Time to Put Up or Shut up Minister Estwick

Dr. David Estwick, a key performer on the campaign platform for the DLP

Dr. David Estwick, a key performer on the campaign platform for the DLP

The political temperature is rising in Barbados about one year after the last general election was held. At a time when Barbadians would have wanted the political directorate to seek solace in the attribute Barbados is well known – a politically stable country – we have Minister David Estwick adding unwanted political diatribe to the debate. This is how it appears so far anyway.

If Barbadians are expected to entertain the huffing and puffing from Estwick for what seems to be the umpteenth time, BU hopes he addresses the following at his constituency branch meeting tomorrow. BU understands the Barbados government has made a deal with a company to restart the Four Seasons project.  The terms of the deal from a source states that JADA will be the exclusive contractor. From all reports JADA is alleged to be in the process of forming a number of small companies to distribute the work to respond to the public outcry which is bound to come a la Coverly Housing project.

The other matter we want Estwick to clarify is the suggestion he is being pressured by a member of the deep pocket class to back off. In fact we understand he is being offered millions of dollars. Is this true Minister David Estwick?

Barbados needs to get its act together.

290 thoughts on “Time to Put Up or Shut up Minister Estwick

  1. “goto which he subscribesvernance to which hsub”
    should be ” the finest traditions of the system of Westminster governance to which he subscribes as a loyal member of her Majesty’s Parliament.

  2. Estwick is solely responsible for his neutering. I agree with Caswell it is a case of “Dr. Estwick and Mr. Hyde”.Crusoe you have nailed it ” Lunatics running the asylum!” Pieceahderockyeah you got it right as well….Monkeys tek over parliament!

    • I will not join everyone in condemning Estwick totally as a clown. He is a good medical practitioner as far as I know, but he has self-esteem problems. He just wanted noticing. Donville provided the forum where he could get his ego massaged and now he is happy.


  3. The goodly dr Estwick is no clown.

    That grumpus-back grogoon millertheanunnaki should know better but you can’t help but detect the disappointment in his writings, after all the Senate is where all the defeated clowns gather to waste Wednesday afternoons.

  4. Dr. Estwick is a difficult politician in the extreme and the island have thrown up quite a few . He ebbs and flows as a team player it must be a horror to keep him in line with majority decisions. No one in government persecutes him ,he seems to get his way by throwing temper tantrums. All of this is unbecoming of a Minister of government who is looked up to by Barbadians as a source of guidance and as a role model. When decisions are taken in a Cabinet government and the majority agree every man jack sinks their differences and gets on with the collective decision and responsibility. Estwick breaches that precept with impunity. Its one rule for Estwick another rule for the rest.

    Estwick ought to settle down he is not superior to anyone. He is a likeable and smart guy use those attributes instead of temper tantrums and threats. The party backed him in the unseemly gun issue which from all accounts he emerged in the worst light. Estwick there is a lot of work to be done. Barbadians are losing their jobs settle down work with your team. For God’s sake give us a break with your on again off again nonsense.

    • The Fan

      You forgot to mention that Estwick even acted as Prime Minister. Was Freundel scraping the bottom of the barrel or was it that he has confidence in him. If that is the case, Why would they not listen to him in Cabinet.


  5. Caswell

    Cause them don’t want to address the national public debt which, despite what the PM says, is taking over 50% of every dollar earned to be used as debt service.

    $12 billion and counting.

  6. @ Warinka | February 4, 2014 at 8:04 PM |

    The miller is so impressed you take the boring time to read all my writings. Same here, my friend.
    But why are you associating me with the clowns in the Senate? Certainly not among the 12 on the Government’s side many of whom take up room in a Cabinet comprised of funnier clowns!

    The miller promises not to refer to David the jump-up as a clown.
    But are we allowed to refer to him as a silly boy called puny David dressed up as a monkey carrying a loaded gun with mock bullets and shouting “fire, fire” before an audience attending the circus of comics?

    The man is a blooming jackass and that is calling a red spade a bloody spade, mate!

  7. Millertheidiot

    We know you ain’t on the government seats in the Senate. Do you plan run against John the Voice again or was two whipping enough for you?

    On one score you are correct, your writing and the reading thereof do constitute boring time.

  8. @ Warinka | February 4, 2014 at 9:02 PM |

    Now whom does that reflect badly on? The idiot who does the writing or the double helix idiot who enjoys to read the crap?

    We will leave you to Jerome. Not the doctor who likes to ride from behind but the one with the skeletons hiding in the closet. You want to join us in a séance to invoke the ghost of JCT?

