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Jeff Cumberbatch - Columnist, Barbados Advocate

Jeff Cumberbatch

We are undeniably living in interesting times. On Friday, we witnessed the inauguration of the forty-fifth president of the United States, Mr Donald Trump, who was able to overcome some missteps that would ordinarily prove fatal to others in most election campaigns and to win the requisite number of votes in the Electoral College, although not those of the majority of citizens. It is doubly ironic that this system was established by the Founding Fathers, principally to ensure a numerical balance between the Northern and Southern States by including certain individuals, identified by race, as less than entire persons, a factoid that would later come to resonate with the Trump campaign’s motif of exclusion.

According to Akhil Reed Amar, a noted Constitutional Law Scholar at Yale University: “At the Philadelphia convention, the visionary Pennsylvanian James Wilson proposed direct national election of the president. But the savvy Virginian James Madison responded that such a system would prove unacceptable to the South: “The right of suffrage was much more diffusive [i.e., extensive] in the Northern than the Southern States; and the latter could have no influence in the election on the score of Negroes.” In other words, in a direct election system, the North would outnumber the South, whose many slaves (more than half a million in all) of course could not vote. But the Electoral College—a prototype of which Madison proposed in this same speech—instead let each southern state count its slaves, albeit with a two-fifths discount, in computing its share of the overall count”.

Also on Tuesday of this week, the much-anticipated decision of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom Wales on Brexit is scheduled for delivery. There, their Lordships have to decide whether the decision of England to leave the European Union should be purely an executive decision by the Government of the day in accordance with established principles of treaty making and unmaking that accord that power exclusively to the Executive or whether, in agreement with the opinion of the lower court, the decision is primarily one to be made by Parliament, especially since any withdrawal might impact negatively on the applicability of European laws that have become part of the British legal system.

Of course, it is open to their Lordships to hold, without doing violence to accepted constitutional theory, that the decision to withdraw from a treaty still remains within the exclusive remit of the Executive and that the relevant laws are not thereby necessarily affected but remain alive subject to later Parliamentary adoption or repeal. The inescapable reality is that the people whom the members of Parliament notionally represent have already signaled their intention to leave Europe. How significant a role this will play in a decision that promises to be an intriguing mixture of realpolitik and constitutional theory remains to be seen.

Interest is not solely confined to the extra-jurisdictional. Here, at home, a story that is gaining significant printed press inches and talk show minutes is the decision of the governing administration to dispose of its interest in the Barbados National Terminal Company Limited [BNTCL] to the Sol Group. This has evoked cries of unfair competition or, rather, its likelihood from a competing bidder and retail competitor, Rubis Inc. The regulation of fair competition in the jurisdiction falls to the Fair Trading Commission, an institution that this writer currently has the honour to chair and is therefore precluded, in the interest of equity, from further public comment at this time.

Of equal interest locally, is the re-emergence, within recent days, of no fewer than two political groupings that have declared an interest in contesting the 2018 general elections. What has struck me as most eldritch about this development so far, is that the debate surrounding one group has been concentrated on the identities of its presumptive candidates, while, contrastingly, the other “third party” has chosen not to reveal its potential candidates at all, doubtless a risky strategy in a jurisdiction where general elections are pejoratively referred to as beauty contests in both the literal and metaphorical senses of that term.

It is to be noted too that no matter how many parties contest an election in Barbados any new grouping is referred to as a “third party”; a tacit and grudging acceptance of the predominance two party system that has witnessed the interchange of governance for at least the last sixty years between the Barbados Labour Party [BLP] and the Democratic Labour Party [DLP]. The time may be auspicious for a third party, given the cocktail of the success of the unorthodox Trump campaign, the surprising results of relatively recent referenda in a number of jurisdictions and the closeness of the electoral result in 2013 that might have indicate either a popular indecisiveness between the two principal parties or a populist disenchantment with both. Film at eleven!

Condolences to the family and close friends of Adrian “Boo” Husbands who entered secondary school a few years after me. “Boo”, as he was familiarly known, once expressed to me some years ago, an interest in studying law, though he also confessed at the time that he did not expect to live to a ripe old age. We were most recently in contact last year when he invited me to a reunion of some old boys that was being organized. I could not make it as I was scheduled to be abroad. I did not know then that that would have been the last time I would have enjoyed his dry wit and elfin sense of humour.

Rest in peace, “Boo”. You have marked well.


  • Yes indeed Jeff, interesting times. The following extract from your column BU tossed to the top of the heap. Many will be following the decision by the regulator on this issue.If approved will there be operational guidelines attached to ensure SOL’s transparency in its dealings with competitors (RUBIS)? How will price points be governed to the ordinary consumer etc.

