Elton ‘Elombe’ Mottley

As we celebrated our 50th Anniversary, the question came to my mind about where will we be in the next 50 years? Even tho I ask myself this question, I am not expecting that my imagination can provide you with concrete images of what that culture will be. I don’t intend to even try, but what I would like to do is offer you a framework of ideas to consider.

Barbados is an island of 166 square miles sitting in the middle of a sea with our nearest neighbour 100 miles away. We are not on the beaten path. Any one coming to Barbados has to have a purpose. Can we create a purpose or several purposes to make it worth the while for people from wherever to step off that beaten path and fly or sail to Barbados? When they do, how can we persuade them to pay us for that privilege? What do we as Bajans have that has the power to make Barbados such a desirable destination?

Let us look at what we have that we think are unique:

  • Our beaches. Not at all unique. Everybody got beaches. But if they come our beaches are a bonus not a reason.
  • Our weather. Not unique either. Everybody got weather. But if they come our weather is a bonus not a reason.
  • Our environment. Not unique either. Everybody got environment, some with rivers, trees, pristine agricultural lands, golf courses. But if they come our pristine environment is a bonus not a reason.
  • Our people. Not unique either. Everybody got people. But if they come we must be the reason not a bonus.

What do we have that would create the reason and desire for visitors to step off the beaten track?

There was a time when cricket attracted the world because of the quality of our cricketers. In 1966, we had 10 players in the West Indies Test Team. We played cricket between houses, on raw ground, and on hillsides where the umpire had to tell the batsman that the bowler was coming up. The game has changed but have we changed? Partially. Franklyn Stevenson is showing one way it is done with his cricket school.

In order to survive as an independent country, we must sell the world

  • The pleasure of knowledge, health, caring, happiness and blissfulness by creating a desire for non Bajans to want to remain or go and come back again, and again. We will rent them that time to be with us. That rental is a combination of accommodation, food, transportation, entertainment and service. We must be the landlords.
  • Barbados as the center of education and health across the internet to the world – websites mastering social media as businesses to sell Barbados as the center of Education. ( e.g. Airbnb)

Barbados must develop the reputation across the Caribbean as having the best education and health systems in the Caribbean. If it isn’t so, let us make it so. Our goal is to market Barbados as BARBADOSThe CENTER for EDUCATION in the Americas.




Our goal should be to have 10-15 Universities based in Barbados by 2025. A major part of this number should be Medical, Law, and Religious Universities.


  • When the new hospital is built, it will continue to have a relationship with UWI – Cave Hill.
  • The Old (60 year) Queen Elizabeth Hospital should be leased to one of the Medical Schools to be refurbished and used as a teaching hospital and school.
  • The Old General Hospital on Jemmott’s Lane should also be leased to another Medical School.
  • St Joseph Hospital in St Peter should also be leased to another Medical School.
  • The Psychiatric Hospital (Jenkins, Black Rock) occupies 25 acres and can also be leased to a Medical School. Modern Psychiatric centres should be established for psychiatric patients across the island. Alternately, this facility because of its location could be used as the location for the new National General Hospital with enough space to expand the UWI Medical School (Including nursing). UWI would most likely to get accreditation, a very important status for Caribbean Medical Schools – technicians, veterinary medicine, pharmaceutics, medical sciences, etc.


  • Codrington College (600+ acres) should be developed into the Barbados International Spiritual University. It has already expanded as a University of Christian Thought by training members of other Christian churches.
  • Inviting the Chinese to establish and build a Confucius Institute to teach Chinese religions and philosophical thought and language.(Already being built at UWI- Cave Hill Campus.)
  • Inviting the Japanese/South Korea similarly establish a Buddhist, Zen, South Asian Religious College.
  • Inviting Saudis and Iranians to build Islamic Colleges.
  • Invite the International Jewish community to build a Centre for Jewish Studies especially recognizing the first Jewish Synagogue in the Americas in Bridgetown.
  • Inviting India to construct a Hindu College as well as other Indian religions.
  • Invite Nigeria and other African States to build an African Religions Centre to study African traditional religions and religious thought.



Extended training in the Fine Arts –

o Animation

o Art

o Design

o Music

o Dance

o Theatre

o Film Production

o Fashion

o Web design

o Critical analysis

· Accounting

· Management

· Project Management

· Other traditional areas


  • Extended training of Craftsmen in joinery and reproduction of Bajan furniture for export.
  • All students in wood-working stream would be required to individually or as teams reproduce a piece of traditional furniture, or sets in order to graduate.
  • Training of wide range of technical graduates in maintenance and construction.
  • Medical technologists and maintenance of highly sophisticated technologies.


  • Training is use of new technologies
  • Training how to use of proverbs to establish values


Barbados has had a number of private secondary schools for over 70 years viz.

