In 2022 Barbados government is trafficking in slaves

The former Leader of the Opposition in the Barbados Parliament, Bishop Joseph Atherley, is reported to have questioned why this country continues to function under a state of emergency. In his response, the learned Attorney General, Dale Marshall, attempted to be condescending to the Bishop, rather than give an explanation that could stand up to scrutiny. I would not dignify his response by repeating it here. I would only say that his reasons made no sense as usual.

To my mind, there is now only one reason why the state of emergency continues in force, and that is to keep Cuban nurse slaves employed in Barbados. Under a state of emergency, Cabinet granted the Prime Minister, Mia Mottley, extraordinary power to make regulations, without reference to Parliament. One of the regulations that she made is the Emergency Management (Covid-19) (Nurses) Order 2020. That order, made on April 8, 2020 allows nurses, who are qualified to practice in Cuba, to work as nurses in Barbados throughout the public health emergency caused by COVID-19. If the state of emergency is lifted those 100 slave nurses will be heading back to Cuba.

You might be wondering why I call them slaves. The answer is simple; they are only given a stipend not anything near the salary paid to a qualified Barbadian nurse, which is contrary to the laws in this country and commitments made to the International Labour Organisation. In April 1952, Parliament passed the Labour Clauses (Public Contracts) Act that sets out certain conditions that must be observed by employers, who contract with the government. The statute states that a contractor shall pay rates of wages and observe hours and conditions of labour not less favourable than those establish in the trade… At current pay rates, a registered nurse employed in the Public Service of Barbados has a starting salary of $3,206.41 per month and it rises incrementally on an annual basis until it reaches $4,452.61

Despite our laws, the Cuban Government has contracted with this country to receive a one-off payment of US $35,000 for 100 nurses. Put another way, the Cuban Government is renting nurses to Barbados at a peppercorn rate. In turn the Cuban slave nurses that are employed in this country receive only a pittance to purchase incidentals.

Barbados that has emerge from a slave society is now, with the aid of the Cuban Government, trafficking in nurses. These people are basically slaves. This situation is made worse since there are a significant number of people who were trained to be nurses by the Barbados Community College, who are unable to find employment here in their chosen field. Notwithstanding that state of affairs, this country is trafficking in Cuban slave nurses who, in many cases, are unable to speak English and therefore cannot communicate effectively with their Barbadian counterparts or patients and therefore patients’ lives are put at unnecessary risk.

Barbarian nurses and patients are suffering because of this ill-advised action taken by Cuba and Barbados. The book of Proverbs is absolutely right when it says at chapter 29:2, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan”.

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  1. There are two items in the above blog. that I have issues with
    (1) “I would not dignify his response by repeating it here. I would only say that his reasons made no sense as usual.”

    *** Sir, I beg of you to avoid this path. We already have one striptease artist who never fully disrobes and that is already too much to bear.

    (2) “nurses who, in many cases, are unable to speak English and therefore cannot communicate effectively with their Barbadian counterparts or patients and therefore patients’ lives are put at unnecessary risk.”

    **Sometimes as we pen our pieces, the imagination takes over and we may take things to extreme. I doubt that Cuban nurses are putting “patients lives are put at unnecessary risk”.

    Your point was well made, there is no need to torch the barn.

  2. I cannot offer a reason why the Emergency Powers act is still in place.
    Yet, renting medical workers to foreign entities is something Cuba does. I find it difficult to believe they would rent 100 nurses for a fixed price over an undetermined time frame.
    In a similar fashion, Cuban hotel employees are charged to the hotel operators at a rate well above the state stipend they receive. This goes into the GoC coffers, to run the country. Medical workers are a form of export income.
    Anybody is free to disagree with the Cuban system. Yet, what is being implied here, is that it is akin to slavery.
    Supporters of that system will point out, the island has neither the extreme wealth nor poverty associated with other systems. And it would be better with the USA imposed sanctions.

  3. The criticism of the emergency legislation is justified insofar as said legislation establishes an exception to the normal condition of the constitution. However, the aim should not be to abolish the state of emergency. Rather, our Supreme Leader should institutionalise the state of emergency in the new constitution as the new normal condition. The omnipotence of the executive alone guarantees the independence of our island and the protection of the state and the party.

  4. I would like to label the failure to cancel the state of emergency as just another screw-up. However, when I look at the key player (Mia), I am torn between deciding if this is another debacle or a calculated decision to keep her fingers on the trigger.

    It is not fantastical to believe that with so many screw-up, this administration may one day push find the button that agitates and irritates a large segment of the population to such an extent that they take to the street. With a state of emergency already in place, Mia can easily and legally bring all guns to bear on any courageous malcontents.

    “Does the average Barbadian care about the implications of a declared state of emergency?” is the incorrect question

    Does the average Barbadian fear and understand the implications of an unnecessary prolonged and declared state of emergency? Do they care about the transition from independence to being a republic to being a dictatorship? What are you gonna do, when Mia comes for you:
    Have a great day…
    I put aside my android and used a computer.
    If you wish to see the most recent comment on all of the different posts, then go to the top of the page and hit the “Home” button. This would work on a phone as well but you would the have to scroll down.
    I am out.

  5. The point that I’m making is that the Government of Barbados is breaking the law with impunity, even to the extent of human trafficking. Will the people of this country accept this being done in their names.

  6. Hard to believe that a set of people with a history of 400 years of heartless plantation cruelty, could even CONSIDER taking advantage of others who find themselves in the unfortunate circumstances where they are open to such exploitation.
    This HAS to be a mistake – even for unapologetic brass bowls.
    NOBODY can be so heartless…. not even supreme leaders.

    Say that this aint so David…!!!

    • Bushie
      Cuba is an independent nation. It is no more ‘communist’, or whatever IST you choose, than many other nations.
      When the Chinese sent their workers to Bim, who pays who and what? Remember, they became an industrial juggernaut on the basis of cheap labour. (exploitation)
      Medical personnel are a well known Cuban export.
      Every year thousands of foreign agriculture workers came to Canada. Why? a) they are cheaper than local labour b) yet they can earn more than in their homelands. Is this human trafficking by Canada?
      Now I know your friend, whose injections were appreciated in the last Parliament has a vested interest in ‘nurses’. It is his job.
      Yet, I didn’t see many Nations voting WITH the USA at the UN re: the US imposed sanctions. Ukraine abstained, surprise, surprise!! If the Cuban system is so exploitative, surely Bim should be voting with the USA?

