Preventing Corruption in Barbados



Submitted by Grenville Phillips II

he recently defeated Integrity in Public Life Bill (Integrity Bill) will not trouble the scores. Despite the fake Oscar-contention outrage of our senators, if the bill had passed, it would simply have made corruption legal in Barbados. That is how terrible the bill was designed.

At first, the bill specified that a person could not be investigated for corruption after they had retired from public life for 2 years. So, a person who received a bribe in January 2018 and then retired, cannot be investigated after February 2020.

A sloppy bribe may be uncovered by a financial audit, but the 2018 accounts are audited in 2019. The earliest the Auditor General will look at the 2019 audited accounts is in 2020, after the fellow has retired. How convenient. Perhaps the time has come to ask our politicians and senators, why they would champion such a farce.

After Solutions Barbados explained the farce, the final Bill increased the time where no investigations can happen, to 5 years. That is also useless in Barbados, since the Auditor General provides his annual report of many issues that are more than five years old. A short limit on investigating corruption is a glaring loophole for guilty persons.

The Integrity Bill will likely cost taxpayers $5M each year, to recover less than $50,000. It is a farce. It conveniently ignores the estimated $100M of corrupting no-bid contracts each year. The Integrity Bill is wasteful, ineffective, and practically useless for Barbados. Consider the following scenario.


A company bribes a person to get a no-bid contract. The company charges the Government five times the normal value of the work, which Barbadians must pay in higher taxes (that is why most Barbadians live hand-to-mouth). The bribe may be paid in any of the following ways.

1. Paying his election advertising expenses.

2. Building a house, and transferring ownership five years after he retires.

3. Purchasing land, and transferring ownership five years after he retires.

4. Purchasing financial instruments that mature five years after he retires.

5. Funding community projects in his constituency.

6. Paying money to his friends.

7. Selling him property (eg. car, house, etc) at a significant discount.

8. Paying for the renovation of his house.

9. Paying his children’s educational costs.

10. Hiring consultants and employees whom he recommends.

11. Hiring him as a consultant five years after he retires.

12. Procuring and managing a business (eg restaurant or store), and transferring ownership to his family five years after he retires.

There are hundreds of similar ways of paying and receiving bribes. Our useless Integrity Bill is conveniently designed to avoid all of them. Worse, the Integrity bill does not address any of the common methods of political corruption.


Forcing the public to make payments to consultants that only benefit one political party, is political corruption. The payments are normally made to political supporters, who may be disguised as: public relations, media, information technology, security, or financial advisors.

Solutions Barbados recommended an effective anti-corruption policy. It is based on the proven method of rewarding whistle-blowers, as an incentive to blow the whistle. We planned to reward them with the total value of the bribe. We also planned to fine both the bribe givers and the bribe takers, to pay for the policy.

The whistle-blowers already know about the corrupt activities. They include: tellers who did the bank transactions, contractors who renovated the houses, lawyers who drafted the contracts, accountants who did the audits, and vendors who sold the properties. Employees of the department that gave the no-bid contract, and the company that paid the bribe, also know.

The Government is planning to pass a whistle-blower protection bill, but there is no reward incentive. Instead, the exposed whistle-blower gets to keep working in the now toxic work environment, until it takes its foreseen emotional health toll. What a farce of an incentive.

It is time for our politicians and senators to stop giving us false hopes. If they do not plan to reward whistle-blowers, and abolish corrupting no-bid contracts, then at least be honest with Barbadians. Passing an ineffective Integrity Bill is not in the public’s best interest. However, it is good political advice, that benefits only one political party.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados. He can be reached at


  • Sargeant,

    Of course the story makes no sense. I don’t understand how Pachamama could have believed it.


  • Being a plant whisperer you can recognize a weed when you see it and that is what main stream media has become. The stories they have passed off as true about trump , his family and associates could fill a book. Time and time again they turn out to be bullshit but they just move on to the next whopper no apology .. I get it they hate the guy but I am sure they can say enough true things without the constant hope of the next got him moment
    I loved coming to barbados because you had cnn international and regional which we didnt get at home now I cant stand the 24 /7 trump bashing and cant wait till its out of the airports. The sexual assaulter lemon his boyfriend ,the baby buying cooper, that idiot bernstein sickening lot , fox is no better I cant watch hannity because he is just too in your face, Media should just report news and real facts and people are smart enough to make an informed decision except for certain american demographic who if they dont vote democrat or biden they aint black.


  • “I get it they hate the guy but I am sure they can say enough true things without the constant hope of the next got him moment.”

    news sells..


  • Donna

    We said 27 cents, not 26 pennies. The matter of a one cent difference as a matter of law is no less significant, LOL.

    Above is the evidence. We are not known for saying anything here which cannot be proved unless we decide not to.

