Draft Proposal for a PEOPLES PARTNERSHIP to help strengthen Barbados in its IMF negotiations and to pave the way for a New Economy

Submitted by DAVID  COMISSIONG, President, Clement Payne Movement

In the months and years immediately ahead of us, our country — Barbados — will be facing the dual but inter-related tasks of dealing with the IMF and revamping our model of national development.

As is to be expected, our newly elected Government will take the lead on these two crucial national tasks, but it is critical that we — the people of Barbados — do not simply sit back and leave it all up to our Government !

Indeed, we need to mobilize and organize ourselves to develop, advocate for, and commence the implementation of initiatives that demonstrate that a properly mobilized and energized Barbados is capable of solving its economic problems without the imposition on it of negative, anti-people , inhumane austerity measures.

We need to create a national Network whose mission would be to demonstrate that we — the Barbadian people — are capable of undertaking the primary responsibility for developing our own nation, and of creating a new economy that is much more locally owned and people-based and controlled.

Indeed, the mere mobilization of a credible effort to embark upon this type of mission will send a very powerful message to the IMF and will immeasurably strengthen our Government in its negotiations with that international financial institution. And most importantly — it will provide our Government with an objective basis for believing that whether we receive the foreign financial assistance we are requesting or not, that our country and its people possess the fortitude, commitment, and talent to work our way through the crisis that we currently face.

Yes, Barbados already has a “Social Partnership” comprising the top leadership of Government, Private Sector Business, and the Trade Unions, but what we are proposing is a more “grassroots” type Network that is much more people-based, and that is unapologetically based on the notion of a molilized and empowered citizenry rising to the task of sensibly sorting out our national problems and undertaking primary responsibility for taking the country forward.

We are therefore envisaging a “People’s Partnership” comprising trade unions and their members, farmers, fisherfolk, wayside and market vendors, students, youth organizations, cultural workers, artistes, academics, manufacturers, environmentalists, sports clubs and associations, credit unions, cooperatives, churches that practice the Social Gospel and the preferential option for the poor,small businesses, community-based organizations, craft-people, women’s organizations, parent-teacher associations, old scholar associations, relevant professional organizations such as the Association of Social Workers, service clubs, teachers, and medical practitioners.

We further envisage such a “People’s Partnership” developing, advocating, and –where possible — commencing upon the implementation of such initiatives as :-

  • a “Buy and Support Local” campaign;
  • a national energy conservation effort;
  • an organized national effort to transition to solar energy;
  • a national food production and consumption programme;
  • an effort to bring idle lands into agricultural production;
  • a national programme of philanthropic contributing to critical institutions such as the QEH;
  • a national effort to revamp the Public Service and Statutory Corporations;
  • a national campaign to strengthen our trade unions and our people’s support for our trade unions;
  • a national Employee Share Ownership Programme (ESOP);
  • the construction of a Cooperative or People’s sector of the economy;
  • new national commitment to support small and community-based businesses;
  • a national effort to establish a foreign exchange earning Education industry;
  • a collaborative effort to construct our own Cultural or Arts-based industries;
  • a community-based anti-littering and environment protection effort;
  • a national community-based governance programme;
  • a programme to invest representatives of the community-based governance system with the authority to oversee or “police” government agencies that provide critical services to the public;
  • a public education and consciousness-raising effort aimed at eradicating corruption and wastage in the public sphere;
  • new initiatives in Tourism development that are based on the participation, heritage and culture of our people;
  • new initiatives in Sports, Cultural, Health and Heritage Tourism based on popular participation and ownership;
  • new initiatives in developing Manufacturing industry based on a cooperative approach and on elevated standards of education and training of our people;
  • a new and enhanced engagement with our Barbadian / Caribbean diaspora;
  • new initiatives in life-style enhancement and disease prevention;
  • a public educational effort to promote responsible and sustainable individual and organizational practices;
  • development of a comprehensive national consciousness about the need to conserve foreign exchange or reserve it for essential imports;
  • new anti-crime and anti- social deviance efforts;
  • new school support efforts;
  • a comprehensive effort to revamp our national philosophy of education in order to produce an ever-increasing cohort of young intellectually prepared and trained nation builders rooted in a deep understanding of and commitment to their country;
  • new outreach and relationship-building initiatives directed at our CARICOM and wider Caribbean brothers and sisters;

and the list goes on.

It is against this background that we would now like to invite you and other representatives of your organization to a Discussion Meeting on ________ the __ day of June 2018 at the Clement Payne Cultural Centre, Crumpton Street, Bridgetown, commencing at ____ AM / PM.

The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss this proposal for a “People’s Partnership” network; to determine to what extent your organization may wish to participate or undertake a leading role in this new initiative; and to generally map out a strategy for taking the initiative forward.

Please respond and give us your feedback to this Proposal at clementpaynechambers@gmail.com.

107 thoughts on “Draft Proposal for a PEOPLES PARTNERSHIP to help strengthen Barbados in its IMF negotiations and to pave the way for a New Economy

  1. Oh lawsie

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    Oh Lawsie.

    Whu David my man a likkle bit more and you woulda even teif one uh de ole man Stoopid Cartoons

    You was never an original feller EVEN WHEN YOU WAS UNDER DE HUNKIE CORNER TREE @ HARSUN, PORNVILLE SAY SO, not me heheheheheheh

    But i unnerstand what you doing my man, cause you still gots to sing for your supper at the Clement Payne Centre even now as your cousin is in Baystreet.

    If you send me a picture of the Centre I would get de grandson ammmmm adjust it for your lofty regurgitation

    Ohhhhh boy originality was NEVER ONE OF YOUR STRONG POINTS


    And the funniest thing David is that there is something that you have access to that would eclipse even the Three Island Hairbrained plan of your cousin

    I jes want to know effing you plan to ammmm fight against that too as aggressively as you fought against the Hyatt?



  2. https://i.imgur.com/nI2hA84.png

    People will say that i got something against you so let me clear the air pun dat David

    You are a man whom I have nuff respect for but you does do real ingrunce with the currency that you command.

    And i am not talking about all that socialism and communism stuff that you love to release every now and then

    Let me give you a hint.

    The north as in Canada and the United States and the UK and the EU are closing their doors on us.

    The real opportunities as Retired PS Laurie tangentially spoke to are the South/South Collaborations which are ripe for the pickings

    Look at the Meeting that Mia your cousin had with the PRESIDENT OF THE INTER AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK!!

    You understand what that means?

    You understand what it means for the IDB PRESIDENT TO FLY FOR 24 HOURS TO GET HERE?


    Do you know what your worth is David Commissiong?

    Do you know what your Mirror Image is?