  7. If memory serves the State of Emergency was brought in to assist in the fight against COVID, since all the COVID measures have been rescinded why is there a need for this situation to continue? On second thought given the state of gun play that I have been hearing about maybe there is need for a State of Emergency to combat it or a Declaration of Martial Law.

    BTW any arrests for the arsenal seized at the Port?

  8. @David “in many cases, are unable to speak English and therefore cannot communicate effectively with their Barbadian counterparts or patients and therefore patients’ lives are put at unnecessary risk.”

    So anybody dead?

  9. @Sargeant on November 8, 2022 at 10:40 PM “If memory serves the State of Emergency was brought in to assist in the fight against COVID, since all the COVID.”

    Because Sarge, Covid is not finished with the world yet.

    Toronto’s top doctor urged to look at mandatory masking in schools as sick kids swamp hospitals
    Dr. Eileen de Villa said Toronto Public Health continues to use provincial health guidance on masks, but the city will go its own way if required.
    Source: Toronto Star

    University of Waterloo [Ontario] tells students mask mandates are back
    In a bid to minimize disruptions to exams as COVID cases rise, the school is requiring masks in all indoor academic settings as of Wednesday.
    Source: Toronto Star

  10. @Cuddear Bajan, are Canadian children still eating and drinking every oversized meal despite already obesed? Asking for a friend

  11. It was expected African countries would have been decimated by Covid.

    Pundits predicted school was totally unsafe in Barbados.

    NB: Only just over 200 hundred children between age 5 and 11 got the vaccine.

    How many children died in Barbados while the proponents were pushing the miracle vaccines for the least vulnerable.

    Profits should not be a motive to destroy hard earned trust or transparency

  12. Barbados needs nurses to support it’s Covid program of treatment and vaccinations.
    Leaders are judged by the number of cases and deaths and PM was twitchy.
    Caswell was an upstart who lost his battle and job when Mia called an election.

    USA had most cases in the world and entertains conspiracy theorists.
    But USA is backward like Gilead in Handmaid’s Tale where woman are slaves.
    At least the Republican extremists did bad mid term due to their corruption of Supreme Court unwinding woman’s rights.

  13. Caswelll…i mentioned this clear enslavement of Cuban nurses by frauds looking for cheap labor since last year…slavery by any other name is still slavery…

    let the naysays carry on smartly, it’s their children and grandchildren will be the slaves in 2023 and goinv forward when they feel the Dominica treatment. from the wannabes. Let them don’t look for freedom but hang around the criminal judas traitors, don’t DISAVOW THEM and see what happens next.

    This is solid advice and making the rounds:

    “Greetings, it does not have to be this way, if “GOVERNMENT” was disavowed by The People, like how you would disavow any association with a terrorist group, because “GOVERNMENT” is an active terrorist group. We don’t have any governments, we just have corporations with CEOs and its cohorts, with its corporate by-law, acting as statutes, codes, ordinances and regulations. The CEO’s are Trustees of the Nation’s debts, Trustees of State Bankruptcies, Trustees of the conspiracy to defraud willfully ignorant citizens, Trustee of the votes connected to pensions, and based on the gene therapies provided to mankind by the looters, narcissists and psychopaths, by thier own verbal and document admission, and based on irrefutable evidence provided by sincere medical professionals globally, The People have also been presented with the conspiracy to commit genocide of men, women, children and adolescents, via biological and chemical software weaponization and indebted financial servitude.

    Feel free to add in the IMF and World Bank loans around the PLandemic exercise, Digital ID and Digital Credit System for good measure.


    By disvowing these government-corporation out right, and ending your voting privileges under these Constitutional agreements, this would end all the contracts and ties with the domestic political parties et al, end the voting contracts between the politicans and the subjects, which would also end any unlawful state contracts with domestic corporations via exploitation and corruption.

    This would then begin the process to end the contracts with the International legal order; IMF, World Bank,WHO, WEF, PAHO, CCP and the UN et al, which willfully harm men, women and children by claiming a pretext.

    A new social, civil and financial contract [Constitution For, et al instruments] need to be drafted, but not by the Crown Bar Association members, but by The People, The Inhabitants of the Nation State[s], who are experienced enough to manage their own affairs.

    This is liberty, no need to seek freedom and no need to be Independent etc, all those experimental contracts have lived out there usfulness, sweet liberty, one governing one’s life under a specially designed constitution of The People [for] The People, liberated from the Crown Politicans, Freemansons and Bar Association members.”

  14. And this is how the fowls, imps, pimps and Slaves are thought of.

    useless eaters, useless breathers, a waste of space that intelligent people could be instead utilizing….as i have told them on BU for years and years, looks like they finally ran out of gas, hopefully oxygen too…..losers, it’s all coming to a head.

    “Difficult Conversations – Flipping the Script.


    We should all be well-accustomed to the now familiar script.

    1. An announcement is made of what will happen – whether you want it or not.

    2. Many do not like it but their only option is to lump it.

    3. The usual fowls get on the paling and offer their predictably blind support – and rudely peck at anyone who disagrees.

    4. The usual clowns tumble out of the clown car to allow the Party to justify the claim that opposing the announcement is simply another political game – with no genuineness behind it.


    So, what happened this time? An analysis follows.

    Steps 1 to 4 happened as scripted. Then something different happened.

    Step 5 – After ignoring those voicing their disagreement, it was noticed that too many of those voicing their opposition were non-fowl party supporters.

    Step 6 – The decision is reversed, since party supporters cannot be as easily ignored as all other Barbadians.


    1. Thank you Party supporters. We know that we have no power or influence in this new republic and must simply lump it. But it seems that you are the ones with the real power – once you choose to use it.

    2. Yard fowls, you are without doubt the absolute worst of us. You continue to prove that you do not care about your reputations. You just want to maintain your place near the trough to enjoy spillage as your masters feed. What a waste of a life.

  15. Work has started in earnest to undo 100 YEARS of CRIMINAL FRAUD, perpetrated by evil attention seeking, power, money hungry corrupt politicians and their handlers.

