Preventing Corruption in Barbados



Submitted by Grenville Phillips II

he recently defeated Integrity in Public Life Bill (Integrity Bill) will not trouble the scores. Despite the fake Oscar-contention outrage of our senators, if the bill had passed, it would simply have made corruption legal in Barbados. That is how terrible the bill was designed.

At first, the bill specified that a person could not be investigated for corruption after they had retired from public life for 2 years. So, a person who received a bribe in January 2018 and then retired, cannot be investigated after February 2020.

A sloppy bribe may be uncovered by a financial audit, but the 2018 accounts are audited in 2019. The earliest the Auditor General will look at the 2019 audited accounts is in 2020, after the fellow has retired. How convenient. Perhaps the time has come to ask our politicians and senators, why they would champion such a farce.

After Solutions Barbados explained the farce, the final Bill increased the time where no investigations can happen, to 5 years. That is also useless in Barbados, since the Auditor General provides his annual report of many issues that are more than five years old. A short limit on investigating corruption is a glaring loophole for guilty persons.

The Integrity Bill will likely cost taxpayers $5M each year, to recover less than $50,000. It is a farce. It conveniently ignores the estimated $100M of corrupting no-bid contracts each year. The Integrity Bill is wasteful, ineffective, and practically useless for Barbados. Consider the following scenario.


A company bribes a person to get a no-bid contract. The company charges the Government five times the normal value of the work, which Barbadians must pay in higher taxes (that is why most Barbadians live hand-to-mouth). The bribe may be paid in any of the following ways.

1. Paying his election advertising expenses.

2. Building a house, and transferring ownership five years after he retires.

3. Purchasing land, and transferring ownership five years after he retires.

4. Purchasing financial instruments that mature five years after he retires.

5. Funding community projects in his constituency.

6. Paying money to his friends.

7. Selling him property (eg. car, house, etc) at a significant discount.

8. Paying for the renovation of his house.

9. Paying his children’s educational costs.

10. Hiring consultants and employees whom he recommends.

11. Hiring him as a consultant five years after he retires.

12. Procuring and managing a business (eg restaurant or store), and transferring ownership to his family five years after he retires.

There are hundreds of similar ways of paying and receiving bribes. Our useless Integrity Bill is conveniently designed to avoid all of them. Worse, the Integrity bill does not address any of the common methods of political corruption.


Forcing the public to make payments to consultants that only benefit one political party, is political corruption. The payments are normally made to political supporters, who may be disguised as: public relations, media, information technology, security, or financial advisors.

Solutions Barbados recommended an effective anti-corruption policy. It is based on the proven method of rewarding whistle-blowers, as an incentive to blow the whistle. We planned to reward them with the total value of the bribe. We also planned to fine both the bribe givers and the bribe takers, to pay for the policy.

The whistle-blowers already know about the corrupt activities. They include: tellers who did the bank transactions, contractors who renovated the houses, lawyers who drafted the contracts, accountants who did the audits, and vendors who sold the properties. Employees of the department that gave the no-bid contract, and the company that paid the bribe, also know.

The Government is planning to pass a whistle-blower protection bill, but there is no reward incentive. Instead, the exposed whistle-blower gets to keep working in the now toxic work environment, until it takes its foreseen emotional health toll. What a farce of an incentive.

It is time for our politicians and senators to stop giving us false hopes. If they do not plan to reward whistle-blowers, and abolish corrupting no-bid contracts, then at least be honest with Barbadians. Passing an ineffective Integrity Bill is not in the public’s best interest. However, it is good political advice, that benefits only one political party.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados. He can be reached at

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  1. What measures are being put in place to harness this increasing poverty levels

    Report predicts rising poverty levels as pandemic bites in – by Barbados Today August 18, 2020
    As Barbados tries to reboot its economy in the COVID-19 pandemic, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has warned of increased poverty and pointed to a doubling of inflation since the crisis gripped the country

  2. @ Mariposa August 18, 2020 9:08 AM

    What you call “inflation” is simply an internal devaluation of your Barrow-Dollar.