    We are unaware as to your engagement with the legal systems of the USA. For it is entirely possible for all manner of civil claims, law suits, to be lodged against ‘persons’ without the knowledge of the targets. Claims made by other legal persons. Even within the Southern District of New York claims can be brought against any government or entity outside US jurisdiction.

    But we shall make even a more grotesques claim about Harris as ‘top cop; as she called herself..

    Kamala Harris had parents of children arrested because their kids were truant from school. Now, if this cannot be located as just as perverse and fascist as some of the things Trump has done we would be at a loss.


  • “Do you think a honest Muslim will travel from Pakistan to Barbados, and bring up his family to be tolerant of Christianity? Again, I say check the UK.”

    Muslims in Barbados are outright dangerous……

    some years ago i was at a shopping centre and two of them tried to lure me, some days, depending on my mood i do resemble a victim, but that was no excuse what both of them did not realize is that i was already in my late 50s and would have been shocked out of their minds had i told them, what made them both lucky that day was that i was not armed and just ignored them and pretended not to see the stupid shit they were doing.

    Another time i saw them at another shopping centre observing the unaware Black population…they are allowed to have their base, mosque, near QC..that alone is very worrying…because dumbass leaders are clueless.

    so just imagine the nasty things they get away with in Barbados because of nuisance leaders.

    that’s the type of trash the weak willed negros in the parliament admire, elevate and promote, a destructive concept they all copied from Barrow….


  • “The matter of a one cent difference as a matter of law is no less significant.”

    if ya have ever worked in a conglomerate banking system you know accounts are calculated right down to the very last penny…lol


  • Kamilla is leading the prosecution case against 45th Potus.
    She is a very smart woman, it must be the Asian in her.


  • To fight corruption, we must first ban the DLP.


  • Not a fan of Mnuchin but here’s this
    The story was widely spread in the media (CNN, Vanity Fair, The Hill) and popped up again at Mnuchin’s confirmation hearing for Treasury secretary.
    So if the rebuttal is the Vanity Fair article I call it GIGO


  • How can an issue be GIGO when there are mountains of legal documents in many States proving this point.


  • Speaking of corruption the USA has a corruptor in the White House
    He also tells a lot of lies too
    So much so that Colin Powell has once again distance himself from him and said he would vote for Biden because Trump Lies too much


  • So Kamala locked up parents of children who were found to be truant, all functioning countries have laws that enforce some type of punishment for those who are truant, most times the punishment is meted out to the parent or guardian other times the punishment is meted out to the child who may be sent to a “reform” school.

    Barbados has laws that address truancy, usually it is the parents who may face the Court but often the child is sent to a Gov’t Industrial school.

    GIGO refers to the case of the story about the 27 cent foreclosure.


  • On a humorous note…Lawson…ah bet that…🤣😂🤣😂children of a common mother spiel don’t mean shite now…lol…what ya want to bet ya don’t go hopping across the US now and boasting about it too…

    we did not have to wait long before bacchanal broke out between cousins…

    “As the pandemic continues to sweep the US, Canadians are getting more and more concerned about what American visitors could be bringing with them over the border.

    Built directly on the border of Blaine, Washington and Surrey, British Columbia, the Peace Arch is a 67-foot high (20 metres) testament to the close ties between Canada and the US.

    Inscribed on one side are the words “May these gates never be closed”, a reminder of the nearly 8,891 km (5,525 miles) of un-militarised border that separates the two nations.

    For almost 100 years, those words have been heeded – until the coronavirus pandemic effectively shut the border indefinitely.

    The closure came into effect on 21 March, and was agreed upon by both governments. After being extended several times over the summer, it remains in effect until 21 August – although most expect it to be extended again.

    “I never thought I’d be sitting here mid-August and that border is still closed,” says Len Saunders, a dual citizen who lives in Blaine.

    “It just seems to be dragging on and on and on with no end in sight.”

    While the border closure has had significant economic and personal repercussions for the millions of people that live along it or have loved ones on the other side, the vast majority of Canadians want it to stay shut.”

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  • “Speaking of corruption the USA has a corruptor in the White House
    He also tells a lot of lies too
    So much so that Colin Powell has once again distance himself from him and said he would vote for Biden because Trump Lies too much”

    Trump’s purpose at an existential level is to make the last stand for the white man’s worst fear the rise of the black + the fall of the white
    Civil Rights fights 50-60 years ago + Fall of Apartheid in South Africa 30 years ago
    There’s still unfinished business USA is still another South Africa today


  • Colin Powel was responsible for the fiction of Iraq having weapons of mass destruction which led to invasion.

    Not a very apt person to use to discredit anybody as he himself has been totally discredited!!!

    “The evidence is irrefutable: Powell consciously deceived the world in his 2003 presentation making the case for war with Saddam Hussein.”


  • Amazed to see anyone who would quote anything Colin Powell says these days without putting in the disclaimer that he has proven himself to have been totally unreliable in his job and willing to commit his nation to war based on falsehoods he uttered.

