Revival, Revolution and Renaissance

Submitted by Heather Cole


On Saturday March 11, 2017 we witnessed what may perhaps be the largest political demonstration in Barbados. A sea of 13,000 to 15,000 people had cast off being passive and was actually marching in the street. Marching were the blacks, the whites, the browns, Christians and Muslims in protest of the current Freundel Stuart Administration.

It was truly a sign of the times and a signal of revival or awakening of the people of Barbados. The ultimate success of this march can only be measured if there is a revolution and a period of renaissance occurs in Barbados.

The Cahill scam was perceived to be the catalyst of change, so too were the previous marches of the BLP, the building of the Hyatt hotel, the Villages of Coverley, Hard Rock Cement Plant, garbage collection and the water woes; none of them were. It took bringing our island to its knees in the form of 19 economic downgrades to get the people to finally react.

As much as one can give credence to the founding fathers of our island both pre independence and independence, they also did us a disservice. They did not leave us a blueprint to follow of their expectations for 40, 50 or 60 years down the road when they were long gone.

Perhaps they were of the thought that politicians would be of the same persuasion as they were and that general elections would be enough to govern the people but that was never the case. We have no idea what their vision was but we have moved from corn beef and biscuit politics to the exchange of equipment and money as acknowledged in the 2013 elections.

Our founding fathers provided us with a mandate to elect but none to reject or recall those we trust to govern. The missing blueprints have led to the dumbing down of the Barbadian electorate. One wonders if there was not an orchestrated plan to remove civics from being taught in Barbadian schools. The blueprints should have stated that for perpetuity our children be taught civics and the Political History of Barbados. These would give them a sense of clarity in the thought process and the ability to make decisions that will not only be in their best interest but also the best interest of future generations. That blueprint would have provided them with the foresight and vision to deter them from selling their votes and providing them with the ability to select a suitable candidate and party.

Alas the founding fathers only bequeathed to us a Constitution or body of laws that control the people and do not empower them. Some of those laws are no longer relevant but yet remain on the statute books. The laws were created by the political class to exert and maintain power over the masses.

But one can sense that a revival is on. The ruling Administration is up in arms as they try to discredit the protest.

Revolution by Resistance

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has done the island its second greatest disservice. In the light of such dismal economic downgrades, he has persisted to tell the people that nothing is wrong, that we should not seek external economic validation. That can only be true if Barbados did not have any loans to repay on the international markets. Indeed the island is in grave danger of default, devaluation and destabilization. He has also kept the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central bank in his employ and has to date refused to call a general election.

Now that the people have been forced to come to their senses, the year 2017 must be the year for revolutionary change in Barbados. There is no turning back now and this must be our crossing of the river Rubicon. The ultimate goal of this Revolution is a general election sooner than later.

Here are some actions that can be taken by the people:

1. The formation of grassroots groups to protest the Governments’ actions/inactions.

2. Calling Members of Parliament to ask them to resign.

3. Creating and signing a petition to ask the Prime Minister to resign.

4. Post card and email campaigns to the Prime Minister and Ministers asking them to resign.

5. Creating and disseminating visual symbols of protest: Caps, T-shirts and flyers.

6. Calling out the Prime Minister and Ministers on their disingenuous statements.

7. Within the grassroots movement, the people must have social, economic and political discussions to determine what they want and need from political parties.

8. Lobby all parties for changes to the Constitution so that it will include the implementation of the Integrity Legislation, empowerment of the people to review the performance of members of Parliament as well as request their recall and ability to invoke a referendum if the need arises to nullify the results of a general election.

The right to protest and lobby are enshrined in the Constitution of Barbados. Who will take up this cause?


It is in the worst of times that the ideas, vision and solutions for the best of times are conceptualized. After a successful revival and revolution, there must be a period of renaissance to prevent another politically illiterate generation from existing on the island of Barbados.

Each of us must become a building block for the next generation. This is a call for self-examination and there must be a sense of urgency given to fact that we have finite resources on only 166 square miles. Years of continued political abuse will prevent us from passing on anything to the next generation. The situation must not arise where we have sold off all the family jewels and only have people left on this island that do not even have the ability to think.

