The Moral Equivalence of Treason

Submitted by Pachamama

For some time, there has a been a protracted ‘disagreement’ between the Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados (CBoB), Delisle Worrell and the Minister of Finance, Christopher Sinckler. It represents a deepening political-economy crisis.

In trying to flesh out this phenomenon, we will sometimes directly address the prime minister, himself, as we urge urgent action.

Worrell and Sinckler have been the two main principals in the management of the Barbados economy, for the last 7 to 8 years. During this time, we have had many failures. Failures that both, men and institutions, might arguably to adjudged as equally responsible.

Rumours, gossip, some reporting and fake news on this matter, currently ‘sub judice’, have served to further weaken the political culture. That culture, with all its in-built frailties, has already delivered us circumstances where the distribution of forces in Parliament are nearly even, notwithstanding minor leakages on one side.

Since the last general election, there has been a close-quarter tug-o-war between the main belligerents that was engendered by a ‘misinterpretation’ of the results. The DLP incumbent government believed that a nearly-tied election was a win instead of representative of a public demand for a national unity government.

At the same time, there was no evidence that the opposition BLP, under a MAM, would have been interested in that kind of political formation. Therein lies another weakness of the system. There must be ‘a winner takes all’ mentality. Not only for the elites of both parties but the rank and file on either side, the yard fowls. In Westminster, we have had many coalition governments but Barbados, being more British that the British, this can never be. Talk of such is sacrilege.

The prime minister is therefore hemmed-in. Largely by the political culture but also by his socialization as a man who has long exhibited a lack of courage. What kind of a prime minister, within the Westminster system, can show that he has neither bark nor bite?

So what we have is a badly failing economy, a weak government, an international political-economic order in ‘transition’ and a prime minister whose cowardice is getting the better of him.

We are surprised that in these circumstances Stuart would want to travel, ignoring what is a deep crisis at home. Leaving it to fix itself. For in these difficult times the country needs its two principal economic managers working together to prevent the beginning of a never-ending cycle of devaluations, or worse.

It needs a strong prime minister even more. Strong for the country’s sake! And if these two economic ‘experts’ cannot bury their hatchets, the interests of Barbados must immediately be shown to be paramount, above personality cultism, regardless to whom they maybe.

In addition, Stuart displays a false temerity, mere word play, to suggest, from New York, that he will not interfere in a matter, in terms of Barbados, this is akin to issues of war and peace. Can there be any other crisis facing a prime minister of Barbados, within these dire contexts, more severe in peace time? Facing a near economic collapse with political disorder to high heaven.

Does this prime minister not know that his failure to address this matter has implications for Barbados’ image in the international financial markets? Why would Stuart, by his refusal to act, outsource the prerogative of the office of the prime minister to the judges in Coleridge Street, given the notorious delays which can be expected? And are these damages to Barbados not incalculable? Where is the economy in that or the economic brains driving this national fiasco?

We have argued elsewhere that there needs to be an intervention, preferably by the prime minister. But in these unusual circumstances, the Governor General may consider it in the Queen’s interests to suggest a speedy resolution, since the prime lacks the will, courage.

Prime Minister, the announced demonstration/s by the BLP will only serve to deepen the crisis, increase the harm to our country, increase the level of instability, but it in your power to take such actions to at least partially repair the damage caused.

That resolution could include the firing of the minister of finance. The sending of the governor of the Central Banks on pre-retirement leave or its equivalent. The removal of the litigious matter seeking the attentions of the Courts. And the adequate compensation of warring parties for prompt compliance.

Prime minister, we are not unaware of the complex relationships with the governor and the minister of finance. We are not unaware of the role of Sinckler for future party leadership, even if your party loses the next election. We know that you are seeking to avoid a defeat, come next election. And that the perception of a rising economy is central thereto. However prime minister, hard decisions can no longer be avoided.

Look at the bright side, these are the times which try men souls, a writer said. For they present you with an opportunity to avoid your fate. They present you, circumstances to defy the odds, escape history and become the greatest prime minister the country would have known.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to shoot a ‘general’, or two, in a public place to restore order amongst the ranks. Prime minister that time has come. Should you continue to choose to fail in your solemn duty you will go down as the worst prime minister this country has had. At the same time, the price of your failure is the moral equivalent of treason.


  • Bushtea;

    The “vehicle” i’m talking about is not primarily related to the positive strategic characteristics of the people who could get the new system implemented but to the strategy that will be used to get rid of the current system and put the new one in its place.

    The current system is firmly entrenched in Barbados. What is the strategy to demonstrate to a significant majority of potential voters that it has come to the end of its usefulness? How do we get the current political class to give up their power or have that power taken away from them? They will not lie down and play dead? Duh gine fite like shite.

    I can see the potential utility of PUDRYR’s poster programme in catalysing the above but it is missing a key ingredient. That ingredient is the nurturing of the conditions that will make it almost imperative that the Barbadian populace will see that there is no viable alternative for most bajans for equitable governance other than dismantling the current flawed system and moving post haste into the strategy for implementing a better system such as the 10 point programme.

