The Moral Equivalence of Treason

Submitted by Pachamama

For some time, there has a been a protracted ‘disagreement’ between the Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados (CBoB), Delisle Worrell and the Minister of Finance, Christopher Sinckler. It represents a deepening political-economy crisis.

In trying to flesh out this phenomenon, we will sometimes directly address the prime minister, himself, as we urge urgent action.

Worrell and Sinckler have been the two main principals in the management of the Barbados economy, for the last 7 to 8 years. During this time, we have had many failures. Failures that both, men and institutions, might arguably to adjudged as equally responsible.

Rumours, gossip, some reporting and fake news on this matter, currently ‘sub judice’, have served to further weaken the political culture. That culture, with all its in-built frailties, has already delivered us circumstances where the distribution of forces in Parliament are nearly even, notwithstanding minor leakages on one side.

Since the last general election, there has been a close-quarter tug-o-war between the main belligerents that was engendered by a ‘misinterpretation’ of the results. The DLP incumbent government believed that a nearly-tied election was a win instead of representative of a public demand for a national unity government.

At the same time, there was no evidence that the opposition BLP, under a MAM, would have been interested in that kind of political formation. Therein lies another weakness of the system. There must be ‘a winner takes all’ mentality. Not only for the elites of both parties but the rank and file on either side, the yard fowls. In Westminster, we have had many coalition governments but Barbados, being more British that the British, this can never be. Talk of such is sacrilege.

The prime minister is therefore hemmed-in. Largely by the political culture but also by his socialization as a man who has long exhibited a lack of courage. What kind of a prime minister, within the Westminster system, can show that he has neither bark nor bite?

So what we have is a badly failing economy, a weak government, an international political-economic order in ‘transition’ and a prime minister whose cowardice is getting the better of him.

We are surprised that in these circumstances Stuart would want to travel, ignoring what is a deep crisis at home. Leaving it to fix itself. For in these difficult times the country needs its two principal economic managers working together to prevent the beginning of a never-ending cycle of devaluations, or worse.

It needs a strong prime minister even more. Strong for the country’s sake! And if these two economic ‘experts’ cannot bury their hatchets, the interests of Barbados must immediately be shown to be paramount, above personality cultism, regardless to whom they maybe.

In addition, Stuart displays a false temerity, mere word play, to suggest, from New York, that he will not interfere in a matter, in terms of Barbados, this is akin to issues of war and peace. Can there be any other crisis facing a prime minister of Barbados, within these dire contexts, more severe in peace time? Facing a near economic collapse with political disorder to high heaven.

Does this prime minister not know that his failure to address this matter has implications for Barbados’ image in the international financial markets? Why would Stuart, by his refusal to act, outsource the prerogative of the office of the prime minister to the judges in Coleridge Street, given the notorious delays which can be expected? And are these damages to Barbados not incalculable? Where is the economy in that or the economic brains driving this national fiasco?

We have argued elsewhere that there needs to be an intervention, preferably by the prime minister. But in these unusual circumstances, the Governor General may consider it in the Queen’s interests to suggest a speedy resolution, since the prime lacks the will, courage.

Prime Minister, the announced demonstration/s by the BLP will only serve to deepen the crisis, increase the harm to our country, increase the level of instability, but it in your power to take such actions to at least partially repair the damage caused.

That resolution could include the firing of the minister of finance. The sending of the governor of the Central Banks on pre-retirement leave or its equivalent. The removal of the litigious matter seeking the attentions of the Courts. And the adequate compensation of warring parties for prompt compliance.

Prime minister, we are not unaware of the complex relationships with the governor and the minister of finance. We are not unaware of the role of Sinckler for future party leadership, even if your party loses the next election. We know that you are seeking to avoid a defeat, come next election. And that the perception of a rising economy is central thereto. However prime minister, hard decisions can no longer be avoided.

Look at the bright side, these are the times which try men souls, a writer said. For they present you with an opportunity to avoid your fate. They present you, circumstances to defy the odds, escape history and become the greatest prime minister the country would have known.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to shoot a ‘general’, or two, in a public place to restore order amongst the ranks. Prime minister that time has come. Should you continue to choose to fail in your solemn duty you will go down as the worst prime minister this country has had. At the same time, the price of your failure is the moral equivalent of treason.


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    Self-education can often mean just wallowing in our own ignorance, as we can tell from some postings in this forum. A classroom of people all eager to learn and all exchanging ideas is still the best forum for self-improvement.


  • Looka my Crosses fuh muh do nuh!

    My pally george going me de ole man expose heself fuh people to see me parts here pun BU.

    The point that you have made about the very nature of an injunction is very well make and I absolutely agree with you

    The point that Well Well and Consequences was making was that there is a speed associated with po’ peeple matters and other peeples that the court does not observe

    De ole man point was there are those other matters which while being injunctions are not accorded the normal benefits afforded injunctions, nor leave of the court nor any of the other things to which you spoke.

    YOu only going mek de ole man expose meself again as i dun do two times and we dun know dat three times and you are out heheheheheheheheh.