The Barbados Academy, The Modern High School, The Federal High School, Mapp’s High School, St Winnifred’s High School, St Cyprian’s, (Green) Lynch’s Secondary, St Ursula’s Secondary, The Co-operative High School, Seventh Day Adventist High School, Callender’s High School, Metropolitan High School, Christ Church High School, and Codrington High School.

  • Barbados should encourage the use of many of the old plantation estates to establish private accredited high schools with or without boarding for local and foreign students to pursue the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.
  • Provide access to foreign students thru accredited schools, especially South and Central American students to access our High Schools so as to be immersed in English while boarding at former South Coast hotels converted into hostels.


  • Education opportunities – coaching in sports, health farms, health spas and related rehabilitation services to develop talents of Bajans
  • Develop support services such as volunteers for the development of Sports in Primary, Secondary and National meetings.
  • UWI and its Institutes must conduct research aimed at encouraging new businesses that can be developed on the internet, in marketing of our music, artistic and cultural industries outlining the types of jobs and services required and existing Worldwide. This would include festivals that could hire our artistes to perform as professionals during the summer and fall. We need to capitalize on the Rhianna Effect.
  • Barbadians should also be encouraged to develop and practice the art of Sticklicking and Road Tennis.



  • To strengthen the moral authority and respect for people, Barbadian students should be taught proverbs as training tools from preschool to the end of their secondary schooling.
  • NIFCA – the platform for exposing our youth to the arts, should emphasize its developmental role by establishing competition first at all primary schools where other students, teachers, family and friends could see their children’s works.
  • The winners in each category will go to the Parish level where they compete again and the winners next to the National Level. This process would also allow parents and friends to once again follow the children’s work and successes at all levels.
  • The finals would consist of those winners from the Parish level.
  • Parents and teachers would be encouraged to be judges alongside National judges who in their deliberations would raise the knowledge base of the parents, friends and the community at large thru the discussions.
  • The establishment of a series of voluntary National Orchestras and choirs to perform in public regularly at the National Bandstands – The Hastings Rocks, The Bay Street Esplanade, Queen’s Park, George V Park, Speightstown Esplanade and other areas. The purpose is to re-develop a solid heritage of musicians to enhance the quality of life in Barbados. We did it all before with Church Choirs and Village Choirs.


One of the critical requirements for Bajans is the need to strengthen our own self-awareness and self-esteem of what and who is a Bajan. The Barbados Landship Movement is unique to Barbados and gives us the singular identity second to none. The survival of the Landship Movement must be part of our National Identity. Without it we have a face without a nose.

The only country that has a Landship Movement is Barbados. Landship for adults will die out because most of the communal conditions e.g. savings and burial benefits have been replaced by National Insurance and individual insurance. This unique Bajan indigenous institution should not be allowed to die. It must be recreated and reimaged as an organization in Primary Schools to inculcate several traditional values from the Original Landship plus. We had no qualms of introducing Boy Schools, Girl Guides, Church Lad Brigades, Mother Unions and Cadet Corps because it was mandated by the British Government. All of these organizations required discipline, cooperation, and development of leadership skills

The Landship Movement should be converted into a youth movement like the Boy Scouts or Girl Guides or cadets to maintain this unique aspect of Bajan Culture. These youth Landships would become crucibles of this traditional dance and its musical heritage. Competitions with each other in a series of categories will be organized annually.

The former Barbados National Bank, now Republic Bank, had developed a business program for students that can be incorporated into this Landship Movement. This program can be used to teach money management and savings culture.


Over the years, Bajans developed a series of carts to move goods and provide services to each other. When compared with Caribbean Islands, the Bajan carts are unique in their design and use. Some of these carts should be adapted and used to provide modern day services while maintaining and projecting our unique heritage. These carts can be decorated and painted to capture individuality of the vendor.

  • Donkey Cart taxis to move visitors from Cruise Ships to Bridgetown and around Resort Areas like St Lawrence Gap, Holetown and Speightstown
  • Bread Carts can be converted to serve hot or cold foods at temporary roadside locations.
  • Rumshops recreated as restaurants serving indigenous food as cuisine with appropriate training available.
  • Snowball Carts selling Bajan ices with locally made fruit juices – Bajan Cherry, Bajan shaddock, Sugar apple, Golden Apple, Packaged Sucking Cane (made from earlier soft varieties), Sea Grape, Guava, Gooseberries, et al
  • Luncheon Carts for food
  • Coconut Carts



There is no doubt that furniture craftsmen/joiners of the past have produced a fantastic array of unique designs. Let us imbue that furniture with the prestige that it deserves`. The palaces/warehouses that some of this furniture is located are

  • Government House, St Michael
  • Ilaro Court, St Michael
  • The Barbados Museum, St Michael
  • Grantley Adams House –Tyrol Cot, Spooners Hill, St Michael
  • The Barbados National Trust Headquarters – Wildey Great House, St Michael
  • Keith Melville’s Sunbury Plantation House, St Phillip

There are many other collections across Barbados that can be used to earn income for the owners as well as for the country.

