Prussians, arm yourself and come!

Chief Education Officer – Dr. Ramona Archer-Bradshaw

From all reports a Mia Mottley government is intent on transforming the education system in Barbados. Although we have observed tweaks on the fringes meant to make the educational experience relevant in a modern global space, we continue to lag in the preparation of Barbadians to be relevant for the global market. More importantly, on the domestic front, we struggle to maintain a quality standard of living for citizens now and the foreseeable future. Local entrepreneurship attracts nothing more than lip service with successfully run locally owned businesses nothing more than a memory, many sold or defunct.

Chief Education Officer, Dr. Ramona Archer Bradshaw. (FP) The time has come for the education system to abandon traditional teaching methods crafted on the premise that students are merely receptacles of information.

Chief Education Officer

The one minute video questions if the model of education inherited and used by many countries including Barbados is fit for purpose. Feel free to send comments on how we can reform education to the Ministry of Education c/o Minister Kay McConney.

71 thoughts on “Prussians, arm yourself and come!

  1. Pacha, William, TLSN…they always need someone else to tell them what we have been saying since we were children……am now 65 and knew it since 12 years old..

    Generations lost to useless mis and undereducated losers/politicians misleading mis and undereducated populations…

    Should they laugh or cry.

  2. The gentleman is correct. But offers no solution.
    The REAL challenge is to determine what SHOULD be an effective education.

    To do that, we would need to understand the ultimate PURPOSE of life on Earth, and the factors that determine what represents ‘success’ from THAT perspective.

    Failing this, the best that we can do is to configure a system to meet immediate, often misguided, needs … such as producing soldiers (as did the Prussians), or to produce obedient plantation slaves…

    ..or to create a female ‘graduate in every home’, .. to work for the foreign ‘investors’ that our successive governments have gone after to replace the old absentee plantation owners.

    When you have NO IDEA where you are going, drawing a route map HAS to be a major challenge.

    • @Bush Tea

      According to you the gentleman is correct which means global leaders including Barbados have gotten it wrong?

    • And it all rolls right back to NOT KNOWING WHERE YOU CAME FROM …since they want to learn nothing sbout Afrikan ancestry, heritage, education, languages etc…so will NEVER have any idea WHERE you are headed or HOW to get there..

      ….and with loser politicians only interested in sucking up to, finding and courting the next slave master in line, cause their miseducation allows for NOTHING ELSE…therefore, ya will NEVER GET THERE…

      Everything has finally come FULL CIRCLE…..shen.


    • …..which means global leaders including Barbados have gotten it wrong?
      Without ANY DOUBT WHATSOEVER Boss!!
      The results speak for themselves….globally!

      A few have managed to produce the short term ‘soldiers’ that they wanted, in order to achieve their misguided materialistic ends. Also we have managed to produce a class of subservient brass bowls who are known to be ‘willing and submissive workers’ ..for the foreign masters invited here to bribe our leaders.

      In TRUE educational terms, that leads to a genuinely successful LIFE however, we do not even know that we do not know….

    • @Bush Tea

      Accepting your view and the fact we are a global community, is it that Barbados and Barbadians could have separated itself from the global ecosystem it some way to be a model (a star in the East) for the world to follow?

  3. What am not getting is WHY must anyone offer up any solutions to this degraded shitshow…KNOWING it will be twisted into puke worthy corruption to achieve the same go nowhere slave plantation agendas….because that’s ALL THEY KNOW…

    Why offer solutions when MILLIONS OF OTHER AFRIKANS across the Caribbean, the wider diaspora….and the AFRIKAN CONTINENT KNOW what must be done and spent the larger part of 17 years DOING IT..finally doing the right things ..because they/weee know NOTHING ELSE WILL WORK..

  4. Oh boy!

    We know not who this is

    But if it is Peterson he is a sophisticated White supremacist.

    No different than Tucker Carlson.

    These are the continuing chronic mistakes the lovers of Whiteness present over and over again.

    Even when the ultimate source of deep knowledge, not White pig food as Socrates called it that is Western education, lies within our own history.

    The question therefore is how many iterations of Whiteness must we traverse before we get back to a world absent of Whiteness.

    The world of the Twa-Anu which is the foundation of everything.

    Those who continue to seek succour in Whiteness, under any device, shall remain lost and eternally cut off from self.

    Maybe this is the goal of the elites. A bunch of Christianized cunts all!

    A vacuous nation.

    • “The world of the Twa-Anu which is the foundation of everything.”

      I published a whole article on this in Kush Quarterly’s last issue, that am sure will go right over their heads..

      “Those who continue to seek succour in Whiteness, under any device, shall remain lost and eternally cut off from self.”

      Even worse and more frightening, scary prospect…they want the eternally undereducated to mislead our world into slaveminded OBLIVION….although weee know what to do…..and they dont even know WHAT THEY DONT KNOW….trying to create another Paris repeat…worldstage FLOP…they learned nothing from the first one.

