The Estate of Marie Stewart – Family Feud Over Land Matter Gone Public

Submitted by Sarah Cyrus

The following two communications occurred between the blogmaster and Sarah Cyrus – David, blogmaster

Communication 1

With regard to Senator Franklyn’s response – Senator Caswell Franklyn Responds to Facebook Video Accusing Ministers George Payne and Dale Marshall of Fraud  to the video allegations, I can categorically state that he did speak to my cousin Ermine every Sunday.

However, his statements regarding Glenda Stewart not returning to Barbados are erroneous. Glenda visited Mr. Holder in his final days and paid for Mr. Holder’s funeral and her mother’s. I know of her visiting at least six times for extended visits. Further to that, she paid the loans that Mr. Holder had accumulated and she paid for the repairs when the home suffered a fire in 1986.

Mrs. Atwell was not a recluse. She was eccentric but very intelligent and sociable. She sold the land because the house had fallen into a state of disrepair and she needed to rectify some legal matters. As for documentation, I am in possession of all documents related to the sale and the entire estate. My cousin trusted me. Yes she was angry because her sister brought a legal tort, however, attempts to reconcile the matter were hindered by those being accused.

All attempts to rectify discrepancies in a civil and sensible manner were rebuffed again by those being accused.

Communication 2

Sorry for my delayed response.  There are some less than professional legal manoeuvrers on the part of those accused as I agree that my cousin Glenda, as a beneficiary of the estate, should have been duly notified by counsel prior to the sale. However, the sale of Weston was done in Ermine’s legal capacity as Executrix of the Estate of her mother Marie Louise Stewart.  My cousin Ursuline, the younger sister of Ermine and Glenda was the co-executrix but she died before the Testarix, Marie Louise Stewart leaving Ermine as the sole Executrix.  The lawyers advanced Ermine in excess of $200, 000 (yes, she provided me with every document that she signed) and to sell the land was the only way to pay the debt.  Pamela and Glenda have cause for legal action but not with regard to the sale of the land at Weston. There is a great deal more to this saga and I think those accused should be held accountable for their shenanigans. I am not sure that social media is forum but I guess they need to be heard.



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  1. “The insurance company linked to the money laundering charges faced by former Minister of Commerce Donville Inniss, will not face the United States law courts.”

  2. Piece…my man, things are going to get soooooooo interesting going of mine, 3 of them actually, who are in the know have been saying that for about a week….hahaha

  3. Dale Marshall have u got no shame to be sitting on a committe drafting Integrity laws
    Dale Marshall have u got no shame after reading and hearing the damaging allegations level about you and your friend Payne
    Dale are you really serious to be sitting on a committe that would be setting moral standards for people entering politics
    Why dont you do the right thing and recuse your self from being on the committe
    Dale Marshall dont u know this is serious business and not a kangaroo court

  4. It’s Mia to remove Marshall from the integrity committee and if she don’t, it will be a serious indictment on her showing us she plans to leave things exactly as they are.

    I have been espousing her intelligence, no matter what others have said about her, let’s hope she does not use that intelligence to destroy her own self…she will find no forgiveness if she does not address and do something about those 2 ghouls..

    ..we know Fruendolittle would have done nothing if they were his ministers, but look where that got him…and

  5. And for those who are not aware, you do not need a lawyer or to be a lawyer to prepare a WILL and file it at the Registry,….people need to STOP using lawyers to prepare their wills.

    …in this particular case, because the Bar Association somehow allowed PAIN the Ghoul to practice law in Barbados….the DRAWN & PREPARED BY … is very valid, making the Will very valid.

