Garbage Pile Up Water Shortage Pon De Replay

Barbadians have been drilled from primary school that we are a water scarce country. There is a technical definition, a simple translation is the lack of available water resources to meet demand. In Barbados there are three reasons to explain the predicament we find ourselves- change in climatic conditions adversely affecting water catchment, a growing demand for potable water AND poor management of available water resources.

In 2016 or thereabouts a  water shortage severely affected the North of the island and gave rise to a citizen group calling itself the Water Warriors- there was talk then as there is now- that solutions were/are in the pipeline.  It is 2019 and if we listen to the cries of citizens about the lack running water, the problem appears to have gotten worse.

People pay taxes to ensure critical services like water, waste disposal, transportation and a few others are efficiently supplied by government. The fact that we continue to demonstrate the poorest management that forces citizens to embarrass themselves by making public cries is unacceptable.  Can we honestly label ourselves an educated people if we continue to mismanage our affairs to this degree?

Here is a reminder of short and longer term solutions promised in 2016 by the then Minister of Water Resources David Estwick.

  • The Barbados Water Authority has put in an order for eight additional water tankers to provide potable water for residents of St Joseph, St Andrew and St John.
  • The tankers will take the BWA complement to 13, and they should be in Barbados in about two months.
  • The BWA is presently rehabilitating a well at Groves in St George aimed at providing an additional 500 000 gallons of water to the Golden Ridge/Castle Grant system which supplies the northern parishes.
  • The BWA has also completed a new pumping station at the Lazaretto, Black Rock, St Michael which allows it to push desalinated water down the island’s west coast into the St Peter system to get water to St Peter and St Lucy until the completion of the Northern Upgrade project which was started under a previous administration.
  • The St Philip Water Augmentation project to find additional water to alleviate shortages in the south of Barbados will be commissioned next Wednesday, allowing the BWA access to an additional 3.5 million gallons of water per day, some of which will be pushed to St Joseph, via Bowmanston in St John – Nationnews

The Ionics desalination plant was also upgraded and contracted by government to augment the supply of water.

The majority of middleclass Barbadians have invested in water storage facilities, it is always the poor and vulnerable who are exposed by the chronic mismanagement by authorities.

The same lament can be repeated to explain the garbage pileup across the country. We hear the excuses and promises from Minister of the Environment Trevor Prescod that new garbage trucks will be deployed shortly.  However sensible people are asking what is the backup plan. Is there a good case to contract private waste-haulers to assist with short term waste collection? Do not forget there is a systemic problem to be solved of implementing a waste management plan. Dumping garbage in a landfill is a primitive waste disposal solution and exposes successive governments for the inability to implement relevant solutions.  The current flare up by sanitation workers is another symptom of mismanagement of our national affairs.

The quality of debate in this space and elsewhere means we can anticipate political operatives tossing the usual vacuous barbs to defend narrow political interest. This is where we are and where we will will continue to be as a nation- a country in decline if…


  • ” It could be a dark, dry weekend with water, power, telephone and internet outages across Barbados.”

    This is as a result of severe shortages of electrical power as the Barbados Light & Power Company continues to grapple with faulty generator equipment, which is also expected to trigger water outages in many areas.

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  • BWA pumping stations could have back up generators to work when there is a power failure.

    The supply of water is an ESSENTIAL SERVICE.

    Pumping stations could also have their own SOLAR POWERED electrical supply.

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  • With all these problems that effect a good quality of life for people
    Yet PM Mottley in one of her drunken koolaid stupors a year ago openly stated an open immigration policy for all Caricom nationals given cause to loosen the laws in place and more leadway in allowing Caricom citizens easier acess to allowing their extended families to live in barbados
    Which begs the question with shortages in water and poor garbage pick up how will it be possible for govt to provide proper quality in these areas with an increase in population
    This govt from the first day of goverence has shown that its plans or policies towards implementation are those having political undertows having nothing to do with the best interest of the country
    Now with the highly touted”We gathering” one can expect the piles of garbage would increase and most likely people in rural areas having no water for weeks as govt tries to find a plan in tow with the BWA to give water preference to the hotel industries first

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  • With all these problems that effect a good quality of life for people
    Yet PM Mottley in one of her drunken koolaid stupors a year ago openly stated an open immigration policy for all Caricom nationals given cause to loosen the laws in place and more leadway in allowing Caricom citizens easier acess to allowing their extended families to live in Barbados(Quote)

    Spot on Mariposa. Don’t be bullied by the brainless..


  • 28 Ministers and 28 supporting ministries along with supporting staff in each case and accompanying salaries, office real estate, office equipment, vehicles, travel allowances, stationery, overseas travel, per diem, electricity, water, holiday with pay, NIS contributions….and the list of expenses goes on; and what do we get? Same old sh*t as the last gaggle of non-performers.

    WTF are we paying you for? Excuses? Or do we have to await manna from heaven just before the next election in order to be made aware they you are “The Chosen”?

    You better beware that you don’t make history a second time.

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  • Why cant you make a comment without attaching something disparaging to it? You need to clip that chip from your shoulder.


  • Why would you David call a fact a disparging remark
    Are you seriuos
    Mia Mottley did place the plan for increased immigration in the public domian
    Now (my ) having to look back at Mia ignorance you states the comments as being disparging
    David too early to be drinking koolaid


  • @Fearplay

    Some of us appreciate the last government bought zero garbage trucks, zero buses, ignored the south coast sewage system read lack of maintenance. We get it. The Mottley government was overwhelmingly elected to fix the problem. Fix the damn problem. 18 monthly nearly is enough times to expect incremental improvements in all areas. Start fixing the Rh problems!

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  • @ Mariposa

    Here are some facts: in 1970, less than 50 years ago, the population of London was 90 per cent white. Today it is 40 per cent; the capital of this great country has a majority ethnic and foreign population – and London has changed.
    For the last 15 years, Britain has absorbed over 500000 people every year, Eastern Europeans, refugees, etc. Let us put that another way: Guyana is bigger than England, can you imagine a population nearly the total size of the entire Guyanese population being imposed on Guyana every year, even if many are seasonal workers?
    Demography matters so when the president calls for a greater Barbadian population she is playing with fire. New populations do not just move to a country to absorb its culture; they bring theirs with them.
    I am all for free movement of people, be it Caricom or a United States of Europe, but it must be thought through.

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  • I have a plan for govt to fix the dam thing
    Fire White Oaks and use that money to buy more trucks and fix broken pipes
    This govt has wasted too much money in tax giveaways under the disguise it could not collect from these tax bandits including Mia Father who got his share of the waiver pie
    All this money could be used to correct multiple problems
    As i stated too much politics involved in running the country
    I bet all these govt officials have running water and garbage pick

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  • Crooks in Office to busy walking away with money and no one is focused on the jobs at hand, those responsible need to be fired, All garbage and key things of clean Life need not be in the had of PVT people nor companies at this point they are proof they are scamps. People Voted for SWAP or SWAMP, not CHANGE, THERE IS NO OPPOSITION IN THE BARBADOS GOVERNMENT, THESE new imposters don’t have to wait till 2023 to speak up Blp part 3, the BBBLP in office wasting time, The People are getting ready to Rumble,The people now see “Plantation Deeds” Words and Warning, Massive Land Fraud and PONZI is about to boil It feels better to be Correct than right!


