Solutions Barbados Press Release – The Author of Confusion

Canvassing in St George North is getting congested.  There are now six political parties canvassing across the constituency.  Each party’s canvassers are known by their party colours, as is the norm in Barbados to avoid confusion during an election.

The BLP wears red, the DLP wears yellow, Solutions Barbados wears green, the UPP wears Orange, and the BFP wears black.  All of these parties contested the 2018 general election, and the different party colours avoids confusion among voters.

When Mr Atherley was appointed Leader of the Opposition, he promised the public of Barbados that he would not start a political party.  He broke that promise.  However, rather than select a colour to distinguish his party from the other political parties, Mr Atherley’s party chose the colour green.

Two parties canvassing with the same colour shirts, creates unnecessary confusion among St George North voters.  Yet this farce has been allowed to continue over the past two weeks.  There must be better management of the election process over the next 3 weeks, to allow it to be fair.

Who is the author of this confusion?  According to the Bible: “God is not the author of confusion” (1 Cor 14:33).  So, it is the other fellow.  The solution to the confusion is also found in the Bible.  “Therefore submit to God.  Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7)

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer, and the Solutions Barbados’ candidate for St George North.  He can be reached at


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  1. Here we go again with the tit for tat, monkey see, monkey do arguments.

    Covid-19 concern at political rallies


    THE NATURAL IMPULSE to connect with supporters is making it difficult for some politicians and members of the public to comply with COVID-19 protocols on the campaign trail of the St George North by-election.
    This was the explanation president of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), Verla De Peiza, offered yesterday to the DAILY NATION on efforts by her party to ensure the strict wearing of masks and social distancing at political meetings in the run-up to the November 11 poll.
    Meanwhile, the ruling Barbados Labour Party (BLP) says it has been giving out masks to supporters who turn up to meetings without, while the COVID-Monitoring Unit states it will deal with political meetings in the same way it has dealt with all other events.
    While acknowledging that she and DLP candidate Floyd Reifer had been spotted in DLP-promoted photographs in close proximity to members of the public and sometimes without their masks on, De Peiza charged that the BLP and other parties were also breaching the two main protocols of wearing a mask and people keeping three feet from one another.
    “If you are having a photo op, it is less likely that you will be three feet apart. And I’m seeing that on both sides. I’ve seen the Prime Minister in photographs in close proximity to persons. I’ve seen that for other parties as well,” she said. “It is not necessarily the best thing, but we are in a moment of photo opportunities.
    “If you’ve been looking, you’ve also seen photographs with the Prime Minister and Toni Moore, their candidate, similarly.”
    On whether the breaches on other sides of the political divide gave everyone a free pass, the DLP president said: “Laws are there to be obeyed. I think, my understanding is, I stand corrected by the COVID-19 Unit, that outdoors is different from indoors. And I’m not aware that they have had an issue with any of the political meetings. I certainly have not received any call.”
    She revealed that the DLP had critiqued its sanitisation etiquette for those on the main platform at political rallies.
    “Actually, we were discussing only today our on-stage protocols. You would appreciate that it is harder to manage the persons who come, but we were reviewing our on-stage protocols today in terms of wiping down the mics and lectern and things of that nature,” she said.
    She said she hoped that pictures and footage had not skewed the reality of the DLP’s efforts in spreading the message of the importance for attendees to political activities to wear their masks and remain socially distanced.
    Meanwhile, BLP campaign coordinator Pat Parris said they distributed masks at their political meetings.
    “We do mask distribution at public meetings. We don’t have resistance from persons when we give them a mask. Actually, persons have welcomed the idea of distributed masks and they are not only Toni Moore-branded masks. Persons are compliant; they are taking the masks and they are wearing them,” she said.
    She said some people in the crowds without a mask and not socially distanced could be from the same household.
    “For example, last night (Sunday) we had some persons from the St George North branch who came to the meeting and they came backstage and got masks before they actually went into the meeting. They
    forgot [their] masks at home. There were about five of them,” Parris noted.
    When contacted yesterday, deputy director of the COVID-19 Monitoring Unit, Alison Elcock, was cautious about divulging any plan to shut down political meetings for breach of public health rules.
    “In terms of the wearing of masks and physical distancing, that applies to all events and all events are monitored. Obviously, it is not possible to get to every event on every occasion, but all events are monitored and we respond to the situation as we observe it when we do the visit.
    “I’m not going to go into details of what our strategies will be for any event or any situation, but we have had a track record of performance and that speaks for itself,” she told the DAILY NATION.
    Elcock said she could not speak directly to any photographic or other evidence of violations at political meetings, but added that all events were monitored with the same level of scrutiny by the unit.
    “It is outdoors, which is a good thing, and because it is outdoors that is less of a risk than indoor events. Persons are still expected to wear their masks and physically distance.
    “I have not seen any footage of it, but what we will do is continue to monitor them and visit them as we would with any other event,” she added.

