Closing Arguments

I believe that all candidates in this by election are accomplished persons, who can competently represent the people of St George North.  However, can they address the specific problems facing this constituency?

The housing, drainage, roads, water, and transportation problems require engineering solutions – which I specialise in.  The unemployment problems require business development solutions, which I also specialise in.

The Prime Minister wants Toni Moore to assist her with some heavy lifting.  The Prime Minister can easily get Toni Moore in her Cabinet, in the same way that she appointed Senator Lisa Cummins as Minister of Tourism.  Therefore, the Prime Minister can get Toni Moore, and the people of St George North can get their first Engineer.


What if the people vote for their party’s interests instead of their own?

Nationally, it does not matter how St George North voters vote.  Mia Mottley will still be the Prime Minister of Barbados, and the BLP will still be in Government.  However, it does matter to the residents of St George North how they vote.

If they vote for the BLP, then they will simply switch one BLP representative for another.  Therefore, they can expect their lives to remain the same.  This sameness can be described as being house-poor and/or working-poor.

If they vote for the DLP, then since DLP projects must be approved by a BLP Cabinet, voters can expect their lives to remain the same.  The UPP, BFP, and the PdP will face the same problems as the DLP.  Therefore, that is a vote for poverty.

Poverty can cause people to justify prostitution, stealing, selling drugs, or doing any other illegal activities just to survive, and provide for their families.  Voters finally have an opportunity to vote for prosperity.

Solutions Barbados does not need any Government support for our projects.  They are designed to directly benefit the residents of St George North.  Our no-profit construction company can provide all unemployed persons in St George North with a salary, to pay their monthly expenses.  Therefore, they can pay their family’s rent/mortgage, food, clothes, school fees, school books, medicines, etc.

We can train all families in St George North to start profitable businesses, with no start-up money.  Their products may be marketed on the Internet, to countries where Barbados has favourable double taxation agreements.

St George North has this opportunity to show the rest of Barbados what a prosperous constituency looks like.  On 11 November, we will know whether voters voted for the narrow interests of their political parties, or the interests of their families and the rest of Barbados.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer, and the Solutions Barbados’ candidate for St George North.  He can be reached at

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  1. BTW..ya see all those Black tourists that yall REFUSE TO RECOGNIZE as tourists because of the color of their skin, took their money and treated them as slaves, as though they don’t belong and were racist to them as well, messing with their minds, well THEY REMEMBERED well Enuff ….and …THEY TOO ARE ALL COMING OUT….enjoy ya new INTERNATIONAL FAME…..punching above that weight…

    try covering up that…..

  2. The average Barbadian sees tourists as white people. They have been so programmed. Black celebrities do get the treatment, IF THEY ARE RECOGNISED.

    So, the problem is that Bajans have been programmed to view tourists as white people.

  3. Donna…that is RACISM at its most blatant…it was weaponized and black people on the island INDOCTRINATED to view raist whites as their saviors who feed them, when they enter the island as tourists…..another OUT RIGHT LIE perpetrated by criminals……Black people’s money don’t count and African descendants are NOT RECOGNIZED AS nor TREATED AS TOURISTS even though they spend just as much or more when visiting……many other islanders over the decades have been brutalized by these animals….it’s out and out racism…

    people are exposing this evil shit on FB as we type…so let Cummins come out with her lies…we have live victims of their nasty institutionalized racism against black people AS PROOF……….live and direct…

  4. This is some HIGH VELOCITY shit of their OWN MAKING now raining down on them, they have ALL filled their pockets from the proceeds of institutionalized racism, at Black people’s expense and with NO REGARD for their own ancestors and what they experienced so these ungrateful fcukers could survive so……. now let them REAP THE GRAPES OF WRATH…

    anyone who has been on the blog for a long period can tell you THAT I’VE REPEATEDLY WARNED THEM that this day would come, and they viewed me as the enemy, when they are THEIR OWN WORSE ENEMIES…

    Pacha….it has finally come to pass…the African is walking the earth.

    watch muh nuh..

  5. (Quote):
    “I think brand Barbados as you have seen is about anti-discrimination of any kind. That includes anti-discrimination on the basis of gender, sex, religion, sexual orientation . . . . So that is brand Barbados and that is who we represent at all times and in all spaces,” the Tourism Minister stressed (Unquote).


    But you do discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation.

    So why the need to hold a referendum on same sex marriages (which is relevant only to a small minority of residents)?

    Why is going republic (the cutting of a political and cultural umbilical cord over 375 years long) not subject to similar ‘national’ treatment?

