Whatup Bajans?

The countdown to January 19, 2021 and so far Barbadians have been treated to a lackluster campaign. The biggest issue so far has been the lack of opportunity for Covid 19 infected patients to vote, that is until the strategic revelations from former Senator Lucille Moe last weekend. 

For those who didn’t understand Moe’s prolong absences from the Senate, now we know. There was a plot to be hatched. The blogmaster deems her behaviour to be dishonest and unethical. She had a difference of opinion with the prime minister- or so it seems- and refused to take the honourable decision to resign. Mia Mottley is not blameless, ministers and senators serve at the pleasure of the prime minister, Moe should have been fired. The blogmaster gives no credence to feeble rebuttals that she submitted excuses to the President to the Senate. Citizens must continue to find ways to hold elected officials accountable. The struggle is real.

While the Moe plot appears to have fully delivered 2 days before the general elections, former minister of finance Chris Sinckler decided to enter the political space for the first time since the last general election in May, 2018. The stars have aligned and the winner is…?

At a time educated and sensible Barbadians should be consumed with exacting intelligible utterances from prospective representatives in parliament, instead we have been treated to the same old dog and pony show. 

  • Have we has good explanations why six decades after independence we have been unable to enact and operationalize transparency and integrity legislation in Barbados?
  • Have we had good explanation why the NIS Scheme has been mismanaged by successive governments to the point where taxpayers will be asked to suffer more sacrifice to ensure its viability?
  • Have we had a good explanation why after the long talk about establishing a Creative Cultural Industries framework this sector remains uninspired and rudderless?
  • Have we had a good explanation why decades of Auditor General reports have been ignored by successive governments?
  • Have we had a good explanation why a small island developing state located in the idyllic tropical Caribbean has been unable to aggressively retrofit and integrate renewable energy by utilizing the natural resources of sun and wind?
  • Have we had an intelligent national debate about pensions for members of parliament and in particular the public service which is unfunded?
  • What about the urgent need for a comprehensive waste management strategy to align with the utterances about a commitment to the environment?

The point of this submission is to remind fellow Barbadians that we benefit from making smart decisions. If we continue to be mesmerized and entertained by the dog and pony shows performing to the same scripts, there will be no apotheoses.

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  1. @Donna
    I am a big believer in following my instincts and first opinions (though later events can alter those at times)
    Recall yours?
    “I am voting for you not as enthusiastically as I would like to but because the opposition is pathetic.,”
    What has changed?

  2. angela cox, tell me something. Under your people the rich wasn’t getting richer and the poor wasn’t suffering in silence when we had 24 credit rating downgrades and it ain’t continuing all like now?

  3. William…the confusion makers are at it again….they will bring an end to BU, with the idiocy……but will always TRIP UP because short memory syndrome will get them everytime……what do i care who the person at the unit is, the journalist said what they had to say in the context that there was a SUPERSPREADER EVENT and they exposed what went on, and will NOT TOLERATE 2 Barbados’ but the BU clowns totally ignored the thread and talking about who is who at a Covid Unit when so many of them have been flipped in the last 2 years….NO ONE CARES….

  4. the NIS.= contributors HAD TO PAY 18 million dollars that the TIEFING hoteliers REFUSED TO PAY because of some sleight of hand in the cabinet that Caswell HAD TO EXPOSE……




    You does behave just like a little primary school child. Remember the days when a girl tell another girl she wrong, she does get very and start a big argument because she believe she always right and wud tell de girl “I don’t care, don’t touch me, I ain’t playing wid you.”

    Or like if the bat and ball is a fellow wun and he get one ball, how he does dun the cricket by taking up he 🏏 and guh long home?

    Dat is how you does get on. You don’t give no room for discussion. You duz get very hostile when anybody tell you dat you wrong because you always feel you right. Den you gine quarrel fun the whole day telling people wuh yuh do from wuh yuh en do.

    Dat mean you ain’t grow up yet. You is still a little child in a big woman body.

  5. Little girl, if you ain’t put an end to BU, then nobody can.

    This what you say

    specifically someone called Ronald Chapman and the Covid Monitoring Unit….
    who ever that is, i lost track, they have been flipping them around so much, have no clue who is who…

    I reply to what you say specifically and NOTHING ELSE.