  • Correct Hal but this govt seems not to understand “realities” causes and consequences
    All that matters to govt is being on full blast as an advocate for all things political
    Country and people be dam


  • A look at the dilapidated headquarters of the DLP at George Street and BLP at Roebuck Street speaks volumes. The 2 main parties entrusted with governing the affairs of country and cannot maintain their party headquarters is instructive. These people own the same brains responsible for managing country. Connect the dots.



    “There has been a major archaeological find in Barbados”. Not So Fast, Freedom’s Son and his friends used to take an inflatable Raft into this Cistern in their Youth. So Please do not mislead the Public… There was a Concrete Pad with a hole in the top that allowed entrance into this Architectural Marvel. Historians say the coral stone structure could date back to the 19th century. “When a news team visited the area a number of bats were seen hanging from the inside while some sections of the structure had graffiti.” So how could it have been that nobody knew it was there?

    “This underground water storage facility in Fort George Heights, St Michael was discovered over the weekend by workers of the Barbados Water Authority (BWA), while Destroying 50 % of the Structure before halting the Demolition.” The Blue Rust Bucket Water Storage tank seen in the image has been leaking and Wasting water for a long time.

    The Structure of this Water Cistern Looks like it could hold Several Thousand Gallons of Water and far Exceeds the Size of the Above Water Tank, So Why could it not have been Utilized, Especially being a Coral Stone Structure it would have Filtered the water through the Stone.

    Now the Historians want to Preserve what is left of it “With about 50 per cent of the structure already destroyed, Sir Henry Fraser and Dr Karl Watson have called on authorities to preserve what is left of it.

    Watson, who is a past president of the Trust, described the “historic 19th century water storage underground facility” as beautiful.

    Insisting that what remained of the structure should be preserved, Watson suggested that it could be used to tell a part of the island’s rich history.

    “People would love to go and see it. You could have dinners in it. You could have concerts in it. You could think of many things to do. You have to,” he said.

    The historian said it was the site where “the planned Fort George started but was then abandoned”.


    Sir Henry who could hardly contain his excitement, described the structure as amazing, insisting that it was of “enormous historical interest and archaeological value”.

    Professor Henry Fraser “Clearly there is a lot of damage to the structure, but there is a lot more to be seen, there is a lot more to be discovered. Clearly the Barbados National Trust, the Barbados Museum and the people at the Garrison Historical Consortium and an appropriate archaeological and engineering team need to be established as a matter of urgency . . . This is of such enormous value for our history, for our people and for our tourism, of course. So this has huge intrinsic value as well as economic value,” he said.

    “This is a solid structure, the walls are several feet thick. It is astonishing that this was hidden and there was no oral history or memory being passed on,” he added.

    He is especially happy that Chief Executive Officer of the BWA Keithroy Halliday was able to put a stop to the demolition.”

    In a statement this evening, the BWA said It has been agreed that until further investigations can be carried out by the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, the Barbados National Trust and the BWA, work on the project would be halted.

    Read More @


  • Barbados has lost ALL ITS ARCHIVES for external relations from the 1960s(independence) to the 1980s. The British has piles of records from the days of slavery in Barbados in it is Public Records Office (Archives). What does that tell us?
    Barbados is a failed state.

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  • A blessed and happy morning to all of Barbados.
    Seem like it will be a nice day in my part of the world.
    Hope that it is the same for you.
    Have a great day Barbados


  • Even this twenty twenty iinitiative flies like horse patties
    Govt put this melody go around into the public domain as a disguised growth plan a plan to increase the treasury funds
    Her Mia puts a plan without thinking once again of cause and consequence with a need for good transportation proper roads free of potholes
    Not to mention the uncontrollable traffic backup daily on the highways in addition to ongoing social problems that effect good quality of life


  • You may comment as you like but take note you have zero credibility on the blog. You are a dye in the wool DLP supporter, a party responsible for digging one of the deepest economic holes the country has seen post independence. On the other side of the two party system high expectations are waning!

    Will our leaders please stand up!


  • “Fire White Oaks and use that money to buy more trucks and fix broken pipes.”

    Great idea…except that White Hoax already got the 54 million…that could have STARTED some of that …and taxpayers are yet to SEE anything for their money.

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  • “Not So Fast, Freedom’s Son and his friends used to take an inflatable Raft into this Cistern in their Youth. So Please do not mislead the Public… There was a Concrete Pad with a hole in the top that allowed entrance into this Architectural Marvel.”

    ” Historians say the coral stone structure could date back to the 19th century. “When a news team visited the area a number of bats were seen hanging from the inside while some sections of the structure had graffiti.” So how could it have been that nobody knew it was there?”

    Good comments by FC.. Indeed the graffito had me puzzled, but it could have been done at a much earlier period.

    I wonder what made the men stopped at 50% destruction.. Did a new person came on the scene and stopped them, or did the workers reach a point where the folly of their actions became obvious?
    Did BWA not talk with the locals before beginning work?
    Could it be possible there are other structures like this that BWA is not aware of?
    What changes will be made so as to minimize the chance of this occurring again?

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  • “A look at the dilapidated headquarters of the DLP at George Street and BLP at Roebuck Street speaks volumes.”

    Have you seen the road DIRECTLY in front of Llaro Cout, supposedly official…residence of the is literally A CART ROAD.


  • Yet maybe Govt use the squatters Hand Book or go on Squatters Row to get a look on how this self imposed sytem of goverence worked for the squatting community over ten years


  • Just thought of it… Does the blogmaster has a policy (soft or hard ) on the posting of links to stories from a “possible competitor”


  • David dont mek me laugh
    Do u think that the blp yardfowls would like anything i say against this govt
    Which brings to me the Cahill project which Mottley brought down hell and heaven to stop
    Now today with all the promises made to correct enviromental problems the country garbage has becoming and increasing eye sour
    Sewage being pumped into the ocean which is in itself a laughable solution and people daily taking to media outlets asking solutions from this govt.
    Btw the landfills are over flowing as a result more fires will become problematic across barbados landscape


  • Go and help Verla fix the windows in George Street or Mia in Roebuck Street.


  • All these wicked politicians do is lie, lie, lie to vulnerable people to get votes just to get into the parliament, just to pretend they are important and better than the people who elected them and then do SQUAT …..hopefully the FUNERAL HOMES GOT GENERATORS..


  • @ Hal Austin August 24, 2019 7:54 AM

    “Barbados has lost ALL ITS ARCHIVES for external relations from the 1960s(independence) to the 1980s.”

    This proves once again that the arrogant Barrow could not rule any state. He only wanted to redistribute as a socialist, as he learned from his teachers at LSE. It is time to blow up his monument and place a more worthy person like Grand General Bussa.

    By the way: if there were no international investors and businessmen on the island, all historical buildings would have rotten or burned down long ago.


  • Garbage Pile Up Water Shortage Pon De Replay???

    As always, blind alarmism instead of praising the government.

    I don’t know if you live on the island at all. When I turn on the tap, water always comes out. Maybe some locals should clean the pipes and the filters.