    Why are you permitting people, legislatively speaking, to use marijuana based on their religious orientation while you continue with the criminalization of other people for engaging in the same activity?

  6. Keep trying to smooth over…..there are those of us who have weapons to RIP UP…so cover up this…

    “Bruv this is the nonsense that politicians diplomatically attempt to smooth over so as to keep image . In my opinion the best way to deal with this is by way of an open zero tolerance.
    I remember years ago one our international and legendary sports icons was accosted in similar fashion by a hotel manager . I myself have experienced this when employed to carry out work at some of these locations . Where you’re placed under suspicion because of your colour , as like you said some feel you won’t belong .
    I can relate an incident that readily comes to mind and which can be substantiated by Van Bailey a friend of mine to this day.
    In those days we used to pass through the foyer of the old Hilton Hotel whenever high tide prevented us from using the section around Needhams point . One Sunday Van a Barbadian of Caucasian origin , and I were hastily making our way as usual when a security guard accosted me as to what were my reasons for using the premises . He paid no mind to Van based on the colour of his skin which told me his suspicions were aroused solely on the colour of mine. Facetiously I enquired why he hadn’t asked my friend the same question and he shockingly replied “ because he’s a resident of the Hotel “
    My friend lived down the road from me .
    Sometimes this is who we truly are even though we try not to admit it , and hate if anyone does.”

  7. Ah guess this is the ooh RH moment thst they’ve all been to arrogant and uppity to see coming because their wicked heads were stuck too firmly and far up their own asses, but which intelligent people knew would arrive some day….TODAY IS THAT DAY..

  8. Miller …the first thing Cummins should have done was CONDEMN Sandy Lane for their discriminatory practices against Black people, it’s well known, and voice their intent to DISMANTLE THE RACIS, APARTHIED, OPPRESSION AND EXPLOITATION OF THE PEOPLE, as i told Mia IMMEDIATELY SHE WAS ELECTED, but she didn’t do that, her insulting comments are ment to OFFEND BLACK PEOPLE so that the racists are not offended….she instead came out and LIED…while knowing that Black people are harrassed and violated for black skin, natural hair, locks, for their naturalness, for maijuana, for not adhering and resisting the indoctrination and assimaltion into a slave system of mental degradation…….that’s why EVERYONE is out on FB proving that she is a LIAR….and EXPOSING all the evil shite these haunted house negros enable and condone against the population who elected them…..

    one commenter said…she wished she could say she’s surprised, so i don’t know what nasty shit the house nig*as are trying to sell, but no one is buying and all the racist hotels and stores on the island willl PAY THE PRICE..

  9. So where is Trevor Prescod to call CumminS a blasted liar or DEFEND THE PEOPLE AGAINST RACISM or talk more about “white shadows” when he promised to talk out everything… got his tongue or has he been successfully muzzled with TAXPAYER’S MONEY…goddamn FRAUD.

  10. For a man that was called an idiot and could not read has for me forced the Prime Minister and other Ministers on the defense on many issues including to today’s Press conference on the dump at Lower Estate. He has run a good campaign and I wish him well.

  11. You mean being proved wrong? He went court and sought the abatement to cease operations as Barbados Today reported? Is the dump still in operation? Research is important. 🤔

  12. @ Enuff November 10, 2020 5:20 PM

    Instead of putting your big red mouth into the dirty business of the people of SGN why don’t you ask the Mal(m)oney man when is he going to start the erection of the Hyatt to save Barbados from economic implosion and to stop turning Bridgetown into a commercial dump yard?

    You mean not even the pleadings from Private Sector head honcho or the warnings from the Guv of the CB can move this man to an erection?

  13. Famous Enuff;;;;😂😂;;;

    “Tee Johnson
    This is how they get you!! They break you then offer you a lifeline of pittance!
    · Reply · 2h
    Sylvan Greenidge
    Tee Johnson it is the art of mottleyism”

    (and then tief ya money and sell ya ass out to racists and thieves) my words…

  14. @ WURA-War-on-U November 11, 2020 6:33 AM


    Once a yard-fowl, always a ‘yardie’.

    That classless ‘red’ rooster is showing his true yard-fowl pedigree.
    The red equivalent to the BU blue “Mariposa”.

    The jumped-up leghorn cannot deal with serious issues affecting Barbados; so predictably, he resorts to being a ‘cuss-bird’ by parroting obscenities.

    Give him “Enuff” time and the dispensable red fowl will soon dig his own hole to be disposed in.

  15. “Give him “Enuff” time and the dispensable red fowl will soon dig his own hole to be disposed in.”

    je suis ne tellement pas desolee…….🤣🤣🤣

    pauvre vendu Enuff..