    No De Ingrunt Word tek de ole man at he word when I mek me point bout Medes and Persians even in that segment that you would normally believe is inviolable


  • The ECCA is an example of how a Central Bank should operate. Free from the interference of Ministers of Finance.I seem to recall the IMF expressed concern at the said interference by the MoF in Barbados.
    Worrell might be bright but in the bajan parlance he ain’t shining otherwise he would have known which god he was serving and if your hand in the lion’s mouth you can’t play ‘powful foolish’ and just pull it out in one fell swoop.You have to withdraw it gingerly.Not to fret too much Maggie Thatcher did the same and paid the price as did David Cameron,Owen Arthur,Maria Agard,Clyde Mascoll,Denzil Douglas et al.Worrell,short in stature,tall and giddyheaded with power,some will say drunk with power,chasing way the Statisical Department’s lawful data chasing way the media and the human resource manager,dissing the deputy governor,offending long serving employees like Bernard,dissed by the board,disrespecting the Honourable Minister of Finance.Some will say he got his just desserts and there are those who would suggest the ultimate insult Worrell got in return for all his effort,was to be fired by email..imagine a harsun boy wid a big able doctorate get fire by a garsun boy who is better known for misplacing his decimal point and calling it heads when it was tails.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Pedant…the US case was the illiterate trump trying to make an end run right through the constitution. …visa holders, dual cutizens, green card holders and in some cases citizens were detained and stranded in pther countries, thousands of them, there are people still in process waiting to return to the US, one green card holder died.., that was an urgent EMERGENCY….to be proceesed through the district courts and appeals court immediately, in my estimation it took too long….it was also an ugly violation of the constitutional rights of everyone…, and trump rightfully git slapped down by the courts.

    Worrells’ s case was crap…, and he too got slapped down. There are many more important and seroius cases with people literally suffering physically for years, to be expedited in the supreme court than minister/ politicians and yardfowss having an ugly falling out.


  • @Gabriel

    Let us hope this high profile ase of Worrell vs Sinckler with give local meaning to the saying -it is the economy stupid. For the first time there is a sense ordinary Bajans have begun to be curious about things like printing money, deficit etc.

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  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Pedant….maybe you dont know, but an injunction is not always required to expedite a matter in the court, the judges, lawyers etc can do just fine, by just doing their jobs….by leaving out the nasty politics and incestous relationships and following the law, instead of the classism and crap in place at the supreme court.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    William….Mia appears to be completely out of her element…that is what happens when ya been playing the same games for too long.

    Fruendel is just Fruendel, something would really have to be wrong with the electorate to think he is competent enough to lead anything.

    This is exactly what I expect from Worrell….a press statement, I would not look on him kindly if he dont tell the people what Sinckler et all been doing to screw up the economy, now is his chance to do what is necessary to be looked upon kindly.

    “He is expected to issue a press statement by weekend.”

    “You’re fired!
    Added by Barbados Today on February 24, 2017.
    Saved under Local News
    After receiving the all clear from the Court of Appeal yesterday, Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler has made good on his threats to fire Central Bank Governor Dr DeLisle Worrell.

    Worrell’s attorney Gregory Nicholls confirmed to Barbados TODAY this morning that his client had been given his walking papers, less than 24 hours after the Court of Appeal threw out Worrell’s injunction blocking his dismissal from the top post.

    However, Nicholls has warned that the matter is far from over since Worrell intends to challenge the minister’s right to dismiss him, all the way to the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice, which is this island’s final court of appeal, if necessary.

    The 72-year-old Worrell has been serving in the post for nearly eight years now, following his appointment to the post back in 2009.

    The Court of Appeal yesterday dismissed two appeals made by the Central Bank Governor Dr DeLisle Worrell to stay on at the Bank. Here, Worrell with his attorney-at-law Gregory Nicholls.
    At this hour the six-member Central Bank board is meeting to consider a suitable replacement for Worrell, with Central Bank sources indicating that an appointment is likely to made later today.

    The developments come amid serious concerns about this island’s economic stability.

    In recent months, the outgoing Governor and the Minister of Finance have been at odds over the printing of money and the need for more fiscal restructuring.

    Internally, the embattled Worrell was also faced challenges of excessive spending and in relation to his general administration of the bank.

    He is expected to issue a press statement by weekend.”


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Is it the same Michael Carrington…thiefer of the house…deputy director, or someone with the same name.

    “THE MINISTRY OF Finance and Economic Affairs today advised that Dr DeLisle Worrell has been relieved of his duties as Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados.

    BLP responds to Central Bank review…
    This is consequent upon the determination of his instrument of appointment by Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Christopher Sinckler.

    The Ministry also advised that the board of directors, at a specially convened meeting in accordance with the by-laws of the Central Bank, and held today, Friday, February 24, agreed that Deputy Governor Cleviston Haynes, be appointed to act as Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados consequent upon the cessation of the tenure of Dr Worrell.

    The board of governors also agreed that the current financial controller of the Central Bank, Michael Carrington, be appointed to the post of Acting Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados.”


  • WW&C
    That is not the same Carrington thankfully.Given the notoriety of the other It would be the equivalent of putting the fox in the henhouse..😀😀


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Poor dude, that’s why I asked, how unfortunate to be carrying the same name as that disgrace.


  • @Gabriel February 24, 2017 at 3:53 PM “the ultimate insult Worrell got in return for all his effort,was to be fired by email..imagine a harsun boy wid a big able doctorate get fire by a garsun boy”

    Some would say “da fah lick ‘e”


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