  6. Waru, Theo et al
    This constant harping about I am a yardfowl looking for a pick tells me that wunna real igrunt and duz just talk and talk and talk because all yuh gotta a mout. I don’t like to talk about me because BU is not about me or any individual, but if I could recently refuse a private sector pick at $200k+car, wunna think there’s a yardfowl pick that would be better?🤣🤣
    I have not said one word against or for the Atwells’ claims, but according to the vids, her family owned the land for 200 years (yes 200) and the will is null and void because GP is an unqualified lawyer. 🤣🤣

  7. But who says her family did not own the land for 200 years, you got proof, was the name Holder not a slave oening name which would be their relatives…did you check…are they too black to have owned beach land for 200 years, is that why yall tief from ya own people to sell or give away to whites ….and why should these women remain hypocritically prim and proper while being robbed of their inhertance by two nasty government ministers.

    That is the problem we got with you…you are completely ignoring the facts where Payne and Marshall had no right selling the land or keeping the 2.4 million dollars while trying to drag the females through the courts for their own inheritance, what they did is FRAUD. .. we have not even touched on the other land yet, if you had your way you would cover this up, but ya can’t.

    As I said, if I saw any lawyer, politician, minister approaching me in the streets or knocking on my door, I dont care the reason, I would call the police…it don’t matter if they are qualified lawyers or not, they are unfit to represent the people in any capacity.

    Ya proud the Will is valid, I also want you to be proud of the fallout from stealing land from old people., something like how Donville is now proud…your aim is to discredit these women so that their land can be stolen by two thieves, says so much about you.

  8. It’s Mia to remove Marshall from the integrity committee and if she don’t, it will be a serious indictment on her showing us she plans to leave things exactly as they are.


    What if Caswell and Reverend Joe sit on the Committee?

  9. her family owned the land for 200 years (yes 200)


    Entirely believable.

    On my grand mother’s side, I still have land in my family that was purchased by the son of an ex slave in 1837.

    Also the subject of chicanery in court.

    On my Grandfather’s side, there is land somewhere in St. Philip, close to Rices, that was given an ancestor in 1721 when he was freed … by a Quaker!!

    So, the claim is entirely believable.

  10. Many none whites own land and plantations lands of Barbados Sir Hilary@ UWI, Archives, Library, Land Registry removed hide these people and how they looked, The idea planted by whites and History that only white people own land is a lie,John Beckles own the Bay Plantation 190 acres and Sold it in 1930 to Beatrice Henry and he died in 1957,” Big Black Cat” John Beckles and not white Becckles . National Trust and other CXC Manson members play with the head of removing us, 180 years after slavery you now want to give up another white HOAX like COW, now being led by Richard Cheltenham another crook lawyer now sitting and hiding in the Senate, Mia nasty and will see jail before she died whatever will she writes also Will be filled with Stolen Property of others, Clear Title will solve the cases in Barbados , A Full Forensic Audit Will send them to any jail in the World. The COP , DPP , AG all need to be removed if the GG a crook herself-do not put the Magna Carta in Order she also will need to be Remove. We warn you All years ago , So cant say you not know, “Rule of Law” must be upheld or Hell will soon hide streets, Beatrice Henry and Violet Beckles is the missing gap in Barbados Records from 1913-2018 this is your Clear Title removed that Has Banks on Hold,
    The People removed the DLP and the outed DLP will remove the BBLP , there are other crooks on that committee Ralph Thorne so we count 3 so far, A set of Legal Fraud crooks, liars and Scumbags talking they put in a Committee to make laws or Rules, Well you might as well buy a box of rocks and sell it as a TV, This is the same lawyer talk Mia giving the people on TV, Bajan Free Party! Get them all Jackie!

  11. Something needs to be done about the Judges on the Bench who handle these matters and have for decades left land cases, personal injury cases and other cases unresolved and unfinished in the Supreme Court…there is no way that some of the judges are not part of this land theft Cartel..

    .there are land cases lingering in the court since 1964, all the beneficiaries and even the judges themselves are dead, but the cases are still sitting there unresolved, waiting for the next gang of thieves to occupy the parliament…while the beneficiaries grandchildren, great granchildren have to continue fighting the case.