    Of course we need inflation. Preferably 10 percent per year WITHOUT wage compensation. Otherwise we will not be able to reconcile productivity and the value of the BBD.

    And who set the totally idiotic exchange rate of 1:2? Right, your God Barrow after an all-night drinking session with his DLP buddies. The man knew as much about economics as a lawyer about justice. We should therefore throw not only Nelson, but also Barrow off his pedestal: as the father of the economic misery in Barbados.

  3. @HA
    Don’t get all twisted about Google or use of its search engine.
    I thought you of all the rum shop participants, would be interested to know he was a participant at an annual financial conference in B’dos.

  4. @ Northern

    I am not twisted about anything. I suspect ed that there were professional, even personal connection, connections between Barbados and White Oaks BEFORE the May 30, 2018 contract. These things do not usually happen by accident.
    Google is not a confirmation, it is an indication. A confirmation is when it has been officially admitted, for the record. Which is what we want. Internet ‘evidence’ can be altered. I know. If we published a story and got a complaint we took the story down until the legals were sorted out.
    I suspect there is a lot about White Oaks and this government we are not told, such as if all the payments go to them and if there were any other introduction fees etc paid to people connected with the Mottley government.

  5. First we should take a closer look at the former DLP ministers. Did they even have Barbadian citizenship? Who knows? I never saw the birth certificate of those ministers… Donville for example is an American, is that not true? Did he also have Barbadian citizenship? Can you swear to that, Mariposa?

    We should first of all assume, for the sake of certainty, that any DLP member who does not have a court-proof record does not have Barbadian citizenship. A passport or identity card is not sufficient evidence. Even birth certificates can be forged.

    DLP members could theoretically be citizens of Guyana, St. Vincent or Surinam, but not Barbadians.

  6. @Pacha
    You may note the GoCanada today prorogued Parliament with a similar ‘re set’ message.
    They will not immediately call an election but there will be a confidence motion as soon as Parliament begins a new legislative session in a month.
    A minority government, with a brand new MoF (last one quit politics) they are rolling the dice. Major opponent will have a new leader (election in a few days), and secondary one has no money to fund a campaign. The PM is begging opponents to call his bluff.

  7. So who is surprised that Mia with her bullying style believes she can FORCE the Black population to accept nelson’s repulsive racist statute against their wishes although it should have been removed before emancipation day…she is also being accused of bullying her way into Owen’s funeral and talking for 30 minutes nonstop in her tacky style of making everything about her. Just like she believes she will get away with marijuana slave plantations….the bullying of people started in that cursed parliament by the imps and pimps taking the place slave masters once elected. your shite leaders need a very rude awakening, they are begging for one.

    “The Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration has threatened to take to the streets this weekend if the Government fails to remove the statue of Lord Nelson by Sunday when the season of emancipation is to end officially.

    General Secretary David Denny on Tuesday served notice of the grouping’s intentions, declaring it was time for Government to honour its word.

    He insisted that August 23 had much significance since it was the date proclaimed by UNESCO as the International Day for Remembrance of Slavery and its abolition.

    Denny said: “The timing of taking down the statue is as important as the decision to take it down.

    “Barbados’ history is part of the foundation of slavery within the British Empire and the Nelson Statue has been standing as a symbol of slavery and of white supremacy (racism) for over 207 years.”

  8. Slave master bloodline got around…they were rapists, ya can’t glamorize rape, it is what it is and their bloodlines are still around today in many people of African and South East Asian descent….and the direct descendants of slave masters know it only too well, one of those evil ancestor actions returning to bite their descendants on their backsides

    “The Free Beacon noted:

    Donald Harris, a Stanford University economics professor, revealed in 2018 that his grandmother was a descendant of Hamilton Brown, the namesake of Brown’s Town in northern Jamaica.

    “My roots go back, within my lifetime, to my paternal grandmother Miss Chrishy (née Christiana Brown, descendant of Hamilton Brown who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown’s Town),” he wrote in a post for Jamaica Global.

    A research archive of Jamaican records indicate that at one point in 1817, Hamilton Brown owned scores of slaves. The majority were brought in from Africa, though he also owned many Creole slaves.

