For the Claim of Solutions of a Third Political Party Part I

Submitted by nineofnine

solutions_barbadosSOLUTIONS BARBADOS seem intent to make a difference on the political landscape by offering what it deems a proposed draft of solutions (subject to improvement/revision) for the countries’ present economic and social challenges which by public outcry shows that present governance is found wanting in every Ministerial portfolio.

It is evident that the motive for such an endeavor is highly placed on management of the enormous Debt of which the country finds itself in. A staggering $13billion plus debt. With this in mind, a call/advertisement has been made for 30 employers (business men/women) to rally the cause as candidates for the next general election and so far 14 has answered that call yet (not known) until the formal announcement of election date or they of the own volition surrender their identities before such time.

Conflicts of interest.. businessmen as political leaders?
Will they separate themselves LEGALLY from their business interests as an act of transparency?

Fundamentally, ELECTIONS are of the people, chosen candidates BY the people and act in service FOR the people. A group of volunteered/SELECTED business men/women is a non starter. There is high probability for corruption. There are many facets of government and it is wise that verse persons suitable for respective portfolios be considered, chosen by constituents with power to recall by the constituency.

As I see it there is no transparency thus far in this undertaking, but an attempt by opportunists for power and control WITH AN ELEMENT OF SURPRISE, somewhat like a Trojan horse.

In their “Policy Solutions“… must seek out/identify its foundational base, the intent of purpose and modus operandi for executing its agenda. In its opening paragraph, academics has been bashed for “RECENT ACADEMIC TRAINING” and lack of experience while adding insult to injury asks for restraint of comments of disagreement, terming them as lazy, yet wanting solutions. These opening remarks makes one reflect on recent comments made by the current Prime Minister.

First and foremost its foundational base seem to be the institutionalization of the ISO 9001 plan that concerns itself with streamlining management processes of “A PRODUCT” and an end result of “customer satisfaction”. The interpretation of the words PRODUCT and CUSTOMER must be defined. Is the “product” government and its systems/processes and the “customer” ISO 9001 strategists?

The General Requirements 4. QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (section 4.1) of ISO 9001 ALLOWS for an open door for the co-control of an “out-sourced process” (note 2) BY AN EXTERNAL PARTY. Under this guise, SHOULD THE GOVERNANCE OF BARBADOS BE LIKENED TO A PRODUCT? In a nutshell, its no different to yielding to the IMF et al.Please examine this very carefully and understand the implications.

As the current political environment tend to be bordering on collapse (whether true or not), with the economy, confidence and polls at an all time low, this predicament could merit the opportunity for opportunists to snatch power of Governance (however conceivable)…. to what end?

Lets dig deeper on Governments’ indecision.. (an attack on sound and exemplary political service). Current indecisions by government surrounds (mostly in part) to Capital works and high-end projects, withdrawing pensions of politicians is a poor excuse of punishment for lack of efficiency and productivity, Again current functioning is due mainly in part to the affiliation to INTERNATIONAL ABC INSTITUTIONS (AS SIGNATORIES) and as your foundational pillar is based on implementing the ISO 9001 then the result will find the country in a similar predicament … “Letters of intent to withdraw” is the remedy for governments lack of control and efficiency, adding to that is, if you are not functioning, you will be recalled, replaced or reshuffled.

It appears that when national issues surfaced, an attempt was made to address them, however conceived. Bear in mind that these proposed remedies/solutions will also apply to any successive government.

ACTION PLAN case points.
-Lack of civility in Parliament,…. a curtailment of exposure…absolute privilege vs secrecy. both require remedy.
-Civil servant apathy……………….. as in a recent CBB board appointment? All eligible voters have a right to affiliate to any political party of their choice, then how can there be any non- politicals unless the non-political is exempt of the laws of the land.
-Political victimization…………….. harsh and bordering dictatorship. a violation of Constitutional rights, to disallow a civil servant to join a political party of their choice is already deem a victimization It also has an effect on voter count at election time.
-Non-passionate nurses and teachers.. “educational grants for an alternative career” do not retain these persons in the profession. Strategy of ISO 9001 at work… simply address the concerns of these professionals, this is the solution.
-Statutory corporations………….. A permanent Secretary cannot counsel himself, CEO/Minister same role but switched while encumbering the PS with greater responsibility and POWER without the dictates/recommendations of a counselling body, he then can definitely determine CONTRACT all by himself.