    Source: Nation

  2. This socalled Creator of Confusion is and has always been a fiction created by cave dwellers in the hillsides of Europe.

    We have not checked the etymology but there appears to be linguistic connection between confusion and Confucius.

    If our instincts are right, then we will be asking SB to stop demanding shiiite bout meaningless colours and insist that centres with the name of Confucius be not erected, or removed, as a Chinese colonial footprint which they are, anywhere in the Caribbean.

    BTW, Confucius’ colour is red!

  3. Pacha…that’s the problem with the MENTALLY ENSLAVED…they pick the pettiest shit to dwell on and in, make a nonissue of and give praise and support to the most backward, unimportant issues….what they should PROTEST LOUDLY AGAINST, that is immensely destructive to the mental health and well-being of THEIR PEOPLE..they support or stay silent…it’s ugly and an embarrassment, but that is how they were socialized as colonies.

  4. The man with the BEST IDEAS for SGN is tying his best to avoid confusion as he should. These things are purposely are done by those in power.

    The thing is some of the people commenting on this channel don’t have the internal fortitude to throw their hats in the ring. They are too afraid. So as a result they stay on the anonymous fringes and talk the unimportant.

    They will not take part, they will not vote, just talk foolishness. That is all they are good for.

    And the fact that no one is paying them any mind does not deter them.

  5. We all know that the opposition party is in cahoots with the Governing party.

    That is why they always vote with the Governing party on every piece of legislation no matter how odious. So we have to be careful with them using SB shirts.

    There is method in the madness..

  6. @ Greene

    The cult of Mottley has now been proven to be false. She had a reputation, prior to May 2018, of being clever, a great leader and in command of things.
    We now know the reality contradicts the cultish beliefs. She has an attention deficit, does not like details, is not as bright as her fans tell her, is over-ambitious and is an intolerant bully. Is this the personality we will like to lead our nation?
    I do not do my enemy’s enemies my friend, that is Middle Eastern nonsense; I do pray that ordinary working Barbadians will wake up and smell the coffee.

  7. OWEN ARTHUR tried his utmost best to prevent her form becoming leader of the party. He made Mascol ‘co-leader’ of the BLP ahead of her . He knew her better than anybody else. He even tried to give her to Fruendel Stuart. He never wanted her to become PM. When they went to the meeting to discuss their defeat after the 2013 general elections she turned it into a vote on leadership and coerced the many to vote for her as leader. Which the meeting was not about.

    Every Ministry she had was a disaster.

    • Was there a fusillade of unsavoury attacks on Mottley which climaxed at the stadium and it failed miserably? The electorate will not respond favourably.

  8. That’s why i absolutely HATE POLITICS and will NEVER get involved in it in any country…it’s instructive that the people who love politics and love to talk about it all day long….can NEVER SEE ANY OF THIS..

    this is situation is REMNISCIENT of you saying racist crook MALONEY is so corrupt, should be in prison for helping DLP rob the taxpayers, pensioners etc, let’s not forget the DEATH of the innocent Holder child that YOU said and we all know he is directly responsible for in which you SET UP THE MOTHER to take the FALL… and the first opportunity you get once elected by the BLACK population, you jump right in bed with him and give him TAXPAYERS MONEY BY THE MILLIONS FOR LAND ALL OF YOU STOLE from Black people..

