To BLP Administration: Re. Covid 19 protocols

Submitted by William Parker

I wish to congratulate the BLP government on their handling of the Covid 19 in 2020.

Now that the various “versions” of the original Virus has reached here and the infection rate and deaths are spiralling out of control it is apparent to some, including me, that the government has no answers and is reacting and not pro-acting.

I understand the need for the current lockdown and we all know that 2 weeks is just a start and it will be needed for a lot longer.

However the shutting on the mini marts and way side vendors leaves a lot of us bewildered as the logic behind it. In the area that I live R&R convenience, Mikes Mini Mart, EZ mini Mart and all the others are closed. These were locally owned shops where the poor, and not so poor, could get a little credit until the NIS cheque arrives, when the Post Office reopens, and walk a short distance home in the fresh air.

Now these people have to get an occasional bus to Massy in Oistins, and mix with those in the shop and be infected not only by the current shoppers but those who were there one or two hours ago. Are you telling us that it is safer for a person, who does not have a car, to catch a ZR and travel to Oistins to get a few items than to visit the corner shop?

The word that I have heard from more than one person is that in the last shut down the Major Supermarkets lost a lot of revenue because people switched to minimarts and a lot of way side vendors started. Is the way to make sure that the large foreign owned companies got more of the pie? It certainly seems so.

You have closed them on weekends so their overall sales will increase and their overheads will decrease. Bajans have been very good in following the new rules, and rightfully so, but there is a growing undercurrent of frustration and if the government is not careful there will be mass disobedience. This will hurt everyone. I hope that you can take a pause and consider the additional hardships you are causing a lot of Barbadians.

Thank you. I am a proud Bajan and supporter of the BL&P in the last few elections.


  • @angela cox February 26, 2021 6:51 AM “…funding to acquire the 2nd or third batches of vaccine called a national COVID funding planned by govt pitched to corporate in MIA bid asking for help to buy more vaccine.”

    What do Covid vaccines cost – and who is paying over the odds? Prices agreed vary wildly as nations scramble to secure enough doses


  • Covid-19: Countries are learning what others paid for vaccines


  • @Hal Austin February 26, 2021 6:58 AM “But many of those on BU will still come out and say how capable she is, without stating why she is so capable.”

    In this instance she is capable because she managed in a extremely competitive market place to acquire tens of thousands of covid vaccine. She managed to put together of officials to very smoothly roll out our vaccine program. To have 12% of the population vaccinated in 11 days is quite an achievement.

    Of course I am nor forgetting our wonderful public health nurses, all of those black Bajan women along with the sisters from Ghana and from Cuba who got the medicine into the arms of Bajan health workers, doctors, nurses, lab technicians, housekeepers, cashiers, police constables etc. And of course the few male public health nurses Bajans and others.

    One of my relatives was immunized by a nurse from Ghana. She had nothing by praise for her competence, courtesy and gentleness.


  • I call all Barbadian patriots here and abroad to donate at least 1000 USD per person for the new Barbadian COVID19 trust to buy vaccines.

    Our Supreme Leader told us what to do last night. It is no longer time to stand back and stand by. Support our island!


  • @Sargeant February 26, 2021 8:57 AM “NB Watch this page for future apologies to all National Scholars.”

    National scholars wha’

    Buncha old has-beens more like it.


  • @Disgusting Lies & Propaganda TV February 26, 2021 1:28 PM “Poor HAL9000, even though he is bitter that Mia hasn’t shown him any love, he still takes the time to watch her, He even noted how long she spoke. I mean you pay more attention to Mia than some of her supporters.”

    When Mia finished speaking last night it would have been past midnight in Hal’s London. Why did the old guy stay up so late? I voted for the BLP last election, but I’ll be honest I am not staying up past midnight to listen to anybody, not A, not B, not C, not D, not Z.

    That’s the truth.


  • Skinner

    This writer does not tell lies. We may be wrong on facts but never deliberately mislead.

    If it can be shown that facts are misstated apologies are rendered with haste.

    Earlier we said that you were in a chorus (and be jesus christ we are paraphrasing,) which was saying that the SD was a bad idea. Up to now you cant say what your actual position was but we clearly remember that you were against it. And only relented once we provided a highly sophisticated analytical model to show that the government had a good case for trying to revive the economy through the strategic default (SD) methodology.

    Maybe David could find the link to that argumentation so that reader could relive the exchanges.
    It was a Saturday sometime in late 2018, we seem to recall.

    We have argued for quite a long time that neo-liberalism can go no further. That, all things considered, the Western systems will totally collapse. That we should have started ever since envisioning new societal organizing principles.

    We used the word collapse without fear. We boldly take ownership of it whether we are proven right or wrong. These are the risks a writer takes when trying to foresee events.

    In short, if we want to say collapse, we will say it. However, it was you in your inimitable style who raised that word today not us. We said that you where within a group of people thinking that the sky will fall if the government did an SD., as metaphor to capture weight of opposition to government’s proposal.

    Truthfully, you try to use the same old political traps all the time. We knew that is what you were up to. Or will you now contend that it was this writer and not you William Skinner who introduced “collapse” this morning.

    Well done Skinner. You were nearly successful in erecting a straw-man then to knock it down. Congratulation!