    Do you comprehend what you can facilitate and where you can facilitate it @ today?

    You does embarrass de Crumpton Street elitists sometimes David

    Get serious and do what ONLY YOU CAN DO but if you want to continue doing these simple clement payne meetings at a date to be announced here is a Stoopid Poster for your enjoyment


  3. @ David C

    What strong message you envisage the people of Barbados should send to the IMF? The IMF was not established to receive messages. They were invited by the people of Barbados through their government. What adversarial grand standing do you have in mind and to what purpose ?
    I am sure after careful evaluation of the economic situation.the technocrats will draw up a recovery plan and submit it to the IMF. That is the process. The IMF is no bogey man. And Barbados is 52 years old according to WELL WELL’s calendar.

  4. “Newly elected Minister of Labour Colin Jordan today promised that the Mia Mottley-led Barbados Labour Party (BLP) administration would stick to its campaign pledge to expand the Social Partnership” (Barbados Today, May 29, 2018). Is this proposed initiative complementary to or at cross purposes with what the minister envisages. I have advocated for such an expansion from the inception of the exercise. The labour force development boards at the federal level and in Canadian provinces drew from the UK social partnerships model but incorporated educational and training institutions as well as but included e

  5. …as well as the four designated equity groups (women, visible minorities, aboriginal peoples, and persons with disabilities).

  6. @ Brother Hants

    Dr ting dat hurt me in dis lawyer man’s kerzillion long list is that not once de lawyer man ent once mention intellectual property protection in all of dese local initiatives


  7. You do know that we can see you too…every time you do that thang heheheheh

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    WHEN all it would have taken was to accept the flag of truce

    That was all that was needed now wunna got to reconstitute 2GB of data and claim authorship instead of using the smart partnership that was detailed

    Steupseee but wunna could not have waited and done that, causing one of wunna wanted to appear as a brainaic

    But hold on a second…

    If a single man can do all of this doesn’t it not tell wunna dat it is not the Hand of a man that has done this?

    Which raises the question

    Do you really want to go up against the true Author ehom i declare as my Lord?

    Have you not seen what He Hath Wrought with that 30 to 0 prediction and delivery?

    But wunna going risk it still?

    Hahaha hahaha

    We got this…

  8. “And Barbados is 52 years old according to WELL WELL’s calendar.”


    Bernard….fine, just add on the other 325 past centuries and tell me what your image of the island was, maybe your ancestors were the british governors who were given independence and responsibilities from the sovereign crown in UK to manage the island day to day back then, just as it still obtains today and still written in the constitution, but what do I know.

  9. BERNARD CODRINGTON, Barbados does not belong to “the technocrats” ! We– the people of Barbados — have a role to play as well.

    There is a window of opportunity for us to mobilize a people’s initiative — rooted in the very base of the society — to do something positive with and for our country. I am simply urging that we embrace that opportunity.

    ( Some people — and I am not necessarily referring to you Mr Codrington– are seemingly content to wallow in cynicism and to dismiss anything that smacks of idealism or positive aspiration. This is a very unfortunate and misguided posture, and will do nothing to help our nation progress )

    And yes, if the sectors of our society that I identified were to mobilize themselves in the type of positive self reliance initiatives that I am advocating they would send a very powerful message not only to the IMF but also to your technocrats, and to our Government as well.

    David Comissiong

  10. @ David Comissiong:
    “……a national food production and consumption programme;
    an effort to bring idle lands into agricultural production;…..”

    Haven’t those two related “initiatives” been regurgitated in every political party’s manifesto for the last 30 years?

    Hasn’t the national food import bill skyrocketed during the same period of exhortation with a concomitant rise in the rate of obesity and other NCD’s in tandem with the spread of fast food outlets slowly ‘food-poisoning’ the youth of the nation?

    How can we change that debilitating health trajectory other than making imported food much more expensive by way of the devaluation of the Bajan dollar?

    What about imposing a PAYE (pay as you eat) health tax specifically targeted at those whose love of fast food knows no end?

    Why not impose a levy on the ‘established’ chains of fast-food-poison-distribution pharmacies the same way a levy is now attached to their water bills?

    How can the idle lands be brought into production if sugar is on its deathbed?
    What grass crop can ‘profitably’ replace sugarcane other than the cultivation of marijuana?

    Those ‘former’ agricultural lands- now lying idle for an unacceptably too long a time- are in dire need of regeneration through the improvement of their low levels of fertility (soil nutrition).

    Why not consider the idea of combining the treated waste from the sewage from the much needed upgraded sewerage systems with the benefits of the Sargassum seaweed which Mother Nature, with the help of man’s technology, has abundantly bestowed on your tropical island paradise?

    What do you think help formed (topographically) the shallow soil surface of Barbadoes over the hundred of thousands of years of its geological existence? Dead coral only?

    Don’t you think that the same way the ash from the volcanic eruptions which formed the neighbouring islands help enriched the soil of Barbados the Sargussum seaweed could have also added body (fibre) and other important nutrients in the formation of the thin layer of soil ‘topping’ on little Coral Barbadoes?

    Why not consider turning the ‘weed’ from the bounties of both Maryjane and Sargasso into a blessing from on ‘High’ in order to move towards more than just ‘playing lip service’ to the concept of “Green Living” in order to survive the pending challenges of so-called climate change on ‘SIDS’ like vulnerable Barbados?

    • @Miller

      How has the sweet drink tax worked out?

      Given the addiction to fast food taste by Barbadians would a fat tax gain traction?

  11. Or conversely you could take the road to champion the country s paltry south/south collaborations lending your considerable currency to expanding programs that promote specific cultural interactions

    It is a currency and credential that none of the others have, and can never get David, cause they have never been there nurturing this over the years.

    Yours is a superior role Commissiong to bring home bigger things and to show a succession of ambassadorial clowns how it is done

    Ask your friends whose Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 23.113592, -82.366592 to fund you a mini secretariat with a budget for two persons , one of who will be a fluent interpreter, to assist you in an outreach for one year.

    Your first objective David Commissiong will be to optimize the nascent language, rather TOEFL, programme at the Cave Hill campus though your cultivation of high level government and their respective elitist corporations’ management teams.

    The second person in your team would be there to assist you with the practical side of creating working “exchanges of barterable resources”

    In short whereas your exhaustive list look nice and fancy David it looks inward and will after all the seeming activity and enrolment, implode because, like the BIDC death knoll, IT HAS NOWHERE TO GO.

    The reason Barbados has been dying David is because we lack VISIONING SKILLS.

    The ability to look at an idea or an item and craft its optimal form JUST BY SEEING WHAT CAN’T BE SEEN!

    I know that that concept is hard for you to understand.

