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The Grenville Phillips Column – Speaking Truth to Power

‘Speaking truth to power’ is a phrase that been adopted by the most partisan of us.  They use it to convince the public that they are non-partisan observers who can remain silent no longer.  They claim to be principled individuals who are compelled to speak against the governing administration regardless of the personal consequences. It appears like a noble quest,

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Of Tooth and Tongue

Our detractors keep insisting that we should stop writing about the ISO 9001 international management standard, because the public is generally unaware of it. Only in the politically partisan world does one stop educating the public about benefits that they do not yet understand. Only in that world are proven failed initiatives promoted, while proven successful ones are rejected. That

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Let Sleeping Dogs Sleep

We should celebrate good news, and the recent upgrades by international rating agencies is good news, especially after a decade of consistent downgrades. So, well done BLP. Despite their partisan behaviour during the last general election, the national watch dogs are whispering a word of caution. However, before we review their caution, let us put Barbados’ economic situation in context.

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Judgement Day

Today’s weekly article is in response to recent questions about my motives for founding Solutions Barbados. I believe that everyone’s actions attract consequences. This belief is based on Jesus’ promise that He will reward us for the beneficial consequences of our responsible actions, and judge us for the harmful consequences of our irresponsible actions. Part of this judgement follows. “Then

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