Ministry Breaking the Law!

Submitted by Paula Sealy
Chief Education Officer – Dr. Ramona Archer-Bradshaw

According to Section 42 of the Charities Act mandatory audited financial statements are required of charitable organisations. According to subsection 6 any person who fails to do so is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine of $1000 or imprisonment for 6 months and an additional fine of $100 for every day during which the offence continues after a conviction is first obtained.

This seems reasonable enough.

What seems unreasonable in comparison is how the boards of public secondary schools are getting away with murder where the public purse is concerned. According to section 10 of the Education Regulations the Board shall, not later than 30th September in each year, or such later date as the Minister approves cause its accounts for the preceding financial year to be audited, and prepared for that financial year, in such manner as the Minister approves.

There is no mention of any fine or imprisonment at all.

The last published report of the Auditor General revealed only two public secondary schools filed statements for the financial year ended 31 March 2020.

Will the chairmen of the boards of management of public secondary school boards be made to follow the law? Is it because they are appointed by friends and family in Cabinet that these boards can spend as they please? Are these boards exempt from the Financial Administration and Audit Act?

Why does Government want to punish crooked charities but not crooked boards and board members who are responsible for millions of taxpayers’ dollars each year?

The last DLP government published the Gazette free online but this BLP government wants us to pay to see the public information in the Gazette. Where is the Freedom of Information Act? God knows who is on the school boards since they were appointed. [Emphasis – Blogmaster]

Auditor General, Leigh Trotman

Since there is one representative each from the Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados, the Ministry of Education and each secondary school’s Parent Teacher Association on every board there are explanations to be made about how the money is spent in the schools by those members too.

Instead of ensuring the Education Regulations are respected the Ministry of Education allows taxpayers’ money to be spent with no reporting by the school boards. This was happening before the government changed in 2018.

What has been done to stop the slackness since then? Nuff money done spend and audits ain’t [wben] even start yet. This is financial slackness but then the same government wants us to tighten our belts. Does the Minister approve boards not reporting? Does Cabinet support the spending without account?

In the meantime, we can look forward to another report from the Office of the Auditor General to lay out the infelicities of the last financial year.

Over to you, Mr. Leigh Trotman.

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143 thoughts on “Ministry Breaking the Law!

  1. Artax,

    You beat me to it! Another early reason why I came to the conclusion that the Bible was written by men and not by divine dictation. Recognising this blatant unfairness, the Jehovah’s Witnesses now translate it, “But God allowed Pharaoh’s heart to be hardened…..” However, judging by other instances in the Bible, I still believe it was meant as we always knew it, ” ….God hardened Pharaoh’s heart…..”

    The grandmaster playing with his pawns.


  2. @SS
    I wasn’t rough.
    You see the same is back to talking about the suffering and vulnerable, after cutting them a new asshole y’day praying for reinforcing their pain and suffering and their lack of judgement because they didn’t vote D, Twice.
    We can shrug it off as a political yardfowl. But she has a nasty and vile streak, which she tempers by claims of concern for the less fortunate. Then like y’day, the truth comes out, and she slams the people, all because they didn’t vote D.
    When asked to specify IMF policy…..silence. The sound bite learned from the former crew is like music to her, no need to be accurate, just repeat it.

  3. @NorthernObserver June 7, 2022 3:26 PM “@SS. I wasn’t rough…But she has a nasty and vile streak.”

    She deserved whatever you dished out to her. I agree she has a nasty and vile streak to people she even suspects may not have voted D.

    I have no sympathy for her.

  4. So tomorrow once again the Supreme Leader would have the international stage once again to huff and puff at world leaders never mind after all the huffing and puffing nothing changes at home
    Crime escalates poverty increase and the rich get richer
    Oh did some blp foot soldier.say ac have a nasty streak
    Lest the footsoldier forget that OSA in his words of description for PM was not only colorful but downright degrading
    Words to the effect which exemplifies her present characteristics like despot and megalomania
    Get loss fool
    People are hurting and suffering
    Let that sink in

  5. “…….OSA in his words of description for PM was not only colorful but downright degrading….”

    Are you referring to the same “OSA” whose appointment as Chairman of LIAT was FACILITATED by Mottley the “despot and megalomaniac?”