    It is hard for the others too that your cousin has surrounded herself with as THOUGHT LEADERS AND SHE WILL SEE THAT even though they have IT such VISIONING requires much more than ssh tunnels and backdoor trojans

    Pump up the Volume Commissiong cause no man nor woman got tomorrow put down CONTRARY TO POPULAR THOUGHT heheheheh

  12. @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item where I up the volume with David

  13. THANK YOU Millertheanunnaki for putting those ideas on the table. I would want to mull them over when I have more time on my hands– perhaps tomorrow.

    However, I can say that I have long felt that we need an advocacy campaign against the fast food restaurants (particularly Chefette and KFC) that are doing such damage to the health of the Barbadian people and causing us to rack up unsustainable health expenditures.

    In fact I have long wanted to initiate such a Campaign myself, but my agenda always tends to be over full.

    If only we could use the crisis that we are currently facing, along with the prospect of negotiations with the IMF, to really wake up our people and their organizations and get cracking on a multiplicity of campaigns of positive activism and self reliant development , so much could be accomplished.

  14. Too many cooks spoil the broth. While the principle is a noble one, I am not a fan of shared goverment with unelected individual, groups or so-called civil society.

  15. PIECE, I have been actively involved in the public life of Barbados for 34 years now. Over those 34 years I have tried as best I could to contribute to the development of our country as best I can, and based on the core political principles and values that I have held on to over all those years.

    I went on the public platform and encouraged the Barbadian people to vote for the Barbados Labour Party as “the best option for Barbados at this time”. I am therefore going to give critical support to this Government and work with them as far as possible. For the sake of Barbados, I want them to succeed !

    I think I understand where you are trying to push me — even though sometimes I can do without your gratuitous insults. But you are an elder and I suppose you have some poetic licence.

    Rest assured that I am going to try Piece !

    David Comissiong

  16. @the Sage Annunaki

    The Honourable Blogmaster will retrieve my parallelism which I levelled at Mr Commissiong

    What is it that we drank?

    Was it something in the Lily pad frog infested pond at the mansion in The Hill of My Lord? Or the tireless instructions of Emily’s diligent foot soldiers like … thst produced a matrix of experience on young minds that make some of us different?

    What is it that drives us?

    Is it something that existed perhaps in the Hot sauce of life’s experience that morphs into this “otherness” of rational thought and thinking outside the box?

    There is something that I have learnt during my sojourn here oh Sage and that is that you will be hated for that otherness JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE HERE



    Do the right thing and maybe, AFTER you have dragged them to their respective destinations, MAYBE they will understand what you have been doing all the time.

    But we done know that is A Bridge Too Far yet we do it anyway

  17. A Communist Selling Barbadians Veneered Hallucinations Repeatedly is not a Good Remedy for Bajan’s @ No Time & in No Place.
    Wow Commie is like a Malignant Cancer with a Ruse of trying to take over the whole body…

    David Commie Sing Song is All about Collectivism and the Government Organising this and the Government Organising that. Collectivism is the means that he wants to Drive Stat-ism… and he wants to also Reorganize the Whole of Barbados according to the Dictates of the Government. Stat·ism (stā′tĭz′əm) n. The practice or doctrine of giving a centralized government control over economic planning and policy. Stat-ism is the belief that the civil government (or man via civil government) is the ultimate authority in the earth and as such is the source of law, morality, and righteousness (that which is right and wrong)…..

    It is the Individuals by their own actions and Self Reliance that of their efforts added together can pull us out but we need the State to Get Out Of The Way. Barbados is not a place to do Business because of the Rules and Regulations that are Imposed and Eerything takes Sooooo long to process. It is only the love of Barbadians for Barbados that we have not seen massive flight.

    But I must say the Core of Self Reliance, Thrift and Industry are good but it comes from the individual, it cannot come from a Collective, Collectivism Breeds Tyranny and Elitism.
    Communist/Statists… Aim is to Destroy Free Market Capitalism the Greatest Wealth Creating System EVER…That is the True Form of Slavery and Bondage no matter how Commie Sing Song Paints the Picture, “By their Fruit you Shall Know Them”.

    Commie Sing Song you Believe in looking to the State as the Shepherd instead of to the God of Providence…There is no such thing as Collective Salvation we each must Stand and Answer for our Thoughts, Words and Deeds Done in the Flesh.

    For those who are Anti-Free Market Capitalist like ‘Sly Man Goose Commie Sing Song the Bajan Pied Piper’…Whose Utopia of Barbados is Mirrored after Cuba & Venezuela!!
    Success Comes because of Fearless Individuals who take Risk…

    June 22, 2018 7:19 AM

    “Agree with you ð….There is always opportunity born of a crisis.”

    Really?… Think Again. The Left Never Let a Good Crisis go to Waste, they Create More Crisis to proclaim themselves the Saviour’s with Policies that end up making it Worse and they never take Responsibilities for what they have done.

    “The Left’s guise of offering “Real Solutions” and the “Real Strategies” proposed to get us there, are all blatant lies, for they are never the end-goals of the Left. Again, “Real Solutions” actually act to impede the Progressive-Left’s work and design. Only the governed chaos of dissension and ‘un-solutions’ propel them forward. The Progressive Left’s true intervening objectives are always to sow continuous discord, foment confusion, erupt dissatisfaction, obfuscate morality, promote immorality, and encourage grievances between the citizenry. This is how they scheme to move their ball forward. From such tribal and feudally incestuous backward thinking, nefariously arises a dangerously muddled disorder which then demands unprecedented, non-constitutional, rapid intervention and intrusive action. Thus, from the flagrantly orchestrated “emergencies” of their own sure-making, a “crisis” emerges ― like the rivers of unchecked spewed raw sewage spent from a broken pipe made irreparable by their own hands ― egregiously calling for their immediate control of the very problem they first created.”

    Take Note People… Whoever wishes peace among peoples must fight Statism. Marxian’s coined the dictum: “If socialism is against human nature, then human nature must be changed.”

    The characteristic mark of economic history under capitalism is unceasing economic progress, a steady increase in the quantity of capital goods available, and a continuous trend toward an improvement in the general standard of living.
    Government cannot make man richer, but it can make him poorer. Socialist like to DIVIDE the WEALTH they do not know how to MULTIPLY the WEALTH.

    The ENTREPRENEUR profits to the extent he has succeeded in serving the consumers better than other people have done. Communist like Commie Sing Song are Anti-capitalist…There method is CONTROL, CONTROL and MORE CONTROL of WHAT RIGHTFULLY BELONG TO OTHERS.


