Senator Caswell Franklyn Responds to Facebook Video Accusing Ministers George Payne and Dale Marshall of Fraud

[Barbados Underground] The following was shared by Senator Caswell Franklyn in response to the following question –





Is there any light you can shed on the lady and her mother posting videos to Facebook accusing Payne and Marshall of some unscrupulous action?

“David, Blogmaster

I know more than most about the situation which led to these two people defaming Marshall and Payne on Facebook.

This matter arose out of the sale of land of the late Ermine Atwell. She was the widow of Melvin Atwell, attorney-at-law. The two people making the allegations about Marshall and Payne are Ermine’s sister and niece.

Ermine was a recluse who lived alone with her dog, Zena. For a number of years Ermine would call me every Sunday, unless I was out of the island or there was a problem with Cable and Wireless. We would talk about every conceivable topic, one of which was her sister’s and Niece’s efforts to get their hands on Ermine’s land.

According to Ermine’s version, the sister Ieft Barbados in the sixties and did not look back, not even to attend their father’s funeral in 1975. Then out of a clear blue sky the sister returned to Barbados, and only made contact with Ermine by way of a lawsuit to get portion of Ermine’s land that formerly belonged to their father. The sister lost the case.

Ermine was willing to help her sister if she had asked but was hurt and angry that the sister took her to court. As a result, she vowed to me that the sister would get nothing from her and as far as I know, Ermine was taking steps to make sure that the sister would get nothing.

Ermine died suddenly and I don’t know how far she had gotten in disposing her property. I know that Ermine believed in George Payne and Rawle Eastmond but had chosen George to deal with her legal matters.

I did not comment before for two reasons: I was not asked; and Marshall and Payne should be able to take care of themselves.”

The following documents posted to BU’s Facebook Timeline:



  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    FBI not Fun* These little devices do their own thing


  • The article in Today’s Nation said the Car Dealers were at every location the Sanitation personnel went – which obviously Mia found was strange.Note not at every meeting – just happened to be at the same place.

    And if as people were saying that is the same players who were around the last govt – then imagine how Freundel must have felt when everything they discussed and planned found itself in Mia’s hand .They would have been the Permanent Secretaries and certain staff placed in these positions by Owen no?


    This is more than passing strange and certainly does not add up – but anyway let the ‘explanations ‘ flow.

    Information is always good.


  • Money laundering scheme with land needed and local agents employed to get it!!


  • PDYR
    You can try to protect Caswell all u like However the ladies story is compelling given the fact that Caswell statements cannot provide any evidence that he had conversations with the dead lady
    While the two ladies provide documents as well as a story that indeed could not have been made up given all the dates names and people they had interacted with


  • David gave good advise on another topic for Caswell to zip it. He seems to be hell bent on disregarding it thinking David only meant that topic. Stay above the fray picking sides will only cause you grief


  • Caswell come out of hiding. You opened a pandora box based on he say she say verbiage
    Now come and defend yuhself the can that you kick down the road has your name on it and a list of lies inside of which you told about the two women
    Stop defending crooks and scalliwags ministers
    Why is it that old people always confide in you about their personnel business
    Btw if you had any integrity you would not divulge in public out of respect for the person
    Some one personnel business shared between indivuduals should remain private unless a court of law requested it to be shared in the court as evidence
    Bro you have openly shown you are not trustworthy and lack integrity

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  • Caswell shame bite yuh tongue sorry bro too late to hold yuh loose tongue
    The views and shares on social media in regards to your lying BU article are huge
    Go figure how you Senator Caswell would have been so cynical to allowed your name to be drag through social media mud just because you wanted to protect two snakes
    Yuh ought be ashamed of self duffus

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  • Good morning Caswell
    The heat is on these two women has tighten the noose around your neck the one which you tied yourself
    Wuh loss


  • Its interesting reading the blog from 2010 and the comments following

    You may wish to give it a pass…….