    What are such conditions, besides an IMF programme that will be guaranteed to hurt the majority of bajans? In that regard if Freundal waits until next year to call the elections and implements another flawed Medium Term Austerity Programme before he does so. He will likely be providing some of the conditions that could catalyse the ultimate change of the current system to one such as you have promoted.

    How does one change conditions to ones suitable for successfully implementing significant changes in Governance? What are the indicators that allow planners to recognize when conditions are suitable to mount a strategic plan to take over?

    What is needed is a secret, well thought out strategic plan. PUDRYR is the only poster on this board who has impressed me as someone who has the required skill set to develop such a plan but he and others seem to be only, at this stage, concentrating on peripheral activities.

    How does one get the the country to realise the potential of an eventual system that does away with political parties as I suggested in an earlier post, and let the individuals who win their seats to parliament truly select their leaders. Or is that an impossible dream?

    Barbados, as shown by the situation implicit in the Sinckler-Worrell debacle, is at a stage where conditions could soon deteriorate to a situation that might be amenable to significant changes in its governance. Are the BU sages up to really developing a strategic plan for the implementation of a better Barbados?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Are We There…even if they are…will the idiots in parliament all consumed by greed and impressed with useless titles and status listen.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Northern…I been saying they need to break that 50 year blight and form a coalition….for the last 4 years, since 2013 I been saying that….the few new political parties can force a coalition, if they are smart enough…break DBLP blight….think of country and people first, get rid of the self-serving dead weight mentality.


  • @ NorthernObserver

    Spot on.

    Dont mind Mr Austin’s bout “so many politicians cross the floor…”

    Those floor crossings are exceptions to the rule in Barbados.

    Mascoll, when he got usurped by Thompson when they wanted the “King” to come back, Hamila when he could not get any more $$ from the late DT, after having secured significant $$ from the Dead King on several occasions, he then “went a-begging of the BLP”, for his 30 pieces of silver, ergo his crossover.

    But that said, for this election to facilitate ‘a Paradigm shift for Barbados what has to happen is that ******

    De ole man would tell you de details but then Lynette Eastmond (and Grenville II) would cut and paste de ole man ideas like she do with de peeple at B.i.M items. lololololol

    No de ole man keeping he ideas for those who can sit in the Seat(s) Perilous heheheheheh

    but there are 4 ingredients for these men and women of honour and character

    (1).The Issue that will galvanize the people
    (2).The ****
    (3).The Vision of the Party and Competencies of its members
    (4).The Solution


  • @ Are We There Yet.

    I thank you for your kind words but I is an ole man in the leaving lounge.

    But there are many here whom i have encountered who have the ability to “…dismantling the current flawed system and moving post haste into the strategy for implementing a better system such as the 10 point programme.can…”

    One must be able to multitask and to do so relatively well in this shifting sand that is Barbados in the Global Village.

    THe reason that I believe in GOD AWTY is because i have dimly sees a pattern in this divine mosaic of coterminous and synergistic templates that operate in nature.

    I will not was and wan philosophical with that topic but suffice it to say that “those ingredients (for)… nurturing the conditions that will make it almost imperative that the Barbadian populace will see that there is no viable alternative for most bajans for equitable governance..” lie right there in our grasp.

    With the resources that de ole man has, augmented by ***, *** and *** I will make those “conditions materialize.

    Furthermore, de ole man practices what he preaches and UNLIKE those clowns that once supped from certain hands and now wreak this havoc across this land, de ole man knows how to deliver viable alternatives.

    When de ole man said to Walter PPK dat one could assist him, such was not based on idle talk and customary Bajan boastfulness. Whu de ole man forget some will never know. And that is not ego talking it is a fact.

    Fellows like Pachamama and Bush Tea, and Artaxerxes and Nuff here does doan chill out.

    Vincent and Lawson and Frustrated and others Prodigal, Well, Well, well I biased for my dearest SSS and wunna dun know dat De Ingrunt Word aka is me pally.

    But no, the fact is that while we are opinionated men and women, what we as niggers, coolies bukras and chinese does do here is to agitate for country when the day comes.

    Look let me put this point to you.

    David our Blogmaster is of mixed ethnicity. When he comes here certain people does tell he tings, but looka, he does hold dat down and deal with the bizness.

    What we have to forge going forward in barbados is a space that is based on respect for differing opinions, which ultimately and always must defer to what works.

    All uh we here, be we previously avowed DLP or BLP engage here on BU BECAUSE, irrespective of our colour, we see that this pup IS NOT WORKING.

    And we want something to come that will turn it around quick, cause you know what, IF THEY CAN KILL A FELLER PUN LASCALLES ROAD, one minute from Holetown Police Station, we dun know that dem can kill we too.

    So it ent no more bout am i my brother’s keeper as a philosophical discourse, I got to care about the well being of guyanese who have come to my country legally or Pakistanis, or Ex Pats Like Pat Brayshaw who coming to flood out poor menses like Alden Blackman.

    It is the right thing to do, ladies and gents.

    We must abhors evil in all its forms and give our successors a promise and a hope that is not in empty Covenants of Hope and Pathways to Progress.

    Dis shyte fuh all uh we and while dat is a plagiarism dat i hope de people at BIM and Lynette doan come fuh me, it encapsulates what we truly want for ourselves.

