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Adrian Loveridge Column – Tax, Tax and VAT Refunds?

By now I would have hoped in the interest of transparency, our Government would have published a full disclosure of the ‘windfall’ funds raised by the imposition of the bevy of new tourism taxes applied in October last year. These include the Airline Travel and Tourism Development Fee (second airport departure tax), Hotel Room Levy, Direct Services Product Levy and

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Cry For Blood

After World War 2, most people in developed countries smoked cigarettes.  Doctors were irresponsibly promoting this harmful practise, because they smoked.  Offices, entertainment venues and aeroplanes were designed for smokers only. Despite the mounting evidence that smoking caused lung cancer, nothing was done by policy makers to restrict the use of cigarettes.  However, the evidence could not be ignored forever.

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Adrian Loveridge Column – Welcome to Barbados Mr and Mrs Tourist

Returning recently to Barbados on a British Airways flight, landing early from a near freezing Gatwick Airport, it was a real treat to clear entry formalities using the automated passport kiosks in seconds. Then being finally processed by a warm welcoming female Immigration officer. With only cabin baggage, passing through the red channel was just as trouble free, with time

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Submitted by Ras Jahaziel THE CRIMINALIZATION OF MARIJUANA must be placed within the context of the European history of invading, persecuting, and eradicating indigenous peoples and their cultures. It should be noted also that utilizing the services of TRAINED NEGROES to persecute and brutalize their own people is commonplace in the history of colonialism. Read the story of AMARANTH, a

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