    Interest is not solely confined to the extra-jurisdictional. Here, at home, a story that is gaining significant printed press inches and talk show minutes is the decision of the governing administration to dispose of its interest in the Barbados National Terminal Company Limited [BNTCL] to the Sol Group. This has evoked cries of unfair competition or, rather, its likelihood from a competing bidder and retail competitor, Rubis Inc. The regulation of fair competition in the jurisdiction falls to the Fair Trading Commission, an institution that this writer currently has the honour to chair and is therefore precluded, in the interest of equity, from further public comment at this time.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    A party that does say who it’s candidates are, should never be considered in the running for any electoral votes….last minute surprises will not cut it, as much as Bajans want to see the present lot gone, permanently removed from the political landscape and Grenville is barely hanging by his fingertips, a totally anonymous party will not stand a chance…at least the electorate knows the current idiots and Mia is now an only choice….

    ………which the bloggers would not mind dissecting..

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  • The party that governs this country will continue to alternate between DLP and BLP as long as the electoral laws continue to be observed in the breach, where the supposedly independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission continues to ignore clear breaches of the law.

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  • Good point, Caswell. It is almost conspiratorial the way both parties have seemingly connived at infringements of what are sensible electoral laws with sufficiently dissuasive punishments…up to losing the seat that a candidate has won!

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  • In his summary of interesting events, Jeff forgot to mention that British PM Theresa May is rushing to Washington with unseemly haste to get on her knees in front of Mr Trump (and it’s huge, Theresa). She will also spend time consulting with House and Senate Republicans as they prepare their legislative agenda.

    How is it Jeff and David heap so much abuse on The Donald and so little on Theresa?


  • @David, BU, I don’t know if this is from the Lord or not, suffice to say that some very unusual things happened in the recent US elections. Prophetic declarations re Trump becoming President were recorded many years before he even decided to run.

    I’m therefore submitting this “Prophetic Word” for President Trump, let us see if it begins to pan out as time goes on, *IF it is really from the LORD, no one can stop it it from unfolding as declared, time will tell for sure!

    “Prophetic Words for President Trump” and “Stand Tall America! You Will Lead the World Into a New Day!”
    Stephen Powell, Fort Mill, SC

    Prophetic word of the Lord for President Trump:

    I hear the Lord say, “I have chosen you Mr. Trump, and you will be a leader to many, not just of your people, but of the world. You will not just be seen Mr. Trump, but you will be heard, for I have released a sound in you, and that sound shall be heard around the world. It will ring true and loud, and be like a shock-wave in many countries where tyranny has reigned, and they will not be able to keep it out,” says the Lord.

    “For I will raise up this sound in others, even as I have raised it up in you. It’s the sound of the Trumpet of the Lord, a sound of victory, a sound of freedom, a sound of faith.

    “Hearts will rise to meet world problems based on the sound I’ve released,” says the Lord. “Fear will be replaced with faith, doubt with optimism, for tomorrow will be greater than the former days,” says the Lord. “My people will hear the sound and they will believe it.

    “I see this man’s anointing being sent out like an electrical shock wave which will awaken the heart of freedom in nations that have not beat with it in generations,” says the Lord. “The earth will see, and hear, and seek refuge in Me. This is the hour of My refuge,” says the Lord.

    “Stand Tall America, and Honor Israel”

    “America, America, I have called you in this hour,” says the Lord. “To stand tall, to stand free, to stand independent and sovereign, in the light of My glory. You will lead the world into a new day, My day, My vision, My heart,” says the Lord.

    “As you honor Israel, I will honor you. As you remember the poor once again I will remember you. As you feed the hungry, I will feed you. And nothing will stop you. You are an unstoppable nation, a moving force for good and greatness, in the sight of the nations,” says the Lord.

    “I have chosen Donald Trump to forerun a new model of national leader; yea, even a new form of world leader,” says the Lord. “This man will batter through demonic barriers, even on the world stage, which no man or woman in world history, has been able to have the breakthrough in before. But I have anointed him for this time, and his strength is not his own. I have assigned My angels to assist him in the breakthrough, to remove every stumbling block, to extract every demonic levy.

    “His sound will be heard and felt, and I will put My fear on entire nations who see, and fear, and do not understand My working in this man,” says the Lord. “For he will demonstrate something that I have chosen him for, a unique office, a unique position, a unique role. And many will follow after him, not just in America, but in the nations,” says the Lord.

    “Is My arm shortened, has My heart grown dim in the dark places of the world? Have I forgotten My people whom I love, whom I died for, whom I shed the innocent Blood for, even of My only begotten Son, to save them?” says the Lord.

    “Trump Will Bear My Heart—Fearless in the Face of the Demonic”

    “No, I have not forgotten you, I have not forsaken you. In this hour of awakening, you will know My heart, and you will know My strength, and you will know My plan,” says the Lord. “Every child I see, every child I hear, and this man, whom I have chosen, will bear the weight of the world on his shoulders, and in doing so he will bear My heart. I will move his heart while he’s in office, and he will continue to sacrifice much, for My people,” says the Lord.

