Ernest Jackman: WHO ARE YOU?

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Ernest Jackman must account for the 2.4 million he withhold from the late Stephen Archer. The Barbados Government should offer assistance in this matter. All others such as the Bar Association, the Utility Company, the Family of Stephen Archer and any others with connections to this case needs to be CALLED TO ACCOUNT!


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  1. @ Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Does Mia Rogue Works Mottley want to do right by the people or is she only interested in her self and friends? If she was interested in protecting the people who have no power to fight the system, she would have done that several months into her tenure as PM. She made sure she covered bases for those who mean more to her than anything else

    I don’t know you but I love you as a sister.

    You are a true Patriot and care about your fellow Bajans who are not fortunate like you being overseas and doing well professionally.

    You make me proud to read your submissions as you are obviously a very genuine and caring individual.

    Keep fighting the battle of enlightenment as there are many battles in a war.

  2. Baje

    Thank you for your kind words. I owe all that I am, all that I have achieved, and all the accolades laid upon me over the years to that 166 sq ml rock standing easterly in the Caribbean sea. Barbados used to be an eighth wonder of the world. It left many wagging tongues wondering how something so small, something with no natural resources can be doing so well. Baje, we were doing something right just post-independence liberation. Although we were borrowing and spending, we were committing to developing infrastructure, we were investing in projects that we felt were helpful to island development, we were maintaining our interest in sugar development to reach the required metric tonnages per year. The talk of corruption, although we knew that politicians were helping themselves get rich, was not as prevalent as it is in the last two decades. Barbados made a fundamental shift from good management to increase corrupt activity. We are not at the edge of the cliff because of anything that a Barbadian has done, we are at the cliff edge because of decisions of two Barbadian political parties operating in rogue but want to present themselves as beacons of light and covenants of right. How could anyone in their right mind, after the actions of Stuart and his bandits believe that this party is interested in serving Barbadians? How could anyone in their right mind, after the early show of nepotism by Barbados’ first female Prime Minister believe that she and her party are interested in serving the interest of Barbadians far above their own personal interests? How long does it take to introduce Anticorruption legislation, FOI, amend the Defamation Act to allow press freedom to investigate without fear, and protect the treasury from the treachery of unscrupulous politicians with hidden agendas? Yet, she was quick to pull legislation out of the bag for people to keep their surroundings clean, quick in changing the constitution to accommodate her friends, quick to grant tax amnesty to lighten loads and burdens for corporate and daddy dearest, present a statute of limitations type of legislation that will not investigate skulduggery dating back several years into corrupt activities. Tell me, where in that is a Prime Minister committing to best interests for the people of Barbados. A Prime Minister that cares would not allow a matter like the Stephen Archer matter to die a natural death. A Prime Minister that cares, would not allow the cries of a native son like Alden Blackman to fall on death ear. Yet this PM has done just that. If you can care about what happened to the Bahamas you can care about what is and happening and happen to bajans at ground level. Pain is Pain and a good leader cannot sleep comfortably knowing that his or her people are in pain.

  3. @ Sunshine

    Unfortunately the leader is consumed by her elevation and forgot the people who mainly put her there.

    As Mia likes to say punching above weight since it looks like she has now become grossly overweight.

    I feel sorry for all those who believed and were mislead for their votes.

    Let me add if Mia wasn’t such a brute she would have had more empathy for Natalie Crichlow a woman who left a video of her own words of what caused her death.

    That Press Conference was callous and uncaring; all to protect one’s image.

    Stuart and his Bandits took Barbados to the Cliff’s edge, Mia and her Bandits have taken Barbados to the POINT OF NO RETURN.

  4. Baje

    The people only need trinkets and shiny things to make them believe that something is done for them. I will credit her for the good that she does, and condemn her for the shite that she does. That is the SSS way. I call her a rogue, not because I want to be insulting or disrespectful to her, but because she has a propensity to go against the tide for her own interest. She does not care what others think especially the people. That is why the few actions so early in her tenure that shows her intention to credit close friends and love ones with special gifts should not surprise anyone. She is a firm believer that her mouth can get her out of anything. She bettas take note that people are watching her every move looking for governance that is far better than what they got under the idiot Stuart. Stablising the economy and getting upgrades came at a hefty price. I believe everyone is happy for that. However, it was price that everyone should have shared. She did not level the field across the board and in the eyes of John Public, the notion is held that she is looking out for her own, creating for her own, and putting her own in the money, while wider society is being hammer with pressure and uncomfortableness. Did you see how she extended an Olive branch to her former leading nemesis by putting him in the money too?

