Sewage Alert!

Sewage leaking into the sea on the South coast  Image credit: Barbados Today

Sewage leaking into the sea on the South coast of Barbados

The revelation in recent weeks that sewage (raw) is spewing into the sea on the South coast should be of concern to all Barbadians. Along with the health concern there is the potential to dent the good reputation of Barbados as an idyllic tourist destination.  The members of the BU household are fiercely patriotic and it pains us no end to observe how our infrastructure -built on the backs of our forefathers- is crumbling with a disastrous result.

Of even greater concern is the lack of transparency shown by the government so far. Barbados is a signatory to Rio Principle 10 adopted in 1992 as a part of the Rio Declaration. A relevant  extract from the agreement states:

Environmental issues are best handled with participation of all concerned citizens, at the relevant level. At the national level, each individual shall have appropriate access to information concerning the environment that is held by public authorities, including information on hazardous materials and activities in their communities [BU’s emphasis], and the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes. States shall facilitate and encourage public awareness and participation by making information widely available. Effective access to judicial and administrative proceedings, including redress and remedy, shall be provided.

Clearly the Barbados government is in breach!


  • Vincent Haynes December 6, 2016 at 1:16 PM #
    John has indicated that raw waste does end up in the swamp and during heavy rains it overflows spreading raw waste as well as swamp matter.

    In Government speak, raw waste and swamp matter is different from raw sewage and the two should not be confused!!

    I think the plant may very well be working …. now … and all raw sewage incoming from the supply pipeline after primary treatment, is being delivered to the outfall off the Hilton Hotel as designed and intended.

    Therefore, raw sewage cannot be getting to the road or appearing in the sea.

    However, God in cleansing his land from the stain put there by mankind has exposed the sin which mankind would have normally kept concealed!!!

    Sin is sin!!

    Raw waste and swamp matter take time to get to the road so they cannot be termed raw sewage as this would imply it is fresh when indeed it is not!!!!!

    …. if you understand that logic … good for you!!

    In Government speak, although It may look like a duck, may smell like a duck and may quack like a duck it really isn’t a duck.

    Only the Barbadian Courts could discern the difference and no doubt deliver a 100 page decision in support of the proposition that it is not raw sewage so don’t think about testing it in court!!

    You could try semantics and start referring to “raw sewage” as “previously, or formerly, raw sewage” and see if that gets you anywhere.

    …. just being facetious for a moment!!


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Hants December 6, 2016 at 1:38 PM

    Hants, do you take a regular swim in the same lake or do you just do the occasional spot of ‘fly’ fishing?

    People pay a heck of a lot of money to come to the advertised paradise to ‘lie’ on its beaches and swim in its pristine safe sea.

    What is unfolding with the sewage fiasco has been in the pipeline for a long time now (even during the recent drought conditions) with many danger flags hoisted to warn the authorities but to no avail. Don’t blame the recent heavy downpour. It just acted as a catalyst to the explosion of shit that was just simmering underground.

    The people in the current administration see it as one big ‘crappy’ joke of a pappy show. Just like the treatment of the buildup of garbage was seen as a seasonal event which would soon disappear as soon as the season of fete is over.

    I am sure you must have read the many warnings issued here on BU about the game of Russian roulette being played with public sanitation and, as a consequence, the health of the people and by extension the many visitors to the island with only sea and sand as its economic mainstay.

    But Hants, how come you are not in Bim for its special birthday? Are you afraid of the Bajan shit getting in your way?


  • Perhaps the correct terminology is “semi processed sewage”!!


  • @ Well Well & Consequences December 6, 2016 at 5:37 PM,

    “In reality, Barbados did not have to fight against Britain to achieve Independence, …….”

    And here in lies our problem. We never fought for our independence; we inherited it! It was a gift bestowed on us by our colonial master who was desperate to get out of the region.

    We will never be able to understand the true meaning of independence.

    Would we be better off being ruled from Westminster or by some unruly mock politicians from Bridgetown?



