David Estwick Addresses Water Crisis, HOPEFULLY

David Estwick, Minister of Agriculture

David Estwick, Minister of Water Resources

According to media reports Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resource Management Dr David Estwick has scheduled a press conference for later today (07.10.2016). Estwick has been the target of severe criticism because of the inability of the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) to achieve its mandate to deliver potable water to ALL Barbadians.

One hopes that Estwick will treat Barbadians with respect AND assume an empathetic posture later today by leaving his usual blustery and bombastic approach at Hoodies’ door.   BU agrees with Dr. George Belle that the ongoing water crisis will have political implications for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) when the bell is rung for the next general election. It does not take evidence-based analysis to determine how long suffering residents in the areas of Barbados affected by water shortages will place their X.

One has to wonder what motivated Estwick to state recently, he intends to treat the water issue  as a national problem in response to the question why he has not reached out to residents of the most affected areas. He is technically correct to say his mandate must be national in focus, BUT, the reality is that there is an area in the North of Barbados that is being affected.  Any sensible politician should appreciate the need to establish an ’empathetic connection’ with the affected residents.

Human beings cannot survive without water – the infrequent supply to areas of Barbados has served to increase the level of stress of residents in the affected areas. This is an important observation in the context of a Barbados gripped in a protracted economic crisis for the the last eight years. And there is no light at the end of the tunnel!

BU and others have written voluminously about the water problems afflicting Barbados.  The poor management; communication, planning etc. Residents in the affected areas must be grateful in 2016 to be receiving the many gifts of water. The many acts of kindness must be commended BUT it does not absolve the BWA and David Estwick from the responsibility of ensuring ALL Barbadians receive water at the tap. One wonders why the simple task of maintaining supplies to the community water tanks is not being achieved. Why rapid response teams are not being satisfactorily mobilized to fix burst pipes. Why we cannot manage efficient customer contact centre operations to respond to dissatisfied subscribers.  Proactive communication alerts via ALL channels. The website of the BWA is wholly inadequate in 2016, there is no visible Facebook and Twitter presence to efficiently exploit the digital platform in a country with  deep Internet penetration.

The BU household will join many concerned Barbadians later today to listen to Minister David Estwick. Our expectation is that he will leave the political rhetoric for the political platform and deal with how his ministry plans to relieve the suffering of Barbadians in the North of the island.



  • “Water tanking is becoming a problem now, the scarcity of water is causing people to store water and if it is not done in the correct way, it will breed a lot of mosquitoes,”



  • @ David
    You are so silly and dishonest that posting as 9 simply confirms it.
    Steupsss … Come on David..
    “Silly’ is often associated with “charming, innocent and child-like”….
    This woman is a ff’ing idiot…..a brass bowl old hag….
    What silly what?!?
    ha ha ha
    silly indeed!!!


  • @ Hants
    As man…. you is a fella who does use his noggins …and although yuh went to”that other place”, …you usually listen to reason.

    What REALLY does this water situation tell you as an intelligent Bajan? Do you see a new era of pride and industry in our future…?
    …or a long, hard period of ‘smelling hell’?

    Seriously Boss…. name another set of people who are as foolish and incompetent as we surely must be… and tell Bushie if ANY and ALL such brass bowls are not broke, hungry and in bondage to others.

    Can you imagine that 50 years post independence we have no better plan for water management than existed back in those days?
    Can you imagine that the reservoirs are largely the same damn ones; …the wells are the same; … shiite – the pipes are the same?

    Can you grasp the idiocy of spending millions of dollars to EXPAND water production when the BASIC PROBLEM is that half of the water you already own is being wasted through leaks?

    Can you imagine that there is no NATIONAL POLICY that guides what the normal water usage of a regular citizen SHOULD be – given all the circumstances?
    ….so some brass bowls use 20 gallons to have a shower
    .. some use hundreds of gallons to ‘wash down’ their yards

    So we have a national free-for-all with water, and then the authorities attempt to buy expensive desalt plant and all kinda shiite to keep up with the ‘demand’.

    Boss, they are much larger countries, with less available water than us, who manage quite well. What THEY have… are intelligent people in charge.