    OSA…… who Mottley announced would REPRESENT the Barbados Government at the state funeral for former Jamaica Prime Minister Edward Seaga, on Sunday, June 23, 2019?

    OSA…… who ACCEPTED Mottley’s appointment to be Chairman of the Industrial Transformation sub-group of ‘government’s’ Job and Investment Council?

    Or, fo you mean a different OSA?

  6. The same OSA who never retracted any of his words
    The same OSA who said he belive his mission towards taking those appointments was a duty borne out of being a patriot of the country which he was and would serve in or out of Parliamentary duties and a country he loved
    Let that sink in

  7. DonnaJune 7, 2022 6:22 PM

    Let WHAT sink in?

    Scrollin’, scrollin’, scrollin’

    Wunnuh people still readin’ Angela Cox
    😆 🤣
    A day without reading angela cox is like a day without sunshine especially for those who.keep.scrollin scrollin scrollin
    Ha ha 😂 🤣 😆 😄 😅

  8. I heard Mia on Times 100 road show repeating the same tune of wanting world leaders of international countries to take on small island fiscal reponsubities on such issues as the environment
    Well all knows how much of effective response took foothold after Mia sound the bell
    There is a video where an African leader explains in depth what those world leaders think of African nations when all nations meet at the UN for slap back engagements
    To quote He said ” none of them cares about US
    Hence the word Influence only applies on paper

  9. “The same OSA who never retracted any of his words…”

    How do you KNOW whether or not he “NEVER retracted any of his words?”

    You’re being a bit presumptuous to assume he did.

  10. @ Donna

    You’re aware she’s using this particular blog to ‘advertise and promote’ DLP propaganda and ‘Dr. Ronnie Obama,’…….. free of cost.

  11. Now hear this blp.foot soldiers a great number of the populace is unhappy with govt handling of the economy
    Understandably so only a person with deep pockets whose finances can handle the soaring cost of living would think differently
    Meanwhile our Supreme leader trots off to international events which is a large than large massage parlor of intellectual nitwits saying plenty but doing little resulting in pompous bellyachers doing nothing to help the poor people in third world countries fight off the pangs of daily prices and worsening poverty
    Speaking of Dr. Ronnie Obama Yearwood he did highlighted the economic problems along with having a viable solution on Sunday

  12. ArtaxJune 7, 2022 7:22 PM

    “The same OSA who never retracted any of his words…”

    How do you KNOW whether or not he “NEVER retracted any of his words
    OSA never shy away from speaking openly what was on his mind
    If he wanted to say different or retract media would have been a vessel by which he would made his comments clear

  13. Is it me or my imagination that the ongoing crime is increasing daily in Barbados
    A daily barrage of shootings have become a Barbadian way of life
    Meanwhile the AG is visibly opening community parks while blood and gore and gunfire opens on the streets of Barbados
    Barbados is taking a path similar to Jamaica where the increase of poverty lead to ongoing streams of violence with no end
    Promises for better becoming promises for worse
    Where is the AG
    He should be fired

  14. RE: “OSA never shy away from speaking openly what was on his mind.”

    Okay, ‘fair enough.’

    RE: “If he wanted to say different or retract media would have been a vessel by which he would made his comments clear…”


    You DON’T KNOW. You’re only making a BOLD ASSUMPTION.

    Politicians make some very derogatory and pejorative remarks to describe each other in Parliament, during constituency branch meetings, political parties’ annual conferences and campaign meetings.

    Do they use the media to “retract” those comments?
    NO, they do not.

    While politicians SEND you to BU to ‘stoke up the partisan divide’ on their behalf…… call people who may disagree with your opinions ‘BLP foot soldiers,’ or ‘jackasses,’…… and make an ass of yourself in the process……

    …… they can be seen PUBLICLY SOCIALIZING with each other at functions, shops, bars and karaoke….. eating, drinking, singing and enjoying themselves.

    But, the question REMAINS:
    How do you KNOW whether or not he “NEVER retracted any of his words?”

    Unless you were PRESENT during EVERY discussion between Arthur and Mottley…… you simply DO NOT KNOW……

    …… IF he apologised, “retracted any of his words,”……….and, they ‘kissed and made up.’