    It’s also a fact that the garbage truck comes at least once a week. At least. But I remember that it was different under the DLP terror regime.


  • Mariposa

    Being off topic for a moment…….

    ………….. a friend of mine attended a meeting held at George Street last night at which the party faithful planned to discuss the possibility of “re-running” Denis Lowe as your party’s candidate for Christ Church East.

    Yuh mean, of all people, Denis Lowe????

    Anyhow…… if you attended, I hope you did not consume too much of Astor’s extra strong rum punch.

    “Now, back to the scheduled program.”


  • TheOGazerts August 24, 2019 8:11 AM RE “Could it be possible there are other structures like this that BWA is not aware of?”

    What is Aesthetically Displeasing is that Large Water Tank that commands one of the Best Views of the Island can be seen from miles around, soon to be Replaced by an even Bigger Structure. While on the other hand the Huge Historical Water Cistern Edifice that was Constructed and was done so that it was unnoticeable and became one with the Landscape.

    Other Questions, What about Gun Hill are there Underground Tunnels as they are by the Garrison? If they are Discovered, that would be a Great Tourist Attraction. There is a Gigantic Hole in the same Fort George area a Stone throw away from the Tank, it maybe the Remanent of a past Quarry could not the New Tank be placed in that Excavated old Quarry? It is certainly Big Enough, that would Ensure that we do not have another Tank viewed from All parts of the Island and the Aesthetic would be far more Pleasing.


    Barbados National Trust Image


  • Artax. Btw wuh happen to the economic guru Clyde Mascoll
    Oops off topic

    Back on topic
    Did this govt not promise timely garbage collection
    Did this govt not promised better Transportation
    Did this govt not promise a plan to tackle crime
    Did this govt not promise to lower taxes hence giving people more disposable income
    Did this govt not promise more jobs
    Did this govt not promise a better health care system
    Did this govt not promise better housing for the most vulnerables

    How is it that in a year taxes has gone through the roof
    Garbage still piles up in the street
    Water woes have increased with citizens having to wait for long periods for water and garbage pick up
    As for putting money in peoples pocket ask a retrenched worker or a pensioner how much money govt has put in their pocket
    The answers are mind blowing


  • Each day our illustrious blog leader posts another story underlining BARBADOS FAILED STATE status. It’s incredible to Wily that highly supposed educated citizens do not understand, or is it that this citizenry is not so educated or this is the way they want to live. It’s becoming time for those who can immigrate to start planning thier moves, NIGERIA, HAITI, VENEZUELA, ZIMBABWE here we come.

    Blog master posted three(3) reasons for the present situation, of which only one is TRUE, MISMANAGEMENT.


  • @ David,

    Maybe there is truth to the rumour I am creating that offshore gas reserves are massive and potential saviour of the Barbados economy. lol. wishing and hoping.

    “THE Prime Minister left today for Barbados. A statement issued by the Office of the Prime Minister said Dr Rowley will participate in the signing of a memorandum of understanding between TT and Barbados for co-operation in energy development which extends across the maritime border of both countries.”


  • @Hants

    This is good news given the tension over this and other issues between the two countries. The devil is always in the detail read execution.


  • @ Wily

    Would it be nice to have a chairman who is impartial ie non-partisan and objective?

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  • @ David,

    The Trini PM knows that the richer Barbados becomes the more Trini goods Bajans will buy.

    It is interesting that the Trini PM is flying to Barbados to sign the agreement.

    Hope it is good news for the economy.


  • @Hants

    A good economic argument, the reality is that Mottley seems to have a better relationship with the regional HOGs. The thing to watch will be IF she can translate it to creating opportunities for the island.


  • Sorry doing a rain dance would not help or even praying to a rain God
    Nature is precise and works on a plan that is well fined tuned
    Yearly the seasonal planning comes on time and into effect
    With man negative effect on the climate drought would last longer so for any individual to be delighted at the prospect of rain to solve the water problems need to think again
    Govts over the years knew of all the underlying problems attached to barbados water problems but did nothing to correct
    Hence on the eleventh hour when drought raises it ugly head barbadians must not rely on excuses as a solution
    Wuh happen to the decaying under ground pipes that govt ignored?


  • What happened is that the government you support dumped hundreds of thousand of dollars worth of pipes at St. Barnabas and decided to build a 50 million dollar headquarters, also dragged their feet negotiating a deal with BWA workers to implement the pipes laying project.


  • Let’s us try for once and leave politics put of this and be honest with ourselves here. If we do that then the following points are undeniable.

    Garbage is piling up in the island again especially in the rural areas.

    Water outages are back with us as was outlined in The Nation News, Barbados Today and on Brasstacks. Now some of this may be the fault of the Light and Power but I coming to them next!

    The Light and Power over the last 2 weeks has been doing a piss poor job supplying electricity to the island. For the record I am dam tired of your excuses about “generator issues.” So based on this 3 out 10 for wunna! Now let’s go on to be realistic and have a discussion.

    18 months ago we were promised 30 garbage trucks by this government. So far we have bought roughly 6, even after imposing a massive sewage tax on the water bill. As for trucks being available they are brand new Perterbuilt and Freightmaster trucks available for roughly $140,000 USD in the USA. All ready to collect garbage. Just Google “Garbage trucks for sale” for dealers in Florida . For your performance here I give you 4 out of 10.

    Next Water:
    The last government spoke of bringing in 3 portable desal plants and placing them in the effected areas so as to solve the problem by using them to refill the reservoirs in the area directly, as opposed to depending on central distribution. For failing to follow through on this as government is a continuance, again 4 out of 10.

    While The Light And Power is a private company and government must not be blamed for their tardiness, has the FTC written them yet demanding a better service or advising them of penalties for their tardiness? If wunna haven’t 4 out of 10 for you all too!

    So having said all of the above are you starting to see a clear picture yet? If not let me help you. Governments will come and go but the civil service remains unchanged. Promises made by one party are no different to the ones made by the other.

    I would like to say though that at least this party has cleaned up the bush quite a bit in the rural areas. I passed through Content this week and didn’t realise the road was that wide!

    In closing i shall borrow Williams favourite words and say The Duopoly Rules!

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  • @ David August 24, 2019 7:38 AM
    “A look at the dilapidated headquarters of the DLP at George Street and BLP at Roebuck Street speaks volumes. The 2 main parties entrusted with governing the affairs of country and cannot maintain their party headquarters is instructive. These people own the same brains responsible for managing country. Connect the dots.”

    Well said, Bogmaster!

    So why are we so surprised at the poor state of the country’s infrastructure?

    If these people can’t even keep their own political shack from turning into a pig sty how can they be expected to look after the public hygiene of a 166 sq. mi. pit toilet that Barbados has been turned into by these low-class “sums of beetches” (to copy from Gabriel’s flowery lexicon)?

    You can be become poor because of changes in your financial circumstances but for heaven’s sake that does not mean you must turn into a filthy nasty person.

    That’s the condition in which Barbados, the former gem of the Caribbean has found itself under the leadership and management of a bunch of low-class mis-educated johnnies.

    Are these people blind or what? Have they lost the sense of smell and taste of aesthetic beauty?