  • Anthony Prescott

    Corruption is deep in Barbados….This is the ex-AG “Conduct Probes Covering the Last 9 Years in Barbados” Click the link and sign-up


  • These stories are more than interesting but what is more of interest is how Caswell flew off the fence to defend George Payne and now his name being drag across social media as one towing the corrupt line of Payne and Dale
    Needless to say that Dale and George might be afraid of tassling with these two women out of fear they might have more legal documentation which they have not reveal
    Day after day like a none stop runaway train these two women are not afraid to hold Dale and George accountable
    Yet David BU in his haste to run cover for the alledge fraudsters could not help but find Caswell to defend them
    It is so laughable that after Caswell efforts these two woman has become bolder with there findings. While it seems that BU have thrown him under the bus allowing Caswell to be run over without David BU giving him a helping hand


  • In all fairness to Caswell, he simply reported what was told to him by one sister, and it may be that that sister was deceptive and/or manipulative, and since both Caswell and her family have reported that she was a recluse/was not very friendly, it well may be that emotional/mental health issues were involved.


  • @Simple Simon

    You felt you had to respond?

    Her head is hard.


  • SS

    The sister was a “loyal member of the BLP”!!!!

    Her only problem was she had something other members wanted …. but it was not hers!!

    Haven’t you ever seen how the political party system works here?

    Even if you are not a member of either on it is pretty difficult to miss the markers here!!

    A woman brow beaten by a bunch no use people!!

    Caswell’s role talking to her every Sunday is intriguing!!

    … and the man admits it!!

    That’s why I say he and Reverend Joe are like the odd couple … Felix and Oscar!!

    Only if you are deaf, dumb, blind and cannot see would you miss something as glaring as this!!


  • Simple Simon . How can you vouche for what Caswell is saying now what makes it worse is that Caswell version is full of holes which majes his statement as unreliable unless he can back them up with some form of proof
    Example his statement in reference to the ladies not visting and not returning to barbados the ladies have enough evidence to verify that was an untruth repeated by Caswell
    Caswell has allowed himself to be “used”by David Bu who seems to be running cover for the dirt in the blp
    Not good


  • @John August 22, 2018 6:13 PM “SS The sister was a “loyal member of the BLP”!!!!”

    Her obituary said that she was a loyal member of the BLP.

    But very likely she did not write her own obituary.

    So “no” we don’t know whether or not she was a member of the BLP. And we certainly don’t know whether she was loyal or not, as today’s loyalty can be tomorrow’s disdain.

    Wasn’t Cohen so loyal to Trump, that it is said that he would take a bullet for Trump.

    Has Cohen taken a bullet for Trump?


  • @Mariposa August 22, 2018 6:15 PM “How can you vouche for what Caswell is saying”
    The sister was a “loyal member of

    I haven’t vouched for Caswell. I’ve never met the man, so how can I vouch for him?

    Can’t vouch for any of the Holder women. I’ve never met them either.

    Knew George when he was a lil’ school boy in short pants, but since I haven’t had a conversation with him since we both became adults, fifty years ago I can’t vouch for him either.


  • John August 22, 2018 6:13 PM “Even if you are not a member of either.”

    Not a member of any political party.

    Have never been a member of any political party.

    When I was young I did try to join one, but was told by a senior member, without explanation that the party “did not want people like me”

    I’ve never bothered a political party, nor a politician since then.


  • @John August 22, 2018 6:13 PM “Caswell’s role talking to her every Sunday is intriguing!!”

    Many elderly, childless widows and widowers are lonely and glad to talk to someone. This propblem is especially acute in those who place a high value on the nuclear family. In a nuclear family what happens once the spouse dies or divorces? What happens when there are no children, nor grandchildren?

    In the old pre-oral contraceptive large family days childless women, married or unmarried raised nieces and nephews and any children in the village who needed mothering.

    But we have exchanged that

    For what?


  • This lonliness in elders is becoming almost universal as people age, and nuclear families fracture into a single atom. Look where lonliness led this smart, well educated wealthy man:


  • All I can say to Caswell is, read Rudyard Kipling … “The Female of the Species”!!