    Harris is among the leading contenders for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. If elected next year, she would become the first black female president — and the first Asian-American president, she has claimed, based on her mother’s Indian origins.

    NBC News reported Monday that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was descended from slave owners.

    In a report titled “Sen. Mitch McConnell’s great-great-grandfathers owned 14 slaves, bringing reparations issue close to home,” NBC noted:

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who said recently he opposes paying government reparations to the descendants of American slaves, has a family history deeply entwined in the issue: Two of his great-great-grandfathers were slave owners, U.S. census records show.

    The two great-great-grandfathers, James McConnell and Richard Daley, owned a total of at least 14 slaves in Limestone County, Alabama — all but two of them female, according to the county “Slave Schedules” in the 1850 and 1860 censuses.

    In his defense, McConnell noted that former President Barack Obama, the nation’s first black president, had ancestors on his mother’s side who were slave owners.
    The New York Post reported that McConnell also noted that Obama also opposed reparations.”

  9. Slave breeding remained popular all into modern times….although it was outlawed and criminalized, the vile practice of breeding slaves to get a certain outcome in bloodlines remained well into the 20th century…..and may very well still be happening today..

  10. Gopher!
    I admire your ability to find a hole and dragged us down it. Most, if not all, of the West Indians with a light complexion are of mixed race. Sadly, this mixing was often NOT the result of a loving relationship.

    Hopefully, you explore this hole alone.

  11. Northern

    We have not been following developments in Canada and unlike most Bajans we don’t see Canada within the exceptional lense presented to us.

    Our view is not dissimilar to how we see the USA, for example. Canada has a vicious history people tend not to know about

    We see all these political tendencies as part of the growing fascist trend in our world. Fascism being the conjoining of your economic elites with the political elites.

    In the case of Barbados we have a government about to tear-up a 2 -year old manifesto largely due to a process which was totally forseeable. Of course, we can’t blame this government for Covid. But this deep recession/depression was imminently otherwise forseeable.

    Therefore, instead of the socalled reset and another throne speech there should be an election. The survival of the regime will come to rest on how this matter is handled.

  12. If you listened to Dinesh D’Souza you would realise that the mixing in the case of Kamala Harris took place AFTER slavery!!

  13. The two great-great-grandfathers, James McConnell and Richard Daley, owned a total of at least 14 slaves in Limestone County, Alabama — all but two of them female, according to the county “Slave Schedules” in the 1850 and 1860 censuses.


    If you check on these two slaveowners you will find they were both DEMOCRATS, like KAMALA HARRIS!!

    They were from Alabama so Southern Democrats.

    You will also see that between the two of them they owned 14 slaves!!

    “The two great-great-grandfathers, James McConnell and Richard Daley, owned a total of at least 14 slaves in Limestone County, Alabama — all but two of them female, according to the county “Slave Schedules” in the 1850 and 1860 censuses.”

  14. August 19, 2020 6:10 AM

    Most, if not all, of the West Indians with a light complexion are of mixed race.


    I would have thought by now you would have figured out that skin colour does not determine ethnic mixing!!

  15. Hell, we probably all have slave owners in our family tree. The question is – how did they get there and were we included in the slave master’s family tree or in his slave log?

    Did we benefit from the fruits of slavery or were we the victims of slavery?

  16. @ Donna

    If you were to check the history of Adams Castle, with which John is somehow closely associated, you’ll discover his ancestors owned slaves as well.

    Does that make him a Democrat or Republican?

    You’ll also discover how greedy those ‘white folks’ were, in trying to covet the land after the death of its original owner, Sir Robert Hackett and his wife, Dame Frances…… including George Graeme of Graeme Hall fame.

    I hope you realize the land is still in dispute by people (John included) who are not its original owner or related to him.

  17. My early Quaker ancestors were from St. Philip and St. John, not Christ Church.

    No relation to Chases, Elliott’s or Adams as far as I can tell.

    They were Quakers too!!

    Thank God for the Quakers, they ended slavery!!