  12. We would not even be so suspicious if Simmons, Haynes and Marshall did not try to cover their own asses with that 2 years statute of limitations in the draft to the integrity legislation act….instead of setting it for 20 years to lock up thieves and corrupt politicians, lawyers etc…….we now know why they did it, let’s hope Mia does not allow them to get away with it or she too will be suspect.

  13. Bajan Free Party

    John Beckles own the Bay Plantation 190 acres and Sold it in 1930 to Beatrice Henry and he died in 1957,” Big Black Cat” John Beckles and not white Becckles .


    I think you got your dates confused.

    John Beckles who owned The Bay estate was a 100 years earlier.

    Here is the interesting thing.

    There is a Henery family in the mix from 1800!!

    “Children of John and Elizabeth Beckles:
    John Alleyne Beckles (10 June 1778-15 July 1840 (q.v.)
    Susanna Mary Dehany Beckles 3 January 1780; married William Henery 6 March 1800, St Michael, Barbados. Their children included: Susannah Beckles Henery who married her cousin Samuel Husbands Beckles, the son of John Alleyne Beckles.
    Mary Elizabeth Graeme Henery (died unmarried 3 October 1851); William Henery, died Barbados November 1817. Elizabeth Christian Beckles. Born 21 February 1781. Married Robert Augustus Hyndman (q.v.) who died 24 July 1814 in Demerara. Elizabeth died 9 September 1834 in London. Children were John Beckles Hyndman and Catherine Elizabeth Hyndman (q.v. for both).
    Margaret Ann Beckles (7 September 1782-2 September 1785).
    Sarah Ann Beckles (22 September 1785-6 October 1785).
    Mary Ann Beckles (29 December 1789-1 May 1868).”

    I remember a lecture by Professor Woodville Marshall describing how the “Bayland” was sold out to Bajans who had gone to Panama and had earned cash, in short supply in Barbados.

    The land owner I remember he mentioned was George Evelyn but I could be wrong.

    He was a partner in Cottle Catford and lent money to countless Bajans.

  14. Donville Inniss correctly is universally chastised on his charges of money laundering. His charges embarrass the island. Dale Marshall and George Payne must also be under the microscope . David BU a devotee of Watch Muh has finally added Payne and Marshall to lawyers in the news. Who is Michael Yearwood and what did he do? Lawyers create such a bad impression stealing clients property you wonder if there are any honest ones.

  15. @Enuff
    I don’t like to talk about me because BU is not about me or any individual, but if I could recently refuse a private sector pick at $200k+car, wunna think there’s a yardfowl pick that would be better?
    Stop the Press! You turned down 200K? Are you a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of separating people from their money and can turn down that kind of dinero?

    Yuh betta rethink that Gov’t pick we need people like you who can resist temptation and won’t be susceptible to bribes.

  16. Sargeant
    Again proving your narrow-mindedness and igrunce. The point remains–I am no yardfowl looking for a pick. So know your place.🤣🖐🏾

  17. WARU August 27, 2018 9:01 AM

    Something needs to be done about the Judges on the Bench who handle these matters and have for decades left land cases, personal injury cases and other cases unresolved and unfinished in the Supreme Court…there is no way that some of the judges are not part of this land theft Cartel..@@@

    WARU@ this the Problem , 30 years ago from then or more the same LAWYERS were the ones who did the land fraud and were made judges , who then upheld and hide their crime with Rulings and delays like the /Clerk of the court/GG , Who took Orders from AG David Simmons who made CJ,

  18. August 27, 2018 9:34 AM

    Bajan Free Party

    John Beckles own the Bay Plantation 190 acres and Sold it in 1930 to Beatrice Henry and he died in 1957,” Big Black Cat” John Beckles and not white Becckles@@