Part 2 will address Improving the Regulatory System and more


  • Chadnineof5

    Tell them to strike a deal with the Netherlands as they have an excess of empty cells.

    The Netherlands has a strange problem: Empty prisons – The ……/the-netherlands-have-a-strange-problem-empty-pris…
    Jul 8, 2016 – Dutch prison population declines by 27 percent. In its own report, the Dutch prison ministry notes that it now has one of the lowest incarceration rates in Europe, with 57 out of 100,000 citizens imprisoned, second only to Finland at 54 per 100,000.


  • Parliament in action……..the Speaker has told the the opposition leader to sit down,she then walked out and is to give a press statement shortly on a possible opposition boycott of parliament…..the crux of the matter was a holiday with pay bill and her comment on it was that the PM and the MoF need to tell the country where we are at vis a vis our economy as if we had no money this bill is irrelevant………

    Not sure this govt should be allowed a free ride where they could pass 2/3rd majority bills.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    The DLP curse in St. John….they gotta go, this government is infested with blight.


  • Violet,
    Talk to the Atty Genl but U probably would need 3 honest Judges—-nothing likely to happen.




  • Well Well & Consequences

    MoneyB…the current Atttorney General aka Adriel Nitwit, dpes npt do his job re the judiciary, it’s highly unlikely he will even speak to Violet, but it appears accprding to Violet, he has spoken to each and everyone of them in both political parties about this land theft, land fraud, which appears happened on a massive scale with members of Violet Beckles’ family involved as well, it’s a mess…..and according to what Violet has been saying on here for some years now, many of the politicians, lawyers and businesss people are involved…the usual clique…..and all will have their names called….as such, no one will pay attention to this case in Barbados…they have a lot of property to lose that does not belong to them…in reality, stolen property.

    That is a special case which should be in the international court for arbitration given that Violet has all the original deeds and can tie up forged deeds in court for decades…, it’s not a case to be dealt with in Barbados, it will go nowhere.


  • David

    Yesterdays Wild Coot’s article is worth producing here for all to read as it further shows up the ineptness of the GoCB……

    …..its amazing that he levels these charges of mismanagement and nobody cries foul,seeks retraction or sues him….so he must be correct.


  • David January 17, 2017 at 4:34 PM #


    Here is the link.

    Did not appear.


  • David



  • Violet C Beckles CUP

    Money Brain January 17, 2017 at 3:03 PM #

    Talk to the Atty Genl but U probably would need 3 honest Judges—-nothing likely to happen.@@@@

    Money , We went to the AG office in the Pine when PM fumble was AG in 2009, Papers work stamped and logged,

    We went back to the AG office after Fumble became PM and Dumbwit became AG, 2010

    So now that both AG and PM who was AG did nothing .

    Police also have the 18 pages signed by Violet Beckles , Not so Royal Police Station Sgt Mark White now Promoted We hear?With another 22 pages signed by Me with My FINDINGS FROM 2007 TO 2009,


    They want for us to keep this as a civil Matter , We dont see it that way, for as you can see 20 to 25 year you will wait for that as people died even the Judge will be dead by then ,
    We feel we can get in office or someone in office that will do what right,
    The courts are filled with Lawyers and clerks that made judge based on covering up cases and proof of facts,
    Look what they did to Jerry Nurse , jailed him , nut house for speaking truth , Now he won his case and the people still not move out as yet as lawyers delay the process, With the lady to move out now looking to sell what the court ruled was never hers to own,

    Oh when Violet Beckles talk to the first AG in 1995 , that person was David Simmons , The more she pushed the faster he moved up to CJ, , Who then build high court on the same Kensington Plantation of 73 acres 1947 , yes we have that deed also , H.W Clarke who worked for Beatrice Henry for 3 generations, We have Six mens Plantation deed also,work by that family going back to 1841, 1845 till now, Nothing was never sold to Broomes,based on a fraud deed renamed in 1983? he died like the rat he is,