    “He will continue to give much of his fortune, and much of his life, for this cause which I have yoked his heart to. And this cause, which he has not yet fully understood himself, shall continue to take hold of him and consume his heart. I will make him a compassionate leader, a loving leader, but a strong leader, fearless in the face of the demonic,” says the Lord.

    “Let the spirit of breakthrough flow through this man’s administration, as the breakthrough of Heaven’s armies continue to invade the earth, even Africa, even the Sudan, even the far east, parts of the world broken, uncontended, I will contend for your heart,” says the Lord.

    “I will release in the valleys of darkness, in the places of captivity, in the strongholds of religion and men. For it is time for the piercing light of My Word to go deeper and deeper. I will continue to go deeper into India, deeper into the Sudan, deeper into Saudi Arabia, deeper into Iran. I will break apart your foundations, and build new ones in the apostolic, new ones in love, new ones in Me,” says the Lord.

    “And My Kingdom will advance, My Kingdom will wage war, for the battle is Mine,” says the Lord! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

    Stephen Powell
    Lion of Light Ministries


  • @Zoe

    Good to see you about. And yes Trump’s elevation to the White House can be described as strange.


    Surely a man of your intellect is aware that it is customary for US closest friends to visit after the inauguration?


  • Very Surprise that Artax instead of explaining the meaning of a “write off and its negative and legal consequences to debtor would rather proceed to waddled in the slimy child play of the Hon, Bush shit


  • Your first comment on the blog this morning and it has to wallow in bombast a la Trump?


  • OOPS my above comment was posted incorrectly


  • The signs are already showing that Trump Presidency would be very short . Impeachment would swiftly and certainly be his undoing,

    Revealations 2


  • Also take note that On a day which was set aside to commemorate one of our founding fathers and a native of our soil the late great Errol Walton Barrow there was nothing of significance on the pages of BU to give any importance or relevance to Mr. Barrow
    However i note with much attention the many pages or articles given to the newly elected president of the USA Donald Trump
    There are those within this society who consistently question where our priorities lay and upon what foundations are they grounded. or has EWB once questioned what mirror image do we have of ourselves


  • Well Well & Consequences

    ACs….we much prefer hear you pontificate on the theft of taxpayer’s money by the ministers to give away to minorities and the neglect of taxpayer built houses and buildings by Kellman and Sinckler and Lashley..

    The ministers ignored their own laws and stole 30 million dollars of taxpayer’s money to give Maloney to build crap….how much of that money did Maloney spend building that cheap looking building, how many millions did he keep for himself, how much of it was divvied up among the ministers who refused to present themselves to PAC to account for the money.

    How many times over the last 9 years have the government ministers broken the laws, dipped their hands in taxpayer’s money and given it away to crooks

    Growing bush around any property is neglect, pure and simple, but when Dennis Kellman does it around taxpayer built houses according to him, it’s….

    “an attempt to manage the properties in a systematic, cost-effective manner”

    Have ya ever heard such crap, didn’t government want to charge people for having overgrown bush around their properties. …and when does Kellman plan to clean it up, next year when they are ready to give them away to the poor and homeless to buy votes.

    See more at:


  • @AC
    About EWB and the lack of articles about him on BU on the eve of the day that is named in his memory

    Last night I tuned in to CBC (Barbados) and caught part of an interview about Barrow and what he meant to the nation. The interviewee was Ian Archer who was a PS in a ministry some-time ago and something struck me as odd but I couldn’t immediately deduce what was bothering me. I mentioned to my son and wife who were also watching that I had met Mr. Barrow in my days as a callow youth and wondered away from the room. On my return, they informed me that the interview was from 1997.

    My point is if the CBC couldn’t put anything more current on TV about Barrow who is a “National Hero” and “Father of Independence” what do you expect from a humble blog?

    I apologise for interrupting the discussion generated by Jeff’s article but I couldn’t let “AC’s” comment go unchallenged.

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  • @ ac January 22, 2017 at 9:12 AM …Some things are seemingly obvious like your contention of the very possible Trump impeachment.

    Is it also not obvious that YOU or any other fan of EWB could have presented an interesting essay here. I can only presume the blogmaster would have published.

    Your remarks basically suggest that you can state the obvious possibilities but you are too indifferent to move them to action. Surely you have many Barrow thoughts and endless articles from which to write a rousing piece.

    So clean that mirror and can get a true image of yourself!


  • @Sargeant your respond is a poor excuse . You could have well said there is nothing about EWB worth talking about.
    Not buying your flimy excuse for BU not a simple blog as you would like others to belive case and point their interjection on issues which has given govt reason to rethink or pause


  • @pedantic .
    My mirror of EWB is very limited expect to that which i read in history books .
    As a child growing up my interest in the political landscape if memory serves was only hearing what my granmother an unapologetic Blp supporter at occasion would say. In my teenage to young adult years i had no interest in politics those years were pursued by interest of self empowerment out of the realm of politics
    So i ask your forgiveness if you belive that my knoweldge of EWB might have been formed by first hand knoweldge and in that respect i can offer a presentation on BU enough to suffice


  • Bushie is a Barrow fan…
    But is also tired of hearing the same shiite every damn year… and watching the same people say the same condescending things year after damn year…. TO WHAT END?
    Barrow did his role and he is dead and gone….