  16. Look Miller…they’re poking at other Caribbean Black people like themselves, with their small island power trip..

    “Antigua threatens to take Barbados to CARICOM over COVID measures – by Barbados Today November 10, 2020
    SOURCE- CMC – The Antigua and Barbuda Government has given Barbados until the end of Tuesday to indicate why it has placed the island on a list of countries deemed medium risk for the coronavirus (COVID-19).

    Foreign Affairs Minister Everly Paul ‘Chet’ Greene said failure to respond would leave St. John’s with no other option but to take the matter before the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

    Earlier this month, Antigua and Barbuda had sought a response from the Mia Mottley administration as to why the island had been placed on a high-risk status given that St. John’s response to the virus has been “exemplary” and that “the question begs itself what is the motivation.

    Since then Barbados has upgraded the island to “medium risk” status, but Greene said that would also mean that Antiguans and Barbudans would have to be placed in quarantine for 14 days on their visit to Barbados.

    “We have not written to or referred the matter to CARICOM…as yet, but clearly if by the end of the day this persists and the Barbados Government insists on that particular position we will have to ask CARICOM to intervene,” Greene said on Observer Radio here.

    “What we are asking primarily is an appreciation, an understanding of exactly what standards you apply. We don’t know, if we know the standard is two cases per 100,000 then we will tell our population Barbados is a place to avoid because we are at six cases and therefore you have to go into quarantine.

    “But not knowing what standards are being applied it makes it difficult for us to relate to our citizens to even ask the (Barbados based) US embassy for some kind of facilitations that will allow our citizens to be serviced,” Greene said, adding “it is really vexing and I can understand the frustration of the population especially those persons who use Barbados for various reasons and in the context of CARICOM.”

  17. Oh well, those aspiring to be leaders on the island better deal with this, cause the culprits sure won’t. Exactly how many lawyers and judges are not real lawyers and judges we may ask.

    “Mr. Jerry Mervriel Nurse
    Hill View Ridge
    Gibbons Boggs
    Christ Church

    11th day of November 2020

    Mrs. Barbara Cooke Alleyne Q.C
    Supreme Court Registration Department
    Whitepark Road
    Saint Michael

    Dear Registrar,


    Irrefutably, your Supreme Court Registration Department Records stipulates “Fitzgerald Callender age 66 years,
    died the 18th day of May, 1964, Barbados General Hospital, Registration No.609”., and a GERALD CALLENDER
    also possessing the same Registration No.609, likewise died at Barbados General Hospital on the 18th day of May,
    1964. No.609 –

    Further, your Supreme Court Probate Records regarding Mrs. Lilian Drakes 12th day of March, 1976, Limited Grant of Letters of Administration No. 465 of 1976 certifies GERALD CALLENDER, died the 18th day of May, 1964, and his last Will & Testament was made on the 10th day of December. 1972; indicating the deceased made his will Seven (7) Years, Six (6) Months and Ten (10) days after his Recorded 18th day of May, 1964 date of Death.

    This 10th day of December 1972 date has been again reused by former Supreme Court Deputy Chief Marshal, Mr. Kenneth W. Griffith in his 1997 letter to the then Supreme Court Registrar, regarding his $9.000.00 purchase of the Pegwell, Christ Church
    California Guest House property, from Chief Marshal Frank DeCourcey King, under Section 50 of the 1904-06 Provost
    Marshal Acts, The said Chief Marshal Sale is expressed in Land Registration Conveyance No.798 of the 31st day of August.1967.

    Chief Marshal Frank DeCourcey King who is by law, is expressed prohibited from selling the same to another Marshal or to an aquittance. In fact Deputy Marshal Mr. Kenneth W. Griffith could not have received title to the property in his name, it is expressed prohibited by law and is illegal.

    Further, the Records of England and Wales Bar Association and London, England Honourable Society Inn of the Middle
    Temple contradicts Barbados Supreme Court Registrar 1060’s Government Official Gazette Newspapers Advertisements
    of the 25th day of December, 2015, deceased Frank DeCourcey King truthfulness as having been Appointed Barbados
    Acting or Appointed Chief Marshal the 5th day of March, 1968 in the Civil Listing Records are wrongful and misleading, and are the results of fraudulent acts of persons unknown.

