Trevor Prescod Warns Two White Shadows

Wonder who has advised MM to tone it down and try not to be any more stale by the time elections are called and which part of the three management teams that are in conflict and in play by the BLP  managing which part of the BLP campaign has instructed that a gag order on Trevor Prescod?
Maybe this video gives a hint of why it is a good idea to have him muzzled.


  • “The blp has lost its soul Trevor Prescod is part of that brand trying to distribute fake news to solicit votes.”


    A similar observation could be made of several DLP parliamentarians as being “part of that brand trying to distribute fake news to solicit votes,” as well.

    I’m sure you’ll agree that Christopher Sinckler is one of the most “notorious liars” ever to walk the halls of parliament.

    Surely you remember on the eve of the 2013 general elections, Sinckler told parliament he was informed by police that two men were overheard planning to assassinate him. And after lambasting Mottley for exposing one of his lies, he subsequently called “Brass Tacks” to offer an apology.

    But we cannot forget when the Central Bank, IMF and Standard & Poor reports that government economic policies have failed to achieve the desired objectives…….Sinckler was still attempting to convince Barbadians his policies were working.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @FearPlay, your remark that “… Mr Prescod’s presentation skills – more suited to another place than the highest platform of debate in the land and where was once a place of honor” is rather amusing and disingenuous (unintentionally so, I expect).

    Yours is an imbalanced view of the debate in the House of Assembly…dont equate ‘presentation skills’ therein and ‘honor’…

    …What honour is there from Parliament since the days of EWB and JMGMA’ (when I started paying attention) and their fellow parlimentarians’ harsh rhetoric which OFTEN led to threats that if the person repeated the remarks outside parliament they would be sued

    In what context does a person feel so aggrieved by HONORABLE words and behaviour to threaten legal action ! 🤔

    So it’s amusing that you condemn Prescod”s combattive style as dishonorable when in fact the HoA has been a den of dishonourable behaviour for donkey years…

    @Mr Blogmaster, yes there are basic staples of political warfare that always generate interest…race as you highlighted and of course, sex.

    So I suspect the white shadows will continue to excite us even tho we know it’s contrived…just as we will hear about who horn who, who bites what body parts and likely rediscover the good ole Bajan term bootsie! (Hopefully for tourism sake, like the internet burned on the word ‘kakistocracy’ [govt by worst people] last week. One can hope, right😊)

    The Pacha spoke of Don Blackman’s white shadows rants [back in ’86] but of course the beauty of that (as is now) is that the DLP then had one of the freaking biggest local white executives as a Barrow confederate…

    …like a game of circus fun-house mirrors: the image changes depending on which side of your mouth you flap…Prescod is simply having his turn at the circus routine!


  • Pacha…..this is so sorely needed in Barbados, Caribbean and most countries, there is only so much of the corruption you can take before something HAS to give.


  • What kind of politicians do BU bloggers want|? The majority reject Natalee on the basis of her history, even though the Christian faith to which many claim to belong preaches redemption.
    Now they turn their venom on Trevor Prescod, a man who identifies with the down trodden, the impoverished, the marginalised, a man who speaks with dynamism and verve.
    One does not have to agree with everything he says, but he certainly deserves his place at the top table. As to people of influence, it would be naïve to suggest that there are not communities n Barbados, publicly removed from the political process, yet have as much influence, if not more, than any organised black groups.
    Is this not the implicit claim when we talk about corruption, especially including certain property developers and those who the NIS chooses to invest with?
    Is this not implicit when we talk about certain people and groups who are above the law? Is this not what is meant when we claim that certain people get to hear the detail of government business before ministers and parliament? What is it that we really want?
    Are we not attacking Trevor because he is not a lawyer and is an ordinary guy and not from a high-class family? BU must make up its mind what kind of society it wants, or do these keyboard warriors, most of them in the ante -chamber before meeting their master, just want to vent their bitterness and spite on anyone who crosses them?
    Or, is it just another example of the Bajan crab mentality meant to pull down a parliamentary candidate who is popular with his constituents?


  • I am sure their equally corrupt bribers took a free bullet to the head also, the Chinese will never leave it unfinished….ya fix the problem completely and do not leave it to fester and give birth again, cut off ALL the heads.


  • oh…I thought the heading had come…the Chinese government executed 26 politicians in one fell swoop….for corruption, in the above photo, as I said am sure their partners in crime, the business people, were also executed, to send a loud message..