  18. @ David Commissiong

    There is another comment in between here that is in suspense

    I used to do the diplomatic sweet talk in times afore but it availed me nothing because people don’t really move on niceties

    Let me share with you my greater fear for the endemic state of poverty and cronyonomics (that is Professor Morris’ word) and the dearth of thought leaders that pervades rather infests Barbados.

    The real world is changing rapidly outside our insular thoughts and existences

    While we are slaves to the big 8 and their consumer propagating enslavement a world of different needs and wants is evolving which IF WE REMAIN AS ONLY CONSUMERS, MEANS IMMINENT DEATH!!!


    So while you ascribe “gratuitous insults” to my admonitions just understand that there is an URGENCY to this that required you to clear your agenda of much of its dross.

    You inhabit the Clement Payne Centre David AS A STEWARD not a Stuart.

    You deal with the sheeple every day and, as a man who personally stands on the shoulders of giants, do you think that you have the luxury to pause with the inconsequential KNOWING WHAT YOU DO ABOUT THE MENTALITIES OF THE SHEEP YOU ENCOUNTER EVERY DAY?

    This ent got a ting to do with Mia.

    She going do whatever is planned for her to do (note that i did not say whatever she plans to do)

    You can tek de licks just do what you need to do in the cauldron that is in front of you in our collective kitchen

  19. @ Miller

    I love your bits on agronomy.

    You are quite right geologically about the contributions which volcanic ash and sargassum weed deposits contributed to the top soil and fertility of Barbados.
    I, like you, would prefer there were lest fast foods with their high content of salt and fats and a return to local vegetables and grass fed meats.

    Fast food outlets also use up the scarce foreign exchange through imported inputs and franchise fees paid abroad.

    I am not yet convinced that the benefits of growing and legalising Marijuana exceed the tangible and intangible costs to this society.

  20. @ David June 22, 2018 9:21 AM
    “Given the addiction to fast food taste by Barbadians would a fat tax gain traction?”

    It would help pay for the cost of training additional doctors and nurses needed to provide continuing medical services and care to those who are eating themselves to an uncomfortable bed lifelong sicknesses.

    The same set of arguments which were` proffered for the imposition of the sweet drink tax can also be applied to the fast food ‘fat’ tax.

    Alcohol is also an addiction but is subject to a massive tax regimen which underwrites the cost of many social services like ‘free’ tertiary education.

    If you want to argue that the drinking of alcohol is a ‘sin’ so too is overeating of junk food which is of no value to the human body or contributes to good health and well-being of the nation.

  21. Commissiong see that you are rattling about your goodwill towards barbados and its cituzens
    However where was your goodwill towards barbados and the citizens when you dragged past govt through the courts at taxpayers expense using objections to stagnate the Hyatt project only today to reveal what was your true objections by way of throwing your cousin and olive branch which is your first step in giving a green light by which to go ahead with the project
    Also as one who have also raised hell on past govt about transparency
    How come that your cousin has made unilateral decisions for this country and people without full transparency like in the matter of tax write offs and defaulting on govt debt
    Many sooner or later would find out the hard way that Mia PR stunts are in lined with those of dictators to whom you have allegiance

  22. I would also like the Honourable Prime Minister, whom it has been reported reads this blog, to turn URGENT attention to the “Sargassum” problem in COVE BAY, ST. LUCY.

    There is no land access to this “cove” it however is saturated and continuing to saturate with this poisonous seaweed and place the environment and the health of St. Lucians in that district into peril. The fumes are noxious. Do some research and you will discover serious health risks to humans and animals alike.

  23. BU Crowd of People can try and repeat this mantra for prosperity

    Om shreem maha Lakshmiyei namaha

    Om shreem maha Lakshmiyei namaha is a mantra that calls upon the Hindu goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, to grant both worldly and spiritual prosperity. In yoga, mantras are chanted to calm the mind in preparation for and during meditation. Like most mantras, this Lakshmi mantra typically begins with the cosmic vibration of the seed mantra, Om.
    Yogapedia explains Om Shreem Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha

    Sanskrit mantras often have no literal translation, but are valued for the energy of the sound vibrations and their symbolic meanings. Translations represent the essence of the intended meaning. For this mantra, two common translations are:

    “Salutations to the great Goddess Lakshmi, personification of the sustaining energy.”
    “Salutations to she who manifests every kind of abundance.”
    Each word in the mantra has significance, if not a literal meaning:

    Shreem is the sound of Lakshmi energy or abundance.
    Maha is a Sanskirt word meaning “great.”
    Lakshmiyei is the formal name of the goddess.
    Namaha is a salutation that means “not mine,” but is usually translated as “I bow to you.”

  24. What Barbados needs is five Comissiongs. We need to take citizens advocacy to another level. It is so easy for some here to bray while others make the ultimate sacrifice for country.

  25. Like
    David June 22, 2018 1:35 PM

    “What Barbados needs is five Comissiongs. We need to take citizens advocacy to another level. It is so easy for some here to bray while others make the ultimate sacrifice for country.”

    Careful what you wish for David…I Do No Believe the Barbadians would Desire to See Barbados become a Venezuela or a Cuba…



    his is the Only Way Out.


    • Your head seems to be firmly lodged where the wind does not blow or the sun has never shone because you are only ever able to distill all issues through a prism of socialism or liberalism. How you limit yourself!

  26. As members of Society, we should Appreciate Freedom and Promote the Responsible use of it.

    Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Action within Boundaries that do not Infringe upon the Liberty of others are … Divine Gifts “Essential to Human Dignity and Human Happiness.”

    Liberty may be either Helpful or Fatal according to the use made of it. … “Liberty is an Atmosphere of the Higher Life. … Liberty?—it is Respect. … Men must be made Capable and worthy of [liberty], otherwise public life becomes impossible.”

    True liberty in Individuals consists in the enjoying of Every Right that will Contribute to one’s Peace and Happiness, so long as the exercise of such a privilege does not interfere with the same privilege in others. It consists not in doing what one likes to do, but in doing what one ought to do. It is the right of each individual to be Master of his own time and actions consistent with Fairness and Justice to his fellow men and with harmony with the Laws of God. … It is Freedom of Choice, a Divine Gift, and an Essential Virtue in a peaceful society.

    In these days of Uncertainty and Unrest, liberty-loving people’s greatest responsibility and paramount duty is to Preserve and Proclaim the Freedom of the Individual, his Relationship to Deity, and … the necessity of obedience to Gospel Principles—only thus will mankind find peace and happiness.

    If we would make the world better, let us foster a keener Appreciation of … Freedom and Liberty.


