The Phartford Files: Agenda for a Third Party Part I

Submitted by Ironside

The PdP should not let the recent rumblings of the honourable PM of Barbados at her party’s recent conference get under its skin. Anytime a third party in Barbados makes any ground, no matter how little, you can expect retaliation from the old guard as sure as night follows day.

I recall Donville Inniss belittling the new parties that emerged for the 2018 election, specifically Solutions Barbados, early on in the campaign. His arrogance has been duly rewarded. I absolutely love Madame Karma!

The first thing that any new party that hopes to make a significant impact in the next election must do is to recognize that there is mental space, however small, for a third party in the minds of the electorate. For some, it is a default position resulting from the systematic abuse and betrayal of the two entrenched parties, viz. the BLP and DLP, the Bonnie and Clyde of Barbadian politics. But that space is there, nonetheless.

This is the right time to advance the agenda of a serious “third” party. Now is the time to exploit the growing disaffection with the incumbent BLP and the betrayal of the wasted DLP. Divide and rule, we call it.

Expect retaliation from Bonnie and Clyde because, make no mistake about it, when the chips are down, like any good husband and wife team, Bonnie and Clyde will close ranks to keep out the upstarts!

The second thing that a successful new party must do is define itself in that available mental space. That means it must study carefully the contours of that space and be very strategic about how it intends to capture it. In Marketing we call that positioning.

However, the third party must take careful note that many of the masses are unable to think outside the B&D box. They are suffering from what I have called elsewhere on this blog “mental rigor mortis” (“MRM” as dubbed by one blogger). It is the case, that despite the evidence of their eyes, these sufferers just can’t see anything else but a two party state. We boast of being so highly educated but it seems that that has NOT produced any open-mindedness! Looks like a case of “clouds without water” to me!

Moreover, the third party must grasp the fact that, in a perverse way, many Barbadians are also suffering from political “trauma bonding”. Trauma bonding is that difficult-to-understand behaviour of victims who return to their abusers in the face of [pun intended] sometimes brutal physical abuse. It is something that MAM should understand very well!

I do not wish to get side-tracked here so I suggest you read the following articles on this topic for a start:

I am yet to see a third party with a discernible, coherent and viable strategic positioning plan. The strategy itself is not something you shout out in so many words but one which you “drip irrigate” onto the public. Over time, your positioning becomes evident to those who are studying your [party’s] communications and behaviour.

It follows logically from the above analysis, that the third thing the successful party must do is devise a deliberate, ongoing, consistent, focused communications campaign to support its positioning in the electorate’s mind. It must start this long before any formal campaigning for the 2023 begins! Coincidentally, that campaign must also build trust. Trust is hard to build, but so easy to destroy, as many a one-night-stander can testify!

Now, to extent that Solutions Barbados followed the approach I am suggesting, in the last election period, is the extent to which they were able capture 14% of the vote. However, a lot of their under-performance was due, in no measure, to the naivety and egotism of the party leader Grenville Phillips. As you can see from the posts below, Mr. Phillips still neither understands nor accepts this criticism.

Perhaps Mr. Phillips should stick to his Tuesday Sermon. Perhaps, he may find more support there. May I suggest that his next sermon be on the message to the Church in Laodicea? [Rev. 3: 14 -16]

I am firmly committed to seeing the acceptance and success of a third party in Barbados. However, that does NOT include the absence of other parties; by no means. We need a rich and strong democracy here! So expect me to push the third party concept with all the warp power that Mr. LaForge can call up from the engine room!

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  1. David
    The 30-0 came after the Manifesto, which made clear that there would be a referendum on the decriminalisation/legalisation of marijuana and other contentious issues. One can therefore argue that the 30-0ers are well aware.🤣

  2. BTW 30 -0 and you still need a referendum?


    Invalid Parliament will make invalid laws!!!

    Need referendum to seal it!!

    Why not just call an election to regularize Parliament instead of a referendum on marijuana?

  3. David:

    The AG is planning to present a separate bill to allow the Rasta community to legally use it for religious purposes. This is to be separate from a bill for recreational use, which is the subject of the referendum.

