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Two Man White Oak Making 27 Million from Restructuring Deal

The following article was posted to the Financial Times and will be of interest to the BU family. Discuss for 10 marks.   -David, blogmaster     Barbados creditors fume at ‘absurd’ $27m advisory fees   “London-based boutique, White Oak, in line for payout for work on $7bn restructuring “White Oak’s engagement letter was signed five days after Mia Mottley

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More Questions about 40 Million Port Scanners

The following exchange between Citizen Advocate Kammie Holder and Head of Technology Division. Stuart Gilbert is self explanatory- triggered by BU’s blog – 40 Million Port Scanners – True Cost Anyone? The situation here is interesting because it was under Attorney General Dale Marshall’s watch there was much ambiguity about the cost of building the new Dodds prison. Again more ambiguity

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Review of Barbados Economy January-March 2019 : Government on Track to Meet IMF Targets

The economy continues to be the focus of the Mia Mottley administration.  Although the government should be congratulated for taking decisions unlike its predecessor  – to be expected the public has been vocal in response of the austerity measures. A listen to Governor Haynes reminds the blogmaster of the promise made by the DLP through former Governor DeLisle Worrel regarding

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Alden BLACKman: 4th Open Letter Sent to Permanent Secretary Mark Cummins

Mr. Mark Cummins Permanent Secretary Ministry Of Transport, Works And Maintenance The Pine St. Michael April 25,2019. Please Accept This 4thLetter Only By Email  Dear Mr. Cummins Sir, When the window is closed to pertinent facts regarding the circumstances of a situation, read an illegally created situation which may lead to a dangerous flooding situation- “unfairness” goes through the door

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Open Complaint Letter to Attorney General Dale Marshall and Chief Justice Marson Gibson About Attorney-at-law Peta-Gay Lee-Brace

Here is complaint received about yet another lawyer from an ordinary Barbados. From the supporting documentation this matter has been outstanding for close to a decade- if we start counting from 2011- when a letter to the Disciplinary Committee was lodged. Note this matter was highlighted on a BU in April, 2015. See documents repeated via the File Complaints Against

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