The Estate of Marie Stewart – Family Feud Over Land Matter Gone Public II

The blogmaster continues the exchange with Sarah Cyrus regarding accusations leveled at Ministers George Payne and Dale Marshall.  You will recall the first exchange represented in the blog post – Family Feud Over Land Matter Gone Public.

In an effort to get a better understanding the blogmaster asked a few more questions:

1. With such a large settle for the land, 2.4 million dollars- why did she die in poverty? Where is the money?

The land sale took a very long time because the original deeds were lost.  For ten years, Ms. Atwell survived on her pension and financial assistance from her great-nephew Teon and another cousin.  It never occurred to the other beneficiary to check and ascertain that bills were being paid.  I was told that Ermine advised other family members as to the bank where funds are being held.  The funds belong to Ermine’s Estate and her sister in equal parts.  The sister insists that she wants the land back.  Ermine was the Executrix and made the best decision for the Estate and for her own survival.

2. Why did the attempt to settle the matter in a civil manner fail?

From what I was told by other family members, those who are screaming on social media chose to go to court rather than sit down and have a conversation.

3. A question that forces you to be speculative, where do you see a non litigious settlement to this matter?

I believe that Ms. Stewart is enjoying 15 minutes of fame and expects that the sale will be reversed because of public sentiment. With respect to settling short of legal action, I have been told that one family member flew to Barbados at her own expense and attempted to meet with Mr. Payne and Ms. Stewart and her mother.  Mr. Payne’s office accepted the appointment and when the three women arrived, the secretary advised them that Mr. Payne could not meet with them because, “they had engaged in litigation.”   I doubt that they are willing to settle the matter short of getting the beach land back.The family has sided with Mrs. Atwell on this matter and are no longer commenting.

4. What did the will leave for the others? Can we see?  

189 thoughts on “The Estate of Marie Stewart – Family Feud Over Land Matter Gone Public II

  1. @Tron August 28, 2018 8:45 AM “Many so-called “educated” Barbadians told me over the last few weeks how excited they were that Bim soon receives dollars from the IMF. What these clueless figures do not know is the simple fact that the IMF loan makes Barbadians poorer than ever.”

    I told you just last night that you have to stop mixing with these idiots who live with you in gated places (I can’t call them communities”

    I advised you to get some sensible more intelligent friends, but wunna men don’t like to listen until the police got de cuffs on wunna

    I am cafuffled with numbers of more than 3 digits, but even I understand that borrowed money is DEBT, not an asset, and that DEBT has to be paid back, so we will have to work harder, longer, or harder AND longer, or sell something that we have, and when you are deeply in debt and have to start selling the sharks come circling.

    I know that even though I got a D- in Economics 101.

    @Tron August 28, 2018 8:45 “Just like the GG who flies to London for some private shopping.”

    You idiot. Why you don’t stop telling lies on our GG? Isn’t she allowed some time off to attend a family funeral, and to comfort the bereaved?

    You think that everybody is you who can only think about Meile showers and Italian marble, and how much you can acquire for how little if Bajans have to migrate of sell to sharks like you. Look one of thes days YOU WILL DIE, and you won’t be taking the materialistic crap with you.

    Naked you came into this world, and naked you will return.

    Be off do!!!

  2. So we are here after many Facebook and blog postings.

    How does this family progress the matter?

    If one reads between the lines, the proceeds form the sale of the land should be ‘sitting’ in a Estate Bank Account somewhere in Barbados.

    For justice to be served for Mother and Daughter the land sale will have to be reversed and this can only be done in THE BARBADOS Court or by an out of court arrangement.

    In both scenarios it requires boots on the ground to marshall the effort to relieve themselves of the emotional pain being suffered.

  3. For justifiable resoultion to be served it would require a moral conscience on the wrong doers but i doubt very much if the wrong doers have one

  4. The biggest concern we should have here now is exactly how many of the Judges sitting on the supreme court bench are taking bribes to help steal land from the elderly, I am also including elderly, vulnerable whites in this because a thief is a thief and once consumed with enough greed, will reach a stage that they no longer care who they steal from… many bribetaking judges take bribes from an insurance company(ies) to destroy a personal injury case despite being paid at least 10K per month in salary …at taxpayer’s expense, a free mercedes vehicle….at taxpayer’s expense….AND free housing…at taxpayer’s expense.. cause they certainly do no damn work at the Supreme Court, no timely decisions, they maliciously keep adjourning cases for years andvdecades leaving them unfinished and without closure and helping their lawyer friends, high school and lodge buddies to keep the cases lingering in adjournments indefinitely. ..effectively destroying the lives of their own people…who pay their salaries.

