Stephen Archer: Millionaire or Pauper

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Imagine a utility pole falling on you causing you to be seriously injured. Imagine that from that injury your body was dealt such a blow that it would never be the same again Then imagine being paid 2.4 million in compensation from the Utility Company for injuries received. After you have imagined all of that then imagine this: IMAGINE YOUR THE LAWYER ACTING ON YOUR BEHALF RECEIVING THE 2.4 million AND PLACED IT IN HIS PERSON ACCOUNT BUT YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN A CENT OF IT EVEN AFTER BEGGING FOR MANY YEARS UNTIL YOUR LAST BREATH. What would you do if you were the man in the photo above?

This is the plight of the now decease Stephen Ainsley Archer. His lawyer, according to reports from him, never give him a cent of the money. This forced Mr Archer to go to the press to highlight his matter. After 13 years of begging for what is his, Mr Archer’s life came to an end. The mystery surrounding where Mr Archers 2.4 million compensation money from the Utility Company has gone, remains a mystery.

The lawyer, the alleged Ernest Jackman, has not come forward to shed any light on the claims made by the now decease Stephen Archer nor has he come forth to declare where the money that was supposed to be paid to Mr Archer is at.

The Utility Company has not come forth to declare their hand or confirm that a cheque payment of 2.4 million was paid in the name of either Ernest Jackman (the lawyer representing Mr Archer) or Stephen Archer on such and such a date at such and such a time.

The situation of Mr Archer’s money has been going on for several years. During that time, it would appear that no ”Watchdog Agency, group, family or concern citizens” in Barbados have come forth to assist Mr Archer during the period that he made his matter a public one. No government, according to reports, offered to help him get down to the bottom of things. What is also quite alarming is that you would think that a citizen claiming foul play by his lawyer in the matter of his 2.4 million would have prompted the Barbados Bar Association to rise to the occasion and question Mr Ernest Jackman on the matter. No such chance under the system that exists in Barbados.

Mr Archer is dead, will his plea for his 2.4 million also die with him? Mr ERNEST JACKMAN NEEDS TO BE QUESTIONED!!

Awarded a 2.4 million dollar Settlement But Died Begging for it. His Lawyer Kept it in His Personal Account

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  1. Family tribute.

    Tears flowed freely as nephew Gavin Archer gave a moving tribute, pausing frequently to wipe his face.

    He said that his late uncle would be dearly missed by the members of the family.

    His uncle Gerald Phillips gave an appreciation at the start of the service in which he spoke of Archer’s zest for life.

    Philips also brought remarks from Archer’s family in St Vincent and the Grenadines who could not be present for his funeral service and burial.

  2. I have found a lot more to this Story, But I do not have Permission to POST as Yet ! I will say this the lawyer Jackman is a corned beef and sardines lawyer getting full media for whatever part he played in this, The others on the Level of Richard L Cheltenham is not being called, Most are in Office with CO Williams racist words blocking all projects Black! that he feels only whites have a part to play, Racism in construction projects, some we are not to have! and the BBLP and DLP go with this, COW feels anything pertaining to Water drinking water or Seawater he can Rule!

  3. “…Ernest Jackman is a liar, a scam artist AND A FVUCKING CROOK and should be debarred AND LOCKED UP, NOT NECESSARILY IN THIS ORDER…” is a sentiment held by many of the clients and people who know him.

    He has no scruples and is known to sell out clients to other lawyers that he is mitigating against.

    Just ask any of his clients of record and this allegation can be confirmed.

    But the problem with this thief is not that there are not hundreds of matters of him teifing client funds BUT WHO HE KNOWS THAT COVER UP HIS CRIMES!

    The two people who are his closest friends seem bound by some demonish pact like Faust and that fallen angel.

    They both act like Gretchen as if spellbound by a witch.

    But enough of his co-conspirators, let us discourse the man himself.

    Some men a weak of moral foundings AND SHOULD NOT HAVE FIDUCIARY CHARGE OF CLIENT FUNDS!