  • @Hal Austin “I have been called a Roman Catholic, who I respect, but I am not; a polymath and intellectual, I am not, I left education too early; an insurance agent/financial adviser, and other things.”

    Hal have you ever been called a miserable, lonely, boring old man?


  • @ Cuhdear Bajan February 26, 2021 4:54 PM

    Hal’s relationship with the prime minister is a kind of love-hate. Like between the serf and his dominatrix. Assume that he offered his services as a journalist, but was rejected. If the prime minister were to appoint Hal as her press spokesman, he would of course accept immediately, becoming the new court jester. That would be wonderful because then I could retire.


  • (Quote):
    Another interesting question is whether anyone of those had any contact, professionally or socially, with White Oaks or any of its senior officers.
    When Mottley first came to power it was said foreign reserves were just over Bds$400m, today it is said to be $2.6bn, and in the meantime the government has borrowed a further Bds$1bn.
    We can either discuss this as a party political matter, or as a serious macroeconomic one, with some ready answers, starting with a full and final settlement of the White Oaks affair.
    Where is the national conversation about all this? (Unquote).

    The author of the above comment is none other than Hal Austin who has been instructed on previous occasions to put his ‘life-long’ experience and undercover investigative well-honed skills in the more advanced British world of journalism and sleazy reporting to good use in order to rescue his ‘failing’ state from becoming an overripe banana of a republic under his bugbear president MAM.

    Why can’t the BU sleuth in journalism use his highly-placed connections- including those established in his undercover ventures in the London underworld of crime- to find out if there is any avinash-like incestuous relationship or persuasively persauding ‘contracted’ contacts between those advising his hand-waving beleaguered president of PR and the same Medici brand of a shake-down money tree called White Oaks.


  • @Tron February 26, 2021 5:07 PM ” Assume that he offered his services as a journalist, but was rejected.”

    Ya lie!

    No 70 plusser should be looking for a pick

    As my old man, he who lived to be nearly 100, and who successfully raised a wonderfully large family used to say “if you don’t fill your bucket full of rain, don’t expect to fill it with dew.”


  • @ Tron

    I can never replace you. I know when I am beaten.


  • Miller, Miller, Miller…there is so much to say and think about..for those of us with a brain.



  • @ Miller February 26, 2021 5:09 PM

    “Undercover investigative well-honed skills?”

    “Highly placed connections?”

    “Undercover ventures in the London underworld of crime?”

    Miller, perhaps “you and others not to believe everything you read on BU. I know from experience.”


  • Excellent news today!

    Only a handful of new Corona cases, no deaths, and now nearly 30000 vaccinated.

    Thank you very much, Most Honourable Prime Minister


  • Today one death 71 year old from a nursing home
    The dash board one step forward and two steps backwards


  • Another Barbadian has died as a result of COVID-19.

    A release from the Barbados Government Information Service (BGIS) today stated that the 79-year-old man died at a nursing home.

    The death toll from COVID-19 now stands at 33.

    Barbados also recorded 45 new COVID-19 positive cases on Thursday, while 99 people recovered and were released from isolation.


  • 3692 vaccines done on Thursday.

    Glad to see that the positivity rate is now included on the dashboard. It is at 6 percent. Not so good but better than it was in mid February.
    Listening to Dr. Best? now.


  • William….we got much to watch… don’t blink.


  • @ Donna
    Kindly explain what positions I am locked into. You seem to believe that I am Hal’s father. I am not. Why are you dragging me into how you and others respond to him and how he responds to them. Have I ever done such a dastardly thing to you? Have I ever insulted you? Have I ever accused you of being the other half of Hal’s ass.? Have I ever said you suffer from any Bajan Condition? Have I ever told you that Barbados is a failed state.?
    Please find somebody else to pick on. I have treated you and @ Artax with nothing but respect. It is obvious that you are being extremely annoyed by @ Hal.
    I am sorry that others on this blog who know me very well and I also know them would stoop to such lowliness. Like I said if he bothers wunnuh so much dat is all yuh business.
    Just leave me out ; wunnuh cud kill he or he cud kill wunnuh. Not my business.
    BU is not my blog. Talk to David. It’s not my damn blog. I contribute just like all wunnuh..
    I don’t care what wunnuh call me. I would continue to treat wunnuh with respect. Deal with me : for the last time: I am not Hal Austin’s father. Nobody prescribes or proscribes what I write. I don’t own BU. I am not it’s editor in chief. Talk to David.
    I can’t make myself any clearer..


  • @ William

    They are getting to you. Jut ignore them. A few corrections: My expressions of Barbados as a failed state are general statements, which I stand by. All our institutions have failed or in the process of failing.
    My description of the Bajan (Barbadian) Condition again is a general one about what I call predictive behaviours. I stand by that also. Just read some of the contributions to BU.
    If it offends individuals, they will get over it.


  • The Supreme leader has come up with a plan to dig her hands further in bajans pockets in order to buy vaccine
    Looking at how small nations under tremendous economic stress going to accomplished this massive feat
    Well for certainty closing borders would not be an option


  • What a schlockmeister!


  • Israel is at 91.55% vaccinated.

    Cases seem to have leveled off at 3K per day.


