A Question for Acting Prime Minister Santia Bradshaw

Submitted by SirFuzzy

Will the MOEd [Ministry of Education] be forced to consider having a staggered teaching arrangement if the covid-19 induced realities still swamp us at the beginning of a new academic year in September 2020″?

I believe that secondary school may adapt to the stay-at-home- distance education model far easier as you have young school children that can “fend for themselves” far better than the 5 – to ten-year-old age group found in the primary school.

I guess many of us are praying for a quick vaccine. To return us to the “bad normal” we called acceptable pre-covid19. Now, I have not been to the primary school classroom in aeons. I know that when I was in a primary school in the 1970’s the seating arrangement(s) did not allow for the 2M/6ft distance that is mandated now. So if we are to stick to that social distancing requirement, the average primary school will have far less classroom capacity.

I don’t see the government being able to build new primary schools any time soon, therefore, maybe we can make use of some of the disused government buildings to provide schooling? The abandoned secondary school building(s) in White Park road will be a good candidate; of course after a thorough industrial cleaning occurs.

That campus may absorb some of the pupils that can no longer fit into the classrooms island wide. However, using widely distributed disused gov’t buildings may present a transportation issue for some parents. So let keep the pupils in the same school that they were assigned and the parents know how to get to them etc.

IMO, the better solution is to have a shift system that allows for the primary school to have some pupils starting school at different times. This staggered approach should allow the classroom size to be smaller as few pupils should be on the campus. This will require a lot of planning and also consultation with the teachers’ union, but I think it a step worth exploring. If it is feasible and doable at the primary school level where I think it is most necessary, then some consideration can be given to it happening at the secondary school level at the specific school(s) that it fits best.

Discuss for 100 marks.

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  1. I want my Mia Mottley back!

    The new, bad Corona outbreak would never have happened with Mia. Without her, we are doomed.

    • If some of you do not have anything to say that is constructive to the Barbados cause why permit a blog that started out with an interesting view to descend into nothingness? Are we so immature and ignorant that during a pandemic we do not see the need to share viewed that will help? Then again the politicians who some of you constantly criticize are from among us so what else can we expect.

  2. Wasn’t the Eductech project ‘designed’ to cater for this kind of event?

    Unless the State is prepared to underwrite the cost of ensuring all children have access to the Internet and provided with the basic tools to facilitate on-line learning in a digitally safe environment then the present educational apartheid system will continue to prevail in Bim.

    It’s time black people stop seeing ICT only through the eyes of clowns performing on the social media platform.

    It’s a relatively objective avenue to realise their dreams of achievement encoded in their constant calls for equal opportunity and affirmative action to right the wrongs of their past without having the fear of discrimination based on the colour of their skin instead of the contents of their intellectual hearts aka brains.

    • @Miller

      Forget EDUTEC, COVID requires a mindset shift. If the traditional classroom is not possible what choice will yoy have?

  3. @David, u said the above with frustration or maybe mild anger but the fact is that it’s bluntly true… they act like is and we like them because we are all cut from similar cloth.

    For all the crazy, stupid and spotlight craving motives that drove POTUS’ ingest bleach remarks the absolute shocking thing is that reports say that over 100 people have ACTUALLY called govt hotlines asking about that as a remedy.

    Yes, there are lots of utterly ignorant (corrupt etc etc) people in the world and thus we also elect lots of absurdly crazy people ( corrupt ) too.


  4. This would also require parents input
    The shifts systems seems doable except the problem of parents work shifts might be problematic
    Most parents who are working can easily adjust to a morning shift but if the shifts when divided means a splitting up of time periods whereby parents cannot provide transportation for the child then there is where loud vocal noises would be heard

  5. @ David,

    Government should employ people to clean and sanitize all the school buildings in Barbados.

    After Covid 19 we should all practise higher levels of hygeine.

    I am hoping that covid 19 is controlled and we get back to ” normal ” and children can be back in classrooms.

    • @Hants

      We have to plan for worse case scenario and certainly in the short term I.e. rest of the school year.