    … trying to separate yaself from CXC using the SAME deception on the people….is like trying to separate yaself from MALONEY….can’t happen, seeing as upon your arrangement he is now representing YOU in Guyana….

    politics is a colonial construct meant to do exactly what it’s doing now, ignorant black people did not design nor create it, have no control over it and never will.

    and here is grown ass people knowing all of this and IGNORING IT…to give praise to dirty lying deceitful treacherous politicians……steupppsss…just remember YOUR CHILDREN ARE WATCHING…they are the one now being DISENFRANCHISED by CXC and their DIRTY AGENTS..

  9. The old many of whom didn’t go to school but were RICH in intelligent, always said:

    ‘The higher the monkey climb, the more he show he tail’

    Epic words!!!!!

    The more the people see her ways, the more they dislike them. They were warned at STADIUM.

  10. @David,

    like i said in that article about the lost 10 years and the analysis that attributes all ills to that period, that cussing of MAM led or had a primary role in the DLP’s loss in the last election is another one of those attributions that lack proper analysis.

    the DLP lost the 2018 elections before 2018. there was nothing the Dees could do that would have stopped them losing and losing badly. the only way they could have mitigated loses was for Stuart to come out 2 years prior and say that he and about 3/4 of those ministers were retiring from politics and will not be contesting for seats in the next election. then put in place candidates for the upcoming elections. that may have mitigated the losses. in 1986 the BLP lost badly and 1994 the DLP lost badly. none of the reasons for those losses were attributed to cussing the opposition leader. except for the nature, manner and degree, cussing each other is a staple of Bim elections

    that the DLP cussed MAM had a lot to do with the fact that they had nothing to run on and in those cases you attack and that they did.

    going back to the reasons for the DLP loss. it had everything to do with not enacting policies to recover from the world wide recession. therefore there were lots of job losses, numerous downgrades, a PM who wouldnt or couldnt allay the fears of the Bim if nothing else by addressing them directly, collapsing road conditions, allegations of thievry by Ministers and a general feeling of despair, and disenchantment with the DLP. there was also the two term fatigue that plagues most parties in Bim all things being equal.

    so the DLP were on the backfoot and they knew it. there was no coordinated attempt at campaigning and Freundel took on most of the electioneering by himself. with nothing to run on, he made it a referendum on leadership. that was no contest. Freundel was a failure and MAM seemed the polar opposite of Freundel.

    bajans already knew about MAM and whatever proclivities that DLP sought to spread meant nothing to them. they had already heard it, discounted it for the moment, or didnt care. the election was all about getting rid of the DLP

    the fact is that the BLP overpromised and said a lot of nonsense that will at some point come back to haunt them. all they had to do was to campaign on being opposite to the DLP and they would have won anyway. in fact they didnt have to campaign at all and the DLP would have lost. that is how bad it was.

    the overwhelming margin of victory whilst having a degrading effect on the DLP has had a euphoric effect on the BLP that will be difficult to overcome. the BLP seems to misunderstand the reason for their success and the DLP still cant come to grasp with the reasons for their abject failure.

    for all the reasons above locating the BLP victory to the cussing of MAM is shortsighted if it is sighted at all. all that cussing of MAM did, was to confirm for the Bim public that the DLP was devoid of ideas and needed to be put out to pasture.

    • @Greene

      Have no issue with your analysis, agree with much of it. The attack as you hinted created a dent in the DLP brand and added to a prevailing political apathy in the country. It also created an opportunity for Mottley, who remained aloof from the attacks; also from Arthur, to not only deflect it but create an opportunity to win support for how she treated with it. In a nutshell, she turned a negative (lifestyle concerns), into a positive of sorts. She is heads over heals ahead of her peers as far as political acumen and intelligence. Her ability to build networks local, regional and internationally creates the image of a political leader Barbadians have tended to admire. She is obviously a polar opposite to Stuart who preferred to sit on his porch reading a book.