    Now these are the same damn judges who complain ad nauseum about the CCJ not appointing any of them to the bench..well newsflash…the CCJ done know what yall do and do not want any bribetaking bajan judges on their Bench to pollute the organization ….as Fruendel was hoping,.. yall may as well stop whining about not sitting on the CCJ bench.until ya stop the corruption and bribetaking in the Supreme Court…stop destroying the vulnerable people who pay your salaries so you dont have to live pay check to paycheck and can continue to be uppity and arrogant. ..

    Simmons also thought that they did not know about him and his double dealing corruption…am sure the CCJ was his ultimate goal to really become untouchable, but they want their integrity intact, they can’t have that level of destruction around hints of corruption or lack of integrity can be associated with the entity.

    One day I happened to be there and people where asking where the judges are, the session and sitting had resumed, why were they not at work and someone in the know said, they are more than likely driving around in their taxpayer funded Merceds looking for someone to bribe them….at the time I thought it was a joke, but not one person in the group was laughing.., then I knew fpr sure the people on the island had a real problem….from the parliament to the supreme court is thoroughly corrupt through and through..

    BTW…people are stilling waiting to get court dates, we know the Manor Lodge location lack space and employees are right on top of each other, but more the reason to get these civil cases out of the system….so far I understand it is only one acting judge working diligently to bring closure to civil cases….so Mia exactly what are the other judges doing…ah can’t ask Marshall…he is too damn corrupt.

  5. John,

    The rule of law is the foundation of any democracy. If the justice systems fails, the state has failed.

  6. Yeah John, near the end of August and their schedule/calendar ends at August 3rd I believe…a completely useless entity is the judiciary.

    • @enuff

      No legal opinion, simply trying to sniff out all sides. It would be good if a transcript of Worrells decision can be made public. In the absence of valid information the agendas will take root.

  7. “We speak at length of the Problem WARU why is there no antipode and solution?”

    I got a solution…a bullet to the head for each of them, but that is me, am not telling anyone else to do it, but should any of these lowlife scum in that Supreme Court even dream of doing that to any elderly relative or injured family member of mine, they will get a bullet to their useless corrupt head…

    In reality.., the Chairman of the Judicial Services Commission Chief Justice Marston Gibson who has received information repeatedly about these nasty practices at the supreme court and who has REFUSED to address them…who keeps going along merrily like he is living in a dream…should be damn well fired.

    In saying that…ALL OF THEM.., are TOO CORRUPT to reverse the corruption at the judiciary…outside help will be needed and a few of them imprisoned. ., that is the ONLY solution….outside of any of them fcking around with any relatives of mine..and getting that promised bullet.

    I see Marshall asking the US Ambassador for help with the judiciary…am sure he neglected to mention to her the level of corruption that caused the dysfunction..

    And can you believe…I am one of the head people spent the last five years giving these judges the benefit of the doubt, blaming the lawyers for everything ALTHOUGH….intelligence was telling me differently ..

    Enuff is right, I ain’t bright at all..

  8. @”WARU August 29, 2018 8:38 AM “a bullet to the head for each of them.”

    David please ask WARU not to make murder threats.


  9. Yeah Enuff.., Marshall thinks he is slick…asking the US Ambassador for help with the supreme court! pretending he is oh so helpless to clean it up and fix it and neglecting to mention to her that he too is a head culprit, a head purveyor of the corruption permeating every level of the court….and got the nerve to think they don’t know…

  10. Simple…who I threaten to murder…did you read the part where I said if THEY DREAMED…so who murders anyone for a dream…stop seeing what you want to see..

  11. Yall let these lowlife scum whose salaries ya gotta pay monthly bully you, rob you, push you around, lie and deceive you, hound your elderly to death for their proprieties, their own inheritances and then ya sit there and are afraid to raise ya voices and talk tough to them…because ya are afraid they MURDER YOU.or LOCK YOU UP… how do yall think that is going to end.

    They don’t threaten to murder people they’ve been doing it and what have any of you done about it, don’t get me started on the real mayhem that really goes on in that pile of shit.

  12. The point that you are missing WARU, is that Bajans like the situation exactly as it is….
    You (and Bushie) just spitting in the air…. upwind.
    ha ha ha

  13. Bushman…at least you could still laugh, but when they are coming for me, they better bear in my I am always locked and loaded and ready for bear..

    , Simple might run under her bed and hide but I will meet their asses at my front door and in full stride.