Civics and the political history must be taught to our children. How can we place on them this momentous task of preserving what they have no knowledge of? How can we change the direction of history that has dogged us since the failed uprising of 1816 that turned us into a passive people?

A very important change to our political structure must be made. We must move away from the political patronage of a few dominant families with names like Maloney, Bjerkhamn, Williams , Tempro et al.

There is room in Barbados for foundations and grassroots movement to grow from the people to provide information. There are groups on Facebook and persons who conduct robust conversations that can answer this call. We must become thinkers, have new and different thoughts, be channels for inductive reasoning and ultimately disseminate ideas. We must become a bridge to the future in order to prevent the present and the past from reoccurring.

Political exploitation is our enemy and has led to great economic lost. A period of political renaissance can only empower the people to finally take control of their destiny and create products of our young people that will leave us fulfilled knowing that the future of the island will be in good hands when we depart this realm. This mandate should be from the people and not left to a political party. We should not let 30 people solely decide what will happen to 270,000 people. However those 270,000 people must be equipped with the skills as employers to choose the 30 or so people that will govern with the highest ethical standards.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    People on BU are wondering why the foreign exchange reserves is where it is. Foreign exchange like other revenue available to the Govt. is used in the interest of Barbados. Govt. has had to use foreign exchange to help pay down the country’s debt. If you all paid more attention to what the Hon.Finance Minister says then you wont be inventing all the clap trap which is being spewed on this Blog.


  • The Ananuki:
    I am not a yard duck, I can never be. that “animal” is the sole pursue of you and your fellow ducks. I am a loyal yard fowl. In the old days yard ducks often ended up in the pots of those in whose yard they flew, especially is there was going to be an excursion; ( “march?.) Yard fowls nested in the trees, close to home. Yard ducks usually flew out of one yard into another.
    I hope you realize that your esteemed leader (former), is saying what I have been telling you all these years despite you attempts to panic the populace; there will be no devaluation. IT MAKES NO SENSE. GUESS YOU WILL HAVE TO TAKE ALL THOSE DOLLARS YOU HAVE SAVED AND BRING IT OUT OF THE MATTRESSES, AND SPEND Them.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    Remember this people:

    ”The long dark night of the BLP has come to an end. May Barbados never see the likes of it again. By the way, I want to encourage other Barbadians who were similarly targetted by the BLP because they were Dems or were otherwise affiliated, to tell their story. Barbadians must get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It must no longer be kept under the carpet. So Mia Mottley is calling for justice for BLP supporters. Why didn’t she call for justice for me, when I was editor of the Advocate and was being persecuted almost on a daily basis by the BLP?”



  • Stringer J. Bell

    This whole discussion is pointless and insane.

    To paraphrase a senior and brutally honest European politician of a few years ago, during the euro crisis … “Every politician in Barbados knows exactly what has to be done to save the country from disaster. What they don’t know is how to do it and then get elected or re-elected.”

    The most basic structural flaw in the Barbados economy is the mind-numbing proportion of the economically active population who spend their entire working lives sucking deep, deep, deep on the public tit. And that flaw is exacerbated by the inconvenient fact that a large percentage of that mind-numbing proportion are some of the least productive humans on the planet. Seventy-five sick days a year, and I need a week off work because my nephew’s cat just died and I’m in mourning.

    Printing money to pay idle halfwits with an inherent sense of entitlement is a sure recipe for disaster, and Barbados has been doing it for decades.

    Chickens … roost. Hey, we is an educate peeps punchin bove we weight, so fill in the gap.


