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Solutions Barbados Easter Message

Jesus’ resurrection confirmed to us that we are being trained for something greater. Jesus explained that there was an enemy of humanity who wants to distract and divide us, so that we harm eachother and accomplish less. This Easter, let us determine to reject what divides us and encourage eachother on our individual training paths. The most influential dividers in

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The Grenville Phillips Column – The End Game, Part 3 – Taking Milk from a Baby

Internationally competitive European industries wanted to legally exploit the developing Caribbean markets.  To achieve that aim, their governments wanted to negotiate a trade agreement with the Caribbean.  That trade agreement was called the Economic Partnership Agreement. With the benefit of our FTAA preparations in 2002, Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean were well-positioned to negotiate a favourable trade agreement

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Speaking Truth to Power

‘Speaking truth to power’ is a phrase that been adopted by the most partisan of us.  They use it to convince the public that they are non-partisan observers who can remain silent no longer.  They claim to be principled individuals who are compelled to speak against the governing administration regardless of the personal consequences. It appears like a noble quest,

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Of Tooth and Tongue

Our detractors keep insisting that we should stop writing about the ISO 9001 international management standard, because the public is generally unaware of it. Only in the politically partisan world does one stop educating the public about benefits that they do not yet understand. Only in that world are proven failed initiatives promoted, while proven successful ones are rejected. That

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