  14. Had not for the BU blog..and newer blogs this state of affairs would continue unabated for another 52 years because everyone is so afraid, cowed, beaten down and dumbed down…how could an “educated” population allow this to happen and keep happening ….and the criminals, the culprits of government and the judiciary are the ones you have to pay a monthly salary…how did it reach to this.

    I know for a fact that people had complained for years and nonstop, pleading and begging for help and an ease from these criminals, begging those who would love to help but can’t for various reasons…

    Even worse these Judges whom I gave the benefit of the doubt for 5 whole years totally embarrassed me, I don’t take that shit lightly at all…uhhhhh, uhhhhh….I thought at least the judges would understand that they are in positions of trust for which they are handsomely paid with perks, one would think they at least would take integrity seriously, protect the people who come before them and not collude with their friends and fellow lawyers against the most vulnerable people on the island.

    Mia is also enjoying the benefit of my doubt ..but for a time.

  15. I read a story where Payne a couple years back use plant pots to corridor land which was not his and the owners living in Uk came to Barbados with documents in hand and had the plants removed

  16. This is the type of lack of integrity and lack of ethics that everyone accepts as normal and par for the course in Barbados..let’s see how it plays out..

    So just imagine how those who are not familiar with the laws or the constitution and don’t even know they can shout out and scream when their basic human rights are violated…how the criminals in the bar association, the judiciary and in parliament treat them, especially when they are old, weak and vulnerable….

    this one does not even have respect for the Mia government…

    “Members of the Guyson Mayers-led Police Service Commission (PSC) have been asked to resign.

    Minister of Home Affairs Edmund Hinkson has written to the commissioners asking them to immediately send their letters of resignation to Prime Minister Mia Mottley.

    “I am directed to kindly request you to submit a letter placing your instrument of appointment as a member of the Police Service Commission at the disposal of the Prime Minister, The Honourable Mia Amor Mottley, QC, MP,” stated Hinkson in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by Barbados TODAY.

    Hinkson expressed gratitude to the commissioners for past services rendered to the PSC and said he “looks forward to your early positive response”.

    However, in a defiant response, Mayers, who told Barbados TODAY he was unaware of the letters, dismissed the correspondence from the minister, stating: “There is no legal authority for such a letter.”

    Asked whether he had received one the PSC chairman replied: “Nobody would send me such a letter.”

    The Service Commission’s (Police Service) Regulations, 1964 CAP.34 does not address the issue of the chairman simultaneously serving as an executive member of a major political party.

    Mayers, an attorney-at-law, has come under fire for holding on to the position since his recent election as general secretary of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), having replaced George Pilgrim in that position.

    Among his harshest critics was Caswell Franklyn, the trade unionist and Opposition senator, who suggested at a recent sitting of the Senate that Mayers did not have “a little bit of integrity”.

    “That would never happen when people have a little bit of integrity. The thing is, the commissioner is not on these boards where the minister responsible can revoke their appointments, they have to misbehave in office and there is some little tribunal or whatever to take them out or they resign if they know better,” Franklyn said during the debate on the Public Service (General) Order, 2018.”

  17. @David
    How does this family progress the matter?
    Didn’t they mention a local lawyer? Is he still on the case? That individual should be pushing it Facebook postings will only get you so far or the “Estate” lawyers will be channeling Mickey Dee “Time is on my Side”

    • @Sargeant

      It is one thing to name and shame but how will settlement be achieved in their lifetime? The blogmaster is familiar with similar issues of estate settlement that have been outstanding for more that 15 years. They should not get sucked in by those with political agendas.

      A clarification, the blogmaster understands the proceeds of the land sale was deposited in a personal account which is highly unusual on the face of it.

  18. Mayers has a right to question the validity of the correspondence
    But Caswell barking up the tree of integrity to throw stones at Mayers right to question makes for a belly laugh when he sits on the Committee of Integrity in close comfort to ministers whose character and integrity is being held up across social media for full scrutiny
    There is nothing illegal about questioning a correspondence by any govt official
    Last time i checked this was a democracy and not a dictatorship

  19. @David
    A clarification, the blogmaster understands the proceeds of the land sale was deposited in a personal account which is highly unusual on the face of it
    It could mean that the “Estate” lawyers recognized someone as the “Executor” of the estate and issued a cheque in their personal name. or it could be as simple as the deceased having a joint account and the cheque issued in the name of the deceased and deposited (remember the Bank wouldn’t know if someone has passed and the account could operate as usual).

    Integrity in Public Office? How about Integrity in Private Practice.

    • @Sargeant

      In this case where other parties are beneficiaries there is the ethical requirement to place monies in an Estate Account.