    She quoted a report from her political opponent in the St Michael North East constituency, Patricia Inniss, a biochemist and researcher, who warned the Barbados Water Authority of an imminent breakdown of the sewerage systems.

    Mottley said that on September 10, Inniss, who is also a Government consultant, addressed a memorandum titled, ‘Funds are needed for our collapsing sewerage system’, to the BWA Chairman, Dr Atlee Brathwaite, and copied it to the Minister of Water Resource Management Dr David Estwick.

    Mottley read extensively from the memo, which she said was compiled after a six-month analysis by Inniss.

    “‘If funds are not urgently sequestered to correct the multiplicity of problems plaguing both our sewerage treatment plants and their surrounding networks, we face the real possibility of their soon collapse.

    “You are aware that the South Coast Sewerage Treatment plant has been virtually non-functioning for over a year, as over 90 per cent of the sewage entering the plant is now being diverted from the influent pumps to the effluent pumps’.”

    Mottley also quoted Inniss referring to customer complaints given to sewerage plant workers: “The last documented complaint I am aware of sent to the BWA on May 11th, 2015, from the Ministry of Health stated that sewage is contaminating the Graeme Hall Swamp.”


  • @ millertheanunnaki,

    I swam in Lake Ontario ONCE ONLY and that was in 1983.

    I sport fish in rivers for salmon and rainbow trout. ( catch and release ).

    I am not in Bim for its special birthday because I can’t afford a holiday.


  • According to a post on facebook this evening by Paddle Barbados they have taken some water from Carlisle Bay to send for testing. In the meantime they are moving their paddleboard rental and instruction business to other beaches further away on the west coast or upstream from the Graeme Hall outlet.

    Good for them.

    Carlisle Bay water samples have been collected today for testing. We hope for good results within the next 2-3 days and look forward to making this information public so all can see. Until then, we will be renting paddle boards at other locations like Miami Beach and West Coast.

    Going forward, we’d like to test the water on a regular basis. If anyone wants to support this cause and help make this happen, please send us a message.


  • The members and supporters of the DLP must realize that Barbadians have a RIGHT to ASK QUESTIONS or CRITICIZE government policy when the need arises. They also need to desist from the childish reasoning that such questions and criticisms come only from members and supporters of the BLP.

    Situations such as this sewage problem; garbage pile up; unavailability of Transport Board buses; the recent water outages; houses at the Grotto and other housing developments that remain unoccupied; the BWA headquarters cost over-runs as identified by the special audit; status of the NIS and people unable to be paid benefits, as well as income tax refunds owed to Barbadians since 2011, have not been met with proper responses from the relevant ministers under whose portfolio these government entities fall.

    When ministers are not PROACTIVE in addressing these issues and informing Barbadians about the necessary solutions, they leave citizens to SPECULATE and form conclusions…….. political or otherwise.

    Members of this DLP administration then REACT by blaming the previous BLP administration and accusing critics of being UNPATRIOTIC and SUPPORTERS of the BLP.

    A clear indication of their immaturity!!!!!!


  • Members of the next BLP administration will blame the previous DLP administration and accuse critics of being UNPATRIOTIC and SUPPORTERS of the DLP.

    The revolving door of politics.


  • The sluice gate will need to be opened yet again to reduce the water levels of the Graeme Hall swamp during the years of BLP rule. We should all wait with baited breath to see if articles of ‘sewerage’ or brown ‘nasty’ water flowing into the sea will make the Nation, BT or BU.


  • Over the past week, however, residents and business owners in the Hastings and Worthing area in Christ Church have contacted the DAILY NATION to report a foul-smelling, “sewage-like” stench that has been accompanying cloudy water gushing out of manholes along Highway 7. – See more at:

    You see the problem with language.

    This translated into raw sewage is coming out of the manholes all over on the south coast.

    Sewage like stench + Cloudy Water = Raw Sewage!!

    Walks like a duck, smells like a duck so it must be a duck.