  9. There was a time when someone spoke of Bridgetown characters, we readily thought of people like Gearbox, Easy Boy, Tala Lala, Reds,Ciola,Bull Dog and Ninga Man.
    Today , the mention of Bridgetown characters lead us straight to Palmetto Street. And no prizes for guessing who is Easy Boy or Bull Dog.

  10. Looking like Estwick ready to throw in the DLP towel and move as an independent or worst sit with the BLP.
    The PM needs to get this under control like NOW.

  11. Enuff

    This man like he serious. Every day he going further and further with his disagreement with the Stuart administration.

  12. @warinka
    I wonder if Estwick really thinks that FS and CS will pull back on the retrenchment since he is against it and has a plan to stop it… lol.

    In any case, IF he goes through with his presentation AND stands up on principle AFTER he is told “sorry pardna, we dun reason wid d IMF boss lady so dis 5000 people less ting gotta run route, nuh lotta long talk”…………

    …….maybe THEN we can say that ONE man had the balls to stand up when ALL others didn’t (all bipolarism aside of course).

    btw, Dennis Clarke sounds like a helpless child who vex cause he being forced to play “tip me two” instead of stand up and bat. Poor fella.

    Just observing

  13. Observing

    Estwick rolling the pitch for when he does the WALK. I don’t blame him…………….a bunch of jackasses, first thing they do is send home people, they ain’t sell off assets, they ain’t refinance some of the debt, the ain’t drive a growth plan, they decide FIRST to send home people.

  14. DE talks like if it is a done deal that the Opposition will embrace him…he still got issues with Dale who up to Sunday was talking court. I actually do hope that he has ideas to present to cabinet that will help stem our crisis and buy us more time cause after driving through Bridgetown yesterday we don’t have 1500 days to play with…more like 120 days cause after May the proverbial shit will hit the fan. There is such a sense of dread and morose lurking up and down this country, it is almost palatable

  15. @ Warinka | February 5, 2014 at 7:10 AM
    “This man like he serious. Every day he going further and further with his disagreement with the Stuart administration.”

    War boy or girl, you still ready to cuss off the miller for fingering your silly boy right on his yellow gutless button?
    The petulant fickle boy whom you think is a rock of stability is nothing more than a political hallucinating schizo that needs a good spanking from Jerome.
    Next week after Thursday’s plenum the crazy spinning weathercock could be singing the praises of the MoF while sitting like a crying puppy in Fumble’s lap.
    Wait until the financial deal is sealed and the laundering trail cleaned up.

    Now if Stinkliar is a serial blunderer what would you call the boy with the dented ego (DE)? A serial menace to the DLP’s chances of securing pensions for the benchwarmers?

  16. @ Warinka | February 5, 2014 at 7:58 AM |
    “Estwick rolling the pitch for when he does the WALK. I don’t blame him…………….a bunch of jackasses, first thing they do is send home people, they ain’t sell off assets, they ain’t refinance some of the debt, the ain’t drive a growth plan, they decide FIRST to send home people.”

    You weary “Wary” ain’t got the foggiest clue what really is going down in your own country. Do you really think the DLP Cabinet has any say in whether or not layoffs must take place.

    Can’t you see the hands of the IMF all over this ‘sine qua non’ irreversible decision?
    Do you understand what happens when confidence is lost in the abilities of the people pretending to be in charge of a country with very limited resources other than its people (living above its means) requiring sound, reliable and consistently good leadership?

    You will soon see what’s around the corner you so blindly following.

  17. Never in the history of Barbados have we had a bunch of incompetent childish fools like the ones we now have running this country. If this is the result of our FREE education then we have been damaged beyond repair.

  18. Enuff;
    Bipolar with a capital B. Just read all his posts from the time he appeared on BU about 2 or so weeks ago and see if there is an ounce of a consistent message in them. He even declares that his identity is known by all and continues to post under Warinka. Who is the fifth columnist Warinka?

  19. Did you not see also that Mr Bi-polar threatening again to upset your party’s apple cart? Who cares? DE is finished politically, he has no credibility. Where was he prior to the cabinet decision to lay off over 3000 poor Barbadians? He could really behave himself!

  20. The PM has only one credible option as DE has clearly demonstrated that he is not pleased with the way that his Government has handled the Economy since 2009 and indeed appears to be siding totally with what OSA and MAM has said should have been the strategy from about that time. DE’s intransigence will lead to many sleepless nights for most in the DLP camp.

