Grenville Phillips: St George North Manifesto

Dear People of St George North.

Grenville Phillips II,
Structural Engineer and Solutions Barbados’ St George North Candidate.

My name is Grenville Phillips II. I am the President of Solutions Barbados, and your candidate in this by-election. Let me first tell you about myself, and then about what we plan to do in St George North over the next two and one-half years.

About Me.

I have qualified in several disciplines. I am a structural engineer, highway engineer, environmental engineer, land-use planner, and adjudicator. I am also a teacher and President of Walbrent College, which is a regional institution specialising in construction. Therefore, my Clients benefit from a range of different disciplines for the same fee.

I hold two Bachelors degrees (maths and engineering), two Masters degrees (environmental engineering and planning), and am currently pursuing a Doctorate in Engineering. I do this for only one reason – to provide a better service to my Clients.

If you elect me to represent you for the next two and one-half years, then you become my Clients, and I will work for you.

About Our Plans.

With only one seat in Parliament, I will not have a Ministry. Therefore, we can dedicate most of our time improving the lives of those in this constituency. If we form the Government in 2023, then Solutions Barbados will make similar improvements across Barbados.

Building Houses.

I have 30 years of experience in the construction industry. We plan to set-up a non-profit construction company, to participate in the government’s 1,000 affordable houses initiative.

We will train all unemployed St George North residents, who want to learn to safely construct a house. Training will take two weeks, at no cost to St George North residents. We will then employ them in the non-profit company, to apprentice with senior artisans. If the government’s 1,000 houses initiative does not happen, then we will build affordable houses for any client in Barbados.

Strengthening Houses.

The roofs of most houses in St George North are vulnerable to blowing off during a hurricane. We will offer to economically strengthen the roofs of all houses in St George North, for the cost of the labour and materials, but no profit.

Those who want their roof strengthened for only the cost of the materials, can volunteer their time with the no-profit company one day each week, for seven weeks. They will help to strengthen the roofs of other houses in St George North.

Dilapidated and Abandoned Houses.

We plan to identify the owners of all dilapidated and unoccupied houses in St George North. We will then negotiate with the owners an arrangement, where we will economically repair the house, and get it rented. The rent will be split between the homeowner and the non-profit company, until the construction cost is repaid.

Road Maintenance.

Potholes can lead to costly vehicle repairs and accidents. Therefore, we will organise a dedicated St George North road maintenance crew, staffed by St George North residents, to safely and permanently repair potholes. A volunteer force of 350 people, allows each person to work for only one day each year.

Energy Generation.

We will offer to install a Photovoltaic (PV) system on every roof in St George North at cost, with no profit. It would be connected to the BL&P grid, so that home-owners will have more disposable income.

Those who want the PV systems installed at only the cost of the materials, can volunteer their time with the no-profit company one day each week, for seven weeks. They will help to install PV systems on other houses in St George North.

Tree Planting.

To address monkeys and other crop thefts, and provide some food security for St George North residents, we will participate in the Government’s tree planting scheme. We will plant thousands of fruit trees near drainage courses, open spaces, and wooded areas across the constituency.

Construction Disputes.

Disputes between homeowners and contractors are common. As an Adjudicator, I plan to listen to both sides, and give preliminary rulings on construction disputes. This service will be free of cost to residents of, and disputes within St George North.

Any party may have the matter finally settled by the court. But the preliminary ruling should let them know the likely outcome, and prompt them to settle before starting a long and costly court process.

Finishing School.

Regardless of how well or poorly students did at secondary school, we will train all willing St George North secondary school graduates (in six weeks) to be employable, and/or ready to start their own business. Training will be at no cost to St George North residents.

Participants will learn to speak, write, listen, calculate, draw, and do tasks at an excellent level. We will teach them to become responsible adults, and model employees, and employers.

Wealth Creation.

I am the 2014 winner of the National Innovation Competition. We will train people how to start and grow a profitable business, with no start-up money. The 8-week training will be at no cost to St George North residents.

The aim is for each willing participant to have a viable Internet based business, by the end of the workshop. This should provide each household with a separate income stream.