    All you have to do with that desire is open up your definition of Ourself to include 2 people more who, though not kin/blood, or direct friend, have so impressed you to include them in the rewards that you wish for “ourselves”

    When the people in South Sudan ar starving you should feel a pang in your conscience in Barbados, when a ship capsizes in the mediterranean and kills 300 refugee seekers, you should hurt for we too were once and will once be strangers in a strange land, albeit not the USofA under Trunk.

    We Want positive Change for all Bajans


  • @ AWTY
    First of all, it is TOO LATE now…..
    The breaking distance required is greater than the distance to the cliff…

    But the BUP proposal took all that into consideration back then…
    This is why a BUP ‘party’ of sort was needed … the ‘Party’ would have reached out to all organised community groups with a new governance model that would have INCLUDED them in the process.

    Collectively BUP would have fielded 30 candidates for elections -NONE OF WHOM would be appointed ministers as a result, …but would perform a largely ceremonial role in parliament – passing laws and talking shiite, for a nominal MP’s salary.
    Once more than 15 seats were won by BUP, then the persons identified, head-hunted, reviewed and hired to run the various ministries (including a PM) would be appointed to run the country (like is done in any sane corporation)

    The (unpaid) National Supervisory Committee – which would coordinate with the various BUP groups, oversee national governance, and generally replace the Senate….would then hold pre-signed and undated letters of resignation from each BUP MP, as well as from the hired professional managers.

    So rather than physically fight the ‘system’, BUP would have competed WITHIN the current system – with a commitment to Bajans to introduce such new concepts as hiring professional management to fill ministerial roles, Establishing Credit Union type National supervisory committees and introducing a national system of MERIT in place of the current nepotism.

    Bushie’s pick for Chairman of the National Supervisory Committee was Caswell…. and a top candidate for the job of PM would be Charles Herbert….

    The biggest challenge to such a plan was one of communication, but that was brilliantly solved by David of BU. … the other challenge was finding a champion….
    But Caswell kept on playing the donkey…. 🙂

    Anyway…. no point in crying over spilt milk. We would probably do well to save the tears which we will all need shortly…


  • Violet C Beckles CUP

    Tron February 23, 2017 at 7:31 PM # No money from the IMF without Rule of Law, If Rule of law is not in place nothing will work no matter the amount of money needed to feed the PONZI,

    My Words need not change, My tone have not changed, My Mind nor Facts have change for all is the same as it was for 30 years with proof,

    No IMF without a mindset change, No IDB money without ‘Clear Title’ Land,

    No Projects will start without full faith and confidence in Rule of Law and insurance of Truth in records,
    No Work nor Jobs until these issues are solved and they can be,

    No growth in the Economy until foreign Investors can see some Rule of Law with regard to the land issues, Clear title of 70 years or more and not 20 year s”good title ” of fraud an Act made up to launder the land they calling ‘crown land’ no such thing in fraud,

    the best records kept in the Caribbean from the time the English came and left Barbados with the records for these crook nigger look to switch what has already happened,

    The DBLP must be time travelers?
    This is a very simple thing to fix, what make it hard is that the same DBLP names people love to cheer are ‘CROOKS, LIARS AND SCUMBAG, CRIMINALS
    They are so bold faced to sink a Nation to hide their crimes,

    BU need new people to join who dont have either the Bs or the D infections,

    What most care about is the party they love to hate to win, its about what side wins , not about who will fix what needs to be fixed, They will never fix it for in 99% of all nations in the world they would be in jail or killed, They are fighting for their lives. This is no joke, The crimes are that deep, MIA nor Owen is the Answer it started with them as Ministers, before them it was the lawyers and COW, they are in BED together like a tight 69
    If all goes well these crooks will wake up with the Trump feeling in the air,
    Do your homework, if you need help just ask, Both Parties, must be removed so the people can see, look, know what they were hiding in Barbados .Match My words with the FINDINGS,


  • Took a bet in a St. Peter rum shop last night that Gregory Nicholls the Lawyer in the News charged Dr. Worrell the Kadooment bacchanalist exactly $15,000 to represent him. King Dyall could have given Worrell legal counsel and he didn’t owe nobody $15,000. What a waste of the courts time which could’ve been spent sentencing the young gunmen on the loose to jail for life. Nicholls loses to Sinckler its deja vu all over again.


  • As usual an excellent contribution from Pachamama. Any thoughts on the story below?

    ” One month after he officially resigned from the helm of this country’s regulatory authority, former Chief Exective Officer of the Financial Services Commission (FSC) Randy Graham has joined Massy United Insurance.”


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    It was a case destined to be tossed, he could not use the supreme court to buy time to spite Sinckler, only goes to show how the supreme court is misused and abused by those lawyers who know it can be….to enrich themselves instantly…all the other times these matters drag on indefinitely to clog up the court system.

    It took 1 week for this breach of contract matter to get a court date, be heard and appealed to the Appeals court and have a decision in 4 hours from the justices….1 week.

    The lawyers and judges are primarily to blame for the backlogs in the supreme court, they could do much better if they really wanted to….the lawyers, without overcharging their clients….they can have matters expedited like this Worrell case if they so desired.