  • Well Well

    Few recognize the levels of corruption in our world

    Corruption makes notions of democracy quaint, at best

    Only the sunlight of popular power, on a daily basis, can stymie this

    The system of government capitalism in China sometimes makes an effort but they merely scratch the surface.

    In the West we are way too tolerate of official corruption.

    Vested interests have no fear of their publics


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Hal, you sir need to deal with YOUR own demons and stop projecting them to BU bloggers, fah real!

    Apart from the tired twists on race, unnecessarily caustic ad hominem and some unbridled misantrophy which come from the same sources on every subject where did you get the perspective here that…..”… we [are] attacking Trevor because he is not a lawyer and is an ordinary guy and not from a high-class family? ” or the equally grand over blown “…Or, is it just another example of the Bajan crab mentality meant to pull down a parliamentary candidate who is popular with his constituents?”.

    Reality check: This is election season and in ALL such places every word from a politician – particularly the most vocal and popular – will be examined and hypa-ventilated to create favor or disfavor. That’s as basic as drawing breath every day.

    Why come here because of your friendship with Prescod to spew such undiluted biased verbiage.. he is a politician and a big boy , he signed up for this and surely gives as well as he gets. Just saying!


  • “In the West we are way too tolerate of official corruption.”

    Exactly…the dumbest among us, the yardfowls, believe their respective political masters being corrupt is cute, no matter that the corrupt practices leave them and their progeny in poverty for decades….dumb is dumb…

    the west is too careless and lackadaisical and should follow the Asian template re corrupt politicians, just a matter of time before a request surfaces, when it has reached boiling point, which is now..


  • My friendships are based on principles. Trevor has shown sound principles. By the way, when did I mention race?


  • @Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service April 15, 2018 9:00 AM “When I first saw the clip I thought it was Estwick carrying on in his usual fisher woman’s fashion”

    Don’t call the women name in this.

    You know very well as a woman that female behaviour is always exemplary.


  • @Hal Austin April 15, 2018 10:05 AM “They turn their venom on Trevor Prescod, a man who identifies with the down trodden, the impoverished, the marginalised, a man who speaks with dynamism and verve.

    Glad to see that the Ivy guys standing up for one another.


  • @de pedantic Dribbler April 15, 2018 10:38 AM ” he is a politician and a big boy, he signed up for this and surely gives as well as he gets.”




  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Hal, I don’t intend to be impolite or disrespectfully but for a man who had a profession in journalism and as an editor too I am sometimes COMPLETELY dumbfounded and bewildered by your remarks, for example , “By the way, when did I mention race?”

    I can only imagine that you read my post quickly and did not properly take in what was said because in no context were my remarks which included the race reference attributed to you…it was merely part of the intro to the point of that sentence….(aparrently poorly written on my part, alas).

    And this is where I am not intending to be overly disrespectfully, but too MANY of your posts here are representative of that careless and indeed callous disregard for what is being actually said…maybe it’s only me but boy you can be incoherent for a man of your background. Others I can understand …but YOU a former journo.

    I was going to take you up on the remark on the Jeff blog re the car registration, as your example blew me away again a somewhat callous disregard for clarity and tone…. but not me and that…you may start to think I am trolling you or something. I gone, hear!


  • lol…Estwick’s trademark fisherman’s


  • Well Well, I reach here now. The fact is that the Politicians in Bim have EXTORTED $$$$$$ from Whites and others for a very long time. NO need to remind wunna of what the Customs people do or why they are living in 5-6000 sq ft homes in Beverley Hills , formerly Shop Hill, among other locations. None of them give a RODENTS RECTUM for other Black Bajans, there are their with the objective of their very own Net Worth Enhancement. Having reminded of these facts, I understand the the Jada boys are pushing hard to retain their political pals, the DEMonic Larceny Party! This is all about CORRUPTION not RACE! Wunna know full well that these parasites dont give a RH for anybody but themselves. The DLP has been subpar since the Dippa and Cammie departed.The partry should have been buried wid dem so.


  • @Pacha

    Two academics from Cave Hill coincidentally are discussing the issue of vote buying and corruption in Barbados. The issue is wider than race.


  • MoneyB…someone told you I was asking for you, ya got here real fast, hahaha

    That is why I quoted you, I knew you would not be shy about sharing information about the corrupt extortion/extortee/briber/bribee relationship between politicians of both political parties and minority business people.