  27. Five Commissiong . David never knew you hated barbados so much
    This Communists butt licker preference his own political interest above the interest of the citizens of barbados for ten years while bridgetown and surrounding environs receive the morall equivalency of war waged against their best interest through the court system.
    Commissiong needs to be held up as a traitor against the betterment of the people living in baystreet whose livelihoods was held in limbo and economic uncertainty as he held the govt of barbados hostage in a decitful fight filled with lies and deception as now only today penning an article called The hypocricy of an Olive Branch.

  28. Theo,

    You say that in jest. Do you remember in the old days when St Lucy people had a distinct accent – along with St Philip? Geographical mobility has seen to that.

  29. @ Theo and Hal Austin:

    What would either of you call people from St. Lucy?

    The root word of Lucy is luci and ians is a suffix which means pertaining to the root word.

    Just some good old phonetic breaking down of the English language for you.

    If you were never schooled in that method: which by the way is the BEST and only way to teach any age person who cannot read how to read.

  30. Freedom The Noblest of Gems to Which Man can Aspire

    Next to the bestowal of life itself, the right to direct that life is God’s greatest gift to man. … Freedom of Choice is more to be treasured than any possession earth can give. It is inherent in the spirit of man. It is a Divine Gift. … Whether born in abject poverty or shackled at birth by inherited riches, everyone has this most precious of all life’s endowments—the gift of Free Agency; man’s inherited and inalienable right.

    References in the Scriptures show that [agency] is (1) essential to man’s salvation; and, (2) may become a measuring rod by which the actions of men, of organizations, of nations may be judged.

    “Therefore, cheer up your hearts, and remember that ye are free to act for yourselves—to choose the way of everlasting death or the way of eternal life.”

    With agency comes personal responsibility to Fulfil the “True Purpose of life.”

    The responsibility is upon each individual to choose the path of righteousness, of faithfulness and duty to fellowmen. If he [chooses] otherwise, and as a result [meets] failure, misery and death, he alone is to blame.

    When salvation is sent to me, I can reject or receive it. In receiving it, I yield implicit obedience and submission to its great Author throughout my life, and to those whom he shall appoint to instruct me; in rejecting it, I follow the dictates of my own will in preference to the will of my Creator.

    With free agency there comes responsibility. If a man is to be rewarded for righteousness and punished for evil, then common justice demands that he be given the power of independent action. A knowledge of Good and Evil is essential to man’s progress on earth. If he were coerced to do right at all times, or were helplessly enticed to commit sin, he would merit neither a blessing for the first nor punishment for the second. …

    “Actions in harmony with divine law and the laws of nature will bring happiness, and those in opposition to divine truth, misery.”

    … Man’s responsibility is correspondingly operative with his free agency. Actions in harmony with divine law and the laws of nature will bring happiness, and those in opposition to divine truth, misery. Man is responsible not only for every deed, but also for every idle word and thought. Said the Savior:

    “… every idle word that men shall speak they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.” (Matthew 12:36.)

    Earth in all its majesty and wonder is not the end and purpose of creation. “… my glory,” says the Lord himself, “(is) to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” (Moses 1:39.) And man in exercising the divine gift of free agency should feel in duty bound, should sense the obligation to assist the Creator in the accomplishment of this divine purpose.

    The true end of life is not mere existence, not pleasure, not fame, not wealth. The true purpose of life is the perfection of humanity through individual effort, under the guidance of God’s inspiration. There are a few simple but fundamental things which everyone can do. One of these is for Each individual to work out his own salvation. Each individual carries this responsibility, and that the salvation of man is a process of gradual development. … We should seek the strength and grace of God for inspiration to obtain the final victory.

    Free to Choose However Not Free to Choose the Consequences of those Choices. Our Choices will Determine our Eternal Destination…

    I will Follow no Man going in the Wrong Direction I’d Rather Walk Alone.


  31. Freedom Crier:

    You tell them like it is. All I can say is that the persons who read your comments and don’t pick them up and run as hard as they can with them are as BLIND as BATS.

    It would appear that the majority of the contributors to this blog are BRAINWASHED. A VERY DIFFICULT CONDITION to be delivered from.

    Diagnosis: Turn off the TV, stop playing video games (the World Health Organization has declared they are addictive and persons suffering from the addiction will need some form of therapy). Throw way the cell phones loads of research regarding their being the cause of cancer and infertility. Yes men, if you put them in your pockets watch out! BTW I don’t recommend anything that I don’t adhere to myself. I do not own a cell phone or a TV and yes, I am very informed and much the better off for it too.

    Get back to the basics.

    Research, research and research like Freedom Crier and I do. Freedom Crier is spending HOURS of their precious time showing you the way but you all are like the BLIND LEADING THE BLIND.

    Until next time.

  32. One more thing Commissiong when the bible speak of wickedness in high places it was speaking of you as one whose ideas and philosphy is founded on self interest and deceptive practices having the face of man but the soul and spirit of the devil
    Your article which you must have spent plenty time accessing whether or not to be open and to reveal a secret only known to you for ten years might have had you spending many days and night calculating when was the right time to release the burden of deception for the public some to scorn and others of whom you might been associatted to pat you on the back.
    What you Commissiong did to the delapidated corridors of bay street was wrong not only wrong but in the manner by way of deception.

  33. Should any administration that is duly elected by the people of Barbados be fully supported by all Barbadians until the people of Barbados vote for a new administration? At what point would bringing a country to its knees cross the line? Perhaps one of our legal scholars could examine this topic in an, as they say, out-of-the-box way.





  34. Will BWA changed its strategy?
    Will Barbados Hyatt be approved?
    Will taxes decrease?
    Will the unions get 23%?
    Will the Barbados Hilton plant be sold?
    Will the wild tamarind be replaced with sugar cane?
    Will BNTCL be sold?

  35. In a poll on the Hyatt 70 per cent of citizens wanted it built to bring in FX, boost the economy, create jobs for depressed communities in the City and revitalize Bridgetown among several positive spin offs. The BLP won 70 per cent of the popular vote and their chief yard fowl David uses that figure to legitimize the view the DLP has no say. Yet he licks Commissiong’s butt in support of blocking a major project although 70 per cent of the country have asked Commissiong to f*ck off so the Hyatt can be constructed. Its double standards and hypocrisy.

    Do voters understand what they did on May 24. A country without an opposition is a dictatorship. Commissiong a lapdog for Muduro and authoritarian despots will revel in the existing political environment. Mia’s former boss was adamant she is a despot. Its early days but day runs until night catches it.


    I think you should be directing your attention to one Mr. Freundel Stuart, the Minister responsible for Town and Country Planning, who, IN BREACH OF THE LAW OF BARBADOS, decided to give MARK MALONY — the Democratic Labour Party’s favourite crony — permission to build a 15 story monstrosity of a hotel WITHOUT REQUIRING MALONEY TO CARRY OUT AN ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT (EIA) ON THE PROJECT.