  16. The importation of Cuban serfs should prompt us all to reflect critically on whether our treatment of Grand Admiral Nelson was right.

    If we behave like Lord Drax of Drax Hall, reparations claims should be put on the back burner. A slave owner does not sue another slave owner for the crime of slavery. It is obvious that such demands for reparations are solely due to our high level of debt.

  17. @ NO
    Bushie can see it now…
    A Large plaque on your Study that says “You get what you are able to negotiate”

    This is the albino-centric mantra that you have adopted, where it is actually MACHO to take advantage of brass bowls and intellectual children, and to take the little money that the need to survive, to be added to your fortune,

    This is what has been done to Brassbados now for five centuries by your mentors.

    Conversely, on Bushie’s wall, the plaque says “Do NOT do to others what a bushman would NOT want done to his donkey”.

    …see if you can figure the philosophical divide.

    • @BT
      You are so lost in your various mantras of albino-centric, BBE and other Bosses, Karma and Spirituality you are avoiding the basic question.
      We should desist from hiring Cuban workers because they actually earn a pittance of what other nations will pay their state for their services. The profit goes to the state.
      Yet, do we apply this concept equally?
      The Chinese are notorious for low wages. Yet we do trade with them, even allow the same ‘exploited workers’ on our soil.
      The Canadian record with its indigenous population is not 200 years old? It was happening in our lifetime. Yet, our offshore sector is built around a tax treaty with that nation?
      The Barbadian government has actively promoted the migrant farm worker program to NA for decades. Nor are they alone. Is this exploitive because their migrating citizens get paid less than NA labour rates.? Who is exploiting.
      And I could go on.
      Your concept of not doing to others is honourable but do you apply that equally and consistently.

    • @NO

      Are you saying Bush Tea should be shame to be using an iPhone built in sweatshops in China and bordering regions?

  18. @ David
    There are too many brass bowls in existence for ANY hope of egalitarianism…

    Bushie is just cognizant and RESPECTFUL of the spiritual Law that says that “what your donkey sows, That ALSO will your burro REAP.”
    …and that it actually WORKS like a charm.

    PURELY selfish motivation boss…

  19. WE THE PEOPLE, are TAKING BACK OUR EARTH, OUR PLANET…from generational criminal beasts.

    • What brass bowl people what??!!
      The CREATOR will be taking back direct control of their creation from the collection of brass bowls… who are to blind to seen the OPPORTUNITIES that have been presented to us for TRUE life… and instead CHOSE to follow albino-centric greed and materialistic shiite…

  20. Can you imagine the kind of harvest to be reaped by the albino-centric world for the many CENTURIES of sowing hate, greed and misery by taking advantage of the weak (child-like) and brass bowls (misguided) of this world?

    It will NOT be pretty Boss.

    But you NEED to understand that the spiritual Laws of Karma are absolute and unrelenting.

    The harvest has started, but most of us are so blinded by brassbowlery that we cannot see the dark clouds hovering.

    What a time to be alive….

  21. People have not learned the lessons taught for wisdom healing

    Introduction to Tsa Lung – Guided Meditation, Marcy Vaughn

  22. NorthernObserveron November 9, 2022 at 12:36 AM #: When the Chinese sent their workers to Bim, who pays who and what?


    In all fairness, I have to agree with your November 9, 2022 – 12:36 AM contribution in its entirety.

    For several years Cuban coaches have been contracted, under the under the auspices of the National Sports Council, to provide coaching in a number of sports disciplines at schools and sporting clubs in Barbados, such as cycling, swimming, volleyball, hockey and boxing.

    I’ve seen reports in which there were specific references to the development in cycling, boxing and volleyball Barbados had been progressively achieving since 2012, evidenced b the numerous medals won ‘in championships of the Caribbean, Central America, Commonwealth, with classifications for the first time for Pan American Games and the World Championship.’

    Cuba also extended the benefits of its ‘Operacion Milagro’ eye-surgery program to Barbados, which saw hundreds of Barbadians going to that island for eye surgery.
    Cuban ophthalmologists also provided training to Barbadian doctors, while students attended and graduated from Havana’s Latin American School of Medicine.

    We weren’t hearing any protests that, “in many cases, are unable to speak English and therefore cannot communicate effectively with their Barbadian counterparts or patients and therefore patients’ lives are put at unnecessary risk.”

    It would be reasonable to assume the terms and conditions of employment for coaches, doctors and nurses, were similar.
    Therefore, why weren’t those arrangements deemed to be facilitating “human trafficking,” and we did not hear about “slave coaches and doctors” at that time?

    NorthernObserver, you made an interesting observation about China. Interestingly, some contributors come to BU talking about Africa, but I’ve not read any contribution in which they mentioned acts of racism and exploitation by the Chinese against Africans.

    However, we all know Mr. Franklyn is representing some Barbadian nurses.

    Melodramatics make good advertising for Unity Labour Union.

    • @Artax

      Isn’t Caswell making another point that is connected to why government has continued with the emergency management act?

  23. @ NO
    So just to be sure that Bushie understands your position…
    We have exploited Cubans before in sports, and also some Chinese by ‘taking their cheap labour’,
    …so there can be nothing wrong with exploiting a few hundred Ghanian nurses too…?
    Wrong is only wrong if it is not accepted as ‘normal’?

    Bushie will stick with his ‘weird mantras’ because they actually MAKE SENSE.

    If you came to work for Bushie, and your labour was worth $100, but you were so desperate that you would accept $10, then Bushie would pay you $100.
    BUT ONLY BECAUSE if the bushman was standing in YOUR shoes, it is what Bushie would wish you to do for HIM, in all fairness.

    If you COULD not afford to pay more that $10, or if Bushie ONLY wanted $10 (despite the job being worth $100) then that is a different matter altogether.

    We CANNOT wish for a simpler mantra that exemplifies FAIRNESS.

    Of course, the KEY point that brass bowls miss, is that DOING THE RIGHT THING (righteousness) is the most REWARDING choice that anyone can make in this life….

    Just look at where we are with all the exploitation that we ‘enjoyed’ from Cuban sports coaches, Chinese ‘cheap labour’ and Europeans ‘free money’..