    Ernest is such a man DEVOID AS HE IS OF ANY BACKBONE.

    In fact, de ole man will spend a few moments defining Ernest “…
    Invertebrate – an animal that neither possesses nor develops a vertebral column..”

    Indeed to trace Ernest’s beginnings one would best find him in Genesis 3:14

    “…And the LORD God said unto the serpent: ‘Because thou hast done this, cursed art thou from among all cattle, and from among all beasts of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life…”

    Once you people start to understand that about Ernest Jackman then you get an appreciation for the extent that he would go to discommode Stephen Archer of his millions!

    And the thing is that if you meet Jackman tomorrow he would not give one really badword about Stephen Archer!

    What needs to be done with this matter is to make an example of Ernest Jackman where every single person with a smartphone I sent a note of this matter

    Where Jackman’s picture is added to that of Stephen Archer and a link to this article is added too.

    The law courts and disciplinary committee have failed so, since we are a docile community which keeps these murderers safe from vigilante justice, let us use the court of social justice TO RENDER HIM THE SAME KINDNESS THAT HE ACCORDED THE LATE STEPHEN ARCHER.

  4. @ my Dearest SSS

    I am reposting your imgur link but no picture is displaying for some reason.

    If you or anyone can get a copy of the Court Records and post it here then people will see the names of Stephen’s lawyers of record.

    His family should have some type of record between this scumbag Ernest Jackman and the late Stephen Archer

    Maybe the Honourable Blogmaster could reach out…?

  5. Piece

    Has fecklessly resorted to a recently invented book of lies to demonize a demonic legal system, pun intended.

  6. Both traditional media and the Bar Association are compromised.

    The first derive advertising income from the government WHICH IS COMPOSED OF THE SAME CABAL OF LAWYERS!

    The second, well it is obvious who its constituency is but let me detail the issue there.

    For the most part a court comprises 4 components

    1.a judge (who was formerly a lawyer
    2.a lawyer for the plaintiff (who next week will be the lawyer for the defendant
    3.the lawyer for the defence (who next week will change roles
    4.the clients (who may change from plaintiff to defendant, over time)

    The first three tiers recognise that they will continue to interact over their careers.

    Consequently, unless one’s practice is exclusively in the domain of say International Business Facilitation AND YOU NEVER INTERACT WITH YOUR BRETHREN IN LITIGIOUS MATTERS, you wont “slash and burn” the fields upon which your armies have to feed WHEN YOU ARE RETREATING!!

    Therefore the system that HAS TO BE ENFORCED TO PROTECT CLIENTS MUST BE ONE THAT UNDERSTANDS THESE DYNAMICS and keeps everyone happy by enforcing non interaction with client funds!

    What is so hard to understand about this?

    And why cant all wunna educated bajans not see the solution?

    Please dont say that Mugabe Mottley is not sitting pun everyone’s face?

  7. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    I responded to your earlier questions but the answer is in suspense, and your assistance is requested thank you

  8. The reason for the rhetorical questions is to show how the repetitive nonsense about thieving lawyers is caused by a bigger system issue. This blogmaster constantly refers to the inability of small states to establish well functioning integrity oversight structures. It continues to be the bane of small states.

  9. Can’t his family now sue that Lawyer for Archers’ funds as well as the PAIN,SUFFERING and DEATH resulting in him not having access to his funds resulting in him not being able to get the necessary treatiment?

  10. And yall are still not getting it…

    2 toxic black governments kept SLAVE LAWS on the statute books for 50 plus years AFTER….independence to line their own pockets..both governemnts are still INFESTED with lawyers from the very beginning when negros were allowed in parliament…

    ….said slave laws from 90 years ago were created at a time when there were no black people in parliament and they had no RIGHTS….no their own lives and futures nor that of generations of their children……they still dont given that both governments MERCILESSLY robbed the people and island of BILLIONS of DOLLARS..over the last 50 plus years with NO ACCOUNTABLILITY…..and used SAID SLAVE LAWS to violate 3 GENERATIONS of their own people’s rights…while pocketing billions for themselves with their tiefing minority friends…

    AND here yall are thinking anything will change…WITHOUT UN INTERVENTION…

    good luck… i say..