    At present Maloney still has the Town and Country Planning permission to build the hotel, but he is afraid to commence the construction for the simple reason that he knows– he must know– that when the Court finally rules on the matter it WILL rule that the application was not properly processed (in that the obligatory EIA was not carried out) and the Court will cancel the permission.

    And , of course, if the Court cancels the permission Maloney will lose all of the resources he would have put into commencing the project.

    Surely we should all know by now that “if yuh start wrong, yuh bound to end wrong” !


    • @David Comissiong

      Your treatise my dear man will ring hollow to yardfowls read rabid political partisans. The call by you that an environmental impact study should be done to adjudge impact for the area the Hyatt is proposed to be built will not resonate. Bear in mind this is the same government that had responsibility for the cleaning of tanks to support the functioning of the South Coast Sewage plant. What any engineer will admit is a routine maintenance function requiring manageable resources, certainly less than 7 million for an Independence celebration or Mercedes Benz.

  37. That’s why I don’t like yardfowls, their inane stupidity defies logic, after all the damage done to the country by the Fruendolittle Gang and their Mark Maloney master…

    ….. all the illegal and now useless buildings with millions of dollars unaccounted for and no benefits to the population;

    ……a protrusion of death at coverly still to be removed;

    …. neglect of the sewage system that caused 3 or 4 countries to issue health advisories to their traveling citizens;

    …….the health risks associated with raw sewage in the streets and atmosphere for months while a useless government did nothing;

    ….the theft of billions in taxpayer’s and pensioners money with all of them involved;

    ……all the questionable and now obviously illegal contracts disbursed to a few minorities which directly disenfranchised the majority population and caused taxpayer’s over a billion dollars in losses;

    ….. the illegal concessions causing loses for decades on end to the majority population;

    …. the robbery of selling out taxpayer funded hotels below market value to the same minority thieves.;

    ….the total neglect for 10 years of the islands infrastructure;

    The list goes on indefinitely

    ……and a nuisance yardfowl would see nothing wrong with any of this…

    Such a pity the remaining yardfowls can’t be deported to UAE or anywhere in the middle east…find something useful for them to do ……and help them open their eyes.

  38. David Commisiong speaks only of the enviromental aspect. However in the court affidavit there are more than forty objections filed as objections as to why the Hyatt should not be built
    Now he states he would removed all other objections
    Questions why did he not throw the olive branch ten years ago but rather pursue a path of hostility in his so called agenda call citizens advovacy.
    Commisisiong it is your hostile actions of hatred against past govt that was a main cause for further decay of the bay street corridor and what remained causing small business owners to close their shops
    Your so called hypocritical Olive branch towards your cousin Mia is nothing more than a jesture of tokenism and favourtism and with eyes wide open all will be watching what political favours you get from this govt in return
    However one thing comes to mind and it is the Venezuela issue and this govt interest in opening it borders to assist something which you might have an interest in pursuing on behalf of Muduro
    For sure Commissioning the dlime bag that you are evidence shown by your ten year actions against govt and now having the nerve of revealing what your true intentions were against past govt
    It is now crystal clear that your political moorings are deep rooted and your preferences and allegiances are to family friends and associates and not to this country and its people
    I will bet that this Olive branch is somewhat tied to what you are expecting as favours from this govt towards venezuela

    • @ac

      Why do you not stop making yourself an ass on the blog and ask your brother to assist you with drafting comments. Comissiong has asked for a judicial review to determine that government followed the correct procedure approving the Hyatt to be built.

      Note the Hyatt became a reality in 2016.

  39. David continue to play for your supper however will not be distracted by your numerous infiltration to detour and distract others own views and opinions on other subject matters that give cause to wonder and ask why
    Those pictures means nothing as previously under the blp govt that sewage plant had serious problems
    If it starts out wrong it would continue to be wrong.
    In my humble opinion both plants issues are well deserving to be placed in the hands of the blp they know where all the skeletons are buried and how they were put there
    The only factor that should be of real concern is how much more will it cost the taxpayer to fix these boondoggles. Cha cha

  40. Commisiong speaks of only one aspect of the many objections in which he is willing to forego all others and not to pursue further objections
    And for your information stop refering to me as ac
    Any one who is a jack a.ss it is you bro
    Go read BT and you would see a list of all the objections and roadblocks he placed in the way of not having the Hyatt built only now to be asking for an enviromental review
    Why did he not pursue such an objection only previously
    David you tek people for fool. Instead of attacks why not be transparent and show a list of all the objections Commissiong had filed in the court against past govt ofthe Hyatt building

  41. Hyatt is a bad all around, not just the flawed process of granting permission. No one is disputing the land use, it is about the right product and how its overall design will shape future development in the location. We therefore must get the design, layout, scale, detailing and materials right. Have we analysed, for instance, how what is being proposed could prejudice development on adjacent plots and how to mitigate such impacts? Any development on this site must be part of a broad masterplan rather than a site specific approach, if the longterm objective is to successfully redevelop Lower Bay Street/Pierhead.

    • Agree enuff, the Hyatt as proposed was a project grab by the former government. If all goes to plan Mia will be meeting with developers, including Vision Inc, next week.

  42. Oh David it seems as if i strike a nerve in my earlier line of questioning in reference to Commisiong motives which could have been reason for this twisted Olive branch
    Btw have you noticed how in PDYR comments there is also a question of Motives
    You David need to calm down your frustrstion level is working in overdrive
    No need for you to be so dawg gone hungry to defend this Communist pig whose interest is directed in favour of communist principles and ideas while the people of those countries suck salt in similar way as those people living on the baystreet corridor having to suffer because of Commissiong hatred for past govt while he dragged their better interest through the courts of barbados for ten long years

  43. What is odd to me is supposedly certain low lying cities will be under water in the next 50 years yet what I consider smart people are building on the water edge. So is this an investment scam or will a hotel really be built and the global alarmists are wrong. Certain people will make money if it is built or not

  44. Mia has no shame
    Cuss Maloney there are relevant questioned which goes towards transparency as she enters new negotiations with Maloney
    What next would be on her proposal for the building of Hyatt
    If she thinks that the EIA would give her the green light
    Why is she so quick to meet with the developers when the EIA has not been approved

  45. @ David June 23, 2018 7:15 AM

    So which should come first?

    The meeting with the Hyatt developers or a final instruction to the same developers behind the Coverley housing project to either redesign the ‘unauthorized’ construction adjacent to the Highway in accordance with the MTW and T&CP requirements or be prepared for its immediate ‘forced’ removal?

    All what will be going on here is giving the same “developers” a get-out-of-jail card.