    Not a very good example of a person born to Jamaican immigrant parents!!


  • Powell and Trump are miles apart.

    Powell deliberately looked to start WWIII by committing US troops to war, Trump looks to bring them home.

    Chalk and cheese.

    Amazed Colin Powell’s name even crops up these days.


  • How humorous can u be John
    Powell.has more credibility than Trump
    The long drawn out play on words against Powell as a liar is not going to wash
    Powell might have erred in a judgement call by using evidence he was given by various intelligence sources
    Trump on the other hands lies without any reason on founded on his personnel feelings
    Trump cannot hold a candle bright enough that would dim when place next to Powell Character and integrity
    Trump morals are as low as any can go


  • Unless some wicked person inserted this designation on a county document, it’s understandable why Tamil descended parents would identify their children as “white” in the era of remnants of Jim Crow and a still raging civil rights battle back in the 1960s….the rancid effects of which we are only now learning about today, the experiences were outside of what we could have ever imagined and more pronounced and much more emotionally searing than what Caribbean people experienced post emancipation in the still colonial inspired reconstruction.

    .it would have caused misery on both children had their parents identified them as Caribbean descended/Sri Lanka Black children and as professionals knowing back then that both societies were and still remain colonized today…..the parents raised them as black to bring a sense of balance, it was a balancing act in a disgusting, putrid and toxic racist world which created tons of dangerously unraveled confusion in the minds of those who resided outside the margins of blackness and whiteness….and still does…hence we see in real time the warped and twisted fcuked up minds as a result in its victims today, even in the Caribbean..


  • Waru

    Good get.

    You must remember that Whiteness in America is a political fiction created, amongst other things, to consolidate the disparate European tribes who were always fighting each other as they arrived in North America.

    Central to that political construction was categorizing groups of non-albinos such as Mexicans, Egyptians and others as “white” or “Caucasian”.


  • Pachanama,

    Your article says the magic word, “reportedly”. Also, what was the outcome of the attempted foreclosure? It is a process that may be initiated but challenged, is it not?

    What is the conclusion at the end of those legal documents?

    Was the foreclosure successful?



  • Yep…they kept the token “others” living on the periphery of a delusional “whiteness” system but still managed to convince them that they were somehow included…

    i have had experience with that system and i refused to let it define me or any of my rainbow relatives…black is black mothafuckas and it cannot change just because you said so….end of story..

    Don’t know who has been paying attention to FB in the last few days, but some random indian racist decided to disparage African descended Trinidadians in a racist rant on the platform because she was angered at the election results of not being able to install a racist administration….what she did not anticipate is the massive backlash now resulting in Black Trinidadians leading the way in the Caribbean in showing HOW TO BOYCOTT AND SHUT DOWN RACIST BUSINESSES…turns out the family of the racist owns a business and as we know in every society it’s the Black consumers prop up and keep them open with their patronage..

    .well this one miscalculated and all their products are being pulled from every business place including Massy Trinidad….BAJANS CAN LEARN FROM BLACK have the economic power in your hands USE IT ON YOUR low class scummy racists for business people on the island…shut them down…stop allowing them to set the narrative and control your money and futures…take back what is rightfully yours…


  • Mariposa,

    Even I have grown tired of replying to John’s nonsense. Anyone who does not know the truth by now simply has no intention of knowing the truth. Or at least no intention of admitting it.

    Yesterday Donald J. Trump put forward another “Birther Theory”. He suggested that Kamala Harris BORN IN OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA is not eligible to be Vice President of the United States of America.

    First we had the sexism, now we have the racism. All that’s left is the homophobia.

    Perhaps she is transgender and therefore a homosexual. Her marriage is a sham and her children were purchased.

    They are desperately trying to sabotage mail-in voting while themselves applying to vote by mail.

    And they are putting crazy Kanye West on the ballot to siphon off foolish black votes.


    The only horror left to ponder is whether the allegations of deliberate mishandling of the Coronavirus response that is killing more blacks proportionately is truely another attempt to reduce the black vote.

    Nothing is inconceivable with a sociopath!

    If it is so, he will soon tell us. We shall have it on video. He always mesages the racist base.

    Despite what Lawson says, our opinion of Trump is not influenced by the opinions of the media.



    But maybe Kamala really isn’t an American citizen. Maybe California belongs to Mexico! In that case they may need to adjust that border wall.


  • I was ion the patio last night having a few cocktails and I am pretty sure one of my hibiscus said …do you know Donna, These left govenors and mayors who do what ever they feel like ,screw up the corona virus response at the state and city level then blame trump. Trump didnt let covid patients back into the old age homes… Cuomo did it thats why NY had 32000 deaths NJ 15000 mass 10000 yet everyone in the left saying how bad it is in arizona 4500 florida 11000 texar 10000 even inept california pales to newyork .. Trudeau screwed up here initially.. him and tam our medical dolt listening to the WHO but they have got there act together now but lets face it were not lemmings eveyone is responsible for themselves and those with riskier life styles may infect themselves and people they love. By riskier I mean like the time Donna tried to chat up a cactus and for weeks everytime she opened her mouth it looked like she had swallowed a porcipine.


