The Grenville Phillips Column – The Road to Hell

As a teenager visiting the Plaza cinema to watch Kung Fu movies, there was always at least one unruly person who put his feet on the chair in front of him and behaved badly. During those times, I would wonder where the adults were.

I remember promising myself that when I reached 30 years of age, I would be the adult whom I expected to intervene. Since reaching that milestone, I have tried to keep that promise in defense of others. It is one of the reasons why I entered politics, and is the main reason why I write these weekly articles.

During my career, I have witnessed much wickedness in high places. The level of corruption is so shocking that anyone reading about it could not be faulted for concluding that it was fiction.

In 1995, Transparency International (TI) published their first Corruption Perceptions Index report, which exposed the extent of corruption globally. They published their second report in 1996. The Caribbean was not included in these early reports, but it was only a matter of time before TI would focus on the Caribbean.

In an act of pure coincidence, in 1997 our parliamentarians effectively discouraged any public discussion of corruption by passing the Defamation Act. Under this act, anyone who revealed genuine cases of corruption, with incontrovertible evidence, could be found guilty of defamation and punished accordingly. However, the Act protects politicians if they talked about it in parliament.

Not long ago, I attended a committee meeting of a statutory corporation, where some members were formally discussing giving a no-bid contract to a contractor. I stated that what they were proposing was corruption. There was a very heated exchange – the fellow actually rose to his feet to fight me. They seemed completely unaware of what corruption actually was, but were highly offended at being associated with it.
The corrupt operate in the secret political economy, which is normally exclusively reserved for political supporters in exchange for bribes. The way of corruption is for Ministers to instruct that no-bid contracts should be awarded to specific companies.
Inexperienced Ministers tend to deceive themselves by their good intentions. They tend to stumble onto the path of corruption by trying to justify allowing no-bid contracts. The current BLP administration has many inexperienced Ministers just waiting to stumble, and I am trying my best to prevent them from falling.
A root cause of our economic problems is the corrupting practise of Ministers directing no-bid contracts. The DLP made themselves highly offensive with that deplorable practise over the past decade. Shockingly, the BLP appear to be carrying on where the DLP left off, but in an even more brazen manner, as if that were even possible.
Last week, many BLP parliamentarians delighted their supporters by accusing the last DLP administration of gross corruption. Ironically, during the same week, the BLP appeared to play the hypocrite by announcing several major no-bid contracts, and they had the gall to boast about it. No! No! No! No! No! and ten thousand times No! We simply cannot go down that road again. All of this austerity cannot be in vain.
Has the BLP learnt nothing from the DLP’s unconscionable behaviour? Why is the government persisting, even more brazenly, with this corrupting political economy? Why is the government intentionally disqualifying competent companies from tendering for tax-payer funded projects? Why is the government shielding politically favoured companies from competing? Are the Ministers aware that when they give no-bid contracts, the public tends to pay many times over for the resulting bad work and bad advice?
Let me write directly to the BLP’s inexperienced parliamentarians. We have been here many times before. We are sick of the ‘good intentions’ excuses that have been used to justify keeping a political economy for the exclusive use of the Party’s politically protected companies. The end never justifies the corrupting means – ever.
I implore you to reject the political economy and the way of the corrupting no-bid contracts. Those who go down that road rarely find their way back, since they sell their souls to the master corrupter who will not easily let them go. Expect some political supporters to demand their pre-paid share of the political economy from you.
They will pressure you to award them no-bid contracts with the typical excuse of urgency. Once you have been tricked into starting down that dark road, the nation will suffer. Companies who bully their way to the trough of the political economy, knowingly disqualify the most competent companies from tendering on government contracts. They should be utterly ashamed of themselves.
You will also be pressured into believing that it is specialist work that only they can do. Unless they own the patent, or have an exclusive-use contract for the technology, then that is a well-worn lie from the very pit of hell. Why not challenge their ridiculous assertion by allowing a competitive tender? What is the possible benefit to yourselves or the country of disqualifying the country’s most competent companies from tendering? I expect an answer to this question from each of you.
There is no right way to do wrong things, and giving no-bid major contracts is definitely wrong. Further, giving no-bid contracts in a depressed economy is so far beyond wrong as to qualify as satanic.

I implore you, repent of this evil and do right things. In your manifesto, every one of you promised, on your sacred honour, that you would provide a Contractor General to review government contracts and those of State Owned Enterprises. You have had enough time to establish this critical post, yet you have failed to do so. What happened? Was this another initiative that must be a sacrificed casualty of the unnecessary BERT austerity plan? Have you even read that secret plan?