  5. in BT “State, defence recommend sentences for attorney convicted of fraud”
    Norman Lynch

    Victim A O’Neal Thomas
    $50K 08/2005 -12/2008,
    $407,634 – 06/2007
    Lynch disposed of the proceed between 06/2007 and 12/2008
    (The money stolen was an inheritance)

    When asked if whether there were any funds to be repaid by Lynch <r his lawyer, Marlon Gordon, replied "No, my Lord"

    Discussion of whether he should get 8 years, 4 years or a suspended sentence because of his age is ongoing;

    TheO's recommendation
    The GOB should be willing to house this crook for an extended period of time or until he repays Mr Thomas. A minimum of 17 years (2022-2005=17)

    Our courts act as a washing machine known with a slow spin cycle. It helps these crooked lawyers to wash the money by paying legal fees to each other; our very slow system also ages out lawyers until the reach the stage that they can no longer do serious time in jail. The system spits in the faces of victims. At best it is a gimmick.

    It looks as if these crooked lawyers have their favorite defense attorney.

  6. @ TheO
    About those crooked lawyers…
    The good news is that, all things being equal, Karma MUST have reserved a VERY special place for their learned donkeys in Hell….

    Hopefully they will have stolen enuff to be able to afford an upgrade from the ‘Pits of Hell’ to the ‘Hell House’ – or perhaps even the ‘Balcony’…

    Don’t forget that it is all a closed shop arrangement.
    The Judges were once lawyers
    The prosecutors are lawyers
    The politicians are mostly lawyers …and all liars
    …and the people are mostly loyal yard fowls.

    Judging from the number of definite legal bookings, things are beginning to look tight for those ordinary Brass Bowls who are looking to secure a booking at the ‘hot spot’.

    Just the thought of spending eternity with so many suffering lawyers is enuff to keep the bushman on the straight and narrow…
    ha ha

    (Norman Lynch)

    Read it and weep with the victims continue to cry after winning a case in the Barbados court system.

    Read this and weep with the victims who suffered at the hands of a lawyer and then are never made whole or healed by our sham court system; victims are doubly denied justice; first by a long delay and then by a sham verdict that never claws back the victim’s money.

    Read this and weep for an island who sees unfairness and victimization and have no sympathy for the weak and wounded who are brutalized by a sham and barbaric justice system.

    Read it and weep for the learned men and women who wears gowns and robes and deny justice to the unfortunates who come before them; practitioners of scam and sham justice as they render sentences that hurt the victims more than the criminal lawyers.

    Heavenly father, how long must the people suffer before those who are in charge takes full responsibility and right this injustice system. When they accept that justice without restitution or repayment is an injustice,

    I cry with the victims.

  8. I read in BT that Norman Leroy Lynch will be sentenced on March 21.
    I wish I was in Barbados to attend the sentencing. I hope the judge allows a victim impact statement.

    My prayer for justice
    May the Good Lord sweeten the voices Olivia Davis and Romario Straker, the prosecutor, to the ears of the learned judge. May the Good Lord impart upon the the prosecutors the powers of persuasion so that truth and honesty achieve and outstanding victory in this court.

    May the Good Lord provide relief to the victims who were robbed repeatedly and will now receive long delayed justice. May the Good Lord harden the hearts of the judge so that this thief receive the harshest of punishment; may the Good Lord turn the ears of the judge deaf so that he does not hear the lies and distortion of the truth from this thief’s lawyers. Dear Lord harden the judges heart to the thief’s lawyers entreaties.

    Dear God, the land cries out for justice, the people cry out for relief, please hear my prayer.

  9. In BT
    “Judge recuse himself from lawyers case”. No explanation is provided.

    No reason was provided, but I agree with this judge in recusing himself.

    All judges should refuse to participate in these sham trials. This may not be the case here, but if you are pals, if you don’t have the balls to deliver a stern an honest sentence or if you cannot make the victim whole (or partially whole) then step to hell away.

    It is time that these trams trials stop. It is time that judges stop pretending about rendering justice when it is truly a miscarriage a justice.

    Justice Randal Worrell, I do not know why you recused yourself, but I applaud and salute you. Stop with these sham trials and verdicts. Stop the miscarriage of justice. Why must victims suffer the delay of justice and then have it denied. Stop it.

  10. Tomorrow is a big day in the courts of Barbados. This will be more than the sentencing of Norman Leroy Lynch; this case will provide the answer s to several questions:
    1) Can a poor man receive justice in Barbados?
    2) Are some folks above the law and some victims below the law?
    3) Can judges separate themselves from friends/colleagues and deliver a semblance of justice?
    4) Did the resulting nightmares and hellish life as described by the victim have any impact on this judge.
    5) Does the sentence tells us anything about the quality of justice in Barbados?
    6) Is the judge (like the lawyer yesterday) afraid of the bar? Can he deliver a fair and appropriate sentence or must he watch his back?
    7) Should the judge have recused himself?
    8) Do we need a tribunal for matters like this one?

    I am no lawyer and my questions may be silly, but I am on the lookout.
    I am on watch.

  11. March 21, 2023
    Today is a ‘big day’ in Barbados. Not because of the sentencing of Norman Leroy Lynch, but because it provides us with an opportunity to see if the justice system treats crooked lawyers differently from the rest of us. Norman Leroy Lynch is not being sentenced for stealing a loaf of bread or a sweet drink, but for the theft of hundreds of thousand of dollars.