  • People on BU need to do an emotional release practise like this


  • @ WURA
    @ Hal
    They cannot get to me.. Just setting the record straight. A few weeks ago , they reminded me that the blog is not mine. And told me to go somewhere else. Now they want me to engage who writes and how they write. I don’t play that. It’s not my blog.
    Don’t worry , I haven’t blinked in over fifty years. My eyes are wide open. Believe me. Just setting the record straight.


  • lawd…everybody is going to be in a tizzy, i gotta stock up on GASOLINE.

    ya gonna get outright riots…lol


  • William….too many brainless, petty people on BU…they like their bajan condition and are comfortably ensconced…picking at shit like CARRION BIRDS….the world is changing right in front of them but they cant see it and don’t understand the significance, too busy picking at shit…regular cadaver birds..

    been warning them about that for years, now they’re laughingstocks, ya should hear what people who come on BU to view the posts are saying about them…..

    ah wonder what Ms. It’s only a TREND is saying now….she better get those shitstains for minority racists and thieves OUT OF BLACK LIVES…before UN receive well written reports….Liz can’t tell the UN Enuff lies to reverse what’s coming..

    i would ignore BUs shitstains unless they TIEF MY POSTS….


  • What is the formula for the positivity rate ?


  • “Vaccines in Barbados are not mandatory, but anyone who wants to get a COVID-19 vaccine should be able to do so by the beginning of May once those on order arrive on island.”

    for the people with HOLES IN THEIR HEADS……vaccines in Barbados are NOT MANDATORY…it’s a personal choice.

    somebody should tell wickum that….idiot.


  • Cuddear bajan
    Either the positivity figure of 6 given tonight is wrong or the data given today on number of tests and/or the number of positive cases are wrong. If you go by the dashboard data the positivity rate for tests carried out yesterday is 4.9 not 6. They need to correct this mistake. The backlog gave rise to several days of incorrect positivity data. The backlog still seems to be creating problems in attributing the correct cases and tests to the actual dates on which the tests were done.


  • What is the formula for the positivity rate ?

    Posted by John2 Not John the johnnie


  • Our citizens will remember that the opposition campaigned against the life-saving vaccine. The opposition’s only alternative is total isolation of the island and a return to the plantation.

    Is Richard Drax behind the opposition to get as many slaves as possible on his sugar cane plantations? The ruthless Bishop, the outspoken Senator, the ISO-Taliban and the DLP be warned of the people’s anger!


  • John2
    Formula is number of positive cases multiplied by 100 divided by number of tests carried out. The answer is a percentage. The positivity test is usually calculated for the day on which the tests were done but could be aggregated for longer periods.


  • @lyallsmall February 26, 2021 8:12 PM “Cuddear bajan, Either the positivity figure of 6 given tonight is wrong or the data given today on number of tests and/or the number of positive cases are wrong. If you go by the dashboard data the positivity rate for tests carried out yesterday is 4.9 not 6.”


    During the course of the radio broadcast Dr. Best corrected himself and gave a positivity rate of 5%. The dashboard has not yet been corrected though. But he spoke less than 3 hours ago. I expect that it will be corrected by morning.


  • Cuddear bajan;
    I hope so.


  • @WURA-War-on-U February 26, 2021 8:03 PM “…for the people with HOLES IN THEIR HEADS……vaccines in Barbados are NOT MANDATORY…it’s a personal choice.
    somebody should tell wickum that….idiot.”

    Leave my Peter alone please.

    He never said that vaccines were mandatory. He has never compelled any one to be vaccinated.

    I went out today and overhear a woman bullying her colleague, that if she took the vaccine she would stop speaking to her. So when the loud mouthed anti-vaxxers loudly should their ignorance the rest of us have to speak up.

    The antivaxxer was of course grossly obese and of late middle age and doing a job with massive interfacing with the public. Just the sort of person who needs to be vaccinated.

    So you think that Peter the son of a long serving public nurse should be silent in the face of ignorance and misinformation?


  • CB

    So you met Waru today ?


  • Cuhdear bajan;
    In Dr. Best’s presentation tonight did he say that our high incidence numbers in February might be attributed to a different strain of Covid-19 having taken over the wild type original virus?


  • Perhaps the people are slave minded as they are descended from slaves


  • @john2 February 26, 2021 9:01 PM “CB So you met Waru today?”

    Seems that way.



  • @ Pacha
    You said :
    “You did NOT say the sky will fall literally. That is merely a linguistic device to capture what you and your friends were predicting about the SD.

    What a fucking simpleton.”

    “ I introduce collapse. Now in my understanding of the English language, the sky is falling is a metaphor for collapse. You therefore introduced the concept of collapse; I in turn asked you where did I say the country will collapse in other words , that the sky is falling.
    I find it strange that you can come here pretending that you know when I said that. Why the hell dont you pull it up if you are so certain you know when I said it.
    Like I said, bring the relevant article and I would apologise immediately..
    BTW you are not a simpleton. Not even close.


  • @Pacha
    t’was a fine day to complete tapping my maple trees, and be offline.
    “We should not be scared to break all the eggs to make this omelet.”
    Nice sound bite.
    My interest is HOW one goes about achieving the goal. Yes it has been discussed before, but times change, maybe solutions too.