    Have these mis-educated jokers ever read John Keats’ poem “Endymion” with its eternally famous phrase that “a thing of beauty is a joy forever” which immortalizes what ought to be the hallmark of Barbados to replace its current ‘foolish’ Pride & ‘lost’ Industry?

    Barbados used to be positively compared with Bermuda and the Bahamas when it came to public cleanliness and orderly appearance. Now where does Barbados stand in the ranking?
    Why has the once stylish old girl called Bim fallen so fast in a descent similar to its many economic and financial downgrades?

    Just take a look around the so-called Capital called Bridgetown and you will the deplorable state of that “city”.
    Even its main thoroughfare Broad Street is beginning to fall into disrepair with the many potholes littering this well-travelled former ‘buggy-and-cart road.

    These people managing the country need to get back to basics by cleaning and sprucing up the place especially the City.

    The same way the resources of the Defence Force can be redeployed, in cooperation with the police, to fight ‘blue-collar’ crime, real or imagined, why not employ similar tactics to help fight a war against the bigger threat to the country’s economic recovery and the safety and health of its residents.

    In the interest of everyone’s wellbeing wouldn’t it make a wealth of commonsense for the leader(s) to mobilize the many trucks and idling manpower under the aegis of the Defence Force to clean up Barbados before any further plans to invite people to your fast disappearing paradise whether for the coming tourism winter season (which could be one of the most competitive given the Brexit repercussions) or for the red carpet to be laid out in 2020 labelled ‘We Gatherin’ but Not in Dirty Bim.

    What are the ‘black’ authorities waiting for? An outbreak of cholera or some other communicable disease of epidemic proportion?

    Stop playing the game of Russian roulette with the health and of innocent people.

    Who wants to visit a country where their health and safety could be at ‘mortal’ risks?


  • @John A

    We do not have to see it in the Nation or Barbados Today to know garbage is piling up, some of us live on the damn rock.

    The other point is that BL&P has been held up as a beacon for years, since EMERA what are we seeing? See the introduction of the new E;ectric Bill what are we seeing? Things to ponder.


  • @Miller

    Telling comment that!


  • @ David.

    I only referenced the articles for those who may be ” politically challenged” and hence in denial. Lol

    I would be the first to say this government inherited a country with its services in demise to put it mildly. The point is 18 months later little has changed even after the Imposition of massive taxes specifically for these purposes.

    On the plus we have resurfaced a few roads and cleaned up some bush. So I can say that the increase I am paying at the pump has been partially justified, in that the road infrastructure has improved.

    My question is what about the other issues that are still with us 18 months later?

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  • What happened David was govt relying on BWA for sound solutions which in practacllity did not do what these solutions were meant
    As for the building plenty govt buildings are under the watchful eye of enviromental scruinty
    Having envuromental failures which has and can be potential hazards for employees
    Also slow and inefficient process of handling workable problems by way of inadequate and outdated technology
    Reasons enough for govt to build a multifaceted building


  • @ David

    For example where are we on the 4 portable desal plants? Bear in mind now a days a portable plant comes in a container and just needs to be lifted on to site by a crane. 18 months later where are we on this?


  • @John A

    You forgot to add why are our pumps/reservoirs dependent on the BL&P for power so that when there is an outage it f*#ks up the water distribution?

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  • THERE IS NOTHING WE OWN THAT IS NOT TAXED. Yet Typical of Government where the Bureaucrats have ideas that they want implemented without a complete Follow Through…

    As Vernese Fraser-Harewood Talks of her Plea for Water while her Garbage is Piled High!

    Over One Year after having Won the Government, Bajans still do not have New Garbage Trucks. All we are getting is Virtue Signaling of how Barbados Saving the Planet by Raising Water Rates, by Paying a Sewage Charge even if you are Not Connected to Sewage, by Paying a Daily Garbage Collection Fee and they do not Show up for between 14-28 days to Remove the Stinking Garbage, Rats, Flies and maggots included! Soon going to be paying More for Electricity.

    Taxes taxes they abound yet it is never enough there is always another round of taxes especially during hard times the talk is always for the small man yet the taxes are on everyone. Any good businessman having learnt to survive will try his best to survive but the person who works for another must also survive but his perks are cut, his allowances are cut, his tax rates go up, the charges on electricity go up when using free sunlight to produce electricity that is fed into the grid. The water rates go up, new taxes are introduce (garbage collection, sewage, even if you do not use any sewage system).

    When are we going to Get Leaders with Common Sense Rather than Leaders who Pretend they are doing the Right Thing? Water Rates have Escalated, some small farmers have stopped planting because they cannot afford the increased rates. New Garbage Collection Rates and the Garbage Not being Removed. Paying for Sewage and you are not Connected to the Sewage. Forced to Pay for Paper Product that are filling the landfill faster. Higher Cost for Transport with limited Buses, More Taxes Causing More Unemployment, More Taxes Causing a Drop in Disposable Income, More Taxes Causing a Drop in Retail Businesses. Giving people a Tax Credit who do Not Pay Taxes. More Taxes Causing more Business Failures and yet we hear Barbados is Mending, things are getting Better, All is Well and the average person with a pang in his Belly and feeling his Pocket and finding it Empty! WE ARE TRULY INDENTURED WITHOUT A RELEASE DATE!!!


  • Hants August 24, 2019 9:29 AM @ David, “Maybe there is truth to the rumour I am creating that offshore gas reserves are massive and potential saviour of the Barbados economy. lol. wishing and hoping.”




    From the Australian Financial Review ……….

    Australian residential customers are paying the highest electricity prices in the world – two to three times more than American households.

    South Australian households are paying the highest prices in the world at 47.13¢ per kilowatt hour, more than Germany, Denmark and Italy which heavily tax energy, after the huge increases on 1st July this year Carbon + Energy Markets’ MarkIntell data service says.

    When the eastern states’ National Electricity Market was formed in the late 1990s, Australia had the lowest retail prices in the world along with the United States and Canada, CME director Bruce Mountain said.

    COMMENT : This madness must end.

    Our nation cannot afford the cost of more subsidies to be added to our electricity bills to finance the more malinvestment in Chinese solar panels and wind turbines.

    The Renewable Energy Target must be frozen IMMEDIATELY, and we need to commission 5000MW of baseload dispatchable power to be built as soon as possible.


  • Speaking of woes two men shot in Bellplaine
    Police corridors area
    Barbados social enviroment is in tatters govt head is buried in the sand only on certain political occasions govt would pop up its head to serve more koolaid to the people


  • @ David.

    Good point yes that was to have been addressed years ago. I remember hearing the last minister state that their electricity bill was one of the largest line items in their expenses. I imagine that is still the case.

    This of course takes us right back to incentives for the solar industry. Stop and ask yourself this question. Suppose the BWA had a pro active board and they approached the solar industry locally and said “fellows we will pay you the same price per KW as we pay the Light and Power if you all came and make our pumping stations self sufficient” what you think would happen?

    The fellows would of jump at that as they would now be getting paid over 5 times per Kw from the BWA compared to what the light and Power was paying them to put their power back into the grid! They would of built the systems at their expense as they would of gotten a decent return on investment. All government would do is then write the cheque to ” solar inc” instead of the Bdos light and Power.