  • Violet C Beckles CUP

    Vincent Haynes January 17, 2017 at 12:41 PM #

    Parliament in action……..the Speaker has told the the opposition leader to sit down,she then walked out and is to give a press statement shortly on a possible opposition boycott of parliament…..the crux of the matter was a holiday with pay bill and her comment on it was that the PM and the MoF need to tell the country where we are at vis a vis our economy as if we had no money this bill is irrelevant………

    Not sure this govt should be allowed a free ride where they could pass 2/3rd majority bills.@@@

    Vincent @ Probate was in 1986, Cawell send his work before he knew of me and my work in 2002, We came in as POA in 2007, Mia turn her back AS AG and said let lying dogs lay.??

    Mia Knew and knows all of this is her handy work we are living today, So she can grand stand all she wants as her and her socallled woman saw me in the House smiling at us,

    None of them repeat , NONE of them will stand in my way of talking,for We know what they all did in the dark , We adding light to the madness , All was done with lies and people , only True and people working together can clean up their mess,

    This is Mia and Owen work with the stolen deed by Sir ham and Sir Cow Ponzi fraud that bleed into every Caribbean nation , by way of Clico and Sargico , Sargico leave for they could not get their hands on Hanson Plantation to remove the Rasta, We gave them help in there cases,

    Barbados made up of 491 plantations, only 396 listed from the Barbados Library,Where is the other 95? which also missing is Black Rock plantation, Britton’s Hill,

    St Michael South where the CUP ran We hold the Plantation Deeds for Bay Plantation 1930 , Britton’Hill 1957 bought and owned by Beatrice Henry to Violet Beckles Probate 1986 . Oh
    Your Prime Minister is from there poor areas and can not do nothing for them for they never bought them to share out to the People ,

    UDC was stopped from laundering land by PM David .
    In 1997 Mia and Owen look to launder land under UDC and the lawyer for UDC Mayers,VAT at 15% and paying them SELF each, where is all the VAT when nothing was moving ., With help of Mark Cummins and Wayne Forde at land tax, We still have the news papers by the Nation,We keep records,
    White lawyer G. Dennis Clarke QC had Beatrice Henry Books , He move over from Carrington and Sealy, much more to come,


  • @ Violet

    Beatrice Henry, Did she lived in a “grand” house opposite Mannings on Fontebelle? and are you related to her?


  • Violet C Beckles CUP

    nineofnine January 17, 2017 at 8:53 PM # @@@@

    Yes We are family,Beatrice Henry was born Jemmott, Violet Beckles was born Agard, We are all family to the Scotts, and about 4 other family names in Bim , Very Well known , Lawyers and also Judges, Sirs,Police ,
    Violet Beckles Aunt was Beatrice Henry, Sleepy Smith had to call Beatrice Aunt,
    So We know what the lawyers in the same Family have done when they were not named in her Will, All went to Violet, Sleepy Smith Worte the Will,

    Carrington and Sealy and Yearwood and Boyce are deep in this, G . Denis Clarke QC and much more .

    If you smart to ask question we will answer Question, We know all Question will come up,
    SB need to deal with history and facts or they will be seen in the same light as the DBLP


  • I had the pleasure of meeting her , One thing she left with me that she kept on repeating was “own something, you got to own it”, kept repeating that, so Violet, I say to you…. OWN WHAT IS YOURS. OWN IT.


  • @ Violet
    please listen to this video


  • Violet C Beckles CUP

    Coalition of Unified Parties Hon: Alex-Mitchell:El, President

    I take it that you never went to our page. Check the Grammar , of My Name,

    As you may know,? ,, there is another party and no mention of the CUP by all news dealing in and out of Barbados , They post there are now 4 parties running and not 5,

    DLP, BLP, SB, BIM , Even So the CUP ran in the 2013 Elections telling Truth the Nation News and ALL others still refuse to say or print the word CUP,

    As said before We are the only ones dealing with Truth and Facts on All the crooks,

    We are the only Ones with “Clear Title Power”

    I have been to court with Violet Beckles and after seeing the set up , we saw it was a set up and we have our own set up,
    Best set up is to expose the entire country on time of the crooks of the FRAUD court .
    The government of Barbados knows i am more than you may see ,
    nine of nine do the homework that SB will not do, You will wake up with a new mindset, say what you know to be true, and see the world in a much different light,
    check the picture on the page and clips, All is there for all to see and read,



    Barbados welcomes new party.