    This crooked lawyers inflicted pain and suffering on a family whose only crime was to hire a ‘lawyer’. This lawyer robbed and denied his clients of the victims of the product of the hard work of one of their relative. First, he was their lawyer and then he ‘became his own client’ as he usurped their place when money was on the table.

    Judges must stamp out the “It is too much money for the client mentality” of lawyers. Judges must reinforce that there is a great difference between being a lawyer and a client. A lawyer must remain as a lawyer regardless of how much money is paid out to his client. That there is a difference between legal fees and outright theft.

    Today puts a big spotlight on the action of judges in cases of this type. Will this judge send a signal to all lawyers that the theft of client’s money is wrong and will not be tolerated or does he/she gives Norman Leroy Lynch get a slap on the wrist.

    Today is a big day, not because of the sentencing of Norman Leroy Lynch, but because it throw a big spotlight on our justice system. It will provide an answer to the questions:
    Are there two Barbadoses?
    Is stealing a loaf of bread worse than stealing a client’s money and driving them to poverty?
    Should judges recuse themselves from the trial and sentencing of a crooked lawyer?
    Do we need to tweak our justice system, so that sentencing of lawyers is in hands other than that of a judge? A tribunal?

  12. Are our courts used as weapons against victims of lawyers

    Well the great day passed without any fireworks.
    It passed with not even with a whimper.
    At a virtual sitting yesterday, the sentencing was adjourned to March 27.

    I started to follow this story for just a few weeks and I am feeling tired already. I cannot imagine how the actual victims who have been fighting for justice for decades years are feeling; fighting in a legal process that is used to torture and frustrate the family.

    A process filled adjournments, postponement and every type of delay imaginable. Here “justice delayed is justice denied” is more than a phrase, delay is a strategy used to deny these victims any justice.

    As this morning was a big let down for me who has no stake in this lawsuit, I will not even try to guess how the victims are feeling this morning, By now they must feel that our courts have become a deadly weapon with the victims as the target.

    A problem, I have with the reporting of these stories is that they always mention the name of the crooked lawyers, judge, his defense attorneys, the victims attorney and the prosecutors but quite often never mention the name of the victim. One often has to google past stories of the crime with the hope of determining who is the nameless and faceless victim and the amount of many stolen. I would like to believe that this is an error on the part of the news reported/paper and not that victims are so ashamed of being duped by their own lawyer that they prefer to hide.

    Victim: Arthur O’Neal Thomas (deceased)
    Victim’s daughter: Hortensia Ward nee Thomas
    Thief (lawyer): Norman Leroy Lynch
    Stolen by the lawyer: $457K
    Crime date (2005- 2008 $50K – $407K). He bit the victims at least twice.
    Repaid: $0
    Ordered by the court to repay; $0
    Sentenced to: —-

    Mrs Ward nee Thomas, I wish you well.
    I have to drop off as this case is consuming too much mental energy from me. If this is delayed again, then you know it is just a game.

  13. Reason for delay is…?

    ‘TheO’ is going on and on, ..on Barbados Underground – highlighting the wickedness of the local ‘justice’ system.

    Your Honah, I move that we adjourn this matter until the coast is clear enough to add this matter to the growing pile already under the carpet… (pun intended 🙂 )

    Once TheO can be distracted by some of the other pungent smells emanating from the pit of brassbowlery, we can quietly dispose of this matter, ….dispatching the victims to the realms of anonymity with the other BB’s already placed there by the legal cabal, the CLICO bandits, and their political cohorts.

  14. It is with low energy and enthusiasm that I once gain pursue the matter of Norman Leroy Lynch (NRL). Monday (3/27) is the new day of sentencing.

    We know and accept that Norman Leroy Lynch is a crook (a crooked lawyer) who will not be made to repay his victims. Our only hope is that the judge give NRL the punishment he deserves.

    Will this judge rip out the heart and soul of the NRL’s victims by delaying his sentencing again?
    Will this judge insult the victims by talking of the age of Mr Lynch as he pats the crooked lawyer (Mr Lynch) on the back? Their father died whilst being a client of Mr Lynch. How old is that?
    Will the judge ignore the hardship and suffering of the victims that was inflicted by NRL?
    Will the judge look at the generational poverty NRL action could have brought on this family.
    Will the judge consider that this trial has been ongoing for years and Mr Lynch mad no attempt to fully refund the stolen money.

    Keep your eyes on the judge.
    My God! Judge have a heart! Deliver the harshest of sentence to this crooked lawyer.

    Must this family fight this battle alone or will some of you call the courts and demand that Mr Lynch be punished harshly? I know you are frightened and this new digital technology talk scares the pants of of of you, but instead of always folding like a cheap camera get some iron in your back and stand up.
    Tell the judge NRL must face some serious time.

    Is there any recourse for this family? A new judge, a tribunal; something? Good God, anything?

