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Submitted by George C. Brathwaite (PhD) is a member of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP)

I pledge allegiance to my country Barbados and to my flag,
To uphold and defend their honour,
And by my living to do credit
to my nation wherever I go.

Barbadians everywhere are disturbed about the social and economic challenges confronting this nation. Sadly, there are too many pressing issues that are being sidestepped or downplayed by the current administration. Doing so serves no good for a population that is daily feeling the anguish of turbulent economic performances which have been formulated and followed by the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) in government. The many downgrades, the numerous pronouncements that are laced with promises of better days ahead have become intolerable and no longer fanciful to the ears.

Furthermore, the callousness and arrogance of the Freundel Stuart Cabinet inspires little or no confidence, with hope of relief extended only by the constitutional arrangements of a law-abiding society. The people wait – but with pain for Prime Minister Stuart to exercise his legitimate right. The DLP parliamentarians and some of its waning supporters are preoccupied on those things which may be considered political expedient in an election year. Together, they have failed to bring Barbados from the brink of disaster. These are truly troubling times under an abhorrent DLP Government; the people are fed up!

Generally alarming, is the fact that partisan politics is inhibiting the political class from doing the right things. Democratic traditions are in contradiction with the need for good governance thereby, pushing many to assert that the country needs serious reforms including the right of political recall. Such calls have swelled over given that failure and crises have become embedded and characterise the executive arm of government. Barbados, by most objective measurements, appear to be a society and economy worst off today than a decade ago.

The DLP promised much in 2008 and realistically failed to deliver despite winning again in 2013. Not heeding sage advice, the DLP continued its policy options which have led Barbados into social and economic tailspin. Last week Moody’s with another downgrade indicated that: “Despite the government’s efforts to contain the fiscal deficit and alleviate pressures on foreign exchange reserves, the fiscal deficit remains large and credit risks have increased in Barbados. The debt burden has risen in recent years and will continue to do so for the next few. Domestic and external liquidity pressures on the sovereign have increased.” Moody’s concluded that “the likelihood of a credit event in the near-term as very high, given lack of fiscal adjustment and increasingly limited financing options.”

Despite the dismissive tones coming from the lips of PM Stuart, a high deficit persists coupled with the foreign reserves dropping to low and dangerous levels. Additionally, the local debt keeps climbing with a Bloomsberg Markets report insisting that: “The governor being fired would have rattled investors simply because it shows some kind of instability there at a policy-making level … [because] the governor had started to come out about how bad it really is” in Barbados. The same report added that “the 2-to-1 peg with the U.S. dollar is starting to show cracks, and an all-out balance of payments crisis is a possibility.” Surely, these statements were neither conceptualised or made by any of the political parties in Barbados. Yet, they repeat warnings that have come from economists, political scientists, and the business community in Barbados.

Hence, it is reprehensible that PM Stuart in wanting to dismiss critics and those calling a spade a spade, would insolently suggest that Barbadians are “being imbued with a sense of our own inferiority, or a sense of our own inadequacy.” Utter nonsense! Just imagine Barbados’ principal public servant contending that “rating agencies can only downgrade Barbados’ credit worthiness, its ability to borrow. They cannot downgrade Barbados itself.” Boy, was he ludicrous! Stuart simplistically added that “the most they can do is to say to us that if you want to go and borrow, because we’ve downgraded you, persons who might be inclined to lend you will make the money they want to lend you more expensive.” PM Stuart is surely disconnected from reality. The rating agencies influence the investors we seek out in a competitive global environment.

Contrary to Stuart, Barbados can look around and realise that we are not “on a much sounder footing” as compared with the economy that the DLP “inherited in January 2008.” The DLP Cabinet has lots to be ashamed about. Stuart, Sinckler, Inniss, Estwick, Lowe, Lashley, and the other so-called wild boys must be disgusted as thousands of Barbadians demonstrated on an overcast Saturday afternoon. Against calls to boycott the BLP-inspired ‘Step Up If Yuh Fed Up’, Barbadians took to the streets. A protest march and rally is one way of reclaiming people power against an administration that can no longer basks in the sunset of its remaining days in office.

Regardless of the outcome of the next general election in Barbados, it is absolute that new and inspiring national leadership is required. As such, Barbados requires a proactive Mottley and not a procrastinating Stuart or ill-prepared other. As a matter of honest reflection, it must be emphatically stated that the Leader of the Opposition, Mia Mottley, has consistently demonstrated the type of empathy, tenacity, accountability, and decisiveness that are necessary for leading a troubled nation.