    The problem is that religious legalisation is de facto recreational legalisation, making the referendum unnecessary.

  4. Britain walked in to a mess over Brexit because of David Cameron’s gross incompetence, with the Fixed Term Act and the EU referendum; now Barbados is going to do the same over dope.
    What happens if dope is legalised for religious or recreational use in Barbados, shops start selling rum and dope (a winner for young tourists, the Amsterdam of the Caribbean), sellers open bank accounts with a bank that has a corresponding bank relationship with US banks, are they going to put at risk their relationship with the US over a careless piece of legislation?
    Governments only introduce referenda under our system if they are too cowardly to introduce legislation they will like and which may be unpopular.
    Where is the church? Where are the police? Why are courts still jailing young men for possession when the powers that be are considering legalising the use of the substance, where are the opposition parties? Where are the parent-teachers’ associations?
    Are there any members of the 29/1 ruling party who oppose this reckless proposal? If so, why don’t they speak out?

  5. @David

    If the “No” side carries the day in a referendum what will the Gov’t do when it has all but promised Adonijah et al that they can use marijuana as a “sacrament”. Will the Gov’t then introduce a “notwithstanding” clause to the law that members of ICAR are exempt from any law where the use of marijuana still carries a criminal penalty?

  6. @ Sargeant,

    Barbados could temporarily legalise marijuana during the months ” We Gatherin “.

    That could increase the number of Canadian visitors.

  7. @ David BU

    The issue re decriminalization of Marijuana/cannabis is complex and really should not be reduced to an absurdity. Like Hal, I do not think that a referendum is the proper tool to solve this problem. It calls for expert inputs from various disciplines. The decision should be based on the greatest benefits to the society as a whole. Let us not rush this one.
    By the way, I am informed that CBD was included in an off the shelf patent medicine within living memory.

    • @Vincent

      The scope of research is constrained by the time period to analyze. Colorado is cited as the benchmark but it is relatively early days yet.

  8. @ David BU’

    A large enough body of research has been done at UWI on the psychotic and neurological effects of Marijuana on the human body. These experts should help inform the decisions. The Psychiatrists , social workers ,legal profession etc are available. This is less than 6 months work.

    We need to take a methodical approach to this decision even if history proves us wrong.

    • The effects in that regard are known. Like most hallucinogenic drugs individuals will be affected differently. The decision to be made by Barbados is about the type of society we want to manage.

  9. @David

    It wasn’t a question where I expected you to have the answer, it was for the “Enuffs” of the world to report back to Gov’t (when it frames the referendum question) “Houston we may have a problem”.

  10. @ David BU

    You and I know that the voters turnout at General Elections in this country is very low,even when there are bread and butter issues ,simply because electors believe they are not informed enough to cast their votes. Do you think that a referendum on this issue would motivate a turn out of 30% of listed voters?

  11. @Grenville

    I know you can’t see it yet, but if you read the comments here carefully, most of the bloggers are holding out hope for you and offering you and SB some “redemption”. Things are beginning to change; the waters have been troubled. Don’t let foolish pride let you miss your dip in the pool of Siloam!

    I don’t contend with people I don’t care about…energy wasted!

    You are practising reductionism (a.k.a simple-mindedness) when you go for this hate thing. You can do better than that!

    I sense that you feel some jealousy towards JA and the PdP! That is really natural because both you and JA are both professing Christians so in a strange sort of way, you feel that you & SB should be where JA is given all that you have said and done. Believe you me I get, it although I am simplifying a bit here.

    Grenville, your contribution has been to make people go past wondering about a “third” party. Nobody can take that away from you!

    But as other bloggers are suggesting, there I scope and hope for both a pre- and post election coalition. There is also some interest in PR, a methodology we need to adopt. If we keep this up, this country will change…it takes time.

    Keep the faith and let the criticism help to refine you…make this difficult choice that I am learning to make every day:

  12. Ironside:

    There is no jealousy towards Atherley or the pdp.