  18. … with a lot of help from their Friend “above the bright blue sky”.

    The Quakers were properly known as the “Society of Friends” and the choice of the word Friends is based on their understanding of the Bible.

  19. My grandfather bought Adams Castle from the Websters in 1939, … more than a century after the Quakers ended slavery!!

  20. Sorry, it was from the estate of Edmund (?) Ward whose executor was a Webster.

    Mr. Ward was the father of Sir Deighton Ward, a former GG and Sir Erskine Ward if I got my Ward genealogy right..

  21. Edmund Lisle Ward was his name.

    Born in 1862.

    I think he and others formed Plantations Ltd. to compete against the merchants’ monopoly.

    The merchants responded in 1917 by forming BS&T.

  22. Yup!!

    I see Michelle O won’t even call Kamala’s name.

    A whole speech at the DNC do and not a single mention.

    Little does she know that her husband’s ancestors in Kenya were probably involved in the Slave Trade going east for centuries before Kamala’s ancestors were in Jamaica!!

    She also better check her ancestry before she goes pulling at Kamala!!

    We might get a proper cat fight!!

  23. Black John, you really need to chill, Michelle already knows she has Irish bloodlines…so she knows exactly what she is talking about and the Obama slave master’s bloodline is from his white mothers side…you need to check for what’s happening next in slave society Barbados instead..

  24. And check for this also, see if the appropriate changes can be made, when it’s not the lawyers robbing people their money and estates, there are complaints against the judges whom it seem spend more time sentencing people for marijuana than doing their jobs of handing down decisions in decades old cases, refusing to clear backlogs.

    …this one was from last year, this year alone nearly every week you hear about a lawyer being arrested for stealing clients funds…..and ya shite leaders continue to do nothing about it, but can interfere in ongoing court cases to get the outcomes they or their bribers want…

    Barbados Today
    An attorney-at-law accused of stealing thousands of dollars was granted $400,000 bail with two sureties.
    It is alleged that Hilary Jeffery Nelson, of No. 134 Bagatelle Terrace, St Michael stole £347, 560. 96 which is equivalent to BDS$855,000 belonging to Errol Hewitt between November 18, 2018 and March 4, 2019.
    The 74-year-old lawyer was not required to plead to the charge when he appeared before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant with his lawyer Naomi Lynton today.

    The accused had to surrender his travel document to the No. 2 District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court.
    He must also report to the Black Rock Police Station every Friday before 4 p.m. with valid identification.
    Nelson will make his next court appearance on February 18, 2020.

  25. Seems as though most lawyers steal from the day they are handed their LLBs until the day they step into their graves.

  26. Hit the link below and hear Caswell views aboutb this govt and his concerns about the corruption bill and other issues to deal with the economy

  27. Michelle didn’t mention Kamala’s name for the simple reason that the speech was taped prior to the selection and announcement of the VP, it was a closely guarded secret and even the Obamas were kept in the dark.

    Michelle also said the deaths from COVID was 150,000 which was what it was at the time the speech was taped how come you didn’t bring that up? We all know that it is headed to 200,000 by Labour Day thanks to Dr. Trump.

    Here’s some bedtime reading, its all about the Russian activity during the 2016 Election and how Trump was soliciting Russian help to win the Election, note it is by a bi-partisan Senate Committee and Republicans out numbered Democrats. You will find that there are several fan letters to Putin from Trump as well as some references to salacious activity by Trump in Moscow as well as Las Vegas.

  28. SargeantAugust 19, 2020 12:57 PM

    Michelle didn’t mention Kamala’s name for the simple reason that the speech was taped prior to the selection and announcement of the VP, it was a closely guarded secret and even the Obamas were kept in the dark.


    That makes it even worse.

    She made no effort to make any change when it would have been simple to splice in an acknowledgement.

    She also omitted to mention the dead and their families as a result of the protests, rioting and looting while at the same time talking about empathy!!

    No mention of the businesses destroyed.

    She is a joke..

  29. The Democrats should have chosen Tulsi Gabbard.

    But she has a future and joining with Joe Biden would be death.