  15. I saw this and liked it …

    “An unneeded delay in the verdict is an unjust attempt to hinder transparent justice.”
    ― Ehsan Sehgal

    **Thinking men and women in distant lands and even in the past can diagnose and tell you the true motivation behind our delayed verdicts and sentences. Our Einsteins (lawyers and judges) would like us to believe that it is the complexity of theses cases that delay justice and verdicts.

    I have no law degree and it is possible that they are right, but I have seen nothing that moves me from the belief of cronyism, corruption, junk justice, scam justice, sham justice and a gross underestimation of the intelligence of those who are not lawyers or judges.

    I also like this
    When sentencing is delayed, the court shall enter an order stating the reason for the delay upon the court’s records.”

    **Just saying sentencing is delayed and not providing an explanation is an insult and slap in the face of all Barbados.
    Have a great day Barbados
    March 27 (Monday) is a next day to get insight into how your court works and how crooked lawyers are treated. Keep your eyes open.
    Have a great day.

  16. Wanted (urgently): ” A conspiracy theorist
    In this full-time position, you will examine every utterance by persons in authority and their misrepresentations.

    This position is within our “Beach Access Department of our Tourism Bureau. Here you are expected to link stories originating from several sources especially those granting beach access and then those reinforcing limited beach access (use only beaches with lifeguard).

    More duties will be detailed as time passes.

    You are reminded that those in authority engage in heavy spin that require you to be alert at all time

  17. Any proper Conspiracy Theory will always have the same conclusion.. which can be summarised with the bottom line as … “It was the CIA”

    and other type of conspiracy theory is just kids stuff, figments of the mind

  18. Wanted Immediately: A judicial monitor
    This person is expected to monitor the sentencing of Norman Leroy Lynch on Monday, March 27.

    As there are no local qualified candidates we have extended our search for a judicial monitor to foreign countries. Some local lawyers had the academic qualifications and experience but were found lacking in integrity and courage.
    Please see our detailed ad in the Judicial Times
    Here is a sample of the question you will be asked.

    How does the jurist rank on the corruption scale?
    Did he show sympathy to the victim of this horrible theft?
    Was he soft on the crooked lawyer?
    Would you consider the sentence as fair or was it lenient?
    Beside the fees the crooked lawyer had to pay his representatives, do you think anyone else got a share of the loot? (Y/N)
    If the answer is Yes, then who?
    If you found yourself in a similar position to the victim would you want the same jurist for your case?

  19. @ TheO
    Re your judicial monitor…

    YEARS ago, Bushie suggested to BU David that we start a ‘Rating’ section on BU – modeled on the system used by Amazon, Ebay and all serious businesses –
    Where ANY transactions done with various lawyers, state entities, ministers, even churches and supermarkets, can be given ratings (1 to 5 stars) and feedback comments from persons who interact with them.

    Each would then have an overall average rating and the various anonymous comments would be available for review by the public.

    Before engaging any of these, the public could then see an overview of their previous interactions. Also, unhappy customers would have a recourse to warn others…

    WordPress probably offers the needed software…
    But the blogmaster like he frighten that the kickback may be too hot to handle…
    So it remains a bridge too far…

  20. Whenever I am in a difficulty spot, I go out of my way not to pray, but somehow, I still experience a good outcome. However, when I see my brothers in a tight corner, I raise my voice to the Lord. A believing unbeliever.

    Today, is the day of sentencing for Norman Leroy Lynch

    Dear God, be a shepherd to the heirs of Arthur O’Neal Thomas who are the victims of the crooked lawyer Norman Leroy Lynch. Leave them not wanting in patience, wisdom and courage, but in this unending tempest on a path of anguish and pain lead them besides the still waters and comfort them

    Dear God, as they walk walk through the valley of the shadows and their legal death, please protect them. Help them to be silent and respectful even in the face of arrogance and deceitfulness of the court.

    Let the victims be slow to anger and to speak so that they are not again injured by the courts of Barbados with a contempt charge.

    Dear Lord we turn to thee with the hope that you may help these legal officers to see the evil of their ways and then deliver true justice. Drive out their spirit of arrogance, make these officers aware that the world is watching them and that what they see as fancy legal footwork hiding behind eloquent words is seen as nothing more than the antics of crooks.


  21. Looking through my window, I can see that is a beautiful day. Even more beautiful is the fact that I start this day full of energy and with very high expectations. It is as if the universe is trying to tell me that it will make things right for those who are battling with injustice.

    Naturally, my thoughts turn to the victims of Norman Leroy Lynch and my heart is telling me that these victims will have a good day.

    But I am aware that there are forces of evil and forces of good in this world. The forces of evil do not turn the other cheek and they do not give up without a fight. Even on a this bright and beautiful day there can be some rain. Let us hope that for the victims that any showers are shower of joy.

    If you can, go to the court and look the judge straight in eye as he pronounce his sentence. Be respectful.

    Have a great day, Barbados. ” You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be. And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.”