    Thank you for up dating me on My work, My work still stands, this is My History, Family History/legwork and not Google, All you post is what they teach at UWI, and the radio to brainwash people, hear don Bajan Radio, pumping up the white man as king,
    this is the Problem you believe what you look up, let me help you, the Royal Barbados Police AG, DPP, COP and Google, Facebook know what i print,All my work is by Affidavit, We hold the Plantation deeds, for what missing from Barbados rewritten record, Black Rock, Brittons Hill, Welches, Ventnor, Water Hall, Garden and more for St, Micheal alone missing from the roll call of Barbados history, Google them ,Go to 1913 Plantation Barbados and see what else missing, We shut down the high court and court day with the Balck Rock plantation deed for FOUR SEASONS on Black Rock plantation and the fire around elections of the government buildings with fires in Brittons Hill of our holding arson! We Write Our Own Books, We are and is Barbados History in blood and Name going back before 1756, Removed by black Minister/ lawyers and crook whites being helped by so-called Historians of Barbados another level of Fraud,History, fraud title searches, As you might see they stop in 1936 and refuse to go back to 1926 , no problem we have the deeds being helf by the RBP from 2009, and David Simmons from 1995, Owen & Mia from 1997, again given 2002 to Mia AG, again in 2009 and 2018 information, why you think we are in this mess, All Crooks, liars and scumbags of Barbados,No Clear title no Banking, Becckles and Beckles is not the same people,one black one white,

  19. BFP….what was I thinking, I know well enough that lawyers are appointed as Judges..the same damn lawyers..steuuuppps.

  20. I know Leslie Haynes is there drooling to get on the Supreme Court bench so he could screw up more black lives, just imagine 3 or 4 more of him and the people on the island would be perpetual victims until these Judges die…hopefully not to be replaced.

  21. They would have to be crazy to let Haynes loose on a bench in that Judiciary to pollute it any further….

    ..the only good may come out of the new integrity legislation act IF it is ever proclaimed OR ENFORCED..all new Judges will be subject to the terms of the act, problem is, the current Judges who seem to take great pleasure most of them in not rendering timely decisions and keeping cases unresolved in their courtrooms until they retire OR die…will not be subject to any of the conditions in the new legislation…unless the constitution is tweaked and a provision made to include them in integrity legislation…

    Something has to be done about the present Judges, many of whom who never seem to complete their cases and actually help the lawyers to drag the cases on and on. unnecessarily and then do not make timely or any decisions. .

  22. The sham that was display with Dale Marshall on the integrity Committe is sufficient reason to undestand why Trump label these small islands as dumpsters
    How in the world with such serious allegations swirling over the head of Marshall would Mottley allowed Dale to sit and make input about Integrity legislation
    What a disgrace and insult to the people of Barbados

  23. “Seriously is this govt allowing Dale Marshall to write integrity laws Jesus come fuh yuh world”

    But you had no problem with the Speaker sitting in the Speaker’s chair moderating Parliament. Look I done.

  24. Look at how the times have changed!!!!!

    When Mottley replied to the 2011 budget……for ac and the other DLP yardfowls…she was the “best thing since sliced bread.”

    “ac March 16, 2011 at 8:16 PM # : Truly Mia has arisen from the ashes . The gang of five must be having sleepless nights trying to find ways to take the spotlight off Mia. I saw the shortman delivering his speech but hardly paid attention to much of what he was saying. Simply put “He needs to give it a rest” Mia speech was excellent! Seem to be speaking to the issues of now and necessary resolutions. You go girl!”

    “ac March 18, 2011 at 6:33 PM # : Liberal and Prodigal the two of you are conspiracy theorist or what? MIA DIDN’T CREATE THE PROBLEM WITHIN THE BLP . The good old boys club did it themselves. Now she doesn’t have to get along with them. They need Mia now. She doesn’t need them.”

    “ac March 18, 2011 at 11:54 PM # :@Prodigal Did you hear Mia rebuttal to the proposed amendment. She spoke on behalf on the people those whom would agree with her point of view Mia seems to demands respect from those who might have thrown her overboard. Her rebuttal tonight even though I disagree with her had delivered a sense of integrity into the debate more often having the ability to engaged the viewing public. ANOTHER STELLAR PERFORMANCE!”