    The crucial question which must be asked and genuinely answered is what kind of money has been secured to finance the erection and outfitting of the Hyatt hotel.

    Is it with foreign investors’ money? Then, Fine! Just say so and let us watch for an immediate injection in the Bajan forex coffers.

    Is it going to be with locally-arranged loans denominated in the Mickey Mouse currency along with private funds put up by Maloney & Co?

    Or is it with Monopoly money to facilitate the burning desire to escape from the scam behind the imaginary project concocted behind the scenes just like the Cahill WTE?

    These are the kinds of questions Enuff and ilk should be posing in order to get suitable answers.

    The new administration should be, by now, in possession of the Hyatt Project file containing all the answers to justify the waiving of taxes and duties on a luxury vehicle imported for the ‘benefit’ of an already hired Director of Sales for a hotel of which not a single bag of rock-hard cement has yet been poured for its construction.

    BTW, would there also be an announcement regarding the Four Seasons sale or should that too be left where it is; ‘down in the dump(s)’ and overrun with bush and vermin?

    • @Miller

      The TP should do what it is empowered under the law to do. If there is an encroachment the law prescribes the action to follow.

  46. “Why is she so quick to meet with the developers when the EIA has not been approved”

    Because she’s the Minister with responsibility for investment, finance, economic affairs and Town Planning, and understands the importance of timely negotiations, engagement, consultation and problem solving. All hallmarks of good leadership, governance and government. Keep at it, that 30-0 gine send you 6ft under or Black Rock.🤣🤣

  47. Will hoteliers bring in the foreign money held outside of Barbados?
    Will banks bring in the foreign money held outside of Barbados?
    Will bids be invited for sanitation trucks and transport buses?

    • How are hotels allowed to keep forex outside of Barbados? Are sales not reconciled with bank accounts but officials to determine leakage?

      How are banks allowed to keep money outside if their balance are regulated by the central bank?

      The minister is on record last week confirming that a bid/tender process has to be followed.

  48. @ David June 23, 2018 8:33 AM

    So what is the new fervently active MoTW waiting for?
    Another fatal accident at the same spot but this time involving some ‘white American’ visitor whose family would sue the new government for far more than the current foreign reserves of the lawless country?

    Why don’t you try putting up a structure on the highway opposite the same island of death and try to sell to passing motorists some poison cassava and stolen mangoes and see how quick (before you can shout Jack Maloney gap) you would end up before Graveney?

  49. Is this the same Mia who vocally and loudly cried out loud against contracts given to Mark Maloney
    Again i asked in the name of good goverance how is it that with the EIA not approved why is Mia so quick to meet with developers
    Obviuosly all having seen what was the fly in the ointment that keep the Hyatt from being built all can conclude that Mia knows that the best chance of possibilty of EIA being approved would occur and gives reason for her haste to meet with developers
    So much for the political rubbish that she fed her foot soldiers against Maloney
    The deceptive nature of Mia charcters shines clearly more and more every and the unravelling has just begun alongside with the master strategist of all deceivers David Comissiong

  50. @ David June 23, 2018 9:04 AM

    You mean “Our” government?

    You can check with ac, the Fractured DLP ‘foul’ or even Dunks Griping aka waiting aka Josh to verify. LOL!!!

    With a 30-0 Red-washing somebody has to provide constructive criticism from the armchair and not leave it all up to Bishop Atherley or even PUDRYR to be the ‘official’ Opposition on BU.

  51. “In time to come”
    – Will importers pay full duties on goods passing through the ports?
    – Will teachers teach the full syllabus in class to give students that cannot afford lessons a fair chance?
    – Will the cement facility stay in the vicinity of the flour plant?
    – Will Government default on its debt to pensioners to pay for tax waivers given to tax defaulters?

  52. “In time to come”
    – Will they tell us what caused the sharp declines in the foreign exchange reserves?
    – Will they tell us what caused the NSRL and other import duties to not show a corresponding increase?

  53. Next Mia just like last govt strapped for cash would be force to sell two other govt liabilties the Hilton and the Barbados national oil terminal
    Two liabilities that taxpayers monies have to sustained which also would be seen as a smoke and mirror policy to avoid IMF proposals of further taxation on the people
    Only this time fast or slow all her offerings soon to come would revealed a woman who felt entitled and desperate to become PM used all any method even if having to deceive the populace by way of beliving she could make better after offering bitter

  54. “In time to come”
    – Will they tell us the status of the former Commissioner of Inland Revenue?
    – Will they tell us the status of the former acting Supervisor of Insurance?

  55. Very informative article and comments.

    However, I am having some difficulty reconciling the DC prior to May 24 with the DC we mow see.
    I do not yet have the same level of love and admiration for this DC and I have to wait until he fully emerges from this cocoon to see if this is the same DC.

  56. “These are the kinds of questions Enuff and ilk should be posing in order to get suitable answers.”

    Yeah Enuff…why are you not asking or answering these questions.

  57. RE: THE HYATT CASE Please find attached hereto the Affidavit of Peter Stevens, President of the Barbados National Trust which was filed on 9th August 2017 in relation to the Hyatt matter. Please pay particular attention to paragraphs 5, 7, 8, 16, 17,18, and 19 of the Affidavit Regards DAVID COMISSIONG

  58. “Located at 10 Trinity Square, the Church of the Holy Trinity is surrounded by the Toronto Eaton Centre on the north, south, and east sides, a Marriott hotel and the Ted Rogers School of Management to the northwest, and the office building known as Bell Trinity Square to the southeast.

    The original Eaton Centre construction plans called for the church to be demolished as well, but the parishioners successfully resisted and forced the mall’s design to be changed.”

  59. David you are now seen as a political yardfowl of the highest order
    Why are you not dealing with the twisted and tainted olive branch thrown the blp way by the notorious wolf in sheep’s clothing david Comissiong
    The only items pretaining to the subject matter of the Hyatt is David Commissiong close association relative to his family ties to Mia and his motives which could have influenced his olive branch decision making and generate more of him feasting off the bony calf.
    Just like you Commisiong needs to be closely watch

  60. IN The NUT SHELL, Try Seeing Pass the Rhetoric to the Ulterior Motive.

    Once you learn about Communist Tactics you can read and understand their Hidden Intentions.

    Once you know the Source you know Commie Sing Song is not about doing good, it is all Camouflage.
    A Bitter Fountain Does Not Bring Forth Sweet Water.

    He does Not Hide his Support of the Venezuelan Government who is Starving their people.

    There is No Communist Country that believes in Democracy but will use the same to gain POWER and then REMOVE it. All this talk about the people deciding is SUBTERFUGE. A Bitter Fountain Does NOT Bring Forth Sweet Water. My Spouse has a saying referring to leftist that “Even When They Tell the Truth They Lie Because They Seek to Deceive”!

