Trevor Prescod Warns Two White Shadows

Wonder who has advised MM to tone it down and try not to be any more stale by the time elections are called and which part of the three management teams that are in conflict and in play by the BLP  managing which part of the BLP campaign has instructed that a gag order on Trevor Prescod?
Maybe this video gives a hint of why it is a good idea to have him muzzled.


  • D.Blud O’Delamm

    Gosh! Hally exclamation. Ah got Barbados Abovegroun bawlin, what cricket wat at de Louvre? Yall luvin mah pictchas uh plants.


  • NorthernObserver

    “All I am saying is that it is my understanding that some members of political parties (and presumably other organisations) do not pay their subscriptions.” [Quote]

    Hal have you ever run anything of an organizational nature in Barbados. Collecting funds has always been a nightmare.


  • A next blog where I was silent….
    It is amusing how the white devil appears around election time. After the election are over the white devil disappears and surfaces at the side of the new masters.

    After the election, Mr Pilkington and Napoleon throw a great party and
    “No question now what has happened to the faces of the politicians. The electorate outside looked from black politician to whitey, and from whitey to politician, and from politician to whitey again: but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

    Mark Maloney exits, Herberts enters or vice versa. It’s a con game. It’s three card-monte.

    I seem to recall we had an advocate who speak on the positiveness of being black, but had a white woman (perhaps wife)….
    That’s when I first realized that this black and white thing in Barbados is a caricature, is politics, is marketing and you damn well know, it’s Esau selling his birthright

    I try to stay silent. But every now and then the hypocrisy becomes too much to bear

    For clarity: I am not for or against or do I care if it is a black and white/asian/Hispanic/Martian. relationship. So don’t get your panties twisted over a non-issue.

    Hope I put this monster to bed.


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