    Fret bout dah fun the whole evening, yuh old miserable fretful foolish bitch.

    • Even when errors are corrected instead of recognizing the correction it has to turn into a fight. These are the same people fighting for change. Piss in the blogmaster’s pocket.

  6. Don’t know who is following what is going on in UK re Covid, but yall should and stop allowing these ignoramuses with tiny power to push yall around unnecessarily…

    Kiki you should check out what Boris just said.

  7. @Donna, a wise leader implored his large flock of some 74 million voters to *”… send it in and let them go vote, and if their system’s as good as they say it is, then obviously they won’t be able to vote. If it isn’t tabulated, they’ll be able to vote.”

    Obviously we don’t do mail-in but accepting that as wise advice then go vote as often as you are allowed … if the system is good then no problem u get one vote only. If not what a difference maker u could be! So enjoy.

    @AC as the other blogger sorta indicated…. are you on some type of hal·lucinogenic!

    We HAD that DAY… and the people did wake up!

    Really you NOW realize that “One day coming soon that failure would hit each and everyone right in the face
    Like a slow dripping pipe”

    Was it like that sewerage running from dem pipes which hit us daily for many a day back in 2018!

    Your man Gabby said: “One day coming soon the people will wake… [and send] they running, crawling, sliding even hiding … begging we to ease de weight, but it gine be too late.”

    “Tell them I see a new day dawning … tell them the peoples’ voices will rise up as ONE … and it will be HEAT on the tormentors’ feet … they running, crawling, sliding even hiding … begging we to ease de weight, but it gine be too late.

    30 – 0 … It IS too late!

    Who said anything about “joking”!🤦🏾‍♂️

    Mia’s comeuppance will come fah sure,, but you and THAT crew need not reapply … a brand new cohort needed next time.

    I gone.

  8. ….my track record speaks for itself and i have contributed and actually ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING…

    What track record?? What it is that you accomplished?

    Yuh old miserable foolish bitch. You always talking bout educating and uplifting BU and then does talk about you don’t care when yuh bring information that ain’t factual.
    Tell me how bringing MISINFORMATION to BU helpful to people? It don’t teach them nothing.
    It is what does make the blog cheap and tacky.

    George reading that you say they was flipping people about at the Covid Monitoring Unit for two years and then go in an argument with that misinformation, and people ask he where get that from and he say he get if from Waru on BU, when they know that Ronald Chapman was there from inception.

    How would those people look at BU?

    Yuh see, BU ain’t about me and it certainly ain’t bout you.

    Yuh can’t bring misinformation and then say yuh don’t care.

    I dun wid you.

  9. FrankJanuary 19, 2022 2:14 PM

    angela cox, tell me something. Under your people the rich wasn’t getting richer and the poor wasn’t suffering in silence when we had 24 credit rating downgrades and it ain’t continuing all like now

    Is that your answer
    God help Barbados

  10. Donna ask me what I gone and do and I was going to bet her that Waru gine come and say she don’t care. But I change my mind.

    Whenever yuh got ask Waru something or correct, it does always boil down to she talking about herself, some track record that speaks for itself, what she contributed and what she accomplished.

    I want to ask the people on BU to help me with something.

    PLEASE tell me what Waru accomplished, because if I ask, she ain’t going answer?

  11. Still can’t change reality…..

    did Caswell not bring info to the public about some underhandedness that took place in the parliament the reason why the tiefing hoteliers REFUSED TO PAY the workers….? and was soundly CUSSED and ABUSED on BU for telling everyone……

    did the NIS = Contributors not have to pay 18 million dollars to the workers…

    did it not turn into a nasty fight with the workers because they were being told not to say they got no money and to grin and bear it …?

    that is the ONLY POINT am interested in making…..that is why i put it out there…..all the other little symantics and 11 plus primary school problems DON’T INTEREST ME…it HAPPENED and none of you can REVERSE IT…

    that’s the beauty of a good memory, not to mention it is also part of a chapter in my book….lol

  12. angela cox

    I ASKED you A QUESTION and you ASK me “Is that your answer?”

    Yuh mean GOD help you. Pray to Him for a LITTLE WISDOMand UNDERSTANDING, hear?

    Cause you like you is another foolish bitch.