    Have a beautiful day, Barbados.

  22. No news of the sentencing of Norman Leroy Lynch.
    Is it an oversight or does it show control of the Barbados press?
    Will news of the sentencing be blackeed out for a period of time?
    Did the GoRoB judge messed up?

  23. 1) How does a story like this fall off of the radar?
    2) Is the press an accomplice in stories like this one?
    3) Was the press instructed (threatened) to kill the story?
    4) How could the most important thing that happened (or did not happen) on March 27, 2023, in Barbados not make the news in some form?
    5) Was this sentencing postponed again?
    6) If sentencing was postponed again, will the victims be subjected to traveling to the courts, again and again, until they get disgusted and stop going to court?
    7) Will the sentencing be performed only after the victims get disgusted and stop showing up to court?
    8) How was the proceeds of the $457,000 distributed? Who else get a cut of the il-gotten gains? (Iaint calling names, I’m asking questions, but i have my suspicions).

    then ‘the powers that be’ must stop this mockery of justice from happening. I am no lawyer, but the powers that be need to fo figure out how to
    (1) ask this judge for his notes,
    (2) remove this judge from the case and
    (3) publicly censure him.
    It is instances like this that can help Joe Average regain his confidence in the system.

    You may have noticed that I assumed the negative. I would like to be wrong.

  24. SOS! Mayday, Mayday!
    Commander Hants: Your assignment for today is to call Brasstacks and asked what happened at the sentencing of Norman Leroy Lynch. Should you decide to accept this mission, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

    I could not find any information in
    The Advocate
    Nation Newspaper
    Still googling.


    Do you have hypertension, diabetes, a cough or a cold? Are you feeling low? Then look out. You may steal from your neighbor.

    From BT
    Dr Sharon Marie Watson, a general practitioner, told the No. 2 Supreme Court that she had seen Lynch “periodically” since July 17, 1998 and had been treating him for hypertension.

    Read the story for yourself.,

  26. Is it the same person Morman Leroy Lynch and Leroy Lynch?
    The BU article
    begins with “The arrest of the venerable lawyer Leroy Lynch on a 2.2 million fraud charge on the weekend, has sent ripples through the legal fraternity and wider society”

    How did it get to $457,000? Was the $2.2 M a real number or a gross exaggeration?
    Did NRL repay anyone, so that the sum decreased to $457K or are we seeing just the one person who stuck it out from start through to sentencing.

    Father in heaven, Why didn’t I have the sense to stay at home and study law?
    By now I would be a KC (King Crook) and stealing like mad. Before, I did not have any regrets about the path I chose, but the thought of how much I could stolen as a member of the Local Legal mafia (LLM) and would have have gotten away over the years with leaves me quite depressed.

    Blogmaster, please give your readers my cell phone number (if they request it)

  27. In some countries, there are secret trials. In Barbados, we have not yet reached that stage, but it looks as if we are engaged in secret sentencing and secret court dates.

    Again, I am looking for the sentence Norman Leroy Lynch received and again I am learning nothing.

    One of us here on BU must be on the island.
    One of us here must have heard a whisper of the sentence imposed on crooked Norman Leroy Lynch. This is your time to outshine The Advocate, The Nation News, Looopnews, BU and my favorite BT by exposing the ‘secret’ sentence. Don’t be an accomplice to fraudulent practices.

    Was the sentencing done or were the victims subjected to yet another frustrating postponement?
    What sentence did NLL receive?

    This is your moment to be a hero. Your comment is also a blow in support of the chicken-hearted Barbados press. If the press can be silence on such a trivial matter, do you think they will stand up when it really counts???

  28. Boys and girl, the word for today is incommunicado.

    Not a whisper of what sentence Norman Leroy Lynch received. Everyone is silent. We suspect that NLL was given a feather slap on the knuckles and told to keep his head low and mouth shut.

    What concerns me is that the Barbados press is all over other stories but is avoiding the story on the sentencing of the crooked lawyer las if it was the plague.

    I visited what I think is the website of the court. To an independent person like myself, it is a waste of time. It is like a store with fancy and attractive decorations but you cannot enter as the door is locked. Lots of link but little information. Farcical.

  29. Day 4 (Norman Leroy Lynch Chronicles)
    Sentencing date: March 27, 20023
    Still no news on the sentencing of Ernest Jackman. It would appear the judge, the crooked lawyer and the crooked lawyer lawyers heave entered a bunker and turn off the microphone.
    News media is also silent.
    The questions remain:
    1) How does a story like this fall off of the radar?
    2) Was he sentenced or was the sentencing delayed again?
    3) If sentencing was postponed again, will the victims be subjected to traveling to the courts, again and again, until they get disgusted and stop going to court?
    4) How was the proceeds of the $457,000 distributed? We suspect that his lawyers were paid Who else got a cut of the il-gotten gains?

    The chronicles will run until the sentencing scam is fully exposed.