  20. Sargeant…Dr. Ramsay seems to have been their. lawyer, he recently passed away, the ladies will have to look for a new lawyer , they are better off hiring one off island..the evil is real, I have seen it myself, we have seen it ourselves…Mrs. Smith was murdered and she is one of many…..fortunately for THEM I have no relatives on the island who can be subjected to that level of terrorist tactics, hounding and thievery from lawyers like PAIN and TEETS…Simple must be

    If so…that is not “highly unusual” that is a criminal act, proceeds are not deposited in personal accounts..lawyers have escrow and client accounts set up just for that…it is a clear case of not only elder abuse, feeding the elderly lady a steady diet of cigarettes, stress and whatever else to speed up her death…but the motive was always theft of land from the executrix…the fly in their ointment was the surviving beneficiary….but obviously not even that deterred those two ghouls and feeders of dead flesh.

    ..the daughter said she spoke to someone at CCJ which advised the whole thing is fraudulent and criminal…maybe she should start pursuing this first as a criminal matter..fraud and theft, if the commissioner will see it as a complaint, but first she has to file it on the ground in Barbados ..

    …the money issue is really for the foolish purchaser to pursue with those two thieves who stole land to sell him.

    Old Fowl..have a read of the Constitution..and Mayers should too.

  21. @David
    We all agree about that…… but who was the cheque payable to? Banks are fairly consistent about these matters so I can’t see them accepting a large cheque payable to an Estate and depositing to a personal account.

    However, there is a caveat, the “Executor” could be a sole Executor with solo signing authority on the account in which case they could transfer the funds to their personal account, in that case they have not fulfilled their fiduciary duty to the other beneficiaries but this is Barbados and it’s the “Wild Wild West” as we can see with this case.

    • @Sargeant

      If the proceeds went to the Executrix account then explain why she was not able to access the one third portion of funds to improve herself?

  22. “Now yuh dead come up here talking crap trying to defend Payne and Dale even when the evidence point of illegality in their direction….”


    I want you to indicate to me where in my contribution I sought to defend Payne and Marshall.

    However, you need to answer the question.

    In your new found conscience, are you admitting that you were wrong in defending Carrington’s actions relative to John Griffiths?

  23. Oh no…I made an error…the lawyer for the two ladies is the same Hal Gollop of Mrs. Smith fame..

    I mixed up the cases, that was another case same problem, same two thieving ghouls…PAIN and TEETS.

  24. @ Simple Simon August 29, 2018 12:26 AM

    Barbados is now in the most critical situation since independence. Not even the death of a child or a brother or a sister justifies the leaders of the country to leave their position in their high offices. Just a question: Did General Bussa leave his position when he fought for justice and freedom of his people? He sacrificed even his live for his people although he knew there won´t be any grand funeral as in the case of Lord Nelson. And therefore I admire Bussa so much. He is a true inspiration for everybody living on this island.

    Principle and duty above personal needs. Everybody living on this island shall demand that the leaders of the country spend 100 hours per week working on the reform of the public sector and on the restructuring and payment of debts. We had enough talk about “family and live” last year in the CJ´s speech at the opening of the new judicial year.

    We need leaders we can look up to, leaders high in the sky, not leaders who could be our sister or brother.

  25. But seriously, now I think of it..Hal Gollop is a QC, he knows the INs and OUTS of that Supreme Court…why was he unable to even get to first base with this case, he would have known it is land theft, so what is he playing at, were it me, I would hire a UK lawyer that can practice in Barbados or one from the other islands…because obviously Gollop in this case, is ineffective for whatever reason..

  26. @David
    Are you speaking of the “loan”? Perhaps I should describe it as a phantom loan as far as I can surmise there is no visible evidence that it was used to improve her circumstances. In the old days Solicitors used to advance funds to clients and hold their land as security if the landowner was unable to repay the Solicitor realized on their security and the land was lost. If this “loan” was advanced to an individual with the land as security when the land was part of an Estate it doesn’t pass the smell test.

    We can’t locate the Justice’s decision, we don’t know the paper trail except for a few bits and pieces and for the lawyers “Mums” the word.

    Maybe Hal is correct

  27. So in keeping with the spirit of civic mindedness I asked someone to kindly send a message to the ladies with Hal Gollop’s history..because something is not sitting right about this mess here…..Gollop as a lawyer would know PAIN and TEETS engaged in land theft, so what other angle could he have pursued this case from other than land theft and fraud against the surviving beneficiary…

    The CCJ gave the daughter the correct advice, so what was Gollop’s game.