    As I said before we talk and do little when the solutions are there for the taking and would not cost the state a cent of capital to implement.


  • @Freedom

    I invite you to research the results FLP ( Florida light power) solar and renewable energy push had on the price of electricity in that state. They moved from being one of the most expensive states in the USA to one of the cheapest per KWH.


  • @John A

    Yes the BWA and GAIA are large consumers of electricity.

    Do not ignore the establishment response that the baseload of BL&P must be carefully managed therefore injecting replacement intermittent energy supply must be carefully managed.

    There must be truth somewhere in between.

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  • Several great posts FC.
    I will have to investigate for myself as I see that you do not look favorably on “renewable energy”.
    But some great posts today.from several contributors.

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    General speaking the BL&P bill is in three parts (1) the rates they charge for the supply of electricity. This is their charge. This charge does not change it depends on your usage. (2) The fuel adjustment charge they do not control as this is the energy that they use to make the electricity. This charge per Kwh varies from month to month depending on the government importation costs, as they are the only importer of petroleum products. {We do not know what taxes are included in the fuel cost} (3) The VAT calculated on the total of the two others # 1 & # 2. This gives the total billing for any entity. {Here we have Vat calculated on the taxes on the fuel}
    BL&P has stated in the past that they will pay {credit you} the fuel charge that corresponds to the electricity that you supply to the grid and charge you as normal for whatever you use that they supply this would include their charge, the fuel charge and the VAT. This understanding was for the householders who went the route of PV. I do not know who supplies the switching equipment.
    The BL&P is a business that sells product called electricity they are under pressure by government to go renewables but they are not doing the investment. They as far as I understand will buy PV electricity from say a PV farm put it into the grid after stepping up the voltage and turning it into AC and not DC, So that their infrastructure stays the same.
    The last I heard, there is a law that no one can supply electricity to another, as in a community to supply to each other and the excess to BL&P and a special amendment was made to allow a person who have their own PV supply to sell it back to the BL&P, but that was for the cost of the fuel that they BL&P would have saved.
    The cost increase is if Barbados goes all PV power and that is impossible no matter the overcapacity that the PV plant has, as the sun does not shine when it is night, rain or overcast days or for all of the daylight hours. The low cost battery technology is not there to store the volume of power at this time.
    Whether the farm produces all of the electricity in the day or none the BL&P plant must be fully manned and all crews working to do all normal repairs that cost is built in the 29cents per Kwh. There will be additional costs associated with buying from the PV farms as mentioned above. Estimated at 7-10 cents per Kwh that BL&P will impose unless it is built in to the electricity that the PV farms charge, as they will have to convert it to AC and very high voltage for transmission.
    This is not about energy security although you can think so, this is not about CO2 saving the planet, if you believe that you have not read enough. CO2 is plant food more of it will make all crops grow better during the past age where the earth was abundant in plant life the CO2 was 2000ppm and higher, now it has risen to 400ppm. We have a long way to go and that will be good as all the food crops will increase many fold to give an example a room of people attending a seminar the CO2 will reach 1200ppm easily with no ill effects what could affect us is if the AC intake vent does not let in fresh air (Oxygen). The real intent of this move is a move by the lending agencies to Enforce their Will on us to go green. A Death Wish for the world in terms of real supply of power. If there was money in it the big economies would have done it already but their power is cheap compared to Barbados that is why the lending agencies can get away with it in Barbados and then they will point to the world if Barbados can do it we want you to do it also, we are their guinea pig. Moreover, the cost to Bajans will be a steep cost to be borne.
    The world will not run out of oil, coal and gas in 100-500 hundred years the price will continue to drop that is a given as the price of fracking drops {We also have two major supplies of oil out of the market at this time Venezuela & Iran, showing that the Price of Oil has not increased}.
    Re-look at the pricing for a normal business.

    Price paid by BL&P to PV supplier Farm 46.50
    BL&P Supply Cost estimate 29.00 no Fuel, No Vat
    Estimated added Costs By BL&P for New Type Equipment 7.00
    Total Costs 82.50
    Final Vat to consumer 14.44
    Total Paid including Vat in Cents 96.94
    Price Originally paid in Cents per Kwh 61.82 Includes supply, Fuel & VAT
    % Increase 56.81%
    E.G. If paid before the introduction of PV $ 1,000.00
    Will now pay after PV introduction $ 1,568.06
    That is a currency devaluation by stealth




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  • @John A
    “Governments will come and go but the civil service remains unchanged. Promises made by one party are no different to the ones made by the other.”

    But here comes Minister B from party B. He know that success of projects started by A could shorten his time in office. So those promises/plans are shelved or sidetracked and a next set of plans are taken up. Nothing gets done.

    Perhaps a ‘two-party’ system with the 5-year ritual of elections is not the best system for a small island


  • @ David.

    Of course the BWA would not come off the grid locally all together at the pumping stations. Their power would still be there for rainy days etc. The point is their power will no longer be the primary source of power as it will be solar instead. The solar feed will not go back into the grid in other words, but go straight to the generators via the necessary safety modes needed to avoid fluctuation.

    Why is the the Bdos light and Power allowed to buy a KW from a supplier at a fifth or less of what they sell the same KW FOR?

    The solar industry knows what to do to make the feed stable don’t let’s get into that. Let us instead focus on the independence and economics of such a move.


  • @John A

    It is like the BL&P drafted the Bill. This is why the legislation is being amended by the government to prevent the situation which obtains that grid-tied systems, all alternative energy must be fed back to BL&P.

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  • The is the most COCKAMAMIE SCHEME that any government in Barbados has come up with, if you thought that Stuarty was bad wait till you see what this would do to Barbados. No one would be safe to live, as 90% of Bajan’s would be crying out, CRIME will Rise to levels we only see in other countries. Stop this Madness! Why do we have to sacrifice our lives to an experiment for the Bankers/lenders of last resort of Barbados? We will never escape their clutches ever or is this the plan? Come on PM use the people/advisors you pay so much money to change this crap that you seem to have involved yourself into.

    This Fraud of global warming/climate change/Global cooling/climate extremes is BULL. Wake up Barbados read on the net while it is still there and still not completely controlled as yet. Read or watch the video of DR. Patrick Moore. And many other scientist who disagree on the man made global warming and all the crap they throw at you. There are over 3,100 who have signed disagreeing on the IPCC reports, look up Lord Monkton.

    There is no country in the world that have done this, you are using Barbados as an experiment and those other countries have more money than us, this is uneconomical madness the same crap we dumped Stuarty for. But this bogus ploy will bury us, even tourism will be greatly impacted. Even Germany has retreated from sustainable energy and they were the poster child for Sustainable energy.

    OK say for augment I am wrong come and tell we Bajans what the price of electricity will be at the #2 level of electricity rate. Man up or Women up. And tell us we need to pay it, Please do not try tricks and tell us that the #1 level would not go up or that the #2 level would be where most of the householders are at tell us what the #4 level would be at for householder and for business. And stick to it do not try to be sanctimonious with us, talk the truth tell us the names of the big people who will be enjoying the rate of $.41per KWH when they sell it we only know of one Bizzy. Or better yet have the BL&P come out and say the rate they will have to charge to us hapless dumb ass stupid Bajans (this is how you see us) so that they can get a return on their investment.