    • TheO
      It MUST have dawned on you by now that this WHOLE country is inherently either CROOKED, complacent, or just plain DUMB…. in other words, ‘brassbowlic’….

      In fact, most Bajans are likely to be secretly sympathetic to NLL and are inclined for him to be ‘tapped on the wrist’ and sent to a corner for a day or two…. WHY??!??
      This is because MOST of them are JUST AS CROOKED as he is, and their conscience makes it difficult to punish him severely, WHEN THEY TOO likely deserve similar.

      Not just the lawyers – who ALL misuse client funds wherever this opportunity is had, (else they would WELCOME public audits to clear the air), but down to the parro in the street, we are ALL inclined to cheat the less fortunate WHEREVER possible.

      You think it is easy for a Judge (who very possibly did the VERY SAME shiite as NLL for their whole career) to cast a large stone at him, when even bigger boulders may be coming their way in the future…?

      The other issue is that NLL may choose to do some singing if his donkey is squeezed too hard … in a HIGH level tone… if you get Bushie’s drift.

      …Can’t you see that even the Blogmaster has been restrained in his dealings with the actual PUNISHMENT of these shiite lawyers…

      As a MINIMUM, all the funds stolen from aggrieved clients should be levied against any assets held by these guilty lawyers AND BY THEIR damn families….
      ..THEN their donkeys should be housed in Dodds.

  30. BT today is full of breaking news from Version2 (the Attorney General who never gets it right the first time),

    I’ll be honest with ya.
    I only read half of what is said
    Cause I got firm ideas in my head
    Throw stuff hard against the wall
    Some will stick and some will fall
    If it’s a policy then it’s a sham
    If dollars are mentioned then it’s a scam
    Forget their fine words and lofty explanation
    Think Jules Verne and his fantastical imagination
    I’ll be honest with ya.
    So I read but at understanding I fail
    Forced to smoke but never can inhale

  31. “The other issue is that NLL may choose to do some singing if his donkey is squeezed too hard … in a HIGH level tone… if you get Bushie’s drift.”
    Bushie, very Bajan? Wasn’t DI supposed to sing when squeezed. Was a comment about pale faces and house nigg***, singing?
    The only odd thing is NLL is still on the island.

  32. Day 5 (Norman leroy Lynch Chronicles)
    Announcing the Norman Leroy Lynch Awards
    We are hoping that these awards will throw some lighton the sentencing of Norman Leroy Lynch

    1: The Singular: $50.00 for a picture of crooked lawyer of Norman Leroy Lynch ($457,000 Theft) walking the streets

    2: The Duette: $75.00 for a picture of crooked lawyer Leroy Lynch and his legal dream team at a function outside of Dodds

    3: The Unholy Trio: $500.00 crooked lawyer Leroy Lynch, his team and any judge at a barbecue outside of GoRoB prison.

    Please send your pictures to
    Crook Spotter
    PO Box 457-000
    Crooks Lane
    Your name will not be posted.

  33. Day 6 (Norman Leroy Lynch Chronicles)
    The Norman Leroy Lynch Church (sighting) Awards
    Some men run to church after they do wrong. They will knowingly steal and after getting caught they conveniently get religion and become a pious person.

    1: The Singular: $65.00 for a picture of crooked lawyer of Norman Leroy Lynch ($457,000 Theft) in a pew at church

    2: The Duette: $100.00 for a picture of crooked lawyer Leroy Lynch and his legal dream team at the same search

    3: The Unholy Trio: $800.00 crooked lawyer Leroy Lynch, his team and any judge at a church

    Join me in a short prayer
    Father forgive them not, for they know what they do.

    Please send your pictures to
    Crook Spotter
    PO Box 457-000
    Crooks Lane
    Your name will not be posted.

  34. A quote from The Godfather:
    Tom Hagen : A lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns

    .In the BT’s epaper there is an article “April 14 date set for sentencing thief”

    Rachan Jackson Edwards admitted that he and two other men committed the following offenses: stole two purses, two cell phones, passport, driver license and US $200.00 with a total; approximate value of $5,336.00.”

    This petty criminal, at times, armed with a gun or a knife terrorized his victims during his crime wave’.
    Proceeds were
    April 16 2014 $5356
    Sep 5 2014 $5800
    Sep 5 2014 $ 7475
    Sep 7 2014 $1031
    Sep 8 2014 $150
    Jan 3 2018 $3250
    Let us assume that he was caught in 2018; The total proceeds above are less than $25K

    Note the following:
    (1) Note the sums involved.
    This petty crook, Edwards, was running around with guns and knives and endangering people lives for chump change.
    NLL with a cheap suit, a tie, an empty briefcase and a folder in one of his hands made off with $0.5 M

    (2) Note the fast pace of Barbadian Justice when small sums are involved (~$25K (2018 total) – 5 years to sentencing. NLL with a 211 total of $457K took 12 years to sentencing (if he was sentenced).

    Effectively, NLL had time to spend down or move around his loot. The fancy legal term was ‘money laundering’.

