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Prime Minister Mottley Talks Digital @BITT Conference

Today’s speech by Prime Minister Mia Mottley at the Bitt Conference is one that we would never have heard under the former government. The disruptive explosion of Fintechs across the globe is well documented – the race to transform Barbados from an analogue to digital space finds Barbados playing catchup. Many will criticize the prime minister for daring to assume

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ICBL Receives Declination with Disgorgement

Credit to The FCPA Blog Barbados insurance company receives declination with┬ádisgorgement By Harry Cassin | Monday, August 27, 2018 at 7:08AM The Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited (ICBL) received a declination with disgorgement from the DOJ Thursday for FCPA offenses related to bribing a Barbadian official. Under the terms of the declination pursuant to the DOJ’s Corporate Enforcement Policy, ICBL

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Financial Services Commission Issues Cease Trade Order on Government Securities

The decision by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) to suspend trading in government securities effective 5 July 2018, although routine based on government’s decision to default on debt, the implications will not be. If the unconfirmed news that Avinash Persaud is the Chairman of the FSC, it is understandable why Prime Minister Mia Mottley prefers a team player. The blogmaster

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Fortress Caribbean Property Fund: Do We See Rats Jumping Ship?

There is the old saying that one should always follow the money. In the case of Barbados one can say that when the money-class in Barbados begins certain machinations others less positioned should sit up and take careful note. A report which appears in the Barbados Today makes for interesting reading – Fortress Fund initiates major move to safeguard investors

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