Have we become too polarized?

The following statement was posted with breast beating bravado by de pedantic word ‘né’ Dee Word to blog A Time to March. It was in reply to an observation the world today is as polarized as it has ever been.

There is quite a lot that’s “new under the sun”, but we have allowed ourselves to get into an absurdity of easy-speak behaviours.

Accept the old saying: “Those who do not learn (or remember) history are doomed to repeat it.”

Is Barbados MORE polarized today than it was in 1962- 65??? Based on the electorate acceptance with the 30-0 victory of one political party – twice – the fundamental answer should be a resounding NO, not so!

Yet on the other hand, we actually have more political parties now than ever …

However, based on an understanding of the historical context of the time then the answer must still be NO, not so.

The US fought a freaking civil war and endured years (still) of grave civil strife due to the rage of involvement with wars, social justice etc … yet because of a megalomaniacal narcissist it’s automatic to speak now of how polarized it is!

No David, I am not dismissive of our massive NEW and fresh challenges I am simply a realist!!!

Dee Word

The blogmaster in all sincerity invites Dee Word to watch the short clip sent to BU inbox by BU family member Bentley a few days ago. There is a subtlety in the argument which is elusive for some.

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  1. David et al, I would agree with tbe video with some degree However, nobody told men to compromise or not to represent the interest of males. Sadly, no gtoup exist that represents men in Barbados.

    Could not get even MENS or MESA to make a representation to the Co stitution Review Committee on Support In Kind or Parental Alienation Syndrome.

    Male organizatons are compromised into silence!

  2. Division created disharmony away from the natural original state of Unity

    Touching on one BU subject matter discussed.
    The family law argument as in incompetence onesided bias and prejudice corruption in courts against fathers most basic rights based on probability of statistics stereotyping criminalising good men and giving angry emotional hysterical vexatious women the benefit of doubt so they can use children as weapons in war purely out of spite is something Kammie knows all too well. The damage to children’s development and mental health and also fathers state of mind becomes buried submerged and deep rooted and eventually emerges again decades later similar to the me too trauma infused movement. Courts and lawyers act of of ignorance and do not have a fucking clue about reality of real situation or even the truth. The shitstem is all about money equity theft and forcing fathers into penury and bankruptcy.

    Touching on another BU subject matter discussed.
    You have blacks
    You have gays
    You have black gays who identify as gay first black second

    point is everyone is an individual and we are all the same and different

    3rd Bu subject in discussion
    Political polarisation is about winning by division but is just a charade as all players con and shortchange the people and it is a scam for their own wealth

  3. The question about polarization is the wrong one.

    Even before one arrives at such a juncture there are many questions which must first to settled.

    These may include but not limited to:

    What are these poles?
    Where did they come from?
    How were they positioned in the first place?
    Why where they necessary?
    Who benefits from the location of these poles?
    Are poles necessarily bad as social constructions?
    Are poles themselves not artificial constructions?

    And on and on.

    Those who continue to presume that within the few square millimeters of a single brain space can reside the answers to questions long the occupation of many over thousands of years will never possess the courage to enquire beyond the ephemeral.

  4. “Even before one arrives at such a juncture there are many questions which must first to settled.”

    pale white males moan and groan weep and wail that leveling up equalisation takes away their juju mojo and are paranoid they will become extinct with race mixing
    people of no colour call people of colour minorities even though people of colour are majority in the world
    even in countries with people of colour people of no colour don’t call themselves minorities they call themselves expats and settlers

    in terms of politics in barbados there are 2 horses in the race and they are the same as each other with no difference
    they will criticise each other instead of talking about themesleves so it is a case of the best of the worst wins

  5. “””””A new emblem made its debut at the White House, silently but unapologetically marking a seismic shift in the Pride Month celebration. This was not your standard rainbow banner, representative of the gay rights movement since 1978, but a new creation – a ‘Progress Pride Flag.’ I must confess, I looked at this new multicolored symbol, now displayed prominently from the portico of the so-called people’s house, and my heart sank. It didn’t take long for critics to express similar sentiments.”””””””””

    De bullers gone from human rights to politics. A politics dealing with pedophilia “wrongs” as many warned.

    Poles apart!!!

    New flag on the White House which is poles apart from the old one.

    • Lots of people discussing. I can only glimpse. Preparing Kush Quarterly for upcoming publishing.

      Wonder if some are finally realizing what utter fools they made of themselves.

  6. @David, the vid clip is very much an interesting example of the topic of change and polarization and also goes directly to the point (powerful, if I may say as much) made by the Pachamama re ‘where do we start’ and ‘how do we lay out a path to rational conclusions’!