Indeed, considering the battles and the tantrums thrown at her by past and present personalities existing within a male-dominated political culture, it is obvious that Mottley’s back is broad. On the streets across the nation, many accept that Mia Mottley has clenched the imagination and support of the people. Mottley continues to rub shoulders with thousands of ordinary people reeling from the many errors and shenanigans of the DLP. Mia Mottley has exposed several infelicities done or perpetuated by the ruling DLP including the CLICO affair, the stealth with Cahill, and in these last few days, the insidious petulance of Prime Minister Stuart.

With candid sobriety, Mia Mottley arguably has the intelligence, confidence, perseverance, and political capital that will ensure Barbados moves away from the bleak years it has been experiencing since 2008. Both her passion for national service and resoluteness in the face of hostility and trumped up charges, especially with the nefarious claims of fear-mongering by the reckless DLP spokespersons, illustrate that Mia Mottley is the best person to drive the vehicle of progress for the Barbados nation.

Alongside the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) and its operatives, credit must be given to the many who are rekindling interest in the directions that the country must go. Of course, there are some less inclined to support either of the two major political parties. Yet, it is possible that daring men and women who present themselves to the electorate may want to serve not out of personal grandeur, but instead of national necessity. It is essentially good for democracy that persons are ready to utilise their skills on top of using their constitutional rights to see the back of a DLP administration that has performed miserably for the past nine years.

At the same time, the perception or likelihood of victimisation by the DLP will keep a few potential candidates from coming to the forefront, even as the dawn of an election approaches. The ‘new’ parties and candidates inclusive of so-called ‘independents’ have been thus far ambiguous at best, and at worse, calculatedly low-keyed. The public wants to see and hear alternatives from all those on deck. Perhaps such will minimise the discourse suggesting that party deviants are advancing a stage for personal vendetta and/or attack. Barbados can no longer tolerate the burden of a failed government. The nation cannot accept the DLP’s distortion of the realities. Soon enough, the Barbadian people will decide for love of country.

(Dr George C. Brathwaite is a political consultant. Email:

124 thoughts on “The George Brathwaite Column – For Love of Country

  1. @ Hal AustinMarch 14, 2017 at 6:09 PM
    “You are contradicting yourself. On the one hand you are saying there is a regulatory void, then you are accusing Mr Parris of dishonesty. I am not a lawyer, but he should get good legal advice and sue the long johns off you. He should take action in either Canada or the UK (that is the advantage of the internet) and clean out the annuity you are sitting on.”

    Hal the first person Mr. P. should be suing is not your fellow BU blogger “Well, Well” but the CLICO JM who made those claims in his forensic report.

    So Hal, what would you rely on? The evidence contained in a forensic report prepared by a reputable third party investigator engaged to the tune of $15 million and rising or a Greenverb untouchable whose $3.3 million in laundered income still remains ‘untaxed’ and outstanding?

    Hal, as a so-called UK trained journalist you ought to know you must have your facts all line in like your ducks in a row before shooting off your big off-target mouth.

    Shouldn’t you be advising L P, a man of your ilk, to go after the $15 million dollar man instead of a ‘retired’ blogger hiding behind a mask and sitting on a nest of an addled egg of annuity that even a yard-fowl like Alvin Cummins would sneeze at.

  2. Miller,

    I usually allow for the age of the activists in the forum and the onset of dementia, but I have never accused Mr Parris of dishonesty. I do not know him.
    Apart from that I am old-fashioned to still believe in the rule of law: innocent until proven guilty.
    As far as I know, Mr Parris has never been officially accused of any criminal act; he has not been interviewed under caution; nor, has he been charged with any offence.
    I believe if the Guyana-born DPP, the police or the regulators had a prima facie case against him he would have been charged.
    Other than that, Clico, as far as I know, was a body corporate, a subsidiary or branch of a business headquartered in Trinidad. He was not operating as a bandit. He had lots of people above and below him.
    But, don’t let these niceties get in the way of the Bajan desire to lynch people because of envy.
    As to the judicial management report, accountants and judges do not know anything about running an insurance company.