    But moneyB…no minister of government or politician can extort anything from me, there is more than enough blame to share between extorted and extorter…they both love that game of corruption or the whites would have put an end to it 3 decades ago, so there is no excuse in being just as corrupt as your garden variety politician or minister at the expense of the majority population, just look at what ALL of them are getting now.

    As much as we would love to keep race out of it, it’s the majority black population suffer because of these criminal relationships, rarely the few white minorities on the island feel hardship, so basically it’s because of the greedy actions of the goats loitering outside parliament doors and won’t leave and the goats waiting to get in…..there is now a level of unsustainable hardship on the people as a whole and felt mostly by the majority…combined with the total mismanagement of the economy for 10 years..


  • Caswell will be pleased to hear that UWI, CAVE HILL academic Barrow-Giles agrees with him that there have been obvious breeches in the electoral system by political parties with no action by the government agency responsible.


  • I have seen some civil servants with very impressive properties on the island, only to hear that is #3 of 5 properties owned etc…they have done well…

    .I should explain what I said, the reason why no minister, politician or lawyer on the island can ever extort me, is because I am always wired for sound and that’s because of dishonest lawyers, so there is no way I will meet with any of those three individuals and dont be wired, I send the lawyers a copy of any recordings after, because they lie too much and I want no part of their corrupt practices.

    You never meet with those whom you know are corrupt, without being wired for sound, everyone else you give respect, but not those who are corrupt.


  • “I understand the the Jada boys are pushing hard to retain their political pals, the DEMonic Larceny Party!”

    They got a lot to lose, as you know well enough, the quickest people to go broke are the dishonest ones who present themselves as millionaires, magnets and moguls… there is a movement afoot to make sure they lose their house slaves, wreck that one way gravy train, it is time.

    ah can’t wait for June.


  • Let me put it another way see if it generates feedback:

    Would Maloney, Cow, Bjerkham, Tempro, Harris, Parris and all those known to engage in corrupt dealings on the island with politicians and members of parliament still feel entitled to commit these acts against the people had the population been 280,000 WHITE people instead of 280,000 BLACK people…remember yall are saying it has nothing to do with race….

    so hypothetically imagine the minority population being 7,500 Black people instead of 260,000 people, imagine how that would play out…tell me who would be controlling the economy, parliament and tell me how many blacks you see in the 7,500 minority population of blacks controlling white ministers, all the businesses or controlling anything, with a white controlled parliament.

    ….so would they all still feel comfortable committing these corrupt crimes without fear and feeling there would be no consequences in that hypothetically setting ?

    ….a simple question….yes or no


  • Left out one, gotta flight the script sometimes, look at other angles, keep the brain engaged..

    Would Maloney, Cow, Bjerkham, Tempro, Harris, Parris, Bizzy and all those known to engage in corrupt dealings on the island????????…..


  • Hal Austin @ 08…am “Presentation skill? Explain yourself.”
    I see you agree with me and I stand chastised for being so loose with my description of what the good gentleman was doing. “Presentation Skills” indeed. More like a short “harangue”!


  • WW, the people voted for the MPs so they have the duty to rectify the corruption. Do U seriously believe that only whites pay off the Pols???????????? I am not condoning any of this behavior, I only pull you back a lil because U like to frame it as All Whiteys bad which is not true, and U know that.
    What I have stated repeatedly is that we need a non partisan approach to solving Bim’s problems and charting the future. Investigate what other small island nations are doing successfully and adapt the ideas that make sense.
    Hopefully the DLP wont be able to teeef this election as some say they did last time. When DEMs say “all is mine” we must retort “not dis time!”


  • So now that the script is flipped, I dont even see my regular detractors jumping out to attack, it’s an easy exercise, you just substitute one group of people for another….and imagine who will be in control..

    imagine how many crimes a minority population of 7,500 black people would be allowed to get away with in a hypothetical majority population of 280,000 whites..who control the economy AND parliament

    will 7,500 blacks be allowed to control white ministers and politicians, stop majority whites from progressing and owning ALL large and medium businesses….

    ah made it easy for yardfowls to understand

    when all of that is digested, I will tell you the reality in case some of you have a problem facing it.