    This Worrell case outlines the abuse of the Courts.

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  • @ Exclaimer
    Did a former FTC regulator not run to BL&P just recently too…
    So much for the lotta shiite coming from these ‘officials’ who are mostly just feathering their nests.
    The ones we should REALLY worry about are those who continue with the regulators – while working for the regulated.

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  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    While working for the nonregulated and showing them how to cheat the system….and policyholders.


  • Well said @Well Well &COB
    Nothing shows up the DELIBERATE shiite that goes on in our courts more than this case.
    Can you imagine other cases dragging on for DECADES …and that these so&sos are able to pull this off in a week….?

    Suddenly files and paperwork is no problem
    Suddenly lawyers are available
    Imagine that Judges have court time available
    Unbelievably, decisions are arrived at without need months of research…
    Poor people with injuries have been suffering for YEARS…
    Accused persons in jail for YEARS …without a trial…
    Land issues held in abeyance for decades…
    Hundreds of NCC workers go without justice for years…
    ….but some old shiite dinosaur and notorious stink liar walks to the top of the line…

    Bunch of wicked ******!!!
    Karma no doubt has taken note
    …and perhaps even sent this case to expose their dirty back sides….

    Unlike them, Justice Karma always follows up….

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  • Bushie

    Thanks for bringing realism

    Maybe the fix was in

    And the PM knew beforehand

    There would be a quick decision.


  • The best way to learn was always self-teaching

    Not classrooms, not google, self-teaching


  • @Pacha

    How would the Prime minister have known? Isn’t the judiciary an independent arm?


  • @ David
    Isn’t the judiciary an independent arm?
    Independent of what…?
    Professionalism and ethics?

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  • David

    Well, he is a lawyer

    He has personal relationships with the judges

    We were never persuaded that these people are not engaged in prohibited discussions, through their lodges etc

    The PM minister could have made a political judgement based on having a foot in both politics and law.

    Bushie’s contribution about this hasty decision is worthy of contemplation. Only 12 days!

    Just maybe.


  • David

    Get serious.

    If the DPP could walk into a court and in the midst of a case inform a judge that the man in the dock accused of bringing in 100s of pounds of marijuana should walk because his office had no interest in the matter.

    Why would a PM not have high certainty as to the thinking of people appointed by him?


  • We have another experience of which we cannot speak about, here.


  • I supposed I am the only one confounded by WW&C reasoning at 6:54 AM and Bushie’s following, re the ‘speedy’ resolution.

    It is surely true that the court system is slow and back clogged to the detriment of the average citizen but these high-end matters of state always seem to be guttaperked up the line.

    Did we not see the very same thing with that immigration order in the US? That too was heard almost immediately by the District Court and then with similar alacrity at Appeal.

    The interesting bottom line with the cases is that there is less gravity to the bottom falling out of operational continuity from the US order than our Governor’s being forced to demit office.

    Clearly there will be major change in direction when Worrell leaves but nothing particularly significant re the status quo on the US situation.


  • > > @Pacha > > How would the Prime minister have known? Isn’t the judiciary an > independent arm? >



  • @ De Ingrunt Word

    I going lef you to Bush Tea and Well Well and Consequences.

    I going pretend dat i ent see dat word “confounded” cause it is clear that what is being said about the Law of the Medes and that of the Persians missed you at this early hour this morning.

    Knowing you to be a teetotaler and that you dont use nor recommend the use of the wacky tabaccy like the late Amused, I would say that it is either that you have drunken deeply from the Spring of Life today, possible a “hangover” from some joy experiences in your family members that makes you confused enough to make this statement.

    I am sure that they are going to tear you another one especially since you gone include that non-starter bout Trunk.

    How evry body at home??

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  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    ACs…yardfowl services no longer

    CENTRAL BANK Governor Dr DeLisle Worrell has been fired.

    Word of this has come from his attorney Gregory Nicholls who confirmed this morning that his client Worrell had been sent correspondence that his services were no longer needed.

    See more at:

    Pedant…I feel motherly today, so I will be gentle with you, Worrell had not a snowballs chance in hell of winning that case, he should sue his attorney, it was not an urgent matter of state, he was given an option…resign or be fired, which can be done under his contract or the appeals judges would have hesitated to remove the injunction, he served at the behest of government.., read lying Fruendel who gave the order to fire Worrell..

    If all the cases at the supreme court were handled with such expediency. …there would be no backlogs today.

    Which part of the Worrell v. Sinckler case was and is a breach of contract bewteen employer…the government and employee Worrell dont you understand.., aint he gpt fired eventually ….and now will look at his options.., re forcing government to settle for breach of contract by going to CCJ and get smacked down, or leaving quietly and get his package.

    It is still a breach of contract case after all of that.


  • Another AC ?

    DEAR PRIME MINISTER, permit me to offer some thoughts on the immediate future of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP).