    @ Peltdown,
    I never said there is no case to answer. I know logic is not a Bajan discipline. I said if there is a case against him then bring him before the courts. Until then he is an innocent man and should be treated as such. Take a deep breath and think about what I have said. Elderly people die; poverty is the biggest killer of black people, especially men. Who are we going to blame for black poverty?

  3. Who do you blame for theft when someone steals your money Hal.

    Ya cant have it both ways.

    You have been on here accusing the same DPP of all types of things, do you have proof.

    Barbados is a cover up society, but it’s downright evil to know ya have corporate thieves and pretending otherwise, have you ever worked in a corporation…,. in an insurance company or bank I have in the US…there is a chain of command, the buck stops at the CEO of any subsidiary. ., he or she makes or dont, the decisions to let loose any schemes and scams, so when any thefts or irregularities are investigated and reports complied…the CEO allways takes the fall.

    Bernie Madoff

    The list is long…no decision is made or approved without the knowledge of the CEO, intelligent people know this….

    Because Parris is small island from St. John.., that does not give him a pass to rob vulnerable people, thefts of policyholders money happened under his watch, the EPA scam was released by him as CEO., chain of command.

    In a society with a functioning judiciary and less corrupt government ministers, Parris would have already served half his prison term.

    There is nithing in the world can change that reality.

  4. ……in an insurance company or bank I have in the US…there is a chain of command, the buck stops at the CEO of any subsidiary. ., he or she makes or dont, the decisions to let loose any schemes and scams, so when any thefts or irregularities are investigated and reports COMPILED….…the CEO always takes the fall.

    Why do I have to tell you this….ALL real journalists know this, the heavy weight journalists are the ones who instigate or promot these very investigations in bigger countries when they know they have no personal stake one way or the other.

  5. @ Hal AustinMarch 15, 2017 at 1:25 PM
    “I usually allow for the age of the activists in the forum and the onset of dementia, but I have never accused Mr Parris of dishonesty. I do not know him.
    Apart from that I am old-fashioned to still believe in the rule of law: innocent until proven guilty.”

    There is an old saying,probably of slavery/colonial vintage, with rather ‘racist’ overtones: “The pot calling the kettle black”. Now this saying ‘aptly’ applies to what you have just written.

    In case you don’t get the subtle message being conveyed here is a question to jolt your memory:

    Is there any substantively valid reason why you in your racist xenophobic fervour are always calling for the dismissal of the DPP to send him packing back to Guyana?
    What evidence journalistic or garnered through your “anonymice” sources do you have to make such a call?

    What has the man done either to you or to the functioning of the judicial system for you to make such a regular call to satisfy your jingoistic appetite?

    Is it because he is ‘foreigner’ like you are in an ex-slave owning mother country Old Bligthy?

    Why this constant harangue about his place of birth and in your ‘jingoistic’ ignorance not aware that a significant number of Guyanese especially with Anglo-Saxon names like “Leacock” are of Barbadian ancestry stretching back to ‘full’ colonial days?

    Now if you deny ever calling for the dismissal of this (in your estimable eyes) jumped-up tin-pot ‘foreigner’ don’t you think you ought to be sued for not only being morally dishonest but for practising intellectual hypocrisy of the worst kind?

  6. Hal aint going like that one, I knew it would run him…….Miller…lol

    He always complains of the 2 Barbados’…,..and Leacocks slimy actions, but ya cant have one law to deport DPP Leacock without Hal’s evidence and another law to give Parris a pass for theft and dishonesty when the court has already rendered a JUDGEMENT that the money he hid in his bank account BELONGS to ‘CLICO policyholders….if anyone takes money not belonging to them and put in their own bank accounts…that is THEFT…punishable by a prison term.

    …that is what Hal is trying to dance around…, which makes him very suspect in trying to give Parris a right to steal from policyholders to which he is not entitled….just like those 2 jackasses Fruendel and Dumbville Inniss.

  7. Miller,
    I am sure you have never heard me call for the deportation of the DPP, although I accept inaccuracy is a symptom of elderly onset dementia.
    I have said that he is Guyana-born, a statement of fact, and have questioned some of his judgements: Berjkham, police officer Gittens, now out of bail and yet to face the courts; the owner of the pit bull that killed the woman in Haggatt Hall, etc.
    I have also questioned the decisions of one magistrate who I am convinced is suffering from psychological problems. Check out her decisions.

    @ Well well,

    I know that old men with a bitter, twisted mind sometimes find it difficult to sleep, even in unexciting Canada, but in my house we all do.
    As wonderful as BU is, there is a life apart from BU.