Your options are simple. Either repent and terminate those corrupting no-bid contracts and allow a fair tender process, or be deceived with your ‘good intentions’ and continue down the road to hell.


Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados. He can be reached at


  • “Lowe and Lashley likely did not have any involvement but who cares about getting facts straight.”

    And we have not even gotten to LOWE and the SSA scam CONTRACT yet…is that with Innotech too…or is that one Transtech.

    No new garbage 10 years …no garbage collection for weeks on end…but they got a brand new building. somewhere about….we still got lots of time to get to that one..


  • Innotech actions brought govt to a realisation that Innotech had enough of their stone walling and as a result govt took the correct and proper move on engaging with Innotech on the terms Innotech had previuosly proposed to govt
    It is amazing how govt can make bold moves to cut Corporate tax with out even having a dimes worth of proff that corporate would do all that is necessary to help rebuild the economy but fails short on its duty to protect the citizens from its failure to fulfill obligations from local investors


  • “But…is that where it went, they were very desperate as far back as 2012 to rush though this BWA building project…….”

    Surely you jest.

    Even before the first disbursement of the loan, the BWA had to satisfactorily provide the Bank with evidence that the Project Execution Unit and Project Steering Committee were established; Project Manager was hired and the Project Operating Manual, previously approved by the Bank, has been approved and adopted the BWA’s Management and Board of Directors.

    Also, the following information gives us an idea why it would be difficult for the BWA to use the funds other than for its intended purposes.

    “SECTION 3.05 Revolving Fund. The reports on the execution of the Project which the Borrower through the Executing Agency shall submit to the Bank, in accordance with Article 7.03(a)(i) of the General Conditions, shall include the financial-accounting information about management of the Revolving Fund resources, and of the special bank accounts used for the Financing and the local counterpart resources as the Bank may reasonably request.”


  • And yet…and yet…even after over 140 million dollar in loans…check out the myriad problems at BWA, can you truthfully say with knowledge, since everything is always done in the DARK by ministers…that loan was used as intended..???

    it was a 140 million dollars disbursed over a four year period in 2 or three tranches…..where. is the evidence..


  • “Innotech actions brought govt to a realisation that Innotech had enough of their stone walling and as a result govt took the correct and proper move on engaging with Innotech on the terms Innotech had previously proposed to govt….”


    So…. you’re actually ADMITTING that, taking the 14 MONTH PERIOD of INDEBTEDNESS into consideration……

    ………. “Innotech had enough of BOTH DLP and BLP administrations stone walling?”

    Then………..“You’re correct once again, Mariposa…….. Keep the pressure on.”

    BTW, talking ‘bout debt and payments………..wunnuh pay de $106,609 wununh owe CBC for broadcasting wunnuh political propaganda?


  • Also, the following information gives us an idea why it would be difficult for the BWA to use the funds other than for its intended purposes.
    Et tu Artax?
    Don’t fall for that shiite brother.

    These ‘rules and guidelines’ ALL sound official and impressive boss…
    But NONE of them work – otherwise we would have audited accounts for all our agencies, and the Auditor General would be hard pressed to find anything to write when the year comes…

    That is just a roll – designed to give work to lawyers and to impress the gullible.


  • Art don’t know lawyers very well…he really don’t…


  • Come on… don’t be difficult.

    The BWA had to satisfy certain contractual conditions and submit evidence to the Bank BEFORE the funds were disbursed. And obviously, the Bank would have their representatives in place to examine and verify the financial and project information the BWA submitted.

    Unless you’re suggesting the IADB’s officers were in “cahoots” with the BWA to undermine the contractual agreements and assist the BWA in diverting the loan funds away from its intended purposes.

    Even when one receives a mortgage from the bank to build a house, the loan is disbursed in phases. For example, the bank may disburse funds for “phase 1” which may be for digging and constructing the foundation and “phase 2” for constructing from foundation to ring beam.

    The mortgagee must be satisfied the mortgagor has completed “phase 1” before disbursing the funds for “phase 2” and often sends a quantity surveyor with the loans officer to inspect the property.


  • We know about all the checks and balances in place for people who borrow , even governments…what Bushman is trying to tell you…there is ALWAYS a way AROUND THAT..

    ….that is why Mia is going to be untangling the mess at NHC that Lashley created for a very long time…note I said Mia and not PAIN…he has already ADDED to that mess…let’s hope they do not ALLOW any taxpayer’s LOANS, to go his way..

    you obviously do not know, in all innocence…what these criminals are very capable of…


  • Come on, Bushie….. you, of all people, should know better.