  • And they are putting crazy Kanye West on the ballot to siphon off foolish black votes
    Isn’t that what Trump and his minions are good at? Only this is collusion on a minor level. Jared said he met with Kanye because they were friends for years and they always have policy discussions (and if you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you). They are trying to get Kanye on the ballot in the hope that he could draw votes from Biden because they believe black people would vote for a clown because he is black, meanwhile Kanye’s wife is asking us to have compassion on him because of his mental state. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

    Back to Jared, Trump gave him some role related to COVID 19 and he nixed a proposed national plan to fight the virus because at the time only “Blue” states were impacted, none of the “red” states where Trump voters live, he should ask DeSantis and Abbot how that is working out.


  • “Powell.has more credibility than Trump”
    “The lie” was false evidence for illegal war it’s how the West circumvent law for corruption
    the corruption by their Governments is so massive it get’s excused like slavery and racism


  • MariposaAugust 14, 2020 5:26 AM

    Powell might have erred in a judgement call by using evidence he was given by various intelligence sources
    Trump on the other hands lies without any reason on founded on his personnel feelings
    Trump cannot hold a candle bright enough that would dim when place next to Powell Character and integrity


    Yet Trump drove the same intelligence community bonkers by ignoring them.

    Many people at the top have been discredited.

    Comey, Crapper etc are now proven liars.

    Some of these clowns who you claim misled Colin Powell may very well end up in jail, thanks to Trump.

    All Powell has done is discredit immigrants to the USA of West Indian origin.

    Trump has depended on his own counsel and the criminals may well pay with the loss of their freedom and reputations.

    Trump has to be the best.

    Imagine if we had a Trump here.

    So many criminals would be off the street and out of Parliament.


  • Powell is another clown from Jamaica … West Indies!!


  • Trump has depended on his own counsel and the criminals may well pay with the loss of their freedom and reputations
    What??? If Trump loses the Election he may well end up in jail as NY Atty. Gen is investigating the Trump organization for fraud, Deusche Bank is now cooperating with the prosecutors as well, there is the Michael Cohen book coming out, “Golden Showers” is back n the news.

    So much for “law and order”


  • Dream on Sarge!!


  • In hot pursuit they went down the rabbit hole they after the wabbit.


  • Grasshopper

    They have not got a clue!!!

    Like Biden!!


  • … you neither.

    It passed over all your heads!!



    From ‘golden showers in a sex club’ to tax fraud: Michael Cohen releases explosive foreword to Trump book

    Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, has released a foreword to his new book in which he calls the president “a fraud, a bully, a racist, a predator, a con man,” and again accuses him of cheating in the 2016 presidential election.

    Cohen also makes reference to “golden showers in a sex club in Vegas,” without specifically stating that the Mr Trump took part in such acts, and “catch and kill conspiracies to silence Trump’s clandestine lovers.”

    “Apart from his wife and children, I knew Trump better than anyone else did,” Cohen writes in the foreword to the book ‘Disloyal,’ which was teased online on Thursday.

    “In some ways, I knew him better than even his family did because I bore witness to the real man, in strip clubs, shady business meetings, and in the unguarded moments when he revealed who he really was: a cheat, a liar, a fraud, a bully, a racist, a predator, a con man,” he adds.

    The Independent contacted Donald Trump’s campaign for comment.

    While the book itself has not yet been released, the foreword contains several damning allegations against the president. Mr Cohen claims that his former boss “had colluded with the Russians, but not in the sophisticated ways imagined by his detractors.”

    “Trump had cheated in the election, with Russian connivance, as you will discover in these pages, because doing anything – and I mean anything – to ‘win’ has always been his business model and way of life,” he wrote.

    “Trump had also continued to pursue a major real estate deal in Moscow during the campaign. He attempted to insinuate himself into the world of President Vladimir Putin and his coterie of corrupt billionaire oligarchs. I know because I personally ran that deal and kept Trump and his children closely informed of all updates,” he wrote.

    Cohen also references sex acts in the release but does not say whether Mr Trump took part.

    “From golden showers in a sex club in Vegas, to tax fraud, to deals with corrupt officials from the former Soviet Union, to catch and kill conspiracies to silence Trump’s clandestine lovers, I wasn’t just a witness to the president’s rise—I was an active and eager participant.”

    Cohen, who previously described himself as Mr Trump’s personal “fixer”, was handed a three-year prison sentence for lying to Congress and campaign finance violations involving hush money to women who have claimed to have had affairs with the president. He was released from jail in May this year to serve the rest of his sentence at home as part of measures designed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

    He was briefly sent back to jail for allegedly violating the terms of his release by writing a tell-all book, before a judge ruled that was “retaliatory” and therefore illegal.