    … no relationship to the Brigadier!!!


  • My morning check of social media see that Caswell us getting licks like peas
    Even names like crook
    Pity the senator had to be caught up in a scandal where his name was never mentioned as part of the alleged allegations against Payne and Dale
    Makes me wonder what was Caswell to gain in protecting them


  • Caswell all across the blogosphere your name us bring linked to allege land fraud crooks Daleand Payne.
    Defend yuhself now that David BU has used you as a door stooper to fight Dale and Payne problems
    Wuh loss.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Mariposa

    De grandson said he would help your cause

    He had asked me to enquire of you what it was you were pillorying the senator for?

    Was it the fact that Caswell claimed that his friendship with the lady cased her to call him on sundays?

    Whey a certain deposed prime minister also had a friend who he went on record NATIONALLY to defend

    was it the fact that it seems that in all the Hullabuloo that Caswell did not take any money? Certainly when you examine the matters of Carry-away-a-Ton it cannot be said that he the Senator, took away $250K!

    Was it the fact that Senator Caswell ent extort twice the amount of money for services rendered to BIDC?

    Was it the fact that Caswell ent get a gratuity of $3.3 million dollars from said lady?

    Anyway de granson sent this Stoopid Cartoon to you

    I hope you likes it.

    He doing a next one for you too which he is sure that you going love but in the meantime you going love this


  • The certificate should be a document by itself and awarded to some..

    To Enuff (I am not a Bee, a lark singing for my summer)
    From: Mugabe

    To Artax (not a yardfowl but always in de yard wid me)
    From Mariposa

    To Mariposo (Graduating from yardfowl to yard duck)
    From: BU

    To Lorenzo (Fellow scratch grain lover)
    From Enuff


  • PDYR why not pillored Caswell
    First he comes out barking like a dog ready to fight for a cause
    Then he recedes back in hiding like a fighten yard dog
    Maybe your gran son can make a poster of a frighten yard dog and send it to the two women
    It just might frighten them from pilloring Caswell
    Caswell where are you come out of hiding yard dog


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Mariposa

    “Watch me Now” girl

    Watch me Now!!


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right
  • Not two sisters. A sister and a niece.


  • Anyone know anything about this company on ICIJ?


  • PDYR you make a bold ststement indicating i did not make a comment in regards to PM stuart leper statement about his friend
    What proof do you have to make such a bold statement


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  • I know of similar situations where relatives crawl out of the woodwork upon someone’s death and try to claim property. The last person I knew, faithfully took care of his brother and paid up the funeral expenses and another brother showed up surprisingly from the UK and changed the locks on the dead brother’s property, took every valuable he could find and took out a court order on the caregiver brother. The poor guy to took it on and died. Of course I do not know the facts but Caswell’s story is very probable.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Mariposa

    The item does not say that you made such a statement

    What is says is that you, BECAUSE OF YOUR HYPOCRISY, did not give any such commentary when you were faced with evidence that you leader spoke out for his friends in egregious circumstances euphemism for the teifing of Greenverbs and Carry-away-a-Ton

    You ent too bright is you?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please


  • PDYR
    Your statement that i did not speak out on the Stuart /Parris issue is an untruth which can be verified


  • Caswell is now in positon to speak openly in parliament about this type of illegalities
    If he is sincere he can lead by example.


  • Take the case to the CCJ


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ WARU & Mariposa

    There is another side to this equation that I would beg your indulgence for just a few moments.

    I shall dub it “The Fifth Element”

    And I will give you two examples of how this Fifth Element phenomenon works and you and others may comment on what I will remark on

    Party A is a supplier of GOODS. Party B contacts Party A and contracts with Party A to buy these goods for let us say $10,000

    When the Goods arrive Party A realizes that the goods have parts that he wants and proceeds to cannibalize said goods for his own establishment and then delivers the modified goods to Party B.