      Am just happy weeee reached the stage they can get nothing from us in that regard outside of what is published on my sites…

    • Pacha…we have to tell them they will have to return to school…start from SCRATCH…in all things ancestral…

      ….or they will go NOWHERE…that’s right where they are currently..

      I just bagged my first certificate in the Nfr….on to the second course…

      Otherwise…no one can help them and they will born, live and die in that same condition, misled by the blind, miseducated, and like minded….hopelessly and eternally lost.

      The tragedy…it did not have to be this way…but that’s what they wanted.

  5. Waru

    They have found the Prussians

    Even as this writer has been referred to as being “nostalgic” for going beyond White people and their artificial constructions.

    You should not expect the absence of nostalgia to extend beyond the Piscean Age.

    The last 2000 years.

    And indeed, not beyond the last 6000 years of pretend cosmogeny, at best.

    Everything surrounding us represents a tapestry of lies, everything!

    And Black faces with White minds are perfect tools.

    For there are no correlation of forces in Barbados which would de-centre Harrison’s College, for example. Even knighthoods.

    Yes, this must be the point of departure for the great multitude.😄

    But it ain’t happening, never.

    • The only thing that supercedes their arrogance is their ignorance…but that’s their load of burden to carry….no one else’s.

  6. I believe that the greatest mind to ever walk this earth was that of a Black Man and Woman. Hatred, lies, inferiority, envy and jealousy birthed usurpation. Hence, their descendents had to be beaten down, but I think the time has arrived for GOD’s children to break free from all chains and retake their rightful place in this universe.

    The Prussians took the knowledge they got from the Africans and bastardised it. That’s why it does not benefit the whole Black society and a few Black folk seem to only view educational attainments asa single personal achievement.

    Our foreparents viewed such practice as communal. Education/skills/talents were all used for the Greater good.

    In my ideal society the youngsters would spend the first 6 years of their lives at home with family, learning about themselves and their environment. Upon entering classroom there will be no babes in diapers and their personal hygiene will be in practice since it was taught at home. No baby-sitting at school. I think we should even change the word school which was derived from the Greek word schole meaning leisure. Find a term that’s about learning to build and grow.

    I’d separate them by gender. The basics of Mathematics, Language, ALL Sciences including Astronomy, Music, Art, Economics, Construction Engineering will be gradually introduced.. Astronomy is necessary for the Nation to ensure that all our endeavours, practices and movements are in harmony with the Universe “As Above So Below.’ History of our foreparents who gave the world all this Knowledge is mandatory. They MUST learn of the Great Achievements of the Black foreparents. Universal Law will take precedence over Man made law.

    I’d only employ teachers who have immersed themselves in their particular field of study and has proven with at least 1 year probation that they are grounded in sound knowledge of the subject/s while demonstrating an aptitude for teaching. No longer will they be employed for a paycheque.

    Teachers will be guided to pull the best out of each child. Once their aptitude/love for a particular study has been established, each child will then be given every external tool necessary to Master and then implement that talent/skill/aptitude for the development of self and society and from there the cycle is repeated to infinity.

    Somewhere within that learning cycle they will learn of the ways and norms of the outside world and how to navigate other societies with respect and tact w/o losing themselves.

    But our CREATOR/GOD will supercede all of this while being woven into it.

    Time to practise self-love and other love Barbados. We can build a better Barbados if we just show more love, respect and care and remember that knowledge comprises of 360* which each member of society will be free to pursue. Soon we will eliminate prisons.

    ‘MAN KNOW THYSELF’ will be our new motto.

    • “Our foreparents viewed such practice as communal. Education/skills/talents were all used for the Greater good.”

      How is a communal arrangement possible given the disintegration of the nuclear family? We have to deal with what is before us.

    • “As Above So Below.’


      Pacha…who says we dont have kemetic scholars in our midst….the remetch from Sais and Kash.

      They would do well to listen.

  7. Look what’s going on with Africa and Russia. That gives me hope. The fact that some African Leaders are pushing back against the West gives me hope. I think Black people are hungry for change, good change and its in the works. All those coups in Africa to oust western minions is a good thing. I have faith and I’ll put my faith to work.

  8. David…STOP thinking small and short term nah.I’m thinking long term. With time we can unweave family disintegration from our fabric. We have family disintegration because we have become a society that has focused on education of our girls while allowing our boys to fall by the wayside or into the hands of gangs. Then we have a gender war because our daughters can’t find qualified marriagable partners and they get to thinking that they are better and smarter than. That too can be remedied. Love and cherish our suns as much as our moons.

    • Family disintegration has been a function of cultural penetration and lack of parental/familial support. The current state is analogous to when a country is caught in a debt trap. Oh dear but that is true for Barbados as well.