    Does anyone not worry that in the many YEARS since his death we are unable to develop other locals to- not only fill his shoes, but to advance the development of the brass bowl country?

    A LEGACY is not a dead repetition of stories about some ancient history … it is about a LIVING and ongoing development …build upon the foundation that was laid.

    The education foundation has been shattered by the FACT that Bajans are reduced to selling off the family silver to the highest bidders because we have not found enough talent to generate MORE family silver.

    The independence foundation is just talk, we now owe much more than we, or our children, can ever repay ….and continue to spend more than we earn…. thus returning to slave status…

    The Pride and industry shiite talk is just that … talk!! we depend on foreign johns to come and visit our brothels ….oops Hotels… and leave us some money after having a good time…

    …and the only ones seeming to do well are the same albino scamps who descended from the plantation owners that Barrow was looking to deliver us from…

    What we SHOULD be talking about is what went wrong …and how we ended up Shit Street after a relatively reasonable start…

    But yarifowl lackies and shiitehounds of the AC ilk are not capable of such critical analysis…


  • During the DNC convention Hillary said “A man you can bait with a tweet” can’t be trusted with nuclear weapons” . Donald who is concerned with size whether it is the size of his bank account or his hands was baited by a NY Times reporter who tweeted a photo of the crowd at Barack’s inauguration and the crowd at Donald’s. There was a stark difference in the size of the crowd (Barack’s was larger) and Donald became unhinged so he spent his time visiting CIA HQ complaining about the media. If that wasn’t enough he sent his Press Secretary out to scream at the assembled Press to once again complain about the numbers and the Press Rep said words to the effect “no one has the numbers” but later in the screech he said that the Inauguration was viewed by the largest number of Americans in history, so if no one has the numbers how did he know that it was viewed by the “largest” numbers of anything?

    The Administration like the campaign starts with a lie

    Interesting times indeed

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  • @Bush Tea January 22, 2017 at 10:35 AM ..That is a rather strange pronouncement…other than the last sentence:” But yardfowl lackies and shiitehounds of the AC ilk are not capable of such critical analysis…”

    @AC….I am moved to ‘tears’ maybe to read the BU mouth-piece of Mr Barrow’s party say so unbound of shame to say that ” i had no interest in politics those years were pursued by interest of self empowerment out of the realm of politics. So i ask your forgiveness if you believe that my knowledge of EWB might have been formed by first hand knowledge .”

    How can anyone ‘reach’ a level of self empowerment in Barbados, align oneself to the DLP, become a relentless scribe for same and NOT have stories to tell based on your readings and chats with Barrow acolytes.

    You frighten me!

    But as the Bushman said, you by YOUR OWN admission obviously lack critical analytical skills…despite your supposed ‘self empowerment’.

    And back to you Bushie…there are myriad ways to spin the legacy of great men.

    To this day ‘different’ stories (via ‘confederates’, those who model themselves on him and more) are spun of people like Abe Lincoln that somehow refreshes an appreciation or dislike for the man.

    The same can be for EWB and all the other heroes.


  • Zoe January 22, 2017 at 8:27 AM #

    Some reading matter for you……..

    Discovering Our World: Humanity’s Epic Journey from Myth to Knowledge
    Where did everything come from? Why are humans so biologically……


  • @Dee Word

    Bang on!


  • @ Dribbles
    And back to you Bushie…there are myriad ways to spin the legacy of great men
    Boss, any shiite can be spun… even crowd sizes at inaugurations

    But the legacy of ‘great men’ must be built upon the foundation of what made them ‘great’.
    A great poet can have a legacy of outstanding work that stands forever…
    A great scientist can have a great invention that marks his greatness….

    BUT …a great ‘nation-builder’ must have a great nation to verify his legacy – otherwise what the hell are we celebrating…?

    The ultimate ‘greatness’ is to have created a legacy of HUMAN GROWTH and development for future generations…. did Barrow create the GROUND RULES to ensure such growth?
    …or did he sow the seeds of dictatorship with his public order act …and deliberate side-lining of true talent like Richie for Sandi…?

    …so tell us about how you would successfully spin EWB’s ‘greatness’……. ???


  • EWB deplored heroes and hero worship,he made sure he was cremated,so no shrine/mausoleum would exist for him and the Bees shamed his memory by erecting that statue with the acceptance of the Dees.

    I agree with Bushie&dpD that for the cohort representing the govt on BU not to have inculcated in their knowledge base the thinking of EWB just proves the point that the party has long since distanced themelves from his values and see him only as a usefull propaganda tool.

    I wonder what/who will be their next propaganda tool,most likely fashioned on someone not taking responsibility.