Training of persons to produce reproductions should follow the same path as training artistes for all types of endeavours – art, music, dance, writing, programing, etc. All Wood Working graduates should be required to reproduce a piece of this furniture in order to graduate. Do it once, do it again! On visits to these locations there are signs indicating cost of item plus shipping costs to rest of the world. Exactly what fine artists do. All art work would be signed and certified as authentic reproductions by a special Reproductions Standard Institute. Marketing will be thru Internet web sites using National ID Codes.

Why are there no tours of Government House? Or Ilaro Court?

  • Bajan Furniture galleries where signed reproductions are also marketed and sold with short histories.

· Chattel houses should be used for restaurants, boutiques especially in the growth areas of St Phillip, St John, St Peter and St Lucy.


Each area needs to be given prestige thru media and the internet coverage

Computing systems. Knowledge systems. Cognitive. Will still need people contact.


Chalky Mount Barbados should be designated as a National Brand as is given to Cropover. This brand should be accessible to all potters operating out of IDC Facilities Island wide. BIDC needs to change its focus to giving full support to developing local entrepreneurs in these areas.

ATTITUDES – Service and Servitude

Actions needed to strengthen our perception of self.

National Heroes

  • A popular edition of book on National Heroes to be sold for $5-10.
  • Comic book versions of National Heroes for primary schools.
  • Cartoon video stories about National heroes.

The Bajan Experience

  • Recreate Rumshops architecturally and spatially not just in the country but in the city extended to the street. Baxter’s Rd, Nelson St, Roebuck St, Palmetto St
  • Use of Donkey cart taxis to move tourists from harbour to the Inner Bridgetown Mall (Swan St, Broad Street, Trafalgar Square, Palmetto St.)
  • Street food using traditional bread carts to serve from
  • Chattel house as hotels etc.

The Rastafarians of Temple Yard

  • Rastas have been around for the last 40 years, manufacturing products, many inbreeding designs, use of hard leather limiting their market primarily to fellow Rastas.
  • Need to develop wider designs especially to reach the visitor and middle class market.
  • Need access to better quality leathers and other products like the high quality leathers made from the Barbados Black Belly sheep skins.

Barbados Black Belly Sheep

The Barbados Black Belly Sheep is a unique animal that evolved in Barbados over time. Studies have shown that the mutton obtained from the Black Belly Sheep produces high quality Triple B (Barbados Black Belly) lamb for both the local and visitors’ market. It also produces some of the finest leather from its skins.

To support the Black Belly development program, unused agricultural lands must be converted into grass pastures and/or growing miamossi plants, also known as river tamarind (Leucaena leucocephala).

This plant exists in Barbados and has a high protein content suitable for feeding ruminants when it is still green. It was introduced by the Ministry of Agriculture in the Pine but has been allowed to grow wild to maturity scattering its seeds across neighbouring fields. Penalties must be implemented against land owners who allow their lands to become infested by those responsible for administering environmental standards.

This plant if managed correctly, will be an important feed ingredient for the Barbados Black Belly sheep. It is from these animals that we can produce –

  • Leather for leather workers (Consultant – Dr Leroy McClean) – bags, shoes, amulets, hair products, books marks, wrist bands, earrings, jackets, head bands,, etc
  • Food (Consultant – Rosemary Parkinson)
  • Reduce foreign exchange spent on importing animal feeds.

Industrial Development Corporation Services

The Industrial Development Corporation must be restructured to invest in the development of future Bajan entrepreneurs by bringing them together in one location at vastly reduced rent to allow them to feed off of each other. IDC is a landlord of buildings at the industrial Estate outside the Bridgetown Harbour. These buildings are deteriorating and are not being maintained. Certainly IDC could offer discounted rates to bring young entrepreneurs together to feed off of each other to supply services to the outside world.

  • Legal Drafting for countries, states and municipalities worldwide
  • Computer software development
  • Video and sound studios
  • Graphic artists
  • Heritage joiners
  • Clothing Designers and manufacturing
  • Animation

Bridgetown Port Duty Free Facilities

Access to duty free facilities at the port should be two-fold:

  • Wholesalers who sell to retailers.
  • Retailers who sell to visitors.

This will allow retailers to use traditional concepts of hawkers to sell products in various combinations. This tradition of bargaining and combining products allows them to determine their own profits but more importantly share in the spoils of the hospitality industry. These newly defined hawkers at the port will be costumed having acquired training at the Barbados Community College (BCC) and Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP).