In the House of Assembly, we will advocate for the following:

  1. A referendum, to measure the public’s support for a Republic, same-sex unions, and moving the statue of Nelson.
  2. An end to the corrupting no-bid public contracts, where the public must pay up to five times the cost of products, through increased taxes.
  3. Better managed public services to an international standard, where customer feedback is valued, instead of the current ‘like it or lump it’ management method.
  4. A rearranged secondary school curriculum, so that graduates leave school with marketable skills, and the confidence to succeed in life.
  5. An improved justice system, where victims are properly compensated.
  6. The removal of all taxes on healthy foods.
  7. The abolition of taxing land, for which our enslaved fore-parents already paid for with their lives’ work. The Government can find something else to tax, but not our land.

We also plan to critically examine all proposed legislation, to ensure that it is in the best interest of the Barbadian public. That should keep us sufficiently busy for the next 30 months.

The BLP won all 30 seats in 2018. This by-election is an opportunity to do at least two things. Namely, to keep the BLP accountable, and to meaningfully benefit the residents of St George North.

You are in an enviable position, where you have nothing to lose by voting for Solutions Barbados – and everything to gain.


  • Carson C Cadogan

    The Barbados Labour Party will go all out, with the help of all WHITE BAJANS, TO HAVE TONI MOORE, ELCTED.

    SHE WILL REPLACE THE OUTGOING failure of 26 yrs Gline Clarke. Who did nothing for the people but created a a tremendous amount for himself. The people will continue in the same squalor as before as TONI MOORE BECOMES RICH.

    The better man will not win, full of bright and great ideas.

    That”s the way things go in Barbados.





  • How many apartment buildings does Clarke own?


  • Carson C Cadogan

    MOORE than when he entered politics, because he entered with none.


  • dONNA

    she hinted at it in the video u watched yesterday.


  • And then she gave the official announcement as I predicted.


  • Predicted? isnt the SOP?


  • Yes, it is. That is the whole point. Talk at a political meeting is not official. She has a duty to take off the red shirt and hat and put on the prime minister hat and speak to ALL citizens and not just BLP supporters. This was one of the criticisms levelled at Freundel Stuart who mostly made announcements just to DLP supporters home and abroad.


  • @Artax October 2, 2020 11:50 AM “However, why do have this annoying habit of ‘narrowing down’ people’s life expectancy based on someone’s statistics? It’s rather morbid and somewhat inhumane.

    Take it easy Artax. I have never killed anyone, and I have no intention of doing now or at any time in the future. I draw my data principally from the Barbados census. I used to be a census taker so I guess I fell a little bit in love with data. but sometimes I take a peek at stats published by U.N. agencies, or by the CIA in their World Factbook. I do not create the data, I simply quoting data from public sources. I am not a life taker, and even though once upon a time i helped in the creation of life i no longer do so.

    I am neutral.

    Other people on this blog quote economic data, and it does not seem to bother you. Why?

    P.S. My principal concern with the case which you quoted was the family conflict that led to an old woman being evicted. No doubt her relationship with her brother and perhaps other family members was damaged as well. And that saddened me.

    I wish that families would always “live good” I hope that you don’t have a problem with people “living good”

    Here is another statistic for you. Tomorrow morning the sun will rise in Barbados at 5:48


  • That is procedure. how can you predict something that is a procedure?

    And when Stuart made the announcements to DLP supporters wasnt what he announced then not official or became official?
    are you still waiting for the official announcements from him?


  • @ Cuhdear Bajan


    Aaaahhh………never mind.


  • Can help but noticed what a handsome man Reifer
    A real good pick and easy on the eyes when compared to Moore the ……
    Anyhow it is time barbadians are treated to a breath of fresh air instead of sweet glasses of koolaid by Mia


  • Donna

    When was the official announcement that Clarke was going to be the designated high commissioner to Canada?
    It was a rumor until it was OFFICIAL announced by the pm at the SGN branch meeting!
    same vid you watched lastnight.


  • Not everything requires a press conference.


  • Reifer speaks


  • MariposaOctober 2, 2020 9:22 PM

    Mariposa. Hypocrite. There you are attacking Donna for cussing people and you just made a nasty slur about Moore.



  • Yup! I saw that!


  • CrusoeOctober 3, 2020 12:50 AM

    MariposaOctober 2, 2020 9:22 PM

    Mariposa. Hypocrite. There you are attacking Donna for cussing people and you just made a nasty slur about Moore.