    This is not a case where the BWA misused disbursements from the Consolidated Fund and refused to submit audited financial statements to the Auditor General.

    You’re dealing with an INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL INSTITUTION that insists certain requirements must be fulfilled and requests financial-accounting and project management information…. BEFORE disbursing loan funds.

    And do you believe the IADB’s CONTRACT was DRAFTED by any Barbadian lawyer?

    Unless you’re suggesting the IADB is mediocre?

    If you were to read the Auditor General’s BWA special audit report and the Auditor General’s 2015 and 2016 Reports, he has not expressed any concerns or identified discrepancies or “financial anomalies” as it relates to the Water and Sanitation Upgrade project.

    And what does knowing about lawyers have to do with this? Seems we like to blame lawyers for every shiite. Yesterday, I had to wait almost 15 minutes to pick up an item that was previously ordered. I guess I’ll have to blame a lawyer for that inefficient service.

    But….. what the heck…… who am I????


  • Okay….. now I understand…..

    The BWA’s management worked their around the system by submitting falsified information to the IADB indicating the loan disbursements were used for the water and sanitation upgrade project……

    ……..when in actuality, they used the disbursements to build the BWA new headquarters.

    So…… what will happen when the IADB discovers that the loan was not used for its intended purpose? Perhaps they won’t, because the information submitted to the Bank was enough to convince them it was authentic.


  • Art..leave IDB or whomever out of it…..leave them out of Barbados’ government corruption…

    ….they would tell ya themselves, they thieves, if they were not STILL trying to use the same methods for the newest scams…for 2019…

    They only need ONE BUSINESS PERSON to get it done , ONLY ONE…ALTHOUGH THEY GOT A LONG LINE OF CROOKS in the business community TO CHOOSE FROM….the line crooks available is never ending because they do not want to do not one day of honest work outside of living off taxpayers….and the majority population..


  • Everbody keeps going around the mulberry bush
    So were in the agreement does it state that govt can renege at will
    Wether the agreement was dis- advantageous to govt is water over the dam
    Govt has committed itself and by so doing those commitments must be met
    The govt just signed agreements with the IMF which includes punishing the people to borrow monies to pay ourstanding debt
    Our people have now been subjected to becoming collateral damage because of govts mistakes


  • “Wether the agreement was dis- advantageous to govt is water over the dam.”

    What are you SMOKING..

    the agreement is DISADVANTAGEOUS TO to the people of Barbados, the vulnerable taxpayers and whether it his Lashley, Estwick or Lowe..the ministers AND LAWYERS involved should be held accountable for being such sell outs..

    and that is only because I ran out of describing words for those incompetent asses who blighted the parliament….cause I would really love to see those 3 and more formER ministers locked the hell up, I would go on vacation once that happens..

    Ya cannot have lopsided CONTACTS to benefit THIEVES.. signed by MINISTERS in the people’s name…fiRst of all it is a CRIME when ministers do not make SENSIBLE agreements in the BEST INTEREST of the PEOPLE.. who elected them..

    what level of fools could ministers be to draw up CONTRACTS that benefit business people AND NOT THE PEOPLE WHO PAY THEIR SALARIES… the majority population..


  • AND…a disadvantageous CONTRACT…should be CHALLENGED in COURT…Mia would be foolish not to challenge the Innotech CONTRACT AFTER really perusing it THOROUGHLY..


  • “Everybody keeps going around the mulberry bush…”


    I believe you’re mistaking “everybody” for YOU.

    And I also of the opinion that you believe everyone in this forum is stupid.

    You are trying your utmost best to lay the blame of Innotech not being paid for fourteen (14) months squarely at the feet of this current BLP administration, while attempting to absolve the DLP any involvement in the issue….. by purposely and conveniently forgetting the 14 month period included at least 7 month under your beloved inept DLP administration.

    You wrote: “Govt (through the former inept DLP administration) has committed itself and by so doing those commitments must be met,” which is TRUE. (you’re correct again, Mariposa…… keep the pressure on).

    We know or have some idea why the commitment to Innotech has not been met by this BLP administration……

    ……… however, we DON’T KNOW the REASONS WHY the former inept DLP administration DID NOT meet the commitment to Innotech for 7 months.

    Hence, you argument is “one-sided” for political purposes.

    Perhaps you may want to shed some light on this issue before you continue any further.