  • Published October 2020

    The occurrence of human pathogenic viruses in aquatic ecosystems and, in particular, in internal water bodies (i.e., river, lakes, groundwater, drinking water reservoirs, recreational water utilities, and wastewater), raises concerns regarding the related impacts on environment and human health, especially in relation to the possibility of human exposure and waterborne infections. This paper reviews the current state of knowledge regarding severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) presence and persistence in human excreta, wastewaters, sewage sludge as well as in natural water bodies, and the possible implications for water services in terms of fecal transmission, public health, and workers’ risk. Furthermore, the impacts related to the adopted containment and emergency management measures on household water consumptions are also discussed, together with the potential use of wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE) assessment as a monitoring and early warning tool, to be applied in case of infectious disease outbreaks. The knowledge and tools summarized in this paper provide a basic information reference, supporting decisions makers in the definition of suitable measures able to pursue an efficient water and wastewater management and a reduction of health risks. Furthermore, research questions are provided, in order to direct technical and public health communities towards a sustainable water service management in the event of a SARS-CoV-2 re-emergence, as well as a future deadly outbreak or pandemic.


  • Would it mek a difference. You would just deny, per usual.

    We’re done wid you. Have the last word.


  • Northern
    We don’t particularly care how it’s done once it’s done.

    There maybe a range of possibilities.

    During the reign of OSA, Cow Williams increased his holdings to about 20 percent of the landmass, it is estimated.

    There could be a range of methods. Government itself owns lands which could be so distributed.

    Eminent domain, this is the one yuh waiting for, could be deployed to compulsorily acquire private lands.

    Government could end support to sugar plantations and let them fail.

    Government could make it impossible for foreigners to own large tracts of land.

    Do whatever else is necessary to achieve objectives.


  • In defence of critique or criticism
    It is important that there is critique of the government’s Covid policy and generally of any government policy.
    Perhaps a good place to start is to have a look at a recent critique by Dr. Melissa Goddard and a response to that critique by the Prime Minister.
    In an article (23 Feb 2020), ‘COVID Surge in Barbados points to Policy Failures’, Dr. Melissa Goddard, states that, “Despite warnings from clinicians, Barbados held on to a too-short quarantine and test protocol when its borders opened last summer.
    Now, a new surge in COVID cases and deaths begs retrospective policy questions… It seems likely that the ongoing surge in Barbados may be due to specific policy failures, frequently in opposition to expert guidance, and with attempts at correction faring little better.
    The final hopes now rest in the recently procured vaccine, and that science will finally be enough to overcome fumbles where it has too often been ignored.”
    The Prime Minister responded to Dr. Goddard’s article in a news report (24 Feb 2020) to say, “I felt that all views must contend, I do not necessarily agree with Dr. Goddard, but I think she has a perspective that needs to be heard and I am hoping at some point we can meet with her and hear what she has to say in more detail. But I do not know if there is much to be gained at this time from focusing on the rear-view mirror, we have to get ahead of this issue.”
    A flawed response In her response to Dr. Goddard the Prime Minister sets out an approach to policy making that I believe is flawed and incorrect. If we go by the science, this may not be the last pandemic or major national crisis we face in our lifetime.
    Therefore, it is not about focusing on the rear view mirror, so much as government accepting responsibility for its policy failures, fixing the failures, addressing current issues and planning for future issues.
    This does not negate any of the hard work that the government has done. However, “we are working hard”, the “crisis is global” or the “government is faced with a difficult job” are not policy responses. Governments are elected to do difficult things.
    Based on the Prime Minister’s approach to past criticism a meeting with Dr. Goddard will likely be used, and I will say what many are probably thinking, to perhaps offer Dr. Goddard a government role or a place on a government committee, thus using tax payers’ money in an attempt to placate or curtail criticism of the government.
    It is a fallacy to think that critique has to come “through” the government or be institutionalised by the government.
    Citizens are free to critique government in the public space and not come into some government institutional set up or government led conversation. That approach does a democracy and the development of Barbados no good, even if it looks like good political strategy.
    It is up to a responsible government to take note of the critique and address the issues as best as they can, instead of trying to absorb the critique from public view, while filling the air with platitudes about being “in this together” or “many hands making light work.”
    Let’s us not pretend, since we all like to “keep it real”, that we live in an equal society and that we are all in this crisis together in the same way, even if we are all in this crisis together until the crisis ends.
    In the national interest Critique and probing policy can lead to changes or improvement in policy or its execution. There is always more than one way to love our country.
    And anyone pushing the view that now is not the time or it is not in the national interest or its unpatriotic to critique government’s Covid policy is wrong and misunderstands the value of criticism in the public space of a democracy.
    I am certain that I am part of the national interest as were all Bajans who said late last year that the Covid protocols were incorrect and not based on the science. Did critique then not cause the improvements in the current protocols? I am certain that I am part of the national interest, as were all Bajans forced out to supermarkets in a panic, because closure was announced the day before the supermarkets were to close. Did critique then not cause more notice to be given before the current lockdown? I am certain that I am part of the national interest as were all Barbadians, especially the elderly, who were made to stand in the hot sun and rain to cash cheques at the post offices or more recently for vaccines. Sadly, ongoing critique has not yet helped with these.
    I am certain that we are all part of the national interest when people in need still have not received the “care packages” handed out from the back of a truck.
    Are you telling me we can do no better in 2021? In fact, people who do not need care packages are getting them.
    How is it that getting relief to people cannot be properly organised and reach the people who actually need it? Real time critique It is therefore key to critique a government and its leadership response to this crisis. It is important to do so while in the crisis so that lessons can be learned in real time and errors corrected quickly, particularly in a public health crisis when lives are at stake above all else.
    Bad policymaking and execution in this crisis are not like getting a road repaired wrong or mismanaging public funds because there can be a direct correlation between bad policy in this crisis and the death of our people.
    Criticism is key in moments like these and it is in the national or public interest. Above all else, it is the lives of our people that matter most. Critique aides the evolution of solutions.
    You do not need permission I do not think anyone should feel that critiquing the government at this time is about complicating, or adding to what is a difficult process. That is a sophomoric view.
    The reason is that critique is key to democratic governance.
    It is a hallmark of the best of our democratic traditions, especially those of freedom of expression guaranteed by Article 20 the Constitution of Barbados.
    Your view or perspective does not require “permission” or approval from the government to be “heard.” It is not an accident that the framers of our Constitution baked into law your freedoms of expression and opinion.
    They did this to protect us from the worse aspects of ourselves and to try to prevent the political class from using their powers to control public discourse. Stay safe everyone.
    Dr Ronnie Yearwood holds degrees in Political Science, Sociology and Law. He is currently a lecturer in law at The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill. He is a Chevening Scholar, National Development Scholar, and Overseas Research Scholar. He is called as a lawyer in Barbados, England & Wales, and the British Virgin Islands. His areas of interest are varied and include commercial law, international trade, politics and law, education and governance. Email: yearwood.r.r.f