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    That’s the major problem with attorneys in Barbados, they are never honest with their clients and tell them when they cannot win a case. That is why certain business people have been horribly exposed because their attorneys refuse to tell them it’s time to give up because you cannot beat this case, they give them false hope like the pimps some pf them are….and then the case keeps dragging into eternity, while their business is being exposed to the world. ..systematically destroying them….the former owner of CGI Towers comes to mind…lol


  • First, the making of monetary policy requires specific technical skills. Second, there is often a tension between the long-term workings of monetary policy and politicians’ short-term objectives.

    I start out by looking at the printing of money which would be deemed as a short term remedy, just like the sale of the country’s silver. These quick fix remedies don’t last forever and when these funds eventuall disappear you behave like a paro grabbing at anything to get a another quick dollar. It will come to an end eventually.

    In a democratic state, the Head of State and not the PM or Finance Minister has the greatest power to dismiss a CBG with 20% followed by the Cabinet with 13%. However, the Finance Minister only has 4% to dismiss the person.

    Grounds for Dismissal. If the GCB wasn’t involved in bad behavior, non-performance, light hands etc which carries over 50% for reason of dismissal. BUT, probably the GCB was acting against the policy of government (printing of money or risky financial management) which carries a mere 4% for dismissal which can be challenged in the Court of Law, since such behavior would only shore-up short term relief and put the country in danger.

    If a GCB realise that facilitating an order that will affect the stability of the country’s finances and cannot be deemed “Not fulfilling his duties” which have over 35% for dismissal.

    We must ask ourselves “What is really the reason for the dismissal of the CBG?

    On another note: The grounds by the CBG legal team were looking at how his dismissal will affect the pride of the Governor. That will fail.



  • We know why Worrell was fired.

    We now know why Worrell went to Court. To make some noise.

    Was he successful?



  • Truth be told Tell me Why, maybe i am simple read stupid but i dont understand your appending percentages to the list of points submitted.

    Is this some sort of quiz like the problem that Minister of Edykashun Ronald weJones give to Johnny at Charles F Broom School last week Tuesday?

    Ronald WeJonesing went to Charles F Broome school and in his effort to show “de children are is reading well” how bright he de Minister is asked star student Johnny this question.

    “i give you 3 kittens on Tuesday and 3 on wednesday how many kittens do you have? Johnie replied “7”

    WeJonesing was a little bit “fustrated” (not frustrated like Pornville Inniss does say)

    WeJonesing repeated the question again, emphazing “three” (or was that “tree”) yet johnny still says 7.

    Fustrated WeJonesing asks Johnny a new question “”i give you 3 flying fish on Tuesday and 3 more on wednesday how many flying fish do you have? Johnie replies “6”

    Well, with that, WeJonesing gets into a rage and asks Johnny “why you get six fish and 7 kittens?”

    And the classroom teacher bound to Johnny, to close he mouf, but she was too late cause Johnny shout out loud

    “cause ingrunt WeJonesing, I already got a kitten at home…”

    Johnny is not related to Chris Decimals Bond or Son of Luci Kellman

    That is true true true Axe CBC Reporting Lies!


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Worrell would be successful if he took back his money from his attorney for taking this nuisance case to begin…

    ……he would be even more successful if he holds a press conference, what he really should have done instead….and told all, to the public… he would become a national hero.


  • David

    Why was he fired?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    It’s quite obvious that given the terms of Worrell’s contract, he can be fired without explanation….just given notice, as he was……not following instructions, insubordination, any whim or fancy. ..etc..the reason Sinckler gave is dishonest….I doubt Worrell’s contract carries that as a clause.


    Added by Fernella Wedderburn on February 24, 2017.
    Saved under Court, Local News
    After nearly eight years at the helm of this country’s monetary authority, the Court of Appeal today gave clearance for Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler to show Dr DeLisle Worrell the door, as it rejected not one, but two appeals made by the Governor’s attorney for him to stay on at the Central Bank.

    The bitter high-profile dispute came up for adjudication at 10:30 a.m before Acting Chief Justice Sandra Mason and fellow justices of Appeal Andrew Burgess and Kaye Goodridge. However, after hearing four hours of arguments by the two sides, the three-member panel dismissed all attempts to further stall Worrell’s departure from the helm of the country’s monetary authority.

    This morning the Governor did not appear to be the same upbeat mood in which he greeted reporters last week at the start of the court battle.

    The Court of Appeal today dismissed two appeals made by the Central Bank Governor Dr DeLisle Worrell to stay on at the Bank. Here, Worrell with his attorney-at-law Gregory Nicholls.
    In fact, there was little expression on his face as he sat quietly, at times bowing his head, for much of the day’s proceedings as his attorney Gregory Nicholls sought to convince the three-member panel that High Court Justice Randall Worrell had “erred” in lifting an earlier injunction, which had barred Sinckler from taking any further action to remove the Governor.

    In Worrell’s defence, Nicholls pointed out that Sinckler, in responding to the affidavit filed by him on behalf of his client, had stated that the relationship between the Governor and himself and the Governor and the board of the Central Bank had broken down; therefore if a situation were allowed to continue it could be “damaging” for the economy….”


  • @Pacha

    Worrell is a principal contact for the international agencies like the IMF, World Bank, Moody’s and the others.


  • It seems as if my silly questions were answered yesterday.