  • Is it too much for the public to eyeball the agreement between government and SOL?


  • BTW. Have you seen the news clip on the American news channels last week , where three pitbulls were involved in the mauling of two kids, one fatally, the other seriously? The police had great difficulty trying to shoot down the offending loose dogs. And these are the same US crack- shot policemen, who are able to shoot down an African-American with deadly accuracy, running away for standing still. Good thing the black owner of the dogs did not come out of his home,he would have made a better target.


  • Jeff, I had a teacher, a good friend in Guyana… Herbert E Cumberbatch, Any relation?


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Jeff cumberbatch:
    “Interest is not solely confined to the extra-jurisdictional. Here, at home, a story that is gaining significant printed press inches and talk show minutes is the decision of the governing administration to dispose of its interest in the Barbados National Terminal Company Limited [BNTCL] to the Sol Group. This has evoked cries of unfair competition or, rather, its likelihood from a competing bidder and retail competitor, Rubis Inc. The regulation of fair competition in the jurisdiction falls to the Fair Trading Commission, an institution that this writer currently has the honour to chair and is therefore precluded, in the interest of equity, from further public comment at this time.”

    After that shot across your bow triggered by an exchange between David and yours truly it is very welcoming to get a reaction from you on this matter of paramount importance to the Bajan economy.

    We see from your initial response you do feel confident you have the support of legislation (Fair Competition Act Cap. 326C) to guide you in your deliberations while cogitating about your final decision.

    We shall be monitoring your progress in this ‘arbitration’ to see which side of the fence called Equity you will perch on.

    Just remember Jeff, it is the Bajan consumers and the lowly foreign exchange earners who, in the final analysis, would be footing the bill for this transaction, one way or the other.

    Those who succumb to short-term political pressures for a mess of forex pottage to feed a gargantuan habit of conspicuous consumption always find themselves holding at the end of the economic day the nasty end of the moral stick.

    “@ David January 11, 2017 at 3:02 PM
    Finished petroleum products are saleable consumer items and not a utility.
    Why should there be a monopoly of supplier? Why not a duopoly as Rubis has been arguing for?
    A very strong case has now been created for the finished petroleum products distribution and retailing business be taken from the ‘compromised’ arm of the government and put under the more ‘open’ ambit of the FTC.”


  • No, ndtewarie, I know him not.

    Miller, it used to be wittily said that “Equity was as long as the Chancellor’s foot”, meaning that it varied with the one who had to apply it. Fortunately. Law (The Fair Competition Act) now prevails!


  • @Bush Tea January 22, 2017 at 12:05 PM Quite correct that, “… any shiite can be spun… even crowd sizes at inaugurations.” Or as the lady called it, any shiite can have its ‘alternative facts’.

    But a man like Barrow does not need alternative factoids.

    You said: “…so tell us about how you would successfully spin EWB’s ‘greatness’……. ???” OK…

    It surely has been done before I imagine…but taking a page from Michael Jackson I would turn Barrow’s mirror speech to a rap rhythm. I would also marry it to Michael’s song in a creative soulful way to get what is an excellent motivational message into the heads of many who are not aware of the speech or the man.

    Education was his thing so let’s make this one of his legacy items a la your poet or scientist. Let’s focus on how that has built the nation. Again not new, but annually we can yet tease out educational highlights of Bajan success nationally and internationally all linked to the development of Bajan ethos…

    An ethos which you claim is being ‘brassbowled’ away. The current generations knows nothing of our legacy of exporting teachers (although we still send a few to US), police and so on. That was built on that educational backbone and is still a story to be retold.

    All great men suppress competitors at some time…that essentially is a hall-mark of their success, is it not? So I don’t see the Richie or Sandi stuff as complete negatives.

    Let’s delve into leadership styles…debate the contrast and comparison of their failure/successes in the face of Barrow’s powerful star (that is, in schools’ debating society and similar ex-curricula activities).

    I have on tap the tome ‘The Myth of The Strong Leader’ and it speaks to men like de Dipper, Richie et al. So let’s debate to the nth degree issues of leadership related to that public order act….

    But Barrow was so much more than that. He was a man’s man who flew planes, sailed the seas and yet was just as handy in the kitchen as well.

    So what of Barrow the ‘Beer Commercial’ type most accomplished man.

    Of course many of these angles have been covered before but there is room to modify, update and improve (technology is powerful) all that to make him or Sir Hugh, Sir Frank or Sarah Ann Gill come alive year after year. And not just at some mainstream lecture thingy!

    Yes indeed, a mere few options of spin, spin, spin…and in this case there are real facts to work with!