  • FearPlay April 15, 2018 1:15 PM

    Hal Austin @ 08…am “Presentation skill? Explain yourself.”
    I see you agree with me and I stand chastised for being so loose with my description of what the good gentleman was doing. “Presentation Skills” indeed. More like a short “harangue”(Quote)

    I am afraid I am neither agreeing nor disagreeing. I simply wanted an explanation.


  • WW, Harris is not White and neither is Parris. Certainly there are many corrupt and evil white people in the US, UK , Russia etc as there are Chinese in China, and significant number of Africans eg Zuma. So Race is not the determinant factor.We should be working together towards the renaissance of Bim, for all.


  • Why all the fuss about white people and the DEMS? Rest you assured that the same white people AND black people who bought and paid for poor rakey DLP politicians have already made deposits on poor rakey BLP politicians and will complete the purchase after election results are in.

    Remind yourselves of what Netflix did to the movie in which Kevin Spacey had the lead role after he was accused of sexual impropriety – they brought in another actor and reshot all scenes involving Spacey. Same thing with black, white and gray shadows – same program, same scenes, different actors, same drama.


  • MoneyB…….first thing needed will be a government with ethics and integrity to legislate powers of recall for corrupt governments and individual ministers by referendum, the people decide if they should go or stay, once they are corrupt you cannot keep them….

    ..that is not DLP, not one of them have either attribute of ethics or integrity… they should not be reelected…

    Fruendolittle never fired Carrington for stealing from a disabled senior citizen in a wheelchair…a no-brainer decision.

    As I see it the current ones jostling to slither into the parliament are looking for status, money and the arrogance it brings to lord it over their own people….am yet to be impressed…I only see more disenfranchisement and thefts…I may be pleasantly surprised, but not holding my breath.

    Reports from outside the island said that DLP had that repulsive firm now under international investigation, Cambridge Analytica interfere in the 2013 election, so in plain lingo…they deceived the electorate and stole the election, no wonder nothing went right for them, things are too hot for the same firm now, so it’s doubtful they want to even hear about Fruendolittle and his clowns…so their chances of winning any reelection is 0 to none.

    personally I would love to see all of them, politicians, ministers and all their bribe masters of various flavors in prison…I have no hesitation about that,so if 500 whites, 200 mixed Indian, Syrian, whatever and 1,000 blacks gotta go for tiefing from the population…dont care the number, they are well deserving, there will still be many more people left…

    ….the existing problem is exposing and stopping the corruption between all involved and destroying any future intents before it begins.

    more than enough of them are corrupt in every group MoneyB….too many.


  • To repeat like a stick record, once money has to be allocated there will be corruption with human beings involved. The people must be eternally vigilant and seek to implement relevant rules (legislation) to effectively manage, this includes enforcing and educating.


  • “WW, Harris is not White and neither is Parris.”

    I was dealing with the corruption factor and heritage of those two……so my question still stands, in a majority white Barbados…would those two be allowed to get away with the crimes they do in the current set up.????

    a simple question

    And ya know ya full of shit, had the population set up been different, you know you would have a real little England, US or Canada, with a majority white controlled police force being total a*sholes, same way the present minorities practice all the racism they can against the majority…but it would be magnified by 100.

    ….and a white controlled parliament…even worse, immediate regression to the 1700s……they would definitely have at least 2 more prisons built for the 7,500 minority blacks but none for themselves, the black population would have to flee …so dont try to feed me crap…they practice all that crap against the present majority copied from South Africa apartheid system, still in 2018 and you are trying to tell me that once they have control of the parliament, they would change… insult me.


  • Money Brain, I am given to understand that Well Well Wot An Iggorant Racist Dolt I Is is a woman. Explains a lot, the ignorance, the illiteracy, the demented hatred and the plain stupidity of someone who thinks murderous thuggesses like Winnie Mandela and Grace Mugabe are saints. There seems little hope for the negro race if it keeps producing creatures like them and WW, far more deadly than the male, and who like a mongoose will kill for sport.


  • IQ45…I totally forgot about you, not only did I strike another nerve, it looks like I cut right into the damn thing, don’t bleed to death…ya think ya slick.


  • Says the IQ45 who supports a cretinous, racist criminal president in the form of trump…only because he is white and IQ45 is a stone cold white supremacist..

    good luck convincing the majority black population that they need a white government…ha!!!


  • In Indonesia and Singapore and a few other societies, they either publicly execute or publicly CANE corrupt politicians AND business people, another option.