    BIM ….Barbados integrity Movement


  • David,
    Wasn’t Violet Beckles the Widow of John Beckles, former vestryman, from Beckles Road? Isn’t the contributor,to BU, Violet C. Beckles, the former contributor Plantation Deeds, who wrote to BU under that Nom de Plume? How much land; for which he purportedly holds the deeds, owned by the former Violet Beckles; like Kensington Oval and surrounding Lands, Rockley in Christ Church; including Vintner Gardens and surrounding lands, the land on which the U.S. Embassy stands, and the lands owned by CLICO, plus lands owned by COW, among others, is he claiming? Didn’t the original Violet Beckles die many years ago? Isn’t Plantation Deeds THE ONE WHO TRIED TO MOVE INTO THE RESIDENCE OF A LADY, SOON AFTER SHE DIED,for whom the police had to be called to evict him forceably from the premises? Many people buy his stories, but they should check who they are attaching their loyalty to, before they do.


  • @Violet

    As Alvin is trying to clarify, we wish you dear one (Violet) to please clarify and set the facts straight.

    Alvin queries ….
    Wasn’t Violet Beckles the Widow of John Beckles……(She)
    Isn’t the contributor, to BU, Violet C. Beckles……….. (he or she?)
    Violet C. Beckles, the former contributor Plantation Deeds……..( He or she?)
    How much land; for which he purportedly holds the deeds……..(HE?)
    …… holds the deeds owned by the former Violet Beckles…………(deceased?)
    …… is he claiming? ….(he?)
    …… Didn’t the original Violet Beckles die many years ago?…..
    …… Isn’t Plantation Deeds THE ONE WHO TRIED TO MOVE INTO THE RESIDENCE OF A LADY, SOON AFTER SHE DIED, for whom the police had to be called to evict him forceably from the premises? Many people buy his stories,


  • Violet C Beckles CUP

    Wasn’t Violet Beckles the Widow of John Beckles@@= No
    John Beckles died 1957-59was the Man aka Big Black Cat Beckles who sold the Bay Plantation to Beatrice Henry in the 1930s , there were also another White John Beckels who died 1823.
    Plantation deeds was used to get the word out for of the news block in Barbados on her topic,
    How much land? @@200 to 300 Plantations bought from deeds and other records from 1926to 1983 or about. 2/3 or 3/4 of Barbados.

    @How much land; for which he purportedly holds the deeds, owned by the former Violet Beckles; like Kensington Oval and surrounding Lands, Rockley in Christ Church; including Vintner Gardens and surrounding lands, the land on which the U.S. Embassy stands, and the lands owned by CLICO, plus lands owned by COW, among others, is he claiming?

    As posted before Station Sgt Mark White of the not so Royal Barbados police Fraud Quad have 90% of what is posted on line, All signed By Violet Beckles 18 pages, My self-signed 22 pages. No one repute,rebuff our statements.

    Kensington 73 acres sold in the 1940s to Beatrice Henry
    Rockley in Christ Church is on Ventnor Plantation deed 525 acres1926 with Great House
    US Embassy is on Pine Plantation 410 acres with Great House
    CLICO , what they say they own we have the deeds With Great Houses
    Cow ,, what COW say he owns we also have the deeds, With Great Houses, Sandy Lane with Great House 1950S
    There was a case not against me, That was where i stayed when in Barbados, Not even the news covered that story for once again there is a news block, Probate is now over 5 years, The Court and lawyer will not take any case until Probate is had, So we wait,
    The lawyers sold many houses and land without Clear Title , Many people have title deeds not recorded, Best Case Jerry Nurse, seem like 20 years to get his uncle house Back.
    lawyers selling with no power Attorney to sell and keeping the seller money like the speaker of the house, he is not the first,

    The Will held by the High Court.We are still waiting, In 1986 Probate to Violet Beckles from Beatrice Henry it took 6 months,
    Do not trust the Books of the National Trust written by Sir, We have proven the lies and matching same names in History to make claims,,, like Willams ,Forde, Ministers , lawyers place themselves as blood line to claim, land and to re-write deeds after the new owners die, and to remove,hide , write books to boost their claim,
    Persons called Sir in Barbados did crimes and hid crimes, shut up to get a title of pimps.
    Only Sir clean so far is Garry?