  • Vincent,
    Do you people analyze what you are saying? You say that since the Pandora’s box is opened the politicians will have to listen tho their bosses, the populace. What do they have to listen to? The same populace are the ones calling for the government expenditure they complain about. fi example, and this is only a mall example. Have you ever looked at the Blue Pages in the Telephone directory? Do you realize that those are neatly all the telephones in the various government departments that have to be paid by Government? Do the calculation. this is so that the desire of people for efficient services have to be provided, and no one counts the cost of provision of these services. At the moment there ARE OVER 60 STATUTORY CORPORATIONS THAT HAVE TO BE SERVICED, TO PROVIDE THE SERVICES THE PEOPLE (THE BOSSES) DEMAND. I could go on, but the problem is that individuals in Barbados do not think about these costs. When students protest because Government (the politicians) say, this is a burden that is now getting greater than we can bear, and we need for you to shoulder some of the burden, they get cuss. When the Revenue Authority says; For years you (the Pharmacies) should have been charging VAT on non prescription drugs sold over the counter, so you have to start charging it, the people want to get on like this is a new imposition. They are not looking at the amount of revenue the government has not received which it should have. People do NOT think clearly, before they comment, and you should be in a position to say to them render to caesar that is caesar’s.


  • Stringer:
    You obviously do not know what you are talking about when you say:’Printing money to pay idle halfwits with an inherent sense of entitlement is a sure recipe for disaster, and Barbados has been doing it for decades…’
    Who are these “idle halfwits? The Civil Servants? The construction moguls? the labourers? the sanitation workers? the people working at NCC? the maids? These are the people who have to be paid for their labours, and the people who pay their taxes. All government does is collect money; from whatever source, and then redistributes it in wages and payments for goods and services. Every year government departments meet with the heads of departments and review their “estimated ” financial requirements for the upcoming financial year. Their deliberations determine what the expenditures will be in the next financial year. If you go to the Government Printery, you can buy a copy and see what the expenditure will be like and see where the money is to be spent, and how much has to be “printed”; which does not mean that the government has a printing press in the basement of the Centrao Bank. Check out what the term means and maybe; just maybe, you will understand.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Alvin…the ministers wanted the government, the salary, the perks, the titles and opportunities that come with running a governmenpat all cost,…with those they also get the responsibilities….be careful what you wish for.

    Taxpayers have to pay for their avaricious consumption, why dont the government halve imports, cut out the over consumption,.

    Increase exports and manufacturing….start earning and stop living off debt….start doing some work for a change instead of running around in those overheated monkey suits doing and saying nothing.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Some real good news for Carson…lol

    Was this guy not part of the government, grew fed up and left sometime last year. What he is saying is in direct contrast to what yardfowls are saying and he should know, maybe that is why Carson does not sound so convinced himself anymore…look at this…yall dont have to pretend anymore..yardfowls take a break.

    “It will take a miracle for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) to retain power in the next general election following Saturday’s March of…”


  • Work on Hyatt appears to have started or maybe dey jus debushin.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Read the tea leaves folks…

    Lawson, this dpes not apply to you ya can attempt crossing the border, ah know you wont mind ending up in Pike County jail, ya can say ya went to the Poconos in Pennsylvania and saw only deer, the Poconos is nice in the spring……lol

    “The Trump slump? Tourists say they’re scared to visit the United States
    New York
    Well-publicized incidents of visitors being detained and interrogated at U.S. airports are scaring off people without the slightest connection to the countries targeted in President Trump’s travel bans. (Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times)
    Barbara Demick

    During spring break, Canadian families used to pile the kids into a tour bus and head to New York to see the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center and other attractions. It was the start of the busy season for Comfort Tour, a Toronto-based firm that usually brought between 200 and 300 tourists to New York in March.

    This year, 11 people have signed up for the tours.

    “Even white, Anglo-Saxon people, who are most of our customers, they are afraid of crossing the border,” lamented Al Qanun, manager and part-owner of the travel agency. “They don’t want to end up in some prison.”


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Lol….Alvin the lost cause.

    I am in total agreement with this article, ya just cannot honor monsters, dont care who they were, 12 monsters out of 44 were more than enough let loose on the earth in that time period, the 45th is opening the world’s eyes to the previous 12 monsters in the white house….may they stop honoring monsters.