  13. and i am telling the people on BU to TELL YOU NOTHING…..if ya don’t know it’s because YOU DON’T NEED TO….


  14. that’s the beauty of a good memory, not to mention it is also part of a chapter in my book….lol

    Good memory?????

    What de RH?

    You is the same body that get bout here ARGUING that Rollerick Hinds was the representative of St. THOMAS?




  15. Post anything to the blog and they have to rush out with the mechanics of how things are SUPPOSED TO WORK and STILL DON’T WORK EFFICIENTLY OR COMPETENTLY ANYWAY….so what the hell do i need to hear it for…..steuppppss…

    I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR IT….stop ADDRESSING ME…..it is NOT APPRECIATED…..can’t you tell when someone DOES NOT WANT to discourse with you, why force something that is UNWANTED….

    STOP ADDRESSING ME…i know who i want to discourse with and there are at least 3 people on here that it’s MY RIGHT NOT TO….

  16. David,

    Now you see that when Artax and I are quiet, SOMEBODY ELSE, will take over.

    Hard to see lies and keep quiet.

    Truth MATTERS!

  17. Northern,

    That is where I’m leaning with less than two hours to go.

    Thanks for your response.


    My third party or independent candidates are out of question.

  18. Only RAPISTS are that persistent..

    nothing changes what happened, not interested in all the alleged CORRUPTION and INCOMPETENCE at the NIS unless it negatively impacts the most vulnerable, then i have something to say…and i will not allow nuisances to frame what i say to suit their agendas….

    and so far they have RUN THAT ENTITY INTO THE GROUND…if their systems worked well and efficiently they would not NOW BE BROKE..

  19. A bit disappointed that they are no talking heads on the radio.

    Surely, we have folks capable of discussing the election without showing favoritism to a party.
    No exit polling?

  20. You like you believe coming here with a lot of copy and paste shyte that anybody could go on the internet and get is achieving something.

    The only people that does be on BU that really educate and uplift here are……

    ROBERT LUCAS. He brought information here about food nutrition that was actually based on his experience and genuine research.

    DR. GP. Yuh may not like how he does deliver, but he explained medical facts, diseases and pharmacology based on his experience and genuine research.
    He also know about the Bible even if we agree with everything he says.

    AMIT does come with information that he does backed with research and statistics.

    LYALL SMALL. He does keep we up to date with the Covid 19 stats and graphs that is always a great source of information

    CARIBBEAN TRADE LAW does bring a good source Caribbean related news to BU.


    TELL ME WHAT YOU Xdo other than claiming to write some book that INCLUDE things Donna said on BU in it. The SAME Donna you does drop remarks to and call a thief and idiot EVERYDAY, even when she don’t notice you?

    And things from people here you say that got slave minds and ignorant and backward?

    A book that ain’t no got in no real thorough research, but things you copy and paste from Google.

    A book that I bet that the same Pacha, William and Miller yuh play yuh now reaching out to, ain’t buy a copy. Wuh Pacha say he think he got a book wid a cover that look the same as what you got on yours.
    A book that nuh body here ain’t comment NOTHING ABOUT IT because I bet nun uh dem ain’t buy it.

    Duh got people that write good books that it tek years for the authors to get recognized and years for the books to sell.
    But you coming here TRYING TO FOOL we that you book is a BEST SELLER and you get orders from all over CONTINENTS.

    I gine show you how much of a foolish bitch you is. I remember one time you copy and paste the UN charter for the rights of indigenous people to BU, because you thought that they applied to Africans that come to the Caribbean as slaves. And when me and somebody else tell yuh that yuh did wrong, yuh run amok pun here waging war fuh bout 2 or 3 weeks straight.

    Man look, yuh see me I dun wid you…… FUH NOW.

  21. Large voter turnout.

    BLP = 2 [Duguid, Medic]

    Remember, the DLP safe seats went in the last election.

    Mia, Cynthia, Santia, Dale, Payne seat, Ronald Toppin……GONE.

    DLP = 28

    Uh gine join yard-fowls angela cox and Fractured BLP in congratulating Verla as Barbados new PM.

  22. Theo…don’t get your hopes up too high, this is another go nowhere agenda, and will only be seen when all the chips fall…by midnight ya should know which blind will be leading the blind for the next 5 years.