    I suspect you will see her in time to come.

  30. The really absurdity is that Donald Trump thought he was scoring points when he corrected the COVID death count. Moron forgot that the death count is an indictment of his performance.


    P.S. I forgot the so-called First Lady still existed. Now there’s a dimwit for you! She can’t even dress herself. She thought it appropriate to wear the outfit of the colonial oppressors on an official visit to AFRICA.

    Bimbo also wore a jacket bearing the words “I really don’t care” on an official visit to comfort the victims of a hurricane.

    Idiot thought she was making a fashion statement!

    Or maybe she just could not read the words. After twenty-five years in an English-speaking country she still cannot speak.

    Then again she is not known for putting on clothes. Much more experience in taking them off!

  31. @John August 19, 2020 5:12 AM “I see Kamala Harris is descended from a Jamaican slave owner named Hamilton Brown. He owned 5 plantations.”


    You and Dinesh.

    Hamilton Brown, slave owner raped the enslaved girls and women on his plantation. The slave masters were ALL rapists. If you are enslaved and deprived of the right to say “no” and have that “no” respected, how them can you prevent the master from having sex with you whenever he feels like tit?

  32. Cuhdear BajanAugust 19, 2020 11:03 PM

    @John August 19, 2020 5:12 AM “I see Kamala Harris is descended from a Jamaican slave owner named Hamilton Brown. He owned 5 plantations.”



    Only one idiot, you.

    Kamala Harris is a result of a liaison between Hamilton Brown the son of Hamilton Brown the slave owner after the abolition of slavery!!

    Hamilton Brown the slave owner may or may not have frolicked with his slaves but one thing is sure, it was not he who sired Kamala Harris’ ancestor!!

    Meanwhile this political ad has gone viral swamping out the DNC’s production and Michelle Obama’s speech.

    I would be willing to bet that she will get every red blooded black man’s vote in Baltimore … and she is republican!!


  33. Meanwhile here on earth ain’t nobody much looking at stock market gains. People are trying to stay alive, find food and keep the roof over their heads.

  34. Yet another blog we’ve allowed this John character to successfully change from the substantive topic into one about Donald Trump and the Quakers.

  35. Not really, Artax. Just a little detour. It tends to happen when people have exhausted their ideas on the subject.

  36. @John
    For somebody who claims to be a mathematician, you really need to ‘brush up’. A stock market INDEX is a very small SAMPLE of stocks which trade on that index. They tend to be the STARS, and the list is constantly altered to reflect this.
    Some stocks have done exceptionally well, a far greater number have not. Please don’t assume 401k are back to precovid.

  37. yep, for those who would actually give a shit. go Feds..

    “Root Institute

    Should we applaud the fact that the bigoted propagandist who gave us Breitbart, Milo Yiannopoulos and Donald Trump has been indicted for fraud? Or should we be happy that a bunch of xenophobic nitwits had their disposable income stolen? If ever there was a perplexing philosophical quandary, it is this.

    Chronic greyscale disease sufferer Steve Bannon, the chief architect in charge of making America great again, has been indicted for defrauding a clusterfu*k of Caucasians out of their border wall savings, according to federal prosecutors from the U.S. Justice Department’s Southern District of New York.”

  38. lol Waru….. it wasn’t Caucasians they were fleecing it was blacks. Bannon was telling your folks that the wall wasnt to keep blacks out but to to keep the whites in and the money just flooded in
    Donna that hot multi language stylish first lady or the last one..

  39. “Bannon was telling your folks that the wall wasnt to keep blacks out but to to keep the whites in and the money just flooded in.” waiting for an even better one…

  40. Lawson….these are the juicy parts i was waiting for, only some publications would carry this…🤣😂 ya should see the supremacist with his protruding pregnant-like belly leaving the court on 5 million dollars bond….

    “While some of the money did go toward the wall construction, Bannon and his accomplices helped themselves to more than $1 million which they spent on cosmetic surgery, golf carts and credit card debt, prosecutors said.”