    They going with the flow because anything that Government does do there will be money in it for them that how governments work. I dear you! I double dear you! I triple dear you! Get the BL&P to say the price at the various levels (and not create more levels) and get them to say how long they will keep that price for and stick to it. I will make prediction electricity will sell for more than 1.5 times to 2 times the present cost than what we pay for now but the caveat is BL&P must state the price as they will be delivering it to the consumer with the conditions listed above. Come on, Man up/Woman up to the Barbadian public.




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  • @ Theo

    You know I think you are correct there for sure. It seems a good idea only gets traction depending on who comes up with it. Yet when it suites we hear the same parties use statements like ” government is a continuance.”

    No wonder we are where we are today.


  • @ David

    As we speak today in the USA only 62.7% of their electricity is generated from fossil fuels as compared to 83% a decade or so ago. The USA have stated they want to reach where only 50% of their electricity is oil based in the next ten years. In the meantime the USA has some of the cheapest electricity in the developed world.

    I agree with you on the pumping stations going green, however still with the light and Power there as backup for both independence of supply and basic economics. Plus the fact that a deal properly structured would not cost the state a blind cent makes this a no brainer.


  • @John A August 24, 2019 10:53 AM

    The downside to your electrifyingly attractive proposal is that Emera would be losing a massive customer which contributes to the large fixed costs incurred to keep the B L&P plant at Spring Garden a viable investment and the unit cost of production affordable to the average Bajan household with no alternative energy options.

    Such a move away from the current supplier would have serious ramifications for the future existence of Emera in Barbados if its generating throughput (capacity) and transmission output is so significantly compromised.

    BTW, what backup system would you propose should the BWA’s power requirements for its pumping operations go off the main (BL&P) grid when there insufficient solar energy because of extended periods of cloudy weather?
    Clearly not the same BL&P which you have dropped and left to carry on its costly back an underperforming plant at Spring Garden?

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  • David

    Are you not curious why the private sector entities who willfully and knowingly demolished the cistern antiquity for 2 and half days, have not had their names called or mentioned anywhere?
    Why did they agree keep demolishing the structure even after it became apparent it was a historically important antiquity?

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    Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), the Irish poet and dramatist, wrote “Pray don’t talk to me about the weather. Whenever people talk to me about the weather, I always feel quite certain that they mean something else.”

    These days, when some world leader or politician speaks of the climate—the weather is what is happening right now wherever you are—they are not talking about sunshine or rain. THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT A DEVILISHLY OBSCENE WAY OF RAISING MONEY.
    IF, A GOVERNMENT CAN TAX THE USE OF ENERGY, IT STANDS TO MAKE A LOT OF MONEY. That is why carbon taxes have been introduced in some nations and why the nearly useless “clean energy” options of wind and solar have been introduced even though they both require the backup of traditional coal, natural gas and nuclear energy plants because they cannot produce electricity if the wind isn’t blowing and the sun is obscured by clouds.

    Fortunately, every effort to introduce a carbon tax has been defeated by the U.S. Congress, but that it has shelled out billions for “climate research” over the years.



    Please pay no attention to the billions of dollars that coal, oil and natural gas already generate for the nations in which they are found. Nations such as India and China are building COAL-FIRED PLANTS as fast as possible to provide the electricity every modern nation needs to expand its economy, provide more employment, and improve their citizen’s lives in every way imaginable.

    Reuters reported, “the IMF laid out exactly what it views as appropriate taxes on coal, natural gas, gasoline, and diesel in 156 countries to factor in the fuel’s overall costs, which include carbon dioxide emissions, air pollution, congestion and traffic accidents.” THE PROBLEM WITH THIS IS THAT THE COSTS CITED ARE BOGUS.


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    Freedom Crier has been saying that the Green Energy Scheme is a $$$$$ making Rip Off System that could very well be the Main Spring that would Bury us Bajan’s. IS THIS WHAT WE DESIRE FOR BARBADOS?

    Green energy is the PERFECT SCAM disguised as a do-good movement and the victims unorganized and disarmed by propaganda because it is fashioned to make them feel that they are saving the Planet. The green energy movement, is endorsed by government agencies, environmental non-profits agencies and scientific groups. These are people that are often seen as sources of reliable information but that, in reality, work to promote their own PAROCHIAL INTERESTS. THIS FRAUD NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED.


    Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Wilfred Abrahams, revealed that the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) has been given the responsibility to define the feeding tariff for persons producing up to one megawatt of electricity.

    Investors in renewable energy will have a decision on a standardized rate of return for the power they supply to the national grid.

    The minister explained that investors would be locked into this rate of return for the next 20 years,{which is the life span of solar panels}….at the end of their life the toxic materials that they are made of will be dumped into our landfills.

    WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! Rates paid to the suppliers of electric is going to be 41cents per Kwh and that is to the distribution arm of the BL&P who have to maintain the poles, lines, employ crew whether their poles fall or not or the transformer blow up or out etc. We are told that the cost of panels are dropping yet the planned cost of electricity is going to be is slated to be set for 20 years only from the supplier at double the present cost of electricity and then BL&P has to supply it to the user at double that so now at a minimum the cost per KWH is going up 2 times 2X Times! If your bill is $ 500 it will now be $1,000.00!

    Barbados will be a miserable place to live if this malfeasance continues and you have a man like Bizzy biting at the bit to make Mega Millions on the back of Bajans all because the Madam PM wants sustainable energy. {When rates double whom do you think Bajans will turn to, to put panels on their roof to avoid the risen costs with the attendant loss of foreign currency}. We will all die on the vine, as everything we use prices will go up just to pay Bizzy and the PM Ego. STOP THE MADNESS. There is nothing we buy that will not show significant rise in prices. From the foods, we eat to fast food to already high price of raw chicken to the doctor to the paying of additional taxes for the government we already pay taxes for and the added cost in the tourism sector making Barbados an unaffordable destination. {We are not being bold and innovative, this is recklessness following an ideology that will bring ruin to us}.

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  • @ Miller.

    The BLP has to either provide a reliable and cost effective service or face the consequences. I do not support protectionism or favour what has clearly become an unreliable entity.

    The BWA if it is to be run as a business also has a decision to make. It can A go solar or B install diesel cut in generators, either is an option. My point is the BWA only makes money when it sells water. If another entity is stopping it from selling water then any prudent board needs to make decisions. I am not concerned in hearing ” there will be water outages in the following areas because we have no power.” If you are in the business of selling water then safeguard your revenue source either with generators or solar, the choice is yours.

    The BWA or no other company for that matter is in existence to keep Emera in business. Take a look around at the malls and massive buildings whose roofs are now full of solar panels.

    Should we ban digital media to ensure print media stays in business next then?

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  • Barbados and Trinidad sign MOU for Energy Development

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  • Even worse they have so midmanaged the island….those river tamarind trees that are over 12 feet in the air from the highway all the way to Bishop Court’s Hill, by the old Alexandra’s club and beyond…could have been uprooted when they were mere seedlings…a tree takes YEARS AND YEARS to grow over 12 feet tall and to be covering the roads like that…pure NEGLIGENCE…pure…INCOMPETENCE by both governments..