    YOU DO NOT KNOW!!!!!

    “Let that sink in.”

  15. This is the same Duopoly BS. Mia and Arthur is no different from Sinckler’ and Mia . They always circle the wagon to protect each other.
    The cussing and public displays of enemies are pure political theatre. But we lap it up and defend it according to which party we support at the time.
    In the meantime : .Barbados is a failed state…………… not yet but…………..
    Is it the Barbadian condition?
    Are we a pack of invertebrates?

  16. Promises for a better Barbados results in a Barbados going to hell in a hand basket and govt hands long out like beggars on international financial doorsteps like the IMf
    When will the dog and pony show end
    Inquiring Minds want to know

  17. I remember one day after the DEMS won the 2008 general elections, an agitated looking David Thompson appeared in the media with then Attorney General Fruendel Stuart, ‘waving about’ papers and talking about the ‘mess’ they found, the names of the consultants the BLP hired and the fees paid to them.
    Thompson also made accusations of corruption, which he vowed to investigate, mentioned he had information that BLP ministers stole from the Treasury and held taxpayers’ money in foreign bank accounts, which he vowed to recover….. and promised they would occupy jail cells at HMP Dodds.

    Ironically, Thompson retained the same
    consultant positions he criticised, to which he appointed DLP members.
    For example, Cranston Browne replaced Mark Williams…… and Undine Whittaker replaced Hamilton Lashley.

    And, up until the time of Thompson’s death, there weren’t any investigations launched into the allegations of corruption, good governance and integrity legislation remained a political campaign promise.

    Fast forward to one day after the 2018, when a similarly agitated looking Mottley appeared in the media, accompanied by AG Dale Marshall, ‘waving about papers,’ and making similar accusations of corruption, which she also promised to investigate.
    Mottley hired more consultants and increased the size of the Cabinet…… after criticising the size of the former administration’s Cabinet……

    …… and, under guise they found the island in such a ‘mess’ that it would require “many hands to make light work,” to bring about economic stability.

    Mottley is now into her second term in office, the ‘red 🎒 bag’ of evidence remains hidden, we haven’t heard anything about any criminal investigation…… and, good governance and transparency legislation remains a political campaign promise.

  18. I remember not so long ago Mottley when in the ten year wilderness said that Barbados was in a worst state economically and socially than Haiti
    I also remember her and the now Ag calling for the then Ag Adrien Braithwaite fired
    I also remember Mottley rallying calls and midday marches against then govt
    All this time telling barbadians that the time for change was necessary
    Now the change and changes have happened and nothing has changed
    Poverty is out of control unemployment levels are high and crime is taking control of society

  19. David why are u blocking the UTUBE video where Dr. Yearwood is having a town hall meeting in the UK addressing various issues

  20. Lol.David one day uh tricks going turn to bricks and fall on top.of uh
    Any way better late than never
    Dr. Yearwood would be proud of yuh
    I meaning after much protesting several hours later yuh posted the video

  21. OK David

    Another stellar and outstanding adresss by Dr. Ronnie Obama
    Burning issues which goes to the heart of transparency and good governance

  22. When u dont have a narrative to keep the kool-aid drinkers energize u have to mek up one

    Maria Agard
    I am not a member of the DLP so I should drink water and mind my business.

    But in the interest of information and the avoidance of the deliberate promotion of intellectual dishonesty, let it be said that the emerging narrative that “the DLP is now led by a BLP reject” must be the dumbest and most disingenuous remark to be planted in a public forum.


    Ask Kerrie Symmonds, Trevor Prescod, Ian Gooding Edghill, Ralph Thorne.

    Ask Clyde Mascoll, who as a former Opposition Leader was embraced by the governing Owen Arthur Administration and supported the very economic policies he vigorously condemned.

    Ask Hamilton Lashley, even Bradshaw.

    The co founder of the DLP, Errol Walton Barrow contested the Election of 1951 for the constituency of St. George under a BARBADOS LABOUR PARTY banner before leaving the BLP to form the DLP. Most die hard Dems and otherwise educated Barbadians know that Barrow was a Bee. That did not hinder him from forming the DLP, leading the DLP, becoming Prime Minister of Barbados and Father of Independence. If Dr. Ronnie Yearwood was once a Bee and now leads the DLP, he mirrors the distinguished national hero. Let him draw on the history of his forefathers to inspire him.