    Our sports, assets and asses are in RECORD debt and getting deeper…
    Not one shiite is working well for us…

    Meanwhile, Bushie’s cup runneth over…. LOL
    Great philosophy you have there NO…

  24. David

    Thanks . That’s why I asked a question first. That info did not come up on my search

    Maybe a factor for it to continue is for the continuation of masking in healthcare places etc . It was a healthcare SOE due to Covid

  25. Just as Native American elders said for decades, two wings on one bird.

    continue being bewitched by them and this lies and pay the penalty, this time the losses will be much greater.

    “[“The People need to stop voting so as to end the contracts, end the bonds and end the trust of the religious order, or this dominion will never end.

    Why post all these realities when all people want to do is vote out a political party, to vote in a political party, left or right, to continue under the said subjugation? The political bird has two wings attached to the same body. But who is the body?

    The social contract of voting is a form of illicit worship, which has been a failure for decades. Those with significant wealth, do not vote as a subject, but more so worship having control over the politicans, Justice system and the banking system, the FIAT, which controls the society and international bond markets.

    These sons of bitches are only in positions of power because citizens and subjects = slave minded, keep thinking they need to be ruled over by reprobates, who have created an educational system for subjects such as minors [men and women], the incompetent [men and women], the functionally illiterate [men, women and children] and those in organized religion [men,women and children] all based on euphemisms, words.

    How does a judge get his or her “delegation of authority”, or his or her “fiduciary duty”, or his or her “administrative duties”?

    These are men and women who in live in the same communities as The People who they rule over with hear say, assumptions and presumptions. They obtain that level of authority from the government-corporations which house the freemansons= Bar Association= Bar accredited registry either from the UK corporation or the USA corporation. This authority does not come from the Voting class of the Society.

    The voting class of the Society has a Constitution an [instrument of worship] that can be violated at any time under any pretext, it doesn’t take much. Just put something contrived in the media and fill it with words, expressions, emotions and a few crisis actors, like experts, and citizens like lap dogs, will injure themselves unconsciously and willfully.

    Stop the voting worship indefinitely, and watch the hero worship of the government-corporation illegitimacy, become unlawful and more contemptuous as its infallibility disappears.

    Stop voting and Come out of her which is Babylon. Or suffer under her dictates, her subjugation, her domination and her legal words, expressions, and her witchcraftery.”]

  26. @David on November 9, 2022 at 1:06 AM “@Simple Simon
    The quality of superior healthcare is to be measured based on how many patients die?”

    No David, It is measured by how many patients live, and live well. It is especially measured by how its most vulnerable, such as newborns are treated.
    For example 4,08 out of every 1,000 Cuban infants die in infancy
    This is how well or how poorly other countries are doing:
    Barbados 11.38 pretty bad I would say. We need to do better.
    USA 5.44 we know how badly black people are treated in the USA
    Antigua 5.38
    Canada 4,38 we know how poorly Canada treats indigenous people
    Russia 4.36
    Cuba 4.08

    But of course we all know that eventually ALL patients die.

  27. Some, maybe many, perhaps most of the Cuban nurses have family, parents, spouses, children. Whoever wrote the article should tell the truth that some of the money goes to supporting those families while their nurse adult child, spouse, or parent is working overseas.

    The Barbados government is NOT trafficking in people by hiring Cuban nurses. The Barbados government is NOT engaging in slavery by hiring Cuban nurses.

    Anybody who says so is being disingenuous.

  28. @BT
    Yours is a most noble approach.

    And it seems that you are keeping Elite company, for the likes of Rubio, Cruz and Scott agree with you. And I could likely guess a few more.

    But I agree. It is time for Cuba to raise its rates substantially, and bonus those actually doing the work. After all, in Buhbaydus dey only gotta pay dem a few blenzers to be locally in line, to preclude talk about slavery and exploitation. Maybe even 50% would pass, as their accommodations, food, medical care and drugs, education are all free. So that in terms of spending power maybe equivalent.

    After all the Jineteras can make more in a week, than most Cubans in a month.

  29. Cuba and China have a different political system. They think from a different perspective.

    Deal with it!

    The situation is far more complex than what is being pushed here.

    What human trafficking what!

    If you want to have a discussion on the merits of the political system of Cuba and China, then that is a discussion that can be had with a straight face.

    But this human trafficking talk is superimposing the parameters of our political ideology on those of a different political ideology.

    It is a foolish discussion.

    • Sorry to enlighten you Donna and drag you kicking and screaming out of your ignorance. What is happening to these Cuban nurses has been recognised by the laws of Barbados as an offence since 1952. You should check out the Labour Clauses (Public Contracts) Act.

      There are no exceptions under the act if the contractor is a state agency.

      Did you know that many of the Cuban nurses are here against their will. This is state-sponsored people trafficking and the Government of Barbados is well aware.

  30. People only quote THE LAW when it suits their low level agendas..

    what’s occurring in Barbados against the Cuban nurses IS DEEMED SLAVERY UNDER BARBADOS’ LAWS, you cannot use Cuba’s laws or policies in Barbados because you want FREE LABOR for little or no pay..

    Barbados IS NOT CUBA and work under a different legislative approach OR ARE SUPPOSED TO…not only when they don’t want to pay liveable wages should the concept of fairness or nonenslavement be muddled…to suit stupid people.

    am sure that one will go over many heads, am so missing Amused and Jeff.

  31. Am eagerly waiting the justification for the alleged crimes committed against the people of Dominica….am sure the enabling supporters of the performing world stage monkeys and their corrupt criminal sidekicks will not disappoint..

    btw…those same world stage performers are now telling any lie, saying anything, would commit any human rights abuse to get a UN job.

  32. Unlike most people. Caswell, I do not need to be dragged kicking and screaming out of ignorance.

    So, enlighten me on this – pursuant to Artax’s submission re Cuban coaches and Northern Observer’s on Chinese workers –

    Have you only recently been made aware of that particular law?

    But that aside, if there is a chance that it is actually against Barbados law, then I think it deserves another look.

    However, I still maintain that the situation is more complex than is presented here due to political ideology.

    Not everything is black and white.

    • Donna’
      I have been aware of that law for many years. However, no one has ever reached out to me before. An intermediary approached me on behalf of a single Cuban nurse and the Barbados Underground is one of the ways I chose to give light to the plight of nurses. None of the news media is willing to touch this matter out of fear. Trust me; I’ve tried.