  11. ….and used SAID SLAVE LAWS to violate 3 GENERATIONS of their own people’s rights…while pocketing billions for themselves with their tiefing minority friends…

    And may i add…there was no NEED TO KEEP THOSE LAWS…other than for corrupt purposes, particularly since the UN went out of their way to make sure the Convention against Corruption treaty was made AVAILABLE to each and every country ….in the last 15 years, both governments sat on the information and REFUSED TO RATIFY THE TREATY..

    now there is a hot and sweaty haste to ratify the convention BEFORE the UN conference later this year…no one even knew about this before. i thought they had the treaty and were just not using it so they can continue to line their pockets..IT IS CLEAR NOT ONE OF THEM INTENDED to ratify that treaty in their life times, but now they have NO CHOICE.

    do yall see where am going with this…

    unless they ratify that treaty and are continually exposed for their wicked actions against the injured, the elderly and the black population as a whole…nothing changes.

  12. See now Pacha…yes the UN has work to do in their own yard..

    But the UN did not hide that treaty…they provided the mechanism to get rid of the slave laws…but it was these 2 wicked black governments REFUSED to ratify the treaty….TO FREE their own people…..they do not want their people free and out of BONDAGE..

    And the ugliest part yet…they did not even need the UN to start making the requisite changes in the last 50 years…they could have used parliamentary powers..they did not and never would have…but are being FORCED to now.

    With the toxic likes of simmons, haynes and all the other criminal syndicate rats…it would never have happened…otherwise.

    YOU…the people have to WATCH THEM ALL…in this transition and report ever fart they make…expose them and keep them on the world stage.

  13. BTW…where are those government fowls today…am still looking for them…ah know where to find Haynes, but the fowls all disappeared…lol

  14. @ harryturnover October 2, 2019 6:46 AM
    “Can’t his family now sue that Lawyer for Archers’ funds as well as the PAIN,SUFFERING and DEATH resulting in him not having access to his funds resulting in him not being able to get the necessary treatment?”

    Harry, the family would have to engage the services of a lawyer who is not tainted by the incompetence and propensity to misappropriate clients’ monies.

    That can only be one who is outside the influence of the local mafia (brotherhood of crooks and scumbags) which controls the local legal cabal. That person would have to come from overseas; either regional or extra-regional.

  15. @ David
    Systems don’t make people thieves. There are lawyers who are honest and they work under the same system.

  16. @ Winston Skinner at 9:42 AM

    Systems provide the opportunities for corrupt lawyers to behave unethically.

  17. Watch and see Mia won’t do one shite about this, won’t even acknowledge it….wuh she ain’t acknowledge Stephen Archer yet and look how many days it’s been…and he was KILLED for his money…by dirty lawyers.

  18. That’s a governemnt minister people doing that to a suffering person, so imagine what the other lowlife lawyers do and yall still believe you could appeal to any of these low crawling scum to show some compassion, ethics or morality when they want to take half of your compensation…IF NOT ALL…as in Stephen’s case.

    sit there and don’t look for ways to expose them all to the international community and wait to see where ya will get any justice from.

    wait for it.

  19. Pauper ………….. and so is our country.

    That kind of pauperism, at the national level, well informs these manifestations.

  20. Both governments robbed the people and country over decades, that is why it is pauperized, during all of that, the trash in the bar association created their own means of stealing from injured clients and they have gotten away with this for decades, sending many injured people to their graves as paupers…with no remorse or conscience..

  21. As i suspected and was confirmed to me…this same treaty/convention re corruption was laying in parliament since 1926…but of course none of the black population was not in the parliament so it would have made no difference..

    Since then, at least 60 years, the black leaders who entered parliament knew about this treaty, never did shit, and 15 years ago the UN made available an updated version..which the useless negros…STILL IGNORED..

    so there is no excuse why this treaty was not RATIFIED in the last 60 years…your leaders were and still are the problem..