    • And as Pacha says…dont hold your breath…especially since they knocked themselves off kilter..

  9. Co-education was a mistake, boys don’t learn the same way as girls and apparently now the girls don’t learn the same way as girls either.
    This is evidenced by the overwhleming number of them in dead end jobs at supermarkets (a checkout boy was a weekend or summer job, now the role is a full-time job primarily for young women who the education system has failed), fast food restaurants and retail stores.
    At these jobs they attain zero transferrable skills and are just waiting for life to happen and government and family court to support them.
    Now the architects of this failed system think they can transform it. Got a better chance getting Natalie to behave like a lady.
    Before implementing corrective action (in this case transformational change), identifying failures and determining roots causes are necessary. But one of the root causes is the Ministry of Education. Big stinking conflict of interest. Any initiative involving the MOE is doomed to failure even before it starts

  10. @ WARU
    I said from the beginning of this exercise that reforming education is not the same as importing garbage trucks and buses. It cannot be achieved via photo ups and political one upmanship.
    I really can’t say anything else until I get a very clear understanding of where we are going

    • That’s the whole problem in a nutshell…they DO NOT KNOW where they are going….CAN’T except with ancestral protection and guidance…cant have that either since they show so much disdain and disrespect for their Afrikan ancestors..wuh i wont want to be seen with any of them as an ancestor either…so they are already out to sea to begin with…5 years of photo ops and long winded speeches on the continent and they still dont get it….never will..

      With those mindsets filled with esfet…they need to stay away from the ancient Afrikan classical anyway…it cannot be manipulated and turned into slave shit and corruption without instant Karma..

      The problem is how do weee get it to the children…the ones who really need it…working on that..

  11. Hopi

    As you wish.

    All the aboriginal and ancient peoples have dreams worlds toooo.

    Weeee have been honored to so enter.

    But is it not the very Hopi people of North America who prophectically foresaw that we would reach such a juncture?

    Then what use is education unless it’s imbued with this spirituality?

    How could a mere belief in anything or anyone surmount what education, not pig food, should be about?

    The last words are yours.

  12. Lastly, what is the evidence from all of human history supportive of the thesis of hope as measured by the totality of humanoid behaviour.

    • That falls right up there with the Retribution they all deserve for setting up the fraudulent pan african scam using Clement Payne’s name…same man they victimized.

      While feeding the fraud 1 million of taxpayers money per year (found this out recently) while having only 8 members in the last 40 years….and had no clue…still dont…that there is much, much more to real Pan Afrikanism and REAL Pan-afrikanists than their fake pantomine and ugly ritual of running around Bussa’s statue once a year with their go nowhere simmy dimmy…

      …… their old scam of pretend pan africanism can be spotted from outerspace….none can be trusted..

  13. George Belle, the former educator, is a visceral supporter of this regime.

    With the Africa-Russia Summit winding down and hearing again how almost every country’s current leader, countries then engaged in arms struggle, praised the Soviet Union, and its successor state, The Russian Federation, which helped them when all the Western ‘democratic’ countries were on the side of the colonizers.

    Even as 42 Afrikan leaders are now saying fuck off to the racists in Washington demanding that they were not to travel to Saint Petersburg to meet President Vladimir Putin, a real leader, though barely left of center and an Orthodox Christian, unfortunately.

    The Chinese tooooooo!

    And for anyone to argue that the governments of China and Russia are ‘not liked’ by them is much more than a failure of education but an unpardonable sin punishable by death eternal.

    We recall how this former teacher George Belle, who in the late 1960s to 1990s was a devout combination of a Marxist, a Communist, a Marxist-Leninist, a Trotskyist or some derivation.

    Abandoned this philosophy while finding a limited hangout under Ma’at. This didn’t last very long though. For Belle was akin to a fish without water, intellectually.

    When Belle re-emerged as dean of social sciences he was as reactionary as could be. A Damascene road conversion? Belle is no less belligerent today.

    His misunderstanding about the fall of the USSR seems to bedevil him to this day.

    For communism or socialism never went anywhere and neither will capitalism when it passes its apogee.

    Think NIS as a socialist or communist scheme.

    The Chinese are a firmly communist state which has defeated America and the West at the capitalist game.

    The truth is, and education should teach us, that facets of all organizing principles we’ve ever had continue to this very day – from chattel slavery to capitalism and everything between and before.

  14. “Abandoned this philosophy while finding a limited hangout under Ma’at. This didn’t last very long though. For Belle was akin to a fish without water, intellectually.”

    Hence the reason am telling Hopi dont waste his time and energies…instead look for the youngest minds and steer them accordingly….

    ..from what i can see so far….knowing about these ancient realities, understanding and practicing them is largely ancestral in nature as DIRECT blood descendants of that spiritually powerful space…..i saw for myself that not just anyone can appreciate or participate…and mindsets steeped in shallow folly..can never be Kheper’s just not for them..