    Which brings me to a next set of silly questions.
    Where do we go from here?
    Do we continue with this drama/theater/distraction of the GoCB and the MoF?
    Do we focus on getting political parties tell us what will be done differently in the future?

    Come on BLP, DLP, CUP, BIM, SB, etc. give me something to feed on. We need to know who are Trojan horses and who are running? Keep it simple….


  • @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    He was very successful.

    At three levels

    Firstly, (or should i say onth like Fernella Wederurn and Joseph?) today is Friday the 24th.

    He was fired 2-3 days before the official payday of the Government Service employees so from a logistics point of view people pay going be late this month.

    Secondly (or twoly) while one might say that he was preserving his reputation and safeguarding it for future cuntsultancies, his lawsuit, like that of Anemia Trunk against the Daily Male, heheheheheh, for US $ 150M claims that her future revenues of her name brand were adversely impacted, particularly the negligee line. heheheheheh

    Thirdly (threely) It is a calculation of “it shall neither be mine nor thine”

    Deliar Worrier (or is that worry him as in Decimals Bond?) has brought international attention to th practices of the GoB and its Minister of Finance Decimals

    He has ammmm made the island of Barbados “notorious” in keeping with the monopoly monies of several african states.

    All in all he has done quite well for the allowable actions of rebellion afforded lawbiding citizens of Barbados

    THey the DLP are going to be all voted out so one can call it a success wouldn’t you?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Ah bet that neither Fruendel, Sinckler or any of the other Yahoos in the cabinet remembered that Wprrell is well connected, served a stint at IMF, just gpt an award from that dude CFred in Washington….they just burnt a bridge…lol…a yuuge and bigly one…lol



    Agree, he has created a blackeye to the MoF and Government. Do not forget an election looms and given the chronic state of the economy this impasse will be a big platform talking point. Yes the MoF has signalled morality will be the platform issue.

    How stupid are we as a people?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    “like that of Anemia Trunk against the Daily Male, heheheheheh, for US $ 150M claims that her future revenues of her name brand were adversely impacted, particularly the negligee line. heheheheheh”

    Piece….that ugly woman had to walk back that talk…it’s again the law fpr a first lady to talk about getting rich from being in the white house and being photo oped daily, the greedy cow was lucky they did not lock her up, but it’s not too late though.

    Oh for the days when the white house had people wuth ckass…like the Obamas, given this current trend, it will never have people with class again, it’s now occupied by ragtag riffraffs.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Anyway, what the government triedcto hide from the people for 9 years, has been exposed around the world….ya can hide and buy land……….lol


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Another perspective, but this is what clearly happens when government does not operate with transparency. ….why was Worrel Governor of Central Bank as well as Chairman of the Board, it was bound to go cockup….ah bet the next Governor they hire will also have both role….to end in disaster

    “UWI lecturer sees important lesson from Central Bank impasse
    dded by Marlon Madden on February 24, 2017.
    Saved under Business, Local News
    A senior academic today warned that there was an important lesson to be learned from the bitter fallout between outgoing Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados Dr DeLisle Worrell and Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler.

    Comparing it to situation which existed at insurance giant CLICO before its “embarrassing” 2009 financial meltdown, Dr Philmore Alleyne said: “You have a [similar] situation where the CEO, which is the Governor of the institution, is also the chairman of the board”.

    However, Alleyne, who is a senior lecturer in accounting at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus (UWI), warned that this was totally unacceptable and could not be allowed to continue.

    “Who is he [Governor] accountable to?” an unapologetic Alleyne asked.

    He also suggested that though the policy was a deliberate one, it only worked well when the Minister of Finance and the Governor were singing from the same economic page.

    However, “when there is some inconsistency or disagreement, then it backfires”, he said.”


  • David

    Your comment at 11:25 is the point we were trying to make.

    That this crisis might also involve the international agencies makes the continuing damage to the country even more severe, in spite of a quick court decision


  • @ Pachamama

    I dont know Pachamama but unless we adopt the “power speaks out of the mouth of a gun..” mindset which I, ironically, do not advocate our options under the Barbados Constitution seem limited to social dissent on the airways, in cyberspace, in townhall meetings and by nuff marches.

    The Governor of the Central Bank has done his bit, albeit in spite of himself.

    Some of you may remember when the grandson composed this?

    Nothing has really changed from that time

    Worrell face will change as the third person on the careening vehicle that is our Economy but what can be done in the current situation?

    I however thing that we have a chance to make a stand as Bush Tea and others here are promoting to create a home grown solution, to coin the words of Cris Decimals Stinkliar Bond, and make a difference this time

    You are a sentience that understands that Rome was not built in one day and all that we can do is take the next step in our journey of 1000 miles…


  • @ David

    “David February 24, 2017 at 10:52 AM #
    We know why Worrell was fired.

    We now know why Worrell went to Court. To make some noise.

    Was he successful?”

    All the comments made in this thread are insightful and quite balanced. However, Worrell’s departure cuts deep into our socio-political psyche. The important question should be: How do we escape intellectual and political skullduggery? Can small countries such as ours afford such confrontations within the body politic? How would the treatment of Worrell undermine the desire of academics of Worrell’s stature efforts or desire to contribute to the national good? Are we aware that every GOCB has been gotten rid of, not for incompetence, but for political reasons? Should we have legislation that makes the CB independent of the lumpen collective political directorate?
    On the other hand as the citizens become more aware of the nefarious approach to governance of by the BLPDLP, would they, the citizens, become more militant in their demands for proper governance and accountability?