      This is a way for the Government of Barbados to get cheap labour. Are you aware that fully trained Barbadian nurses were laid off to make way for nurses from Ghana and Cuba? And are you also aware that there are fully trained Bajan nurses who have to find alternative employment because they could not be accommodated in the system, in preference for imported nurses, who are not as well trained as the Bajans.

  33. I am still wondering when you will feel smart enough to stop this daily denigration of others to convince yourself of your intellectual superiority!

    Somebody give the woman an honorary doctorate PLEASE!

    P.S. Where is the illustrious Royal Wee? I miss his tales of Russia’s brilliant war strategy – withdraw, withdraw, withdraw!

    And I was hoping the brilliant Lawson would return and school me on the topic of “Afrikan Clickology”

    And where is The Flash? I miss his rush to sanctimonious judgement based on misinterpretations of what was never said.

    Send out the bat signal, nuh!

    There! Somebody has answered you for the day. Is that enough attention? They say all attention is good for the needy. even negative attention.

    I’ll be back much, much later.

    Wait, wuh happen to DJ Dub? Did David stop the music?

  34. Caswell….will love permission to use your quoted text from labor and antislavery laws as a education tool for another publication. Thanks.

  35. No, Caswell, I was not aware of any layoffs. My understanding was that for a long, looooong time, we have been short of nurses.

    This has been the narrative for many, many years.

    • There is still a shortage of nurses which is made worse because Government refuses to deal with nurses’ issues and that has resulted in an exodus. And because Government can access slave labour they even refuse to train adequate numbers. This year alone the numbers applying to do nursing at the Barbados Community College have been restricted.

  36. @Donna
    I suspected from the get-go this wasn’t about Cuban nurses. But exactly what?

    This is shifting to the foreign nurses seen as “scabs”, non union replacement workers, which removes the urgency of the govt to deal with the demands of local nurses.

    The latent message, is in some ways, there is minimal difference in the operational method between the local and Cuban govts.

  37. “This is a way for the Government of Barbados to get cheap labour. ”

    cheap labor is STILL SLAVERY, by another name…..but the ignorant…and…. backward “wuh dey int doin it to me, so i int care” would justify it because they are not ENSLAVED YET.. but SOON COME….then they will sing a different tune altogether…

    the plight of local nurses IS NO SECRET on the island…you are dealing with out and out HYPOCRISY..

  38. Northern….hope you are keeping abreast about what is unfolding in Canada’s legislature…..ya don’t want to blink and miss anything.

  39. People need to stay abreast of reality, and let fools live in their fantasy world of stupidity, just got some news that a lot of both public and private schools are being targeted for closure across the US.

  40. And those closures have been happening for a while, old news, but Denver now has a reupp on school closures…and guess who will be impacted the most….and it’s ongoing into the future.

    even the catholic schools are getting in on the act, i remember they started years ago to merge or close…many, many years ago..

    Since January Oakland has been permanently closing schools.

    of course i don’t expect the world stage runners and their fool accolites to understand any of this….or make any type of preparations for anything.

  41. Northern…really exhausted right now, busy morning…but you did not tell us about the euthanasia/suicide legislation for 18 and upwards who may feel depressed, etc and no longer want to live, hope it’s not for those any younger, heard it was in the works for quite some years..

    or any other new legislation…that’s what you should check for, the newest legislation that are of human interest, any changes to the normal, like licenses etc. I am seeing videos but it’s always best to double check.

  42. Think they call it MAID. Unsure of the specifics, other than I know of several elderly persons who have availed themselves. A.k.a assisted death. And it’s been discussed for many years.
    They are battles on it from so many angles. Especially as it relates to younger persons, and non physical health conditions.

  43. Not disputing the premise of the article but didn’t the Gov’t do an end around to exclude Caswell by attributing the settlement of the Industrial action by the Nurses to the leadership of the BNA?

    Cubans who travel abroad sometimes use the opportunity to ask for political asylum in foreign countries, what would happen if any of these nurses apply for political asylum in Bim?

    • @Sargeant

      If this is a bilateral arrangement one suspects Cuba would be careful to bind the government to certain conditions governing how the nurses are paid and treated otherwise.

    • Their families back in Cuba would feel the repercussions. These people were carefully selected to make sure that there would be little to no asylum seekers.

  44. Caswell,

    I am on record expressing my disgust at the scant respect shown to our nurses and their concerns. And I certainly would be against any policy to toss our people aside for cheap labour from Cuba OR Ghana. Also, I wouldn’t want any Cuban nurse to be forced to take care of me or mine. Certainly, we should not accept anyone who is not here voluntarily.

    My argument pertained solely to the arrangement with respect to salaries as administered by the Cuban system.

    But, Caswell, Northern Observer does have a point. What exactly is this submission about – the plight of Cuban nurses or the plight of Bajan nurses?

    • But, Caswell, Northern Observer does have a point. What exactly is this submission about – the plight of Cuban nurses or the plight of Bajan nurses?

      It’s about both. I can walk and chew gum at the same time.

      I was contacted by someone on behalf of a Cuban nurse. I feel the pain of the Cuban nurses but I also feel for our local nurses. I hope both would benefit from my actions.

      Today, I was interviewed on a St. Lucian radio station about the contents of this article. I want to shame this government into ethical behaviour.

  45. @ Caswell
    ” I want to shame this government into ethical behaviour.”
    Mission impossible Caswell!

    `if this government had any shame, then
    – there would be a new Minister of Education
    – they would apologize for Duguid’s “North-South Steel Scam”
    – all the useless ‘cuntsultants of failure’ would be sent home
    – they would admit that too many ministers make shiite work

    This government would not know ethical behavior if it was a bajan nurse asking for a fair chance to earn a living.

    Bushie was led to believe that you dun with all this bacchanal Caswell…
    Are you not past retirement age?
    Why do you keep beating your head against wickedness?








  47. This government would not know ethical behavior if it was a bajan nurse asking for a fair chance to earn a living.



  48. Nurses Unions in UK are planning to strike now.
    Last years strikes in Barbados was during the Covid pandemic and did not have widespread support among various unions. It may fare better now.

