Turning it Around


When our days become dreary with low-hovering clouds and our nights become darker than a thousand midnights, we will know that we are living in the creative turmoil of a genuine civilization struggling to be born.

A downside to being the blogmaster of Barbados Underground is that there the danger of being sucked into the vortex of perpetual negativity that is ever present in our space – to the extent the good that churns around goes unseen and unheard. It took many years for the blogmaster to reconcile this reality.  Members of the BU household who manage the blog, we try our best to rise above it, always with difficulty. One of the regrets to overseeing Barbados Underground as the lead in the BU household has been the personal sacrifice. Maybe one day these personal sacrifices can be detailed to incent others who must follow to build and sustain citizen advocacy by the fifth column  in Barbados.

Of the 47 official murders logged for 2019 Temario Holder’s tugged at the heart harder than the others. To be honest water wellup in the eyes as the Bajan might describe using the vernacular. Whether it was the fact he had not seen a star pitched yet, that it occurred in broad daylight in a secondary school or perhaps, just perhaps, the perpetrator of the act was of similar age; a minor who also had not seen a star pitched and will have to whither his early years in a penal facility suffering under the weight of his crime .

Many will come here to comment and direct blame at the political directorate. ALL actors in civil society must be held accountable when dysfunction occurs – a government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth. These behavioural tumours sprouting in the underground  ‘organs’ of society mean that they will eventually metastasize to affect us all, we have evidence of it today.

So far the reaction by successive governments to the deteriorating social landscape has been to employ reactive measures mostly of a militaristic design.  On the economic front we have aggressively adopted BERT, translated to mean Barbados Economic and Recovery Transformation program. There is the pressing need for the social equivalent by our leadership.

I take you back to Wednesday [Temario’s funeral] because it brought home for me the fact that absence of family is what is at the root of the problems confronting our society…And when we speak of family, my notion of family is one that doesn’t just turn up when things go bad, but family has to be that we are together both in good and bad times…Families [are] supposed to know the strengths and weaknesses of each other.

Minister of Education Santia Bradshaw



We have to understand the changes that have occurred to our family units in the last 50 years and strategise how we will compensate for the vacuum left by the decimation of the extended family, roles played by the parish or village church, social centre and village pasture to single out a few examples. How in a little 2×3 island the personable has morphed to the impersonal!

Temario Holder gone but not forgotten…





45 thoughts on “Turning it Around

  1. @ David BU

    Very touching. And I share your concerns.
    You would have garnered through your blog the changing values of our society.The “what is it for me ” litmus test. “Others are doing it. Why not Barbadians” moral compass. Joining your blog has been more enlightening than the years I spent in universities.
    I must confess that I have had good success rate with helping to mould the generation after me. But that rate of success is declining as years go by.
    The fight is against the principalities and it is a losing battle. There is a widening gap between the official ideology and the ideology that informed our actions in the past.

  2. There are three things that threaten the future of our society:
    Disregard for the environment
    Political polarization

    Once these continue we can expect:
    Further destruction of natural resources
    Further deterioration of the society
    Further lack of accountability

    Can we honestly say that since the Duopoly has failed to address these for fifty three years that it wants to now or more importantly , does it contain the talent to arrest the obvious decline ?

  3. @ William Skinner

    Surely the issues raised here have very little to do with the Duopoly and more to do with the nurturing by ordinary citizens? It took a whole village to raise our generation. Who are reneging from this traditional responsibility?

  4. @ Vincent Codrington

    The government sets the tone. The Duopoly actively encourages polarization. The failure to address crime goes back to even when the numbers were smaller. The answer from within the Duopoly was to ask for the firing of which ever Attorney General was in office. The failure to be accountable is a standard feature of the Duopoly. The failure going back and before Greenland has now manifested itself with the garbage.
    This philosophy about a village raising a child is a yearning for a time past that will never return. We only have villages in name.
    You cannot produce a 2019 model on a 1920 production line! You have seen the citizens trying to make ends meet while the mismanagement proliferates from within the Duopoly. What do you want the citizens to do ?
    This blaming of citizens is similar to blaming the public servants for the stupidity of the Duopoly.
    It’s giving those entrusted with governance a cowardly pass .
    I ask again which villages are you talking about as we approach 2020. Right now the violent crime in rural areas is surpassing that in urban areas. The country is being rapidly transformed into a little Brooklyn. We need to stop fooling ourselves that the Barbados of the 50s and 60s is somewhere in mothballs waiting to sail again. It will never leave the boatyard. We need a serious dose of reality.