    “ac March 19, 2011 at 6:14 AM # :@AdrianHinds: “Mia the latter day statesman was thrown out of the house for conduct unbecoming of a FEMALE let alone a Statesman” “in part she was thrown out because she was a FEMAle who had the guts to take no nonsense from those who wanted her out . Nevertheless not to forget that the men of Parliament had fist fights and gun fights in parliament and still are members of the club. Being a FEMALE gave her not such priviliges. However With all the pitfalls and innuendos she has endured Mia is standing head and shoulders above those who did her wrong like the Owen Arthurs and his loyal court the Gang of Five.”

    Now ac on BU everyday…..cussing Mottley.


  25. Artax I am happy you throw those comments back in Mariposa/Ac faceas her morning words and evening words do not mesh.Mariposa is the biggest hyprocrite on BU,whose sole aim was to preserve the DLP in power at all costs.Well I guess that out through the window,despite her efforts along with Ms Holder ,the Trini Dem,Ms Undecided and a few others you cannot hear a peep out of since the Elections.However Maraposa ,along with the DLP,yardfowl T Inniss,the new opposition leader Piece,James Greene and Hal Austin decide that their mission now is to bellyache every day about Ms Mottley and the BLP,but they have at least 5 years nnd 90 days to bellyache and by the selection of two time loser Ms Depeiza and four time loser Mrs Sandiford-Garner both lightweights in my view to Ms motley the Dems look like they have another 20 years in the wilderness.

  26. @WARU August 27, 2018 7:45 AM “But who says her family did not own the land for 200 years, you got proof, was the name Holder not a slave oening name which would be their relatives…did you check…are they too black to have owned beach land for 200 years.”

    Actually beach land was NOT VALUABLE in Barbados when sugar was king. Beach land was poor sugar land, and as such wealthy sugar farmers had no interest in it. Poor people lived on beach land, and farmed what little they could on it. My father’s family owned and lived on such land on Gibbes beach and operated a bakery on it.

    We have become accustomed as thinking of beach land as valuable, but it fact historically it was poor people’s land, all that poor people could afford.

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  28. But now corrupt lawyers want to push black people off their inherited beach lands and tief it to sell to white foreigners. ..they not only need exposing worldwide but should hold some prison time.

  29. @ Lorenzo of Enuff

    You said at 6.37 pm that I am the Leader of the Opposition. I would appreciate if you would speak to your boss Mia and have her send my money via wire transfer to *****

    Please do try to tell her that it is important that they declare what the $$ is for lest it passage that de DOJ grab hold of PUDRYR and incarcerate me wid Pornville.

    One of us going have to be de “mattress” and it ent going be me heheheheheh

    By the way, you see that Stoopid Cartoon dat de grandson mek for Mia Mao’s 90 day review?

    4 thousand 5 hundred views!! IN 18 hours!!

    @ Observing,

    My man you are now the Deputy Leader of the opposition!

    That is a fantastic hit rate!!

    You comprehend what dat Stoopid Cartoon product does do?

    Years ago when there was no internet, a feller had was to write a letter to the Advocate and HOPE THAT THE EDITOR published the article.

    Then you had to hope that someone bought the stupid newspaper.

    Then that someone read it

    Understood it

    And took action on it.

    Dem days is done with and social media has replaced all of that pup.

    You seem to believe that running that line about what the DLP has done and did not do is going to cut it here on BU.

    I dont know about the rest but I know that de grandson rand a campaign for 760 something days to get rid of them scvunts and it worked (now do not get de ole man wrong as per that interpretation but you can appreciate what i mean to say…)

    The problem was that the DLP was allowed to languish for too long THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN WITH THE BLP!