    The language is deliberately vague because no one looking at the manholes knew what was coming out.

    No body heard it quacking!!

    I happened to see one manhole on the Esso to Big B stretch on Saturday night before I even read the article and I saw a spring.

    I was excited to see it as it fit in with my reading and understanding.

    I passed again Sunday afternoon and it was dry confirming in my mind that what I had seen was a spring.

    I never saw cloudy water … it was night, how could I!!

    Then I read that people were saying it is raw sewage.

    Now I see the Nation is backing back!!

    I think there was a problem up to November 11 at the plant.

    It was fixed.

    The unusually heavy rainfall on the 29th November then exposed that there had been a problem and did so in a way only God can!!

    Everybody jumped to different conclusions … including me … and I accept I could be wrong.

    If I am right, here is what I believe.

    The problem was fixed, there is no crisis, the land needs now to cleanse itself.

    Had it not been for the rain it would have done so with no fanfare.

    It is bad that it had to happen and the beach had to close but it was a wake up call.

    … but, there is a silver lining

    The need for a failsafe system with failsafe backup is apparent.

    GOB should not stint on that.

    … and I think everyone agrees, no more sewage in the swamp!!

    Now, if we could hear authoritatively what is to happen with the sluice gate!!

    Had it been open there probably would have been no overflow into business premises and people would have been looking at rain water.

    The sea would have been discoloured and people would have been warned not to bathe, a warning they may or may not have obeyed.

    Disobeying under these circumstances is unlikely.

    So maybe it was a good thing it was closed because everybody now knows that any time there is rain and lots of it and there is sh!t present, …. it will hit the fan!!

    Key words for me, SLUICE GATE …. FAIL SAFE!!


  • @David December 6, 2016 at 6:46 AM “Exchanges between Denis Kellman MP and the public: Denis Kellman”

    Dennis Kellman could really shut up.

    The man too like the sound of his own voice.




    Yes. Except that our wells WERE PROPERLY COVERED, and we experienced no problems at our homes. When we pay contractors to work at our homes we check to ensure that they are doing what we are paying them to do. And they don’t get their money until we are satisfied that they have done good work.

    A six inch rainfall is normal in Barbados. It may not occur annually, but it occurs often enough that those of us who are sensible design and build taking 6 inch and even 8 inch rainfalls into account.


  • Simple Simon

    When you hire someone to do the work, you hire them based on a proven record right? So why would I wish to check behind my mechanic when I know that he has done a good job in the past? And if proven otherwise, then you take the appropriate action to ensure that it ddoen’t happen again sir!


  • That what this new phone does…it puts words were their do not belong?


  • “This is a country that survives on tourism, and by doing that it makes you wonder what else is there behind the scenes that you are not seeing if you peel it back. And it makes you think what can you really trust of the Government,” Lizette said, making clear she also reflected her husband’s sentiments.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    After days of lying and saying there was no raw sewage, no poop in the sea, the same Boyce has a solution coming for what he said for days did not exist.

    Even with creative not even I could make this stuff up.

    Good thing is, the pressure is getting to them, rats ruunning out of their holes to talk to the newspapers. .


  • Well Well & Consequences

    The couple is trying to be civil, but they will consider other places for their next vacation. Both governments have been hoodwinking, lying to and deceiving bajans for so many decades, who refused to put their foots down and expose these nasty ministers of government, that it has finally reached the end…

    ya cannot fool people from large countries, they do not tolerate shit of any flavor from their own governments, they EXPOSE them and force them to resign.

    I have relatives who love staying at Worthing Court, very, very nice place…they are the first people I contacted about this sewage leak, some travel all the way from Asia to meet each other there.

    The government better clean up it’s filthy act.