  • @Artax

    Isn’t there an agreement between Innotech and BWA to import water trucks as well?


  • “……….the agreement is DISADVANTAGEOUS TO the PEOPLE of Barbados, the VULNERABLE TAXPAYERS and whether it his Lashley, Estwick or Lowe……the ministers AND LAWYERS involved should be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for being such sell outs………”



    I could not have written it better myself!

    The contract is DISADVANTAGEOUS to the PEOPLE of Barbados. And it was a CONCERN expressed by the Auditor General in his 2015 Report.

    It is the VULNERABLE tax-payers of this islands that must pay for the INEPTITUDE and GREED of the previous inept DLP administration.


  • It is all moot because Innotech have agreed to come to the table. We await the outcome.


  • @Artax
    allow me to hazard a guess. Based on all else which is slowly coming to light, the GoB was BROKE. It had no cash flow, but by racking up large A/P bills to the NIS and whomever else they could string along, like payments due from the BWA etc, they could divert cash from these to the “social economy” and meet payroll.
    ac is a boss. As long as the focus is on ‘terms of a duly executed contract’ it detracts from the alternative, which is focus on those who executed the contract, and its content.
    The solution is to out employees who had involvement, incl jail time and fines. And maybe then these folks will squeal. [The Mueller approach] As BT has concluded, there are certain common denominators. When you need to fell a tree, the clean way is to start trimming from the top down. But if you cannot reach the top, sometimes you must just insert the saw down low, and cut away.


  • My original question still stands, although I have heard many others in the last few days expressing the same concerns…why did the last government and the CURRENT government…outside OF all the corruption which is NO LONGER A SECRET…ah wish someone would keep shouting that to the Mia government….why do they still need minority crooks to STILL be involved in EVERYTHING the government does…and are supposed to be DOING…for their OWN PEOPLE..

    ya mean they can’t IMPORT garbage trucks without Simpson Motors, can’t import cars for government departments without Simpson Motors..they are a damn government…with departments designed to handle imports so they can get them at government rates..

    why do they need some broke ass crooks like Innotech to import water trucks for BWA…..there ae government depts to handle that…

    why does Mia need crooks like Cow to pave roads that do not need paving, while ignoring the roads that will soon be IMPASSABLE..

    Why are these two archaic groups of politicians from DBLP SO BLIND TO THE FACT that they are being DESTRUCTIVE to their OWN people, with their BACKWARD style of governance..

    What will it take to make them see that it has all come to a sudden stop and that they cannot continue in that style..



    mira, Mariposa……look who is being disadvantaged by Innotech’s scam contract signed off on by wicked government ministers and lawyers..have. a look and see who is feeling it, the people are unable to fight back with ministers involved in this level of corruption..but ah hope yall enjoying the exposure..


  • Why do they need Innotech or any other broke fly by night operation to supply water tanks and water to these suffering people…this should be SOLELY a government operation with no private companies involved..

    And ya know how hardheaded these government ministers are…we hope to NEVER HEAR that Innotech has possession of a taxpayer funded CONTRACT in Barbados EVER again..


  • IT WAS A criminal act..THAT SHOULD BE SEVERELY PUNISHED….these types of GREEDY actions that HURT the vulnerable are looked down upon..and FROWNED ON…

    “I think is very unfortunate. As a matter of fact, I am prepared to say it is unpatriotic of Innotech and also insensitive for them at this time, having been the recipient of many contracts from the BWA, to take this action,” the businessman added.”

    Art..140 million dollars and 5 years later…BWA is in the RED..



    “The state-owned Barbados Water Authority (BWA) said today it is facing a deficit of $10.3 million a month.

    In making the announcement at a press conference at the BWA’s Pine, St Michael headquarters, general manager Keithroy Halliday attributed this position to a series of contracts which it had entered into over the past several years which did not profit the company.”


  • If government printing services will be out-sourced to a printing company of which Trevor Prescod is alleged to be a director……..

    ………. then, is it a possibility that government’s overseas travel arrangements will be organised by “Indar Weir Travel Centre?”

    I remember there was a time when government’s overseas travel was arranged by “GEM Travel,” which is/was owned by Philip Greaves’ wife, who, I understand is also David Simmons’ sister.