    “Bannon, who was arrested off the coast of Connecticut shortly after 7 a.m. Thursday on a 150-foot yacht belonging to an exiled Chinese billionaire, pleaded not guilty at his afternoon arraignment via video conference.”

    ya should see the yacht….lawd

    and of course Prince Donald can’t be beat…

    “When I read about it, I didn’t like it. I said this is for government, this isn’t for private people. And it sounded to me like showboating,” Trump said.

    “I haven’t been dealing with him for a long period of time,” he added. “He worked for a lot of companies, but he was involved likewise in our campaign, and for a small part of the administration, very early on.”

  41. whether its a wall or food security project etc eventually somebody with bad intentions feel they are owed something. Whether its a free meal, a couple of drinks or a rhinoplasty it usually happens just look at the clinton foundation or the trump foundation or tammi faye baker’s foundation or lipstick for that matter paid by the good.

  42. Lawson,

    IT seems you judge first ladies on the size of their bust or perhaps the colour of their skin. Melania is useless! What has she accomplished besides naked photo shoots? If a black woman had done that you would call her trash.

    And her attempts at speaking English are painful to hear.

    Nothing but a bimbo!

    P.S. Willie Brown’s skin still looks much better than Trump’s yet you do not question why Melanie married him. No negative comments. Nothing.

    You are so transparent.

  43. @WURA-War-on-U August 21, 2020 5:16 AM ” $1 million which they spent on cosmetic surgery, golf carts and credit card debt, prosecutors said.”

    Are you telling me that none of the money was spent on sex, drugs or alcohol?

    How strange!

  44. “Daily Wire: Kamala Harris’ Corruption Exposed.”

    I believe rather than presenting BIASED information to BU as TRUTH and FACT, which ultimately questions their motives and credibility, contributors should be a bit more FAIR and BALANCED.

    The ‘other side of the coin’ suggests the guy in the above video seems to have deliberately took Kamala’s comments out context and edited parts of her speech to give people such as John the impression she referred to young potential voters as being ‘stupid.’

    Snopes FACT CHECK gives a more reasonable interpretation of what Kamala actually said, as evidenced by the following excerpts:

    In early August 2020, readers asked about social media posts stating that U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., had referred to 18- to 24-year-old “potential voters” as “stupid.”

    What’s True
    During a speech about reducing incarceration and recidivism in 2014, then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris made a comment stating that 18- to 24-year-olds are “stupid.”

    What’s False
    However, Harris was NOT referring to voters. Rather, when you CONSIDER the CONTEXT of her remark, she was actually taking a sympathetic view of young people and illustrating a larger point about how the criminal justice system treats young adults in that age range when they are developmentally prone to making “really bad decisions.”

  45. So…..apparently, Quaker John has jumped on the ‘FAKE NEWS’ bandwagon.

    Perhaps Andrew Klavan wants ‘material’ for his next suspense novel. He claims Kamala had an extramarital affair with Wille Brown and he was responsible for her being elected D.A of San Fransisco. gives another side of that story:

    What’s True
    Harris did date former San Francisco Mayor and State Assembly Speaker Willie Brown for a period of time between 1994 to 1995. In his capacity as speaker, Brown appointed her to two political posts — first to the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, and then to the Medical Assistance Commission.

    What’s False
    Although Brown was technically still married during the time period that he dated Harris, he had been ESTRANGED from his wife Blanche Brown for MORE THAN a DECADE. Harris’ first, successful run for office in 2003 happened well after the relationship ended, and Harris sought to distance herself from Brown.

    These narratives are misleading by way of exaggeration. Harris dated Brown in the mid-1990s, but Brown had been ESTRANGED from his wife SINCE 1981. Brown did appoint Harris to two political posts in 1994 while he served as Speaker of the California Assembly, but that was years before Harris won her first election in 2003. She was already working as an assistant district attorney in Alameda County when she took on the appointments.

  46. As I said, Willie Brown’s skin still looks better than Trump’s. Willie Browne is 86 years old and Kamala is 55 – an age difference of 31 years.

    Donald Trump is 74 years old and Melania is 50 – an age difference of 24 years.