    Party B on seeing what A has done pays A for the goods, IN FULL, less the cost of the item line that A removed/stole $10,000 – $2,000.

    But hold your horses!

    Party A’s father is a judge and A complains to daddy and they proceed to put B in court, proceeds to litigate against B, plot that the matter is heard by a judge that Party A’s father is friends with. (Does this sound familiar?)

    Mysteriously, no documents/summons are ever delivered to Party B concerning the litigation (sounds familiar??) and equally concerning Party A winds a judgement against Party B IN THEIR ABSENCE (AGAIN, does this sound familiar?)

    Now mind you Party B has paid a lawyer to represent them in ccourt and that lawyer takes $1500 and does nothing. And when the matter is reported to the Bar Association THEY DO NOTHING!!

    You understanding what the plight of these poor bajans living overseas is yet?

    But hold your horses just a little longer.

    Item 2. Party A is a small business person with the customary profile “ideas but no money”.

    Party A approached the central bank in their jurisdiction which provides a guarantee for SMEs

    This facility is suited to the type company that Party A represents.

    In brief, that utility states/ed that A’s indebtedness is only 10% (it was 10% at that time) of the value of the loan approved, in the event of a default.

    Bank B MUST pay Central Bank a quarterly premium to maintain the CB guarantee but the facility was a new vehicle and Bank B was not familiar with it and did not know about the premium.

    Party A, in good faith, secures said facility from Bank B and continues to pay Bank B, 30% of indebtedness.

    When circumstances force Party A out of business, Bank B which has not paid the premium, litigates against Party A and makes sure to get a particular judge that is biased towards their interest.

    IN FACT, even when said honourable Judge is shown the payments Party A made, and the facility, and is told that the Bank B has not paid its premum the Judge ignores all of that and rules a judgement against Party A.

    So are you starting to comprehend the extent of this so called justice that Barbadian Courts mete out to its citizens?

    Here is an excerpt from Transparency International

    “… The Global Corruption Report (GCR) is one of Transparency International’s flagship publications, bringing the expertise of the anti‐corruption movement to bear on a specific corruption issue. Most recent reports have focused on corruption in climate change, the private sector, water and the judiciary.

    The report highlights cutting edge qualitative and quantitative research, gathers knowledge on lessons learnt and showcases innovative tools. In doing so, it enhances our understanding of the dynamics of corruption and seeks to provide practical and proven solutions to improve governance and accountability….”

    Tell me how said entity can arrive at a corruption index that reflects the true state of affairs of Barbadians?

    How can they detect that Bank B, having failed to pay the premium that the Central Bank requires, has secretly asked for, and secured the Judge of their choice to ensure that Judgement is rendered against Party A, NOTWITHSTANDING 30% being paid NOR FACT THAT BANK B did not pay premium!!

    Now what are the commonalities herein described?

    It does not really matter if Party A is Saint Theresa because DEPENDING ON WHO YOU ARE IN BARBADOS, the so called “Justice System” in Barbados, is rigged against the poor man, and THE BUDDY SYSTEM WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU.

    Because like these two WHAT DID ENUFF OF LORENZO DUO call them “gutter snipes”, we the poor people DO NOT HAVE A VOICE and we are treated like the scum of the earth while these thieves like PAIN AND TEETS continue to rape us.

    I will not mention a third situation where collusion between Party A’s Lawyer and Bank B’s lawyers subverted Party A’s matter since Party A’s lawyer, BECAUSE HE OWES Bank B, colluded to “sell Party A down the river”.

    “Who do you call….Ghost busters…remember that tune?

    This is why it is critical that poor people use the ONLY tools we have, the ubiquitous technology to campaign against these parties CAUSE THE COURTS ARE MOSTLY A WASTE OF TIME…


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Senator Caswell Franklyn

    You would do well to download and read this document which, although dated 2007, presents some serious matters for consideration for the challenges that our society is facing.

    Particularly with regard to this pernicious act of smoke and mirrors called the Integrity in Public Life 1933 sorry 2018


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