    What is being said about ‘feminism’ can be shouted similarly for ‘affirmative action’ which as practical persons would admit was the policy euphemism for rabid racism/discrimination.

    In that same vein feminism was the catch-all euphemism for the focal issue of female suffrage … and the point which the speaker makes quite implicitly and which you so easily described as the “elusive subtlety” is the fact that having achieved the earlier hard fought rights to be recognized as a person who can vote and then as women ascended to great heights and continue so to do … things have been flipped, as men seek to reclaim the perceived apex of superiority.

    It ain’t going happen … not with gender and not with race … but you betcha there will be a hell of fight !

  7. Pacha…there are even bigger problems in this region….i wont say …weeee have…because weee warned repeatedly about this…and i was never part of any slaveminded clique…i made a distinct point of that for years…so there would be no confusion.

    The very dangerous Slave minds have put EVERYONE at risk….but let them carry on smartly….they are more at risk themselves…they and their ignorant political masters.

  8. Another point @David which needs to be ‘debunked’ is this matter popularized by the blogger @Kammie that “Sadly, no group exists that represents men in Barbados [… and that] Male organizations are compromised into silence!”

    I say to the brother that his assertion is misguided because he surely knows that the empowered NEVER release control willingly and there is no evidence writ large to suggest that men or male groups (even as diverse as they are) have ceded their existence or are truly struck into silence of inactivity.

    Yes it’s true to say that other groups like the feminists , LGBT and ethnic ‘tribes’ 😎 have ascended vigorously to the bully pulpits with this thing called social media and other media but men STILL realistically rule the roost in many regards and control many of the levers of power (political, corporate, social) .

    Moreover, it’s reasonable that so much legislation has been crafted over the last 25 + plus years which give significantly new protections, rewards and restitution to women simply because for generations many laws badly disadvantaged them … just as several did at the divide of racial and social class. That, however, does not and should not be seen as ‘destruction’ or ‘silencing’ of us as male figures… it’s a rebalancing or attempt to balance by and for others !

    And of course that is seen across all spectrums!

    Relatedly, I recently read a report from a law group which actually shocked and surprised me (it just seemed so crass). It noted that [still in 2023] lawyers and judges were using cases deeply rooted in slavery jurisprudence as references and precedent. Now of course we likely all know of the most famous of such cases Dredd Scott but this is not about citing a precedent which (as in that case) goes to the heart of freedom and the perfidy that was slavery … NOPE. rather to quote the authors:

    “You see enslaved persons having been listed in someone’s will right alongside their cattle, or their horses. You see people who took out mortgages on human beings the way we do with homes. You see people who sued the person who sold them an enslaved person because they deemed said enslaved person to have been ‘faulty,’ just like you may sue someone for dishonestly selling you a faulty car,” he wrote. “They are, unequivocally, the most dehumanizing and despicable documents I have ever read.”

    Why do I mention that … well, any effort like that to ‘clean up’ legal speak and make law officers understand the egregious nature of what they are citing may be considered over-kill and ‘well it’s the law’ as it would also receive push back … but fah real that’s just reasonable attempts to re-balance perceptions.

    In the US and across the world we see statues of slavers, general officers who fought for and approved slavery and even discriminatory names associated with slavery and Native Americans being REMOVED … yet under the radar is such odious behaviours where a lawyer deems it necessary to reference the sale of a human being as an example of a case of a ‘lemon’.

    So let’s understand the whos, whys, and where toes as previously noted by the blogger … before we complain too strenuously about what and how we are divided and polarized today in 2023 as compared to the fights of past eras!

  9. What should be very concerning, is the political proxies with or without any incitement from their political masters, believing they must attack any person who goes up against their political party.

    It’s worthwhile to note that over the last 20 years the most marches took place when the DLP was in government, and the BLP political aspirants were seen participating. The BLP is the most militant political party in Barbados due to its structure and its modus operandi.

    @David, to bring balance and show the ugliness of the partisan deceit I will share the below.

    During Cahill fiasco, the late Dr Denis Lowe Minister Of Environment issued instructions that the Future Centre Trust nor its proxies are to be engaged by officers of his ministry. It was so bad that when Nicole Garofano the former director was working on her doctorate with the University Of Wales and travelled all the way from Australia, he did not budge. The apolitical Future Centre Trust was labelled a BLP affiliate, for demanding disclosure as agreed by GOB under the Principle 10 Rio Declaration. I was also attacked by members of the DLP from the floor of parliament, and the only person who suggested that answers be provided to the public was Donville.

    It is worthwhile to note, I was invited to use the platform of the BLP to speak out against Cahil on no less than 3 occasions.

    Proxies acting as political apologist will always sing for their supper for it feeds egos that ensures political largesse. We can sing until the cows come home, most humans are only interested in only their survival and getting ahead irrespective of how it will destroy society!