    Lawson finds that career advancement had to be the reason why Kamala had sex with Willie Brown but has no questions for Melania Trump. He has nothing but admiration for her. He has nothing but insults for an accomplished and decent woman like Michelle Obama.

    People like John and Lawson have such a warped view of things that up becomes down and down becomes up.


    Even though Artax has exposed John’s lying video it will make no difference to him. Lying is his specialty. Next he will quote the Bible and boast of his Quaker ancestry.


    P.S. What attracts people to each other is often a mystery. How often do we ask the question – but what does she see in him?

  47. “Are you telling me that none of the money was spent on sex, drugs or alcohol?

    How strange!”

    if you saw a recent photo of Bannon, your question will change, am surprised they had any money left over for cosmetic surgery, credit cards etc…his big, protruding gut tells the tale about what happened to the million dollars…🤣😂

  48. “I take a delight in giving you these.

    Theo…really, you are talking about Lawson and Black John, they would get even more delight than you from the images, they both am sure went and pleasured themselves at the sight of those nude photos…😜

  49. Caption – Sex at 30,000 ft. Melania Knauss earns her air miles

    What a lady!

    Imagine if a black woman had done this! John and Lawson would have cried bloody murder if she had set foot in the East Wing!

  50. “Imagine if even one of Obama’s lowly black campaign workers had been arrested! John and Lawson would have placed it on Obama’s record!

    “Birds of a feather!” they would cry.

    Now we have so many of them from high up in Trump’s orbit they are willing to accept the “I hardly knew him,” defence. Every time! The same defence!

    The Russian hoax has been exposed as COLLUSION by the Republican led committee. Manifort has been confirmed as having exchanged polling data with A RUSSIAN SPY and probably had a hand in the hacking of the e-mails. The committee has concluded that Trump lied to Mueller re Roger Stone.

    And there are two more criminal referrals!

    A criminal enterprise if ever there was one!

    How could a man gather so many criminals together and not be either the worst kind of idiot or the worst kind of criminal?

    One thing for sure is that he cannot be a very stable innocent genius!

  51. Theo you got any maxine watters nudies thought not you only keep pictures of hot white chicks, Donna whats this thing over skin you have a ILSE Koch fetish going on???? You have one of your guys dipping cigars in an interns crack and none of you say anything . You have the mayor of the district of colombia snorting coke with hookers not a word even one of your own guys death someone told me was lets say odd. But here we have a guy that doesnt drink, doesnt use drugs and from what I see has taken a girl that had no clothes and bought her some. Theo has spent most of his life I bet trying to get clothes off of women so where is the justice lol

  52. You may have dementia, Lawson but I do not. Check your August 12 post and see that YOU introduced Willie Brown’s skin into the conversation.

    And I do not know what the rest of your gibberish means but I do know that no other modern day president of the USA has had so many criminals around him. Not even Richard Nixon. We are not speaking about one or two criminals. That could happen to anyone.2 Some Democrats are criminal.

    If you deny that the number of criminals around Trump is significant 2then there is no point bothering with anything you say.

    As for Melania, she is nothing but a bimbo. Useless!

  53. You call it gibberish, Donna? And, I’m here thinking maybe English is his 3rd language.

    I could understand Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jean Reno and even Jacky Chan better than him.

  54. You know Artax you attacks on Arnold can not go unpunished , next time I go down to the island it will be reflected in your tip.

  55. More FBI members indicted than Trump Family members
    Number of FBI Agents 35,000
    Number of Trumps Family members <1,000
    Since we are dealing with two ‘above reproach’ 🙂 groups it should not be a horse race
    “Grabbing them” is not part of my modus operandi. Hopefully, you stick to not tipping and not grabbing.

  56. Theo I didn’t say paying didn’t want you to look desperate, I am sure you think a chocolate bar can go a long way from your war years. you probably can tell a few stories war stories over that nelson statue fight.

  57. Why arent you guys more concerned about your own justice system half the people there are incarcerated for something they didnt do…….oh yea …wipe the fingerprints off the weapon

  58. I see that you are already celebrating the ‘Nelson’ victory.
    Clearly, your side son.

    Hundreds of years after his death, he is still winning.