  • Achieving by way of govt to catch thieves and crooks is like trying to find a needle in the hay stack. Did not present govt made promise to move heaven and earth to find the crooks and thiefs
    Six months later and what
    If as being said the whole country is made up of a system of crooked goverence
    Then where in God’s green earth here on this tiny rock will any one find a person who soul is free of corruption
    For what it is worth we have an opposition who pretends to act on the country interest interest but shys far away from issues that atrract a voice bellowing corruption
    Then we have a govt that knows and have information about some of their ministers illegalties but stays mum
    Right now as it see it Innotech would be used by govt not to uncover misdeeds of corruption but as a political battering ram for govt self interest.


  • This one actually made me smile..

    “Already Donville Inniss is unable return to Barbados for the Holidays to throw his annual lavish New Year’s Eve (Old Year’s Night) party due to being weighted down by an ankle bracelet. Let’s make sure no party is held at that massive newly completed house up St. Philip, either.”


  • We don’t care what Innotech is used for, they were already used to RIPP OFF TAXPAYERS via BWA….and suffer the vulnerable by denying them water…

    We will be happy to see Innotech used to LOCK UP former DLP ministers who HELPED INNOTECH ripoff taxpayers and BWA…

    it is called poetic justice..


  • We see the return of Owen Arthur bagman Hallam Nichols as one of the businesses donating water tanks. The more things change the more they remain the same.


  • What the government needs to do is thank them all very much for their urgent response and REPLACE them all with TANKS…purchased with taxpayer dollars..

    …. the saga with Innotech should have taught the government a very valuable lesson….if they were paying attention..


  • “Did not present govt made promise to move heaven and earth to find the crooks and thiefs (thieves).
    Six months later and what……”


    You are correct…….keep the pressure on.”

    Perhaps your expectations of politicians who have been labelled or identified as being corrupt….. will be held accountable for their deeds… are high.

    But I’m not that optimistic. Why????

    I recall during the 2008 election campaign, the DLP went the length and breadth of Barbados accusing BLP parliamentarians of corruption. David Thompson PROMISED forensic audits and to prosecute corrupt politicians.

    However, ten (10) years later…. not a boy en get locked up……. but the DEMS are still on about Greenland; Hardwood Housing; Silver Sands public bath; an ackee tree that was cut down for $11,000; Crab Hill Police Station and Dodds Prisons……..

    ……… all of which would have much more meaning if “some peepull did get locked up.”

    But these issues were not raised with the interest of Barbadians in mind…… but for reasons of political expediency. In other words, pushing these issues appease the yard-fowls and is one way of soliciting votes.

    The BLP is now engaging in a similar activity. That’s why I don’t expect the BLP to pursue politicians they accused of corruption..

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  • @ David, cherry picking and nichol and diming. lol

    ” Here we see businessmen Anderson Cherry, (second from left) along with Hallam Nicholls and Paul Bridgeman at the end of a news conference at the BWA headquarters today.”


  • David

    According to those who would be lawyers, even such a statement of fact could be deemed libelous/slanderous. Be careful!

    It fails to amaze how ‘protectors of the status quo’ would always front arguments in defense of elite interests, even in an internet age. Can they be as ignorant as not to know that the legal system cannot reach a blog which could to located/relocated in any other jurisdiction, at short or little notice, unless you are Google.

    Like the other would-be elite in the world. We call them technicians. But what they are really asking for is a police state for thought control, etc. On the other hand we see no efforts to roll back the increasing power and money of elites.

    Jesus Christ! We shall be cussing their RH and their sycophantic paid agents for ever more.


  • @Pacha

    There isn’t every comment the blogmaster will respond. It is better to allow some people to wallow in good ignorance.


  • @ Artax
    Just to confirm that you have been known to be wrong on important topics…
    Back in 2017 you promised Bushie that…
    Don’t worry ‘bout ac……… she gine “fade out” and run into hiding after the 2018 general elections………… when the DLP get wash in licks.
    Now………. um is dem is de licks dat “gwine kill she.”
    Shiite … the woman wheel and come back like a Maripoka instead….
    How do you explain this error on your part…?

    Well you are ALSO wrong about the government’s penchant for the (mis)use of borrowed funds.
    No doubt you will work it out by yourself however.


  • David

    And we commend you for that. It is only a man of stature who is best placed to play your role. We say that and mean it, even when your judgements disfavor us.


  • @ David
    Innotech has no other choice but to sit at the table.
    They are being let off scott free by this government.

    All they will do is ‘offer’ a write down of a few million dollars and suddenly they will be heroes.

    You steal $200M …and hand back $10M in an act of magnanimity. Robin Hood style…
    Brass Bowls will be impressed….
    But NOT stinking Bushie.
    Charges should be laid…. to the crooks AND to all facilitators.
    As to the BLP…
    Those who negotiate with criminals are accomplices after the fact .. not so?