  28. A lot of those lawyers want dragging off the island and dumping in some caged hole like Guantanamo Bay or down some dark site hole in the far reaches of Europe, they are repulsive and despicable…maybe then the others will stop committing crimes against the population for the sole purpose of enriching themselves..

    unless drastic action is taken against 5 or 6 of them, this will not end, it is a well worn, well used criminal template they have passed on to each other through the Bar Association since the 1950s……..notice I did not say bullet to the head…lol

  29. Payne is starring in his own land fraud saga online, complete with photos of stolen land, he is famous.

    I am beginning to wonder if Mia thinks this is cute that 2 of her ministers are well on their way to bringing her down, maybe she likes it so…what do I know.

    No one needs to be whistleblowers, ya done know none of them can be trusted and would pick up their phones and extort a bribe or some favour from the person whose name is called for the information and give up the whistleblower…there is social media everywhere to expose their asses, and it’s most effective.

    But my main point is…can any of these ministers and lawyers stop looking at stolen land and stolen money and corruption and how much they can rip off bajans for the next 5 years for just one minute and envision where all of this is going, because it is clear that they are not seeing it and as very generous and kindhearted as I am known to be..I sure as hell don’t feel. generous enough to tell any of them, because every time I see them, I also see their victims, so what is heading toward them like the Acela, or the Shinkansen they damn well deserve it… I cannot think of any other group of people more deserving.

  30. My sentiments exactly, I know Jackie is savvy and would have figured by now that something is not quite right, but given what she was told by CCJ and Hal Gollop as a QC and someone who traverses the Supreme Court on a daily basis and he could not see what the CCJ saw and give his clients that same advice and have them file a criminal complaint against Payne and Marshall with the police while they were on the island..says a lot about his actions and motives regarding the case…watch him, I would fire his ass immediately, I would not even have to hear anything about the murdered Mrs. Smith and his role in that confrontation.

  31. So sorry that Gollop, Smith and Haynes were not fined $50,000 each by CCJ just for believing the CCJ was as corrupt as their playground at the Supreme Court…am sure they made the justices skin crawl…I got too close to those three one time and my skin actually crawled…none is better than the other.

  32. It is worth repeating.

    This matter has to be resolved by family members sitting around a table OUTSIDE of the Barbados Courts. If this does not happen, mother and daughter will die and NOT receive a dime OR land read reverse the land sale.

    Based on what the blogmaster has read and is privy to some bad legal decisions are being taken as it relates to fighting the matter in the social media space without a parallel tactic of ‘deploying legal boots on the ground’. Why engage Davida Maynard to seek an injunction on a sale that was already completed then terminate her services to then contract Hal Gollop on the side without firing Maynard which led to the default judgement when the two did not present themselves at court?


    • The other family members want this matter removed from the public spectacle it has become. It might explain why they are not prepared to share all that they know. There are several issues at play here, mother and daughter will have to pick the battle they feel they can win in their lifetime. The blogmaster is not giving a pass to the officers of the court complicit in this transaction.

  33. So there is more to this, please let us have all the facts..

    You have to know how the system works in that pit, if you don’t, that’s it.

  34. Do you really think this can be resolved by sitting around a table … or for that matter in a civil court??

    I have my doubts!!

  35. Tend to agree John..skip the table talk……the only people involved here are a beneficiary to the stolen estate and her issue…this does not concern family members in Barbados, the beneficiary does need representation on the island though, because these thieves are working overtime to get away with stealing an estate from a beneficiary..

  36. The beauty about this though…it is fully exposed worldwide so the lingering question is…how did Payne and Marshall get a default judgement on an estate that has no title deed and which Judge did this, how could a judge give a judgement on an estate when the beneficiary to the estate is still very much alive…did the court contact the beneficiary..did the judge contact the beneficiary in any way..

    There are people who have been waiting fo judgements in land cases sense 1964…how did this decision go through so fast…

    The sale is illegal which would mean they would have to forge title deeds for the purchaser..but to do so…they want the beneficiary to the estate to disappear..

    A disgusting state of affairs.

  37. If wunna want justice stay far as hell from the law courts of Barbados for its the plaything of the corrupt. I would know first for its about friendships and who is connected.

  38. From the time the lady started on FB, there were a number of folks who advised her to stay quiet and to get a lawyer.
    It was clear that the advice was often prompted by love of party not by a love for truth and justice,

    One reason why Barbados reached this point is that those in power have done things sneakily and quietly. The range of quiet thefts is from plots of land to government business. If these ladies abandon their current approach, they will wake up five years later and notice that absolutely nothing was done to advance their cause and that the thieves have a greater grip on the land,

    i would urge them to keep up the uproar. Call names.
    Ask why were land thieves made responsible for housing and lands? Positioned for cover-up?
    Why are ‘thieves’ place in position of power in the legal system? Positioned to thwart justice?
    Point out that the first draft of the integrity legislation was a joke. It promoted corruption?
    Direct questions toward Mia and her cabinet When will this wrong be righted?
    How can she make thieves be called honorable.