  6. Here is my 2 cents worth.

    Scrap school for the rest of the school year and have every child repeat this entire school year starting in September. In other words, if your child in Infants A now, they in Infants A again come September. If your child in 5th form getting ready for CXCs, no CXCs for them til next year, they starting 5th form again come September.

    Stop this foolish scrambling trying to get tablets, computer, internet and a whole bunch of nonsense to every last child trying to salvage this school year. Face facts, all schools and universities done for at least the next few months. Anything less than school fully starting back and operating like normal will only severely disadvantage the poor children that need the education the most.

    What the ministry can focus on is getting the teachers that home sitting down doing nothing while still drawing a salary to prepare content for the subjects and year levels they currently teach for publishing to an e-learning platform freely accessible to all students.

    While they are at it, they should also create their own e-learning platform which they might be even able to license to other countries in the coming years. We don’t need to be giving all our limited foreign exchange and student’s information to make Google richer.

  7. @David April 25, 2020 4:37 PM

    That’s the very point being made!

    “EDUTEC” was merely the first failed vaccine in the trials required to the eventual digitization of Education, in general, a candidate now ripe for control by AI.

    Covid is just the first wave of the many modern viral agents of societal disruption- using the fast speed vehicles of international air and sea travel- which humans have to undergo in paying the cost of trying to rearrange Nature to suit their creature-comforts lifestyle e.g. GM farming to feed an ever growing overpopulated world of human parasites and polluting the very precious air required every second for breathing and remaining alive.

    The pandemic collapse of the populations of Mother Nature’s pollinators should be seen as an early warning signal to the future as mankind pays the price for so-called technological advancement.

    The games played by Man’s technological ‘innovations’ to overcome the limitations placed on him by Mother Nature always end in a zero sum cul-de-sac.

    Covid-19 is just one of the coming modern teachers sent to put mankind in his place in the grand scheme of universal things.

    Let him crawl and take care of his garden before he can fly to live on the Moon.

    Now there goes down the drain the price of crude oil as the ‘value’ of potable water springs to the surface!

  8. @Miller: “It’s time black people stop seeing ICT only through the eyes of clowns performing on the social media platform.

    This is not a racially constrained problem. ICT is “scary” to many people. It’s sad how many people think Fakebook is the “Internet”… (Let’s not even get into the fact the “Web”, also, is not the Internet…)

    With regard to remote learning, I’d like to point out that the infrastructure can be achieved relatively inexpensively. Last meter (read: to the home) connectivity is critical, of course. But a full-blown, more than capable, computer workstation can be built for less than $200 or so BDS.

    Start with a Rasberry Pi 4 ( https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-4-model-b/ ), add a keyboard, mouse, and screen (and a 32GB microSD card for the OS), and you have a full-blown (and reasonably powerful) workstation for each student.

    No, it won’t run WinBlows… But the Linux GUI environment provided is more than good enough (in some ways better) for students.

    FWIW. Ignore if there’s not enough profit (cynical voice).

  9. Teachers were involved in online training sessions and planning how to meet the needs of the students in the future. We do have to re-invent the wheel. Google and Microsoft are available with great tools.
    The tools in google suite such as google classroom and google meet will allow teachers to teach in the virtual space. The problem is the students having the devices and connectivity to enter that space. The Chinese government had donated thousands of tablets to the Ministry of Education, therefore reassigned them to the most vulnerable and loan to families with more than one child and not enough devices.
    It would be good gesture if during the curfew that Barbadians within communities unlock their modems to allow for a large Barbados virtual space. The service providers can also be involved and so households would not incur any extra charges. The service providers can also give free data for all the children identified by the Ministry during this trying time.
    This pandemic therefore may have push us to accept the changes that would allow our children to start to complete in this digital world. The students are mostly visual and so would enjoy all of the wonderful tools available in the teaching learning process online.