Other Developments

  • Dr Carmichael – Restoration of Facades on Roebuck St, Swan St, Bay St etc
  • Paul Altman – Enhancement of Jewish Synagogue, oldest in the New World of the Americas.
  • Tyrol Cot Chattel House Village should be a functional village redesigned as a mini tenantry village with a bakery providing freshly baked traditional breads, rumshop, chickens, palings, bread carts, snowball carts, coconut carts, troubadours, et al.
  • Villagers should wear period costumes.

This is about US. This is about Jobs. This is about Pride. This is about Survival.

Baba Elombe Mottley
January 1, 2017.



    Here is a Barbados Scholar from before my time ….. he was spoken of in glowing terms at HC and wherever I went.

    That is the other benefit of the elitist system … it gives us beacons.

    “Do your best at anything you decide to do. Be honest. Respect others”


  • I remember another top student the year after me, Paul McClean, Barbados Scholar.

    I met him at the airport one day recently, fist time I saw him since HC.

    Here is what he has been up to.


  • Leave the elite of the elite to find their own levels, whether it is here or overseas.


  • John,
    Our embassies and high commissions should have a comprehensive data base of Barbadians overseas and their specialisms. Rather, they seem to have good details on political affiliations.


  • You figured it out too!!


  • @ Talking Loud Saying Nothing September 16, 2017 at 5:13 AM
    “I’m going to make a controversial statement. I would be in favour of bringing white South African and Zimbabwean ex-farmers to Barbados. They are surplus to requirement in their countries of birth and are a hungry people. In terms of energy and agricultural knowledge they would benefit our society enormously. We could use this group to actively displace white Bajans by compulsory purchasing enormous tracts of land currently owned by white Bajans; and allow the Southern Africans to proceed with the restoration of our agricultural industry whilst limiting their rights in terms of citizenship, land and house ownership.
    It is the white Bajan that is holding back the development of Barbados. We should be looking at all avenues to get them out of the country.

    I believe you are being frightfully harsh on the Bajan “white” population.

    This group is by all ‘counts’ a dying breed and in a few years will not exist to control the economic landscape which has been ceded to the mercantile nouveaux arrivants in the form of Syrian, Lebanese, East Indian and Chinese ethnic groups.

    As far as your proposal of ethnic cleansing of the Bajan economic landscape with its replication by another group of white supremacists from Boer country and Rhodesia land don’t you think it would just be a case of six being half-dozen?

    Would the local Bajan blacks be any better off than their cousins in the same Zimbabwe and the once wealthy rainbow nation of South Africa?

    Isn’t the same black-controlled government of Barbados the biggest owner and controller of land?

    Are you going to ‘give away’ the land inherited by means of an edict of reparations by the same black descendants of slaves to the same imported white supremacists to make Quaker John’s day of Hallelujah and rejoicing in the raining slaves again?

    The problem here, my ‘speaking loud’ friend is not with the white man, Bajan or ‘African’, but with the corrupt incompetent black politicians and cowardly ‘educated’ and similarly corrupt senior bureaucrats currently administering the affairs of the black majority in ZIM, BIM and SA.

    How else would you explain the behaviour of Mugabe and his Marie Antoinette wife or even that proven corrupt poppet for puppet Pres. Zuma under total control of his puppeteer the Gupta business empire?

    Don’t you spot a similar trend of submissive dependence by the Bajan black political class on the same non-white oligarchy and business tycoons?

    How could a poor black boy from the ghetto and block culture who even can’t tell the difference between a decimal, fraction or percentage end up being a star boy in the politically popular movie called ‘How to get filthy rich through Politics” and, allegedly, the overseas account holder of millions in foreign money to be effectively laundered by way of the white-man ‘made and sold’ top of the ‘range’ land cruiser unless he won the UK lottery or the Euro Millions while on an official trip to the Motherland of the same Bajan whites?


  • If we have irrefutable evidence that a senior politician has an off-shore account in the UK for improper purposes, then a formal complaint to the National Crime Agency would lead to an investigation.
    Under the Bribe Act, it is an offence for a UK citizen or registered company to bribe anyone in any part of the world and all bank and financial institutions can be prosecuted for money-laundering.
    Name the UK bank; name the individual; make a formal complaint..


  • When I was looking at Carrington Village in Professor Marshall’s book I saw it figures in the Penny Bank Saga.

    I always heard about it but never really looked at it in any detail.

    He writes:

    ” However, the mid-1940’s brought disruption to the life of a vibrant community where co-operative institutions like friendly societies, had thrived. George Lamming depicting “Creighton Village” in his autobiographal nove, In the Castle of my Skin, has vividly described that disruption.

    Land speculators in the shape of the Cooperative or Penny Bank bought the tenantry, offered the land for sale at rates most tenants could not afford, tripled the rent and evicted those who either fell into arrears with rental payments or were occupying spots for which purchasers presented themselves.