  • Piece

    We agree that all sides should use peaceful means only in seeking societal transformation.

    We think of violence in the broadest terms. Including economic violence inflicted by successive governments.

    And that the constitution of Barbados could include a ‘responsibility’ not unlike the 2nd amendment of the constitution of the USA.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    William….that’s the nitty gritty right there, the long and short of everything….

    How does any government in Barbados ever expect to continue governing without transparency, trying to destroy all freedom of speech and having no freedom of information acts……in 2017……AND NOT FAIL…

    the politicians and government ministers need to understand that they are no longer being elected by slaves, uneducated children…or idiots, they need to show respect to the people electing them and the people need to get on up off their asses and make such demands, for the world to see and respect.


  • @Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    “the politicians and government ministers need to understand that they are no longer being elected by slaves, uneducated children…or idiots, they need to show respect to the people electing them and the people need to get on up off their asses and make such demands, for the world to see and respect.”

    You are absolutely correct , just imagine this:

    A Prime Minister (Stuart) does not even pretend to communicate with the public;

    A Leader of the Opposition (Mottley) after fourteen year as a Deputy P M , cannot answer a simple question from a citizen on a call in program-
    Caller: Ms Mottley what are your plans to better manage the country ? Ms. Mottley: Well, my dear , I need not go into that now……..”

    So what do we really have: A PM, who does not talk and a Leader of the Oppostion: Who won’t say.

    Allah Bless Bim !

    Liked by 1 person

  • … I wrote both these posts early this morn so some repetition of others I can see….

    And @WW&C, absolutely no need for your “motherly” gentleness today. You are in your screed stance and all targets look and feel the same when you aim that gun. Oft times you are bang on target and frequently you kill a few innocents! Nothing maternal about that.

    This entire episode achieved the exact result one assumes Worrell wanted: significant local and regional publicity.

    My post was never about whether “Worrell had not a snowballs chance in hell of winning that case”. As noted the Dean gave as succinct and clear an analysis of what transpired at the courts as one could ask for.

    I am bemused and confounded that sensible people continue to develop an absolutely false palaver about the speed and efficiency of cases before the courts, when this was a response to an ‘injunction’; a matter that by its nature is generally always handled speedily.

    I see little grounds for your assertion that he is“… forcing government to settle for breach of contract by going to CCJ” as there is no reason to imagine that the contract settlement will change markedly from what would have been expected before the public brouhaha.

    Anyhow, carry on smartly. A difference of opinion is exactly what gets us to the courts and makes the law such an attractive profession and blogging too.

    Liked by 1 person

  • @Piece February 24, 2017 at 9:26 AM …We all are as peachy as can be…I think!

    As you often say this is not about talk for talking sake but words based in the facts of daily life-force. So let’s get to brass-tacks and put aside the brass-bowlery for a minute.

    I am “confounded” that bloggers conflate (1) these ‘matters of state’ with regular matters and (2) the purpose of an injunction.

    Everyone is terribly upset by what you describe as inequality of Laws for the Medes and that of the Persians because it seems that Lady Justice is too ‘Blind’ to the inequalities lacks all ‘Balance’ and eschews ‘Brevity’ of a timely sword strike. I get that.

    But, oh colleague mine, Lady Justice ALWAYS sees well enough when an ‘injunction’ is requested. The entire concept of a ‘stay’ DEMANDS immediacy. The Dean carefully explained this on Sunday.

    If my other colleagues as intelligent as they are want to conflate two COMPLETELY different things to make a rousingly popular blog post then more power to them… doesn’t make it right, however.


  • The best way to learn is not just commitment and dedication, although they are both good qualities, but the exchange of ideas and views. It is that free market of ideas that improve our overall knowledge.
    Self-education can often mean just wallowing in our own ignorance, as we can tell from some postings in this forum. A classroom of people all eager to learn and all exchanging ideas is still the best forum for self-improvement.


  • Looka my Crosses fuh muh do nuh!

    My pally george going me de ole man expose heself fuh people to see me parts here pun BU.

    The point that you have made about the very nature of an injunction is very well make and I absolutely agree with you

    The point that Well Well and Consequences was making was that there is a speed associated with po’ peeple matters and other peeples that the court does not observe

    De ole man point was there are those other matters which while being injunctions are not accorded the normal benefits afforded injunctions, nor leave of the court nor any of the other things to which you spoke.

    YOu only going mek de ole man expose meself again as i dun do two times and we dun know dat three times and you are out heheheheheheheheh.