  59. You have bigger fish to fry, worrying about a statue while your economy is on the brink is just stupid and a distraction. There is time for this chicken shit stuff after you right the ship.

  60. Theo…it’s the Mia government going to lose in this, there are not enuff corrupt, tiefing minority racists to put her back in the parliament, it’s the Black people whose wishes she is ignoring and disrespecting have the numbers to deal with her, more ammunition to have her removed….ticktock…less than 3 years to go..

    that public nuisance Johnnie the joker thinks someone cares about their problems and excuses that they created themselves.

  61. I would agree that we are in strange times. However, it does not take that much to remove a statue. Please, don’t make it more than what it is.

    In my mind, even with extreme care it is a one day job. . This is the case of chewing gum and walking at the same time. Both can be done.
    Only in the mind of those who wish to keep the statue in its place is removal is a job that would distrac a government from handing the economy in the minds of those who wish to keep the statue in the same place.

    Scenario 1: Just get rid of de damn thing
    Visit five rum shops and have a demolition crew in some time. I think the government can easily find a couple of hundred people who would do the job for free,

    Scenario 2: You wish to keep it intact and move it elsewhere
    I am certain we can find a crew/business that would safely remove it in a day or two,

    It has nothing “to do with saving the economy”. It is not rocket science. Don’t pretend it is.

    The real story is the inability of the government to keep it promises. We were at a similar stage about two decades in the past. Nothing changes.

    • The government stated it will move the statue. If it had to push back on this some reasonableness can be exercised. It is not a life or death matter. Give the PmM some credit.

  62. Here is a transcript of a tape that landed at TheoGazerts Detective Agency. As you know wire tapping is illegal so I had to change names:

    Big Boy: I like how you gave them a date and then fail to meet it. But can you use that same trick again?
    MP: I will give them next a date, When it passes I will say “I told you all September, but I did not say what year? Hear dem bawl”
    Big Boy: hahaha- Man, you wicked. You is best of de lot. But they will march and protest
    Typea (notTypee): We aren’t giving them a permit to march and if the do we bussing heads and locking dem up
    Big Boy: You sure higher-ups are on board?
    AG: I am on board and Mia got my back
    Big Boy:Where is Mia in this?
    AG: She preparing for she IMF gig. Man dat woman busy fuh so; looks like she gun save de world
    Big Boy: Truth is,things are hard here. You think she can save we?
    MP: One thing at a time. We save the statue
    lawson: Now that we save the statue we can focus on the economy. She gun save we.
    FC: We save the statue from those communist and liberals
    John: To destroy/remove it would have been a waste of good Quaker money
    Big Boy: Communists and Quakers… how did we get here?
    FC: Now we need to return money we got from de CCP.
    MP: I outta here.. my job is done fuh now. Bye

  63. “Give the PmM some credit.”

    not everyone is THAT WEAK..

    many believe that servants of the people…aka government, should have some respect, they had tons of money to implode the NIS building that was structurally sound and could still serve some kinda purpose outside of being blown down to build a shite park to house homeless people because they don’t want to build homeless shelters.

    yall memories are too short.

  64. And besides….if we can remember…they had OVER 20 YEARS…to remove the blighted racist piece of stone….and REFUSED…just as they are doing now..

  65. Theo…it’s unbelievable, over 20 years these liars and frauds have been refusing to do their jobs…did not realize they were about to be exposed and came up with another handy LIE about a committee to decide if to remove the statue WHILE KNOWING that they already decided via committee over 20 YEARS BEFORE, i can imagine how they divvied up that money between themselves……then when caught, came up with another LIE and a DATE and now another LIE SURFACES AGAIN…just waiting for the soft in the head to forget..

    do you see now why people are so concerned that the LIARS will slide the Black population into slavery again, because that is what sellouts do and still trying to get reparations money to tief too on top of all of that…. trash.

  66. Oh my! Fifteen hours of recorded audio of Trump’s sister talking about Trump!

    Apparently she thinks he is not to be trusted.

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