  • @ Miller.

    A fall off in revenue from my proposal does not mean that emera will have to increase prices to the general public as that is governed by the FTC. What it would mean is that they would need to cut back on production and restructure. That might be a blessing seeing that they are doing such a piss poor job now anyhow!

    If sales fall at Massy say does it mean they carry up prices to make up the shortfall? No they restructure and operate on the lower revenue base.

    Sorry can’t agree with your logic on this one.


  • @ John A August 24, 2019 11:58 AM

    Good responses! But a bit jingoistic even if theoretically valid.

    What happens if your proposal is applied to other large customers like the QEH, Prisons and GAIA?

    Would Emera get its expected ROI to justify its future presence in Barbados?

    What happens if Emera does like what the Canadian commercial banks would like to do tomorrow; that is, cut it losses and run?

    How about the ‘regular’ customers who could least afford to go off-grid and dependently hooked to the BL&P transmission network?


  • One day coming soon all would welcome a WTE project in barbados
    The old methods if doing business has failed and will continue to fail until that the powers that be realised and come to full recognition that water buckets and pail systems arevno longer equipped to provide or sustain or water electric and garbage usage


    Are you not curious why the private sector entities who willfully and knowingly demolished the cistern antiquity for 2 and half days, have not had their names called or mentioned anywhere?

    Why did they agree keep demolishing the structure even after it became apparent it was a historically important antiquity?
    The talk was of “coverup” in a recent blog, welcome to the real coverup, when there is no mention in the media of the businesses responsible yuh know that they are scared of mashing someone “big” corns. One would think that there would be some site evaluation before the start of excavation and if some details were missed then they would have the good sense to cease work when the structure was first exposed. We have been here before, last time it caused lives in the Brittons Hill area when they continued with construction even when the presence of caves alerted them to the possibility of danger to the surrounding area (BTW what ever happened to the inquiry?).

    We can call the whole situation “A comedy of Errors”

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  • @Sargeant

    Is it not time you wrote a short piece for BU? You could flesh out your comment above.


  • @ Miller.

    If I was the PM I would have a chat with EMERA. They would be given the option to either install back up generators at the pumping stations, which will automatically come online once the grid is down or face the consequences. We will in turn pay Emera the same KW rate for both sources of power be it grid based or generator based.

    My point is we accept a crappy service and whine about it, but we do nothing to have it rectified. You think if if went to EMERA and said “fellows either install back up generators at these 5 locations or lose $1million dollars a year in revenue” they would refuse? We need to dam Well start holding service providers responsible and stop having customers disadvantaged in the process. As for the FTC if they were any use they would be already discussing this with emera. Instead they dealing with fridges that don’t cool and TV’S that colours aint right!

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  • “COWCONCO August 24, 2019 11:44 AM


    Are you not curious why the private sector entities who willfully and knowingly demolished the cistern antiquity for 2 and half days, have not had their names called or mentioned anywhere?
    Why did they agree keep demolishing the structure even after it became apparent it was a historically important antiquity?”

    Criminals desperately trying to get their hands on the island’s water supply. Wgen will this STUPID gove


  • When will this STUPID government do something about these EVIL CRIMINALS…what will they have to DO NEXT…to be DEALT WITH…as the CRIMINALS THAT THE ARE..

    if they do not do something about these out of control lowlifes…they themselves…WILL BE DEALT WITH..


    sorry about the cut off..



    From the Apes Hill debacle WARNINGS WERE COMING OUT..

    If the government does not listen and shit happens …….BLAME MIA…

    I try, i really do..

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  • And as for those Emera lowlifes who think Bajan taxpayers should fund their low diesel generators upgrade and think they can hold the island hostage….DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM TOO.

    That is wuh happen when ya SLEEP WITH STINKING DOGS…YA GET FLEES.


  • @ Wily Coyote August 24, 2019 9:26 AM

    It always depends on what you understand by “education”. Students at Harrison College only learn to chat and make excuses, but no problem solving, no discipline. They don’t have an iron will, but flee to mum when the smallest problem arises. They may be suitable for love poems, but for no instructions or the execution of instructions in hierarchical structures.

    In other words, you can kick local education in the bucket.

    You should also bear in mind that a large part of the local elite comes from deplorable social backgrounds. They don’t inherit anything from their impoverished parents and therefore have to enrich themselves excessively in the first ministerial office to balance their accounts. The last government has shown this all too clearly.

    At least now we have Mia Mottley, who comes from other social backgrounds.


  • What other social backgrounds…of the same bullshit ya mean, pretenders…trying to pretend they are not PART OF THE PROBLEM ON THE ISLAND…. because from where we are sitting and typing…they are DEFINITELEY NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION….they have been in bed WITH THE SAME DIRTY THIEVES AND CROOKS…FOR WAY TOO LONG…

    ya can’t change that now…..NOTHING CAN CHANGE THAT…they will have to do it themselves…and if they don’t the ELECTORATE SHOULD KICK ALL THEIR STUPID ASSES OUT…29-0.


  • Ah done know just like Simple…when something is REALITY …and …RIGHT IN FRONT YA FACES…yalll like to PRETEND IT IS NOT REALLY true HYPOCRITES STYLE..but ya can’t get away from any of this…so like Simple…just keep on pretending until ya look just as dumb..


  • Good conversation John A et al.


  • @ David.

    Thank you.


  • The sooner we see proper disposal and collection of garbage as a national issue and not a political issue, the better for all concerned. The same with our water distribution and management problems.
    Occasionally, we expect some here on BU to refuse a glass of cool aid . It’s hard but they should at least try.


  • Not me I ain t drinking nothing unless I know what in it. Think this is Jonestown!

    The reality is we must demand better to get better. If we just sit here and whine then what’s the point. We must also though share ideas and not just be negative for political reasons. Take the light and Power issue and water generation. You think if we don’t demand of them that standby generators are place at all major pumping stations they will do it? No they have a business to run. If however they are told either do this or risk losing the revenue from these sources don’t you think then they will? It’s all about economics and knowing who holds the ace and when to play it.


  • The current difficulties being experienced by the BL&P may spur action by the authorities or no depending on their mindset.


  • John A August 24, 2019 10:59 AM

    @ Freedom “I invite you to research the results FLP ( Florida light power) solar and renewable energy push had on the price of electricity in that state. They moved from being one of the most expensive states in the USA to one of the cheapest per KWH.

    Amelia Josephson May 28, 2019

    Florida’s energy prices are on the high side. Residents pay an average monthly electricity bill of $126.44, based on information from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). That’s 13% higher the national average of $111.67.

    The data from the EIA also shows that residents of Florida consume the sixth most kWh per month in the country at 1,089. This is likely due to the hot and humid climate, which has many residents running the air conditioning for most of the year.
    Bottom 10 Residential Electricity Rates by State
    (cents per kWh for the latest month available)

    The ideal place for states to be is within the bottom of the rates list, where the monthly costs typically remain below the national average. Aside from geography, there are other factors that can play a role in the overall cost of electricity statewide as some areas are within deregulated markets, which increases overall competition and brings out a greater variety of money saving plans. Free nights and weekends, green energy, and even prepaid electricity are offerings residents can choose from to minimize their monthly electricity expenses.

