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Rickford Burke Fires Back at PSC and Kit Nascimento

Submitted by Rickford Burke The PSC has no competence or basis to accuse the government of breaching the constitution  Mr. Kit Nascimento, on behalf of the elitist PPP affiliated Guyana Private Sector Commission (PSC), attacked my character because I denounced the PSC’s reckless accusations that the APNU+AFC government is violating the constitution. The coalition government was elected by the people

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IMF Gives Green Light to BERT BUT…

The blogmaster must be honest and admit that the reform and structural changes required to transform the Barbados economy and society will have its negative impact. No austerity program can be rolled out without negatively affecting people. Unless one is rabidly partisan or dishonest it is obvious the work rate of the BLP government is much higher than that of

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Open Letter to Mr. Kerrie Symmonds – The Lack of Representation by MP for St.James Central

Submitted by Alden Blackman Sir, this is the second time in the past 15 years the BLP is the Government of Barbados and you as a Minister and MP for St. James Central. Yet with the knowledge of and repeated promises, you have failed to obtain a correction to the dangerous situation of an “illegal encroachment” by an Ex-pat White land

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The Adrian Loveridge Column – Increase Tourist Spend Required

While there has been enormous negative feedback mostly through the social media by repeat and first time visitors to Barbados concerning the imposition of several new taxes, it may not all be bad news. The decision to ‘blend’ the former Barbados Tourism Product Authority into the Ministry of Tourism could enable additional resources to once and for all systematically identify

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