    Perhaps if you asked more questions, rather than consistently make false assertions, you could provide better advice. But your advice is mostly irrelevant because is is based on entirely false assertions and accusations.

    I supported Atherley’s move to form an opposition. I agreed with his choice of Caswell and pledged my full support to him. All of this is easily verifiable. So your jealousy accusation is pure rubbish – so why would you make it?

    Why not start a conversation in the adult manner – by asking questions rather than making baseless and false accusations? Why is that so difficult?

    On hate, why not read your colleague Piece’s writings. That is hate personified. It seems that the pdp is a fountain of hate because no other political party is behaving like that?

    As leader of Solutions Barbados, I communicate with most of the other 11 political parties, and pdp is the only one – I repeat for emphasis, the ONLY one that is behaving in such a despicable hateful manner. Perhaps you can answer this one question – Do you know why the pdp are behaving so badly on social media (including here on BU)? Do you know why their fruit are consistently only bad?

  13. The PDP is a farce.

    It just shows the lengths the powers that be will go to legitimize themselves.

    In so doing they have managed to delegitimize the very people they seduced to legitimize themselves.

    Not very considerate of the potential young political careers but still it was a favor because it exposed their flaws.

    It is not possible to get an opposition out of the single group that ended up in the HoA after the election in 2018.

    One group is one group.

    This is too simple a concept to require explanation or debate.

    Only in Barbados!!

  14. @ John

    Of late, one notes that you, while you can have your Quaker moments when you promote Slavery and Slavers as the salvation of the black man, when you converse on other topics, you can be very reasonable.

    My point in making this opening statement is to say this.

    Let us just for a moment accept that Joseph Atherley IS A PLANT.

    Are Senator Caswell Franklyn and Senator Crystal Drakes plants too?

    Are the team of people who have assembled with this new party not turning out to be men and women of worth?

    Why are we therefore putting so much emphasis on Joe?

    Does he have such metallurgical power that, IF HE US A MIA MOTTLEY PLANT, that he can change all of these men and women what are coming to the PDP?

    Are you feeling me yet John (the sometimes Quaker?)

    Look at Bedroom Policeman aka Grenville Phillips and observe him well


    Something does not appear wrong with his modus operandi John?

    Suddenly this so called christian has manufactured a list so long of egregious acts against the PDP that is agreeing with a huge set of DRACONIAN BLP LAWS.

    Yet more and more people are starting to see Grenville Phillips as a small minded vicious man who personifies the very HATRED HE TRIES TO TRANSFER to anyone who he feels has crossed him.

    But John, what you and others here have started to comprehend is that THIS THIRD PARTY MOVEMENT has expanded beyond the purported Manchurian Candidate Joseph Atherley

    And even if he were a plant, now he has no choice BUT TO GO THROUGH WITH THIS CAMPAIGN because if he did otherwise IT WOULD DESTROY THE CREDIBILITY OF MIA MOTTLEY and show how devious she is to so conspire with him to maintain her power.

    Do you understand me now?

  15. @ Ironside


    Our “secret” is out!

    As two of the “PdP candidates” in Reverend Atherley’s new party, our candidature is known AND WE COULD AS WELL FESS UP.

    Bedroom Policeman, who Mugabe declared that she does not know which seat he ran for in the last general elections, has just revealed dat de ole man running in St Michael North East

    Heheheheh which is Mia’s constituency heheheheh

    John A and the other fellow going have a field day with that bit of news?

    Bedroom Policeman Grenville whike attacking you here earlier said, and I quote

    “…Why not start a conversation in the adult manner – by asking questions rather than making baseless and false accusations?

    Why is that so difficult?…”

    Why you dont stop making “baseless accusations” Ironside?

    Heheheheh you got to stop showing up Grenville Phillips as an incompetent ONE MAN PARTY!

    Then Bedroom Policeman continues

    “On hate, why not read your colleague Piece’s writings.

    That is hate personified…”

    Your sin, like that of my fellow myope and apostate Dr. GP, is that you have called out his campaign’s paucity for what it is, AND EVEN THOUGH YOU SOUGHT TO COMMEND HIS EFFORTS, that original sin CANNOT BE FORGIVEN Ironside.