  49. “It’s about both. I can walk and chew gum at the same time.”

    seeing that HUMAN TRAFFICKING, the new name for SLAVERY both of which are international crimes, but apparently the whole concept that slavery is a crime, does not register in BROKEN MINDS.

    yep…Caswell got his work cut out for him.

  50. I recall over over 50/60 years ago Black power advocates and Black nationalists were told to : “go back to Africa or go and live in Cuba.”
    I also recall that way back in the 80s/late 70s , we were training nurses from Namibia, so that they could return home and develop their health services.
    We note how times have changed: we now depend on Cuban and African nurses coming to our rescue. and we are making a big and needed push to get into Africa.
    Reading history is a great thing but actually seeing it unfold is absolutely mind boggling sometimes.
    I read a whole lot about the 1937 riots , but then many years later, I had a conversation with a gentleman, who was actually a witness to the events of that time. It was amazing to listen to his experience


  51. Nice to see you William..

    it’s all good connecting to the continent, very long in coming, but seeing that they started wrong, and the miseducation is still intact with criminals at the helm who would sell out people children


    with all the continent’s problems they must be warned about these slick talking liars/frauds/performing ponies and their sidekick scamster subspecies, because they all have only ONE THING IN MIND…and it has absolutely nothing to do with the even longer overdue progress, education, social or financial elevation of the Afrikan descendants.

    • The country’s true state of emergency

      The following article was submitted by Ryan Walters as a guest column, Something came to mind recently and I simply cannot shake the thought. I wonder if the Prime Minister’s decision to keep the country under a state of emergency under the Emergency Management Act actually has anything to do with COVID or a health crisis.
      Daily, I become more and more convinced that the country’s state of emergency status is very indicative of our current plight. I am beginning to believe that we, the citizens, must start to take this term literally and see it as a signal from the Government that we are indeed in dire straits.
      The “emergency” at hand is very apparent since the country is going through severe economic, social and political hardship. The financial toll is especially being felt by the ordinary man, woman and is affecting many households.
      It is almost as if the Mia Mottley-led administration is making this bold and unapologetic proclamation.
      Those of us who have to endure it day in and day out know it very well. When we go into the supermarket we feel it as prices continue to rise although large businesses were given tax write-offs and tax breaks.
      Even the existing “Social Compact”, signed between Government and the private sector to supposedly keep prices under control is yet to be felt by consumers on the shelves. We hold our breaths while we wait to see the prices during the Christmas season.
      Gas prices are still high; they continue to be over $4 per litre although the price of oil per barrel on the international market has trended down below US$100. Additionally, the Government has broken the status quo of adjusting gas prices on the first Sunday of every month to what appears to be an unorthodox regime that takes consumers by surprise.
      We are truly in a state of emergency when reports suggest that a Senior Minister boldly stood
      in defence of the Barbados Light & Power Company, (BLPC) which has been under scrutiny and heavy criticism for making a case for a rate increase.
      In our state-of-the emergency country, the Government is playing economic poker. After having to fold their hand after their failed debt restructuring exercise, they now turn to borrow $2 billion in debt in BERT 2, a move that is sure to further burden taxpayers down the road.
      A move that is also coming four years after writing off $1 billion in value added tax owed to the Government by corporations and losing close to another $1 billion in revenue by discontinuing the National Social Responsibility Levy (NSRL).
      It is definitely an “emergency” when the Government has not been able to jump-start this economy with the numerous projects which were repeatedly announced in Budget and Throne Speeches since 2018.
      But most interestingly in our state of emergency, we are now told that the much touted move to renewable energy is likely to cost the Government $105 million annually, a sum which, according to reports, will have to be recouped from taxpayers with new taxes. Isn’t it funny that no Government official has put forward the other side of this coin prior? What then is the benefit to the average man and already struggling households?
      As if the economic mess is not enough, to make matters worse in our state-of-emergency country, almost every week our young brothers are dying from gun violence as crime continues to spiral out of control.
      Four shootings in 5 days
      Government’s response is to change the laws and increase the number of judges, but is that enough? This week alone we have had four separate shootings in five days. The latest, a brazen attack that has left innocent law-abiding citizens who were commuting on board the PSV, in shock, fear and traumatised.
      Our children were not spared the wrath of our state-of-emergency country. After having to be mentally abused by the IDB survey which was sanctioned by the Minister of Education, who by the way, remains untouched as the minister in the last Cabinet shuffle. A move that is quite contrary to the strong, loud and repetitive calls by parents and the general public.
      If that is not enough, our children, teachers and staff remain exposed to what can be referred to as a health hazard at the Lawrence T. Gay Primary School. Seems like there is no end in sight as the minister is incapable of solving those issues.
      And yes, in our state-of-emergency republic the Government of the day tried to take our Independence Day from us – making an ill-advised decision that shows that the majority of the Cabinet appear to have their own personal interest at heart, as opposed to the interests of those who put them in a position to look after their interest as citizens of this country.
      So, yes, I think I now see clearly why the Prime Minister continues to keep our country in a state of emergency . . . because, from all indications, we are definitely in one.

      Source: Nation

  52. “Venceremos !!”

    I have 6 very busy weeks ahead of me, but we already know how this reads.

  53. One plus one equals two.

    Wow.. Ryan Walters contribution mentions the disrespect shown to the teachers and principals of Barbados. It should come as no surprise that some jurisdictions in the US has already sought to capitalize on Mia’s/ Min of Ed’s (disrespect) faux pas by hurrying to recruit our
    well-trained teachers.

    Add to the above, our loss of locally trained nurses followed by the importation of foreign nurses and you see that preying on (abusing) Bajan workers may be a part of a new national policy

    One must wonder if this is a trial run for the importation of 70,000 new workers. Abusing and then displacing and replacing Bajan born workers with foreigners. This might be a brilliant idea for some, but such a deep cut will hurt every family in Barbados.

    Is the above an extreme stance?
    Is it spin or propaganda?

    The behavior of Mia’s administration has been so outrageous that the limits of insanity falls well within its sphere of operation.

    Debase, displace and replace should not be a national policy.

  54. Do you like pelau or gumbo?

    I need to keep track of what I wrote. I have already shown you that the 70,000 new workers (voters) could mean a much higher number of ‘imports’ as this could be 70,000 new families.

    The magic 70k cannot all live in the promised 10,000 new houses.