  23. PM urges world to pay attention to challenges of small nations
    Prime Minister Mia Mottley has again sent a clear message that the world ought to pay attention to the plight of small island states.
    Mottley, who is in Los Angeles attending the ninth Summit of the Americas with representatives of other Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member states, declared that she wanted the world “to see, hear and feel us”, during a joint media briefing with the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday.
    The two leaders co-chair a United Nations Special Advocate Group on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
    Mottley said talks on the SDGs are critical.
    She made it clear that her focus during the June 6-10 Summit is to ensure the world understands the crisis facing small states and at least make an attempt, through dialogue, to tackle those problems head-on.
    The Barbadian leader identified the existential climate crisis, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, antimicrobial resistance which renders life-saving medications and treatments ineffective, and the soaring cost of fuel and food being driven by Russia’s war in Ukraine, as major challenges for small states.
    “Bob Marley would say, ‘So much trouble in the world’,” she said, quoting a popular song of the late reggae legend.
    “We don’t expect things to change immediately, but what we expect is fairness, what we expect is transparency, what we expect is that just as we want to see people here, we want people to see, feel and hear us as well. We can come together and make a difference through the conversations that we have.”
    Meantime, Trudeau noted concern that the SDGs have been under threat but insisted they must remain a priority.
    “We know that those sustainable development goals faced a significant setback because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, but at the same time they have become more important than ever before in terms of moving forward,” he said.
    Until.small.island states can get their straight the only help they would get and can expect are the draconian policies of the IMF

  24. A group of former Barbadian LIAT pilots is pleading with Prime Minister Mia Mottley to urgently intervene to help resolve their longstanding pay issue even as the airline claims it will collapse if the Antigua Court of Appeal allows the ex-employees to sue the company for money owed.

    Now it is time to.put yuh influence in high geared to help these former employees

    Click here to read more in our e-paper edition:

  25. ‘Blue economy more than just money and jobs’
    President of Coral Reef Restoration Alliance (CORALL) Susan Mahon has charged that many stakeholders in the blue economy are focused too heavily on developing the sector for financial gain rather than for sustainable development.
    Her comments came during a small celebration hosted by the organisation for UN World Oceans Day at the Folkestone Marine Park on Wednesday.
    Mahon contended that over the years, the blue economy has been used as a catchphrase for job growth in the fishing industry, and as an additional segment to the island’s tourism brand.
    She said the sector has suffered as a result, with sustainable projects for environmental protection and coral conservation being put on the back burner.
    “The talk around the blue economy [now] is about money and jobs, but you cannot have a blue economy unless you look after your environment, unless you are good environmental stewards. There is no fishing, there is no tourism, there are no festivals in the blue economy if you don’t look after what you have,” the environmental scientist insisted.
    “In my humble opinion, this . . . tiny gathering of people is just as important as, or maybe even more important than, the huge meetings about the blue economy because you need a green economy as well.”
    She added that though the United Nations Development Programme-Global Environment Facility (UNDP-GEF) Small Grants Programme has funded CORRAL’s main coral restoration project at Folkestone, more can and should be done by larger stakeholders within the industry, not just for financial gain but for the good of the environment.
    “You actually have to do something, you actually have to believe in it sincerely that you have to do something about it, and you have to persuade other people by your passion for doing it that it is worthwhile – not just for particular small interest groups that make a lot of money or something, [but] for all the people in Barbados and the Caribbean,” Mahon said.
    National Coordinator of the UNDP GEF Small Grants Programme, Dr David Bynoe, was also on hand for the presentation.
    He said all players within the blue economy space must have a say in projects that affect the sector, whether financially or in the area of environmental protection.
    “We must have collective action if we are supposed to achieve the outcome that we all want, and therefore the Small Grants Programme found it very important and essential that we have an organic community-based organisation that can bring society on board to ensure that their views, their positions, their interests, were very well represented in any project that we do here in Barbados,” he said. “I must say that Susan, you and your team have been doing an excellent job in achieving that.” (SB)

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