  • Wuh they do eminent domain all the time to TIEF for themselves and the crooked cow and the crooked this one and that one…..they could GIVE BACK the population their land….interesting times ahead.

    “Leave my Peter alone please.

    He never said that vaccines were mandatory. He has never compelled any one to be vaccinated.”

    yall too hypocritical….wickum made a proper ass of himself demonizing and bullying the Rasta Community FOR AT LEAST 2 WEEKS to take a vaccine that they clearly don’t need or want, IN THE MEDIA….now ya will get your asses on a blog and claim it did not happen….when the whole region watched the idiot..

    i could never get someone like him to come after me like that…


  • Universal healing by Heritage O.P.


  • The hypocrites on BU who would see Donna TIEFING my posts and rewording them as if it was her ideas, then coming out with the “appallingly ignorant” in tow to attack me, and would enable and condone it…but got endless shite talk to spew at me…see why i just ignore it, yall need serious help….much more than psychologists and psychiatrists, ya need a mental cleansing.

    and she better not had stolen and reposted any of my copyrighted work that i DISTINCTLY posted as COPYRIGHTED…..i watched her for months and months..

    “A meticulous excision from all descended colonizer influence is imminent in future indigenous and codified arrangements involving Black lives.” Copyright ⓒ 2021.

    So now Ms. It’s just a Trend….can take that trend and CRIMINALIZE RACISM, remove the slave laws AND Barbados slave codes off the statute books, and get those dirty ass racist minorities out of the LEGISLATURE from setting polices for Black people, they HAVE NO RIGHT, they are in VIOLATION…and so are the black face sellouts.


  • @ William

    Good analysis. There is an urgent need fore a national conversation on a variety of issues including CoVid, and BU would normally be a good platform for such discussion.
    We must not drift in to the language of patriotism and who is a real Barbadian, if you do you will find yourself reacting to reactionary arguments, instead of putting forward sound, positive ideas.
    Any national conversation must include Ronnie Yearwood, but there are 280000 people in Barbados and each one deserves to be heard.
    Before we start, however, we must agree the ground rules


  • This is you wake up call to get woke and fight the battle against woke movement of enlightenment and upliftment. A peaceful revolution takes over when 100’s of 1000’s are all saying the same thing and the choir sing from the same hymn sheet in harmony those with testimony of getting over and those that can’t get over get under to reach the destiny will become the showcase vocals in the final act of voices of fire group

    Get up get up

    Rasta bandwagon


  • @ Hal
    As you have correctly pointed out, we don’t want nothing so. We are supposed to brag about basic things like getting a bus or garbage picked up. That is where we are in 2021. How can there be any productive discussion when there is no leadership in any sector.
    Read the papers; talk to people at home. There is widespread disillusionment. We counter that by saying there is disillusionment every where.
    It was S O Lirde, the great educator and distinguished head master at Bay Prinary school who said : if the fish head bad, the fish bad:
    There is an acute lack of leadership in the country, it goes way beyond Mottley.. It’s like a love vine; it’s parasitical in nature . I no longer comment on what BU should or should not do. I just write what I feel and @ David is kind enough to publish it. Cockroach has no right at fowl cock dance. I staying in my lane Comrade.
    All I can do is wish you a whole lot of luck.


  • Burning celestial fire

    Sacred earth


  • “During the reign of OSA, Cow Williams increased his holdings to about 20 percent of the landmass, it is estimated.”

    That is a frightening statistics. The mad woman is right when she describe our (black) political leaders.