  5. @ William Skinner

    My reality is the young girl whose mother thinks her responsibility is to put food on the table and clothes on her ( the child’s) back but has no time to talk to her about life and her (the child’s) challenges.
    My reality is the young boy who is learning his values from the older males on the block. Who has no male parent on whom to pattern his behaviour.

    These are the realities. Do we need a politician to fill these roles? The Heights , the Parks and the Housing Areas are aggravating the very bad social situation. There are few stable communities in these residential arrangements.

  6. I rubbish this article!

    Not because I am disrespectful of Tremario Holder’s death

    Nor because of the waste of another life at the hands of rampant delinquency and deviant behaviour.

    But because of the sanctimonious “facelessness” associated with the Blogmaster’s narrative.

    Abijah Holder is dead AND FORGOTTEN because he has no current worth @ today in the “article refresh rate” for a blog.

    What value does Abijah have as “Most Read Blog?”

    His murder by the Coverley Promontory on the ABC highway has been swept under the mat because

    “Mark maloney is de man to save Barbados now” so not one RH body going revert to that island that killed Abijah!

    And Mia Mottley who was all up in the effing news with her pretent empathy for Abijah’s mother DISAPPEARED FROM THE EFFING SCENE, and will never open he mouth again on this matter.

    So, I sorry when I say that it IS RH POLITICAL and when spineless leaders can be permitted passes like this THEN LUKE BJERKHAM can be killed and nothing happens

    And each week another RH useless blog be launched for us to talk bout AND LOOK FOR NON APPLICABLE MLK articles to apply to the topic to invite people to respond!

    It is a fact that these deaths have multiple causatory elements BUT TO CONTINUE GIVING SUCCESSIVE GOVERNMENTS a pass, especially Mugabe Mottley and her supporters a pass in recent murders IS TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE RH PROBLEM OF 47 DEATHS WE ARE NOW CELEBRATING!

    And make no mistake about this being a celebration BECAUSE, IF IT WAS NOT ONE, we would long have changed our celebration of Kadooment from our the Funeral Service we are enjoying writing about in our news media!

  7. @ Pieces why is it necessary to thrash this opinion article in order to highlight Abija or Bjerkham’s son!!!

    I agree with you @Vincent … I am always confused and discombobulated with this narrative about the duopoly as the cause of our ills…

    …this narrative is the endless circular palaver that’s a basic fallacy. It was said differently but the basic point NEVER changes: the duopoly is us, we are they; they do nothing to us that we don’t allow!

    I would offer that the other saw re ‘it takes a village …’ should be more intuitive and applicable TODAY …

    We have significantly more ability to be informed of the actions of our kids and moreso empower our ‘village’ of friends/neighbors/relatives/teachers to counsel or admonish them than ever before.

    Of course the issue is that our ENTIRE social structure has been exposed… the nefarious, self serving behaviour of past icons has been laid bare so the real question senors Vincent, Skinner ‘et all’ should be who did and when did we start “reneging from this traditional responsibility?”

    As far as you are concerned @Skinner it started apparently in ’66 with the modern day duopoly… @Vincent, u seem to start ii more recently.

    I say that it was forever there but of course we seem to be confounded that we threw off the Union Jack and simply continued the same ‘decadence’ under our Black power structure.

    Do you REALLY think it would have been fundamentally different if your Doc led team had made it @Skinner!

    Anyhow I gone.

    BTW Mr Blogmaster, Barbados is filled with good positive news…no reason ur blog can’t highlight a local Bajan heroic teacher, NGO leader or whomever every week or month to counter all the negative news … bring forth the “unseen and unheard” if that can make a difference!

    So lament not in ur mournful tone of “one day”!