    As long as you say anything that I, Piece the Legend says, you are Enemy of the State & a Forever Enemy of Grenville Phillips.

    But this public display of the character of the Bedroom Policeman Phillips IS GOOD!

    My objective is achieved WHEN THESE POSTURERS LIKE GRENVILLE PHILLIPS expose themselves to the Bajan Populace.

    He shows his true colours Ironside

    Then he caps off his hatred for me AND NOW YOU WITH THE REAL POINT OF HIS HATRED, THE PDP!

    He says and I quote

    “It seems that the pdp is a fountain of hate because no other political party is behaving like that?…”

    Observe his disjunction in reasoning!

    Behaving like that what?

    What is he ascribing to the PdP?

    What is the connection with the PdP here?

    Ohhhhhh, sorry de ole man now get it!

    I, by my writings show that he is a dip shit, hate him!

    You by your gentler writings about his ammmmm style of managing the No Solutions Barbados hate him.

    You and I are PdP candidates

    Therefore the PdP is a party of haters



    Please Bajans, pleaseeeee de ole man begging wunna, dont let this RH mental out patient Ever Get in the HoA!!!


  16. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    A second item here for Ironside

    Interesting enough my Adrian Loveridge post went through without moderation.

    Oh, sorry, that is not Third Party Movement related so no moderation applies

  17. @Grenville

    Thanks for the clarification.

    There is direct questioning and there is indirect questioning and a range of other Socratic questioning techniques. I guess you are too rigid to understand that.

    How about your accusations of hatred? and being a member of the PdP? What are they based on? If I were a member of the PdP I would not be ashamed to admit it because I would have made that choice.

    Some people cannot “think” without unnecessary labels. I call it the “larder mentality”.

    For the record I voted for the SB candidate in my area in the last election. Very little to do with you or whether SB would win. Pure principle.

    Your over-sized ego and thin skin cause you to bite EVERY hand that reaches out to you. You can’t seem to discriminate.

    I have washed MY hands of you, Sir.

  18. Let us just for a moment accept that Joseph Atherley IS A PLANT.
    Are Senator Caswell Franklyn and Senator Crystal Drakes plants too?


    Straw men was the term I used!!

    Nest of Vipers if you like!!

    Doesn’t matter if Reverend Joe is a plant or not.

    The simple fact is there is no way that a single group in Parliament (30-0) can beget an opposition!!

    It may be the people who have coalesced have been deceived, or not.

    Perhaps they have been persuaded that they need to do this for the good of Barbados.

    But they have a brain and can do the simple math, one I believe was a Barbados Scholar!!

    But they are in with the nest!!!!

    There is no way anything good is coming from these Dudleys!!

  19. “If the “No” side carries the day in a referendum what will the Gov’t do when it has all but promised Adonijah et al that they can use marijuana as a “sacrament”.”

    Once one is able to differentiate between recreational and sacramental use, one would understand that the outcome of a referendum to decriminalise/legalise recreational use is irrelevant to legislating the lawful use of mj for sacramental religious use. Unless I am missing something. As I have said before, I am anxious to see how it’s policed i.e. sacramental use; but support full legalisation. Aren’t we proud of being the home of rumbullion?🤣

  20. How come three MPs (sorry, MHoA’s) didn’t do the Reverend Joe (RJ) stunt?

    How come even two didn’t do it?

    How come even more don’t do it?

    Because there can’t be another or other MP’s (sorry, MHoA’s) as idiotic as Reverend Joe.

    Maybe if Reverend Joe is able to pull off the deception of begetting an opposition out of nothing another idiot will join him.

    But for the moment, one year and counting, 29 MP’s (sorry, MHoA’s) know it would be as good as committing political suicide to be associated with Reverend Joe.

    Reverend Joe has his pension and like George Payne he has up decades of non achievement, a real Dudley.

    George Payne however and others, have legal training and cunning!!