    .saw two slave minds make right asses of themselves recently…..Karma was instant….the Ntr is not a clown show…not for pretenders or performers…..they need to stay where they are most comfortable..

  15. @….Yolanda et Pacha,

    Had our foreparents been intimidated by doubt, disbelief and obfuscation or had they just sit around and say we don’t believe we can, or had they sat back and leave it to others
    do you think they would have built enviable civilisations?

    Yes, some of the great ones fell because of constant external bombardment coupled with aid from internal traitors

    I do not expect that such a plan as mine be enacted tomorrow. Where some see mountains, others see elevation.

    Lack of vision, incessant complaining, laziness and insularity are the chains with which we voluntary cuff our minds. I do not subscribe to such. I use the word ‘hope’ because I’m not in any GOB capacity to make such change, yet I put the energy out there that it can be done. Where there’s a will, there has always been a way.

    If Orthodox Christianity brought Putin and his people this far, there must be something good about it. Hold fast to your faith. Just recently I saw Putin opened up their religious vault and showed the world that they are in possession of the Black Saints and the Pope was not too please. Now he wishes to meet with Patriarch Kirill.

    You Black Man and You Black Woman is the biggest secret on this planet. Too bad we know not ourselves.

  16. Hopi

    In some ways this writer is a realist.

    On doubt, we are not crimpled by them but informed by histories.

    On belief,
    why believe anything when one can know. Yes, we certainly don’t believe in believing.

    Faith was never part of the ancient Afrikan way of being. They saw spirituality as a science, like mathematics, for example.

    Certainly don’t sit around much for there’s always something to do somewhere in the world.

    Not one to leave much to others but certainly have no interests in doing things others suggest. Self guided.

    Have made more than a lifetime of contributions already.

    Hopi, this writer has associates, like Dr. T’Shaka in California, who has decades ago developed Afrikancentric schools, curricula.

    And he’s not alone,
    they are many others but still operating on the margins. This is nothing new. It is certainly possible if such an obvious ideas was acceptable at the centre.

    This writer is clearly the biggest supporter of Putin and Russia here. Maybe further afield as well.

    On Russian Orthodoxy, we contend to our Russian friends and on Telegram that there is a massive internal contradiction within the argumentation of Putin and Russia.

    For they cannot on the one hand break with the West in all cultural spheres. Calling them racist. Highlighting their slavery, colonialism, past etc.

    And on the other, continuing to draw from the same cultural well which informs these sustainable critiques rightly being made.

    For hundreds of years Russia wanted to be part of the West. As far back as Catherine the Great. Putin spent his entire political life in this very pursuit and failed. We suggest he’s the best leader Russia has ever had. He saved Russia from balkanization by the Anglo-Saxons.

    They were both rejected because the Anglo-Saxons never considered them as White. Read the critical histories about Churchill, for example. Or America, planning to use nuclear weapons on Russia immediately after it had sacrificed 30 million of its citizens to win WW2 for the West.

    And still Russian foreign minister spokeswoman Maria Zakharova only yesterday again reasserted European-ness. Even as the fascists, Nazis, they fight in Ukraine continue to remind them of their Mongoloid blood, for Genghis Khan conquered them leading an occupation for 120 years.

    All the Orthodox Church is is the residue of the final collapse of the Eastern Roman Empire 250 years ago, circa.

    Meaning, its essentially the same as Western Catholicism from Rome.

    The centrality of Afrikans in Eurocentric religious doctrine has long been well known and can be found all over Asia. For there is no continent called Europe.

    However, these borrowings are unrepresentative of the thinking of the Afrikans who were the first to perceive spirituality, not religion, as
    a product from intuition, consciousness and communion.

  17. BU posse love their prophecy

    But the end times dispensation is open to interpretation

    The Reasoning of Rasta elders through song and vibration words sound and power is sound and on solid ground and will make your whole fence vibrate

    Here is a man called Fred Locks with African Dread Locks that touch his toe singing about Judgement Day

  18. David,

    See, this is why I said that I do not profess to have the short-term solution to crime.

    The solution is long term. It requires total re-orientation away from Bush Tea’s favourite “albinocentric” mindsets.

    Jordan Peterson is correct when he speaks about our approach to or even our definition of what is education.

    However, his end is not to replace it with true education, but with a mindset that leads to the complete acceptance of white thought. His is a sleight of hand manoeuvre, that’s all, a pretence of critical thinking the end of which is predetermined.

    I don’t see this government as being ready to take the steps that lead us out of Eurocentricity. “Re- imagining” is a word they like to use, but seem incapable of understanding in its fullness.

    • @Donna

      Agreed. It can be a trigger action but it does not replace the need for a relevant road map and expert execution.

  19. Pacha..

    Belief, doubt, African Spirituality, Religion, you are preaching to the choir. Sound like an echo of myself.