    “The situation is just unfortunate. Someone is not taking responsibility for what happened. I think someone needs to take responsibility for what is happening. The fact that someone is quoted in the newspaper as saying it isn’t sewage going in there to me is the wrong thing to say. Say it’s unfortunate, say we’re investigating, and say we are going to look into fixing it. Don’t wash your hands of it. Take ownership of it”

    “It’s just a shame what’s happening. The smell is awful. I know what a swamp smells like and that’s not swamp we are smelling. That sewage going in there and the colour that it was, and seeing the black line just going through the water, it’s just a shame seeing it all,” she told Barbados TODAY”


  • Well Well

    Instead of casting blame why don’t we put our heads together and come up with a solution or solutions to prevent this from happening again.

    From this day forth let us try and see if we can find solutions to existing problems instead of blaming others for what we might perceived as incompetence.

    Nevertheless, at the end of the day do we really acheive anything by poining out othe shortcomings of others in an effort to smear them? There comes a times when we must put our political differences aside and think about what’s best for the country and the Bajan people.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Dompey December 7, 2016 at 4:52 PM
    “Instead of casting blame why don’t we put our heads together and come up with a solution or solutions to prevent this from happening again.”

    In order to put heads together to find solutions first there must be an admission that a major problem exists.

    So far the technical authorities and their political directorate have refused to admit that there is leaking sewage comprising of human faeces and other body waste.

    It is now months (even during the period of national drought) that this sewage problem raised its monstrously ugly head and was brought to the attention of the BWA top brass.

    Stop the blaming of citizens for tampering with manhole covers and the discharge of the overflow from the swamp or the previous BLP administration for lacking the foresight to prevent what would be happening in 2016.

    If this shitty matter is not resolved within the next two weeks you can bet that crapaud will be smoking Bim’s tourism pipe.

    Not even you, Domps, the anosmic mule or even the old shit crab ac and her political sewer rat cousin Alvin C would be willing to pass through the area far less be prepared to live in the area free of cost.

    Domps, as you well know from your boyhood experiences, once you get mired deep in ‘shite’ you will never get out.


  • Miller

    Old girl wah yah want from mah nah? Yah no wear I stand aready bat yah insist pan interfairing with Dompey. Dompey don’t mek sport old girls wen it comes to tings wah yah practice yah know. So left Dompey alone and let mah throw mah tree cent in dis Bajan convasasion.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Dompey…what utter rubbish, dont you teach your kids to take responsibility for their actions.

    Again, it’s the present government taking taxpayer’s money in monthly salary, made endless promises and told endless lies to the people in 2 elections and never delivered on any of their lies and emoty promises, it’s not my responsibility to do their jobs for them by finding solutions to the problems they created for the people and tourists on the island, that is why they are paid a salary…if you want to do their jobs for them…feel free, but leave me out.

    Am just glad they have been exposed worldwide after decades of arrogance, uppitiness and taking the majority population for fools, because they believe themselves better educated…..when they are all just a gang of thugs, thieves and idiots.

    Miller…looks like Dompey is taking over from the liar Alvin.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Dompey why dont you take a trip and go swim in the shit strewn Worthing Beach, with ya family…since you see nothing wrong with Poopgate.


  • The sea cleans itself, so it isn’t that big of a problem. We’re fortunate it wasn’t a land spill; our soul is precious; we can invest in home gardens etc. along with picking from fruit trees. In the US, most people eating GMO foods, while our trees are old and natural, healthier.


  • ALL OF ITS GUESTS have checked out, and if the sewage problems on the South Coast are not fixed soon, it could be a rough winter season for one Worthing, Christ Church business.

    Due to the effluvium permeating the premises of Gentle Breeze Apartments, the tourists have all gone, leaving the once fully-booked apartment complex resembling a ghost town.
    This development comes after Opposition Leader Mia Mottley alleged at a political meeting Sunday night that the South Coast Sewage Treatment Plant had not worked for nearly three years. She also claimed that the Bridgetown Sewage Treatment Plant also had issues that could result in further sewage problems.
    When a team from the DAILY NATION visited the Worthing apartments yesterday afternoon, it was greeted by a putrid smell. (RB)
    – See more at:


  • Now we playing the tail with the only sector of the economy we are able to boast.


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