    They would never be caught dead in RJ’s predicament.

    RJ probably views himself as the sacrificial lamb to the slaughter … it is all for the good of Barbados he will tell himself and us.

    How many lawyers in the HOA letting this crap proceed?


    Because it will perpetuate the system of Dudley following Dudley into the HoA and won’t rock the boat.

    How many lawyers in the PDP?

    Who wrote its constitution?

    Does it have one?

    Is it just a name?

    Bajans are fed up with parties and it is likely that next time around, if there is one, the DLP will take 30 seats ….. or maybe Solutions will … well if they run only 28 and they may be the only alternative if we want to end up with a constitutional Parliament … assuming they lose one election!!

    People will vote against the incumbent Party as they did in 2018 but with a vengeance.

  21. PIECE


    The faithful man has perished from the earth,
    And there is no one upright among men.
    They all lie in wait for blood;
    Every man hunts his brother with a net.
    That they may successfully do evil with both hands–
    The prince asks for gifts,
    The judge seeks a bribe,
    And the great man utters his evil desire;
    So they scheme together.
    The best of them is like a brier;
    The most upright is sharper than a thorn hedge;



  22. Once one is able to differentiate between recreational and sacramental use, one would understand that the outcome of a referendum to decriminalise/legalise recreational use is irrelevant to legislating the lawful use of mj for sacramental religious use
    That’s the crux of the matter isn’t it? How does one “differentiate” between the two? One man’s stew is another man’s goulash but since you know some ultra- smart high forehead folks in the Gov’t, they should be able to handle this file without discomfiting the public.

    And here I was anticipating a ruling from the Court about someone who is arrested for practicing his religious freedom while relaxing on the block.

  23. Sargeant
    Again, what does the referendum outcome gotta do with, according to you, the promise to Adonijah? Not one RH! That’s my point. “Adonijah’s promise” is not tied to the referendum, in fact the “Adonijah Promise” Bill will predate the referendum it appears. All yuh just love to elide issues with wild abandon.

  24. @ Sargeant November 7, 2019 9:13 AM
    “That’s the crux of the matter isn’t it? How does one “differentiate” between the two? One man’s stew is another man’s goulash but since you know some ultra- smart high forehead folks in the Gov’t, they should be able to handle this file without discomfiting the public.”

    This administration is really playing the downright fool with this sacramental malarkey.

    By selecting a specific group for ‘special dispensation’- aka special privileges- in the consumption of a natural plant is downright unconstitutional thereby in violation of Section 23 of the Bajan Constitution.

    What about those who subscribe to the belief that the plant has both spiritual values and natural healing properties not only for the body but also for the ‘Soul’ and who are not ‘tied’ organizationally to any man-made religion?

    How would the sacrament be taken? Would it be in the form of “Bush Tea” or in eaten as ‘high’ cookies?

    Or would it be in the form of ‘Smoking’ which would be against the State’s stated and enacted policy regarding “Smoking” in public places and seen as most injurious to the health of the individual similar to the warnings against the use of tobacco?

    Would the ‘sacrament’ have to be taken in a designated ‘holy’ place or can it be done under a tamarind tree or in the comfort of a Rasta abode or adobe?

    Who would ‘regulate the frequency and quantity of the amount of the herb consumed in the sacrament?

    Would this special group to be exempt from criminal prosecution under the veil of sacrament have to purchase their sacramental quantities from a licensed marijuana distributor or would they be allowed to cultivate their own ‘gear’ according to Jah’s directions?

    Look how hypocritical politicians can be so two-faced by selling their soul to Money devil! Is this the same ‘wicked and dangerous’ plant which only 10 years ago was considered be Satan himself now to be allowed to be a servant to Jah?

    The State via its executive arm (government) has a responsibility to regulate the cultivation and distribution of certain products which, if widely abused, can have a costly impact on public health and safety as pertains in the cases of animal meat processing, alcohol, tobacco and synthetic pharmaceutical.

    Why not put cannabis on similar footing? Or is it because of the downright difficulty in extracting tax revenue from the consumption of the plant because of limited ‘monetary’ added value found only in the underworld of protection and enforcement?