    But since I do not profess to be GOD and do not possess nor practice the high spiritual knowledge system of our Foreparents, I do at times speak in the conditional.

    You’ve made more than a lifetime of contributions to what? Do you have a recorded body of work that’s available to the public?

    You associate with Dr. T’Shaka who developed curricula, have you also developed school curricula with/ without him?

    The foundation and tenets of Orthodox Christianity has absolutely nothing to do with the Catholic Church nor any western society for Christian Orthodoxy was birthed by the Ones with Burnt Faces. So Russia practising such religious/spiritual system cannot be seen as still adhering to racist system. Racists westerners do not possess nor practice any RIGHTEOUSNESS in their ‘religion.’

    To say that these borrowings are unrepresentative of the thinking of the Afrikans who were the first to perceive spirituality, not religion, is not true, for such borrowings are from the Early Church. In Africa, Spirituality and Religion has met each other and they do co-exist. The Kemetians were some of the first to marry religion and spirituality because they’ve always tied every practise, be it agriculture, festivals etc back to a HIgher Force and that in essence is religion. Early religion was not simply about running to a church every sunday/sabbath and singing,clapping and preaching, it was deeper than that.

    The whyte man did NOT give the world spirituality religion nor christianity.

  20. Pacha…am only now noticing this..

    📍Russia will diversify trade- supplied 11.5mn tonnes of grain to Affica last year, 10mn in 6 months
    📍Russia wrote off $23bn debt from African countries

  21. Waru

    Come on, you have obviously not been playing close attention. A lot more is happening.

    My telephone is ringing off the hook. Travel schedule getting crowded.

    • Apparently, i missed a lot…the exam catspraddled me 2 days ago, only now trying to catch up to news but cautiously…it’s frightening out there, even for me, trying to be careful with overload….so cherry picking.

  22. re My telephone is ringing off the hook




  23. Pacha…another scam exposed…according to liars…the airport can generate $10 million in revenue per year….but according to reality and those with no tiefing agendas…and accurate numbers…it’s more like $25 million a year with added opportunities for massive expansions..

  24. Maybe you’ll recommend weeee start with your fucked up bible, no?

    A book which has made a cunt of you.

    A raasoul book which is replete with lies from beginning to end.

    We’ve long asked you to prove a single event in this fucked up book is true, every happened. And you have been unable, in the absence of belief, adhering to academic standards, to even do that.

    A titularly black man who has spent an entire life trying to be White.

    And you are not alone here we see.

    It has been ringing in the same way yours would if similar idiots, like you, had a stinking bible reading convention.

    Go find a White man’s ask to wipe!

    Anybody, and we say anybody, who needs eponymous crutches is mad. Your are mad. And all so minded, bar none.

  25. Man Pacha…they look too sweet, no more warnings for them bosie, they dont need any…..just call them Ready Enuff…….it’s now to just sit and enjoy the show as it unfolds…..make sure ya got nuff chocolates, popcorn, brandy and wine..or whatever is your imbibing preference, if you have any…

    A voice clip explains what to expect..

  26. They left out half of the story about WHO have also been the oppressers, exploiters, suppressers, and corrupt thieves for the last hundreds years…but dont worry..the full story is in cyberspace so no one is FOOLED by FRAUDS…

    “The CARICOM reparations commission, which was set up to seek reparations from former colonial powers such as the United Kingdom, France and Portugal, “sees the persistent racial victimisation of the descendants of slavery and genocide as the root cause of their suffering today”, it said in its 10-point reparation plan.

    Outcomes of the meeting include a proposal for a roadmap for cooperation between the AU and CARICOM, the UWI statement said.

    “It is crucial to recognise how slavery, colonialism and racism intersect and impact the lives of Black people around the world,” said AU official Youssouf Mandoha.

    From the 15th to the 19th century, at least 12.5 million Africans were kidnapped and forcibly transported by European ships and merchants and sold into slavery. Those who survived the brutal voyage ended up toiling on plantations under inhumane conditions in the Americas, mostly in Brazil and the Caribbean, while others profited from their labor.

    Barbados, where the meeting took place, received 600,000 enslaved Africans between 1627 and 1833, who were put to work in sugar plantations, earning fortunes for the English owners.”

  27. Waru

    Yes. All uh that is quite true.

    But is it not another form of slavery for Caricom seeking to recieve payments for the injury to others under these false pretense.

    A class action suit is required.

  28. re Pachamama on July 29, 2023 at 1:55 PM said:
    Maybe you’ll recommend we start with your bible, no?
    NO SIR

  29. At least the diagnosis would not be the kind of madness derived from eponymous beliefs coming from a book for the ignorant.

    That would be the kind of madness to be welcomed.

    Yuh fcuking idiot!

    It’s always better to be mad than foolish🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Pacha…for the record…i would join any such class action lawsuit.