  10. Any major changes in education that are reactive to a situation rather than proactively planned with a purpose are doomed to eventually fail. Especially so in a country/society still stuck in a 90’s thinking mindset searching for that next new shiny toy, rather than truly inspiring and empowering young people.

    Add the fact that the current leadership in education is neither able nor ready to make comprehensive progressive decisions to take the sector where it needs to go.

    your shift system (and any other good idea) will run into a brick wall called teachers’ unions.

    Just Observing

  11. In a cash strapped country, we have to seriously consider suggestion that can save the taxpayers money.

    The suggestion of Chris should be given serious consideration.

  12. She is just another stand in crook for MiaVirass,Trump on all their boxseas.
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  13. Went for a “nature” walk one evening on the coastal track from Bath to Martin’s Bay. I was with an adult friend who brought along a younger 12 year old friend who had only agreed to come on the walk with us if she could bring her cell phone along as well. It was clear that she couldn’t bear to be parted from the device for the hour or so we planned to be away on the walk. The whole entire walk almost, she had her eyes fixed on the phone, selecting music to play in her headphones, texting/messaging this body and the next body, and occasionally taking a picture or two. It seemed to me that to her the natural setting surrounding us were little more than a distraction from her cell phone. After all she did have to look up from the phone occasionally to cross a muddy stream, or clamber over some natural obstacle that presented itself along the path.

    Inside a tech-free school (where tech executives send their own children).

  14. @Silly Woman April 26, 2020 11:28 AM

    And from where do you get free doses of the same Vitamin D?

    Why do you think the poorest of African children- when pitifully displayed on Western TV- can still flash their beautiful well formed pearly whites despite having only tattered clothes on their backs or even one dentist in the village?

  15. Q And from where do you get free doses of the same Vitamin D?



  16. @ GP April 26, 2020 12:24 PM

    Sometimes you ought to stop your maddening CAPITAL shouting and look into the mirror to see the real moron who, when it comes to commonsense, cannot spell ADA backwards.

    You might be rather sharp at making yourself look like a bleeding fool (remember your refutation of the relevance of the “compromised immune system” thesis to the Covid-19 ‘infestation’?) when responding to your homemade soliloquies,
    But spare yourself the luxury of sarcasm.

    The SUN, my ignoramus ‘friend’, is the source of all life (and death) on the planet; Not your desert god Yahweh.

    Everything on this planet, dead and alive, has its genesis in the Sun.

    Even your skin has its colour because of Sunlight.

    You ought to be proud of that instead of trying to peddle the bullshit fairy tales about a pale skin Adam & Eve from whom you claim your Davidian-brand ancestry.

    Please spare the lecture of Yahweh ‘bringing’ the sun into being on the first day of your puerile story of Creation.

    Let him first create himself; even before the billions of galaxies.

  17. @David
    Interesting to learn there are teachers who do not own a computer to support the effort to implement online classrooms
    Interesting indeed, isn’t that more of a subtle resistance to change? If I say I am not in favour it comes across as not being supportive of the students but if I say that I don’t have the tools it will be looked at in a different light.

    • @Sargeant

      The revelation has haunted the blogmaster ever since it was made public by a member of the profession.

  18. re Everything on this planet, dead and alive, has its genesis in the Sun.


  19. David, lets get some perspective here. Currently many people have been working from home and of course you need a login to your host system to do so…. I am aware of folks who did NOT have a device at their home to do that and thus had to be issued a company laptop/tablet .

    In that vein, why pray tell was it a “revelation” that some local teachers did not have a PC… what is so absolutely strange about that???

    Let me put it another way… the absolute debacle of the Cliinton’s use and misuse of her BB/Smart phone and apparently co-mingling her personal and govt business was RIDICULOUS for any of us who used those things regularly for business and personal… but yet she – a very experienced practitioner – effed it up.

    So again I ask why do you find it so ‘revealing’ that there are folks who are ‘novices’ to tech or do not own a computing device (or maybe an up-to-date one)…. From my perch there is nothing to it…

    Also consider this… having a PC at home was NEVER a condition of employment to the teaching service as far as I am aware. If you now change the conditions and require such then should I foot the cost of that device or should you issue me one on loan for use for my tenure of work or sell one to me (small deductions from salary monthly) ? Has that been considered?

