm others. Our politicians have the same evil tendencies. They are restrained by our Constitution. Every Government administration is responsible for learning from the past, to improve the lives

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Barbados, Slave to Debt


A report in the local press yesterday piqued the curiosity. It detailed former Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler will be working with the region, including Barbados “with the reform of the international debt architecture and issues surrounding vulnerability of small states”. His involvement is as a result of an engagement with former employer Caribbean Policy Development Centre, where he was

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Submitted by Nathon J Green No law if it conflicts with the rights of the citizens under the Constitution is legal. When the ULP, its Left-wing politicians, and unions blocked the road during the Roadblock Revolution. Ambulances were denied permission to take citizens to Kingstown hospital. As a result, people were dying; babies were born in ambulances, citizens were denied

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Pedro Shepherd Santia Bradshaw

Submitted by Paula Sealy Are there still only two social workers and one senior psychologist working in the education ministry for all the secondary and primary schools? In 2018 the Prime Minister announced that a special scheme would be implemented which would see the introduction of school safety officers, social workers and guidance counsellors. No wonder the guidance counsellors were under pressure

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Red Bag Politics

Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall

Less than one month after the Phillip J. Pierre’s St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) won the government in St. Lucia from Allen Chastanet’s United Workers Party (UWP) the Deputy Governor General read the following in the Throne Speech:- My Government in recognition of the widespread, unprecedented reports of alleged corruption during the term of the last administration will appoint a

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2021 Canada Elections Declared!

2021 Canada Elections

Submitted by Steven Kaszab Election 2021 has arrived. Our leading political parties are vying for Canadians trust and votes. Many promises, with limited explanation’s no how they can be accomplished financially abound. an election , short lived and bitterly fought. Enjoy 🙂 Green Party: Their message grabs at our hearts and souls, our very hope to survive. Will our planet

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Difficult Conversations – Addressing Republic Hesitancy

Supporters of Barbados becoming a Republic are flooding our: televisions, radios, newspapers, and social media, claiming that all right-thinking Barbadians want a Barbadian head of state. They insist that a referendum is not necessary. These supporters claim that referendums do not work, since the Australians and Grenadians voted to reject republicanism. The truth is that the referenda worked. A referendum

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Submitted by Pachamama As we all witness the harrowing pictures coming from Afghanistan we are reminded of the events in Saigon, circa mid-1970’s, when American troops and their local interlocutors were ‘throwing away their frames’ from rooftops to catch a ride out of Vietnam. Afghanistan has long been regarded as the graveyard for empires. From the Romans to the Soviets

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A Citizenry Contented to be Baffled by BS

Let’s see which tranches were defaulted and exactly the amount. And what value the “books” placed on the asset(s). All neatly hidden, because we can never see what those entities who received the “loans” did with that money, other than defaulting on repayment. Everybody got bailed out except the local taxpayer. NorthernObserver (call for transparency by BU commenter in the

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Governance in Barbados

Submitted by Paula Sealy We last had as many as 4000 students write the 11+ in 2003. Therefore it is possible that there are actually fewer students in the education system today than 10 or 15 years ago. However while some primary and secondary schools are overcrowded others remain below capacity. The 2010 National Advisory Committee on Education (NACE) report

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Same Script Different Cast

Submitted by Black Bear The Covid19 Vaccine and The Slave Code Cast – Featuring Barbados August 2021, 400+ years since the first Africans arrived in the Caribbean as enslaved men and women and nothing has changed! Absolutely nothing! Were I to superimpose the slavery period on this modern-day covid19 era it would indeed fit like a glove; the very same

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De Peiza versus Hewitt – (D)LP for Democratic

Guy Hewitt and Verla De peiza

The annual conference of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is scheduled to be held from 18th to 22nd of August 2021. Although political parties are technically private clubs, parochial decisions taken have national ramifications. In this instance the establishment and incumbent President of the DLP Verla De peiza will be challenged by newcomer Reverend Guy Hewitt IF all things remain

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Difficult Conversations – Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy

The Government, private sector and unions have signalled their intention to move from the optional injection phase to the mandatory. They seem convinced that the injections can only benefit Barbadians, and do not understand why many Barbadians are hesitant. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons deserve an honest evidence-based discussion of COVID-19. To facilitate that discussion, the facts that are publicly

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Tokyo Olympics – Petty, Partisan, Political Behaviour Stunting Youth Development

Minister of Sports - Dwight Sutherland

Congratulations to the government of Tokyo and others for being able to execute one of the largest global events on the events calendar during a pandemic. It was an opportunity again for humankind to demonstrate what separates us from the rest. Man is the only animal that strives to be more than he is…it is the indomitable spirit within that

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George Bennett Drug Case: The Good Guys are the Bad Guys

The arrest of George Bennett, a former high ranking member of the Police Drug Squad now a practising lawyer once again confirms the whispers and rum shop talk. Although the traditional media delights in emblazoning the mugs of ‘little black boys’ on the front and court pages caught pushing drugs, commonsense supports a view that prominent, respected citizens are important

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