    Trump’s attorneys had tried to block the release of the book, claiming Cohen had signed a non-disclosure agreement that prohibited him from talking about his work with the now-president.

    While he was behind bars, Cohen – while seeking home detention – wrote that he was an “enabler” for the Trump Organisation, lured by its “magnetic, charismatic and powerful” figurehead.

    In a six-page sworn affirmation filed in a US District Court in December, Cohen said that everything he “thought was important and valuable has been painfully revealed as derived” from a “Faustian bargain” in which he cast the president as the Devil, to whom Cohen “sold his soul” and “foolishly frittered away his integrity” on behalf of the president.


  • So what is Cohen’s claim to fame?

    … a debarred lawyer


  • The difference between Barbados and America is that the left controls Barbados but hasn’t got there yet in America.

    By definition left = corrupt.

    Corruption in Barbados will never be fixed because it is too far gone!!

    Trump has a chance in the USA.

    Thing is Trump is the worst enemy the left can have because he has been through the system and knows it!!

    He knows who to go after and what is the Achilles heel because he has associated with them all!!

    That’s why they need to be rid of him!!


  • John give it a rest for crissakes.


  • Is that all you got, Lawson? Can’t address the points I made.

    Just bought me some marjoram, parsley and okra seedlings and a paw paw tree. Plenty more productive conversations to conduct! But no cactus. Can’t eat them.

    P.S. New York is no longer the epicentre. Cuomo is only responsible for New York. Donald Trump is responsible for the lack of a national testing and contact tracing strategy. Donald Trump is responsible for misleading his idiotic cult members so they do not wear masks or social distance. Donald Trump pushed his lackey governors to re-open too early. Even blue states felt the pressure and some followed suit.

    All the measures that we used to eradicate the virus Donald Trump rejects. Donald Trump is responsible for the Coronavirus rampage all over the USA.


  • So David

    You figured it out?

    Try and see if you can help Grasshopper and the cohorts.


  • Donna the sweetest paw paw i ever tasted was at my father inlaws house he said a fruit bat dropped the seeds and it just grew,I am toying with buying a hobby farm up here to grow our own vegetables berries etc but it may be too much work this late in life,when you can just go to the market.

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  • John is trolling BU like a white boy.
    Do you believe in rasta unity?, I do, rasta total livity


  • Lawson,

    Bought me some guavas, golden apples and avocado pears on the street yesterday. Their was a time when I could have stepped next door for everything but the avocado.

    Between my grandmother and her first cousin there were there Bajan cherries, mammie apples, sugar apples, hog plums, ackees, limes, bananas, guavas, chilli plums, passion fruit, almonds and the sweetest paw paw I ever tasted. In fact all my grandmother’s fruit were the biggest and the tastiest ever. My cousin used to grow vegetables and my parents did too for a while.

    Only the bresdfruit tree has survived.

    My old relatives died and the younger relatives let it all die off with them.

    What went wrong with us?

    Whatever it was I intend to correct it. Bit by bit.

    This land is way too fertile to be idle.

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  • Everyone’s got a different way
    Everyone’s got a different say
    Which way must I go


  • Donna the land became more valuable for housing than it was for crops, same thing here , my buddy just sold 90 acres of land for 12 million it will all be housing shortly, he kept 10 with the house and barns so he can still grow his own stuff. His is a rare case the land around him was bought up decades ago by speculators usually politicians knowing which way the city was going to expand. that had no interest in farming so just grew feed.

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  • How do you prevent corruption with a mentality like this in existence?


  • Why do we need the police?

    Why do we need judges?



  • How did such a mentality even come into existence?


  • DavidAugust 15, 2020 11:43 AM

    Why do we need the police?


    I see you have the same mentality as Ariel Atkins!!

    How did you get this way?


  • Black John sounds jealous…..if ya want to go and enjoy such luxury, ya better have money….ya can’t just go down there tiefing just like that anymore, there are enuff thieves there that need putting out already, they are having quite the exodus….

    and there you are stuck in slave society Barbados…


  • Like the majority of Black and Hispanic, White and Asian in the US I do not support defunding the Police.

    Unlike Ariel Atkins and David I know why the Police are necessary.


  • BLM has nothing to do with Black lives.

    No lives matter to this Marxist political organisation..


  • Here is Prescott stating the obvious, but don’t know if any of them have the brain power to analyze what they have allowed their SLAVE TITLES in someone else’s slave system….to cause them to become…it will eventually have to be OUTLINED for them on an international stage for tens of millions of people to view, then maybe they will understand.

    “Cabinet ministers should be chosen by the people of Barbados, and not only the Prime Minister, says former Minister of Environment Trevor Prescod.

    He said he also hoped that in the future the “elitist” practice of people being appointed based on their political connections would be discontinued.”


  • Prescod is one of the zeroes in the 30 zeroes who won seats in the House of Assembly.