    These are real issues and cannot or should not be overlooked

    • @Dee Word

      You do not appreciate a tablet or laptop should be tools of the teaching profession to compare with hammer and nails for a carpenter in 2020? What if it is personal equivalent, we are operating in a pandemic for crissakes.

    • @Hants

      True, for a teacher earning should be an ongoing endeavour.

      There was a time when a teacher did more…

      The policeman did more…

      The nurse did more…

      All of us did more…

    What’s the plan?

    In light of the uncertainty in the Ministry of Education and no clear and comprehensive plan emanating from the Minister of Education, the Democratic Labour Party is presenting some questions which have been drawn to our attention from concerned teachers and parents:
    1. When did the school formally end?
    2. Are teachers and students on holiday?
    3. When is the official start date for the school term to begin and therefore end?
    4. How are all teachers supposed to assure the Ministry that they resumed duty on April 14th as is being requested?
    5. Is there a system in place to check when teachers begin or end their online day?
    6. What is the expected duration of the working day of a teacher?
    7. Are Barbados’ teachers sufficiently trained for the new online platform?
    8. Are parents equipped to assist their children with the new online platform?
    9. Was there any survey done to ascertain the number of homes without the devices or connectivity to access the online education?
    10. What provisions are being made for families in need of devices and/connectivity?
    11. Are teachers expected to continue with their regular timetable?
    12. Are students expected to sit before the devices for extended periods?
    13. Is any consideration being given to assisting persons who are on data plans with compensation with the increase in data use?
    14. What provisions are being made for those students who are being asked to prepare for the BSSEE, CAPE, CSEC etc?
    15. Is CXC in a position to prepare and/or administer said exams in light of the Covid 19 uncertainty?
    16. Did anyone consider the risks and the legitimate objection of teachers to inviting students and parents into their homes and vice versa using the Google Meets platform?
    17. ITCs are being considered for a day pass but the ministry had instructed that staff be given the tablets to facilitate open EMIS. Will staff be allowed to bring them back for redeployment to students? It’s unclear.
    18. If school has started for teachers one would assume that it has started for the students.
    If so, what is the arrangement for the distribution of school meals as announced by the Prime Minister? Given that she previously stated schools were not closed earlier because some children depended on thee meals we need to hear what the position is today.
    Thousands of parents are unemployed and it is at this time that they would require supplemental nutrition.
    As the Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow stated: Hungry minds cannot learn.
    We would wish that these questions be answered on behalf of teachers, students and parents of Barbados.
    The Democratic Labour Party

    Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and indoor

  21. If the above is an example of DLP thinking on formal school education during this crisis, not only was the electorate right to kick them out of office, they should not come back for a long time.
    @DLP plse go away and learn to think, you silly people.

  22. @ Greene

    Who advises Verla? I know someone who told me he tried to offer advice but she ignored him. I am not sure how true that is, but from public statements I can believe it.
    This time in opposition is time for the party to regroup, from top to bottom, so far they are not doing very well.

  23. @ Greene

    Combermere started slipping when Stanton Gittens became head. The Combermere we celebrate are the values and vision of Major Noot.

  24. @ David,

    The MOE can purchase computers and loan them to teachers who need them.

    Government will have money to spend even if they have to print it.

    Hopefully they will also start begging some of Barbados’ ” friends of all ” to ease the covid 19 pain.

    • @Hants

      Agree a,do the unions can adapt and adopt a new role in the current environment and even beyond.


  25. Scary scenario but it is possible the economy may have to be ” restarted ” before a vaccine or treatment is found.

    There is no bottomless pit of money.

  26. I am with Chris Halsall on this. For secondary, internet learning, with only specific day visits, say two days per week, to the school premises, are the future.