  • @Bushie

    Let us see, this Worrell lady appears to be no sweet bread.


  • Both the DLP ministers who arranged that theft, the Innotech crooks who actually CARRIED OUT GRAND THEFT…and the filthy lawyers who signed off on those bogus CONTRACTS over the last 4 years…making SURE that grand theft was a SUCCESS……SHOULD BE JAILED….no compromise, no parole nothing, just long prison stretches..for all of them..


  • David

    Keep waiting, if you must. You’re the most hopeful person known.

    In trute, until some heads start to roll, pun intended, nobody gine take you serious.


  • Flynn is miffed that he was not warned that lying to the FBI is a crime? He was the NSA to the president?


  • @David

    From the time I was knee high to a cabbage I knew that “ignorance of the law is no excuse”, Flynn talking through his cloaca.


  • Flynn is talking to the idiots in the Trump base. The president’s men and women do not speak to anyone else. The jackasses in the Trump base will believe it. Strangely enough these are the same people who would tell black people that if they are innocent they should co-operate because there is nothing to fear.


  • David
    The blog needs a hide button, so bloggers can hide the contributions of other bloggers who post igrunce repeatedly. I can’t believe people are still trying to prove the IDB loan was for the purpose of building the HQ. Put ah hand!


  • Yes I notice the bagman Hallam Nicchols suddenly appearing.He must be smelling the honey so he is drawing near.

    Imagine it is alleged that Nicchols made 8 million dollars before the ABC Highway extension had even fully started.This was payback for bringing in certain machinery for the highway


  • TInniss
    And where were you pre May 25? Stupse.


  • have you been drinking.. Enuff..

    Who wound you up???



    “An Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) “diagnostic” of Central Government found an “over-reliance” on academic qualifications when recruiting workers for the Civil Service.”

    Will they listen, I keep telling them all these socialized slaves with this certificate and that degree is crap…all they end up with in the civil service are too many CAREER THIEVES..

    There are people in the communities with not one degreee, many are trades people who never got an opportunity because of the Parade of Thieves from the minority business community ALWAYS lined up outside ministers offices to extort contracts and funnel taxpayer’s money into their own pockets and those of the ministers who facilitate them..

    Maybe Mia will listen to IDB…..use those people in the black community ..AND PAY THEM WELL…who never got an opportunity, many of them have natural gifts and much higher Intelligence levels ..than ya garden variety shitehound with a degree looking for bribes.


  • So how many of Innotech CEO or managers would be locked up Well i heared govt say down and had a meeting to renegotiate the contract
    I also heard that Innotech should not be paid
    Given all being said why would govt want to met and greet with Innotech
    Why did govt instead of having a meeting to renegotiate hand Innotech a letter from the justice dept stating charges had been filed against Innotech for theft of govt funds
    Also in my humble opinion such a move would havesve unlocked the door to past govt involvement in any illegal mismanagement of funds having to do with past govt dealings / agreements with Innotech


  • Mariposa ma girl..we don’t mind, lock them up and let the chips fall where they may…you are not involved in thiefing taxpayers and pensioners money RIGHT..welll neither am I and neither are most of those on BU…so we welcome it all being exposed, WHO TIEF WHAT…… it would be refreshing.


  • If govt is sworn to protect the country best interest
    Then the rule of ethics and transparency should over ruled all other issues..meaning any accusations brought by the people towards any govt past or present should be taken with all seriousness by the elected officials
    Therefore if govt meets with individuals or any group.. entities where there is question of immoral conduct or illegalties towards country or people therefore in all fairness and in the rightful pursuit of justice govt should hold these people accountable
    If govt fails to do such diligence in pursuit of justice for the people govt then shall be held accountable
    Yesterday meeting beween govt and Innotech should have been a spring board to air any dirty laundry or be in pursuit of justice against Innotech to find the trurhfulness against past govt involvement /contractually/ factually/ or illegally
    The question therefore should be asked of govt
    Why renegotiate ?
    Why not go to the heart of a troubling interest between past govt and Innnotech that can save the country money and serve the people interest


  • @ Enuff
    David…..The blog needs a hide button, so bloggers can hide the contributions of other bloggers who post igrunce repeatedly
    Bushie cannot support this proposal…

    You would be sadly missed…
    ha ha ha


  • @ Maripoka
    What the Hell are you trying to say at 9.22?
    You should arrested, charged and sent to school for ten years.