    Zero is zero!!


  • #BLACKLIVESMATTER is just an euphemism for #BLACKLIFE
    It is also a protest against White Racism in all manifestation


  • “When the looting starts, the shooting starts” said the racist white PotUS
    .. but in South Chicago, when the shooting starts, they shoot back.


  • So the IMF big up Mottley after her doing they dirty work of placing unbearable pain and suffering on the peoples back
    Now what in heavens name was she rewarded to be placed on any economic position by the IMF giving that barbados economy has yet to be giving guidance and a pathway that would spur economic growth


  • With all the grandstanding and celebration afforded Mottley the poor man continues to suck salt
    A promised by way of telling the populace which would never happen under her watch as PM
    All one can do is sit in wonder and amazement at the ways and manners Mia climbs to the top while her fellow country people fight for the crumbs that fall off the masters table
    Where has the sensitivity gone which was promised in the past ten years
    People now have to watch staggering crime
    Increased unemployment
    Increased in poverty
    Banks calling in loans on properties which many had worked hard and established a security of keeping a roof over their heads all but being taken away
    Meanwhile Mia continues to establish herself seeking refuge in the limelight of smoke and mirror politics


  • Mari, this blog bout preventing corruption in Barbados, so let we talk bout corruption a lil bit.

    What you think bout your boy Donville losing his court appeal and what you think is the way forward for preventing the type of corruption he do in Barbados?

    It is smoke and mirrors the Don use to get the draw back from ICB?

    You feel the police should of press charges against he from this end?


  • I also smell probable corruption when some one is rewarded
    by carrot and stick design or by gestures which takes on the face of sinister opportunities

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  • What is most dumbfounding is when one look at the economics on the ground and its effect on the people
    A question of suspicious thoughts flood the mind to ask
    How is it possible that a PM who cannot come up with a reasonable economic plan to remove some pain and suffering off the backs of the people can be elevated to economic post of some sort within the IMF
    Something here does not seem right and smells of rotten fish


  • @ Mariposa

    Was there a need for a vote for the position? If so, who proposed the president and who voted for her?


  • Mari, wuh smell of rotten fish is that after the Donville affair wunnuh DEMS should of been telling Bajans how wunnuh plan to stop corruption by ministers of the crown. By now the DEMS should of draft their own integrity legislation and present it to the public.

    After all, wunnuh spend 14 years in opposition talking bout it. Yuh promise to introduce it within uh 100 days of winning the government, but instead yuh spend 10 years promising to do it. Now yuh gone back talking bout it for the last 2 years.

    That means you had 26 years to draft some sort of good governance, freedom of information and integrity legislation. But while Freundel was in the House and you on BU talking shyte and cussing Mottley, Donville and God only know who else in the DLP was doing they own thing.

    This when, just like you, suspicious thoughts cross my mind too.


  • Ahh Hal
    Those are top secrets the sheep were only told the results
    And all including the media went Bahhhh


  • @ Mariposa

    Be careful. If you raise these deceptions the predators will attack. By any measure, the president is out of her league. She has spent all her adult life hoping, expecting, to be prime minister and when it finally came to her, she freaked out.
    Rhetorical acrobatics, finger pointing, even tears, all that makes for the drama of Hollywood. One does not have to be a party politician to realise she has failed.
    By 2023, there will not be a Barbados worth anything. She likes being popular and the creoles and New Barbadians will take her to the cleaners.


  • Is this the same Mottley who hired a mob uh ton of consultants to run the economic affairs of barbados
    This got to be a bad dream but then again this is 2020 and anything that can go wrong wil go wrong
    Hence Mia elevation after a two year stint of having evidence to support the elevation


  • The truth is that not one of the consultants was expecting like COVID19. Their education has been far too narrow.

    My own nursing sister stayed with me a few years ago, after SARS. She had worked in the SARS epidemic. We sat and talked for hours and hours, and hours about 60 years worth of talk.

    She told me “one of these days we will have another epidemic, and things will be real-real bad in the United States, because they do things so badly there”

    I wish that she had had the conversation with Donald Trump or Boris Johnson, but those fellas never, never have conversations with poor black country girls from shithole countries.

    I am glad that she went peacefully to her maker before COVID19. She would have been broken hearted. More that 1 million people WILL DIE before this is done. Many, many more than 1 million. Maybe me too. It did not have to be like this. This pandemic was entirely predictable, but the political scientists, the Wall Street and London boys and the lawyers and politicians only talk to a very, very narrow group of people. So policy is made without hearing ALL of the voices that need to be heard.

    There will be other epidemics, worse than this one. Like this one casually transmitted, but with a far higher kill rate.

    Now you know.

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  • Notice how the blog master side step the issue
    Not even a article posted to suffice in any way
    I guess he understands the difference between chalk and cheese


  • So did Donald Trump’s little brother die of Covid-19?

    The family is being closed mouth enough.