    The Whole Issue here was Commie Sing Song Frustrating the Process of this Development so that the Hyatt Investors would pack up and leave the project leaving the Bajan Entrepreneur with his losses. He invested what was his not yours and not mine.

    David Comissiong in his own words
    June 23, 2018 1:00 AM

    (See Commie Sing Song’s Motive & Objective Revealed here)…
    “And, of course, if the Court cancels the permission Maloney will lose all of the resources he would have put into commencing the project.”

    Commie Sing Song Sly Mongoose the Pied Piper. All out of his own Mouth and the Intents of his Heart.

  61. Well well
    I am not asking these questions because not even a month has passed since the election. However, the government has met with the IMF (twice), IADB, Social Partnership (at least three times) and others. In contrast, Thompson fired employees, cancelled contracts and pushed lies. In the end, the decisions all turned out to be rushed and resulted in lost lawsuits and 30-0. I don’t expect silence, but at least be cogent and reasonable with the arguments, and present some numbers based on evidence. I am not a fan of the emotive and “I feel” approach to debate on public policy.

  62. Enuff of course whsy u expect is for all and sundry to follow the narrative laid out by the blp yardfowls.Oh.No that is not going to happen. From day ine Mia has show a direction which has all but divorce itself of the mandate of low taxation to the people and has all but revived what the the state of more taxation while delivering it in huge amounts to the people
    The reason why the people ssud enuff was enuff to past govt

  63. Enuff of course whsy u expect is for all and sundry to follow the narrative laid out by the blp yardfowls.Oh.No that is not going to happen. From day ine Mia has show a direction which has all but divorce itself of the mandate of low taxation to the people and has all but revived what the the state of more taxation while delivering it in huge amounts to the people
    The reason why the people ssud enuff was enuff to past govt

  64. Enuff…I am very fair in my assessments and there is no comparison in the way Mia is handling the people’s business in 30 short days compared to how the cockups the now defunct exgovernment excelled at and ruined everything they touched and made it sour in 10 years.

    That is not the issue with Mia, as things stand her fingers are on the pulse of everything that needs an overhaul, as it should be, the pace is right and she is lighting the appropriate fires to march forward priorities, there is no criticism on my end on that proactive approach, really, you can sleep well tonight…she is not the problem.

    The problem will be those who will see no need to rush through changes and no need for radical changes as long as it benefits them financially….those are the ones being earmarked to be capsized and exposed, by whatever means necessary.

    Those are the ones being very closely watched and in the coming weeks will reveal themselves because that is all they have known for decades.

  65. With no opposition there is only one govt and that got can do as dam well as it pleases and as close and in reach as a country can come to a dictatorship
    The optics if these PR stunts are those of brain washing the masses into acceptance
    Many already have been indoctrinated into an opinion that opposites views does not help govt to succeed
    However sucesss is not defined by a political propaganda machine with daily tactics to close the eyes and the mouth of a people who dare say different

  66. @BEAUTIFUL BEIGE June 22, 2018 4:40 PM “Turn off the TV, stop playing video games (the World Health Organization has declared they are addictive and persons suffering from the addiction will need some form of therapy). Throw way the cell phones loads of research regarding their being the cause of cancer and infertility

    Haven’t watched TV in years. Have NEVER played a video game. Have a cell phone, but still fertile as a bunny.

    Still don’t share your right wing views.

    It would really help if you would stay off alt-right American websites.

  67. @Mariposa June 23, 2018 5:02 PM “With no opposition there is only one govt and that got can do as dam well as it pleases and as close and in reach as a country can come to a dictatorship The optics if these PR stunts are those of brain washing the masses into acceptance.”

    Dear Mariposa: If the DLP was not able to brainwash the masses in 10 years, why are you so certain that the BLP can do it in ten weeks?

    And who the RH you calling “the masses” anyhow?

    We are not the masses, we are not sheeple. We are not brass bowls. We are not stupid.

    Ask Ado. We bre’k, but we int stupid.

  68. @Guest June 23, 2018 9:41 AM Will Government default on its debt to pensioners to pay for tax waivers given to tax defaulters?”

    And what if some of those pensioners are also tax defaulters?

    Just asking.

  69. Lol….keep dem out, never let dem back in, they do not deserve to touch taxpayer’s money ever again..many constituency offices that have just been sitting there for years collecting free taxpayer’s money while doing absolutely nothing, like Enuff’s friend Rolerick in Simple’s 5 minute walk area, will have to look for private funding to continue that scam.


    “DLP cut off

    Added 23 June 2018

    It’s a case of no seats, no money for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP).

    Related articles
    Inniss blasts unions
    DLP looking to future
    Estimates of Expenditure and Revenue…
    Because of the 30-nil drubbing it received in the May 24 General Election, the party can no longer benefit from the $150 000 it received annually from Parliament for the last 21 years.

    That money, which is paid quarterly, is part of the $300 000 subvention set aside for political parties which have elected members of Parliament. The sum is intended to assist these organisations with their daily administration costs.c

  70. As I have said on many occasions and this is not only confined to Barbados, but many people do not know how and on whom their tax dollars are spent and wasted nor fir how long, if you dont know you dont know….the policies put in place to relieve taxpayers of their money.

    “Eastmond said the Management Commission of Parliament, established by that act, was responsible for implementing this policy.

    This same policy stipulates the payments of up to $1 200 per month for each constituency office, as well as the salary of a constituency assistant attached to each Member of Parliament.

    When asked how the absence of this $150 000 annual subvention would impact the operations of the DLP, general secretary George Pilgrim said he preferred not to comment on internal party matters.”

  71. Many national policies can be implemented to help our current situation but you spoke of a new economy.
    Any new economy must set its parameters around current and future global trends.
    Current trends are pointing to digital economies in Business, Home, Health and Beauty and lifestyles using technologies that support there four basic tenets of society.
    Everything is going digital, incorporating technology. Brick and mortar stores is being replace by online stores, ..they are being replaced by product pages while affilates are driving the traffic on the web

    The sooner we become educated about new digital economies and get ahead of the curve, the country will be found wanting.
    Cryto currencies are being established, platforms for control of aspects of digital economies is a must. It is global engagement, the returns are unimaginable.

  72. Reblogged this on Mindful Partnerships Matter and commented:

    The beauty of @Peoples Partnership@ is that it recognizes that we are all part of a citizenry, community or nation (nation state), we all have a voice. The challenge is to create a safe environment where all people feel they can exercise their freedoms without retribution. I hope you will take time to read and reflect on how this proposal mirrors or not your own view on development at any level.

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