  11. This undercover tactic that Mia should not be attacked on the grounds of last dlp attempt to discredit her was fuel for the country to embraced the blp and as a result the 30-0 win is political poppy cock
    If that was so the percentage that went out to vote would have been higher
    The fact remains and which might as well apply to the govt in the next election are the policies of past govt which hurt the people
    Mia has now given sufficient evidence to what the govt of that time had said about her and which along the way needs to be repeated
    Many eyes are being awakened to the truthfulness of words uttered by the dlp ministers on political platforms about her
    Moral of the story
    No one is never too old to learn the truth

  12. One thing that can be said of last govt who was ridiculed for silence that with all the talk of transparency mouthed by Mia her only transparency is to run roughshod over democracy
    Thankfully the eyes of the have awakened and would next election go out in large numbers and stop her madness

  13. ‘ She is heads over heals ahead of her peers as far as political acumen and intelligence.’

    I take issue with that because it is not TRUE.

    She is a Joke. A figurehead being used by the WHITE BAJANS and INDIANS . She is doing little for people of her colour other to burden them with new taxes while giving tax breaks to the White control Barbados private sector.

    I remember an American Female Ambassador saying that the best thing she can do is talk.

    So true.

  14. Keep promoting black face TRAITORS…while they are volunarily signing agreements, taking money and being PAID…to inject your DUMBASS with…. you don’t even know what..

    “BVI is one of 24 Caribbean countries that will benefit from the European Union’s (EU) grant of 3 million euros given to the region for the purchase of COVID-19 vaccines (COVAX) or treatments when they become available.

    The countries that will benefit from the grant are all members of Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA).

    The funds are to assist CARPHA Member States to meet their down payment obligations to participate in the COVAX Facility which was set up to secure COVID-19 vaccines for low-income countries.

    The Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) will receive the funds from CARPHA for transfer to the COVAX Facility on behalf of these Caribbean countries.

    When the vaccines are available, Member States will purchase them through the PAHO Revolving Fund.

    Signed agreement

    To date, 12 CARPHA Member States have signed agreements with Gavi — the group that manages the COVAX Facility.

    These countries are Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos, St Kitts and Nevis, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, and Suriname.”

  15. Cursed be Mugabe?

    All the while the sins of the previous regime are to be forgotten, implicitly forgiven, without even a boy losing the head.

  16. Pacha…they are all cursed…everything they touch turns to instant shit… don’t sell out your people like that decade after decade for generations and don’t be met with SPIRITUAL ACCOUNTABILITY…no amount of simmy dimmy practice and burying bones can fix that…

  17. What happen to after August 16???

    He had every intention to run in the next general election, then along came August 16 and he suddenly want to change his career and become an Ambassador at his age, 70..

    Was he pushed or did he jump????

  18. We all know that A CERTAIN reprehensive was thrown out of Cabinet.

    He got vex and started telling the Nation about the WHITE SHADOWS, and WHITE PEOPLE who are controlling the Govt. and he has a lot MOORE to say.

    Quick so, a big post was created for him probably at MINISTER PAY. In a job where he didn’t have to do anything but draw his paycheck.

    And suddenly the Cat got his tongue. He is no longer talking about WHITE SHADOWS OR THE WHITE PEOPLE controlling the GOVT. He gone silent. His pocket is full..

    He is not talking anymore.

  19. Y’all simply cannot handle MAM. Can’t wait for the by-election to come and go. Only the dishonest will pretend.

  20. ‘Y’all simply cannot handle MAM’

    Cant handle??? or .

    Cant stand???

    what has she ever done for BLACK PEOPLE?????

  21. I don’t know why the jokers for politicians in Barbados believe they are so special, this is all they HAVE EVER BEEN AND WILL EVER BE…

    All the government ministers, PMs, lawyers from 1966 have been FAILURES, most have been CORRUPT, ALL have been mere overseers of a SLAVE SOCIETY…..ALL have been SELL OUTS…and since the scam started to get reparations off our ANCESTORS BACKS 20 years ago….ALL have been TOO STUPID TO KNOW…that EU/UK would have to ROB AFRICA TO GET THE BILLIONS THEY WANT IN REPARATIONS ….

    any IDIOT can be a ruler/jailer/sell out/thief/oppressor/exploiter/wannabe slave master in Barbados’ parliament….so what’s the point of the explanation.

  22. Being that evil, nasty and sell out, takes no special skills, anyone can do it while SUCKING ON TAXPAYERS AND PENSIONERS….parasites don’t even need a brain, all they need is a greedy, lying mouth..