    He should call the Elections now without any further ado. Waiting will only exacerbate matters for the DLP as well as the country!!

    If Estwick goes over to being an independent, even if FS could struggle on at the hellum constitutionally, the DLP will be able to do nothing meaningful as David Estwick, with a casting vote, would be calling all the shots for every vote. DE’s demonstrated intemperance will ensure that the Government will fall on its own weight in weeks rather than years. It would therefore be better to call it now.

    The problem is that the PM has also clearly demonstrated that he cannot make a decision. He will wait until it is thrust upon him. In the meantime the BLP will do all in its power to avoid precipitating an election now. So look for some fancy footwork in the coming weeks as the major actors, the PM, the MOC, the MOF, MAM, RJ, etc., run scared and do some very strange and seemingly inexplicable things.

  21. @ are-we-there-yet? | February 5, 2014 at 11:55 AM |
    “DE’s demonstrated intemperance will ensure that the Government will fall on its own weight in weeks rather than years. It would therefore be better to call it now.”

    That is not the way it is planned to pan out. Such an premature outcome would call for a rearranging of the chess board.
    The “No layoffs, No Privatization” stew is not yet ready to be served.
    The ‘no privatization” hocks still require more cooking.

    Let Fumble finish the ‘no privatization’ meat to show the world the true character of the man whom was once dubbed Mr. Integrity the Sleeping Colossus but is now an awaken giant with feet of clay ready to fall from Mount Molasses because of the many lies he was telling himself in his dreams.
    Time is indeed longer than twine, according to the bi-polar kid who has decided to piss on the blind giant’s feet. Indeed a true Bajan version of “Jack and the Beanstalk”!

  22. @ Mark Fenty | February 5, 2014 at 12:54 PM |
    “And that the whiteman, the Indian as well as Chinese have had four- hundred years ahead of the Blackman to perfected they business skilled. Miller are cognizant of the fact that the blackman have had his so called self- determination a little under fifty years, after being enslaved by the whiteman for over four- hundred years?”

    Which physical location are you grounding your argument? Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, USA, Barbados, Trinidad, Guyana, UK, Ghana Nigeria or Benin?

    When you have established your historical bearings we could possibly pursue to contention.

    Why not stick to Barbados you know well because the USA might not be too kind to your argument or liking as you could find out some blacks too had slaves.

    BTW, slavery in Barbados really got off the ground in the mid 1600’s and officially ended in 1833-34.

    Chinese and Indians did not arrive in the Caribbean until after abolition of slavery. They were brought in to replace the so-called freed black to work on the new sugar plantations in the Guianas, Jamaican and Trinidad.

    Chinese arrived in the USA in the 19th Century to work in the building of the transcontinental railways. They suffered even worst discrimination and deplorable conditions than the blacks.

    Before you argue about such serious and important issues you need to get your facts straight. But then again you can always blame the white man for depriving you of an education, right Marcus?

  23. Miller;

    You may be right in that a quick election is not how its planned. But from the story in today’s Nation it seems evident that David Estwick has been a thorn in the flesh of Cabinet for a long time now and the rumours of the last two weeks suggest that what’s happening now would have been expected by Cabinet. With anyone other than David Estwick one would also expect that the evident deep seated differences between him and the Cabinet on how the economy should be run would lead to his leaving the Cabinet. But, even though one cannot bet on what is likely to happen given the enormous seriousness of the situation, government’s buy in to and the starting of a deep programme of retrenchments as well as the possibility of serious inducements being offered to DE to remain in the fold, the situation seems to be now trending towards just that denounement.

    The other wild card is the PM. His accustomed hands-off approach seems to be somewhat anomalous in this very serious current situation unless he knows with full certainty that DE will not upset the apple cart. The other possibility is that the PM has hardened his heart against any more accommodations to DE. If he has misjudged (and DE’s continuation of the process of explaining his feelings (replete with interesting figures) to the public even to the point of bringing news out of Cabinet is quite suggestive on that score) DE will walk.

    If DE walks over to the independent benches will the PM do what is customary for him, i.e. wait until the situation eventually unravels itself or will he call new Elections and thereby put the BLP in a position they cannot want at this time while catspraddling his new MP’s in the same way that Sandiford did 2 decades ago, in the face of an untenable situation?

    Just mulling over things.

  24. @ David Bu:
    “millertheanunnaki | February 5, 2014 at 1:31 PM | ”

    The above contribution was inadvertently posted to this thread.
    Please remove since I have posted to its correct position.