    No De Ingrunt Word tek de ole man at he word when I mek me point bout Medes and Persians even in that segment that you would normally believe is inviolable


  • The ECCA is an example of how a Central Bank should operate. Free from the interference of Ministers of Finance.I seem to recall the IMF expressed concern at the said interference by the MoF in Barbados.
    Worrell might be bright but in the bajan parlance he ain’t shining otherwise he would have known which god he was serving and if your hand in the lion’s mouth you can’t play ‘powful foolish’ and just pull it out in one fell swoop.You have to withdraw it gingerly.Not to fret too much Maggie Thatcher did the same and paid the price as did David Cameron,Owen Arthur,Maria Agard,Clyde Mascoll,Denzil Douglas et al.Worrell,short in stature,tall and giddyheaded with power,some will say drunk with power,chasing way the Statisical Department’s lawful data chasing way the media and the human resource manager,dissing the deputy governor,offending long serving employees like Bernard,dissed by the board,disrespecting the Honourable Minister of Finance.Some will say he got his just desserts and there are those who would suggest the ultimate insult Worrell got in return for all his effort,was to be fired by email..imagine a harsun boy wid a big able doctorate get fire by a garsun boy who is better known for misplacing his decimal point and calling it heads when it was tails.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Pedant…the US case was the illiterate trump trying to make an end run right through the constitution. …visa holders, dual cutizens, green card holders and in some cases citizens were detained and stranded in pther countries, thousands of them, there are people still in process waiting to return to the US, one green card holder died.., that was an urgent EMERGENCY….to be proceesed through the district courts and appeals court immediately, in my estimation it took too long….it was also an ugly violation of the constitutional rights of everyone…, and trump rightfully git slapped down by the courts.

    Worrells’ s case was crap…, and he too got slapped down. There are many more important and seroius cases with people literally suffering physically for years, to be expedited in the supreme court than minister/ politicians and yardfowss having an ugly falling out.


  • @Gabriel

    Let us hope this high profile ase of Worrell vs Sinckler with give local meaning to the saying -it is the economy stupid. For the first time there is a sense ordinary Bajans have begun to be curious about things like printing money, deficit etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Pedant….maybe you dont know, but an injunction is not always required to expedite a matter in the court, the judges, lawyers etc can do just fine, by just doing their jobs….by leaving out the nasty politics and incestous relationships and following the law, instead of the classism and crap in place at the supreme court.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    William….Mia appears to be completely out of her element…that is what happens when ya been playing the same games for too long.

    Fruendel is just Fruendel, something would really have to be wrong with the electorate to think he is competent enough to lead anything.

    This is exactly what I expect from Worrell….a press statement, I would not look on him kindly if he dont tell the people what Sinckler et all been doing to screw up the economy, now is his chance to do what is necessary to be looked upon kindly.

    “He is expected to issue a press statement by weekend.”

    “You’re fired!
    Added by Barbados Today on February 24, 2017.
    Saved under Local News
    After receiving the all clear from the Court of Appeal yesterday, Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler has made good on his threats to fire Central Bank Governor Dr DeLisle Worrell.

    Worrell’s attorney Gregory Nicholls confirmed to Barbados TODAY this morning that his client had been given his walking papers, less than 24 hours after the Court of Appeal threw out Worrell’s injunction blocking his dismissal from the top post.

    However, Nicholls has warned that the matter is far from over since Worrell intends to challenge the minister’s right to dismiss him, all the way to the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice, which is this island’s final court of appeal, if necessary.

    The 72-year-old Worrell has been serving in the post for nearly eight years now, following his appointment to the post back in 2009.

    The Court of Appeal yesterday dismissed two appeals made by the Central Bank Governor Dr DeLisle Worrell to stay on at the Bank. Here, Worrell with his attorney-at-law Gregory Nicholls.
    At this hour the six-member Central Bank board is meeting to consider a suitable replacement for Worrell, with Central Bank sources indicating that an appointment is likely to made later today.

    The developments come amid serious concerns about this island’s economic stability.

    In recent months, the outgoing Governor and the Minister of Finance have been at odds over the printing of money and the need for more fiscal restructuring.

    Internally, the embattled Worrell was also faced challenges of excessive spending and in relation to his general administration of the bank.

    He is expected to issue a press statement by weekend.”


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Is it the same Michael Carrington…thiefer of the house…deputy director, or someone with the same name.

    “THE MINISTRY OF Finance and Economic Affairs today advised that Dr DeLisle Worrell has been relieved of his duties as Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados.

    BLP responds to Central Bank review…
    This is consequent upon the determination of his instrument of appointment by Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Christopher Sinckler.

    The Ministry also advised that the board of directors, at a specially convened meeting in accordance with the by-laws of the Central Bank, and held today, Friday, February 24, agreed that Deputy Governor Cleviston Haynes, be appointed to act as Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados consequent upon the cessation of the tenure of Dr Worrell.

    The board of governors also agreed that the current financial controller of the Central Bank, Michael Carrington, be appointed to the post of Acting Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados.”


  • WW&C
    That is not the same Carrington thankfully.Given the notoriety of the other It would be the equivalent of putting the fox in the henhouse..😀😀


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Poor dude, that’s why I asked, how unfortunate to be carrying the same name as that disgrace.


  • @Gabriel February 24, 2017 at 3:53 PM “the ultimate insult Worrell got in return for all his effort,was to be fired by email..imagine a harsun boy wid a big able doctorate get fire by a garsun boy”

    Some would say “da fah lick ‘e”


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