    As far as the consumption of marijuana is concerned the government has a duty of care only to those who cannot make personal decisions. That is, minors or adults who are in the care of the State or who are deemed non compos mentis.

  25. “and went as far as suggesting Rastafarians be restricted to using it only in teas.”

    Grenville…if ya don’t know what ya talking about shut the hell up.

  26. WARU:

    Giving oral interviews is a double edged sword. We cannot complain about being shut out of the media and also refuse to grant interviews.

    I participate in interviews, being fully aware that by the time it is published, it will be part truth and part fiction. That is why my interviews are normally followed by a press release.

    Before making reckless statements based on a media story, it is responsible to seek confirmation first. We will issue our normal press release later today.

  27. I don’t mind you giving the interview, but research the subject matter FIRST…before you give one out today. at least know what ya are talking about and stop trying to RESTRICT PEOPLE..the people on the island have had enuff of those idiots…

  28. I can’t wait to hear the debate when other matters come up like constituitional rights based on sexual orientation. As far as I can tell, religion is a real choice. #iwait

  29. @GP re: November 5, 2019 4:12 PM


    Appreciated…Trying hard to resist temptation to “cuss” but still be punchy. Still a lot of room for improvement!

    I am heartened by the discussion so looking forward to writing Part 2, hopefully this weekend.


  30. “Maria Kublalsingh Someone pass the kutchie to Grenville please.”

    meant to post this here.

    really Grenville, ya delusions are getting even worse, ya getting real famous.

  31. @ Ironside (who they say is on my side AND I AMD Joseph Atherley’s Right hand man)

    Before you leave this topic I would like to have a word or two with you about something you said.

    “…This is the right time to advance the agenda of a serious “third” party.

    Now is the time to exploit the growing disaffection with the incumbent BLP and the betrayal of the wasted DLP.

    Divide and rule, we call it…”

    De ole man wonders about the “divide and rule matter”

    And I will explain meself to you on that.

    What percentage of the disaffected or affected vote normally?

    And to what degree is that Divide and Rule going to carry the swing?

    De ole man thinks that, while it may get some mileage, it wont be enough to carry the day.

    True, wherever possible the PdP must use ground agents to gather evidence of malfeasance by the BLP.

    Like the dual contracts they are funding for their friends AND HAVING THE INTERNATUONAL FUNDING AGENCIES PAY DUPLICATE FEES FOR!

    So what does de ole man suggest IN ADDITION TO THOSE REPORTS?

    I suggest, among several other things, A portfolio Deliverables.

    And how can the PdP do things like this?

    By using social media Ironside.

    Let me give you an example.

    Senator Caswell Franklyn is a Union Leader.

    How many types of unions ate there and how many are there worldwide?

    What Caswell and his team have to do is practice a policy of exposure.

    What the PdP has to do is reach out to these entities with invitations and then ask the government for assistance for example with leasing the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford venue for the function

    The BLP will refuse it, IN WRITING, and the PdP will just announce this.

    It’s important for the PdP to deliver things WHILE THEY ARE IN THE OPPOSITION, and for those things the need financial assistance with reach out to the BLP and if you get the resources ITS YOYR DELIVERABLES but if you dont, broadcast that too.

    It costs the PdP nothing to orchestrate these outreaches WHICH, IF THE BLP REFUSE TO PAY FOR, OVERTIME, SHOWN THEM TO BE PETTY AND FEARFUL.

    AS THE SUBVENTION shows Mugabe to be petty and fearful!

    Leh de ole man give you a next practical Ironside

    How many posts offices is deah in Barbados and where dem is?

    Suppose i was to tell you dat de PDP already applied to the Government of Barbados for these empty outlying offices as youth centres?


    What would you feel bout Mugabe?

    What would de people feel bout Mugabe?

    What would de young voters fell bout Mugabe ‘s BLP?

    What does that “growing disaffection” cost the PdP?

    Who gets the credit for the idea when it is revealed that it is a PDP idea, EVEN IF DE BLP TEIF IT!