  • “An Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) “diagnostic” of Central Government found an “over-reliance” on academic qualifications when recruiting workers for the Civil Service.”

    Isn’t this a fancy way of stating a well know Bajan saying “Book sense is not common sense”. The man in the street knew this from long ago, but we have to wait until 2018 and a foreigner polish up the phrase for us to heed it.


  • ❤ Mariposa <3…. She gets it right a few times a day. More useful than a broken clock.



    pages 14 and 15 of BarbadosToday


  • “If govt is sworn to protect the country best interest
    Then the rule of ethics and transparency should over ruled all other issues..meaning any accusations brought by the people towards any govt past or present should be taken with all seriousness by the elected officials
    Therefore if govt meets with individuals or any group.. entities where there is question of immoral conduct or illegalties towards country or people therefore in all fairness and in the rightful pursuit of justice govt should hold these people accountable
    If govt fails to do such diligence in pursuit of justice for the people govt then shall be held accountable.”

    @ Mariposa

    You were one of those people on BU in conjunction with the DLP that was accusing the former Owen Arthur BLP administration of 14 years of corruption.

    I hope you know your above comments also apply to the last DLP administration that did nothing during their 10 years in office to address their accusations of corruption levelled at the BLP.

    If not, you are a hypocrite.

    So you want the BLP to do in 6 months what the DLP did not do in 10 years?


  • @ Bush Tea December 15, 2018 9:43 AM
    “Bushie cannot support this proposal…
    You would be sadly missed…”

    Jesus C, Bushie, don’t be so deadly with your literary sword!
    What an epigram of euphemistic proportion!

    Your ‘mate’ “Enuff” is cut from the same ‘Waterford’ crystal as yourself

    What you should be goading your schoolmate “Enuff” into doing is to spill his guts about his administration’s promise to recover some of the millions in ‘fees’ paid to the lawyers for ‘looking over’ simple documents for the likes of the bankrupt BWA.

    Is his administration going to conduct tax audits on both sides of the bribery equation in order to ‘follow the trail of the kickback money some of which ended up in ministerial pockets or in bank accounts or in houses renovated in St. Philip?

    Why not start with the ‘tech company in the water woes news? That should put an abrupt end to the De Silva’s arrant bullying and vicious threats!


  • Really! Can i speak my peace without the interference of Bush Tea
    I stated a truth.A truth which seems to rattled the nerves and mashed the corns of an elite hypocrtical group who have been calling for transparency in the last ten years
    Moreover the dialogue and comments on the Issue surrounding Innotech and contracts with past govt should at least give present govt a leadway towards investigation
    But No! What does present govt pursue a meeting of renegotiation
    to renegotiate an agreement / contract which most here says is illegal and which present govt should not pay
    At this point i throw my hands in the air as truth is now left to one person political interest and intrepretated by govt as political interest


  • Robert Goren
    Once a minister demits office his official status is that to be known as “former minister” and with good reason bringing him/ her back to a level of being ordinary and removing a status or recognition of having parliamentary privilges where he / shecan no longer hide
    The people right to know should be pursued by any means possible
    Present govt run a campagain strategy to win an election by way of promises
    Therefore it is incumbent upon present govt to fulfill or present evidence to those words / promises or to such effect where the truthfulness of all illegalities past or present relating to govts ministers which involved the business of the people and country are revealed to the public


  • Bushie – And like clockwork you responded exactly as I expected, as you have never shown the talent to separate igrunce from sense. Keep supporting Abigail and GP, though Abigail opposes everything GP says.


  • @ Mariposa

    The people right to know should be pursued by any means possible
    Present govt run a campagain strategy to win an election by way of promises
    Therefore it is incumbent upon present govt to fulfill or present evidence to those words / promises or to such effect where the truthfulness of all illegalities past or present relating to govts ministers which involved the business of the people and country are revealed to the public.”

    What gibberish is that you wrote?

    Your politically biased one sided illigical and incoherent arguments are showing you more and more to be an idiot of enormous proportions.

    BOTH political parties ran on campaign strategy to win elections by way of promises.

    So you want us to focus on the BLP and forget the DLP did not do anything during their ten year tenure to address their accusations of corruption levelled at the BLP?



  • @ Enuff
    What do you want Bushie to do ….if you bounce outside the leg stump a slow pace ..on a dead wicket…?
    …out by the Headmaster house skippa…

    @ Miller
    He asked for that one….


  • “What you should be goading your schoolmate “Enuff” into doing is to spill his guts about his administration’s promise to recover some of the millions in ‘fees’ paid to the lawyers for ‘looking over’ simple documents for the likes of the bankrupt BWA.”