  • @AC
    My mirror of EWB is very limited expect to that which i read in history books .
    As a child growing up my interest in the political landscape if memory serves was only hearing what my granmother an unapologetic Blp supporter at occasion would say. In my teenage to young adult years i had no interest in politics those years were pursued by interest of self empowerment out of the realm of politics
    Could you prevail on Ronald DaC Jones to give/lend you a copy of “Quotes & Images of The Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow”? It was compiled and edited by Jones so there might be a few copies lying around. I have a copy in far flung Canada

    That would be a good start


  • Dribbler, whenever you finish your lotta verbiage, …the FACT remains that Barrow is touted as a nation builder, and 40 years on, we have no damn nation – just the remnants of a banana republic being handed back to the albino descendants of the plantocracy.

    Bushie liked the fact that Barrow had a lotta chat… – like the mirror image thing, and cussed a few (actually a lotta) people…. (you done know Bushie would like dat!!) 🙂
    He even achieved some fairly major milestones during his time …in putting some polish on Bajan brass bowls…

    BUT in terms of ACTUAL RESULTS achieved on the ground, 40 years later…. ?????
    REALLY great nation builders would have built into the constitution some of the safeguards for which we are now calling – things like transparency, integrity, meritocracy and accountability … but instead, he figured that he would live for ever…and sought to PERSONALLY direct the nation’s path…..

    Instead of building SYSTEMS, he built on personalities….minding Lee in Singapore – who lived to achieve his plan…

    BTW, Barrow also suppressed Bushie REAL top man …Wynter C – who was a bushman after Bushie’s own heart… and who would have made a massive difference in our collective future had he been allowed…


  • This is funny!

    The attempt to deliver a crash course on the EWB experience to a DLP yardfowl. How about an easier entry by viewing Freedom Fighter?



  • @David

    Looks like I will have to refrain from using sarcasm in my posts.


  • @Sargeant

    No, your jabs were clearly observed.


  • David

    Freedom fighter as Commisiong rightly opined is not a true reflection of EWB


    Like you leff out de bush today as I ‘greeing with your perspective on EWBs contribution as well as Crawfords.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Bush TeaJanuary 22, 2017 at 2:31 PM
    “BTW, Barrow also suppressed Bushie REAL top man …Wynter C – who was a bushman after Bushie’s own heart… and who would have made a massive difference in our collective future had he been allowed…”

    Man Bushie, you like you ‘heavier’ than I thought of you. I beg to take back all the ‘worthless’ things I said about you.

    Wynter was the real social engineer behind the project for the true emancipation of black Bajans. EWB was just the poster boy for the times. But WAC’s accolades are neither of this world nor for the ‘current’ times.

    It was Charles Duncan O’Neal and Wynter C who were the ‘true’ builders of a socially-advanced Bajan society.

    Men who seek power for selfish ends always try to suppress the light of truth that shines from those who are the brains and energy behind social change and for the genuine upliftment of the poor masses.

    The disobedience and protest against wrong always define the character and legacy of a good man while his good works are interred just like his bones in a forgotten grave. That epitomizes the contribution of the man we called Algernon.


  • Well at least my mindless torts were enough to generate comments about EWB. Thanks guys …more than one way to skin a cat.
    Still not accepting the mindless excuses presented on behalf of BU


  • Colonel Buggy @12.14p
    Speaking of the US police penchant for accurately taking aim and killing blacks with impunity over in the U.K. The police race relTions adviser himself was “mistakenly” tased by a police officer when he tried to assert his rights….wait black man doesn’t have any rights in the U.K. Nor the US nor Canada.Read the story of the encounter in the U.K.

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  • @Gabriel

    Fixed the link for you.


  • David


  • fortyacresandamule

    @Jeff. “Overcoming some misteps” that’s putting it very mildly. The fact that Trump is the POTUS is so unreal to me, that maybe
    it’s not a stretch to believe that unicom really exist.


  • On Day One, Trump swaggers into the Oval Office and (1) withdraws the United States from the TPP, (2) announces a hiring freeze for federal employees, and (3) announces that federal regulations will be cut by “75% or more”,

    Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Nieto have been summoned to Washington to revise the NAFTA Agreement, and both are shaking in their boots.

    That is how you use the power of the US presidency. Not like Obama, who tiptoed around every issue like a frightened girl.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ chad99999January 23, 2017 at 2:22 PM

    Come on Chad the PR gopher, don’t you think it’s a bit too early to blow your boss’s trumpet?
    Those early executive acts are just easy targets to shoot at; just as the deportation of Guyanese by the ruling DLP administration was to appease the xenophobic desires of idiotic Bajans.

    When he tackles China and North Korea and goes through with his promise to eradicate radical Islam from the face of the earth then we would join you in praising the chief called Trump the Caesar.

    The heart (mecca) of radical Islam lies in the land of Saud. Trump dares not go there to cut off the head of the terrorist snake.


  • Trump cannot eradicate a religious faction. But he can, and he will, make them pay.

    Waterboarding is back. And you know he will get together with Netanyahu for targeted assassinations, which Israeli murderers are very good at.

    The Saudi regime could be overthrown tomorrow if Trump was pissed at them. Apparently, he isn’t, and besides, they have plenty of friends in Washington.