    Housing shortage
    Strain on water resources
    Strain on transportation
    Strain on the roads
    Strain on electrical supply
    Overburdened food suppliers
    Overburdened healthcare workers
    More teachers needed

    I have seen the future and it is bleak.

    Now that you know
    The correct choice is Ronnie O
    Have a great day.
    I hope you feel as I do
    “It’s great to be home”
    Have a great day.

  55. Let the mind games begin

    Have you heard that a teacher has been reinstated with full pay, but not allowed to teach.

    We are already aware that Mia/Min of Ed has little or no respect for our children, teachers, parents of principals, but I could not imagine that they would play mind games with a teacher.

    The boldness, the arrogance the impudence, the lack of concern for what the public thinks, the willingness to pile on when their actions stinks.
    You know how I feel, but I can tell you that the introduction of ‘mind games’ into our schools caught me by surprise.

    I am not a praying man,but I hope this short prayer help..

    Dear God, give this teacher the courage, strength, discipline, and determination to stick with his job for years.
    Let him be slow to anger and give him the wisdom to speak appropriately at all times.
    Give him the patience of Job. Cast aside the torment and frustration that others seek to bring his way. This teacher needs you as his shield and protection from the evil that stalks his workplace.

    Give him strength, Lord. Be his anchor in this raging storm

  56. William…i heard they finally tore down the 4 seasons scam paradise blight that they all created, someone just saw the area cleared.

  57. @ WURA
    “William…i heard they finally tore down the 4 seasons scam paradise blight that they all created, someone just saw the area cleared.”
    These days, it’s best to just watch the silly games play out.
    More to come.

  58. I am very obedient. I only mask up if I have to. My next step is to remove my purchasing power from any establishments that require a mask.

  59. Figured this was coming, a little later than expected.

    Ludicrous, Mr Franklyn
    The Cuban medical personnel who have been in Barbados since April 2020 helping our country to fight the COVID-19 pandemic are members of Cuba’s world famous “Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade”.
    This is a highly trained and experienced brigade of medical specialists that is deployed all over the world to respond to the most severe medical and humanitarian crises.
    Indeed, the Brigade is so highly regarded that it has been nominated for the Nobel Prize on multiple occasions.
    The personnel who arrived in April 2020 consisted of 99 nurses and one medical doctor. But when our nation was hit by the deadly Delta variant of the virus in 2021, we sent out an SOS to Cuba and the Cuban authorities responded by sending us an additional 20 nurses and 15 laboratory and medical specialists. And the only reason we appealed to Cuba for these additional specialists is because our public medical authorities were so pleased and satisfied with the exemplary performance of the initial 100 person contingent.
    After that initial 100 person contingent had gone beyond the call of duty and heroically served our people for two whole years, they made their way home to Cuba, carrying with them multiple containers of all sorts of consumer items that they had purchased for themselves in Barbados. And once again, so stellar had their performance been, that – at the request of our public medical authorities – they were replaced by a new contingent of 72 nurses.
    So, in total, some 207 Cuban medical specialists – nurses, doctors and laboratory technicians – have worked in Barbados over the past two-and-a-half years, giving outstanding service to our people and helping to save Barbadian lives. And for this service to Barbados, our Cuban compatriots have been paid the same salaries that are paid to our own Barbadian nurses, doctors and technicians employed in our Public Sector. Indeed, it is out of said salaries that our Cuban brothers and sisters pay their rent, purchase their groceries, pay for public transportation, enjoy Barbados’ recreational events and facilities, and purchase consumer items to take back home to Cuba.
    It is against this background therefore, that I was literally flabbergasted to read Caswell Franklyn’s letter in the 18th of November 2022 edition of Barbados Today charging that our Barbados Government does not provide these Cuban medical specialists with any salaries, and that the Cuban nurses have been “rented” to Barbados by the Government of Cuba for a one-off payment of “US $35,000”, and that, as a result, these wonderful Cuban medical specialists are ,in effect, “slaves” !
    This Franklyn claim is so unhinged, fantastical and ludicrous that one is left to wonder how and why a responsible newspaper like Barbados Today would even publish it!
    Does Barbados Today really believe that 100 specialist nurses could work in Barbados for two whole years for the princely sum of $700 each, or for less than $1 per day ? And what about the other 107 medical specialists ? Have they too been paid out of this mythical US $35,000 ? If that is what Barbados Today is willing to believe then they are believing that each Cuban specialist has been allocated a sum of $338 for months, and in some cases, years, of work ! Surely, this Caswell Franklyn assertion reeks of lunacy.
    But the question arises : why, instead of glibly publishing this ridiculous and manifestly false Caswell Franklyn assertion, didn’t the editorial officials of Barbados Today simply pick up the telephone and contact any one of a number of responsible public officials and ask for some clarification? The same way I am giving this clarification from my vantage point of Ambassador to CARICOM, similar clarification could have been sought and received from our current Minister of Health, Dr Jerome Walcott, our former Ministers of Health, Hon Ian Gooding-Edghill and Colonel Jeffrey Bostic, the Executive
    Director of our QEH, Mrs Juliette Bynoe-Sutherland, our Chief medical Officer, Dr Kenneth George, the Cuban Ambassador, H.E. Sergio Pastrana, and the list goes on and on.
    Why are so many of us always so perversely ready and willing to slander our own country ?
    – David Comissiong, Ambassador to Caricom.

  60. Perhaps it was meant to be just hyperbole.
    Credibility on all matters can be seriously damaged by a slip of the tongue (pen)

  61. TheO.

    Credibility is THE most important factor in public discourse and advocacy. This is what I have been saying for years on this site. Others have been playing it down for reasons that I cannot fathom.

    Fables become fables for a reason. Crying wolf prematurely gets people killed!

    Let’s translate that into “AFRIKAN”!


    No TheO, this cannot be explained away by hyperbole.

    Caswell has to bring the receipts!

    I can see no happy ending here. I would not rejoice to learn that Caswell is right, neither could I rejoice to discover that Caswell is wrong.

    What I will say is that I was disappointed by the sneaky lead-in that he employed in telling the story, as Northern Observer observed. It started out being about the plight of Cuban nurses. There was NO MENTION of its link to the plight of the Barbadian nurses. Then, ONLY in the comments, the Cuban nurses’ plight became secondary to the plight of the Barbadian nurses. This is a glaring omission that cannot be explained away by “being able to walk and chew gum”.