  • @ William

    I agree with you. We are a mixed up people; we talk about education, when in fact we adore qualifications. We talk about education, yet launch vicious attacks on any attempt to discuss ideas; we talk about education, when in fact we like titles and status.
    I have said before, we do not have to go back to 1966, just to the beginning of Arthur’s 14 years of misrule, ten of Stuart/Thompson’s and two and a half of Mottley, 26.5 years of recent educational policy in Barbados, to access where we are and where we want to be.
    We have young men and women now working as teachers and administrators and academics who were born under the Arthur regime, anything they know about pre-Arthur Barbados they heard from friends and family or read in books and magazines.
    It is my understanding that every year CXC anoints a regional school as the top school, based on exam results. Can anyone say if since the inception of the award if any Barbados school has ever won.
    Even better, for all the years of the award, please list the annual winners. Yet, until recently, a former Harrison College boy, and a great Barbadian was a top professor of education at Yale University.
    Have we ever asked him for his ideas? Or are locals fighting to show they know more about education policy and theory than he?
    Finally, some of this can be remedied by local organisations through running adult classes in empty schools and other public buildings in the evenings and at weekends.
    Is there a deeper explanation. I remember my cohort of young men and women who came to the UK from Barbados and withing weeks we were all signed up for evening classes – some academic course and others for skills.
    Fast forward to 2021, the UK governments now offer free English, maths and ICT courses for anyone aged over 19 up to GCSE level.
    Yet, for some reason, many young Caribbean men and women, the grand sons and daughters of these men and women, are reluctant to take advantage of this.
    Already we can see the various ethnics who do. In 15, 20, 25 years we will be talking about racial disadvantage. I won’t be around to hear the whinging.


  • Does COW own over 20000 acres of Barbadian land? Has this statistic come from the land registry? If this is so, why then did the NIS ‘invest’ in (lend) money in his business?


  • Theo…most of the ones on BU got a problem with simple Math too…it must be a disease.


  • I hope you realized that when I do not think of you as a mad woman. I just use the phrase to show that regardless of how you are described, your statements about our politicians are loaded with truth.


  • and be very careful when anyone calls you “mad” in Barbados…it’s more often than not a sign that they are STEALING FROM YOU…

    Bajans in the diaspora may not know this, they better learn fast and warn their children and grandchildren.


  • Did not govt official stated early Jan during a press conference that barbados had made a down payment on vaccines and the remainder of the money was due and payable when the vaccines were shipped
    What named vaccines was govt speaking of was never told
    It would be of interest if these details were told
    However as all well know this govt is not transparent with the truth


  • I know Theo….but don’t care how many others know it’s TRUTH…they will still attack, deny, deny….watch what will happen now that UN will issue in legislation to criminalize racism, oppression, thefts of properties and land from Black people etc… them put up a fight and deny, deny, lie, lie lie, ignore any charters and treaties ratified to remove the slave system of racism and apartheid out of Black lives.

    …hope you didn’t think it would be easy….but also keep an eye on the BACKLASH they will get IF THEY DON’T..


  • All the years spent on BU, though it ALLUDED MOST…was leading up to this.


  • All the years spent on BU, though it ELUDED MOST…was leading up to this moment in time.


  • A beautiful day to 555
    A beautiful day to Barbados
    All… Have a great day.


  • I stopped playing the ‘covid-19’ game.

    Everyone can have an opinion, but I am doubtful if the thousand different scenarios when restricted to be reality based would give a different outcome.

    Instead of one ‘silly’ rabbit, we have about 15 rabbits each digging his/her own hole. The real rabbit was last seen digging his way through the sewer system of other countries.


  • I love this… It could be a song for 2023


  • My woman is a little bigger than 30 years ago, I guess I have a little more gold


  • Those two songs can introduce you to grown-up music…
    Grown-up music
    That’s all you need
    Enjoy the day.


  • The occurrence of human pathogenic viruses in aquatic ecosystems and, in particular, in internal water bodies (i.e., river, lakes, groundwater, drinking water reservoirs, recreational water utilities, and wastewater), raises concerns regarding the related impacts on environment and human health, especially in relation to the possibility of human exposure and waterborne infections.


    In other words, besides the possibility of the virus appearing in our drinking water particularly that derived from the “desal” plant, it can also appear in the sea around us, particularly in the area around the sewage outfalls from the South Coast Sewage Plant and the Bridgetown Sewage Plant.

    Will tourists even come back?


  • Is UWI doing any research on this? How can some enterprising young Bajans get their hands on this plant? Nothing to lose

    “…Madagascar attracted a lot of attention in April 2020 when the African island nation announced it was using a local plant to combat coronavirus…..German and Danish scientists have been testing extracts from artemisia annua plants, which they say showed some effectiveness against the new coronavirus in a laboratory setting”


  • Tieffing your posts and rewording them ???? Is this what this is about? You?

    Silly question! For it is always about you and your attempt to display your superiority

    Check in the archives and see my posts over the years!

    But… you need not worry! I have no intention to publish any books. Many have already been written by those I cannot beat.

    So your “original” (LOL) ideas are safe from my greedy little fingers.