    You are a man (woman) of action !

    • @Dee Word

      It is not that a positive story cannot be posted, the prevailing environment for doing so makes it a token exercise. This is applicable from here to over yonder.

  8. Enough blame to go around
    The politician who makes promises to the youth they never keep
    The parent who belives that an Xbox and an iphone will instill morals in a child
    The church whose pretentious and hypocritical posture sends mixed messages of do as i say not as we do
    The drug dealer who stands bold faced and looks into the eyes of a vulnerable youths and promises to make them millionaires
    A dysfunctional and wayward society who has completley lost its way sucked up by greed and selfishness

  9. @ Mariposa

    The drug dealer who stands bold faced and looks into the eyes of a vulnerable youths and promises to make them millionaires





  10. Baje
    A society which is dysfuntional would find itself going further down into the bowels of hopelessness which also speaks as to a society losing control of its moral compass
    Here is a govt which has shown no remorse to inviting know drug lords but would expect the youth to behave in an orderly fashion commensurate with a society who is up and up ( which is not true)
    But why should they when leadership has placed before them a mirror image compiled of an allure of illusions and make belive opulence

  11. @William Skinner December 7, 2019 2:21 PM “This philosophy about a village raising a child is a yearning for a time past that will never return. We only have villages in name.”

    Some of us still follow in the example of our elders, and raise children who are not related to us by blood or by marriage.

    No permission to do so is required from the “B’s” nor from the “D’s” If you see that something needs to be done, then just do it.

    Politicians don’t have all of the answers. Some of them struggle to raise their own children well.

    • @Simple Simon

      Who said we get the government we deserve?

      Who elect the politicians to serve?

      Are politicians selected from among US?

      If the system is to change who will have to change it? The politicians or the PEOPLE?

      The following is extracted from the blog:

      Many will come here to comment and direct blame at the political directorate. ALL actors in civil society must be held accountable when dysfunction occurs – a government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth. These behavioural tumours sprouting in the underground ‘organs’ of society mean that they will eventually metastasize to affect us all, we have evidence of it today.

      Until citizens with integrity stand up and serve in every area of society the cycle will repeat. We have ceded our authority to a class of people.

  12. I want to show everyone WITHOUT blinkers how stupid and hypocritical many Bajans are:




    Committee set up on gender violence

    The Cabinet of Barbados recently approved the establishment of a national committee on gender- based violence, which is charged with developing a national plan of action against domestic violence.

    That is according to Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs, Neil Rowe, during his address at the Barbados Mothers’ Union rally yesterday, which included representative from the Barbados Association of Muslim Women, Sakina Bakharia; Business and Professional Women’s Club; Women In Purpose founder Jennifer Johnson; and other women supporting the cause.

    The women gathered in Queen’s Park and walked to Heroes Square, displaying their placards and singing as they spread their message to end all forms of violence during the 16 Days of Activism, which runs from November 25 to December 10, working under the theme Orange The World. (RA)


  13. @ De Pedantic Dribbler aka the Ignorant Word.

    The thing about being consistent on Barbados Underground is that, IN ANY BLOGOSPHERE, your contribution is permanent.

    You CANNOT be a supporter of the Medes in 2018 and suddenly do an about faces AND SUPPORT THE PERSIANS, in 2019.

    What we are seeing in these deaths IS THE VACILITATIONS, it is the easements that people like you and me and the Honourable Blogmaster facilitate by our laxity!

    Look how you you dont even know how to spell Abijah’s name and refer to him as Abija!

    Which goes to reinforce my point about the convenience which is accorded one party when they renege on their support for what is wrong!

    Mottley swore that she would uphold her support of Felisha Osula Holder, the mother of Abijah.

    You would not know that De Pedantic Dribbler because, like David King, it is part of the selective amnesia approach that you and he are employing here IN YOUR REMEMBRANCE OF THIS MATTER

    Let me see if I can help you with how he died and where he died BECAUSE YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN!

    “…Abijah Holder of Hopewell, Christ Church, died on the spot after the motorcar in which he was travelling struck a sign post and ended on its side.