    Keep up the volume.

  39. Yep..tha’ts the plan, keep the pressure on, they want to drag it out for 10. years, expose them worldwide for ten years..they will have to forge title deeds, the judgement was a fraud just like the judge…..the daughter is still a young woman….she can bury their asses….all the beneficiary gotta do is fix her business.

  40. I know someone who knows those two thieves PAIN and TEETS..this person never has a bad word to say about anyone..and he said those to ghouls are the wickedest thieves he ever came across and both deserve to be exposed worldwide..

    .If that is what Mia wants, that is what Mia will get.

  41. @David
    Is it true that the court case was won by default because attorneys were not present
    Heheheh there is a tenet in the legal profession to never ask a question to which you don’t know the answer so I will assume that you are a lawyer (or know a lawyer) because you knew the answer to that question. “John” pointed us in a particular direction and I couldn’t locate a resolution, either my investigating skills are minimal or nothing was published because there was nothing to publish.

    No wonder the lawyer could declare “victory”

    Land sold-what is the relationship between the agent and the lawyer? Who are the Executors? Did a “personal representative” morph into an Executor? Was another will completed? When the “deeds’ were “located”, how was the conveyance drawn up to show the sale of Estate land to a purchaser without the beneficiary’s involvement? Why can’t the putative beneficiaries get answers?
    Finally, where is the money?

    Someone has answers……

  42. It gives me great pleasure to enlighten these land thieves….. that will be the last piece of stolen land their law firm will ever sell going forward because of the worldwide exposure on social media, ah bet they have been so busy tying to complete their theft of estate from the beneficiary that it has not yet occurred to them, so am pleased to assist….

    Paynes law firm’s name is going viral synonymous with land fraud..

    ….not another white foreigner will buy another piece of stolen old people’s land from PAIN and TEETS.., hell they won’t buy even if the land is not long as those two ghouls names are associated with land theft…no foreign white will buy, they don’t want their names out there like the Wrights and the Whites…..

    .they can try stealing and selling what’s in the land bank, but ah hope they go to

    If they can’t see where this is going…good for them.

  43. @ Sargeant wrote, ” Finally, where is the money?

    I am sure you have heard the story before.

    Anytime Bajans grt together in Canada there is bound to be a story about family land and Lawyers.

  44. @the Honourable Blogmaster

    You queried why the two ladies would engage Davida Maynard for the injunction and then engage Hal Gollop.

    These two ladies are not wealthy persons AND FIGHTING THIS CASE AGAINST TEETS & PAIN has been a financial burden


    You understand what those two whores Pain and Teets have done to these parties?

    You understand how they came to such a meeting and Payne refused?


    He would have approached them BECAUSE IT IS A POLITICALLY ORCHESTRATED exercise for him.


    I wonder if they would let the ole man present at the Intergrity in Public Life hearings?

    “Honourable Committee I beg the forgiveness of the Committee today for appearing with my head bandaged up with these Bush Tea leaves

    You see de ole man has a pain in my teet or in other words a teet pain in two of my teets

    The doctor said that based on the condition and psition of the teet and the pain they both have to be pulled to badword out of my mouth ”

    Doan come too close to me Mr Chairman because given the rotten conditiin of my teeth, my mouth stink and it smells just as bad as the shit that Ms Atwell was storing in plastic bags around her house.

    During the time you teets and pain were waiting a call fom a caretaker if her condition changed.

    Yes Mr Chairman you should remember that time well for it was the time you levied maintenance fees and waited for your client to demit this earth.

    No on this subject of integrity Mr Chairman I respectfully suggest that you recluse yourself given that you are unfit to preside here given your complicity in these matters…

  45. David
    August 29, 2018 6:55 PM

    Given your experience what do you see as the best approach ?

    If you listen carefully you will hear that the will is alleged to be fraudulent.

    What we see of the will seems to create 3 equal shares and that would be how other members of the family become part of any imagined negotiated solution.

    Notice we only see part of the will.

    What is missing?

    If you listen carefully these ladies seem to be approaching the problem as a criminal matter which I would guess means the police prosecuting the matter.

    They obviously have a logical basis for this approach.