    In Barbados, there are too many lawyers and doctors in decision making positions. These are the WORST TWO POSSIBLE professions to put in charge of any shiite.

    Lawyers always waste time telling us what not to do… and how elaborately we need to do the simplest of things …in order to avoid possible legal action.
    …and doctors have this bad habit of burying their many mistakes. Bushie is still reviewing the apparent trend …where 100% of the patients of all doctors end up dead…..!!!

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  • The people of St Joseph should petition the Minister to have their meters read daily, and to pay their water bill on a daily basis rather than monthly.
    The residents of St Joseph know precisely to the day, when their water meters will be read. After days without a drop of water, the pipes suddenly come on harder that ever, followed by the meter reader, then back to nothing.
    Playing with people.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    @ AC

    “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

    “Copying someone is flattering because it shows you want to be like that person.”

    E.g. Child: Susie’s doing everything I do. Make her stop.

    Mother: Don’t be cross with her. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    That “fee Dictionary Article by Farlex continues…

    “…Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but I don’t feel flattered when Mary copies my answers to the homework…”


    It took those doufuses 4 months to understand the power of the Stoopid Cartoons to understand that they are effing up and that this campaign is going to make them loose every single seat.


    Now if it took 4 months to convert them then it would suggest that instead of the 8 year campaign by all the Bajans who have been begging them to adopt sensible programs, maybe de bajans should hire Colonel Buggy, Dearest Suzanne and de ole man through we boss at Barbados Underground and let us instruct them how to run the government

    Elections are in January 2017


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Lol…if only.


  • Truly amazing that PDYR would put so much credit
    into believing that stoopid political cartoons gimmicks would influence the voting habits of a population of two hundred and seventy five thousand people.
    If that was the case political candidates would not have to source money for campagains to buy commercial advertising by paper and other media outlets but rather use the internet freely .Those stoopid cartoons are just another form of comic relief for the BU faithful


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    @ AC

    as i have told you AC YOU ARE NOT A STRATEGIST

    You do not understand the internet

    Nor blogs

    nor whatsapp

    Nor Facebook

    Nor Twitter

    Do you really think that the poster below that is titled Barbados Poisoning Water? is only being circulated here for the BU faithful?

    Do you think that, like Colonel Buggy, the circulation that I promote is for “the BU Faithful?”

    What would be the purpose of that?

    That is the thing about the five of you in legion.

    You are, even though you are many, one dimensional and, as is evidenced in your current dilemma with the Barbados Economy and your schemes to get taxes from every thing that is moving, wunna ent gots a clue bout nuffin!!

    Carry on Smartly


  • Pdyr oh please…get real..


  • Ok .so you state you have a big viewership across the internet
    ? How many of the viewership can vote in the barbados election now given our small population size your viewers would have to make up half or more of the blp voting block in order to make a difference in the election


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    @ AC

    It is not “my viewership” that you need to be concerned about.

    That is not important in the grand scheme of things.

    (a) The first thing is the strategy being used.

    It is to be noted what the BLP is doing with the stoopid cartoon posters. Dat ent got nuffin to do with me, dis is freebee advertising which they are using and replicating and migrating to a number of fronts which you are already seeing and others that you will see soon.


    (b) What is de ole man’s content Doofus?

    Do you see what is in the message?

    It speaks to and issue, assigns a face, one or many of you, repeats or to use Dompey’s words reiterates an ef up that you are responsible for and says VOTE WUNNA TO EF OUT!!

    Every single time!!

    Your faces are on every single Problem that barbados has had for the last 50 years!!

    You understand that?



    Every day the newspapers reinforce the Stoopid Poster strategies.

    (c) Whatsapp is free, email is free and SMS, supported by SLIME dat Alex used to wuk for is cheap.

    You know whu is evry single cellphone getting a stoopid cartoon email crafter pun PUDRYR templates?

    Girl get serious yuh!!

    (d) hahahahahahahaahahahaha

    Who de ef you tink you talking to?

    You know who i is and whu i does create? yet here you is talking to me gout demographics and granular data read voter data.