    (3) Note that we have a sentencing date for this petty crook (Edwards) and BT and other papers will tell us how long we was sentenced. We do not know if NLL got a day or year. Two standards of crime reporting are in place in Barbados.

    I can hear several of you looking at the sentence imposed on this petty criminal (Edwards) and saying “Serves him right” as the judge “throws the book at him”, but not one of you can tell me the sentence of Norman Leroy Lynch.

    TheO’s message to the petty criminals of Barbados:
    It is time to put aside the guns and knives and stop terrorizing people.
    Enroll at Cave Hill.
    Get yourself a law degree and victims will come to your air-conditioned office
    The rewards will be greater.
    The punishment will be less harsh
    And you will not be expelled from the local legal mafia (Bar association). In time you will become a respected KC (King’s Crook).


  35. A next fella ‘Phillip Nicholls” made off wit $647K loot from Hazel Connor in 2008.
    Now you should hear he bawling
    (1) “This matter was dismissed in 2018 and now they brought it back here”
    *(2) No further documents of indictment were served on him
    (3) He and his lawyer want the case stayed because it is an abuse of the process
    (4) The crime was committed 15 years ago

    *They would keep you fighting in the trenches for 20 years or more, but when get caught bey the same system they claim “justice delayed …’

  36. A reversal,
    I am hoping that Norman Leroy :Lynch accept my sincere apologies. I have seen the error of my ways and will no longer be asking about the length/terms of his sentence.

    I have also canceled the various awards, effective on 04/06/2023. Emails will be unread and letters will be unopened and marked Return to sender.

    So complete is my reversal on this matter that I am now recommending that you use services of Norman Leroy Lynch for legal matters. Please do not burden this lawyer with cases that have a small payout, but make use of his expertise for payouts of $457K or larger. We are willing to bet that you will not have to pay taxes on awards of this type.

    NB: We will not be following the case of Phillip Nicholls and will instead focus on becoming his friend. $647K could buy a few rounds for friends.

  37. ” The Ministry of Health and Wellness has recorded an increase in cases of gastrointestinal illnesses in Barbados in both the private and public sectors from the end of January 2023 to present.

    The number of cases has so far reached 312 over the last 13 weeks, which is greater than the 42 recorded over the corresponding period in 2022. It was also reported that there were 19 cases at the end of January and 47 at the end of March “

  38. A reversal of my earlier reversal.
    I had abandon this although it was causing me to lose sleep.

    From BT
    ‘Man without means’

    From BT
    (1) “Lawyers in the case of convicted attorney at-law Norman Leroy Lynch made submissions on sentencing before the High Court on Friday, with the defence counsel indicating the disgraced lawyer was in no position to repay the money he stole.”

    (2) ”Lynch has been on remand at Dodds Prison since May 2022.”

    (3) In addressing the judge, Gordon stated that his client had “no financial assets at this point in his life”. “My instructions are that he is not in any position to pay . . . the parties,” he said. “He is a man without means.”

    (4) After hearing the submissions, Justice Worrell adjourned the case until next Monday, April 24 when Lynch is expected to be sentenced.

    I like this bit of logic
    (5) “Gordon suggested that 18 months be deducted from his client’s starting sentence after several factors were considered, including theCOVID-19 lockdown which impacted court hearings.”

    ** Did COVID-19 put money back in his client pockets? Did they avoid the lockdowns that impacted court hearings?

    Your honor please consider the following when sentencing NLR
    Recommended Sentencing Guidelines for Crooked Lawyers (New)
    (1) This man stole money over a period of 3 years. Therefore his earliest possible release should be in 2025 (2022+3), but
    (2) as this lawyer robbed his client on two separate occasions then the sentence should be triple; he has indicated a propensity to steal and to harm his clients(3×3=9 years)

    (3) This is not a heartless recommendation. His sentence should be reduced by one year for every $50,000 dollars that he repaid. Thus if he repaid $450,000 the man should be set free for time served. However, if he did not repay his clients one red cents then an additional nine years should be tacked on to his sentence.

    Based on the above, the minimum time served should be 18 years (9+9), By providing free room and board you are also helping this lawyer with ‘no means”

    • It is refreshing that at least Theo ‘gets it’ ….

      This reinforces the maxim that ..
      You can’t fool ALL of the Brass bowls …. NOT ALL of the time….

      On the other hand..
      The lukewarm among us don’t even NEED to be made fools of, …this attribute is self-inflicted where there is neither hot nor cold….