    The accident occurred around 4:15 p.m. on the Tom Adams section of the ABC Highway, on the road that leads into the Villages at Coverley…”

    Since you forgot how to spell his name and probably where that “island in the ABC highway is, let de ole man help your forgetful self


    People like you will come here to defend the indefensible but I unfortunately cannot and will not allow it.

    Both you AND THE HONOURABLE BLOGMASTER HAVE conveniently forgotten how Mugabe Mottley pledged her assistance to Felicia Osula Holder.

    What de ole man wishes to remind both of wunna forgetful selves is that Maloney & his island in the fvucking middle of the ABC killed Abijah and WHILE IT HAS BEEN FIXED NOW, IT KILLED ABIJAH HOLDER FOREVER!

    Furthermore, to underscore this matter of righteous indignation and the free pass given to the economy saviour Maloney let me give you another item for both your geriatric ruminations!

    “…Almost three years after the accident in which 11-year-old Abijah Holder Phillips lost his life, Felisha Osula Holder was charged with the offence…”

    Is the firmness that assailed your memory lifting as yet De Pedantic Dribbler?

    Let me see if the amnesiac who wrote this article cant remember another similar article he penned here on Barbados Underground


    Does this job your memory now?

    My point is very simple Pedantic One and David King.

    When both of you seek selectively to DROP DE RH BALL and leave these perpetrators of crimes scotch free IS ALLOWS THEM TO BRING 5 RH DRUG DEALERS TO PARLIAMENT HOUSE and all this deviant behaviour while not 100% their fault IS ATTRIBUTABLE TO THEM in part!

    Steupseee at that too BUT DE OLE MAN TELLING WUNNA dat effin wunna is not part of the solution, winna is part of de problem!!!

  14. @ David

    If you check the “Daily Mail, UK’ ,you will notice that Dr. Denzil Douglas has been arrested by the National Crime Agency on what seems to be money laundering charges. He was caught with seventy thousand pounds on his way to /from Dubai. He could not explain where he got the money. I hope he gets jail time, he tried to set up a dictatorship in ST. Kitts and Nevis.

  15. David you are such a bold face hypocrite
    Now a former PM of St. Kitts has been caught red handed your response is “wait and see”
    However when news of Donville Inniss allegations hit the news you could not wait and see
    You have show your true colors and a flaming red they are
    What a dam shame

  16. what Bim needs, in my humble opinion, is a Civic Code- an agreed set of principles that speak to the responsibility of each citizen and the responsibility of politicians and how they interact with each other in a civil society.

    instead of or along with the Pledge of Allegiance this should be taught in primary schools. altho not law the Civic Code should be relied on as general principles of civil conduct and any breach should be viewed negatively and count against the perpetrator.

  17. @ Greene at 9 :02 Am

    We have over a thousand laws ,hundreds of churches and you are suggesting a civic code ? What kind of snake skin oil is that? We really like to talk. It is walk we want.

  18. @ David Bu

    Do you really need an outcome of a trial to confirm the fact that he was arrested and why? Lol!!

    • He was arrested Vincent?

      He was detained and the official report is that the UK authorities are investigating source of funds. Unlike Inniss he was allowed to continue his journey.

  19. Greene
    You sound like a tin horn dictator
    Them that like to use sophisticated words to nip away at peoples freedoms

  20. Look David go bag yuh head
    Yuh aint got no shame to even respond
    You had multiple stories about Inniss could not even wait for the ink to dry
    David go hide yuh red face

  21. @ Vincent
    Douglas was held in the UK, thus the reference to the UK. He was arrested but not charged. The NCA is investigating the source of the money. If he cannot explain its source, even if he is not charged, they will not return it. Further, he may be put on a travel blacklist.

  22. David a piece of advice
    Yuh could buy land but yuh cant hide the land and work it
    Meaning that for the past year yuh fell all over yuh self posting stories about Donville Inniss them stories were allegations
    Up to present Inniss has not be found guilty
    However u never moderate comments or stop postings which favoured Inniss to be guilty
    Now today yuh beating a drum of pretense splitting words in legal language as objection to what has been said about Douglas
    In legal term u are a obfuscating the truth

    • Will ask you again before giving you the last word- when did the story about Douglas break?

