I Love You Barbados

It is about two weeks since Barbadians were forced to take cover from the La Soufriere volcano ash fall located in St. Vincent. Many of us were not around to witness a similar event in 1902, however, many recall vividly or vaguely depending on ones age 1979. As the 2021 hurricane season approaches, Barbadians through the years have been spared serious fallout from ‘Acts of God’ and an understandable complacent attitude has taken root. The seriousness of the ongoing La Soufriere event may help to change the attitude.

This morning the blogmaster threw open a window and smiled at the sight of a less grey environs. In fact there was a gratifying sense that the effect of the ash fall had become less of an issue as Barbadians – despite the prevailing economic and COVID 19 related challenges – are getting on with the business of managing respective households the best way they know how.

This morning like many mornings gone the blogmaster scanned the international and regional newsfeeds and smiled a wry smile at the involuntary sigh of satisfaction – the blogmaster would not trade places with any other soul living elsewhere at this moment.


415 thoughts on “I Love You Barbados

  1. 555dubstreet

    Consciousness: we are one with the universe ….. the Higher Power gave to me a vision of the Heavens …. one early morning before work …. God took me from my car and into the Heavens …..and while I were in the Heavens ….
    .. He gave a view from the Heavens on the the Earth and it was unexplainable as well as incomprehensible to the common understanding ….. but more importantly ….while I were in the Heavens looking down upon Earth ……….. I was devoid of my sense of gravity …..and it was as though I was one with the universe …. but I still possessed my cognitive awareness though I was divest of my physical abilities ….. but the tranquility I felt was beyond the human explanatory threshold …. though it was deadly silent ….. it felt euphoric….

  2. The evil racist, enslaving mind…Barbados got a lot of them still, enabled by wicked sellout leaders,,


    “A former South Carolina restaurant manager has been ordered to pay more than $546,000 in restitution to an employee with intellectual disabilities that he put to work for more than 100 hours a week with no pay.

    Bobby Paul Edwards, 56 is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence for forced labor. He pled guilty in 2019 of enslaving John Christopher Smith, 43, from 2009 to 2014 at J & J Cafeteria in Conway, S.C.”

  3. Dompey
    That is one of the most coherent and lucid posts you have ever made here
    Hindus have 33,000,000 deities to represent different forms of the one universal spirit (or God)
    Just close your eyes and read the following..

    How do we express devotion
    what are we devoted to
    lets find…
    … what we are devoted to
    let’s see if we can focus on those words
    to be devoted to the great spirit
    something unexplainable
    but tangible
    but something we know is there
    can we give our lives to that essence
    to that quality
    can we enrich our lives by being devoted to that great spirit
    this is the challenge
    and this is the potential
    where devotion leads to eternity


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