    I can hear a lot of emotion but I also hear a clearly identifiable reason, a logic.

    This just does not seem to be something people can sit down around a table, smile at one another and negotiate.

    There is only one apparent solution, fight it to the end!!

    “In War: Resolution,
    In Defeat: Defiance,
    In Victory: Magnanimity
    In Peace: Good Will.”

    Winston Churchill!!

  46. The thiught of 60 minutes would have Mia Payne and teet shi..ting in their pants
    Now the whole world would get a glimpse of barbados corrupt judicial system

  47. At that point cooler heads would begin to prevail. Right now would be the opportune time tp bring out the pit bull 60minutes especially when barbados economy has reached rock bottom and Mia needs financial help from the IMF
    Cant imagine Mia allowing Dale and Payne to allow a wrecking ball of fraud to demolished the IMF financial help

  48. You are so right Mariposa you are so right

    But even 60 minutes is getting cliche

    There are still better ways.

    I am going to show you how the grandson would do it.

    Give me a few moments and I’ll get back to you

  49. Ok Mariposa de ole man is back. (try not to kill no priests cause you ent going be able to sleep when the nights come)

    There are a few cheap euphemism for affordable (or did i invert that order?) a few things that these parties can do

    The first thing that they can look at is composing a better series of answers for what the ole man would call “The Script to Disbar Teets & Pain”

    THe questions that have been asked here by the Honourable Blogmaster and the points made by John (and Sargeant) would be the narrative for my fictitious interviewer.

    I would sanitize their existing videos and PURPOSEFULLY COPY the colours of 60 Minutes and do a few variations to be slightly different.

    Then i would deliver my story board with the requisite segues like on the same show.

    Voice Overs and cut aways and all them things dat the grandson does and then render it and distribute it

    Of course i would do it locally but de ole man would do a bit differently here

    I would purposely create contention with the Highjack marketing similarity and send it to 60 minutes and then send it to 60 minutes competitors with a “leader” comment about this company that is pretending to be 60 Minutes. See the attached, and create the whole news thing and fake news.

    Now the outcome of this is very simple.

    UPTAKE OVER THE CONTROVERSY THAT YOU WOULD HAVE CREATED in the first place and as a consequence publicity all over the place

    I would be extremely careful NOT TO BREAK THE LAW heheheheheh (and that coming from PUDRYR hiding behind his VPNs but what I want to do is to ENSURE THAT THE NEWS ITEM CONCERNING THIS CORRUPT DUO of PAIN & TEETS are seen all over the world.

    There is another less intense way to do this as well but de ole man would have to expose some things and incriminate de grandson heheheheheh

  50. @ the honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item for Mariposa.

    Your agenda is to unseat these two BLP MPs and bring shame on the BLP

    My agenda is to bring a measure of accountability to the whole blasted Duopoly that neither of these teifing parties will ever think about teifing CAUSE BEM WOULD SEE HOW IT WOULD AFFECT BARBADOS’ reputation internationally.

    That is why this is so important Mariposa notwithstanding your bias.

    Fumbles the Forever Banned and Chairman Mia Mao of the Long March with breakfast at Tiffany’s (euphemism for the IMF) must be forever afraid of teifing government funds.

  51. Lol…too funny…

    Mia likes the selection process for judges the CCJ currently uses, that is fine and dandy, but what about the current lifetime appointed judges sitting on the bench some of whom take bribes to cut living beneficiaries and their living issue out of their inheritance ….read.. estate…

    …. judges who give fraud judgements to steal land from the elderly and judges who take bribes from insurance companies to delay judgements in personal injury cases, these judges have lifetime appointments, what will Mia do about them, they can only be removed upon recommendation of the PM to the GG…per the Constitution.

    What is Mia waiting for….Payne, Marshall, Worrell and whichever judge gave a fraud default judgement to Payne and Marshall to steal land from a living beneficiary.., all 3 or 4 …..cause we don’t know if it’s the same skunk judge gave the fraud judgement….should be arrested for fraud.

    What is Mia waiting for….there are currently personal injury cases before judges in the supreme court that some claimants have been waiting as long as 2 years just for dates to complete these cases, even from judges who were appointed nearly 3 years ago….are they taking bribes from insurance companies to keep the cases lingering in the court for 15 and 20 years…Mia you should do a check because some of these cases are very simple and should have been finished, closed, a judge’s decision rendered within months. compensation to the injured given where applicable. …so why are these cases still lingering in the supreme court years and year later… the Chief Justice is obviously not doing his job,

    .we are thisclose to exposing judges who refuse to give judgements in personal injury cases……now that it has come to light that she has judges who take bribes to destroy the lives of and offend the population who pay their salaries…is she waiting for their NAMES to appear in social media around the world…will that get something done about them, because if we have to resort to that…the country’s reputation WILL BE permanently damaged.