  25. @ are-we-there-yet? | February 5, 2014 at 1:38 PM |

    The PM has another card to play; the queen of spades as a show of wisdom and courage.

    He could reshuffle his Cabinet (long overdue and justified) and replace Sinckler who appears drained and demotivated with Estwick to silence him once and for all. Let the big-mouth guy get burned by the raging economic inferno.

    We feel confident Sinckler wouldn’t mind going back to FA where his propensity to lie and to use his loud mouth would go well with the gourmet crowd.

  26. are-we-there-yet?

    these public utterances from Estwick are unprecedented in Cabinet government in Barbados. Estwick knows the PM cannot do anything to him. He also knows the decision on the future economic policy rests with the collective body of Cabinet. Estwick is now on a campaign to change economic course using the full Cabinet support as his buttress against Sinckler’s failed policy for economic improvement.

    How can Estwick lose when he has tied his actions to an unwillingness on his part to see people sent home in droves.

  27. its a masterful political stroke on Estwicks part one even the great Richie Haynes would be proud of.

  28. all the while Owen is freely giving his approval to Estwick while leaving the Barbados public and BLP faithful to stew in his opinion that “Mia is not capable to lead Barbados”

  29. Equal amongst First;
    I agree it appears to be a masterful political stroke. But you might have forgotten that the PM thinks asymmetrically. He may have some surprises for DE. The Cabinet is there at his behest. If he says not a man move. Not one of them will have the guts to move and after the Powerpoint Presentation it will be back to square one.

    This is not an easy one to call since the protagonists don’t think straight.

  30. The PM has already inflicted his revenge on CS, there is no need to be cruel by making both the country and CS suffer more. The PM cannot have any surprise for DE cause if Estwick leaves they all fall on their backs.

    A lot in Cabinet cannot stomach the lay-offs and many of those also don’t like the way CS has abused his position as MOF. It is that that Estwick is hinging his hopes upon, a revolt in Cabinet against CS.

  31. Estwick has confirmed publicly that he does not agree with the economic policy of the Sinckler and the Cabinet and if they don’t get back on track he will go independent or worst join the opposition.

  32. ………..but ac wunna head hard. the government economic policies ain’t working and wunna sending him poor people.

  33. why don’t you talk to your dlp people and tell them they running head long in a hole in the ground?

    Sinckler is a dunce.

  34. ac

    If the DLP don’t be careful and manage out this here situation with Estwick we will have a repeat of 1994, including OSA and all.

  35. Come on Nation get it right and report the facts as they are and not as you would like them to be.

    Mr Hallam Gittens a NHC worker and family gets laid off together. 

    This story in the Nation Newspaper is misleading and dishonest journalism. 

    These are the facts of the case of Hallam Gittens he was employed at the NHC in 2008 whilst living alone at Eastbourne St Philip and Andria Brathwaithe was employed whilst living in Blades Hill. 

    They came together in 2012. And Andria moved to the home of Gittens. 

    They do not pay rent. 

    The son never lived with them.

    He resides at Blades Hill. 

    They have never lived together as one unit.

    By the way Gittens let me ask Mr Gittens have you paid back the $2,500.00  you swindle from that lady you promise to get a house for under false pretense.

    What about the the $500.00 dollars you tried to swindle from the lady wanting a low cost unit.

    Isn’t it true you got a call from a retired police officer for the return of money for the said old lady and Is not also true that you only paid $200.00 

    Also please let us known that it isn’t true they had to move you from loans for suspect crinimal behaviour to maintainence. Isn’t it also true you falseify a degree to get a job, is also not true that you were reprimanded for being drunk on the premises while in the employment as a member of staff of the NHC ?

    This is the furthest from the truth that Family loses jobs.

  36. Fair and Balanced | February 5, 2014 at 10:01 PM |

    You should change your moniker as Dangerous an Imbalanced. It looks to me that we are not only looking at Temporary workers but we can see wickedness in action. If what you are saying is correct. Why de hell police wasn’t called in. If an employee is found drunk and disorderly, that person can get a summary dismissal. If those procedures were not followed, why blame the employee. Probably, the employer sanctions this type of behaviour. So unfair and imbalanced you are simply a political yardfowl that is dangerous and should be avoided and ignored.

  37. enuff | February 5, 2014 at 7:45 PM |

    Anybody know where Estwick got $1.6b deficit figure from?
    Probably the same place that the DLP got their win at the last election from. ………The Book of Lies and Deceit.

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