  • Blog Master

    Why do you allow the character Well Well to post the same racist hated contributions to everything all the time?

    It is becoming ridiculous and needs to stop.

    That person is becoming a nuisance. The blog needs to be protected from that demented person and they need to be protected from themselves.


  • Thomas Lynley April 15, 2018 3:17 PM

    I agree


  • Hal Austin – so do I. The creature is sick.


  • Yeah, Yeah…no one likes the truth, they prefer fantasy…well sorry, I dont live in a fantasy world, I dont do fantasy..

    yall are the ones on here every day complaining about government corruption, bad management, lack of regulation of government departments, lack of regulation of insurance companies, of government ministers and civil servants who don’t know what they are doing…..of this of that….everyday….now deal with some reality.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ 45govt April 15, 2018 2:09 PM
    “There seems little hope for the negro race if it keeps producing creatures like them and WW…”

    If you don’t want to be considered a Racist equivalent in standing, shouldn’t that read: “There seems little hope for the [Human] race”?

    Unless you want to classify both Hitler and Stalin fully paid-up members of the “negro race”.

    Neither Grace nor Winnie ‘is/was’ any more materialistically tyrannical than other female consorts of ‘European’ political history.

    Instead of Grace that arrogant obnoxious jenny asshole should have changed her name to Marie Antoinette before trying to ascend to the Zimbabwean throne.

    BTW, the fate of the “negro” race lies not so much in the testes of the black man but more so in the mind of the black woman.


  • NorthernObserver

    Are they election spending or contribution limits in Barbados?


  • @Northern Observer

    Have a read of a couple previous BU blogs

    Non-Enforcement and Mockery of Election Laws

    Posted on August 3, 2014 by David 93 comments

    Many who scanned the Sunday Sun today [3/8/2014] to get a read of Caswell’s column encountered disappointment. BU is pleased to assist the Nation Publishing Company in making an ABC editorial decision – Barbados Underground On July 6, 2014 the country was informed via the Sunday Sun that the 68 candidates in the February 21, 2013 general election spent just

    Read more

    Sinckler’s Honest Election Return

    Posted on August 25, 2013 by David 79 comments

    The following is authored by CASWELL FRANKLYN and was submitted as his bi-weekly commitment to the Nation newspaper. BU understands it was NOT published. During his speech to wrap up the debate on the 2013 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals in the House of Assembly, Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Chris Sinckler, was quoted in another section of the

    Read more


  • NorthernObserver

    “Now all of a sudden he finds the intestinal fortitude to speak on the subject without producing evidence.”
    Has FJS found that letter from CH where he was THREATENED yet? Or is he is like TP speaking on a topic without producing evidence.


  • @David

    This would be the same academic that few years ago had to cancel a book launch due to threat of legal action for plagiarism?


  • Hand to mouth politicians.

    “That brings me to an article entitled, “Ban Begging” which appeared in the June 22nd edition of the Sunday Sun. In that article, Mr. Ralph “Bizzy” Williams recommended that politicians should be barred from soliciting funds from individuals and companies to help run their election campaigns. Mind you, if the election returns are anything to go by, Mr. Williams would have no cause for concern since according to the returns all the candidates were unsuccessful in their fund raising efforts’.


  • “Neither Grace nor Winnie ‘is/was’ any more materialistically tyrannical than other female consorts of ‘European’ political history.”

    True millertheanunnaki, but Europeans have progressed since the dark ages, while sadly Africa has regressed.


  • NorthernObserver

    Thank you.
    Mr CF’s comments related to filing of expenses by individuals and pointed out a) laws relating to images on apparel were contravened b) several known expenses were not declared. Yet there was no mention of “limits”. Can all candidates or parties accept unlimited donations and spend unlimited funds? Or is the purpose of the post election audit just to tally the spending without need to assess limits?


  • Northern Ovserver FYI the PM did not withold the contents of the letter nor did the PM withheld the name of the person in question that of Charles Herbert .
    Trevor Presocd just like his leader uses pretentious motives to guage and engage the blp supporters .
    Again the question which resonates is why did he not open his mouth before but now at the eleventh hour tells a story of which he fails to produce the evidence.


  • @enuff

    You know a lot!


  • NorthernObserver

    “the PM did not withold the contents of the letter”….could you paste or link us to said letter. Many thanks.


