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Our Date With Destiny has Arrived

Submitted by William Skinner Since the abolition of slavery, the Caribbean region has been heading toward a date with destiny. Many of us have hailed events as defining moments. In most cases those moments lingered a while and then faded into historical reference. The abolition of slavery was a significant moment for our physical being but the scars of mental

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The Little Boy And The Flute

Submitted by Charles Knights When I was a little boy, about five or six years old in Barbados, to be precise in Brittons Hill. My mother took me to Bridgetown for window shopping at Christmas. In a shop window at Cave Shepherd I saw a small wooden flute priced at just a couple dollars and was much taken to it.

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Tis the Time to Keep Hope Alive

Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul And sings the tune without the words And never stops at all. ― Emily Dickinson Country Barbados has endured tough social and economic times of late. What resonates with this blogmaster amidst the cacophony experienced anyway of the week  in the Barbados Underground is that one should never lose

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A Time to Clasp Hands

  Time has changed. What have changed along with time? Redistribution of income. Non enforcement of Laws. High levels of unemployment. Justice system constipated Lack of responsibility by key sectors of Society. – Vincent Codrington A recurring narrative in Barbados fuelled by an unprecedented number of murders recorded at the mid-year is the idea the political directorate has the solution.

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Barbados in the BIG Picture

Submitted by Tee White Much of the discussion going on in Barbados today about the current situation in the country tends to ignore both the historical and international context. However, it is very difficult to make sense of the current situation without taking these into account. From a historical point of view, the origin of modern Barbados can be traced

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