  23. Our concern is also with the obvious double standard.

    Solutions Barbados was formed on 1 July 2015 with a maroon party colour. Almost 3 years later, we were informed that we could not do an election broadcast with maroon as the party’s colour, because it was too close to the BLP’s red.

    We had to change our party colour to green, just before the general election, and formally notified the EBC of the change.

  24. Our concern is also with the obvious double standard.

    Solutions Barbados was formed on 1 July 2015 with a maroon party colour. Almost 3 years later, we were informed that we could not do an election broadcast with maroon as the party’s colour, because it was too close to the BLP’s red.

    We had to change our party colour to green, just before the general election, and formally notified the EBC of the change.




  25. Listening to some of these politicians on BOTH platforms one has to ask how does this rhetoric help our people. We have the country and the world in partial lockdown because of COVID 19 but jobs are to magically appear. The blogmaster wishes them well.

    By-election ‘a distraction’

    THE ST GEORGE NORTH BY-ELECTION, says former Democratic Labour Party (DLP) senator Andre Worrell, is nothing more than a diversionary tactic.
    He told supporters and residents of Newbury and surrounding areas on Sunday night at the party’s public meeting to support candidate Floyd Reifer that Government’s focus should be on the economic challenges facing it.
    “Is [the Prime Minister] using this by-election as a distraction to turn your gaze from the fact that thousands of people in Barbados are not working? To turn your gaze from the fact that thousands of people were laid off since March, and some of them have difficulty getting their unemployment benefits which were rightfully due to them?” he asked.
    “To turn your gaze from the fact that the hotel workers do not know now where they stand in terms of their severance and there is no one speaking out for them? Even to turn your gaze from the fact that domestic workers in Barbados could be at peril when they work in a villa for someone who came into Barbados on the Welcome [Stamp] programme.”
    Worrell, the DLP’s second vice-president, said the Barbados Labour Party’s candidate Toni Moore had not spoken out as general secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union and as “someone who should be representing the workers and, in particular, the domestic workers”.
    “Did you hear a single [appeal] from her crying out for this Government to do better by the workers of Barbados? Any of you heard a word from her?” he asked the crowd, who responded “no”.
    Worrell said there was a need for protocols to “make sure those persons are protected”.
    “None of that came from Toni Moore. So how if she cannot do her primary job as the leader of the largest trade union in Barbados to represent the workers, if she could not be effective in doing that job, how then can she take on a second job of trying to be a representative for you, the people of St George North?” he asked.
    Stephen Lashley, a former minister in the Freundel Stuart administration, also addressed the meeting. He wanted to know what difference Moore as trade union leader could make in the House of Assembly that she could not make from her Solidarity House, St Michael office.
    “Is there a difference? I believe that at this time we need in Barbados strong workers’ representatives. We need a Barbados Workers’ Union that is working on behalf of the people and the workers of Barbados.
    “I believe that the people of St George North have a very pristine opportunity of having a bit of both worlds.
    “I believe they can keep the leader of the Barbados Workers’ Union where she is now and, come November 11, elect in Floyd Reifer one of their own who will represent them in the Parliament of Barbados. I believe that that is the best solution to what has been created in Barbados by this byelection,” the former Christ Church West Central MP said. ( GBM)

    Source: Nation

    • Time for proper change, says Walrond

      THE TIME FOR “proper change” is now, says David Walrond, the People’s Party for Democracy and Development (PdP) candidate in the November 11 St George North by-election.
      “I know you are fed up with it. I am, and I know you are tired of this. It is high time that we get proper change, a change for better. It is high time we get the right change. It is time we get a change that you will have someone who has the ability to lobby on your behalf,” he said during the party’s spot meeting in Cottage Crescent on Monday night.
      Walrond, who lives in Belair, St George, said that while he was canvassing some constituents asked him if “you think you could be any use to we if you ain’t in no ruling party”; but as far as he was concerned, no individual had to be to a member of any party to assist their communities or others.
      “When I went out there and worked with the giant African snails, I didn’t in no ruling party. I was an individual making a decision to do something for my community,” he said.
      “The most important thing in life is community activism. One of the most important things is to be able to bring the community together so that the community can do for itself.
      “If we sit and wait on Government, we will always be fretting, we will always be quarrelling, because Government after Government after Government continues to fail the people.
      “It is high time that we give somebody a chance who really wants to work with the people. Remember, it ain’t about those persons who are coming to use you as a stepping stone to prosperity, but it is about a person who’s interested in working with you.”
      The PdP candidate told his listeners that his campaign was not hinged on asking people “to vote for me and watch me”, as that would never be his slogan.
      “Don’t give me no vote and watch muh; give me the vote and join me,” Walrond said.
      “The problem is that very often we give the vote and we turn our backs and walk away, and when we look back, we don’t see who we vote for. We need representatives who are willing to come into communities, representatives who are visible and accessible.” ( GBM)