    If your judges are taking bribes and are corrupt…you do not have a functioning judiciary. ..but we already know this….and so does Mia.

  52. But what is really pissing me OFF and insulted our intelligence. the same Mia and Marshall getting in a public forum in their press conferences and said that the same JUGDES are the problem at the supreme court and something has to be done about them…SImmons also hinted that the JUDGES are a problem…

    When Marshall was begging the US Ambassador for assistance with the problems at the judiciary….did he bother to mention to her that the JUDGES are a problem…did he bother to tell them what him and Mia plan to do about these judges…. to fix the problem…

    The judiciary CANNOT FUNCTION with corrupt, bribetaking judges….but we already know that because it is not functioning now.

  53. First of all JPs DO NOT charge for verifying documents, they are not Notary Public…THE LAWYER HAD NO RIGHT TAKING MONEY FROM ANY CLIENT FOR JP SIGNATURES.

    The client should get a copy of every document associated with THEIR cases….including and particularly their invoices, receipts..etc..

    Maynard is a halfassed dirty lawyer thief.

    Gollop played both sides against the middle, telling the clients the case would be adjourned, to get the beneficiary out of the way, while knowing there would be a judgement…the default judgement is a fraud as we surmised because we know the dirty bi*ches that they are only too well…he is in the theft with them for his cut, another liar and criminal who should be in prison years now.

    Expose this scum to the world..

    Who is the judge who gave the default judgement fraudulently, they are all in the theft of the estate from a living beneficiary and her issue… together.

    It is Enuff with his unethical yardfowl self putting out this lying information, he is the conduit for the two tiefing Ghouls PAIN and TEETS…lol

    Don’t worry, keep exposing them, they can’t wiggle out of this, it is going to strangle them and bring them down in the gutter like the liars, thieves and sewer rats that they are…all of them..

  54. Everyone on the island except for yardfowls and fellow crooks call both Payne and Marshall crooks, they have for years and this wonderful exposure makes it even worse, because now they will be known as crooks to the WORLD..everyone now knows who they are and will want nothing to do with any of them…..that’s the type of leadership scum that the blighted parliament attracts.

    That’s how they go at people to frustrate you and break your spirit..stand strong as you are not the only one, they are harassing senior citizens I know who are disabled.. but this one is not the one, they just don’t know that one of them would make sure the DEA, FBI and everyone who could drag the evil bitches at CGI Insurance and their dirty lawyers off the island for their criminal activities, shut down their criminal Cartels of drug dealing, gunrunning, money laundering and human trafficking….cause they all got clothes outside and have to be on the look out for RAIN….so you are not the only one…and the same injured senior citizens are not the only ones either…they got many, many victims lined up AND suffering…

    These are known to be evil, I have met people in US and Canada who speak of their experiences with the dirty lawyers and dirty government ministers in Barbados, they are well known…they live to victimize their own people and whomever-else attracts their greed and nasty criminality…

  55. I would like to sum up the whole mess:

    First, deeds were lost underpinning the need for proper land registration.

    Second, people from overseas hire cheap local lawyers and wonder about the outcome.

    My advice: Hire next time a lawyer in London from a leading law firm with a licence to practice in EU, UK, USA and the Caribbean. He/she will charge you 400 – 500 pounds per HOUR plus expenses but you get quality. Or hire one of your family members with a local licence, provided the person is smart and qualified enough.

    Buy cheap, buy twice.

  56. I haven’t watched “Darkest Hour” as yet but the clips I see on Youtube explain what is going on here.

    There is nothing to negotiate.

  57. Cant imagine a thief taking my sh.ite and then i am told to sit and negotiate to get my s.hit returned
    At that point the only lawyers need to represent my interest would be Wesson &Smith associates

  58. Are those QC designations given out through the UK, if so, it is time to write in complaints for both Payne and Marshall.

  59. I have seen documents with dozens of people either born bajans or those of bajan heritage robbed blind by lawyers in Barbados aided by judges and lost estates, got robbed of their inheritances..

    .I always thought the Judges were above this, but THEFT OF ESTATES..cannot happen WITHOUT JUDGES…

    , it is distressful that it took this many decades to expose all of this worldwide, but it’s not too late .

    And David Simmons can also shed a great deal of light on this, is he not part of the integrity whatever they got going…and was he himself not exposed in the Knox Estate mess that played out in Canada.

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