  23. “I want to ask the people on BU to help me with something.[…] PLEASE tell me what Waru accomplished, because if I ask, she ain’t going answer?”

    @Frank, (@Donna y @Artax) what I can tell u is that she brings a psychological dynamic that in very simple Bajan terms could be labelled: ‘misery loves company’!

    Like all yah, when I first visited this site I too was astonished by her absolute double talk, irritating repeated palaver, calling me (Bajans) mental slaves and the tendency to stretch truth!

    I too engaged and I recall the blogger @BushTea basically said to cool my heels and leave her be … I have since finally understood that simple advice.

    So all I can add is that the blogger is a giant in her own eyes (and indeed seems accomplished at life) but seeks additional validation – it seems- to reach some additional ‘zenith’ and thus she clearly FEEDS off the grist of the petty insults and interactions when engaged on her rantings.

    Surely we should point out the BS and lies but leff the lady be otherwise !

    If you are looking for lots of commesh, gypsying gossip and tanti-merle sprinkled with some sense den go for it!

  24. Everything is an IRREVERSIBLE MESS but they want to tell ya how well it’s working and HOW IT WORKS…..🤣🤣😂

  25. But am not the one LIVING IN MISERY….and you ain’t leaving Canada to JOIN THE MISERY either…

  26. The day these show some empathy for what Black people like themselves are SUBJECTED TO on the island is the day i know there is some significant change occurring…until then…i will hold firm to my position and cut the most ignorant commenters out of any discourse..

    I started on the blog dealing with human rights, never deviated, but all the primary school kids want to CHANGE HOW I express myself…..9-10 YEARS later…they are still trying…sorry, but i don’t carry SLAVE GENES…

  27. FrankJanuary 19, 2022 3:39 PM

    angela cox

    I ASKED you A QUESTION and you ASK me “Is that your answer?”

    Yuh mean GOD help you. Pray to Him for a LITTLE WISDOMand UNDERSTANDING, hear?

    Cause you like you is another foolish bitch
    Balams a ss keeps braying
    One little knucklehead talking b about wisdom
    Go get a frigging life jac..a.ss

  28. There are certain individuals on BU who enjoys stoking the fire and expect individuals not to respond
    For all I care if anyone mentions my name using disparaging remarks I will not respond kindly

  29. I for one CANNOT UNDERSTAND how they all forgot what happened with the hotel workers…it only happened in 2020, was a BIG THING, Caswell was verbally abused to the point that people got angry, …just because he exposed what they did in the parliament…

    it was so bad that BARJAM with Emmanuel Joseph then at the helm had to get involved because of an attempt to COVER UP what they all colluded and did to the hotel workers…..but yet BU trolls will jump out to claim that it never happened although I HAVE EVIDENCE that it did, that was posted ALL ACROSS BU and still archived….and can still be found on other forums…

    that is what the blog has reached to, just to tell someone that they are lying…because that is the best they can do…

  30. People may say that BU and the internet and it’s various characters are inane talk nonsense and have mental defects, but sites like this influence the thinking and ideas of the powers that be as well as media reporting etc. In fact the politicians and news reporters are as thick headed and prejudiced as BU morons. It is a negative feedback loop where the energy blockages cause symptoms and underlying conditions to aggravate each other and flare up and everyone will dumb down to the max. Short soundbites and zingers win the day as peoples powers of concentration is getting lower.

  31. @555
    “There were three in the bed
    and the little one said roll over
    so they all rolled over
    and one fell out
    and there were two in the bed
    and the little one said roll over..’

    Sometimes you are very good …

  32. Waru War All Over

    is like a drill instructor for recruits in the army or marines

    cussing you weak fat ass bitches to do 100 push ups and run a 6 mile ruck carrying a back pack with 45 pounds in weight

    you cannot argue back or reason with your drill sergeant major unless you want to do some extra circuits

  33. @William Skinner January 19, 2022 12:20 PM “Oh BTW, thousands died in the USA.”

    Sadly not thousands, nor tens of thousands, but hundreds of thousands, nearly a million, 858,000 to be precis.

  34. William…we still got work to do, making sure the people on the ground know what to do to protect themselves against whatever ugly surprises are lurking.

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