    • Another lawyer jailed

      CALLING HIS ACTIONS a breach of trust, a High Court judge yesterday sentenced attorney Norman Leroy Lynch to nine years in jail for stealing almost half-million dollars from the estate of a client 15 years ago.
      However, the 73-year-old will spend just over five years after deductions have been made.
      He becomes the fourth lawyer, in the last four years, to be jailed for stealing a client’s money.
      Lynch, of Grassfield Gap, Martindales Road, St Michael, was back in the No. 2 Supreme Court yesterday, after he was found guilty, at a previous Session of the Continuous Sittings, of engaging in money laundering, in that he directly engaged in transactions totalling $457 634, being the proceeds of crime, between June 22, 2007 and December 21, 2008.
      Convicted of theft
      He was convicted of stealing $50 000, between August 18, 2005 and December 21, 2008, belonging to the estate of Arthur Oneal Thomas, as well as stealing $407 634 in money, between June 22, 2007 and December 21, 2008, the proceeds of a FirstCaribbean Bank cheque which was made payable to Leroy Lynch and which belonged to Thomas’ estate.
      Senior State Counsel Olivia Davis and Senior State Counsel Romario Straker prosecuted the matter.
      Yesterday, Justice Randall Worrell said it was accepted a custodial sentence would be imposed given the serious nature of the charges and the offences.
      “This court is of the opinion that the type of conduct in this matter must be frowned upon and any sentence should also be construed as giving a measure of protection to the public from these type of matters,” he said.
      “In your case it is highly unlikely, based on what has been said, that you will return to your practice or the practice of law, so the protection of the public issue does not arise. But clearly the deterrent effect would arise with respect of this particular matter,” the judge added.
      He then referred to the matters of attorneys Vonda Pile, Cheraine Parris and Ernest Jackman, adding that a custodial sentence was merited in Lynch’s case.
      “In this particular case there was, in effect, a breach of trust in your position as attorney at law for the estate and a sum of $457 000 has been lost to the estate,” Justice Worrell said, as he read the victim impact statement from the children of Arthur Thomas.
      “It is clear that this has had an effect on the beneficiaries of the estate of Mr Thomas. The estate was a client of yours, so the beneficiaries were therefore persons to receive the $457 000 which has been lost to the estate. No prospect of repayment to the beneficiaries looms.”
      He told the convicted attorney the non-repayment of the stolen money was an aggravating factor which played a part in the determination of the starting point of his sentence.
      “This, together with the breach of trust and amount the money involved and the absence of any mitigating features of the offence, results, in the court’s opinion, of a starting point, with respect of counts one and three, of nine years.”
      He said the starting point for count two, the theft of $50 000, would be 24 months.
      The judge noted he had considered Lynch’s age and health issues, his previously good character and that his pre-sentencing report had deemed him as posing a low risk of reoffending.
      No psychiatric Illness
      He also said he had considered that a psychiatrist had found the lawyer did not suffer from any psychiatric illness.
      Justice Worrell then deducted one year for the mitigating features and the 613 days Lynch had spent on remand.
      He also deducted 450 days for the delay in the matter and ordered Lynch to serve the remaining 1 857 days for the counts of money laundering and stealing $407 634 in money. Those sentences start today and will run concurrently.
      He ordered time served for the second count.
      It was in 2019 that attorney Vonda Pile, of Madison Terrace, Deacons Farm, St Michael, was convicted, by majority verdict, of stealing US$96 008, between April 29, 2009, and October 26, 2010, from Bajan/New Yorker businessman Anstey King.
      She was jailed for three years less the 94 days she had spent on remand.
      The following year, attorney Cheraine Nicole Parris, of Lowlands, Christ Church, was sentenced to six years, but was ordered to serve four years after deductions, for stealing $302 000 belonging to Ashleigh Morrison, between April 15 and August 20, 2010, and engaging in money laundering.
      Last year, attorney Ernest Winston Jackman, of Wiltshire Plantation House, St Philip, was convicted of stealing $678 414.75 belonging to HEJ Ltd, between June 23, 2006 and March 5, 2007, as well as engaging in money laundering in that he disposed of sums totalling $678 414.75 being the proceeds of crime.
      He was jailed for seven years but ordered to serve the remaining six years, 151 days after deductions.

      Source: Nation

  39. Good to see this matter coming to an end.
    I believe that the sentence is too light.

    Sham prediction: The sham continues.
    Mr Lynch is released in two years for one or more of the following:
    (1) time off for good behavior,
    (2) ill-health
    (3) his advance age
    That is the last joker to be played in this stacked deck of cards. The sham continues.

  40. It is a next beautiful day here.
    Not as warm as yesterday, but the bright sunlight and the view is refreshing.
    Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, please take a few minutes to look aside and see the beauty of the day. Relax and study the surroundings and you will find some beauty.

    Have a great day Barbados, enjoy the sunshine, sea and sand, Those are some of God’s gift. Treasure them.

  41. Vonda Pile who served a 3-year prison sentence for stealing a client’s funds appeared in District court A on Thursday 5/4/2023. She made her appearance for a serious bodily harm accused.

    Theft and money laundering charges against attorney- at-law Phillip Nichols have been dismissed. His loot was $674,000.

    Why were the charges dismissed: The prosecution was in receipt of 4 (FOUR) death certificates for complainant in the case. Four?

    Makes me wonder if the angel of death has favorites.

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