    Mia and Owen passed an ACT to hide their crime, but we got them , That ACT could never apply to this Fraud case,

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  • Holness has just rejected the offer of a £27m new prison in Jamaica.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Alvin….despite there being many questions about Violet and her descebdant’s case, you know you are even less credible right…lol


  • Well Well & Consequences

    That prison needs to be built in the UK for all the white thieves….Holness is right.

    Why dont UK pay to build prisons in the Caribbean for white criminals….of which there exists many.


  • Violet C Beckles CUP

    How is it that no one can pick a government book and read about Barbados History with out a white man putting out his own for slaves to believe?
    Only white people can get deep into the Archive to write books on Barbados,
    Local Bajan selling books in Bridgetown sell flying and cucu with slavery talking about look how far we came ,, Angela Cole is the next best thing, Some people fight her but have no answers,


  • Violet C Beckles CUP

    SB Mr Phillips, Let CUP help you with the law to see if you are any part a crook. We are sure nineofnine will help , He seems to be a Moor.



    CROOK : A person given to crooked or fraudulent practices; a swindler, sharper , thief, forger, or the like. Term has been defined as a professional rogue ; a criminal ; or consorting with criminals; a`person recognized by the authorities as belonging to a criminal class.

    CROOKED : Deviating from rectitude or uprightness;not strightforward;dishonest ; wrong ,perverse A “crook” is a dishonest person; one who is crooked in conduct;a tricky or underhand schemer; a thief or swindler.





    The construct and purpose of any legitimate government is to facilitate the needs of society, promote opportunites and
    generally provide and protect a well structured society with benefits for all.

    The National Debt is defined as “mortgages on the wealth and income of the people of
    a country.” (Encyclopedia Britannica, 1959.)
    Our wealth, …. our income…..then WHY is it that a GROUP of persons refered to as
    “GOVERNMENT” proceed to INCUR DEBT against a nation without the consultation of the people of that nation?


    Communities (11) and a
    Central Government (1).


    Constituents of Communities/Parishes respectively establishes executive bodies and select
    their representatives for Central Government by way of fair elections using the
    RANK CHOICE VOTING SYSTEM and paper ballot only.Collectively, they, the Constituents
    define the needs of their Communities/Parishes as well as collectively create an
    oversight body of Central Goverment.

    COMMUNITIES also..

    ESTABLISHES the terms and conditions of employment FOR their COMMUNITIES’ REPRESENTION
    Determine their collective representatives have impecable records of service to others and free of any criminal records.
    Retains the power of recall of their representative to Central Government.
    Can demand any audit/report at anytime for community consideration or and have the same made public.
    Call for an investigation into any matter that is deem a community or public concern.
    By collective agreement of communities, pursue any legal actions for any corruption discovered within Central Government.
    Conduct FREE and FAIR ELECTIONS using the Rank choice voting system and paper ballot only.


    Central Governments’ core members are those elected representatives of the communuites/parishes, which in turn also elects a Head of State. They are further supported by the advice and direction of professional technical Associations across the board for what ever determination is required.
    Central Government facilitates the petitions of the communities, provides the infrastructure to facilitate the electorial process at the community level and is responsible for the management structure for governance inclusve of Audits and Reports to the Communities.
    Decisions on International affairs are first put to the collective communities, and findings advanced by their represenatives and debated
    for further dabate by Central government and related Association bodies in an established timeline.