    THe fact is that Mia is surrounded by a multiplicity of idiots and thieves and parasites like you WHO DO NOT BRING ANYTHING TO THE TABLE but destruction and wastage.

    You build nothing and are like neutered dogs, incapable of procreating yet you bark alot.

    AND YOU FOOL YOURSELF IF YOU FEEL THAT WE HAVE “5 years and 90 days to bellyache

    MIA HAS 154 days and counting DOWN at which point the country WILL FAIL!!!

    In fact she has 60 days to clearly define her plan of action to stave off the creditors who are at the country’s doors

    So you continue to fool yourself about how we ent “giving Mia Mao a proper honeymoon” but even if de rest giving up, de ole man isnt budging one effing peg

  30. Despite the high-level involvement of corporate officers in the misconduct, the Department has decided to close its investigation of this matter based on a number of factors, including but not limited to: (l) ICBL’s timely, voluntary self-disclosure of the matters described above; (2) ICBL’s thorough and comprehensive investigation; (3) ICBL’s cooperation in this matter (including its provision of all known relevant facts about the misconduct) AND ITS AGREEMENT TO CONTINUE TO COOPERATE IN THE DEPARTMENT’S ONGOING INVESTIGATIONS AND/OR PROSECUTIONS; (4) ICBL’s agreement to disgorge to the Department all profits it made from the illegal conduct; (5) the steps ICBL has taken to enhance its compliance program and its internal accounting controls; (6) ICBL’s remediation, including but not limited to terminating all of the executives and employees who were involved in the misconduct and (7) THE FACT THAT THE DEPARTMENT HAS BEEN ABLE TO IDENTIFY AND CHARGE THE CULPABLE INDIVIDUALS.

    Take a look at item 3 of the Declination with Disgorgement



    & charge the culpable individuals ???

    So wunna reading de same ting de ole man reading?

    They have stated that there are ongoing investigations and AND… they state that there is a plurality? (The Luminary was my source for that big word) of persons who have been IDENTIFIED & CHARGED!!

  31. @Enuff
    I don’t like to talk about me because BU is not about me or any individual, but if I could recently refuse a private sector pick at $200k+car, wunna think there’s a yardfowl pick that would be better?
    So you got a big pick. So what?
    Is that pick still available?
    Could I send you my resume?
    You and I have been best buddies for about two years. You is a man that I respect and love.
    You are no yardfowl. You are well caged.

    Was the car company that followed those government officers offering you the car?

    I hope my boy Arty landed on his two feet.
    He seem like a principled and honest guy, so I suspect he got a lower pick..

  32. Simple you are right about the value of beach front land. All the bay houses in Cattlewash built on the sea side of the train line were built on free land. Not one person paid a penny for the land. It was scrub government land. One plantation owner wanted my grandparents to go and take up piece. The land on the west side of the train tracks belonged to the Edghills at Springfield. Some people bought pieces, others rented. My uncle rented land at Cattlewash from Springfield and one of his sons still live there. There were three black families who lived there the Selmans, Mayers and my uncle and his consort. Another family that lived down there and moved were the Bovells.

  33. Corruption is not a DLP or a BLP thing. It is a politician thing. We have to let this new government know that this is a new day and we will be making them very uncomfortable. No more will we be waving and smiling like idiots as they pass by in their big rides when we know that they do not deserve our respect or admiration. They must earn our respect or we must make them so uncomfortable that their ill-gotten gains do not compensate.

  34. Piece,i do not give two hoots about the hits your grandson and you get,that suppose to impress me?I do not have to bring anything to the the table as I was not elected to do so.that job falls to Ms Mottley and according to you her team of idiots,whom you continue to belittle everyday.Pray tell me what is your claim to fame,confusing the blog everyday,what makes you so special?,because your grandson can draw a few cartoons..There is nothing you can say or do to impress me,i sticking with Ms Mottley so you budge or don,t budge I could not care less.I done with you.J/A.