  • WW dont be stupid I havent gone to the poconos since they got rid of the heart shaped vibrating beds. Canadian dollar is off 30% thats why things are down, and who wants to get shot in a stupid sanctuary city by an illegal. Screw ny I will go to a city that believes in the rule of law before ny. I hope they close the border maybe it will smarten your putz lover up.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    ALVIN March 15, 2017 at 1:44 PM #

    Well said, but it will fall on deaf ears on this blog.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    Well Well

    “Increase exports and manufacturing….start earning and stop living off debt….start doing some work for a change instead of running around in those overheated monkey suits doing and saying nothing.”

    You just hit the nail right on the head.

    “start earning and stop living off debt.” My thoughts exactly. This is not something you hear too often on BU. It is not encourage here. We borrowing too bloody much. We mortgaging our future that is why every ten or fifteen we find ourselves in this current situation and it is getting worse not better. We need to live within our means.

    that is why I dont care about downgrades. I wish we would get a few more. That will teach us not to hang our hats higher than we can reach them.

    Increase exports and manufacturing? A pipe dream!!!!! The inept Barbados Private sector dont know how. All they know is to run all over the World and buy containers of widgets import them into Barbados with scare foreign reserves and mark them up 1000% and for them every thing is honky dory.

    Who is in control of the Barbados economy? I dont really have to tell you but it is people like Eddy Abed.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    Well Well

    Here is some good reading for you and others like you.


  • @ WW&C

    You should hear Reudon Eversley’s recent critiques of the Democratic Labour Party and its members, especially those individuals that currently occupy the seats in Parliament.

    “Here is some good reading for you and others like you.”

    WW&C, Eversley’s comments are indicative that there are not any significant differences between the BLP & DLP.


  • Heee hee Eversley was part of the group and incrowd of those who slammed PM Stuart in the run up to the ladt election.Nothing new in his mutterings just a contagious persistent repeat of the past that he has rolled into the present
    But some one ought to remind him of his hypocrtical stance a good read of his postings on BU would revealed the devil that lives deep inside him.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Carson…I should not have to tell you that neither Eddy Abed or any of the minorities were elected by the people TO LEAD…… where are Fruendel’s and the other minister’s balls to put all these business people who think they own the island in their place, when will the elected leaders man up and woman up and stop displaying their inferiority complex and stockholm syndrome….and start protecting the people who elected them,…and stop giving the business minorities the impression that they are untouchable.. and in control, that is why people like myself have no respect for your leaders.

    It’s the same leaders to cut the imports, that’s why they were elected as leaders, dont they have to cut exports now and drive manufacturing etc, what do they do in their offices all day, do you think if Obama had sat on his tail waiting for others to do his job for him, the US would have such a strong footing after 8 years…..the island is tiny the leaders have no excuse….they are lazy.

    Art…’s long time I heard Eversley could not deal with the leaders, so i am not surprised that current yardfowls will bad mouth him…, until they too are thrown by the wayside….but theyare stuck in a cohobblapot…lol


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Lawson….they have closed the border to everyone except rich, white Canadians…and Pike County Jail has no vibrating water beds…lol

    But all ya talking, the US economy is going to take a mighty crash by year end.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    It’s the same leaders to cut the imports, that’s why they were elected as leaders, dont they have to cut IMPORTS now and drive manufacturing etc.


  • WW that is one thing I think you are right about I am taking out my money in mutual funds and putting it a accelerated savings acct till dec then hold my own mortgage when it comes due . will only earn 4% on money but it is safe.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Lawson……a safer, smaller portfolio is better at this time until things settle down, as soon as the fed starts cutting interest rates, they dont stop unless a recession looms. Americans always get caught with their pants down when the markets are bullish…lulled by high end stocks and a false sense of security.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Lawson…look what happens when ya cant read but ya working overtime to convince everyone that ya can…lol, hahaha, lol.


  • DLP re-election campaign plan = blame the minorities.

    This is a truly a hopeless and clueless bunch of jackrabbits.


  • @Stringer J. Bell

    Balanced opinion!


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