    ESTABLISHES the terms and conditions of employment FOR membership of the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT.
    CREATE/REFORM systems of transparency for/of accounting, accountibility and auditing.
    TRANSIT/limit/share control other than vital responsibilties with the private sector.
    NO complete privatization or monopolies.
    STREAMLINE SYSTEMS for ease of business, engaging less beauracracy.
    Compulsary audit and their reports are made public.
    PROMOTE and FACILITATE collective community base organizations to manage
    their needs and requirements for sustainibility of the basics, et al.
    REFORM the political structure to manage the collective community base organizations.
    MANDATE elections by RANK CHOICE VOTING and by paper ballot only.(no electronic base counting).
    DISALLOW CORPORATE FINANCING of election candidates, only limited Public financing allowed.
    ALL VITAL AREAS of government recieves EQUAL funding and attention including audits and reports.
    For and by the CONSTITUTION, all ACTS and LAWS be reviewed, repealing the OUTDATED, biases, ommisions and loopholes and amending to concur with current societal experiences.
    REVIEW and UPDATE the mandate of the POLICE FORCE.
    Make the MILITARY more of servitude to the community and State.
    By REFERENDUM/consensus/opinion consult the citizenry and by press conferences give reports of all meetings of an International nature. NO COMMITMENT to TREATIES et al without first obtaining approval from citizenry.
    NO GOVERNMENT BUSINESS is deem secret, sensitive GOVERNMENT BUSINESS is released by application and record of such. REPEAL THE SECRECY ACT.
    TAXATION must reflect fairness. Eliminate personal income tax, eliminate subsidies, tax haven facilities and breaks. Eliminate/limit concessions to offshore business apply rules and monitor.
    RETAIN vat on consumables (local foods excluded).
    Eliminate YEARLY LAND TAX, a one off tax added to any purchase of land. Your purchace IS YOUR PROPERTY.
    ESTABLISH OUR VERY OWN CENTRAL BANK (not foreign own or controlled).
    PHASE OUT FOREIGN BANKS and facilitate CREDIT UNIONS, regulate all banking FOR DEVLOPMENT OF THE STATE and in our interest of the family unit.
    ESTABLISH A COURT OF CONTRACT and DEEDS for disputes, contracts written in verb adverb and not in the correct parse syntax grammer contains much fiction and deceit, hence curbing this fraud and perjury, eliminating the interest fraud and extortion.
    All foreign consultancies declared as advice only and decisions made only by open debate.
    All AIR SPACE is declared non experimental. Permission required.
    STIMULATE the ECONOMY via the CIRCULATION OF MONEY… stagnant money is non-beneficial.
    Create a FOOD BANK, Restrict CHEMICAL BASE and Modified foods. Promote healthy lifestyles.
    RETURN FREE EDUCATION, promote and facilitate innovation and business acumen and development.
    Utilise idle Crown and Corporate lands for lower income housing and food production.
    Pensioners and minimum wage of General workers $500. per week.
    Cease the forfeiture of personal information as in fingerprinting and mug-shots for the benifit of employers and international data bases.
    HAVE THE POWER TO APPOINT (Ombusman, Ambassadors etc.)
    Establish a new economic policy compatible to and projected for sustainable development, by gauging and enhancing current economic performance.
    Institute measures to curb capital flight.
    Any decisions made by the Chamber of Commerence or the Employers Federation that relates to regulations or standarization of employees
    must first be ratified by Central Government and Central Government must have a sitting representation on their administrative bodies.
    Determine ALL LEGAL MATTERS OF THE JUDICARY by level and related time space TO ADJUDGE.
    Halt needless borrowing. Any borrowing will be for Community Development purposes only.
    RESTRAIN from imposing taxation on deposits of customers of Credit Unions and allowing the said Credit Unions room to develop their products and expansion.

    The above is miniscule in concept and vision and is purpose to crate a livable environment with benefits for all, any of these edits may be incorporated into any political aspiration, need not use as intent to personal enrichment as karmic responsibility is applied.