  35. But the part de ole man likes is this one “…This letter agreement does not provide any protection against prosecution of any individuals, regardless of their affiliation with ICBL. If the Department leams information that changes its assessment of any of the factors outlined above, it may reopen its inquiry…”

    This is as open a threat by the DOJ to the previous and current administrations of the GoB as any.

  36. oh dear Lorenzo of Enuff!

    Does that mean that we arent friends any more cause if we wasnt friends any more that would jes be a disaster to my health!!!

    So, now that we are friends again let me just share with you some more pointers for a pooch sucker like you.

    Chairman Mia Mao said and I quote “…“I pray that it will not take us eight to nine months to do what we have to do. But I am equally conscious that we are only one of the parties at the table…”

    What does that mean to you my man? Given the paucity of grey matter in your head what mottley is saying IS BARBADOS DOES NOT HAVE 270 DAYS TO LIVE!!!

    Do you and your ilk understand that?

    Now, it is self evident that de ole man abhors the DLP (notwithstanding making a “call” for Verla Depeiza” that turned out right)

    But the DLP IS NO LONGER AT THE DRIVING SEAT MOTTLEY IS! and when wunna comes here to this BU Rumshop and make wunna “ALL HAIL THE CHIEF” speeches it is people like me who say “hold on a sec, why you praising the chief for? does she have anyone on her team who can deliver?”

    hehehehehheheheheheh and oh yes de ole man does deliver and has done so consistently and Mia self wud tell you dat but when a feller is greedy for eveyting dem does end up getting nothing.

    Ask de Chairman and she would tell you (though your pay grade is not like Enuff own heheheheh

    So “public” & “private” imgur postings.

    When de ole man grandson does de private postings it is because the topic is not for international broadcast so to speak but for “local” consumption.

    But when we ae dealing with corruption and injustices and human rights and incompetency AND FAMILY AND FRIENDS GETTING PAID FROM TWO BUDGET LINES, I ent give one badword bout private postings.

    The mission is to mek wunna RH honest to the people of Barbados.

    Looka a feller could sit and write a whole set of pup bout personal matters which would certainly be equal to the issues of these two ladies that you? and your pally Enuff sought to insult.

    But that is not of any import Lorenzo.

    What is important is that Mottley got an Attorney General who it appears his hands are not entirely clean AND UNTIL DEM GETS CLEAN He going feature in Stoopid Cartoons ok?

    And why is that Lorenzo, why is he going to be highlighted AT THIS CRITICAL TIME?

    Because left to wunna honeymooners WUNNA DOAN WANT THE IMF TO SEE WUNNA NASTY PANTIES!!!

    So since wunna is laws to wunna selves it is best to show you who is the law.

    Now now now I know that you would query the reasoning behind bombing a sinking ship

    So that wunna effers surrender wunna guns unconditionally and stop shooting at others of the nation’s soldiers who are in the water starboard of the vessel SS Barbados whom you continue to kill IN SPITE OF THE GENEVA CONVENTION ON PRISONERS.

    If you kill my soldiers while they are incapable of helping themselves I WILL KILL YOURS. Sounds like a plan to you?

    Hold on pun dis one in the meantime Lorenzo while you continue “sticking with Mottley”

  37. Piece,

    8 or 9 months? Mmmmmhhhh …. Talking about pregnancy? But what kind? A devil-incarnate maybe? I guess it will be a Hindu child.

    We have to read PM MAM´s plan as following: 8-9 months for the amputation of Goddess Bim´s arms and legs aka civil service (up to the middle of 2019) and then 1 to 2 more years to keep alive Goddess Bim´s amputated body UNTIL the Guyanese with take over Bim with all their Petro-$$. “Negroman” and “COW” have then the opportunity to do some table-dancing together in a Hindu club at the Platinum Coast.

    I hope the Barbadian men are prepared for the Guyanese driving and some nasty attacks with AK-47 on local banks …

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