    My point is that Obama is a conventional politician, who acted throughout his presidency with unnecessary caution. He coped with his own ignorance of world affairs by reading his briefing books, and following the advice of his staff. Disappointing.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ chad99999January 23, 2017 at 3:18 PM
    “The Saudi regime could be overthrown tomorrow if Trump was pissed at them. Apparently, he isn’t, and besides, they have plenty of friends in Washington.”

    At least you not that big an ass-licker as you pretend to be.

    As you know, there are some very rich men in the House of Saud.

    The world brotherhood of rich men (comprising mostly Jews) are the ‘pontificate’ masters of religious zealots.

    The role played by today’s terrorists to arms manufacturers and traders is that equivalent to the knights templar to medieval Christianity.

    The rich men of Saud provide the ‘balancing’ weight between Iran and Israel. Now who in their right minds would want to ‘trump’ that hand of the god of Abraham?


  • chad99999 January 23, 2017 at 3:18 PM #

    Chuckle…….you are a blood thirsty little bugger…….why was this desire to kill for any reason placed in a humanoids gene……we all have it, some take pleasure in it and others use it cautiously and wisely.

    Obama is far more knowledgeable on the geo politics than most of his advisers far less trumpy and whatever adviser he has and note he did a fair measure of killing with his drones… must learn to pick your fight and know who,when,how to kill your target,lessons that even the mossad would not be able to get your poster boy to understand.


  • It has always been clear that parliament was the right mechanism for this great constitutional change. Neither the Royal Prerogative nor Executive Powers could bypass parliament.
    The Supreme Court has rued by eight to three that parliament must be consulted.
    I told you so.


  • Victory for parliamentary democracy. Referenda are unBritish.


  • @Austin, reading your divine summary at 5:39 &5:40 provides a excellent perspective why populism a la Cromwell or Castro or Trump rises to supremacy from time to time to squash the establishment.

    This entire thing has been a foregone conclusion since the British populous voted. All this constitutional rigmarole had to be played.

    Some time in the future it would be excellent to break down how the well established arc of British parliamentary democracy fueled by a ‘referendum’ at each election cycle can now be called unBritish.

    The entire debate is very technical and makes absolutely no basic commonsense when all the legal verbiage is stripped.

    The PEOPLE voted to tell their representatives WHAT they wanted them to do. That is plain and simple.

    The Supreme Court CANNOT change that, nor can the PM and nor can Parliament unless the action proposed was completely ultra vires British law and custom.

    The nuance on whether the PM and her executive can set the mandates or whether they need marching orders from Parliament does not change the direction of the supposedly new-fangled unBritish majority vote by their citizens.

    If some heads had been removed in Cromwell style I suspect that would have been definitely unBritish also.

    Much ado!


  • @ Dribbler
    The PEOPLE voted to tell their representatives WHAT they wanted them to do. That is plain and simple.
    Exactly ….So stop grumbling do!!

    This was an obvious ruling by the court.
    While the people voted to tell their representatives what to do, it is the damn representatives who have to DO IT…… or not….

    Where in a sane world is there room for operational decisions to be taken by universal referendum?
    Steupsss ….. the people voted for a policy.
    It is the PARLIAMENT that must operationalise the policy….as they see best.

    Much ado about nothing.
    Parliament may even vote to stay…. and suffer any consequences at the poll, …just as a manager may opt to ‘fire the wuk’ rather than compromise a personal principle (not in Barbados though)


  • Today’s findings by the Supreme Court that the Executive of Theresa May has no authority to trigger Article 50 was expected.

    That ruling points Government to Parliament and the legislative route.

    But that tactic presents difficulties which equate to the position ante.

    For whereas the House of Commons is likely to support such legislation, the elites in the House of Lords are also likely to side with their allies in Europe and defeat such legislation when proposed.

    One has to understand the nature of the globalists. That the European project took many years to construct and that its elites are not going to let commoners think that a mere vote could derail that project.

    All this British legalistic bullshiite was expected.

    We had suggested, immediately after the vote, that the will of the people would have been bureaucratically rejected.

    And here we are.

    Given these circumstances, is it not fit and proper for the people to now consider more practical means of dealing with what is tantamount to a tyrannical government in Britain.


  • Pacha

    You are wrong. The bill authorizing Brexit will pass quickly in the Commons. Only the Lib Dems will try to stop it and they are a spent force, without the numbers to be effective. It may be delayed with amendment votes in the House of Lords but it is inconceivable that the Lords would try to frustrate the will of the Commons for very long.

    The Big Repeal Bill scheduled for 2019 is another matter. Will likely be vetoed by the European Parliament or blocked by some EU member states, but that does not matter. Once Article 50 is triggered this year, EU laws and directives cease to have effect in the UK in 2019. Period. By then, the UK will have negotiated bilateral trade agreements with the US, Australia, Japan and India.

    No sweat.