    I mean my BU boys are always talking about 70 something men being “relatively young”.

    So I am wondering why a relatively young man in a wealthy country and from a very wealthy family is dead at 71?

    Why i have a couple of cousins over 300 pounds and over 75 years and living in this shithole country and healthy as anything.

    So why is a wealthy young man, living in a wealthy country dead at 71? And why the big secrecy about the cause of death?


  • Is this the same Mottley who hired a mob uh ton of consultants to run the economic affairs of barbados
    This got to be a bad dream but then again this is 2020 and anything that can go wrong wil go wrong
    Hence Mia elevation after a two year stint of having no evidence to support the elevation


  • Wuh even gear box would be worthy of such elevation at the IMF economic table by following Mia economic model of plenty borrowing
    Tax breaks for business
    Taxes for the most vulnerable
    And multi million dollar wages to consultants


  • @ Mariposa
    What is going on with White Oak? It all seems to be very quiet on that front.

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  • Vincent Codrington

    @ Cuhdear Bajan

    Let me assure you that my generation of economists and lecturers included external shocks in most of our Caribbean models.I think the mathematics could have been inadequate in capturing the risks and the uncertainty components adequately. Is there really a method of capturing known unknowns in any model…epidemiological or economic?


  • I am sure that the economists did their traditional best. But my assertion is that typicaly physicians, epidemiologists etc. do not sit at the decision making tables.

    I am not blaming economists, as the saying goes, some of them are my best friends. My contention still is that the decision makers are far too narrow a group. I KNOW that we will NEVER forget COVID19 and that we WILL DO BETTER going forward. We may even add a compulsory epidemiology course to university curricula.

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  • I mean my BU boys are always talking about 70 something men being “relatively young”
    Why i have a couple of cousins over 300 pounds and over 75 years and living in this shithole country and healthy as anything.
    According to WHO life expectancy for a Barbadian male is 73.1 years which reminds me that the job of PM should come with a warning “this job may be hazardous to your health” as three Bajan PM’s died in Office before they reached the age of 70 (Tom 54, Thompson 48 and Barrow 67) in addition St. John and Arthur who were out of office when they went to meet their maker at 72 and 70 respectively.

    Those numbers should make one pause and reflect 5 out of 8, of the remainder 2 are retired at approx. 70 and 83 with an incumbent at 54.

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  • @ Vincent

    The chief economist at the Bank of England, Andy Haldane, only has O level maths. And, if he is normal, it is unlikely he got 100 per cent of the questions right. Had he done, I am sure he would have done maths A level.
    Epidemiology is simply a statistical assumption, it is not rocket science. In Barbados we still do not know what epidemiological model the government is using since they refuse to publish the model.
    By the way, what has happened to the Czar?


  • White Oaks sticking to their agreement one of which includes a substantial earnings to them
    So far outside they saying they helped barbados to “save” money and Atherley calling out govt for the ridiculous fees paid to consultants no word is being said on their performance and help to barbados economy
    As far as my mind can project their role as advisors to govt might be stymied by COVID invasion
    However that will not stop them from being paid
    Meanwhile the employees who have paid into NIS are being told out front that the NIS fund is low
    SMH but in meanwhile Mia takes her excursion out of sight at the IMF table
    A patriotic servant of the IMF with self interest in mind
    People be dammed


  • Cuhdear,

    The Obama administration warned the Trump administration about the likelihood of a lethal pandemic originating in China. That was the advice of the public health experts.

    Any other administration, Democrat or Republican would have done better.


  • True Donna.

    But the current crop of lawyer/politicians and their economic/financial whizzes did not know understand why they should take advise from less powerful people.


  • Thanks Sarge.


  • NorthernObserver

    White Oaks is quickly becoming a new version of the NIS. The GoB was quick to contract their services, and to lay said contract before the House. That contract included a monthly retainer and several commission payments on the total debt settled. The most egregious was the success fee, for debt which was going to be automatic given the terms of the proposals and the percentage of that debt held by the NIS, CBB and other public agencies.
    Mr Persaud was fast to applaud the GoB for their transparency.
    The IMF claims debt negotiations were completed in Dec 2019. Yet any continued transparency in disclosing payments to White Oak is missing. Cat got Dey tongue?
    The UK government needs to begin looking at WO financial filings. We know based on the contract, we are talking millions in revenue. Is the GoB paying them offshore? And to whom is WO paying finder’s and consultant fees.


  • “The UK government needs to begin looking at WO financial filings”

    plus they are free to money launder, they never signed up to be monitored in UK ….it’s cited in black and white in their documents last year….and no one in Barbados will monitor them as we well know..hopefully they are on every radar across the world.


