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Shrinkage to Economic Life


Submitted by Steven Kaszab The Pandemic has thrown the global markets and economic flow into the dumpster. What was, seems to becoming a thing of the past, with corporations amalgamating their manufacturing processes into singular locations. Labor costs, which ruled the day before the pandemic have been set aside allowing logistics, energy and shipping costs to surface as the new

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Walk to #Saveourgirls


The following is a Press Release received from Global Network for Cultural Development – Barbados Underground On 1st May, 2022 representatives from the Global Network for Cultural Development, Praise Academy for Dance, Orgasmik Intelligence, Politically In-correct, Operation Safe Space, Spiritually Aware Group, We the Forgotten Women, Barbados Youth Action Programme, Full Moon Goddess Circle, Sulam Construction & Property Management Services, Omololu

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SCOTUS Exposed: Roe vs Wade


SCOTUS has the votes to overturn Roe vs Wade. Former President Donald Trump appointed 3 conservative justices to the Supreme Court of the United States which has given the SCOTUS a conservative leaning for the many years to come. Another example how political maneuverings affect the delivery of justice by the highest court in the USA (not uncommon to the

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DLP Going with Yearwood

Three months after the second defeat in a general election Democratic Labour Party (DLP) members voted for Dr. Ronnie Yearwood to replace Verla Depeiza who resigned in the aftermath of what transpired. He won by a reported vote of 273 to 205. It is surprising more of the 800+ DLP members eligible to vote were not motivated to participate yesterday.

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The Role of Religion

Submitted by Steven Kaszab What significance does organized religion have these days? Easter celebration has now past, as too high celebrations  in the Islamic and Jewish faiths. Candy for the kids, while worshipers touch ever so lightly the divinity of God and its significance in our lives.  I wonder what Jesus, Mohammed and Moses would say if they indeed saw

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Blurred Mirror Image

Mirror Image

Submitted by William Skinner In a recent post @TheoGazerts, suggested that my mirror image of our country, at this critical juncture, would be interesting. My mirror image of the country has not dramatically changed over the last fifty years. I still see an extremely conservative people, afraid of our past and extremely timid about our future. Too many are devoted

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A Heather Cole Column – Can Discriminatory Business Practices be Changed?

Heather Cole

This article is not meant to shame anyone but to create awareness that will bring about the much-needed change. This is the second time that I have noticed of late that opportunities in business that fall under state own enterprises discriminate against a wide cross section of the Barbadian public. The first of the recent observation was back in December

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Many Dreading Retirement


The thought of retirement for many rather than a period of life to look forward with a grand expectation; to enjoy with family, by experiencing activities the humdrum of a working life precluded, this group in society is finding our more and more expectations for a post work life is being severely compromised because of how governments across the globe

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Dodds Accused of Failing ‘Deviants’

The blogmaster congratulates Voice of Barbados for keeping the issue of a dysfunctional Government Industrial School (GIS) in the public eye. Barbadians are known for having short memories. The outrage expressed by callers and panelists on the ‘Return to Dodds‘ show hosted by veteran journalist David Ellis is merited although it maybe a case of appeasement for the sake of

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Rihanna, Barbadian Hero


The news that Rakim Mayers was arrested last Wednesday in Los Angeles after vacationing in Barbados with his girlfriend Rihanna breathed life into a simmering concern many Barbadians have to her being named a national hero of Barbados last year. Rakim Mayers aka A$AP Rocky – an American rapper – is charged with assault with a deadly weapon in a

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Where Education Ends Good Sense Should Begin

Submitted by Paula Sealy TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN What mental health services will be provided after you have allowed Lower 6 (ages 16-17) CAPE 2022 students to be placed under severe anguish, unfathomable physical distress and untold mental strain? In one country, secondary school students have spent approximately seven weeks at school for face-to-face instruction in preparation for their

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