    As they will!!!

    Whose Manifesto of Deliverables is being built Ironside?

    Note dat de ole man can publish that here and it has not harmed the PdP UT IT HAS GIVEN THEM A COST EFFECTIVE STRATEGY TO DELIVER TO THE BAJAN PUBLIC, even while they are in opposition.

    Yah feeling me?


    now ya see how hypocritical and USELESS these shite governments are..this same party held the government for 10 years, it is well known Verla claimed she could do this and do that re marijuana and when everyone looked around for Verla, there was no Verla in sight…and people in the know and who did the research had to expose the issue to get them this far…now they are coming with fair weather promises after their asses were kicked to the curb…well stay where yall are…no one needs fair weather shite politicians. No one needs you fools just for that, we got this..all of you knew about the legal regime for decades and ya said nothing for decades..

    “The incumbent Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is promising to decriminalize small quantities of marijuana for personal use, as well as for medical purposes, should it retain power in next week’s general election.”

  33. telling them now, both wicked governments to beware that the dirty:

    tief NOW

    sell out NOW


  34. @Piece the Legend: November 7, 2019 6:28 PM

    I read you and an’ I feel you! You are on point…very much on point. I’ll be citing you in part 2 this weekend!


  35. @ Ironside

    I look forward to your next installments

    While you would be well advanced in that “Piece” heheheheh, de ole man invites you to read my comment below which I created yesterday but did not get a chance to post as I had wanted to do earlier.

  36. @ Ironside

    You speak of the term “growing disaffection” but the ole man, expert as I am on these things (that phrase gets my enemies riled to high levels) I will not speak of that phrase but suggest to you another term


    That task has 4 target audiences

    (1).the citizenry and voters – both local and overseas
    (2).the domestic business community – regarding their investor confidence AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT
    (3).the international community – development agencies, regional government confidences, bilateral aid providers and 1st world governments
    (4).Building Empathy among the BLP itself

    because each of the previous topics is in itself a treatise de ole man is not going bore you with its details nor implementation

    I will however provide some summaries for each of these which will follow the Exact Instruction I gave earlier about
    “How the PdP will build its Manifesto of Deliverables” while it is in the Opposition!

    And you are going to note that Piece the Legend, expert as I am in dese tings, WILL CONTINUE TO PUBLISH THIS STRATEGY OF HOW THE PDP MUST BUILD THIS IMAGE, in the clear light of day, AND THAT ONLY THE PDP will be able to benefit from it.

    And in the coming year of the failed WE GATHERING 20/20 exercise which Mugabe is using to set her stage for her 2021 elections, THE PDP would have cemented itself as the Party of Choice for all Barbadians WHEN THE BELL SOUNDS


    don’t know when Nationnews will learn, if a parent company in Luxembourg bought over 60% of CIBC shares….not everyone has internet and can google…at least tell the public WHERE the company is from who bought the shares…they are the ones now in charge of the PEOPLE’S MONEY, savings, futures etc and they have a right to know where these people originated, given all the bad experiences bank customers in Barbados are subjected to because of poorly regulated companies due to political interference…but no, of course not, these small minded petty pretending media people like pimping for advertising dollars only, informing the people is never high on their to do lists.

  38. One would assume that the Nation newspaper has a more detailed story somewhere. Or they need to adopt the slogan..
    “We give you a start, google the rest”

    Hoping that Barbados has a happy and beautiful Saturday
    Though we have different opinions, let’s hope we have the same goal — moving the island forward

    Have a Great Day! Barbados

  39. And in the coming year of the failed WE GATHERING 20/20 exercise which Mugabe is using to set her stage for her 2021 elections, THE PDP would have cemented itself as the Party of Choice for all Barbadians WHEN THE BELL SOUNDS


    Billy Preston sings about the PDP not only in his song “Nothing from Nothing” but also “Will it go round in circles”!!

    The PDP is “a song that ain’t got no melody”!!

    Don’t know which of the two I would recommend as the party anthem as both fit well!!

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