    The children will learn how to use critical, for the future, information technology. They will learn to produce work, not the current attend and do not do anything for the day, then spend every evening at lessons.

    For those who say that the poor will be disadvantaged, not if resources are provided. Too, how many actually leave school with certificates now anyway? The schools are underperforming.

    Some children leave school at the end of fifth form and cannot read nor write. Is that success?? Stupse.

    Instead of learning nonsense and going to school to face violence, how about putting the emphasis where it needs to be, In the 21st century.

    Primary school is more difficult. Children need to be taught HOW TO LEARN, not rote rubbish.

    Make sure they can read and write properly and that they can think for themselves, how to study and how to use information technology.

    That should be the role of primary school.

    Move into the next century.

  27. If you do not have ready access to a computer, whether your own or not, you should not be a teacher.

    The internet now is the encyclopedia of the old days, but much, much better. I wish it was around when I was a teenager and that I had access.

    Massive information (yes, we know that you have to be critical in assessing what to accept etc etc).

    A teacher not having such now, shows a total lack of interest and lack of ability to keep up with the times.

    Like it or limp it, that is what is.

  28. @Hants
    “There is no bottomless pit of money.”
    I trust you have made your comments known to Justin, Dougie et al

  29. @David April 26, 2020 11:36 AM :@Simple Simon. Very interesting. We should hold classrooms outdoors?

    Why not? At least sometimes. Back in the day if we were restless at elementary school the teachers had us bring our little benches and chairs outside and conducted classes for a while under the tree.

    Also access to sunshine is traditionally why schools had a built in recess period, and also a games/P.E. period so that children could play in the sun everyday. At secondary school if we tried to stay indoors after eating our lunches the teachers would “chase” us outside. Yup girls got sweaty too. Sweaty is good.

    If lack of vitamin D/sunshine is related to severe COVID19 outcomes than I am a little worried that so many people especially little children are shut inside. But since people are permitted outside as long as they stay within their curtilage i think that all parents should shortly be permitted to take their children for a walk around the black, or up and down the gap.

    Tomorrow is my “parole” day and even though I don’t need to do any shopping I think that I will mask up and take a walk around the block. I won’t go into any stores or other crowded places, just “stretch my foot” a bit.

    I am still doing a little gardening at home, but none on the “plantation” accourding to my friend whitehil, and truthfully I really miss spending 6 to 9 hours each week in what people call “the hot broiling sun”

    I miss the hot broiling sun.

    I trust that the latest rounds of testing wil be mostly negative and that people will be permitted to enjoy solitary exercise, or that families who live in the same house can exercise together.

    I also miss playing “football” on the pasture with the grands.

    Although somehow they always “win.” Lolll!!!

  30. My own question for our acting PM

    Dear Ms. Bradshaw, Please watch the two videos linked below and after consulting with your Minister of Health and the BAMP answer the following:

    If a 70 year old patient with a heart condition (for example) were to be infected with Coronavirus and knowing that aged patient with heart disease patient stood a substantially increased risk of death from the Coronavirus would our local doctors, at the patient’s or next of kin’s request (were the patient not be in a position to give consent), be allowed to request our local doctors try alternative, non-pharmaceutical approaches to treat the patient like high-dose Vitamin C by IV or Ozone Therapy as recommended by integrative medical practitioners? If not, why not?

    (I understand that the drug Choloroquine which has received some favourable reports as a treatment for Covid-19 is not recommended for patients with heart disease related complications as it presents a very high risk of severe side effects.)

    A panel of Doctors report from Thailand, US, and China on clinical trials and treatments of COVID-19
    A panel of international integrative physicians reporting from Thailand, US, and China on clinical trials and treatments of COVID-19 with high doses IV vitamin C.
    (Nemos News Network – With John Michael Chambers, Lior Sher, Dr. Thomas Lodi, MD – Thailand, Dr. Nathan Goodyear, MD – US, and Dr. Richard Z. Cheng MD – China)


    Journal of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology
    A Plausible “Penny” Costing Effective Treatment for Corona
    Virus – Ozone Therapy.