    • @Kammie

      The blogmaster agrees with much of your comment. We live in a world where the powerful manipulates the others to feed the beast. Perhaps this is how it will always be given our addiction to greed.

    • Maybe the defenders of this Future Center Trust should say where it gets its funding, today!

      Weeeee are willing to guess that it could come from the same or similar sources were all or most socalled NGOs so derive.

      For at the end of the day it’s about the Benjamins, interests. Indeed, these forces which present as social do-gooders are no less political, internally and externally, than the duopolistic parties they pretend to abhor.

    • Curious
      “It is worthwhile to note, I was invited to use the platform of the BLP to speak out against Cahil on no less than 3 occasions”

      Did you attend any? Y/N

    • @Holder, please clarify the missed connection!

      I spoke generally re your MENSA silence/absence as I perceive the issues to which you allude as broadly true ex Bim also.

      I look at MENSA in practical terms. Yes it had (has) a role but any absence of advocacy should not be juxtaposed against the efforts by women’s groups who shout loudly in local courts (and beyond) that fathers are delinquent or dead-beat when they are not !

      As I said I do not see men (in general) as silenced in any way … certainly not powerwielding white men …and let’s be crystal clear … in Bim that would read: power wielding BLACK men.

      Yes, yes the PM, President etc are females so there is a serious rebalancing in the power dynamic but that’s not the same as saying men’s potency has been silenced.

  10. As we intuited, if it sounds too good to be true…99.999% of the time..it is….all am saying is i hope no one gets crazy and put these types of currencies in the hands of Barbados’ incompetents.

    Was reading an article just yesterday…where they screwed up AGAIN (surprise?) and the digital ID platform int even wukking.

    “Crypto is dead: long live crypto!
    By Felix Martin
    June 16, 2023
    7:41 AM AST
    Updated 5 hours ago

    Representations of virtual currency bitcoin are seen through broken glass in this illustration taken, June 25, 2021. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration
    LONDON, June 16 (Reuters Breakingviews) – Already reeling from the “Razzlekhan” scandal, punch-drunk from the collapse of TerraUSD, and floored by the implosion of FTX, cryptocurrencies were finally dealt a knockout blow last week by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The watchdog brought separate charges against two leading crypto companies, Binance and Coinbase Global(COIN.O), accusing them of operating unlicensed U.S. exchanges for unregistered financial securities and illegally commingling brokerage and clearing.”

  11. Polarisation to the max in full e f f e c t

    National security experts are reacting with horror to the emerging revelations about Donald Trump’s handling of government secrets.

  12. “For at the end of the day it’s about the Benjamins, interests.”

    One school of thought (which is not expressed often) is that when “the negroes” in USA were protesting for voting Civil Rights and against segregation colour bar in 50s 60s 70s, before and after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, African Leaders accross Mama Africa had to keep quiet as they were beholden to US and Western Aid.

    [here is some googly moogly cut and paste text to impress with some knowledge wisdom and understanding abut who created the division of Africa which explains the legacy system and control of power to join the dots and see the bigger picture:

    ‘The principal powers involved in the modern colonisation of Africa are Britain, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Italy.’

    ‘The boundaries of current African states usually have their origins in the Scramble for Africa, when the major European powers divided up the continent among themselves. Precolonial Africa was not organized into the nation-states we see today, with fixed boundaries and a nominal national identity.’]

    World Emoji Day/Africa/Date
    Mon, Jul 17, 2023

    Planet Called Earth, The Mighty Diamonds,
    Planet Mars, Icebreakers & Diamonds

  13. William….not sure if they can see where all of this is leading but am glad enuff fuh dem.

    • Perhaps those persons who do not have access to, or adequate income that qualifies them for affordable housing solutions, probably decided to sleep on the streets because they became impatient waiting for their parents to die so they could, according to John, inherit the house.

  14. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing (c) Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Pacha….dont want to get into the nuts and bolts of this info circulating but people are finally seeing who the REAL ENEMIES are and voicing it, these creatures of doom , wielders of misfortune…their blighted and cursed days are definitely numbered..

    “[See how sneaky and tricky lawyers can be? And all the more reason why lawyers should never be allowed to serve in government or in judgment of us]”

  15. Pity? ha!!!all the slick talking in preparation to bamboozle with fraud was all for nothing.

    Now people are seeing the real them for what they really are…

  16. Listened to a snippet of a discussion recently where the point was made of the influence of social media. We have always had many opinions and perspectives circulating in society, BUT, the plethora of social media platforms mean opinions from all quarters are now mega amplified. In fact there is a cadre of persons labeled social media influencers. The point, the gullible will always be with us.

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