  • @ David
    Enuff…You know a lot!
    The VERY short contributions are enuff to tell how much…


  • The problem is always enforcement of existing laws or acknowledging that laws are being broken, as Caswell keeps saying.

    What have europeans progressed to, being less detectable savages?

    you would get here and lie on Africa, a country richer in resources than any European country and is now the fastest growing economy on earth with investments spanning Europe AND North America, why do you lie IQ45…you are the worst type of hypocrite ..

    ……do you know an African bought Heathrow airport a couple years ago, don’t know if he still owns it, the investments Africa now have world wide are mind boggling their banking system is futuristic, you need to step out of the dark ages and update your erroneous information.

    Africa’s inventors are producing at a rapid pace and their millionaires and billionaires double every few years, that is phenomenal for a continent that spent centuries under the brutal rule and massive thefts of European savagery.

    Did you know that the wealthiest woman on earth is Afria

    People are leaving the west to return to the land of their ancestors with no regrets.

    4 out of over 50 countries on the African Continent.

    2016 Rank Country Nominal GDP ($ billions)
    1 Nigeria 406.0
    2 Egypt 332.3
    3 South Africa 294.1
    4 Algeria 160.8

    meet an African billionaire…a female, one of many
    Folorunso Alakija. Folorunso Alakija (born July 15, 1951) is a Nigerian businesswoman, one of the richest African women, and one of the richest black women in the world. In 2014, she temporarily unseated Oprah Winfrey as the richest woman of African descent in the world

    growing by leaps and bounds, unstoppable even by lies.


  • @Bush Tea

    Some on here post voluminously and many will quickly search for delete or scroll, others although brief making comments will always attract comment/interest. In others words it is quality not quantity…LOL.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ 45govt April 15, 2018 4:03 PM

    That might be true in a philosophical sense. But hear this ‘truism’. ‘What goes around will come around (again)’.

    Didn’t some ‘civilizations’ on that ‘dark’ continent like Kemet reach their zenith while European wild boar hunters were living in caves and making ‘infantile’ drawings of their kills?

    Maybe a deciphering of your Rosetta stone can shed some light on the darkness of Africa.

    BTW, the European is a dying breed. Global warming would see to that.
    Additionally, escalating inward migration by fast-breeding Muslim groups would ensure the making of the European into a minority grouping in less than a century.

    You might then see not only a bastardization of the so-called haute culture but a return to the early mores of the Levant bringing Christianity back to its ‘rightful’ place of birth.


  • Why would the Prison Officers Association find itself in a position to have to report $39,000 stolen from its offices?


  • Keep telling IQ45 that and he will stroke out, his fantasy world has no room for reality, it only consists of lies meant to demean and degrade Africa and the black race…worldwide.

    ah notice I still did not get an answer to my earlier simple 2 questions, the weakest minds on here instead hollered for me to they would be falling over themselves to correct me…..what a thing.

    3 ball-less wonders.


  • @David

    Thank you David. I need not be voluminous, verbose and repetitive. Even in writing efficiency is key.


  • No need to brag Enuff..
    You ARE good at it…. Looks like you are ISO 9001 compliant….

    What?? you want to keep it for yourself or wuh?


  • For how long can we run with the hare and hunt with the hound…………………………………..


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Ah hope Ha, Ha Austin can find his citizenship documents…and even then, if some home office and Downing Street demon who is even more brutish than May decides citizenship documents dont matter anymore and start back the “no blacks” campaign, something that can happen at anytime because there are no guarantees with the brutish british….I guess we will be seeing Ha, Ha back in the Ivy sooner than we think.

    They did it to the Black Moors who were born there and in the UK long before them.

    A”pril 15, 2018

    Up to 50,000 Commonwealth-born individuals who arrived before 1971 still do not have permanent residency status. A report by Aina Khan for Aljazeera.

    Caribbean Commonwealth high commissioners have called on the UK government to resolve the issue of elderly Caribbean-born undocumented residents at risk of being deported by the Home Office.

    Many of the Caribbean-born individuals whose undocumented status has now been called into question, arrived in the UK as children under their parent’s passports at a time when their island was still a British colony.

    These now elderly Caribbean-born individuals have no formal identity documentation as they assumed they were automatically British citizens.

    Although the British Nationality Act 1948 granted British citizenship to individuals from Commonwealth countries, the introduction of the 1971 Immigration Act restricted free movement of Commonwealth citizens, although it did grant indefinite leave to remain for those who arrived prior to 1971.