    So all I have to gain is the admiration of bloggers who don’t even know who I am. And a few readers who have figured out my identity and would have heard me run my mouth on these topics for long before I came to BU.


    P.S. This is why I call you mad. It is not for your basic premises.


  • TheO,

    A few years back I was told that COW had gobbled up a few more pastures in St. Philip. I was outraged. It is obscene!


  • Psychologist Dr. Richard Browne said on CBC years ago there is no such thing as a superiority complex, only an inferiority complex masquerading as a superiority complex.

    Those words stuck deep in my mind. And they keep on coming to the surface every day I come to BU.

    I know myself to be pretty smart but I have met people who amaze me.. It never bothered me. In fact I pride myself in being able to listen and learn. There is little that excites me more than a good idea, well articulated and executed. It is one of the joys of life!

    I have said before that I have learnt something useful even from those who most annoy me. I have learnt a thing or two from Hal Austin, GP and even John Knox. And yes, even WURA! And I have ALWAYS GIVEN THEM CREDIT!

    But nobody here has fundamentally changed my ideas that I have held long before I came to BU. I am a person who loved reading. I am a person who loves thinking. I am a person who loves documentaries and lectures. I am a person who loves spending time alone with her thoughts. And that is why I came up with my positions looooong before I came to BU.

    The archives are there. Search them!


  • sshh!….. it ain’t over until the fat lady orgasms


  • D
    I empathise with your feelings abut you must keep it on the D-Lo and do not tell anyone at all that I told you that.. as it might make the WaruWoman angrier than she is already and we wouldn’t that no way José


  • @ Donna February 27, 2021 8:54 AM #: “Is this what this is about? You? Silly question! For it is always about you and your attempt to display your superiority.”


    Ironically, I was going to ‘ask’ you this morning, if you’ve not realized as yet, WHO this is all about.

    But, if you care to answer, I’ll ‘ask’ you a question. Do you realize there are two characters in this forum who, although ‘at war’ with each other, they possess characteristics that are strikingly similar?


  • Hal Austin February 27, 2021 7:13 AM

    Does COW own over 20000 acres of Barbadian land? Has this statistic come from the land registry? If this is so, why then did the NIS ‘invest’ in (lend) money in his business?@@@

    All the cover-up crooks on BU know and what We post, It’s on a CD with a slave Sir! Yet I bring the victim of the crime to Life on BU and the yardbirds keep talking shite, Land Tax Numbers were transferred no land was conveyed by lawyers at NHC on Land Tax forms, Calling it CROWNLAND then selling fraud sales to COW never recorded just stated and held, With the Help of MiaVirass19 As AG and Still doing these days, Massive Land Fraud and Ponzi, Land and Money Laundering having the people of Barbados as Squatters, Living UDC, Living NHC all the money for stolen land going back to the same BBDLP Crooks Liars and Scumbags, The People are never to own land just to be the slave labor for the crook blacks and crook whites who time is very short! COP like a boy in the yard for stolen gifts given to the police as Bribes, Lazy court system full of woman Judges seems not to be taking over the men as bigger crooks in charge fro the GG, PM, DPP, We now just need COP woman next to help with the crimes, Top Level 4 Tops of each group needs to be cut, It may be best to bring in a White Slavemaster for you know white love locking up black salves in office who are crooks,
    Mia can’t hide under the last 10 years of the DLP not the last 3 years of COV19, No Slavery Money from England, If they don’t stop their shit, Bajan may just pull a full out Haiti on their ass-ests :


  • “And yes, even WURA! And I have ALWAYS GIVEN THEM CREDIT!”

    that’s the problem with yall 11 plus slaves…no one is seeking credit from yall…the intent was ALWAYS to reach where we are now… was not to have any ego massaged or be promoted to anything…if ya KNOW what’s really going on, there is no need for all of that…some understand that BUT MOST DON’T.

    we have reached that place where we should COMBINE ALL OUR EFFORTS…and FORCE Mia to CRIMINALIZE RACISM, OPPRESSION and thefts from the Black majority…remove the SLAVE LAWS AND SLAVE CODES from statute books…and give the people back their land, wealth and opportunities…..END OF….

    but too many get distracted on the bullshit, deviate and can never pick back up the thread…

    i said repeatedly BU is not the only forum i go on, some decided oh well, it’s the only one i go on, well bully for you, i like to learn a bit of everything from everywhere…found out something yesterday that WE DON’T EVEN KNOW IN THE WEST….that’s called learning..

    the UN did something couple days ago that never happened before and instead of that being the topic….except for the few thinkers on the Blog who i know are evaluating and analysing the reveal …it does not even make a ripple in empty minds…that will never be able to see the significance.

    people are actually mobilizing to see how Mia with her 1800s mentality, handles the situation and if WE WILL HAVE TO PROMPT A REACTION…we know they heard about it, but not one local media has said anything, if they think they’re keeping this information from the public, like they kept the UN 30 articles on human rights RATIFIED SINCE 1948, that i had to expose 5 years ago…they are shit outta luck on this one.