    Christine Barrow in her doctoral thesis has pointed to the direct results.. Over 80 percent of the residents moved their residences: only about 15% bought the spots on which they lived and remained resident on the; and the Penny Bank collapsed in 1962, some of those who had contracted to buy their spots faced huge difficulties in acquiring legal title to those house-spots.”

    Growing up I heard of some of the people, eg Stuart & Sampson was an old Roebuck Street(?) business.

    There is even an Ashby involved, possibly a descendant of RCA.

    I remember there was the “Ashby Medford” building in Roebuck Street just above ECAF.

    … and then there was Joe Tudor, another with ties to Roebuck Street.

    Where was Sir Grantley when all this was happening?

    … and Errol Barrow in 1962 when it collapsed.


  • @ Hal Austin September 16, 2017 at 10:42 AM

    Your nemesis, the Guyanese-born DPP, is dead. No one left to put legal stumbling blocks in your morally-enthused way.

    here is your once-in-your-lifetime opportunity to actualize your investigative journalistic dream and be the Alistair Cook for Bim to be that hero on the ground not in any literary form but by putting your sarcastically convoluted mouth to good use, for once.

    Just make an “anonymous” complaint and see what happens next.

    Next time you walk past the Old Bailey just look up and you will see a figure of a blindfolded woman with a set of scales in one hand and a (flaming) sword in the other.

    Just listen to the whispering message of that ‘Anonymous’ woman and she would point you in the right direction for you to follow to find the path to the Fiery Truth.

    Two down and more to go in this retribution for that CLICO scam.

    Maybe you might just be the one Lady Karma has selected to bring down the administration like a house of corrupted cards in one fell swoop.
    As above, so below!


  • Jethro,
    Just write in simple English and you would be understood. Cut out the linguistic buffoonery and the name dropping. Plse explain again what you were trying to say.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Lol…Miller……I dont know why Hal dont grow a pair and a backbone too…and get either get involved in all the investigations surrounding the ministers, the drug dealing gun runners and their criminal networks….he is in a perfect position right in the UK where it all started and where there are obviously ongoing investigations, but no, he thinks his job as a journalist is to troll those who know what’s going on..

    Or he needs to connect with the investigation re the deceased UK dude….instead of trolling those with the information.

    “Don’t you spot a similar trend of submissive dependence by the Bajan black political class on the same non-white oligarchy and business tycoons?”

    Yeah….Talking Loud wants to replace mediocre racists whites, with hard core racist whites from the blighted boer country, who just recently threw a 16 year old black kid from a moving car and killed him, they are still rioting over that in SA ….he has no idea the level of hatred those white animals in SA have for black people, obviously.

    And dont let’s get started with that dumb, broadfaced corrupt black man Zuma…just replace his name within any of the clowns in Barbados’ parliament. ..and there is no difference.


  • It looks as though both the BLP and DLP are linked back to the Penny Bank through their MP’s

    Tudor would be a former MP for the DLP and Symmonds, formerly a DLPite became an MP for the BLP through the “politics of inclusion”

    One big happy family!!


  • He said “get off your fat ass and do some investigative work”
    Don’t say “Thanks” but you are welcome


  • The family resemblance is pretty clear


  • I am hearing some business are having their credit cards declined when trying to purchase overseas goods.

    Appears our reserves are shaky and they have been made more shaky because Trinidad interests are using our foreign exchange to purchase goods for Trinidad!!

    Anyone hearing anything like that or is it a wicked malicious rumour?


  • @ TheGazer
    Boss… have you considered that Hal GENUINELY do not understand Miller…. on account that he is …slow!!

    Where you got that whacker…
    Shiite man .. yuh got Bushie’s looking like one of these 2-stroke jokes ..with the little shiny nylon string…


  • Commissioner Of Police Have Chris Sinckler c

    Why the rasshole my commissioner have the Chris Sinckler cheques in his office under lock and key. Yet, we see rasshole people going to prison for stealing a cake of soap.


  • Commissioner Of Police Have Chris Sinckler cheques

    Chris Sinckler is a rasshole thief and the Prime minister is a ugly selfish cunt


  • Commissioner Of Police Have Chris Sinckler cheques from Mr Weare's Office

    Acting Inspector wants inspector pay so the Royal Barbados Police Force corrupt.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    “In 1648 Oliver Cromwell deported 50,000 Irish dissidents to the island, who subsequently mixed with the black population”

    So nice to know the truth…ah bet many are ashamed of their Irish heritage.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Someone should post a copy of that check, if it exists, to the blogs.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    So nice to know the truth…ah bet many are ashamed of their Irish AND AFRICAN heritage.


  • @ Hal Austin September 16, 2017 at 11:56 AM

    Shallow Hal, you might be one ugly Bajan born and bred johnny but you can’t really be that daftly stupid as you look.