    You unnerstand why Caribbean Elections ent got no effing name of their principals pun de site?


    You unnerstand whu is ArcGIS data and how to impute a vote for a voter?

    You unnerstand centres of influence and how to sway voters?

    You understand dat it only tek 500 votes to mek wunn lost a seat?

    You unnerstand dat if one imputes a vote and has validated other voter preferences dat, all things being qual and dat my voter list shows me who normally vote, FOR THE LAST # General Elections, and who therefore will vote this GE as well, that it is only going to be necessary to deal with the sways?

    You cannot goad me AC you dont know how to goad me.

    You have lost this General Election unless wunna play that State of emergency card that wunna asses toying with AND AT THAT POINT YOU COULD AS WELL KISS WUNNA ASSES GOODBYE CAUSE DAT IS WHEN DE ******* GOING COME OUT.

    Content wunna selves to having effed up the economy for 8 years, fall pun de sword and fashion your demitting of office as if you are concerned for the people.

    I would help wunna fashion the Posters for free, but lef now, cause if wunna dont Mia Mugabe Mottlley is going to be Prime Minister for Life of until she gets 70 something


  • Piece

    Ah wonder were yuh wuzz de hole day?


  • As PUDRYR correctly stated, “You do not understand the internet.”

    Your view of the power of the internet and social media and their capabilities is myopic.

    “Do you really think that the poster below that is titled Barbados Poisoning Water? is only being circulated here for the BU faithful?”

    “Do you think that, like Colonel Buggy, the circulation that I promote is for “the BU Faithful?……”

    Almost everyone in Barbados has a “communication tool” that enables them to access the internet and social media sites such as Face-Book.

    Supposed Baldwin Jones, for example, has 200 FB friends and each friend had at least 200 friends of their own, this would be approximately 40,200 FB friends.

    Jones could post PUDRYR or Colonel Buggy’s posters on his face-book page and there will be a redistribution of those posters among his 200 FB friends in addition to the 40,000. Then there are people who follow Twitter, Whats-app, Evernote, Hangouts, Skype, Instagram, My-space and a myriad of different social media sites, to which the posters may be distributed among a large number of people.

    In this scenario I used a simple number of 200, but in reality there are many people on FB who have as many as 1,000 friends. Could you imagine how many people would see the posters?

    Additionally, the Barbadian voting population is small and the number of social media sites, there is the likelihood that at least 95% of that population would view the posters. And we must also take into consideration that people would show their friends.


  • ******Additionally, the Barbadian voting population is small and with the large number of social media sites in existence, there is the likelihood that at least 95% of that population would view the posters. And we must also take into consideration people usually pass on information to their friends…. and especially those friends who do not have internet access.


  • not arguing that a large viewership is a plus , however on the political landscape where voting is an action of uttermost importance towards the outcome, the viewership should constitute a large target audience that the stoopid posters intends to influence in order to make a meaningful and overall impact going into the next general election,


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Art…just click on the vote buying poster and you will see over 5000 views, by elections in 2018 or whenever…imagine how many thousands would have seen the poster and know how to handle themselves.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Art…the poison water poster is picking up traction…it has over 200 views…click on it and see.



  • Well Well & Consequences

    ACs…LOOK……lol…ah copied it just fuh yall.

    Stop Vote Buying Poster =
    1 Point

    Drinking Poisoned Water Poisoned? Poster =


  • Well Well & Consequences

    The posters are rocking, worldwide viewership….popular, worldclass…lol


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Sorry typos..,, gotta get it right, give it another 3 months and ya might have 30,000 views…how is that for worldclass.

    Drinking Poisoned Water in Barbados? Poster =


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    @ AC

    Here is what wunna guts frightened bout

    Wunna saying “if he jes doing de posters den, while we doan like the distributorship, while we dont like the impact that it has on our key figures, whhile we dont like the impact on the DLP image, and while we hate the fact that we are seeing dem in our FB groups, we may not have to worry about them, MAYBE!!

    But what wunn fraid of is “what is the LINK?” What is he keeping in reserve? What have we not seen yet?