    Caswell was known for straight shooting. This one was not straight.

    So…now, in Donna’s mind, we’re back to credibility!


    Damage control on this one, if necessary, would be an almost impossible task!

    The only excuse could be if he was set up by a very astute politician.

    Then that would damage his reputation in a different way.

  62. @Donna
    Yes. I can only speak for myself, but some damage was done here.
    I did not read the article with a filter in place, but will be more careful in the future.
    I will wait on a reply from one of the parties.

  63. What is the salary of a Cuban nurse working in Cuba ?

    Are Cuban nurses who are sent to work in Barbados paid the same as Barbadian nurses and are they allowed to keep their earnings when they return to Cuba ?

  64. @Hants
    You pose the questions.
    Years back, 90’s, the deal with burgeoning hotels in Cuba, who were 49% owned by foreign entities, was the hotel was charged ‘market rate’ for it’s Cuban employees, but this money was remitted to a Gov of Cuba entity. Not the employees. Said employees were ‘paid’ as they always had been by the Cuban Govt.
    Similarly, when medical personnel export began, the foreign Government paid ‘market rate’ to the Cuban Govt. Not the employees.

    This meshes more closely with CF version than DC.

    All DC has to do is provide payroll proof the GoB paid the workers directly, and at the pay grade he claimed. My “gut” says that proof will not be forthcoming. It would also be most interesting to see the local ‘tax treatment’ applied to these Cuban workers.

    • The financial and other arrangements made to facilitate the Cuban nurses at taxpayer expense should not be a secret.

    • Then we would be back to my initial point of different political ideology. And it would not be “cheap labour” pushing out Barbadians then, would it? The only savings would be in the training.

      But DC did say that they used the money to pay living expenses and make purchase of items not available in Cuba, I expect, to carry back home.

      If so, then they would have to be receiving more than what Caswell stated.

      Receipts necessary!

  65. May God forgive Caswell Freewheelin’ Franklyn for he knows exactly what he does. The kid has got a darkside, you best believe it.
    Matthew 7:15
    “Beware of the false prophets, [teachers] who come to you dressed as sheep [appearing gentle and innocent], but inwardly are ravenous wolves.

    • @Sarge
      Maybe CF read your tagged article or similar for it’s like an echo of his points.
      You can find several videos online which delve into foreign Cuban medical workers.
      I doubt any of them will be ‘talking’ to anybody😆

  66. We know the Cuban system. We also know the views of Western-based watchdog agencies. Is there a report on Amazon workers? How about those working for American patronised sweat shops in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh with safety breaches that cost lives? How about those American companies shifting all their manufacturing to China where human rights issues abound. Post me those reports for comparison.

    What are the fruits of the capitalist system promoted and practised by The West.

    We know the Cuban system. We also know that the American big foot is on Cuba’s neck, squeezing the life out of it for NO GOOD REASON.

    This is a question of the survival of Cuba as a whole OR the individual freedoms of Cubans.

    As I said from the beginning – not black and white, not right or wrong, not that simple a matter – a clash of ideologies.


  67. The albino-centric assessment of Cuba’s program by the usual suspects, as characterized in the article referenced by Sarge, is predictable.

    Cuba has to be an outlier when it comes to countries willing and able to stand against albino centric shiite – and to do so in the face of the most vile, petty and selfish provocations from the great satan – USA.

    Unlike Haiti, who in the face of such nasty and vindictive provocations, has been pushed into chaos, Cuba stands out as a BEACON in even offering vital HELP to others in need ….GLOBALLY.

    When the USA finds itself in shit streets (coming as SOON as next year), Bushie predicts that Cuba will ALSO offer them similar assistance….

    There is NO comparing Cuba with other self-centered albino-centric shiitehounds – such as is found in North America and Europe and even Brassbados.

    Now what the hell is wrong with setting rules that their overseas doctors not frequent Bush Hill, except for horse racing?
    …or not associate with brass bowls?
    Are these not Ambassadors of Cuba?

    And what is wrong with low salaries? when the damn STATE provided ALL your education, health and social costs? We could learn a lot here…

    All Caswell is saying is that while Cuba is ENTITLED to have such an overall system that suits their circumstances and challenges, we should not be EXPLOITING their system – in order to support the shiite albino centric system that we have adopted ourselves.

    Again, Caswell has shown himself to be one of the few among us with real vision and with a feel for what is RIGHT.

    DC is a lackie…
    Is he now a Hyatt supporter..?
    …or just following orders to keep his donkey shut..?

  68. @BT
    You are a boss 😅
    Here you were a top a fence, straddling….so you lick down the whole
    This is a classic
    “All Caswell is saying is that while Cuba is ENTITLED to have such an overall system that suits their circumstances and challenges, we should not be EXPLOITING their system – in order to support the shiite albino centric system that we have adopted ourselves.”

    If we pay the Cuban Govt ‘some form’ of market rate for their medical personnel how can “we” be exploiting their system? You have already justified the Cuban method of remuneration based on other benefits provided gratis.(CF did not?)
    This puts you in DC’s camp, who was thusly approving, loonnnng before he entered ‘lackie land’.
    The real question is HOW were the Cuban medical personnel remunerated?
    You better let your man CF speak for himself, of which he is very capable.
    There is a battle royal going on between Unity/CF and the GoB.
    Remember, all hands on deck, has always conspicuously omitted Ms Moore.

    • NO,

      I see that you have done my job for me.

      Did Bush Tea really think
      we wouldn’t notice the brek down fence??????????

      The argument was about slavery and trafficking. I kept focusing on why the Cuban system cannot be equated to slavery and trafficking.

      Wuh if the Cuban Government can stand up to The Big Maguffy, it beggars belief that they would allow Lil Bim to exploit Cuba.

      So it stands to reason that the market value was either paid to the workers or to their Government.

      And if only a pittance was paid to the workers and the balance to their Government, then if you are arguing slavery and trafficking, their GOVERNMENT would have to be the trafficker and slave master. THEREFORE, you are questioning THEIR SYSTEM OR IDEOLOGY when you call for higher wages, and you are asking our Government to question their system and ideology.

      So…the discussion. as I said from the beginning, is one of the merits of the system or ideology.

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