  30. “But is it not another form of slavery for Caricom seeking to recieve payments for the injury to others under these false pretense.

    A class action suit is required.”

    I saw them even advertise it on RT today ….them and AU team up for reoarations……well ya know i dont hide information that could help save people from such vile deceitful criminals….and allowed the readers to know the Caribbean pretender’s art part in oppressing, exploiting and tiefig from the descents for the last hundred years, they will not get away with pretending that it’s only colonizers participated, they know they too did tons of evil and should be dragged up before human rights tribunals…yes, in class action.

    I was very clear in my notice that none of these beasts are to use mine or my family’s name in their reparations scam…what the hell are any of them doing collecting money on behalf of my ancestor’s 530 year misery, knowing how corrupt, unethical, immoral, dishonest and integrity lacking they are…and doing so without consents and permissions…taking more liberties…

    Am sure their eyes are dilating with dollar signs..but not a dime should go into any of their greedy hands…none.


  32. I got a problem with Jordan Peterson’s claim that the Prussian education system of the late 1800’s was the model adopted by the Brits and Americans to create armies of soldiers willing to sacrifice themselves for their countries.

    Everybody knows that HC was founded in 1744 by Friend Harrison more than a century before the Prussians did their bit, and that Lodge was founded even before that by Friend Codrington.

    Combermere is a product of Friend Drax of Drax Hall fame and Foundation has its origins even earlier through Friend Williams.

    Harvard has its origins from 1635 from even before the advent of the Society of Friends.

    Jordan Petersen obviously listened to Pink Floyd and its hit “The Wall” and has not done any real digging.

    All the schools mentioned provided primarily Christian education and yes Christianity is in a never-ending war with the forces of evil, but it wasn’t the Prussians who came up with the education system.

    “Onward, Christian Soldiers” is a 19th-century English hymn. The words were written by Sabine Baring-Gould in 1865, and the music was composed by Arthur Sullivan in 1871. Sullivan named the tune “St Gertrude,” after the wife of his friend Ernest Clay Ker Seymer, at whose country home he composed the tune.[1][2] The Salvation Army adopted the hymn as its favoured processional.[3] The piece became Sullivan’s most popular hymn.[1] The hymn’s theme is taken from references in the New Testament to the Christian being a soldier for Christ, for example II Timothy 2:3 (KJV): “Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.”

    Schools were producing soldiers long before the Prussians came along.

    • A food for thought article by retired educator Ralph Jemmott. The country has many thinkers but unfortunately we know what tends to rise to the surface nowadays.

      The call for clarity

      This article was submitted by retired educator and social commentator, Ralph Jemmott.
      ‘We need an explicit and conscious drive to make democratic institutions less opaque with a particular emphasis on engaging tomorrow’s electorate.’ – Marie La Conte. Political journalist. RSA Journal. Issue 4. 20182019. The devil they say is in the details. Today so much of Government policy is expressed in generalities and there appears to be a pervasive absence of transparency. In spite of all the talk about freedom of information, it sometimes appears that the publics need to know only to the degree that the Government wants them to know.
      As the late Frances Chandler once said, so much seems to be hidden in the shadows. This gives rise to gossip and untruth which with the advance of social media soon become “news”. It was therefore a good thing when questions were raised concerning the Government’s stated intention to effect a complete transfer to carbon-neutral energy policy sometime around 2030.
      Donna Wellington, managing director of First Caribbean International Bank’s operations in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, addressed the issue during the Central Bank of Barbados’ 43rd Annual Review seminar at the Radisson Aquatica Resort. She applauded the Government’s efforts, in fact she noted that “we are in the top five in the world’s per capita in terms of renewable energy adoption”.
      “Regulatory framework” However, Wellington lamented the absence of a “credible” road-map to guide the transition to renewable energy. She concluded that a “regulatory framework” was missing and called for the appointment of a czar or “point person” who presumably would see to the removal of what she called the “roadblocks”.
      So-called czars come and go with incomparable ease, one is not always sure what they achieve. From her viewpoint, Wellington did not see the carbon-neutral policy as achievable by 2030.
      With regard to clarity and an effective road-map, the same can be said of education. There is much talk and wishful thinking but one is not sure where education reform is headed.
      On Monday, July 24, Barbados’ Chief Education Officer Dr Ramona Archer-Bradshaw in addressing the Caribbean Association of Principals of Secondary Schools’ 29th Biennial Conference stated, “As we go forward with education in Barbados we are building on a firm foundation, one that is fair to all students, teachers and our partners in education . . . . One that is inclusive, catering to the challenged and the gifted and one that is relevant and one that is modern.”
      These are fine words of aspiration, but for heaven’s sake show us a regulatory framework, some kind
      of road-map, so that beyond the gratuitous hyperbole we can have some idea as to where we are headed. Ironically, while we are told that Barbados is building “a firm foundation” as complaints abound about children being “herded’ through schools. The Prime Minister herself complained about too many schools being “dark, dreary and dismal” and the ministry has given permission for boys to wear their hair as they like, uncombed if they so desired.
      Airport MOU
      All this in the name of a system that is supposedly inclusive, relevant and modern.
      Another area that will perhaps require greater clarity in information on the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the upgrade and management of the Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA). The deal also includes Agencias Universales SA of Chile. Like most developing states, Barbados is in need of foreign capital investment, particularly given the state of the national economy and a historical paucity of indigenous capital.
      The Prime Minister has described the PPP (public-private partnership) agreement as “the best possible deal” that the Government could secure, apparently far better than the previous one brokered from the International Finance Corporation (IFC).
      An initial investment of $300 million is not to be scoffed at. The monies are to be spent on badly-needed jet bridges and other improvements and expansions to GAIA that would bring it up to international standards. I am not sure how many hotels we plan to construct but one has always felt that an airport hotel was something of a necessity.
      We the people of Barbados are promised town-hall meetings with the GAIA workers and the public. What exactly is involved in the “upgrade and management” of our GAIA” Some cynics claim that this is mere window-dressing. Let us hope not.
      What leaves me concerned is the Prime Minister’s “warning” that her Government will not tolerate “racial or ethnic” incitement of any type in Barbados. This was ostensibly in response to “talk” on call-in programmes about our proposed dealings with Sheikh Ahmed Dalmook of Dubai.
      Barbadians, generally speaking, abhor social disorder but just suppose we see something untoward taking place in our future and we have to speak out, what exactly will a Barbados Government “not tolerate” and what would any Government do if perchance “Bajans” should feel prompted to take to the street? A word to the wise.
      With regard to clarity and an effective road-map, the same can be said of education. There is much talk and wishful thinking but one is not sure where education reform is headed.