    Robert Jay Rowen, MD,* and Howard Robins, DPM
    Rowen and Robins. J Infect Dis Epidemiol 2020, 6:113
    DOI: 10.23937/2474-3658/1510113
    Volume 6 | Issue 2
    A very inexpensive, essentially 100% safe, and apparently Ebola effective therapy should tame coronavirus due to a common denominator in most viruses. Oxidize them, then they simply become inactive or even better – destroyed.


  31. I really have not heard many persons talk about primary schools, and how we are to get them up and serving the primary school population if in September 2020 covid19 is still strong among us.
    I accept that the unions will play a big part, but dire times may require dire solutions. The unions will know what they have to do if they want to be part of a solution.

  32. @Sir Fuzzy
    Has any of the teachers’ unions ever been “part of the solution?”

    agreed re. the DLP

    20 years ago a poorly conceptualized and politicized Eductech was in full swing with horrible implementation and zero strategy for continuity and long term sustainability
    There have been minimal if any real lasting benefits from that project (400+ thousand dollars back in the day)

    Now here we are here with no “opening date” no “online policies” no guidance, direction or specific announcements relating to education or schools all the while a bucketful of teachers, students and families are falling through the cracks or being left behind as a result. But hey, “we got dis”

    Madame Bradshaw should NOT be holding the education portfolio at the same time as being Acting Prime Minister during this crisis. Complete dedicated attention is required in key areas (labour, education, health, welfare, economic affairs) if we are to come out of this with a society intact.

    Just observing

  33. “…What the ministry can focus on is getting the teachers that home sitting down doing nothing while still drawing a salary to prepare content for the subjects and year levels they currently teach for publishing to an e-learning platform freely accessible to all students…”


    You definitely is a teacher!!!

    Doan really matter all de fancy talk if dere is not curriculum Crapau smoke we pipe!!!

  34. “16. Did anyone consider the risks and the legitimate objection of teachers to inviting students and parents into their homes and vice versa using the Google Meets platform?”

    The platforms are invasive if

    A.you let them be
    B.you dont know what to do and
    C.if your software and curriculum are not designed properly

  35. Listening to the Mayor of Atlanta and a few others yesterday discussing plans to reopen the economy, he listed many of the same problems we have been discussing here about Barbados.

  36. When is the BLP going to publish the commissioned report by Sir Keith Hunte on racial harmony in Barbados? It was written and published, so why has the press not got hold of a copy and published it? Was it too damning?

  37. @ Hal
    You can’t be serious! We don’t touch subjects such as race and labour exploitation in Barbados.
    Why do you think that Barrow passed the Public Order Act in 1974?
    Why do you think people hide behind pseudonyms?
    I will tell you this straight up. I wrote a letter to the Nation about two or so years castigating Cow Williams. I received about thirty five calls; over a hundred emails , telling me how somebody needed to tell off Cow ever since. All of those people were living in Barbados. Not one took up their pen !
    Right now on this blog, we all talking about post COVID-19 . We are all on what the government should and should not do. Nothing about the parasitical corporate sector. Ask yourself why.
    Rihanna a “little poor black girl from down in the city “makes it big and starts serious philanthropic work. Ask yourself how come whites, Indians and others who have made billions out of this country don’t seriously give back unless there is a hurricane or such calamity and it has to be all over the papers.
    Well my Brother if we do frighten to even put we names to something we write, you really think that we gine seriously discuss race relations or ask how in 2020 black workers making $125US per week.
    Go figure.

  38. Hear from doctors and academics around the world on the success of Vitamin C for treating patients infected by the virus in this current pandemic. They explain when and how Vitamin C should be used in ICU units and why it is Vitamin C’s role in managing an immune response that is so key.