  22. ….but of course none of the black population were in the parliament in 1926 so it would have made no difference..

  23. When ya stupid, greedy and corrupt, ya stupid, greedy and corrupt…..

    ,,,,these must ALWAYS violate Black people’s rights all the damn time, they seem to be cursed and don’t freaking know when to stop..not everyone likes or will sit quiety and have their human rights violated by the corrupt…every generation, every must be stopped.

    “The government of Barbados may soon have a court case on their hands if legislation is not put in place to legalize cannabis use for sacramental purposes.”

  24. I heard folks there alking about a Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF). Google 1MDB. I think it was supposed to be a SWF.

  25. I heard folks here talking about a Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF). Google 1MDB. I think it was supposed to be a SWF.

  26. Ah must admit, the crooked lawyers and lawyer/ministers who rob clients and sell them out to insurance companies, have outdone…they are Facebook stars.

    it was bound to happen, they were warned years ago..

  27. Enuff fowl…what say you now, have you checked out today’s FB video yet about Kerrie Symmonds, am too tired today to do anything else but….

    ….but me thinks that video is going to be on FB for a long, long time.

  28. The other lawyers better protect themselves by not ENABLING and CONDONING anymore crimes against injured claimants or the elderly or the disabled and their beneficiaries…who have also had their lands, properties and money stolen by the filthy cabal in the bar association, in the judiciary and in the parliament decade after decade, generation after generation..

    lawyers who have ethics and a moral core know that this should never have happened in Barbados, not at any time and are thoroughly disgusted and repulsed by the trash who have practiced such for decades believing themselves to have some kinda sick and delusional entitlement to commit such crimes against the vulnerable citizenry all because they were and STILL ARE being protected by the scum in parliament who also practice these crimes against the same population who pay their salaries…ah glad yall got exposed for the world to see and know.

    that is me right there GLOATING..

    wait until Haynes’ turn comes.

  29. My Sweet Piece

    I notice that posters are coming up on BU quite huge. This was a small poster only 4 x 6. I am not sure why you are not getting it. Remember, I am not computer geek, just Microsoft one.

  30. Bent Lawyers? – Concerning the inordinately large number of crooked lawyers and lawyer/ministers who rob clients, relative to the size of the population in Barbados, one might think that it is in the countries interest to enact the much talked about
    ‘ Prevention of Corruption Act ‘ that has passed through all procedural changes since 2012 but awaits proclamation.
    I present an article written for on November 10, 2017, nearly 2 years ago and strangely still not yet enacted.
    Perhaps someone could send this link to Mia Mottley, the current Prime Minister of Barbados and leader of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP).and her Government

    Cries for Barbados anti-corruption law

    As International Anti-Corruption Day, Dec. 9, draws closer calls are getting louder for Barbados to convert into law the Prevention of Corruption Act that has passed through all procedural changes since 2012 but awaits proclamation.

    While jurists, opposition politicians and anti-corruption activists have been raising their voice for the legislation to be brought into force, the only response received from the current government that introduced the Act as a bill to Parliament was a reference to a near 70-year-old law which Prime Minister Freundel Stuart said was sufficient to fight corruption on the island.

    “In 1929 a bill was passed in Parliament which is still the law of the land, entitled Prevention of Corruption Act. So it is not true to say that this is not on the statute books,” Stuart has said in response to calls to proclaim into law the 2012 version.

    Among the rebuttals the prime minister’s reference to a law that existed long before independence for this island was on the cards, and the ensuing developments that brought it to the status of a modern developing country, was one from senior auditor Andrew Brathwaite.

    “That Act is all of six pages, including the cover page, and a blank first page,” said the audit partner of international financial management firm KPMG as he pointed out the simplicity of the 1929 Act touted by Stuart.

    Barbados’ 2012 Act is based on model legislation under the UN Convention Against Corruption of 2003 that came into force in 2005.