    :nineofnine-Temple Builder:of GAIA


  • Violet C Beckles CUP

    nineofnine January 19, 2017 at 8:31 PM #

    FOR THE VISIONARY CLAIM OF GOOD GOVERNANCE…an alternative solution.@@

    Its not that hard to do, Deal with truth remove the crooks and watch things fall in place,
    All laws are there already. But the crooks doing their own thing,
    We just need to remove them and get the wrinkles out,
    We know who the crooks are, They are the ones doing most of the talking acting like Kings and masters,
    Many Judges need to be replaced or Jailed,
    Crook Police who help cover up also need to go home or jail
    Ministers need to go before the courts and sued,
    Most have to pay for their crimes, Lets see what Trump does


  • @violet

    Let’s suppose all the evidence is presented and you have won the case(s), mind you, those lands, some of which have established large projects and establishments, homes et al…. it will have a colossal impact …. what/how do you plan to deal with the issues of the “squatters”?


  • Violet C Beckles CUP

    nineofnine January 20, 2017 at 6:46 PM #


    Let’s suppose all the evidence is presented and you have won the case(s), mind you, those lands, some of which have established large projects and establishments, homes et al…. it will have a colossal impact …. what/how do you plan to deal with the issues of the “squatters”?
    nineofnone@ 1, there is no time limit on Fraud, and fraud as to which the lawyers and minister who are also lawyers know this,

    2.There are many ways to deal with all things, We are not the DBLP and their Parties,
    Most dont know about the Massive Land fraud, So many were taken for a ride and their money gone, Those who knew or should have know is a key factor,
    We know who the crooks are .
    This is why the UDC came into play,
    This is where NHC came into play, we can not say now for they may look to do what we catch them doing already,
    Some Projects are needed and will stay, the law on the books will deal with that,
    3.We are not looking to put people out on the street ,we are looking to build even more Homes for the people with the laws on the books or by owner power, Homes based on GDP,
    We have the means to build and shown we can build homes in 6 weeks with 9 men/ Person teams , Wall 3 bed 2 bath,
    4. Squatters . Barbados is the land of Squatters for none , for We and the government knows who own the lands of Barbados, Squatter have 1st option to buy based on GDP,if you are working 40 hours a week and you are working the Note will match so no one will be home or houseless,UDC was to deal with that , 1997 with Owen and MIA with 15% VAT. The BLP saw what was to go to Violet and Mia said she dont know what to do with all of that$$$ But Mia wrong, Mia took much for herself and others ,,, This is the debt for Bim now. where is all the VAT, This is why they run from US, the family who owns Much,

    People will get a “clear title” deed and can improve and have equity to send Heirs to school, cash out for Bills,buy cars or improve homes and up grade when they can.

    squatters is not the problem its the government the DBLP and lawyers , More lawyers more problems in goverment ,they look out for self ,based on fraud and not the people.

    The government Aquire land but never tell “who” they go the land from nor the price paid, We know when we hear the names or plantation we know its ours,

    Beatrice Henry build the Pine and other government housing all over Barbados ,Where ever you see government housing or NHC that is her lands, We have the plantation deeds and plans,

    point in fact. If SB wins they still have to come to us, He does not own nothing to get nothing done, this is why we seek to see where his head is at, He seek to just focus on the same as the DBLP,
    The PM from St Michael South Where we hold all deal that Brittons Hill and Bay Plantation and he cant help his own people, We can , I can ,

    How did the PM help to get votes? By putting up a few buildlng under NHC to fill them up with voters right before Election they did the same shit last Election , And then kept the next building empty for 5 years waiting to bribe the people once again,

    We can clear the Debt of Barbados,


  • @ Violet
    By “squatters”, (those who have “bought” lands that are of your land deeds), How do you propose to move forward?.


  • Violet C Beckles CUP

    nineofnine January 21, 2017 at 8:33 PM #

    @ Violet
    By “squatters”, (those who have “bought” lands that are of your land deeds), How do you propose to move forward?.@@@

    The Proof of the Fraud is in their hands if they are holding a deed, Some dont know , but the seller and the DBLP knows and their Agents,The lawyers was told and they moved on , We know who is who. complicit .

    Well will follow the money as the Banks are doing now with all fraud and Basel 3 banking, Someone name have to be on the checks and someone sign the back or stamp to an account,
    we can also see the accounts the money came from if it was UDC or NHC and others,

    The Innocent have nothing to worry about, We are the “Clean CUP” we will even let Caswell be the Judge, They cant hide for ever,
    If there is no banking there is no sale. Even cash must show where the money came from under money laundering,


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