    If you are so concerned about the moral degeneracy ruling Barbados instead of the Law why don’t you get to FCUK off you ugly butt and bring to the attention of Scotland Yard (through your top-notch investigative journalistic skills honed in the UK) the reprobate things happening in Bim today your beloved land of Christianity?

    We are sure the UK powers-that-be will be inclined to listen to you and act on your ‘reliably’ gathered information much more so than to a lowly anonymous imbecilic blogger and scandal mongerer who pollutes the pages of BU with esoteric codswallop.

    And while you are at it, you could as well ‘brief’ them about the growing influence of ISIL and potential for Jihadist actvities by the fast growing ‘fundamentalist’ Muslim community often maligned in your contributions to the BU bloggs.

    After all, as an adopted Englishman yourself, you ought to make sure your fellow ‘vacationing’ Brits are not subject to any potential terrorist attacks in Little England.


  • ”Appears our reserves are shaky and they have been made more shaky because Trinidad interests are using our foreign exchange to purchase goods for Trinidad!!”

    So you are saying that there was more than one reason for purchasing the distributors and retailers here?

    Ahhh makes sense now.


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    John the Liar, Vincent and his ilk, really need to stop telling lies about the dates of british terror on the island…look Miller, compare the dates and trace the lies if BU resident demons.

    …It is estimated that between 1627 and 1807, approximately 387,000 enslaved Africans were sent to Barbados. Barbados (Bridgetown, in particular), re-exported many slaves to North America, other Caribbean islands, and the Captaincy General of Venezuela.

    “In 1648 Oliver Cromwell deported 50,000 Irish dissidents to the island, who subsequently mixed with the black population”….


  • TheGazer September 16, 2017 at 12:13 PM #



  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    …..the lies of BUs resident Demons.


  • Jethro,
    Plse get your English sorted out. What you are trying to say will be more understandable. Did you learn English as a foreign language? Are you sure you are an old St Giles boy?


  • Nope, looks like they still got me moderated.

    It is too late in the game


  • “Jim Crow” was a slang offensive insulting name for negros

    Now you have Xtra Jim Crow+++ Laws with Trump Travel Ban, Dacca Repeal and Repeal of Police Voluntary Undertaking

    New Jim Crow in Racist Nation:

    Muslim Laws
    Mexican Laws
    Negro Laws

    Devil Woman


  • Devil Woman

    “Jim Crow” was an offensive nickname for Negros

    Now USA has brought back Jim Crow for Muslims, Mexicans and Negros in the Racist Nation

    KKK Trumps
    Travel Ban
    Repeal of Dacca
    Repeal of Voluntary Undertaking by Police


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    @ Miller, Crusoe, Well Well,

    I do not believe that i’m being too hard on white Bajans You do realise that this tiny white Bajan population still has a deep psychological hold on the mindset of black Bajans. Cow Williams has a hotline which puts him through directly to our prime minister. When he tells Stuart to jump, Stuart’s reply is how high – boss! The masses bear witness to these events, they have a shared and a collective experience of white dominance over them.

    We need to break these vicious chains which have enchained our mindset. This is why i believe that we have to create the conditions on the ground which would encourage the white Bajan to remove themselves from off our soil.

    I appreciate your remarks on the other minorities who have become prominent players on the island and our feckless and corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. But let us first deal with that problem group: the white Bajan.

    With reference to white southern African farmers we need to be pragmatic. We as a people have lost our way. We are no longer productive, efficient and lack the know how to get things done. If it means we need a leg up from individuals who hail from former apartheid countries. Then so be it!


  • …It is estimated that between 1627 and 1807, approximately 387,000 enslaved Africans were sent to Barbados. Barbados (Bridgetown, in particular), re-exported many slaves to North America, other Caribbean islands, and the Captaincy General of Venezuela.

    Did you know that out of this 387,000 a whopping 500,000 reached North America??!!


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    @ John,

    ” Acclaimed author and lawyer Bryan Stevenson on why a new museum in Montgomery, a key place in the slave trade, sets out the history of US racial inequality ”


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    “If it means we need a leg up from individuals who hail from former apartheid countries. Then so be it!”
    WEhich will be counterproductive to your objectives since the white bper acist is even more evil, hateful and will have an even stronger hold on weak black, corrupt government ministers who have no spine.

    Unless you plan to do to the boers as I outlined, it will just be more of the same, this time without about 2.7 million boers left in SA to back them up,.., although their population too is dying out, but there are still millions of them left.

    You do nit need anyone white to show you how to farm…African ancestors farmed for thousands of years before the terrorist whites left the caucus mountains…they were not farmers but hunter gatherers..

    Farming handed down for thousands of generations comes naturally….bajans will have to do it or starve….and stop acting as though farming is alien to their culture, that is pretentious and false.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Which will be counterproductive to your objectives since the white BOER RACIST is even more evil, hateful and will have an even stronger hold on weak black, corrupt government ministers who have no spine.

