The Grenville Phillips Column – A Year of Plenty

For those who took advantage of our free public workshops in starting and growing a successful business with no money, this will be an exciting year for you.  Everything has already been provided for you to prosper during this time of severe austerity, so go forth and prosper.

For others, the only thing holding you back from prospering is you.  Selfish politicians, employers, managers, and work colleagues will always exist.  They are not holding you back, unless you allow them to by blaming them for your situation.  Do not fret about them because they will regretfully reap what they are sowing.  Let me explain that.

We spend our entire lives on Earth planting seeds, cultivating what we have planted, and reaping what we have cultivated.  Our seeds will either benefit us and others or they will not.  Therefore, it is wise to plant good seeds to help your future self.

We cannot reap unless we go through the habitual routine of cultivating.  If you have planted good seeds, then expect to be criticised and ridiculed for continuing to do what is right and responsible, despite long periods with no apparent results to show for your efforts.  Being responsible is an investment in yourself and others.

Eventually, you will reap.  While you reap, continue planting new responsible seeds, and keep cultivating.  In this manner, you will continually reap good things.  These seasons of sowing, cultivating and reaping occur in every area of your life.  However, I have observed that persons tend to reap the fruit of bad seeds much sooner than the fruit of good seeds.

The New Year is typically a time of sowing good ideas in areas of your health, relationships and business.  You sow by making determined decisions.  You cultivate by implementing plans, either carefully or carelessly.  You reap intentionally, otherwise the cultivation effort can be wasted.

You can make good decisions about your health, like eating less processed foods and more whole foods.  You can also make good decisions about your relationships, like being more helpful and polite, and trying to represent those who are unfairly disadvantaged.  You can also make good decisions about improving the management of your business.

Here are some tips to invest in your future self while helping others.  Eat more ground provisions grown in Barbados, and less imported processed foods.  If you are in a supermarket line and there is an elderly person in front of you, then quietly offer to pay for their goods.  If you are paying a utility bill and there is an elderly person behind you, then overpay with an instruction to the cashier to apply it the elderly person‘s bill.

You want to treat others the way that you want to be treated.  In your old age, do you want others to assist you in your time of need?  Well, invest in your future self by helping others in their time of need today.  I can guarantee that you will feel the approval of your Heavenly Father as you become His means of assisting one of His creation.  If you work for God in this manner, then it is highly unlikely that you will experience lack.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at

9 thoughts on “The Grenville Phillips Column – A Year of Plenty

  1. ” I can guarantee that you will feel the approval of your Heavenly Father”

    Who appointed you as guarantor?

  2. 45govt

    David, it seems as though we have a Debbie Downer in our presence?

    And I am here wondering as to whether or we will able to develop enough tolerance, patience and equanimity, to endure another twelve months of his egocentricity?

  3. INTELLIGENT people are running FAR, FAR away …in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION from jesus and saviour CREEPS these days…they have all FOR OVER MANY CENTURIES turned out to be FRAUDS…nothing can change that reality..

    It appears some will NEVER LEARN..the brainwash is TOTAL.

  4. Grenville, this is the best thing you have written in the past several years. (The last two sentences of religious mumbo-jumbo notwithstanding.)

  5. @ Hants at 9:39 AM

    Your aphorism is only true under certain proscribed conditions:

    One must be a Barbadian living in the Diaspora;
    One must still be a Sexagenarian;
    One must be unmarried;
    The country of residence must not be under BERT

  6. @ 45 govt at 4 :34 AM

    Grenville II is paraphrasing one of the truisms in the Christian Bible. Please do not interpret him literally.

  7. Heard Grenville making some reasonable points about the transportation saga playing out again in Barbados. Sadly the focus is always on the symptoms.

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