      Source: Nation News



  26. It seems that the conduct has been better and the presentations more thoughtful since the Bradshaw debacle.

    Thr PDP does need to change it’s colour though. That is not a good look on them.

  27. Then we back to square one.

    As the 3% of the Barbados population the WHITE BAJANS and INDIANS LIKE IT.

    Control, control, control.

  28. David did the dictator says that only she can use the word fake
    However i find the word most appropriate to be use at such a time when Mia hoist a red flag to have a debate on an uneven playing field
    Something got to be faked about such ongoings

  29. @Hal Austin October 20, 2020 6:46 AM “The cult of Mottley has now been proven to be false. She had a reputation, prior to May 2018, of being clever, a great leader and in command of things.”

    There never was any cult, except in your fervid imagination.

    Before May 2018, Mottley was variously an opposition MP, a Cabinet Minister, and for a short period. None of these roles are great leadership roles, not of them permits the holder to command much of anything, nor to command anybody.

  30. @Carson C. Cadogan October 20, 2020 7:09 AM “OWEN ARTHUR tried his utmost best to prevent her form becoming leader of the party. He made Mascol ‘co-leader’ of the BLP ahead of her . He knew her better than anybody else. He even tried to give her to Fruendel Stuart. He never wanted her to become PM. When they went to the meeting to discuss their defeat after the 2013 general elections she turned it into a vote on leadership and coerced the many to vote for her as leader. Which the meeting was not about.”

    @Carson C. Cadogan October 20, 2020 7:09 AM “He even tried to give her to Fruendel Stuart”
    Slavery in Barbados was abolished in 1838, so nobody can give away anybody else, because nobody owns anybody else. Owen had no power to give Mia or anybody else to Freundel nor anybody else.

    @Carson C. Cadogan October 20, 2020 7:09 AM “He never wanted her to become PM.”

    What Owen wanted or didn’t want is immaterial. He is dead, dead, dead as a door-nail. He is not coming back. The living people of Barbados will decide who is PM. Owen has NO say. And I was one of Owen’s biggest fans. I loved him when he was alive. But I don’t love him now that he is dead. I don’t believe in necrophilia=love of the dead.

    @Carson C. Cadogan October 20, 2020 7:09 AM “When they went to the meeting to discuss their defeat after the 2013 general elections she turned it into a vote on leadership and coerced the many to vote for her as leader. Which the meeting was not about.”

    By the end of Owen’s 3rd term, the people of Barbados–not just the BLP people—were tired of him. The people of Barbados did not want Owen to have a fourth term. Very, very likely the people of Barbados won’t want Mia to have a fourth term either. And when that time comes the people of Barbados will give her her walking papers as they have giver to many Prime Ministers before.

    We love our living Prime Ministers. But we don’t love them so much that we want them to have fourth terms.

  31. @Carson C. Cadogan October 20, 2020 7:09 AM “.When they went to the meeting to discuss their defeat after the 2013 general elections she turned it into a vote on leadership and coerced the many to vote for her as leader. Which the meeting was not about.”

    It is not unusual that party leaders who lead their party to defeat to be forced out of the leadership position. I know this. You know this. Mia knows this, Owen ought reasonably to have known this, so he would have had to be a Sunday school boy to think that the meeting was about sandwiches and cake and red JuC. You lose. You get fired.

    Real life.

  32. @Carson C Cadogan October 20, 2020 7:16 AM “Was anything said that was wrong??????”


    Everything said was wrong.