    Unless you plan to do to the boers as I outlined, it will just be more of the same, this time WITH about 2.7 million boers left in SA to back them up…..

    John……ya have no credibility, even PLT is now ignoring you, those wash pans of lies you told blew back on you.


  • John……ya have no credibility, even PLT is now ignoring you, those wash pans of lies you told blew back on you.

    At this stage of the game all that matters is you keep talking!!!!


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    That will not work either…there are greater forces at play other than what I say, it’s nothing you can change, ya are outnumbered.


  • @ Hal Austin September 16, 2017 at 3:55 PM #
    “Jethro, Plse get your English sorted out. What you are trying to say will be more understandable. Did you learn English as a foreign language? Are you sure you are an old St Giles boy?”

    No Hal I learnt my English at the same North London Institute for the ‘educationally subnormal’ West Indians such as you.

    It’s a pity the black teacher called “Sir Brafitt” was from Guyana and not Bubaydus.

    You are just mongrel pretending to be a ‘monger’ of schoolmarm (ism).

    BTW, have you done what you have been told to do?

    Have you prepared a journalistic story about the white British dude murdered in a triangle of love of cars, drugs and political corruption in Buybadus?

    At least you should be able to force that black newspaper, the New Voice of Hal Almighty to publish shit. Why not try the South London Times or the Brixton Herald for wider circulation?
    Now here is your golden opportunity to make it big in the world of scoop journalism.

    At least your children and grand-children (who don’t listen to you) could benefit from the rights to the possible film aptly titled: ‘The Murder of a White man in Barbados- a tale of corruption, collusion and cover-up among black West Indian politicians and bribed Law Enforcers’.


  • Added to the list of recommended reading at UWI for those pursuing course work in Political Science is the new book….The Pedagogy of the Uncorrupted….authored by Denis Lowe,co-authored by Michael Lashley and Stephen Lashley,with a prologue by Freundel Stuart and an epilogue by Michael Carrington.It is suggested that if there was ever expertise in the arena of corruption,the student reads it therein ‘from the horses’mouth’.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Oh what a disgrace.


  • @Commissioner Of Police Have Chris Sinckler cheques September 16, 2017 at 1:31 PM “Chris Sinckler is a rasshole thief and the Prime minister is a ugly selfish cunt”

    i take it that you don’t like the P.M. and Chrissy?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.



  • Jethro,
    Here you go making up tales again. Plse send me the address of the North London Institute, South London Times and the Brixton Herald.
    These snippets reveal more about you then you intend. The idiocy and frustration in your voice. What a waste of public funds educating someone like you. I am sure that money could have been better spent.


  • John September 15, 2017 at 9:55 AM #

    But, in 1837, here is the burial record of Rowland Gibson, perhaps an ancestor of Vincent, in the “Quaker Yard”.

    A possible relation of my fathers younger brother H.McD.Gibson who served with EWB in WW2 but not mine as his father a Gibson was not my grandfather or related to me.

    I doubt you will find Quakers in my immediate Bim family of Haynes&Gay or the extended ones of Lyte,Nichols,McColin,Hurdle,Pearson or Scott.


  • millertheanunnaki September 16, 2017 at 10:20 AM #

    @ Talking Loud Saying Nothing September 16, 2017 at 5:13 AM
    “I’m going to make a controversial statement. I would be in favour of bringing white South African and Zimbabwean ex-farmers to Barbados.

    Isn’t the same black-controlled government of Barbados the biggest owner and controller of land?

    Are you going to ‘give away’ the land inherited by means of an edict of reparations by the same black descendants of slaves to the same imported white supremacists

    Chuckle…….now why you want to reveal the truth…….


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger September 16, 2017 at 3:29 PM #

    …It is estimated that between 1627 and 1807, approximately 387,000 enslaved Africans were sent to Barbados. Barbados (Bridgetown, in particular), re-exported many slaves to North America, other Caribbean islands, and the Captaincy General of Venezuela.

    “In 1648 Oliver Cromwell deported 50,000 Irish dissidents to the island, who subsequently mixed with the black population”….

    Hahaha……wuhloss…..muhbelly…… if the above are not the basic ingredients for a Pelau…….somebody tell me what is……lololol


  • John

    Remember you are writing for posterity and over time the many detractors on here will understand what you have been trying to explain not necessarily agree but understand the vein of it.

    Note it has started WW&C has come to accept and understand that Bim is a country of Pelaus.



    black 92.4%, white 2.7%, mixed 3.1%, East Indian 1.3%, other 0.2%, unspecified 0.2% (2010 est.)

    They lie and lie and lie. They do not retreat in the presence of truth.