    Further bizarre contradictions came to light in the discovery of Carrington & Sealy Attorneys at Law, 18th day of September,
    1975 prepared and filed in the Land Registration Department, a Grant of a Power of Attorney to Mrs. Lilian Drakes by a RONALD WALTER SPRINGER and an EDWIN CALLENDER as the two principal beneficiaries of the “Specifically Devised and Bequeathed” Pegwell, Christ Church, California Guest House in the 10th day September, 1962 will of GERALD CALLENDER. deceased, 18th day of May, 1964.

    This Power of Attorney was followed Six (6) Months later by Mrs. Drakes Grant of Limited letters of Administration, issued out
    of the Supreme Court Registration Department for Administration of the said Pegwell, Christ Church, “Specifically Devised &
    Bequeathed” California Guest House.

    The Application for a Limited Grant of Letters of Administration for Mrs. Lilian Drakes were fraudulent, because Lilian Drakes
    purported to act under a Power of attorney wherein she was appointed by one RONALD WALTER SPRINGER and EDWIN
    CALLENDER . The will used and the Letters of Administration now circulating are both false.

    In addition of the said Estate Application for Mrs. Lilian Drakes, Attorney at Law Mr. Hamish McClurg also acted as a Surety
    for the Applicant.

    In 1989, I visited Mrs. Drakes at her Pavilion Road, Bank Hall residence, and she gave me a Recorded Delivery Letter No.370120
    dated the 11th day of March 1974 from an EDWIN CALLENDER:

    Addressed to Mrs. Lilian Drakes instructing her to “inform Mr. McClurg to get on with his will as he no longer needs CLINTON

    Because he has already sold what was due him, and, he also has RONALD SPRINGER address and my father other children
    lawyer address”.

    Investigations have revealed that this person purporting as Edwin Callender was none other than the testator Fitzgerald Callender deceased, younger son, also name after his father Fitzgerald and was also envious of his brother portion of their father’s Estate, that property known as Bungalow New York that situate at Pilgrim Road in the parish of Christ Church, where I have resided from 1991 and eventfully I sold the said property for $365.000.00 on the 11th day of February, 2014.

    The land was purchased on the 11th day of March 1927. On a Spiritual Level – Edwin Callender Letter is dated 11th day of March, 1974, whilst Justice Christopher Arthur Blackman Q.C $1.539.64 Land Tax Arrears was paid to the Inland Revenue on the 11th September 1995.???

    Mrs. Lilian Drakes File No.465 of 1976 Limited Grant of Letters of Administration were prepared by Carrington & Sealy Attorneys
    at Law under fraudulent Application to the Supreme Court Probate Division. Her 12th day of March, 1976 Limited Grant of Administration are Certified issued the 29th day of October, 1976, signed in Block Capital Letters to represent the signatures of the then Chief Justice Sir William Randolph Douglas.

    I have since enquired of Barbados Bar Association and the Supreme Court Registration Department, and to the Inns of Court
    of England, Wales and Scotland Bar Associations for evidence of Mr. Hamish Greig McClurg qualification as an Attorney at Law
    and have been reliably informed that there is no evidence on records of Mr. McClurg qualification to practice law as an Attorney
    at Law or a Solicitor.

    You have Carrington & Sealy Attorneys at Law Law Firm Letter dated the 20th day of July, 1982, stating, “we were requested by the beneficiaries of the property at “Pegwell, Christ Church” to take steps to administer their portion of the estate, and we succeeded in having Letters of Administration Limited to that part of the estate issued to Mrs. Lilian Drakes and that administration was completed sometime in 1977″.

    BARBADOS SUPREME COURT REGISTRATION DEPARTMENT & JUDICIARY REPRESENTATIVES Have satisfied themselves disregarding all material evidence of the truth for falsehood!

    My last communication in person to Barbados Supreme Court Registration Department & Judiciary.
    e jerry Nurse in 7 in 11, Jury uneven, see Jerry 11 evil enemies; eight have fallen???

    TOPAZ NO.11″

  18. Milluh
    What serious issues? Ah bag ah lies about filing and injunction to close down a closed dump? Or you want magic in Bim to combat the global economic impact of COVID? Amidst all the gloom, S&P ain’t downgrade. Compare and contrast that to 2008-2018. Shapeshifter, go ask Maloney bout Hyatt and stop asking me. You and the Salemite thrive on gossip and innuendo. I repeat, fack off!

  19. Any which way, it means the same thing.

    je ne suis pas tellement desolee…….🤣🤣🤣

    pauvre vendu Enuff..

    Tinie Tempah…sure as hell should not accept any apology from you small island racists, or any invitation to return so he can be arrested by haunted house negros acting on behalf of shite racists….am sure he heard about Valerie Suzette by now… anti-black Barbados.

    so how is the reputation going these day..

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