  • BU has become a venue for shouting matches
    Makes it easy to sit back and watch the verbal shouting matches
    Meanwhile barbados economy spirals down a hell hole
    Btw i think COVID has taken control of the minds of those who called them self intellectuals
    The Doc said that when all is said and done mental regression would become a worrisome problem for many
    Doc is so right checking BU intellectual daily interactions is sound proof


  • @ John February 27, 2021 8:27 AM
    “In other words, besides the possibility of the virus appearing in our drinking water particularly that derived from the “desal” plant, it can also appear in the sea around us, particularly in the area around the sewage outfalls from the South Coast Sewage Plant and the Bridgetown Sewage Plant.

    Will tourists even come back?

    The ‘critically constructive’ question posed in relation to your viable hypothesis still stands unanswered by you, Master Johnny.

    Why are you ‘watering’ down its relevance by disposing it in your sewage plant for a brain box?

    Again, are you suggesting that the same virus(es) which could be lurking in the country’s potable water sources, on a balance of your hypothetical probabilities, could also be found in the large quantities of water stored in plastic bottles and consumed daily in Barbados?


  • Artax,

    “Two ‘man’ rats can’t live in the same hole!”

    They may be male and female but the personality flaws or emotional problems are the same.

    555 Dub Street,

    Not to worry! I am not a psychologist so I cannot treat her. I will allow her to play out her rage and invite all others to visit the archives.

    The poor soul is threatening lawsuits on another blog!




  • First Mottley blame the masses for the COVID crisis in Barbados
    Then she begs them for donations to buy vaccine
    Blame or donation
    Which will the masses prefer


  • When these things happen out of the blue..ya better have the ammunition to deal with it, or stay behind…shite talk dont cut it.

    “Some believe that small island leaders have spent way too long in 17th century time machines that are representative of colonial parliaments and are incapable of doing better.” Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved.


  • Artax
    can you cut to the chase and spell it out
    GP is known to have multiple personalities who agree with him
    and there are many David’s working at BUHQ
    but are you saying they are the CIA / Government in disguise
    spying and provoking problems actions and reactions like Isis
    the beast has many faces that cannot be trusted
    but when you chop of its head it just grows another


  • DonnaFebruary 27, 2021 8:54 AM

    So all I have to gain is the admiration of bloggers who don’t even know who I am.


    You must really think people stupid!!

    Talk about a complex!!


  • Bostic what happened to that deposit and the vaccines u promised
    Yes indeed bajans have short memories

    Dec 2020
    Bostic words

    Barbados is one of the first countries to deposit funds for the procurement of the COVID-19 vaccine and Minister of Health and Wellness Jeffrey Bostic said today he will be taking the vaccine when it becomes available.

    PAHO/WHO Representative to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, Dr Yitades Gebre revealed that “Barbados is one of the first countries to take action” for the procurement of the vaccine.

    They were speaking during a presentation of a vehicle and biomedical supplies to the ministry by PAHO today.

    Bostic, in speaking to the readiness of Barbados to administer the vaccine once received, stated that although a deposit of $1.2 million was made through the COVAX Facility, there is still much work to be done before the vaccine could be offered to the public.

    The facility is a partnership with the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) and its immunisation revolving fund, and the Caribbean Public Health Agency.

    “We have started the process of developing the mechanisms to be able to deal with the execution now of the delivery of vaccines when they become available. That in itself is a massive undertaking requiring a lot of planning.

    “A lot of logistics and also a lot of communications with the public to be able to get persons in Barbados to understand the importance of taking the vaccine,” Bostic said.

    “And we are not doing this blindly, because we have a very proud history of executing a very efficient and effective immunisation programme in this country for decades, which really has redounded to the benefit of young Barbadians who are now adults, and we will continue to operate in that vein, with the delivery of the COVID vaccine,” Bostic explained.

    In a statement issued by Barbados Government Information Service, Bostic acknowledged that there is an anti-vaccine movement worldwide.

    He noted, however, that over the years Barbados has had around an 84 per cent success rate in implementing vaccines and due diligence and research is being carried out on the vaccine.

    “As a soldier I lead by example, so I will take the vaccine, and I’ll do that publicly,” Bostic said.

    He revealed that the deposit made towards acquiring the vaccine guarantees Barbados, in the first instance, enough vaccines to cover 20 per cent of the population, and the decision as to how it would be administered would be made at the highest level.

    Bostic said the Ministry of Health and Wellness would make its recommendation from a health perspective, but noted other national factors would be taken into account.

    He thanked PAHO for its assistance in managing the COVID-19 pandemic. (BGIS







  • GP……maybe we should get racist John to explain the significance of what the UN is saying, i don’t think it has SUNK INTO shallow minds yet…..but black John knows…am sure Miller, Pacha and Theo will agree.


  • @ Angela

    Good call. It was a down payment for 56000 vaccines (28000 people). Whatever happened to that deal?


  • I am still back there on the 20%. It would be interesting to see a list of the local land owners by property size. It is possible that less than 100 people own half the island.

    We like to talk about gated communities with little mention of the ‘Homelands’ that most of us live in. It’s a perfect reflection of South Africa before Mandela.


  • Gp is channelling Bonnie Peppa a honey tap set up to catch the ROK who was busted over a pornography case he boasted he saw the making of in barbados hotels with mothers pimping daughters but did not snitch to the pigs about it and the BFP started crying out foul fowl and said he was bang out of order and stitched him up big time in the public domain mayne


  • Are those two for real?


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