    …ah tell Enuff to make himself useful..he been on BU for years, time to GIVE BACK.

    …so that would be the Gollop gang or some variation of…who read that shite contract with Innotech….and STILL APPROVED THE SCAM FOR SIGNATURE…

    ..was it NOT the one Gollop who charged BWA 1.5 million was it, for reading, no doubt ANOTHER SCAM contract…

    Yall see why these taxpayer funded agencies will ALWAYS be robbed….you have lawyers who themselves have no substance perusing and approving contracts to ROB taxpayers and pensioners.


  • Sometimes I wonder if the Enuffs and ❤ Mariposas ❤ types are good for Barbados.

    One seem to have developed amnesia and has a memory that started after May 24, 2018. Political acts that she would have defended prior to May 24, 2018 will now draw her anger.

    The other seem to have no true belief in what is right and what is wrong. His/her definition of what is right is if the DLP did it before. Point to a nasty piece of work and he points to a similar act by the DLP, thus making it right. Effectively he is lowering the limbo stick and then jumping over instead of going under.


  • Oh loss. Yuh dam if uh do and yuh dam if yuh don’t
    So where should the starting point begin
    Mariposa is following the track set now i am being told what to think and where and how my tracks should be set
    Any one being hypocrtical are those who had spent the better part of ten years speaking of transparency which includes govt.
    However after they have set the transparency tracks in motion their wheels become stuck before moving across railroad


  • BTW…did Simmons and his daughter KNOW that BWA was in the RED…after Mia was elected and BEFORE the ink dried on her swearing in documents when Leodean and Abrahams 2 LAWYERS at BWA…..HAULED OFF and PAID SIMMONS AND HIS DAUGHTER 15 thousand dollars AN HOUR…to read a document for BWA… 4 or 5 months ago…

    The lawyers of Barbados should be working for the people FOR FREE…especially for reading documents…yall have destroyed the Supreme Court and RIPPED off the taxpayer’s AND pensioners…ENUFF……

    …..ya ripped off the same vulnerable people that educated ya wicked asses…with the little money they earned over the last 5 DECADES….50 YEARS …yall robbed their children, their grandchildren and their great grandchildren…..3 generations could end up in poverty because of yall thieves..


  • Theo

    I would appreciate you stop telling lies on me. Where have I said the DLP did it so it is right? That has never been my approach.


  • I could go digging, but I will wait until it happens….. again.


  • There is a very muted silence on what took place betwen Innotech and govt on the negotiation table
    One would have thought that a govt who laid the transparency gauntlet face up on the table would have held or call a meeting as to what or if any resolution was met.
    Needless to say this issue would be swept under the carpet until the next round of payments cannot be made to Innnotech and tge weeping and gnashing of gums would start all over again
    The point being where an issue which can lead to negatively affect the public health bthe public should be given as soon as possible updates


  • @ Maripsa,

    You are on the ball. Those who want to look back by referencing the DLP every time you raise a point about this six-month old government are just bad losers. Six months is more than enough time to set out a programme of change, which is what the people of Barbados voted for on May 24.
    The DLP got removed from office because they lost the confidence of the people. It is now for the new government to show they can do better. Don’t join in their negative diatribe.


  • TheoGazzerts

    Go dig!! Stupse.


  • @ Enuff
    Boss, you taking some serious licks yuh….
    TheOG just lick the stuffings outta the shiite you bowling recently….
    Perhaps it is time to take the new ball…..


  • They really, really need to convert UWI into more of a TRADE SCHOOL…same goes for Community College… skills for young men and women…with business skills also MANDATORY..they can never go Wong with those power house skills..

    Most of the present degrees ARE WORTHLESS and EMBARRASSING..

    Reduce law degrees to a bare minimum……that degree program has been a total CURSE ON THE LAND.

    Degrees in economics should be made criminal..

    ah could go on but it would take too long..


  • Corporate Barbados yes those corporate mugubees thst are now trying to take charge of barbados financial future
    Yea those corporate mugubees that govt gave a big piece of barbados economic pie
    Those corporate mugubees that have no intentions of increasing workers wages even though govt have given them huge tax breaks
    Now after given a chance by govt to laugh all the way to the bank having the mitigated gall to be crying about falling revenue at Xmas time
    Not surprise at revenue decline as the source of corporate revenue( employees) has been given the shove and Ho Ho by govt
    Sometimes laughing all the way to the bank can be a long and hard road to travel


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