Let Us Make Barbados Great AGAIN!

Submitted by Andrew Simpson

keep barbados clean.pngBeing a regular reader of the Barbados Underground, it would appear that many of the troublesome issues presently faced by our society are related to declining moral values and what might be referred to as the “resourcefulness index aka currency peg’.

There are persons (patriotic citizens) with a zest for achieving widespread harmony and prosperity; among Barbadians, freely offering some great ideas, that if instituted / implemented have the capacity to effectively enfranchise large numbers of ordinary Barbadians.

The challenge is for those in positions of authority – to bridge the gap, using a totally transparent, possibly digital platform that effectively engages this third sector mechanism to develop and to widely share such opportunities. Serving to empower socio-environomic enterprise development – with consensus on incentives needed can effectively overcome the abundance of socialist dependence mentality perpetuated by successive ‘politicians’ in an effort to garner votes in the outdated / antiquated Westminster system of governance. New cooperation between owners of land, labour and capital, leveraging Kingdom Principles would help in the accomplishment of a much needed rebalancing exercise.

It would be a shame for the recently renewed hope, that has brought such enthusiastic participation of citizens in a potentially new ‘accountability’ model of governance, to be wasted due to an acknowledged incapacity of our team of parliamentary representatives (limited by available resources) to adequately manage the timely implementation of compelling solutions.

Greater numbers of persons must look first outwards, determining wholeheartedly to unify in a National vision that seeks a higher purpose. Embracing Christian discipleship, joining the REgeneration and a conscious effort toward Zero waste is paramount. Practically contributing, more tangibly toward sustainable growth (GNP) will build capacity to solve the global climate and human resource crisis of our time.


  • Please explain the “kingdom principles”. Not everybody here reads Myles Munroe.


  • Why is the Westminster model of governance outdated? State your case.


  • Has there been a decline in moral values or an increase in the exposure of immoral acts?


  • @Vincent

    What is your view and and the yardstick used?


  • My view is that the cellphone and its ability to capture and spread visual evidence and news has increased the numbers made aware; but the percentage of the population who engage in anti- social behaviour is the same. In the previous era the grapevine was just as flourishing and the players are the same.


  • @ Andrew Simpson

    Where is this socialist dependence? The beneficiaries pay taxes for these socialists benefits.It is those who avoid and evade taxes that do not pay. It is those who do not pay full or no user costs that are the dependents.


  • @ Andrew Simpson

    The fault is not yours . We have failed in our education system to inform the young what really made Barbados great.

    It is the collaborative effort of every citizen regardless of his status,his class ,his complexion ,his gender to work efficiently in his job to achieve the national objectives of full employment,a growth rate of at least 3% p.a in GDP, and the willingness to make structural adjustments to our productive base when necessary.

    Pointing fingers of blame will not cut it. Single factor answers will no suffice . That approach is as ridiculous as the anecdotal answer of Adam when asked why he was hiding from his Lord.


  • From TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com:

    The American Dream Is Getting Smaller, And The Reason Why Is Painfully Obvious…

    Over the past decade, an unprecedented stock market boom has created thousands upon thousands of new millionaires, and yet the middle class in America has continued to shrink. How is that even possible? At one time the United States had the largest and most vibrant middle class in the history of the planet, but now the gap between the wealthy and the poor is the largest that it has been since the 1920s. Our economy has been creating lots of new millionaires, but at the exact same time we have seen homelessness spiral out of control in our major cities. Today, being part of the middle class is like playing a really bizarre game of musical chairs. Each month when the music stops playing, those of us still in the middle class desperately hope that we are not among the ones that slip out of the middle class and into poverty. Well over 100 million Americans receive money or benefits from the federal government each month, and that includes approximately 40 percent of all families with children. We are losing our ability to take care of ourselves, and that has frightening implications for the future of our society.

    One of the primary reasons why our system doesn’t work for everyone is because virtually everything has been financialized. In other words, from the cradle to the grave the entire system has been designed to get you into debt so that the fruits of your labor can be funneled to the top of the pyramid and make somebody else wealthier……


    As long as you are drowning in debt, you will never become wealthy. In order to build wealth, you have got to spend less than you earn, but most Americans never learn basic fundamentals such as this in our rapidly failing system of public education.

    Many Americans long to become financially independent, but they don’t understand that our system is rigged against them. The entire game is all about keeping consumers on that debt wheel endlessly chasing that piece of proverbial cheese until it is too late.


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  • Debt is an addiction, fuelled by liberal democratic capitalism.


  • September 7, 2018 7:20 AM

    “Debt is an addiction, fuelled by liberal democratic capitalism.”

    Surely you mean liberal democratic Cronyism!

    Free Market Capitalism is a Whole different ball game….It Free to All and is not restricted to a Few Elitist who go by their Rules…PAY TO PLAY… As in the Past Obama/Clinton Administration.

    There has never been a System to Beat Free Market Capitalism for Prosperity for All…Each person has a chance to rise above their current financial situation!

    Unlike its Counterpart Socialism/Cronyism a System that allows a Select Few to fatten themselves, live high on the Hog while everyone else are Serfs!

    “Is capitalism moral or greedy? If it’s based on greed and selfishness, what’s the best alternative economic system? Perhaps socialism? And if capitalism is moral, what makes it so? Walter Williams, a renowned economist at George Mason University, answers these questions and more.”


  • Boss man the fact that you only singled out obama/clinton tells everyone not to take you serious. You really think the repubs aren’t the same.
    The american system is rigged no matter who the president is
    Time to start thinking for yourself


  • Barbados Today looking for BLP Tax Payers $$$

    Reports are reaching the THE NATION are that Barbados Today Inc. and Editor-In-Chief Kaymar Jordan have parted ways.

    Sources revealed that company chairman, Peter Harris, met with staff minutes ago to reveal Jordan’s contract was not renewed as the company was going in a new direction.








  • You make Barbados great again by electing honest people to do the will of the people, and sustain such effect by implementing the correct checks and balances

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  • An aware and engaged citizenry is necessary for healthy democracy to manifest. Let us all choose to be discipled, cultivating greater individual responsibility rather than blind reliance on the system. Wisely leveraging modern technology to attain good governance and practicing more positive cooperation between stakeholders will get us through the challenges we face.
    All comments appreciated.

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  • your not going to make barbados great again if people are moving out of their homes because they are being robbed every day like mr trausnitzer now I am a little suspect of someones mind that tells everyone how bad it is in the area before he puts the house up for sale but none the less to make greatness you need money having people go through you area like ants taking everything not tied down will spurn investment.


  • @lawson

    Everything is relative. Barbados is still a relatively crime free country with the majority of good people inhabiting. We have veered from the narrow path for the last couple decades, there is a gradual understanding by the people that we need to check what we are doing. A lot is riding on Mia’s leadership after Stewart was foisted on us. More importantly we need the NGOs to step up!


  • David everything is not relative if you rely on tourism investment it means more than if you are a resource based economy. I am not saying there is more crime in Barbados than other places just the negative impact on investment will be felt more.


  • Agree with you lawson.


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