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MASSIVE FIRING AT UTT BEGINS: UTT lecturers dismissed amidst Imbert’s bright forecast

Submitted by Fatimah Mohammed About 40 lecturers from the Centre for Education Programmes at the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) have been marked to be dismissed. Eleven of them from the Corinth and Valsayn Campuses have already received their dismissal letter on Friday11th May 2018. This dismissal came in the wake of Finance Minister Colm Imbert’s boast that the

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The Adrian Loveridge Column – Tourism is Our Only Hope

As we edge apparently aimlessly towards an inevitable general election there appears, at least through my eyes, little or no compulsion to place my X on the ballot paper of any wannabe politician in my constituency. We have only seen our current representative twice in over ten years, a onetime visit to our property and the second at a popular

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Principal Everton Briggs Enters Race for President of the BUT

The media report that headmaster of St. Bernard’s Primary School Everton Briggs has entered the race for president of the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) is not news that should ordinarily create alarm in the public space. Across the Caribbean principals are routinely elected to the executive of school unions. Today’s press report refers to Briggs’ possible conflict of interest

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The Grenville Phillips Column – A Fair Educational System

Our educational system is currently designed for those whom we label early learners. The only difference between an early learner and a late learner is that one understood taught material earlier than the other. However, both types have the same aptitude for learning. If different material was being taught that the ‘late learner’ understood first, then the labels would switch.

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The Ronnie Yearwood Column – Playing in the Small Sandbox

The following is Dr. Ronnie Yearwood’s column published in the Business Authority, Nation newspaper – 4 December 2017   Where are the big ideas in the upcoming election on governance, economy, education, energy? What are the three big policy changes from either of the political parties? In July a group of Barbadians, what politicians like to call ‘ordinary’ Bajans got

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