  • @ Northern

    We still do not know if any member of the government, relatives, friends or consultants have had any dealings with White Oaks prior to the May 30, 2018 contract.
    But consider this. The general election was on May 25, 2018, the new government came to power on May 25, and by May 30, five days later, it had decided to default and to hire a little known UK firm with a reputation of having done business with some of our neighbouring islands.
    This suggests to me the president was already in talks with her soon to be consultants, other advisers and this little know firm prior to the general election, or they were on fast dial after May 25.
    Further, and you talk of egregious acts, we have a parliament of lawyer/politicians who discussed a contract with a little UK firm not even well known in their own homes, and allowed it to be written under the law of England and Wales, and monthly payments in pound sterling.
    This is either incompetence, conspiracy, or collaboration to defraud. It is certainly not clever negotiating. Anyone who trusts the Mottley government needs his or her head examining. Stuart was out of his depth, but Mottley has a master plan.


  • Same complaints over and over about the way taxpayer funded, government managed agencies still operate in the dark ages….still stuck in their 1800s time machine…..shameful, still “punching above ya weight” in the victorian era and boasting about it too….steupppss…they have no shame, millions of people are seeing this traversty.

    1. This is de year of our Lord 2020, de dawn of de 2nd. decade of de 21st. century. Do you really think that the people of Barbados should got to stand up at a bus-stop not knowing what is de status of a particular service – whether it coming or gine?
    2. Any o’ wunna aware that in other countries commuters can tell when the bus/train arriving down to de last minute?
    3. Duh got anybody at Weymouth that ever hear bout something called an App. that people can download to tell them whether a particular service on or not?
    4. Assuming there is, would it be so hard for wunna to get somebody to design one of them to bring public transport in Barbados out o’ de dark ages?”


  • am not the one who said this, but i do remember there was an article about electric buses being on the island, so a photo is running on FB that they can’t get the windows of the buses to open, i tke it they are talking about new buses…..maybe my friends the fowl slaves can confirm if this is true or not…they should know..


  • This is a better link..[0]=AZXDBogiHGvyWjNMPAKXnoQvaIEif6r7PT2XPpeM7wc432kJeqlwMofBErJak2RR3gOva6fJ6AIjvNFmHRAjyTSSPyTNyV3CXj4wXZzT4JYI-f41EJroRVsJ7QpZ08Pjh3fLJgUFvsLoyycff8mzaczeN8wofDo0qGpK3WPhZb7FC_M4tbITMlNfRNvPUBOZwho&tn=EH-R


  • Black Bajans are going to have to make informed decisions, this cannot continue, the island is going nowhere and there is no progress for the people, apparently they only exist to be consumers and live indefinitely in debt bondage…..and it’s very clear that those who are supposed to lead are only interested in being corrupt and boasting about material shit they steal from the people….poverty will be a staple for generations to come if the people do not do something about the shite leaders.. how come the opposition parties are not monitoring this…more of the same rob the treasury scam…

    “some predetermined individuals or company will already have the contract to install or modify windows at the cost of 250.000 dollars ,to provide work for barbadians in this covid19 time.”

    “So is this the joke bus that has no opening wimdows.”


  • @NO
    The UK government needs to begin looking at WO financial filings. We know based on the contract, we are talking millions in revenue. Is the GoB paying them offshore? And to whom is WO paying finder’s and consultant fees.
    Are you a fan of Johnny Nash? Have you ever heard “There are more questions than answers”? Has anyone in Bim ever declared a conflict of interest? Why did the Integrity Bill die on the vine?

    How does a Gov’t police its consultants?

    You may have smelled a rat from the very beginning but like the last go around “VECO” no one at the local level spilled any beans, it was up to authorities in another jurisdiction to bell the cat, but unless someone in Blighty runs afoul of their laws its BAU.

    Perhaps someday like Johnny you will sing “I can see clearly now”


  • We got this.


  • NorthernObserver

    Of course the master plan was predetermined. And MAM had several birdies whispering. Look who kept jobs and promotions, after less than stellar performances?
    One of those WO unknowns, was actually known in Bim. Google and see where he appeared in years prior?
    Just from memory, I believe ALL the payments were in US$.


  • NorthernObserver

    My book “On a clear day you can see ‘Offshore’ is at the printers.
    All in jest, I know not one sh!!the will happen.
    What we know is that sweet a deal, for 💰 💰 going out the front door, had to have some returning via the back door.
    Otherwise two fellas in London just made US$25M each in 18 months. (Expenses were paid by the client)


  • Northern

    What kind of masterplan would not have considered the deep recession some of us saw coming from a long way off and warned this regime even as they defaulted and constructed BERT.

    Now that the government’s master planning has been found wanting surely the only way to make a correction is not the socalled reset of another throne speech but an election for Mugabe and company to convince Bajans that in their lack of vision hindsight comes a distant second.


  • @Pacha
    Do you think with the opposition in a mess, a new election will see the defeat of the BLP?
    Or that being forced to provide a ‘new plan’ will produce anything ground breaking? From any party?
    Maybe it would be cunning to call, to extend your timeline to 2025.


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