Solutions Barbados – List of Candidates

Submitted by Solutions Barbados

Solutions Barbados is running 10 Candidates in this General Election. All of them love and fear God. They are highly competent, capable, and experienced persons who work, and are paid for what they do. They are all wealth creators, and can be trusted to manage Barbados a lot better than what we have had before.

  • Ms Jacqueline Alleyne in St Andrew
  • Mr Fallon Best in Bridgetown
  • Mr Robert Toussaint in St Michael Central
  • Ms Angela Edey in St Michael West-Central
  • Ms Patricia Cox in St Michael South
  • Ms Victorine Wilson in St Michael West
  • Mr Kenneth Lewis in Christ Church West-Central
  • Ms Susan Corbin in Christ Church East
  • Mr Ronald Lorde in St Philip South, and
  • Ms Karina Goodridge in St Philip West.

Solutions Barbados also plans to endorse candidates who agree with our policies, and who agree to the following.

(i) Revoke the Charter of Barbados, which was passed in both houses of our Parliament, in our first sitting. The Charter formally establishes a throne for satan over Barbados – which can stop God’s blessings on Barbados, since God does not share His glory or praise with anyone or anything.

(ii) allows Barbadians to give their consent, or not, on Barbados being a Republic – because taking consent should never be tolerated or justified in Barbados. Only bad people normally take consent. This violation of Barbadians’ dignity must be corrected.

Candidates of other parties have agreed to implement Solutions Barbados favourably independently assessed economic recovery plan of: (i) lowering taxes, (ii) improving the management of government services, (iii) depoliticising the public service, and (iv) eliminating corruption – all of which are proven to improve a national economy.

Those who have also agreed to immediately revoke the Charter, and allow Barbadians to consent, or not, to a Republic in a referendum within 3 months, follow.

St George North – Ms Melissa Taitt

St Joseph – Mr Antonio Gittens

St Thomas – Mr Philip Catlyn

All candidates and Solutions Barbados policies are described in

33 thoughts on “Solutions Barbados – List of Candidates

  1. Wow
    David BU

    I was disturbingly surprised to find that your name was not amongst the list of Solutions Barbados candidates !

    But when I reflected on the standards / ideals the Solutions Barbados candidates must uphold…..I then realised those would have been too difficult for you to uphold !

  2. Wait I thought he said he did done wid politics? Then again like any true politician you shouldn’t believe what they say anyhow. LOL

  3. “(i) Revoke the Charter of Barbados, which was passed in both houses of our Parliament, in our first sitting. The Charter formally establishes a throne for satan over Barbados – which can stop God’s blessings on Barbados, since God does not share His glory or praise with anyone or anything. “

    Grenville can plead insanity

    It’s a Shame aka Know Love

    If you never know love already
    You’ll never ever know love again
    If you never show love already
    You’ll never ever show love

  4. Well he still involved in the party in a major way. You either in or you out dem ain’t no half pregnant in politics

  5. The Structural Engineer known as Grenville has built a pile of shit for his political platform

    Celestial Communication

    Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru

  6. A ‘grand coalition’ was what I wanted, but I knew it was too much. Grenville got something right, trying to field 30 candidates in such a short time was a no-no. Concentrate your fire in selected areas.

    The best battle would have been 30 versus 30. I doubt if Mia will lose any 2022 voters to a third party. However, it is possible that with so many opposition parties, she will pick up a few possible voters. Having more than 30 competing candidates (against the BLP) fragments and lessen the votes for the ‘opposition”.

    The ‘grand coalition’ was my dream, but we have more candidates than constituencies. Besides everyone likes a little gamble… Where else can you invest $250 and get five years of free stuff (unless some idiot calls an early election).

  7. I have refrained from commenting on Mr. Phillips columns. However, as one who went up against the Duopoly and was badly beaten; I offer my best wishes to all Solutions, other third parties candidates The APP Coalition and independents.
    These brave men and women are doing their country a great service in the name of democracy.
    I hope those who sit on the sidelines and try to make sport of them, will one day find the courage to face the fire.
    But cowards keep whole bones and delight in falling asleep in their comfortable armchairs hiding behind all types of deception .

    • William it is not only about a third party running, these parties have been unable to differentiate themselves by communicating a compelling message.