      Source: Nation

  33. Mr Jemmott gets it.
    Fantastic music and lyrics. We dance, go home and wait for the next musician. A cycle of nothingness

  34. Pacha…hearing from a source that the indian government in Guyana want nothing to do with Afrikan Emancipation celebration for Africkan descents in Guyana…..let’s see if they jump on the reparations bandwagon of falsity..

    Weee have to watch them all going forward..

  35. Oh, oh….guess it didnt work out.

    “ROME, July 30 (Reuters) – Italy made an “improvised and atrocious” decision when it joined China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) four years ago as it did little to boost exports, Italian Defence Minister Guido Crosetto said in an interview published on Sunday.

    Italy signed up to the BRI under a previous government, becoming the only major Western country to have taken such a step. Crosetto is part of an administration that is considering how to break free of the agreement.

    The BRI scheme envisions rebuilding the old Silk Road to connect China with Asia, Europe and beyond with large infrastructure spending. Critics see it as a tool for China to spread its geopolitical and economic influence.

    “The decision to join the (new) Silk Road was an improvised and atrocious act” that multiplied China’s exports to Italy but did not have the same effect on Italian exports to China, Crosetto told the Corriere della Sera newspaper.”

  36. Here’s another Song/Prayer for the Underground/Barbados
    THE LORDS PRAYER | Vocal Harmonies by Jane Winther

    • Slave society extraordinnaire, it got spread from Barbados to the southern US and they never recovered, it must now be contained and not soread anywhere else, as the poison it is, …cause that’s how they are determined to keep it…at our expense to pretend…with their wickedness calliing it a civilization, never heard of one that’s always so needy after the decades of begging, borrowing and depending, not to mention all THE THEFTS with no end in sight for either……this must be the first and only one in existence, a shame and disgrace…i say kill it before it expands into future generations of MORE FAILURES.

      …that has to be exposed everywhere and an example made of these maliciously mischevious criminal frauds..

  37. Sounds like that slimy greasy Italian Dago Defence Wop is a Sinophobe Xenophobe which is a common trait in the paranoid Western Hemisphere with propaganda like mud

    Look my brother, look what you see is going on. How many youths have been killed, in tribal war.
    Killed by babylon, ignorant, in a selfish war
    Some youths is going to the west, oh yeah
    Some youths is going to the north
    Some youths is going to the south (oh jah)
    Some youths is going to the far east (mm)
    Now my brothers and sisters, you better listen to me
    Stop the world foolish fighting, its much more that we are lasting
    We’ve gotta fight for our rights
    We’ve gotta see the light
    Oh yes

  38. Pacha….heard it’s for 2 days…not sure yet how true about time length…this is when you have no respect for the people and believe yourself entitled to do as you like as an employee..


  39. Hope Caswell reads this and debunk the crap put in his head by parliament frauds to the contrary…there is no constitution and they ALL KNOW IT. Must commend this attorney for having a backbone unlike the other yellow bellied cowards from the crook bar.