  8. Hal….now that ya have made a complete idiot of yaself through ya hypocrisy, not to mention that ya on BU commenting at 1 2 and 3 am just like me and everyone else, ya think ya can save face, please.

    …….most days I sleep for hours and most nights right through, ya want me to sleep to death, my life is leisurely, must I apologize for that…I did not steal it from anyone and bitterness has never been part of my vocabulary, there is no need, life is good.

    Let me in my demented state remind you that as recently as last week you were hoping the authorities in Barbados….the same DPP you want deported of course,, cause I cant understand how else ya expect a citizen of Barbados to be chased off the islad, has it occured to you that one or both his parents or grandparents may be bajan.just like my grands….ya want him to do something about the recently arrested UK scam artist David Ames who ran one of his scams in Barbados…ya want all these foreigners locked up for being corrupt, thieves and scam artists, but Parris who stole from his own people, must be given special treatment because he is a “poor boy from St. John” so it’s ok by you that black bajans steal from and victimize each other, they must be given special treatment for doing so, because they are “envied”… whom, ya cannot say…..that is disturbing to say the least…and do you digest the crap you type.

    Hal…ya have holes in ya head and a sick mentality….could that be onset dementia.

    No unbiased, grounded journalist acts like that..ya sure ya were a journalist.

  9. Well well,

    Plse take your tablets. Do you realise that there is a time difference between Europe and North America and the Caribbean?
    It is not your sleep I am concerned about, but your tangled mind. Why not form a posse and get Mr Parris, blame him for the failings in your life..

  10. @ Hal AustinMarch 16, 2017 at 8:02 AM
    “I am sure you have never heard me call for the deportation of the DPP, although I accept inaccuracy is a symptom of elderly onset dementia.
    I have said that he is Guyana-born, a statement of fact, and have questioned some of his judgements: Berjkham, police officer Gittens, now out of bail and yet to face the courts; the owner of the pit bull that killed the woman in Haggatt Hall, etc.”

    So why repeat ad nauseam an already widely-known “statement of fact”? Isn’t that a classic example of full blown dementia manifested in your constant xenophobic ranting?

    You ought to be the last person on BU to be referring to a person’s ancestry given the ‘fact’ you grew up stupid under the union jack both in Little England (where all people are ‘foreigners) and in Lord Nelson’s home country.

    Since you are not a Paki we are sure you have received in your ears during your sojourn in cold ‘Big’ England a few racial slurs about your backward West Indian origin and a wog who pretends to speak the “Queen’s” English.

    That’s one thing we can agree on since we have travelled similar paths in our separate lives with the missing plaques of St Giles unable to confirm direction.

    All the BU fighters for justice are doing is what you are calling for.

    The same way you want the DPP to be more eager and bring his objective competence to bear in the cases you have cited, so too should he take up the cudgel and swing it in the direction of Parris with the forensic report as ample evidence to take before the blindfolded lady holding a scale in one hand and a sword in the other just as depicted on top of the “Old Bailey” at EC4.

  11. Daylight Saving Timeresumed at 1200am Sunday….in North America.

    Hal…it’s a good thing you know nothing about my life, no matter how hard ya tried to find out.

    Parris is getting his comeuppance as we type, but it should never be forgotten how dishonest he is, so he can never get that opportunity to steal from vulnerable people again.

    My mind is fine, you are the one who is the enabler of thieves…as long as they are bajan thieves stealing from each other…then you want to point fingers at Peter Harris.., take a look at yaself, at least i am consistent in admonishing all of them for their crimes against bajans….you want to pick and choose who should be labeled corrupt, criminal and thief……as long as they are foreigners .and ya see nothing wrong with that…, ya may want to find medication for that sickness.

  12. Then you are the head one Hal…wondering what is wrong with the bajan society, why there is so much corruption in government, why the judiciary cannot function, why everything has turned to shit, why they are all unable to make the requisite corrections to stop the downward slide…’s because you, like them, carry the same destructive,stagnating mentality, it is obviously genetically encoded in your DNAs and impossible to walk back….while the corporate thieves take full advantage of that weakness in the bajan.

  13. Hall…ya will learn that this is not some stupid cawmere school boy or wherever ya mind was mentally warped competition to see who still has their marbles, my mind is frightenly clear,…lol.

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