    According to the Migration Observatory of the University of Oxford, up to 50,000 Commonwealth-born residents who arrived in the UK pre-1971 have not had their residency status made permanent.

    Speaking on Thursday of his dismay at how the contribution of an entire generation to Britain has been brushed aside, Guy Hewitt, the high commissioner of Barbados to the UK, said: “Being a product of the Commonwealth, London-born of Indian and Barbadian migrants to the UK, I am dismayed that this situation could even exist in the 21st century; that people who gave their all to Britain could be seemingly discarded so matter-of-factly.”


  • Off topic

    There is another attempt to revive the dormant/comatose Barbadian Association of Journalists, what will be their first order of business? Think they can provide any aid and comfort to the Nation workers whose ranks are being decimated?
    Looking forward to some robust coverage of the upcoming Election campaign (look I can dream)


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    My instincts very rarely fail me, it helps that the british beasts are so very predictable in their centuries old evil ways and practices….in the 50s and 60s descendants of slaves in the Caribbean were requested by UK to work and build their cities, they had worker shortages, children back then traveled on their parent’s passports, they would have had to have proof in the 70s when they were asked to flip their passports from commonwealth to british, am sure they made sure proof was buried making it even more dufficult.

    some people I knew were able to flip to british passports because they were adults when they left the Caribbean, much easier than if you were a then 5 or 10 year old……british savagery and ungratefulness to the descents of slaves will never end.

    “No 10 refuses Caribbean request to discuss children of Windrush
    British residents threatened with deportation to countries they left as children and have not returned to since

    ‘I’m here legally, but they’re asking me to prove I’m British’

    Amelia Gentleman @ameliagentleman
    Sun 15 Apr 2018 16.04 BST Last modified on Mon 16 Apr 2018 08.47 BST
    View more sharing options
    Downing Street

    Downing Street has rejected a formal diplomatic request to discuss the immigration problems being experienced by some Windrush-generation British residents at this week’s meeting of the Commonwealth heads of government, rebuffing a request from representatives of 12 Caribbean countries for a meeting with the prime minister.

    “We did make a request to the CHOGM summit team for a meeting to be held between the prime minister and the Commonwealth Caribbean heads of government who will be here for the CHOGM and regrettably they have advised us that that is not possible,” said Guy Hewitt, the Barbados high commissioner.

    The refusal has given Caribbean diplomats the impression that the UK government is not taking a sufficiently serious approach to the problem that is affecting large numbers of long-term UK residents who came to Britain as children.”


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Uppity Ha, Ha of London …ya quiet this morning, this is when you should be giving ya 2 cents worth, cause within another 5 years, it could be your ass deported from UK…just for being black.

    That would teach ya to prioritize the use of ya intelligence no matter it’s level.


  • @Sargeant

    It will make no difference, the local journalists are holding a weak hand.


  • Until the two major parties move to have more than 40,000 Barbadians financially support them so much that they need not go to outside sources for election campaign help, we will have shadows running things.


  • Hear listening to the expected attack of VOB from the DEMS!


  • Roverp April 16, 2018 1:27 PM

    I am reliably told that members of the parties do not even pay their annual subscriptions. It is a lack of discipline.


  • So Hal this means that all the current parties running for elections can be easily bribed. You are suggesting ill-disciplined management and a lack of wisdom.


  • So we have a management problem hence management is in need of management


  • Why are we attacking journalist in BIM? I suggest an agenda similar to the TRUMP one is being used by some to bring FEAR to this country. Some are attacking VOB and the NATION as they want no alternative views.


  • Roverp April 16, 2018 2:06 PM

    So Hal this means that all the current parties running for elections can be easily bribed. You are suggesting ill-disciplined management and a lack of wisdom.(Quote)

    I am not suggesting any such thing. All I am saying is that it is my understanding that some members of political parties (and presumably other organisations) do not pay their subscriptions.


  • @Roverp

    Are you satisfied the local media is delivering on its mandate?


  • NorthernObserver

    maybe one can ask the leader of SB and another frequent poster, whose broad “family” own meaningful chunks of the Nation, today One Caribbean Media, about those cuts. Yet, like so many they are now a T&T run operation.

    On other local related business news, I note the large rebound in price in cocoa….….GEL invested in an Ecuador outfit recently.


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