      The story about Inniss a former Barbados minister compares? The story about Inniss captures the ICBL and related issues of interest to Barbadians?

      Finally, why not compose an article for submission?

  23. @Pieces, respectfully I accept the broadside on the misspelling of Abijah’s name…that was simply an unfortunate typo however (as I actually checked his name in your screed before I wrote); it was not anything of the deep-seated new screed u offered at 1:27 AM above.

    Again I ask you ( again respectfully, but forcefully too) WTfreaking bad-word does re-highlighting the death of another unfortunate ‘innocent’ namely Temario Holder have to do with your broadsides above…

    1.Are you suggesting that every tragic death of a youth about which a politician makes boastful promises is somehow dismissed by an unrelated commentary about another tragic death?
    2.Are you suggesting that Abijah’s death and the subsequent indictment of his mother as a contributory factor in the crash causing his demise is some ABSOLUTE cause exemplary around which Ms Mottley will be defeated!

    My brother I absolutely get your conviction and passion on righting gross wrongs … however colour me dismayed, confused, perplexed that you think you need to thrash this Tremario piece in order to reignite attention to Abijah.

    Why so unnecessarily assault one youth’s memory vrs another!

    That said I can only nod in appreciation that you have achieved exactly your intent re young Abijah !

    You can be assured I will never misspell the young lad’s name again when I recall that tragedy.


  24. Why ask for a timetable on the Douglas issue
    Again you are trying to obfuscate the issue when u in a futile effort to remove the discussion away from Douglas ties to the carribbean but can find barbados as a reason for Inniss postings on Bu

    • How could BU have posted the same number of blogs as Inniss if the news broke in the last 24 hours?

      Continue to make yourself an idiot on the blog.


    Shall the ax boast itself against him who chops with it? Or shall the saw exalt itself against him who saws with it? As if a rod could wield itself against those who lift it up, or as if a staff could lift up, as if it were not wood! Therefore the Lord, the Lord of hosts, Will send leanness among his fat ones; and under his glory He will kindle a burning like the burning of a fire. So the Light of Israel will be for a fire, and his Holy One for a flame; it will burn and devour his thorns and his briers in one day. And it will consume the glory of his forest and of his fruitful field, both soul and body; and they will be as when a sick man wastes away. Then the rest of the trees of his forest will be so few in number that a child may write them

  26. Douglas denies Daily Mail story

    Basseterre, St Kitts – Former prime minister Dr Denzil Douglas says a Daily Mail story published today claiming he was being probed by British authorities “is totally false, malicious and libelous”.

    “Let it be known that I again emphasise that I was never detained or arrested at London Gatwick Airport on 16th November or at any other time. I have committed no crime and I’m under no investigation,” said Douglas.

    “The article in question is receiving the attention of my lawyers who will advise me accordingly,” said the leader of the St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party. (PR)


  27. The story was in the Mail on Sunday, a different newspaper. Did the Nation speak to the UK’s immigration (Border Force) or to the National Crime Agency? Or they just accepted Dr Douglas’ word as gospel?

  28. @ Hal

    After all, this is the Caribbean the man must react quickly to cover his tail and fool the people who are VERY easy to be misled.

  29. De ole man grieves!

    Look how my brothers and sisters are towing the line that has been purposely presented here to them by the subliminal Agency of the Mugabe Ministry.

    The Ministry of Mental Subjugation

    Observe how the psychology is applied

    1.Article purposely titled “…Turning it Around”

    2.Segue paragraph “…A downside to being the blogmaster of Barbados Underground is that there the danger of being sucked into the vortex of perpetual negativity that is ever present in our space – to the extent the good that churns around goes unseen and unheard…”

    And unwittingly, entrants to the mind space fall in line with the doom and gloom message.

    So very predictable!!


    Some years ago, the short man Owen Arthur, who singlehandedly contributed to permitting Mugabe Mottley to become the resident dictator, complained about the deluge of Christmas advertising in November!