  • black 92.4%, white 2.7%, mixed 3.1%, East Indian 1.3%, other 0.2%, unspecified 0.2% (2010 est.)

    Hahahaha……..I remember the 2010 census.

    I asked to see the questionnaire after they had asked me the questions,I saw that one question which they had never asked me was answered.

    …….that question was my ethnicity to which they placed black……I promptly scratched it out and replaced it with other.

    …….Without DNA one cannot jump to a conclusion of a persons ethnic background based on melanin content.

    ……Many questionnaires will have that section filled out by the person asking the questions without the knowledge of the participant.

    As WW&C alluded to before when one assumes it ends up like…….ASS-U-ME.


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    Vincent you was born black and will remain black. How about the term “honorary” black. Would that title make you feel more comfortable?


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing September 17, 2017 at 3:04 PM #

    Chuckle…….I am so happy to know that you are so prescient as to have seen my yet to be taken DNA……which states on it that my ethnicity is black.

    Cuhdear…..not even some tribal references… mean no location…….wuhloss……..just black……umhhh……

    Bozie…….look again and try to give me a breakdown…..everybody on this planet is identified by tribal origins not melanin content…..ah means to say even you should know that…..but then then again your names says it all…….sense and knowledge is not common.


  • You and John are full of anecdotes/fairy tales…

    If I believe you, it must have been a complete shock to you when the person looked at you and placed you in the black column.

    You know what you are, but you don’t have the courage to accept it…

    It would be sweet if a pelau was the person interviewing you….


  • Categories of black and white may be too simplistic to describe a person as they are many shades outside of the palette……

    Vinny boy, I think you are as black as I am or even blacker. Thou “doth protest too much, methinks.”


  • John is the voice and Vinny is the body…. behold Uncle Ruckus


  • Early Haynes and Gay families were Quaker.

    Have not looked at some of the others but easy to do through their wills.

    But I reckon most if not all early families were.

    Pretty sure about Lyte and Scott.

    If you go to the Archives, look at any will prior to 1800 and the testament will give them away!!

    If you see the word Friend it is another clue.

    Sometimes the way they wrote the date also is an indicator, preferring tor example to put “.. a month called June” rather than just June.


  • Chuckle……an interesting legacy of slavery……..ignorance in its truest sense…..

    For millenia one has been identified by ones tribal name or place of origin,as no homogeneity exists by virtue of skin tone i.e. melanin content.

    An example of that can be found by doing comparisons between tribes in Africa and tribes in India both having identical skin tone or melanin content but with different physical features e.g. facial features of the Indian Tribe would be of straight black hair, a pointed thin nose and thin lips.

    Actually this ignorance maybe a plus because we can start by embracing the indian and continue with all others of the human race and finally stop the belief that melanin deficiency is to be revered rather than pitied as is the case with the Albinos of Tanzania.

    As said before on here…..where ignorance is bliss ’tis folly to be wise…..

    A Dark-Skinned Indian Man Married to a Black Woman Opens Up … › Relationships
    Apr 6, 2017 – This writer and his wife were featured in our exclusive video series, The Pros and Cons of Dating Asian Men. Check it out here. Dear Ms.


  • Capt.Robert Haynes the patriarch of the Planter Haynes’ family was from all accounts a carpetbagger who came to Bim with the army and ended up marrying Col.Hothersals daughter,the heiress to Hothersal Pltn in St.John,thereby starting that families centuries long interest in acquiring plantations in the Scotland district.

    I would never have thought of him as a Quaker as he and his progeny enjoyed connubial bliss with many a freed and enslaved lady.


  • The fact that John and Vincent have not yet been able to grasp that these discussions have ZERO to do with how much ‘black genes’ and ‘white genes’ comprise one’s genealogical makeup …and EVERYTHING to do with the albino-centric OUTLOOK and predisposition that drives a person, versus the COMMUNITY-Centric outlook …tells us quite a lot about their intellect.

    For example, the lawyers in Barbados are generally of black complexion, but the whole lot of them represent the epiphany of albino-centricity. On the other hand, there are some Bajans of white complexion, whose community-centric dispositions are legendary….

    These long discussions about ‘Peleau’ and ‘Quakers’ are now so overbearing as to be distressful – in that they make these two look like idiots…

    Back in the eighteenth century, such simplistic classifications may indeed have been applicable, but not in 2017.

    Wunna grow to hell up do!!!


  • Bushie

    likkle bwoy……ah dun tel yuh tuh stan fah fruhm big peeple tawk…..goh deel wid de bush nuh.

    Chuckle…….It always amuses me when the scoffers on here end up saying exactly what they have derided e.g.

    WW&C….accepting the existense of Pelaus due to the conmingling of irish and slave

    BT…..proving that skintone does not serve to identify a person on his above post

    The two of you better start talking to your sycophants.


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