    Brathwaite pointed out that, “Barbados signed it since December 2003, but has not yet ratified it. And the way that we will ratify it is when the 2012 Act is proclaimed, because the Convention is a Schedule to that Act. So the proclamation of the 2012 Act will bring the convention into force in Barbados.”

    Brathwaite noted that the Barbados 2012 Act covers corruption preventative measures, which include declaration of assets.

    “It is felt that it is more effective to try and prevent corruption before it occurs, than to try and detect it after the fact and prosecute it… that has caused a bit of consternation in Barbados, and elsewhere .”

    Another call to action on the 2012 Act came from member of the non-governmental organization, Integrity Group Barbados, Alicia Archer, who said that proclamation on Dec. 9 would be opportune.

    “We are calling on the government of Barbados to have the Prevention of Corruption Act that they passed proclaimed by the governor general on that day. The significance should be apparent,” she said.

    Archer, an attorney-at-law, described the fact that government has kept the act off the law statute books as ‘quite curious’, explaining that Barbados is signatory to several international conventions, such as the Inter-American Convention Against Corruption and the UN Convention.

    She also observed that the Barbados 2012 Act, “specifically indentifies implementation of those treaties as the objects and reasons of the Act”.

    Archer said that despite government successfully passing the act through both houses and committees of Parliament, “we are lacking the political will to bring the thing to its natural conclusion.”

    Updated 3:05 am, July 10, 2018

    Here is another useful link to the anti-corruption website:

    Barbados: Anti-corruption legal framework to be in place soon
    by Anti-Corruption Digest | Dec 21, 2017 | Latin America

    — Anti-Corruption News Story Curated by Anti-Corruption Digest International Risk & Compliance News

    Barbados will soon move to ratify two international conventions and proclaim the relevant legislation as Government moves to address possible corruption in this country.
    Word of this has come from Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs, Adriel Brathwaite, who indicated yesterday that Cabinet has already agreed to make that intention a reality. He made the comments during the debate in the House of Assembly yesterday morning to approve a supplementary to the tune of $591 067 for the Electoral and Boundaries Commission.
    “There are two conventions we need to ratify – the Inter American Convention Against Corruption and the UN Convention Against Corruption. We signed both of them but they have not been ratified and our policy has been that we would not ratify conventions unless we have the legislative framework in place,” he explained.
    With that in mind, the Attorney General indicated that in the new year the Organisation of American States will host the 8th Summit of the Americas with the theme focused on corruption, said that Government will ensure that prior to that conference both conventions are ratified. Moreover, he said that as a prerequisite for that, the Prevention of Corruption Act will also be proclaimed.
    He made the point while also referring to issues of freedom of information, as he noted that unless there are national security considerations, that there is nothing that happens in his office that is not available to members of the public.
    “We accept as a country and we accept as a government that indeed that we need to move to a new governance model and I embrace that. I have said on more than one occasion Mr. Chairman that I look forward to the day when we modernise our processes here in Parliament… I would love to be able for us, if required, to bring public officers here and have them explain whatever actions have been taken so the people of Barbados indeed feel that we have participatory democracy,” he said.
    While he is adamant that such is the direction the country should be moving in, he acknowledged that Barbados has been challenged fiscally and therefore decisions had to be made as to what areas would be prioritised.
    “It is a question of where you prioritise your resources when there is little in the pan to give; that’s all it is you know. There is no fight on this side in terms of where we would like to take this country in terms of improving democracy, but I will end as follows, at the time when the money was flowing in this country, when all these things were being talked about and attainable they weren’t done, but being in Opposition in hard, you see everything clearly when you are in Opposition,” he said. (JRT)

    Source: Anti-corruption legal framework to be in place soon | Barbados Advocate

    It would seem that becoming a lawyer in Barbados is seen as a licence to print money at the expense of any poor sap who needs legal advice or services. When will this anti-corruption act be enacted and lawyers and or politicians be forced to declare their financial interests and be punished for fraud and embezzlement where necessary?