    I know wunna lost so I going got to explain

    Imagine a similar “daily deluge” of 45 second ads which went “l want to live and raise kids, grans too, and so do you, LETS STOP THE KILLING”


    “I love my life, like you do, it’s not worth it, you or i stabbing one another, let’s stop the Killing” WITH SERIOUS SUBLIMINALLY ATTUNED MUSIC!

    De ole man and me grandson will do de Stoopid Cartoons

    OVER AND OVER AND RH OVER AGAIN until my RH litany becomes embedded in de RH heads of EVER FVUCKING CITIZEN!

    I know dat HEE HEE AND HEE HAW AND DE REST UH WUNNA HATE DE OLE MAN FOR BEING SO SAVVY AND RH BRIGHT BUT, if wunna doe this, AND IF DE GLOBAL COMMUNITY WAS TO DO DIS, I guarantee dat um will decrease de violence and murder in Barbados and worldwide.

    Wunna needs to unnerstan dat Piece the Legend ‘s sources for Solutions to wunna problems DO NOT COME FROM HEAH ,and are superior to wunna ken

    And de same way I dun tell de People’s Party for Democracy and Development de mechanism to win de election in 2021, did WILL CAUSE A MARKED DECREASE.

    45 seconds of public service messages and a suffusion of BRANDED IMAGERY and THE CHANGE WILL COME!

    Listen to de ole man AND LIVE!

  30. Because de ole man articles which focus on highlighting the Mugabe Regime are under a “soft moderation” dictum, de ole man gots to post items for the PdP wherever it is possible to read my submissions

    I WILL NOT EVER POST ON BEDROOM POLICEMAN’S posts because he is a piece of slime not worthy to be read.

    Plus de Blogmaster supports him so that the Third Party Movement will be diluted!

    I posted this another place but it has been SUPPRESSED

    “…@ Reverend Atherley.

    You will notice that the Honourable Blogmaster rather the BORG is going to remove ALL COMMENTARY ON BARBADOS UNDERGROUND other than the shy$e that its chvunt Grenville Phillips aka Bedroom policeman aka Iso TALIBAN is going to post.

    Its strategy is and easy one.

    Support No Solutions Barbados and in so doing, by supporting this chvunt WE, THE BLP, KILL THE THIRD PARTY MOVEMENT INITIATIVE!

    I have recognised that Mugabe Mottley realizes that you can use the subvention to build your party.

    So she has stopped this BECAUSE SHE FEARS THE PdP

    So here is what I would have told you before.

    You need to be seen as doing something meaningful in Barbados

    Other than talking slowly as if you have a speech impediment heheheh

    De ole man is sorry if you are offended by my observations BUT YOU NEED TO CHANGE AND DO SO RAPIDLY!!!

    She has taken away this funding from the PdP but she has not taken away ALL YOUR FUNDING.

    The PdP has to be seen as bringing solutions to our problems.


    1.You need to make 3 outreaches

    One to the Government of the United States, the second to the Government of Canada and the third to the UK government AS THE LEGITIMATE OPPOSITION PARTY in Barbados.

    2.You will be asking them to support your Anti Druglord Initiative

    3.You will frame such request in the context of your belief that the Government of the Day the BLP are in bed with the druglords!

    4.You will append the pictures of the 5 Druglords at the Opening of Parliament

    5.You will ask for resources to mount a virtual Interview with past Law Enforcement Officers where you PdP will host national encounters with online videos and podcasts with these interviews


    But what they cannot steal is your leveraging the national image of the PdP.

    I will say this to you in confidence.

    The US Government is very concerned about the direction that Mugabe Mottley is going.

    And while they suspect your personal allegiance to Mugabe THEY HAVE CONFIDENCE IN CASWELL FRANKLYN AND THE REST OF THE PDP!

    If you even do a piece of this initiative Bajans WILL KNOW THAT YOU ARE A PATRIOT

    If you do not start to do anything DE OLE MAN IS GOING TO START A CAMPAIGN TO OUST YOU SPECIFICALLY, as Mugabe’s Manchurian Candidate

    Get up Joe AND FIGHT AGAINST THIS DICTATOR and be a man of faith AND NOT A PAWN…”

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