    Wunna saying “OK what the posters are doing is that they are deepening “public dislike of our donkeys”

    Dat, in pacific (not to be confused with specific) is not good.

    But if this is what he is doing right now, during the “down time”, PRE-THE-GENERAL-ELECTION, then what can he do during the GENERAL ELECTION TIME?

    It becomes obvious that you are hurting from the Stoopid Campaign.

    Why do you even engage with me here?

    You do not speak to Colonel Buggy!

    You do not speak to Dearest Suzanne!

    But you make it your business to poke at me periodically because wunna feel that I can be goaded.

    The thing is that I enjoy this game with the DLP.

    But you wont see it is until the very last moment when it will be too late, JUST RING THE BELL.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    @ Vincent Haynes

    I was actually working on a template for the Democrats.

    Well not for them really but for their circumstances,

    I should have said i was busy building a few models that can be applied to other circumstances


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI
  • “not arguing that a large viewership is a plus , however on the political landscape where voting is an action of uttermost importance towards the outcome, the viewership should constitute a large target audience that the stoopid posters intends to influence in order to make a meaningful and overall impact going into the next general election,”

    @ ac

    Your above comments are absolute nonsense.

    In the ABSENCE of an OPINION or STATISTICAL poll, you are not in a POSITION to ACCURATELY DETERMINE the target market, what the viewership should constitute or how would the cartoons INFLUENCE an election.

    Therefore, your comments have been made within the context of your support of the DLP, with the HOPE that the cartoons do not influence voters to vote against your party.


  • Are you now stating that viewership does not matter absent of statistical polling.
    ? Then what is the purpose of the cartoons most advertisements are geared to a specfic audience with the intention of having a positive impact
    Then if what you stated is what you belive your advice should be delivered to PDYR who is boasting about large viewership


  • Comprehension seems not to be one of your strong points and I’m not going through a “back and forth” with you on this issue.

    I suspect you and Dompey went to school in July and August.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    The ACs are idiots…lol

    In the next year and a half…when the viewership of the stoopid cartoon reach 50,000 or more, which will not include various shares between various devices….let them keep popping that crap…I told them already to start packing their georgie bundles….lol


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Look ACs….from 260 views last night the Is the Water in Barbados Poisoned? stupid cartoon now has …….315 Views…that is called a goiwing audience…that is all ya need.

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  • Well Well & Consequences

    A growing auduence….I know retarded people with more intelligence….ACs.

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  • and what i suspect is your offense to be offensive in discusion with people that are not of your political persuasion.
    The cartoons are stoopid and as you have stated absence of stastical polling no one knows how much of impact and the real influence the viewership would have on barbados elections
    An observation which you made but now reacts with a stinking attitude to my comment
    Could not careless what you think

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  • And this “We” has to include the Minister of Water Resources ,and Agriculture et al

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  • Colonel Buggy October 12, 2016 at 6:29 PM #

    How are they going to ensure adequate supply of molasses?……2000 odd acres still full of cowitch in St.John…….Portvale ready to do a final breakdown…..how???

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  • 50 Barbadian Citizens to be Honoured with a public exhibition of their pooches at Garrison.

    In the worlds first Public botsie display 16 botsies of Parliamentary Ministers will announce (no not their botsies, they dont speak, (though the ole man speak advisedly on that matter), no they themselves being akin to botsies will speak on the evening of the activities.

    What is supposed to be the 50th Birthday will rather be the public announcement of the “Death of the Nation, at the Garrison, ironically, the same venue where the nation was “born”

    The toilets are symbolic of the shy##te that the DLP government has done for the last 8 year.

    It is expected that these MPs will relieve themselves, in full view of the public, a practice they now perform daily AND WIPE their posteriors in the shirts of the population.

    On Tuesdays that is broadcast on DLP.gov.bb for your viewing displeasure, it is called Parliament

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  • Take a look at the story below

    “Activists want Sh6.8b water contract cancelled”


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  • Water Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa will this coming week meet stakeholders from Murang’a County to clarify issues concerning the Sh6.8 billion


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  • Is the water shortage over? Have we had enough rain to solve the problem?

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