  31. I concede that the Inter-American Convention against Corruption has since been ratified so why not the MUCH NEEDED ‘ Prevention of Corruption Act ‘ that has passed through all procedural changes since 2012 but awaits proclamation.
    Perhaps the Barbados Bar Association might like to hasten the ratification process and perhaps save the souls of future Barbadian Lawyers and save the finances of future cleints (victims).. We watch with bated breath!

    Barbados Ratification Ensures All Active OAS Member States are Part of Anti-Corruption Convention
    January 23, 2018
    Barbados Ratification Ensures All Active OAS Member States are Part of Anti-Corruption Convention
    Photo: Archive
    Barbados ratified the Inter-American Convention against Corruption, making it the most ratified convention in the Inter-American system together with the OAS Charter.

    With the action by Barbados, all 34 active OAS member states have ratified the Convention (all member states with the exception of Cuba, which currently does not participate in OAS activities). The Convention, which is a binding legal document on its signatories, lays out a commitment to address corruption in a comprehensive manner. It contains measures for the prevention, detection and investigation of acts of corruption, for sanctioning those who commit acts of corruption, and for the recovery by the State of the proceeds of those acts.

    The Convention is backed by a Follow-Up Mechanism (MESICIC), in turn supported by the OAS General Secretariat. The MESICIC is essentially an intergovernmental body that uses a peer review mechanism, with broad opportunities for participation from civil society, which supports the States parties in the implementation of the Convention.

    The issue of corruption will be at the center of debate at the upcoming VIII Summit of the Americas to be held in Lima, Peru from April 13-14, which has as its central theme “Democratic Governance against Corruption.”

    Reference: FNE-63117

    Barbados, give yourself reasons for foreigners to invest their hard earned cash with you…

  32. My Dearest SSS,

    I understand your observation about the computer item.

    When you create a Header graphic you have to do so using the pixel/ canvas dimensions of 800 x 200

    This way your header will fit proportionately.

    Unfortunately if the elements of your graphic are not proportionate when it was created, you final product WILL BE DISTORTED!.

    Let your graphics guys create for two purposes

    1.those fliers that are for usual commentary and

    2.those 800 x 200 headers that are to be at the top of your articles

    Remember that too small text is not readable at 800×200.

    Once you adjust your header for the late Stephen Archer you can resubmit it to the Honourable Blogmaster and he will adjust the header for an important topic like this

  33. What is so fvucking hard about this?

    1.Create a company and get 5 directors from Barbados who are known to be men of integrity.

    Justice Jeff Cumberbatch, Leighton Trotman, and 3 others.

    2.approach the Interamerican Development Bank and get them fund the creation of a software platform for a Good Jurisprudence project.

    3.This platform is specifically used by this company to establish virtual escrow accounts for lawyers


    4.Get people who are litigants in civil suits to sign on to the platform and create the legal Rasshole documents that authorize parties that are to pay their awards to pay it to the RH facility

    5.AND SINCE THE INITIAL PAYMENT SCHEDULE IS LODGED with the platform WHEN THE RASS**LE PAYMENT IS MADE, THE AWARDEE GETS THEIR FUNDS, the lawyer gets their funds and the platform is paid a RASSHOLE FEE!!

    CAN WUNNA SHEEPLE AND PEOPLE understand what I been writing for the last 3 years and promoting for nuff more?



  34. It’s so aggravating how stephen was crying for his money for years with no help. Some other honest lawyer should’ve come forward and help this guy. Then mia said she will investigate this matter, but I wonder if she is investigating or hoping bajans forget about this matter after all the pain and hurt is gone. The thieving lawyer done already spend all that money . They probably tell stephen the money is being processing, and that story went on for years.

  35. Piece the legend, the order in which you said funds should be paid will never happen in Barbados, lawyers run the country, so therefore honesty will never rise to the top. Lawyers been thieving people money for decades. The same thieving lawyers oversee the complaint board, in any case no one can win. Where is the man f.. ing money all these years. I hope another lawyer sue for Stephen’s money. It wont be no use to him, but if he have kids or other family members that took care of him, then those family members can get the money.

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