    “Good evening. As an attorney at law, for almost (30) years let me add my two cents worth to the ongoing discussion between the high court and Patrick King. In this profession, I am always regarded as a radical among my colleagues because they all subscribe to ” Nemo Judex In Causa Sua.” Latin for “no one should be a judge in their own cause” it is one of the cardinal rules of natural justice that no one should act as a judge in which they have a “personal” (vested) interest, however, I believe that this legal expressed teaching has it limitations in the face of what is wrong and what is right, this teaching cannot supersede the moral realities of this life for which I will always subscribe.

    I have repeatedly read the WhatsApp post written by one of my colleagues, and I fully agree and endorse what he said. However, I felt that there’s a position that should have been put to his readers. That position is how the process works within the judiciary. For example; if an attorney has been retained by a client to file an application before the law court for defamation, that attorney is guided by the civil procedural rules, what must be acknowledged is that a defamation lawsuit is not a criminal matter, to the contrary it is a civil matter, and must be treated as such before any presiding officer in the precincts of the law courts.

    I felt that my colleague should have expanded on how the law courts function in the context of how the process works. The accusation is that Patrick King did not present himself before the judge on the summoned day in question. He is refuting the claim that he was not served notice to appear on the day set down for hearing. If this is true, all the presiding officer had to do was to set a new date, issue notice to this effect, and move on, but to issue a warrant for his arrest is unheard of in our jurisdiction. This comes across as an abuse of authority and sends the wrong message.

    As a practicing attorney, I filed and dealt with civil defamation applications that were before the Supreme Court for hearing on behalf of the Claimant, and, in a few instances, the defendant refused to offer a defense within the prescribed period under the civil procedural rules, and did not make several court appearances, and, the presiding officer proceeded in the absence of the defendant, this has always been the norm within our jurisdiction.

    Let me turn my attention to the elephant in the room, I know that I will get chastised behind closed doors for stating this openly as an attorney at law. However, I have been worried by my conscience for quite some time now. What took place in Barbados some two years ago has led us to this constitutional state of affairs, I have listened, and I have read extensively all of the material placed in the public’s domain by Patrick King, I took a conscious decision to do some research behind him and I have found his information to be accurate and on point, the sad reality is that Barbados does not have a Constitution, this reality has affected my consciousness as an attorney, I shared my research with other colleagues of mine, but they became very dismissive of this reality.

    I will end by saying that all that I have outlined in the above mentioned paragraphs only applies if our leaders did not tampered with our constitutional affairs, I will categorically state that all lawyers in Barbados are fully aware that our country doesn’t have a constitution, some of the arguments that I have heard to justify that there’s is a constitution is flawed, we must be honest with ourselves, attorneys at law are now struggling with ” Nemo Judex” Latin for “no one should be a judge in their own cause” it is one of the cardinal rules of natural justice that no one should act as a judge or judge a case in which they have a (personal) “vested” interest.

    Patrick King, you will find it very difficult to get anyone within the legal fraternity to listen to your legal arguments because lawyers, my colleagues, will close ranks on you, we are affected greatly by all that was done, some of us would love to speak out, but, we are afraid of victimization, some of us are given legal assignments to remain silent, while others are family members or friends of those who are in charge of the financial affairs of our country.

    I am a very concerned attorney at law.”

  40. There will be a blue moon next month (August)
    Blue moon
    You saw me standing alone
    Without a dream in my heart
    Without a love of my own
    Blue moon
    You knew just what I was there for
    You heard me saying a prayer for
    Someone I really could care for
    And then, there suddenly appeared before me
    The only one my arms will ever hold
    I heard somebody whisper, “Please, adore me”
    And when I looked, the moon had turned to gold
    Blue moon
    Now, I’m no longer alone
    Without a dream in my heart
    Without a love of my own

    The full moon on Aug. 1 is the second of four supermoons in the summer of 2023, with the next, the Full Blue Moon, falling on Aug. 30. August is an exciting month for moon lovers, with the summer month opening and closing with a supermoon.

  41. Pacha….as weee well know…the island has no media…that would wade through the debis and actually distill quality news…all compromised….

    But still cant stop anything..

  42. Pacha…the Barbadian diaspora UK, US CANADA are holding a hardline stance…they are not putting up with any of this evil 100 year old shite from shitehounds, the wannabe elites. ..pretenders….FRAUDS..

    …you can read the correspondence on 789 whatsapp group….about time is what everyone is saying.

  43. Back in the other motherland that industialised shipping human cargo to Americas, Shallow UK is conducting an inquiry to determine if Cecil Rhodes was a good chap or a cad.

    Reminds me of the trial of all Europeans for the crimes of colonialism in the science fiction novel by Doris Lessing “Re: Colonised Planet 5, Shikasta”,
    where a proud African girl testified that Queen Elizabeth II was supposed to provide protection of the indigenous African when the Rhodesian colony was formed. They waited for her assistance when they were abused, which never came.

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