    Oklahoma 8.8 8.79 0.1 $78.94
    Louisiana 8.84 8.72 1.4 $79.29
    North Dakota 9.16 9 1.7 $82.17
    Missouri 9.28 9.19 1.0 $83.24
    Arkansas 9.3 9.36 -0.6 $83.42
    Washington 9.31 9.51 -2.1 $83.51
    Nebraska 9.59 9.29 3.1 $86.02
    West Virginia 9.72 11.05 -13.7 $87.19
    Idaho 9.83 10.32 -5.0 $88.18
    Utah 10.01 10.36 -3.5 $89.79


  • • John A August 24, 2019 11:26 AM @ David “As we speak today in the USA only 62.7% of their electricity is generated from fossil fuels as compared to 83% a decade or so ago. The USA have stated they want to reach where only 50% of their electricity is oil based in the next ten years. In the meantime the USA has some of the cheapest electricity in the developed world.”

    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is U.S. electricity generation by energy source?

    In 2018, about 4,178 billion kilowatthours (kWh) (or 4.18 trillion kWh) of electricity were generated at utility-scale electricity generation facilities in the United States.1 About 63% of this electricity generation was from fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, petroleum, and other gases). About 20% was from nuclear energy, and about 17% was from renewable energy sources. The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that an additional 30 billion kWh of electricity generation was from small-scale solar photovoltaic systems in 2018.2

    The Trump administration has sought to increase fossil fuel use and scrap many environmental regulations, which he has referred to as impediments to business. Trump has pulled the United States out of the Paris climate accord, leaving the U.S. the only nation that has not joined the agreement.

    Trump campaigned on a pledge to roll back government regulations, and within days of taking office he began to implement his “America First Energy Plan”, which does not mention renewable energy. He signed executive orders to approve two controversial oil pipelines and executive orders requiring a federal review of the Clean Water Rule and the Clean Power Plan. Trump called for more drilling in national parks and announced plans to open up more federal land for energy development.

    During a July 8, 2019 White House speech, Trump hailed “America’s environmental leadership” on his watch, asserting his administration was “being good stewards of our public land,” reducing carbon emissions and promoting the “cleanest air” and “crystal clean” water.


  • @ David.

    It should be spurring us the customers to put pressure on the government who will in turn demand better from the BL&P. Remember govemrnrt like the BL&P too if you don’t light a fire under them tail they too will do nothing.

    Starting to see the problem now right?


  • @ John A August 24, 2019 12:13 PM
    “A fall off in revenue from my proposal does not mean that emera will have to increase prices to the general public as that is governed by the FTC. What it would mean is that they would need to cut back on production and restructure. That might be a blessing seeing that they are doing such a piss poor job now anyhow!

    If sales fall at Massy say does it mean they carry up prices to make up the shortfall? No they restructure and operate on the lower revenue base.”
    Sorry can’t agree with your logic on this one.”

    This discussion is the type that ought to be encouraged to support the elevation of this blog to a higher degree of intellectual pedigree.

    The determining difference between Massy and Emera is that its operations trading under the name “BL&P” is a veritable monopoly; and under the current trading arrangements is NOT a bad thing given the ‘limited’ size of the electricity-demand market especially in an economy that is not growing.

    You have to factor into our discussions the concept of ‘economy of scale’.

    For a public utility to function effectively- especially one of economic strategic importance like the BL&P- it must have certain built-in guarantees like its capacity to recover all costs and the right to a ‘guaranteed rate of return’ on its large upfront investments aka CAPEX in order to make planned (future) decisions regarding the ongoing-maintenance and long-term replacement or upgrade of its vital but worn-out plant and machinery.

    Any importation and distribution outfit could easily replace Massy should its T&T owners decide to exit the commerce market in Barbados.

    No such easy alternative is yet available with the generation and supply of energy for the average Bajan household.


  • @John A

    Lighting a fire under whoever defines what BU is about.

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  • @ Miller.

    Don’t make me laugh you think if Emera was to walk out of here tomorrow Barbados would go dark! The Barbados Light and Power was supplying electricity to Barbadians since 1940 or before. You don’t think the assets would be acquired by local interest and once again a local entity would supply power? Your excuse for a piss poor service supplied by a monopoly is laughable. Who do you think is standing in the way of the growth of green energy but the said Emera? It is when we cower and refuse to question the status co that we are doomed to accept mediocrity.

    ” discussions like this should not be encourage on the blog” is your contribution instead, well feel free to not comment, don’t however attempt to block the opinions of others out of your personal fear of darkness!

    You seem to forget when Emera bought the BL&P what they said. Let me remind you then ” it was a good buy full of potential.”They may be a monopoly but better can be done. We signed a half ass agreement with them that saw the private green producers getting less than a fifth of what the same Emera sells a Kw for and you happy with that? You realise it is cheaper for Emera to buy a Kw from private producers at that price than bother to even produce a Kw themselves?

    I know well what I speak of my friend having been a share holder in the original BL&P.

    Why you don’t ask Emera to come here and tell us what they produce a KW of electricity for using their low speed generator, compared to the pittance they paying local producers for a Kw?

    I can’t believe in 2019 people are still finding excuses for poor service and shuddering with fear that if we do anything they will leave. The planes there leave if you want to! I guarantee the company will be bought by local shareholders who will not only take it forward, but encompass green energy.

    I suggest you go and research Florida Light &Power and see what their move to alternate energy has done for the people of Florida. They moved over a few years from being one of the most expensive states for electricity, to one of the cheapest. In a decade the USA moved from producing electricity from 0ver 80 percent fossil fuel base to 67% with a goal of 50% and you are saying we must hold on to the old way of doing things and pay more for the commodity, while at the same time endure an unreliable service, so as not to upset the owners!

    Right now we are all being penalised for their decision to install that low speed generator on the spring garden. Having said all that you coming here and telling the consumers to “hush we tail and accept it before we got to burn candles!”

    I remember clearly when the low speed generator was installed it was said ” consumers will see a considerable reduction in price now.” When we going get it?

    Liked by 1 person

  • Vincent Codrington

    Have we as a nation decided where we are going with this energy policy? Is natural gas a clean fuel? If it is ,how much more economic is it without the dangerous waste of the photovoltaic system in a land- scarce society ? Just making sure that we cover all areas.


    A weather and climate expert reports that Barbados has been in a drought for the past year, its third such spell in ten years and even though rains have come, rainfall for the rest of the year may not be enough to fully replenish the groundwater supply.

    Climatologist at the Barbados-based Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology Dr. Cedric Van Merbeeck was speaking in an interview with Starcom Network News….this as the Barbados Water Authority is due to make a decision by this week on whether to extend its water prohibition notice in the face of water supply issues blamed on the drought.”

    BU family living in Barbados. Develop your own water collection strategy.


  • Miller 1134am

    You aced it


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ Hants

    The rainfall is beyond our control. The use is within our control, except for the wastage through leaks.The BWA must factor this in when they make their inputs into the approvals for building developments.


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