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Do Not Squander the Stimulus Spending

The Government of Barbados wisely invested in upgrading the Harrison Point facility, in response to the COVID-19 threat. The derelict buildings have become a functional medical facility. Well done. Since we are in a hurricane and earthquake prone region, it is important that opportunities to upgrade buildings, are not limited to functional uses only. They should also be upgraded to

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Order Your Casket

“Change your lifestyle or order your casket, because you will be dead in one year.” That was the blunt advice of my doctor about 25 years ago, after she reviewed my cholesterol test results. I had harmed my body with unhealthy food, especially when I attended University. After I graduated, I added: no-exercise, very late working hours, and the stress

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We Are All Sunk

As a small independent country, there are a few maxims that should guide our behaviour.  Never blast a hole in our boat, because it can sink, and we will all suffer.  Never contaminate the food on our boat, because we will all get sick.  Never sabotage any part of our boat, because it will hinder our progress. The only justifiable

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Lord Have Mercy

I wanted to write about Christmas gifts today, but something horrendous happened last week.  So, I must combine both issues.  Let me recommend the following types of gifts, each of which cost under BD$100 on Amazon. For anyone in construction, whether carpenter, mason, electrician, plumber, foreman, tiler or other finisher, let me recommend a self-levelling laser level. For anyone with

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Solutions Barbados’ Independence Message

This wonderful little island has been well-positioned to succeed as an independent nation. We were provided with well-managed public services, a professional civil service, and an active economy. Then we were allowed to develop as an Independent nation. We have done well, despite our elected representatives’ habit of overspending. No matter how much they put us in debt, we were

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