  39. PharmaNutrition
    Volume 12, June 2020, 100190
    Intravenous vitamin C for reduction of cytokines storm in acute respiratory distress syndrome
    Author lAlbertoBoretti, Bimal KrishnaBanik

    Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, P.O. Box 1664, Al Khobar, 31952, Saudi Arabia

    Received 31 March 2020, Revised 5 April 2020, Accepted 6 April 2020, Available online 21 April 2020.


    (1st paragraph snipped for brevity)

    In China, the death rate was peaked at 3% a few weeks ago but is now declined to 0.7 %. Good results are obtained using Interferon Alpha 2B (IFNrec) without any combination with Kaletra. The use of Intravenous (IV) Vitamin C (Vit-C) has shown promise in this area in China. The IV Vit-C (or Ascorbic acid) protocols are mentioned in clinicaltrials.gov, for Covid19 and other pathologies. Shanghai now utilizes IV Vit-C in the treatment for Covid-19. Many physicians in China have identified promising results using IV Vit-C against Covid19. Thus, there is a need to urgently review the uses of IV Vit-C, pre- and post-infection, and during different stages of the infection. IV Vit-C is helping to develop a stronger immune system response, reducing the cytokines storm, or increasing antiviral activities through other unknown mechanisms.

    Perhaps, the reduction of the cytokines storm in the late stages of the Covid19 infection is the most significant application of IV Vit-C. Covid19 pneumonia is a complex medical disorder with high morbidity and mortality rate. This causes severe lung injury that results in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), a life-threatening lung disorder. This process prevents the necessary oxygen to enter into the lungs and ultimately causes death. Coronaviruses increase oxidative stress that promotes cellular malfunction and ultimately results in organ failure. It is believed that pulmonary failure (ARDS) is the principal cause of Covid19′s action on humans. This helps to increase oxidative stress considerably because of the generation of free radicals and cytokines. This process finally leads to serious cellular injury, organ failure and death. The administration of anti-oxidizing agents along with proven conventional supportive therapies is believed to have an important role in controlling these medical situations. Appropriate vaccines and antiviral drugs for the Covid19 epidemic are not available. IV Vitamin C and other antioxidants are extremely good agents for ARDS. These can be applied clinically. Importantly, high dose IV Vit-C is safe and effective. In this paper, we review the use of high-dose Vit-C as an efficient method of treatment for patients with cancers and infections.

    The antiviral properties of Vit-C help to reduce symptoms and mortality in children and adults [[1], [2], [3], [4]]. The antiviral activities of ascorbic acid was known and it was published almost 80 years ago [[5], [6], [7], [8], [9]] when scientists were involved in work on poliomyelitis. Moreover, the use of ascorbic acid as a medicinally crucial agent against various diseases was also well established [[10], [11], [12], [13], [14], [15], [16], [17], [18], [19], [20], [21]]. Applications of Vit-C are found in poliomyelitis [[22], [23], [24], [25], [26]]. Many other uses of Vit-C include hepatitis, herpes, chickenpox and measles, infectious mononucleosis, trichinosis, urethritis, Antabuse, arthritis, and cancer. Vit-C is also helpful for the treatment of elevated cholesterol and arteriosclerosis, [[27], [28], [29], [30], [31], [32]], corneal ulcers, glaucoma, burns, heatstroke, sunburn, slipped disc, toxins, and heavy metal poisonings [[33], [34], [35]]. The appropriate clinically effective vaccines and specific antivirals may serve effectively if they are available. Considering the current situation, the use of Vit-C as an antiviral agent should also be considered. Notably, Vit-C can be used alone or in combination with other available medicines to exert positive synergistic effects. Here we review the principal mechanism of actions of IV Vit-C that helps to make the immune system stronger, reduces the cytokines storm and inhibits oxidative processes. Under the first criteria, literature knowledge on cancer treatment will be reviewed first. Then, the antiviral properties will be reviewed, with focusing on the reduction of the oxidative pathways typical of the Covid19 ARDS

    Source: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2213434420300153?fbclid=IwAR1jOSLX-sgH5jbJCtMcRUCaBhEOkevGMsHfGp3oFEFXq5yANm9uRS9ZkCY

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