    Where in my comment did i make a nasty slur about Moore
    Did i call her a n.ig..ger
    Did i say she was ugly or some thing more derogatory
    Did i use any foul language against her
    Yes maybe if have to describe her politics i would say Moore the backstabber who threw govt workers under the bus
    You jump forward to defend a foul mouth person who has taken pleasure in cussing Trump while he is infected with the Corona and at the same time she called me a nigg.ger
    Maybe what u should do before trying to defend foul mouth people is to looked up the word and meaning of “slur”


  • these are some bad reporters. they never asked the man to describe his political philosophy or that of his party and how it will impact the lives of those he intend to serve. or to describe the difference between he and the other candidate (s).

    then there is that annoying habit of prefacing a question will a long historical introduction and the respondent answers in one short sentence. simply ask the question. the interviewee should be speaking more than the interviewer. piss poor. we learnt nothing about Reifer that we didnt know already


  • @ Greene

    It is all about proper training. But they will tell you they are world class journalists.The Trinidadian owners are not going to spend any money on training, and the journalists themselves do not want to.
    The ultimate losers are the readers who have now normalised the juvenile reporting they get everyday.


  • John 2 i guess pea brain Donna still waiting on a press release from Mr Stuart about policies he spoke about at branch meetings his main way of communicating.Oh ma shirt as Bush Tea would say! I forgot she was still a dem then so it was no problem.As i stated on another blog she is talking pure shite and i know before i finish shre going to respond because she likes to criticise but do not like to be criticised.However like i said she ain, t the brightest bulb on this blog although she feels so. I gone.


  • Donna
    There you go – not everything require a press conference.
    This does not take away from every time MM talks in public her words are the official words of the PM of Barbados (which she is 24/7 until she is removed from that position).


  • John 2,

    What I meant was that some things will be officially communicated in different ways. But not on a political platform. So no, there’s not a “there you go moment”.

    Now to the rooster!

    I was never a member of the DLP. I voted D and then due in part to Freundel’s disrespectful behaviour, I voted B. He refused to speak to the general population, including me because I was a member of the DLP. When we spoke out, and it was a huge outroar, he arrogantly dismissed us. And so we dismissed him! When one speaks about the affairs of the nation ONLY before BLP audiences, it gives the impression that you consider yourself Prime Minister ONLY of those who support you.

    Now…..if that suggests to you that Mia should take her cues from a failed strategy, I guess that demonstrates who ain’t even got a filament in his bulb.

    P.S. I don’t mind criticism, however it must not be of yardfowl grade.

    You may have the last word or dropping in your case.


  • “….easy on the eyes compared to Moore the….”


  • not on political platforms but at political branch meetings?


  • “easy on the eyes”compared to Moore the back stabber
    Btw i purposely left the last part our to gauge your reaction
    Of course you provided the response i expected from you
    Carry on smartly with your filthy thoughts and words


  • John 2 ignore the idiot she is contradicting herself every minute and does not even realize you are setting her up.The more she speaks the more foolish she sounds.On another note where this dem Carson Cadogan now arise from now rooting for Mr Phillips? I thought he was dead and buried with the dems.He ran away and left poor AC/ Mariposa to take all the licks and now seems to have shifted the Dems poor fella.




    just trying to find out if when MM address a political meeting if she ceases being the PM of Barbados but when she address a branch meeting she is still the PM?

    A branch meeting is BLP members only and mainly the branch members.
    A political meeting – anyone from all over Barbados can attend
    But for both the media does do the broadcasting, even though its not a press conference


  • DonnaOctober 3, 2020 8:11 AM

    Mariposa thinks that she is eight years old on primary school and we will listen to her feeble excuse, giving her a break because of her age.

    We are all adults here, we know exactly what she meant.



  • ‘Potholes can lead to costly vehicle repairs and accidents. Therefore, we will organise a dedicated St George North road maintenance crew, staffed by St George North residents, to safely and permanently repair potholes. A volunteer force of 350 people, allows each person to work for only one day each year.’

    This must really stick into MIA AMOR MOTTLEY CRAW.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    There was a woman called Charmaine Bowen who used to walk around STICKING FLAGS INTO POTHOLES.


    She still alive??? There got plenty POTHOLES IN SGN. She dont see them now???

    Or she just ONE SIDED IN FAVOR OF THE Barbados Labour Party?????


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