    And the people of Barbados responded, Whax Palax


    Message to you and people like you:

    THE MAJORITY OF THE ELECTORATE ARE FEMALE. If ya want to win, don’t cuss the women.

    Cussing the women is just plain stupid.

  33. @ David October 21, 2020 11:15 PM

    Wasn’t the former (now deceased) PM Arthur also on record for saying the same thing?

    He, along with many others, was brought to their knees by the crutches of power.

    The thirst for power can be the most overpowering force in the life of a politician.

    “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely”

  34. “The thirst for power can be the most overpowering force in the life of a politician.”

    until the ignorant fcukers DROP DEAD…that will always be black people’s problem, especially the power hungry cockroaches…… IGNORANCE..

    every fake leader Barbados has ever had HAS BEEN ABJECT FAILURES….failing the Black majority, with their duplicated and triplicated displays of being weaklings, thieves, liars and sell outs…

  35. Television debates are just plain useless. There are no laws on our statue books that mandate television debates. There are just a waste of time, money and space..

    Plus they were mandated by the PM and Govt. who I do not trust. She does not have the authority to do so.

    They are a waste of time .. Television debates were imported from the US where they are not even effective or useful. Waste of time.

  36. Not cussing anybody but infirming them of a person’s is not a crime. We are seeing today what the population was warned about unfolding. The fact that the person being talked about was a woman makes little difference.

    The truth must told.

  37. Get into community of SGN and talk the people. It is not a General election. It is a bye election. The people don’t live all over Barbados.

    And to face a poor cadre of ‘journalists” who are aligned with the Barbados Labour Party is not helpful. The two parties are correct in not being any part the charade and staying away.

  38. Floyd cries foul 

    Dems accuse rivals of ripping down posters


    THE DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY (DLP) was yesterday bemoaning the vandalism of several posters advertising the campaign of Floyd Reifer, its candidate in the St George North by-election.

    The Dems are claiming that more than 1 000 of their posters have disappeared.

    The posters, which showed the face of Reifer in the party’s traditional blue and yellow colours, were placed on some electric poles and walls.


    A disgusted Reifer last night revealed he had seen examples of the vandalism first-hand, adding he had received quite a few calls from people who said they also witnessed Barbados Labour Party (BLP) supporters tearing down some of the DLP posters.

    “On my way home from one of our spot meetings, I saw two guys mounting posters for [Barbados Labour Party candidate] Toni Moore in red shirts ripping down my posters in Market Hill area,” Reifer told the DAILY NATION.

    He said all he wanted was a clean campaign.

    “I was disappointed because I gave instructions to my team not to do this. We wanted to run a clean campaign, free of insults and negativity, and we are going to continue doing that. But I am disappointed that it has to go to this low. I think it’s desperate, but others would say it is politics.”

    Campaign manager, former DLP general secretary George Pilgrim, also said he was disappointed that people in red and purporting to be supporters of Moore would sink to such depths.

    “I support the call from the candidate Floyd Reifer for a clean campaign. We see what’s taking place. It sickens me to know that over 1 200 of our posters have disappeared, and not because of the rain.

    “I find it hard to believe that the rain falls in St George North and washes away our posters only and leaves the poster of Toni Moore up on the same pole,” he declared. “My only assumption is that they are using a waterproof card.”

    He added: “We intend to make the public aware very soon of other activities that have swooped down on our campaign. These matters are of concern to Reifer’s team in St George North.”


    Reifer and Moore are expected to be the main opponents in the November 11 by-election, which will also be contested by candidates from the United Progressive Party, Solutions Barbados, the People’s Party for Democracy and Development, and the Bajan Free Party.

    DLP president Verla De Peiza said she was saddened by the defacing of the campaign material.

    Efforts last night to reach the BLP campaign manager Dwight Sutherland and candidate Moore were unsuccessful.

    Source: Nation

  39. Bedroom Policeman

    Are you still here lurking? And all you have to say is thst de pdp stole your colour green, like lynette eastmond is supposed to have stolen the colours of the now defunct political party B.I.M?

    You continue to display what a small unimaginative msn you are.

    Do not worry.

    You will soon lose your deposit again

    YOU MUST NEVER CROSS THE DOORS OF THR HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY Granville Phillips aka Bedroom Police!

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