  8. Are the candidates all unvaccinated and do they all have porn blockers installed on their computers and smartphones?

  9. @ David
    True. But at the end of the day, they are still bringing new talent to the fore. Don’t forget Gooding -Edghill was a star in the Youth arm of the NDP. Today he’s a government minister. There were others who are active although they are not candidates or in the house. Rommel Marshall also cut his political teeth in the NDP and went on to be a minister.
    Perhaps in time to come they ( thawing the third parties)will be the change we earnestly seek on the political landscape.
    They are getting involved and that’s the point.

    • @William

      To repeat the blogmaster gives SB A+ for effort. To compare SB with NDP is a mistake. NDP came with some national presence for reasons you know well. It was therefore able to attract a few talented players as you stated.

  10. @ David

    It is not the parties that are failing us it is us who fail ourselves. Have you heard anyone asking any questions as to the plans to finance the deficit? Have you heard anyone ask the total annual debt repayment cost for 2023? How about a diversion of the economy from tourism dependency, has that been discussed with facts being offered? NO NO AND NO.

    So wunna will get what wunna deserve in the campaigns. Nuff party music and long talk followed by body blows shortly there after. When it happen and wunna start cussing, remember when you was on the pasture listening to the music at election time.

  11. @ David
    You missed my point. I was not comparing parties. I was talking about unearthing talent and getting others interested in the process.

    • @William

      Didn’t miss your point, simply pointing out NDP has a bigger national profile than SB and this would have attracted a higher level talent.

  12. @ John A
    What on earth did you expect ? You’re going to get 15 mini stadia.
    Take it easy.
    Elections are now an extension of Crop Over. CIVID slowed us down this one.

  13. “(i) Revoke the Charter of Barbados, which was passed in both houses of our Parliament, in our first sitting.”
    “(ii) allows Barbadians to give their consent, or not, on Barbados being a Republic”

    If you are only running 10 candidates you can only operate at local level in politics not a national level
    so your promises are not possible

  14. The blogmaster read Grenville’s comment on Facebook where he complains the APP is running candidates against SB and forgetting the DLP and BLP. A shake your head moment.

    The key to learning is to grow from mistakes made.

  15. Difficult Conversations – Closing Arguments.

    On Friday 14 January 2022, at 8:03 pm, after the CBC-TV evening news, Solutions Barbados is scheduled to make our closing argument in this General Election. It is the main opportunity we have to speak to the public, without the media distorting our message.

    Our closing arguments will be mostly unfiltered. I wrote ‘mostly’ because the text had to be approved by a battery of lawyers before it could be broadcast.

    Fortunately, the only change that had to be made, was that we could not mention satan. The reason being was that we could not disrespect other peoples’ gods. Despite that, there was plenty to say in 15 minutes.

    On Friday night, it is for you, and you alone, to decide whether our closing arguments were convincing enough. The political operatives have already made up their minds. They cannot be blamed, since they must try to maintain their place near the trough – they also have bills to pay. However, they cannot help you. You make up your own mind.

    Grenville Phillips II is the President of Solutions Barbados. He can be reached at

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  17. This may be the first party political broadcast I have ever watched through to completion (albeit in two sessions)
    As a neutral observer I have to say Grenville sounds reasonably impressive in the first half but then starts rumbling and turning mad.

    He probably just likes to see himself on the box so it’s mission accomplished.

    I am glad Mia is PM is she is woke

    a motherfucking G.

  18. I really am not predicting anything.

    When I showed up at High Noon to see if any assenters would come the BLP were finishing off nominating their candidate.

    Some of their supporters were outside dressed in red with their little red flags.

    One lady came over to me and asked me if I was a candidate.

    I told her the issues and that people seemed afraid.

    She asked me my name and told me hers and we got talking.

    Out of the blue she says to me, “But suppose I want to vote for somebody else?”

    It floored me and I don’t get floored too easy.

    I suspect we are in for surprises.

    I would have thought the DLP was dead from last time given all the long talk but then someone sent me a video of their opening meeting which I posted.

    If the Dees are dead they don’t seem to know.

    One DLP stalwart I know began an email thread with me on an area of history of mutual interest just before the elections were called and now he has gone quiet or extremely busy!!

    I also see the GOB/Bees busy paving roads up my side last week which have been an abomination for years.

    Sure sign the incumbents feel they got problems in the area.

    For the first time ever I got a phone call from the Bees urging me to come out and vote.

    Maybe they know something no one else knows.

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