  • Interesting times is right……

    Yet, she complained that Government’s priority was to give itself an increase back. Mottley also pointed to the latest Central Bank report issued today in which the Governor Dr Delisle Worrell warned of the need for Government to reduce wages and transfers.

    “Now how can we have that signal coming at 2pm [from the Governor] and at 4 p.m. the Government is looking to give itself an increase back?” Mottley asked.

    Opposition walks out of Parliament | Barbados Today
    Opposition walks out of Parliament
    The Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) this afternoon staged a walk out of Parliament after Government tabled a resolution to restore the ten per cent pay that its senior members lost back in 2014 at the height of austerity. In tabling…|By Barbados Today


  • Chad,
    Plse explain your position. Why will the parliament process be easy for the govt, with a tiny majority?
    The EU will not have any powers to bock the so-called big Repeal Act. And THE UK cannot negotiate any bilateral agreements until AFTER Article 50 negotiations are complete.
    Chad, you seem to get all your information from CNN and the internet. Of all the people in this forum your contributions are consistently fraudulent.
    I am not surprise you want a bogus name.
    We have just had the two most intellectual lawyers in Britain involved in this case, and both came down on the same side – Lords Pannick and Sumption. David Pannick for Gina Miller and Supreme Court judge Sumption.
    Chad, stop trying to steal ideas to make an impression.
    I repeat again|: Br|tain is a parliamentary democracy, unlike Barbados or the US. It is parliament with the power in this country.
    The Royal Prerogative and Executive powers are secondary, there are powers delegated by parliament.
    What is almost worth bearing in mind is that once Article 50 negotiations go through, legal powers return to the UK from the European Court of Justice, which means the EU will not be able to tell Britain squat. That is the legal position.
    The politics are different: the EU, a market of 500m, with a higher per capita income than the US, is the biggest market in the world. That is why I am for a United States of Europe, even though black people would likely come off worst.
    I think the small island Brits have won the battle, but not the war. With a protectionist US under Trump and China seeking a return to its historic position, and after divided by 53 different customs borders, future generations of Brits will reconsider.
    It took the old lot 40 years to implement Powellism, it will not take future generations that long.
    Those who thought the Supreme Court judgement would be different are not as familiar with British Constitution as they think.
    But, Chad, I like your confidence, even if you are wrong.


  • de Pedantic

    In the UK, referenda are just advisory. They impose conditions on parliament.


  • cannot


  • @Austin, how could anyone realistically expect the Supreme Court decision to be different…how?

    The only decision that would have been of ‘significance’ would have dismissed the supposed advisory referendum. And that was never part of the case.

    I say supposed because as much as it may be the technical element of the law how could the House of Lords or courts negate the will of the people without ‘revolution’.

    What can parliament now do differently to the advisory referendum? What can Scotland and Wales and Ireland do differently. Nada.

    Not being simplistic but at day’s end it is simple. The UK has to exit the EU.

    The operational details are within the purview of May and her parliamentary colleagues of course but there is no practical way to stop the exit without seismic shocks to the entire UK…

    Do you forsee that???

    That is as simple as it can be in writing but absolutely complex in reality.


  • Hal Austin

    is not much of a political observer, and not much of a constitutional lawyer either.

    The UK legislation that is now required (as a result of the Supreme Court ruling today) to authorize the trigger to Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon will easily pass the House of Commons because it will be supported by the Conservative Government AND by the leadership of the Labour Party. Both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are on board. Corbyn’s position is that Parliament must not obstruct Brexit because the People have spoken. Once the Commons passes the trigger legislation over the objections of rebel Conservatives, Labour MPs and Lib Dems, the House of Lords can do nothing but delay ratification for a short time.

    Regarding your statement that the prerogative powers of the Executive are “delegated by Parliament”, that is not entirely correct.

    All powers of the state used to be vested in the Crown. Then the power to legislate was seized by the Parliament and the power to uphold and interpret the.laws (statutory and common law) were taken by the Judiciary. All of the remaining powers of the Crown are now vested in the Executive.

    The powers of the Executive therefore include original (and now residual) administrative powers of the Crown, not just the administrative authority delegated by Parliament to implement legislation. The Royal Prerogative includes the power to conduct foreign relations and defence policy, for example. These are not only powers “delegated” by Parliament.

    Where did you go to law school?

    As for my comment about the Big Repeal Bill, what I meant to write is that the contents of the Big Repeal Bill, which will reflect the details of the final Brexit proposals negotiated internationally by Theresa May will probably run into trouble in the UK Parliament because the terms of any proposed international deal will probably never be approved by EU members.

    To repeat, I did not mean to say that the UK Repeal Bill would have to be approved by the EU. Only that a final Brexit deal describing the terms of UK disengagement from its EU membership would require EU approval, and is unlikely to get it.


  • Chad
    You are an intellectual fraud and I no longer want to debate and I no longer want to debate with you

    Liked by 1 person

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